Sandy Hook School Massacre Part II: Continued Ambiguity and Augmented Realities

Revised on January 4, 2013

As documents relating to the Sandy Hook shooting continue to be assessed and interpreted by independent researchers there is a growing awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends.

A considerable amount of evidence has been withheld by authorities, who in a telling move have successfully postponed public disclosure of items culled from Nancy and Adam Lanzas’ residence and vehicles for an additional ninety days. [1]

At the same time what has been revealed and captured in press reports suggests how from missing suspects and evidence to unrevealed corpses much is still unknown and mainstream news outlets have been at least complicit in what could conceivably be described as the Sandy Hook massacre’s constructed reality. In this way unseen and largely unaccountable authorities set the agenda of the reportage through a titillating storyline reliant on an unsettling symbolic landscape to further develop and cultivate audience credulity.

The spectacle came complete with its own features specially designed for those with a penchant for pointing to intrigue. Shortly after the shooting prominent Arizona political figure and former gubernatorial aspirant Michael Harris opined that the shooting was carried out by an Israeli paramilitary team. Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff amplified this speculative assertion through a brief article carried by Iran’s PressTV that went viral, becoming the Iranian news outlet’s most read item ever.[2]

Despite compelling geopolitical and diplomatic conditions the claim cannot be verified because the identities of the two-to-four additional suspected gunmen apprehended by Newtown and Connecticut state police remain undisclosed while almost all identity-specific references to these suspects were scrambled on the audio recording of the emergency dispatch-responders exchange. Were these men possibly playing roles in an emergency drill?

Much can still be gleaned from the press coverage of Sandy Hook. Most importantly, as with the events of 9/11 that ushered in the interminable “war on terror” and police state, the techniques that have emblazoned Sandy Hook in public consciousness require continued scrutiny if only for the fact that they will almost certainly be deployed to create similar disaster scenarios, likely in the near-term.

Was Sandy Hook a Relocated Emergency Drill?

At 9:53AM, no more than ten minutes after the reported shooting ceased, the Associated Press published a story, “Official with Knowledge of Connecticut School Shooting Says 27 Dead, Including 18 Children.”  AP and the Washington Post have since removed the story from their websites in lieu of subsequent reports that took their cue from a press conference scheduled for later that day.

Indeed, aside from internal police accounts of what took place inside Sandy Hook Elementary there is little information available to piece together what may have actually transpired inside the school. No photographic or video footage of the crime scene have been made publicly available and major media have to a large degree based their conclusions on Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver’s verbal account of the postmortem which is at best ambiguous.[3]

Two weeks after the incident an attorney representing the family of one six-year-old Sandy Hook student came forth with a $100 million lawsuit because their child “sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury” when she, like several other children and staff, heard “‘cursing, screaming, and shooting’ over the school intercom.” The suit has since been withdrawn.[4]

Coverage of the event by the modest local weekly the Newtown Bee is most revealing in its combined discrepancies, vagueness, and brevity. In a December 14 article unidentified school personnel were floridly commended for their courage. Among them were school principal Dawn Hochsprung, who recounted to Bee Editor John Voket[5] how “a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots – more than she could count – that went ‘on and on.’”

The problem with the account was that it conflicted with a subsequent storyline where Hochsprung was the first to be killed by the gunmen. Three days later the paper issued a retraction and revised the story further.[6]  No additional explanation was provided concerning what party Volkert spoke to and quoted at the crime scene, suggesting from the onset a partly botched attempt at establishing a well-worn storyline.

Along these lines the same article relates what under the circumstances seems like an odd exchange between law enforcement and the school’s staff. Shortly after the incident

an unidentified woman wearing a Connecticut State Police jacket addressed the group of teachers and staff who were consoling each other in the empty Sandy Hook apparatus bays. She complimented them on their individual and “exemplary” efforts following the procedures they were taught to ensure the protection of as many children and colleagues as possible.[7]

In the immediate aftermath of a bloody massacre where 27 lay dead or dying is this the appropriate time for a “post-game pep talk” and slaps on the back? What this closely resembles is the breakdown of a shooting drill, one that proceeded with violent sound effects broadcast through the school’s intercom system. In fact, on the same day the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection in association with the Federal Emergency Management Agency were carrying out a “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disaster” drill in nearby Bridgeport.[8] Was the exercise location changed to Newtown at the last minute?

Close analysis of circumstances surrounding the event including unusual emergency procedures and news outlets’ interactions with alleged victim families following the shooting reveals important recurrent features and figures that further call the official account into question.

A Phantom Evacuation?

Additional facets of coverage and maneuvers suggesting the possibility of an at least partially staged event include the choice of the Sandy Hook Fire and Rescue Company’s headquarters as an evacuation point for the school’s students. This is accompanied by a lack of photographic or video evidence of such a widespread evacuation, bizarre interview footage of idle and wandering families alongside an emotional man who just happens across a half dozen Sandy Hook first graders in his front lawn who apparently witnessed their teacher’s murder.

Newtown Bee Associate Editor Shannon Hicks asserts that she was among the first on the scene at Sandy Hook, driving behind police and “taking photographs immediately through the windshield of her car, with one hand on the steering wheel and one holding her camera.”[9] Strangely, however, at best only two of Hicks’ photos actually emerge from the series—the famous shot of about fifteen students in conga line formation evidently moving across the parking lot en route to the fire station and a second of state police officers appearing in the December 14 Bee report that is later expunged.

Hicks’ ferocity and determination to capture the scene only yields a few published photos at a time when corporate media outlets were very eager for such documentation, while no other photo or video evidence have emerged indicating such a widespread exodus from the school.

Nor is there any rationale provided in reportage on exactly why the fire station is even designated as an evacuation point. The choice is unusual because the school has only one route in and out of the facility—Dickenson Drive—and in the event of an actual emergency children are forced to parade down a street as police cars, fire engines, and ambulances race the other way. Many schools use their adjoining parking lots as a rendezvous point, and Sandy Hook’s is particularly capacious.


“Safety First,” photo Tweeted on October 17, 2012 by Sandy Hook Elementary Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

Despite this dangerous and untenable set of conditions Sandy Hook students rehearsed this very scenario less than two months prior, as revealed in a photo Tweeted on October 17 by Principal Hochsprung. The image depicts a much larger assemblage of students in the lot behind the Sandy Hook fire station.

Itinerant “Crisis Actors”?

Following an evacuation of such magnitude the Sandy Hook fire depot would have been bursting at the seams with over six hundred children and staff, and at least as many family members, in addition to police, fire and medical personnel. Yet apart from a large array of emergency vehicles at the site no aerial footage indicates activity on this scale at any point following the shooting.

Instead, there are numerous strange encounters between broadcast journalists and small, sporadic group of wandering parents and children, some of whom are at best moderately curious and far from grief-stricken or hysterical at the prospect that their child may have been caught in the deadly assault. After such a harrowing event why are select would-be family members and students lingering in the area and repeatedly offering themselves for interviews? A possible reason is that they are trained actors working under the direction of state and federal authorities and in coordination with cable and broadcast network talent to provide tailor-made crisis acting that realistically drives home the event’s tragic features.

One organization providing such services is the Colorado-based Vision Box’s acting troupe Crisis Actors. The entourage’s personnel are “available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises.” Crisis Actors “develop and portray characters in emergency training scenarios,” Vision Box’s website reads.

The intensity at which they work recreates real life pressures that first responders going through the training must cope with … This special group has sessions with police officers, 911 operators, school administrators, mall security, radio experts, and school safety training professionals. There is an endless amount of scenarios this group can tackle, which range anywhere from weather issues, to a missing child, to an unknown intruder.

According to the Crisis Actors website group members work in association with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and “can play the part of the shooters, mall employees, shoppers in the mall, shoppers who continue to arrive at the mall, media reporters and others rushing to the mall, and persons in motor vehicles around the mall.” They are also trained to “play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites.”

Is it possible that such actors were utilized in Newtown to control the event’s depiction and magnify its effect on public opinion? With the exception of police and government officials, the shocked and grief-stricken students, family members and pedestrians captured in photos from the shooting’s aftermath are almost entirely anonymous. Further, the suggestion of collaborative efforts between journalists and families is evident in many of the interviews with family members, such as this surprisingly aborted exchange between a would-be parent and journalist.

Reporter: Sir, can I talk to you a second here? We’re Channel Two in New York. How did you find out about this, uhm, terrible tragedy?
[Reporter approaches family of three with third grade daughter and apparent Sandy Hook student accompanying them.-JT]
Unidentified Mother: OK. My daughter’s in third grade. We got, uhm, an automated call from, uhm, from the town—
Reporter: Yeah?
Mother: –that there had been a shooting.
Reporter: Sure.
Mother: Uh, nothing about where the shooting was, and that the schools were on lock down.
Reporter: So you were assuming it was probably the high school at first, right?
[Note that the mother has yet to say anything about having a son attending the local high school.]
Mother: Of course, and my son’s at the high school and I text him. He said, “Everything’s fine here.”
Reporter: Yeah.
Unidentified Mother: And then I got another text from, uh, CBS.

With virtually hundreds of students, faculty, staff and their families looking for each other and being reunited around the scene one would think journalists would have a broad range of interviewees from which to choose. Yet the same mother and daughter are again captured the morning of the shooting by an NBC affiliate.

Unidentified Mother: Another friend of mine said that, uhm, there was a man—masked man came in and just started shooting.
Unidentified Daughter:  When we were gone doing morning meeting [sic] like, we heard like, shots and everybody went on the ground and Ms. Martin just closed the door and we went to the corner.

In the same news clip another male child describes in unusual detail how he narrowly escaped the gunman’s hail of bullets.

Unidentified male student:  I heard something like a person was kicking on a door. Then I turned around and I saw smoke and I smelled smoke. Then (pause) Then bullets whizzed by. Then—then a teacher pulled me in to her room.

Here is the same student speaking to another journalist.

Unidentified male student: I saw some of the bullets going past the hall [sic] that I was right next to and then a teacher pulled me into her classroom.
Reporter: You heard sounds?
Male student: Yes.
Reporter: What did it sound like to you?
Male student: It sounded like someone was kicking a door.

The frequent hesitancy with specific words in this children’s deliveries, combined with a parent allowing their child to repeatedly recount such an event and the unemotional, almost identically-worded delivery, suggests how they may have been coached to present memorized lines.

Another child by the name of “Alexis Wasick” also makes at least two appearances and, following the unscripted lead of one journalist, recites similar lines in each interview.

CNN Reporter: Joining me is the Wasick family. We have Alexis who is in third grade. You told me you were sitting in class this morning and you saw a lot of police. Tell me-tell me how you found out what was going on.
“Alexis”: Well, we found that there was all these people and we found that [unintelligible] because we were right near the window in our classroom. And like, we saw like police officers and we heard them [directly addressing camera] on the roof and in our building.
[At this point “Alexis” receives some cues from CNN’s reporter.]
Reporter: Was everybody crying, scared, wanting their parents to get them?
“Alexis”: Yeah, they were.  And some people were even like, they kind of wish that they got a stomach ache [sic].

On the same day “Alexis” gives a somewhat different account with similar verbiage to an entirely different reporter.

Reporter: What happened?
“Alexis”:[Addressing reporter offscreen] Nothing really [unintelligible] We heard like an ambulance and a police officer come and everybody was a little scared crying and I felt actually a little sick, and I felt like I was going to throw up and [glances at camera] did my teacher too [sic]. [The garbled line, “My teacher did too,” suggests a canned delivery.]
Reporter: How did you get out of there?
“Alexis”: We had to [vocal cadence slowing] go—through—the—building (pause) and then we had to just go to the firehouse.

The performance of Sandy Hook resident Gene Rosen suggests how the community members might become intimately enveloped in the unfolding tragedy. Despite the overwhelming federal, state and local police presence blanketing the community on December 14 Rosen explains several days later how while feeding his cat he receives an unexpected visit from six mislaid and forlorn children whose classmates and first grade teacher Victoria Soto were killed in the shooting. “The six who turned up at Rosen’s home apparently ran out of the school past her body,” the New York Post amazingly asserts.[10] Instead of calling the authorities to properly reunite the children with their parents Rosen bizarrely invites them inside his home for 30 minutes to jostle with stuffed animals and describe their ordeal.

In an initial interview Rosen is standing in the driveway of his home and appears overcome with emotion, taking off his glasses while turning away from the camera and wiping eyes. He then proceeds down the driveway toward the front of his house, pointing to where he first spotted the children.

Rosen:  Six children, and they were sitting there. They were sitting there, and I had no idea why they were there. And I went down there.
[Cut to Rosen’s hands clutching reading glasses, then back to Rosen.]
Rosen: There’s a school bus driver and she says, “There’s been an incident. And I said, “Just come in the house.” And that’s how it started and  I—I brought them in the house.
[Cut to stuffed animals inside Rosen’s house, then back to Rosen.]
Rosen: And then over the next thirty minutes they just described what happened, little-by-little. These two boys kept saying, “We can’t go back to school. We can’t go back to school. Our teacher’s dead—Mrs. Soto. We don’t have a teacher.” And I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t take that in. I had no idea what had happened.  A woman came to my house at twelve o’clock
[Cut to dimly-lit interior of house where Rosen stands before stuffed animals on floor.]
Rosen: Her face—her face looked frozen in-in terror. I’ve never seen a face look like that. She said, “Is my boy here? I heard there were six kids here.” And she said the name of the child. I thought that if she’d been to the Sandy Hook school she thought maybe a miracle from god would have the child in my house.  And I looked at the casualty list at six o’clock.
[Hand to eyes and weeping, then shaking head]
Rosen: His name was on it!

Time and again in the wake of the incident Rosen is brought before network cameras to present his maudlin recounting of the surreal and implausible encounter.

Continued Postmortem Uncertainties

To properly identify each victim would have required weighing, measurement, de-robing, washing, with all identifying features such as scars or birthmarks noted. Such standard postmortem procedures, the public is asked to believe, were accomplished at the school as no more than three were treated at the well-prepared Danbury Hospital.[11] According to Carver’s December 15 press conference remarks the teachers and children were processed by the state coroner and his staff at an onsite mobile facility the night of the shooting.

Yet at least one family was  not even allowed to see the body of their loved one. “They told me, ‘You can’t see (the body),'” Gilles Rousseau remarked to Radio-Canada, the French-language arm of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “Because most people he shot, it was two or three shots in the face, point-blank.”[12] If this were the case it puts further pressure on the uncertain notion that Lanza was an expert shot who had the opportunity to uninterruptedly fire at almost inanimate subjects.

Further, without explanation Carver postponed examination of Adam Lanza’s body until two days after the shooting. Jean Henry, a processing technician in Carver’s office, was recently placed on leave when she allegedly brought her husband, an unauthorized party, in to the state morgue to view Lanza’s corpse.

They went to the gurney where Lanza lay, then Henry unzipped the bag so her husband could look at him for a moment, and she closed the bag and they left the room, sources familiar with situation told The Courant Wednesday.[13]

The refusal for at least one family to view the body of their loved one and Henry’s informal intervention both contribute to the uncertainty and ambiguity surrounding what appears as a severely compromised postmortem operation, the gross inconsistencies of which major media have presented to the world as established fact.


As transcribed and analyzed in Part I of this analysis, the unusual testimony of Connecticut’s chief coroner H. Wayne Carver II, ostensibly placed in charge of the Sandy Hook school postmortem. Carver’s December 15 behavior and remarks before the press suggests his clear discomfort and demonstration that he knows very little about the shootings or autopsies themselves. In light of the above the physician’s hesitant performance in Sandy Hook’s tragedy is perhaps not so difficult to explain. At one point Carver even indicates his  disapproval of the proceedings by expressing his wish that his staff and “the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” Is Carver referring to an embellished event that he has been an unwilling participant in?

As indicated on the Crisis Actors website, performance of this type is now a commonplace feature of widely prevalent “live shooter drills” and may be infused throughout such an event and its aftermath to augment and control a broader narrative intended for public consumption. “The power to make a reportable event,” historian Daniel Boorstin writes, is “the power to make experience.”[14]

Along these lines and despite countervailing facts and inconsistencies the official story of the Sandy Hook shooting is now part of the nation’s collective experience, consciousness and memory. To declare that the shooting “never took place” is cause for intense opprobrium in most polite circles where, in familiar Orwellian fashion, the media-induced trance and dehistoricized will to believe maintain their hold. Similarly, an individual who contends that Timothy McVeigh was an accessory in a much larger operation at Oklahoma City, Osama bin Laden was not responsible for the events of 9/11, or the World Trade Center Towers were brought down by controlled demolition is vigorously condemned for thought crimes against the state. Such are the immense dimensions of mass manipulation where fact and tragedy may be routinely revised and reinforced to fit the motives and designs toward a much larger apparatus of social and geopolitical control.


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240 thoughts on “Sandy Hook School Massacre Part II: Continued Ambiguity and Augmented Realities”

  1. Wonderful article on Sandy Hook as fake tragedy. It’s the most plausible account I have read so far, but I have some questions, if you would. Are you saying that no children and teachers were murdered? Are they even missing? If they are missing, kidnapped? To be returned. Are only some of the teachers/parents/media, etc. people in on it, or are they all in on it? Were these invented parents and teachers? Wouldn’t there be some in the community who would recognize the fake parents? Thanks.

    1. Thanks. At this point we don’t know and it continues to be a mystery. I am convinced there is media complicity in constructing the event. Something I did not include in the piece is that of the 28 individuals apparently killed on December 14, 11–about 40 percent–do not have last names listed in the Newtown telephone directory (available at the Newtown Bee website). Perhaps they live out of town or opted to be unlisted, but this still seems like a somewhat high percentage of overall victims.

      1. “this still seems like a somewhat high percentage of overall victims.” <— From what evidence are you drawing the conclusion that a 40% "not listed" rate in the local telephone directory is unusual for a community with the demographics of Newtown, CT? I ask because it seems that what you are saying here is that approximately 40% of the time, you could not find a match for a given victim's surname on a list of surnames for telephony service subscription holders in the same general community. If this is the case, it seems that there could be many legitimate reasons that this could be true and not an unusually high rate.

        You state two possibilities: the family does not live within the geographic boundaries covered by the directory or has opted for an "unlisted number". The general affluence of the community suggests that rate of "unlisted" numbers would be "higher than normal" for a couple of reasons. First, phone service providers generally charge a premium to keep your listing out of their published directories which creates a financial constraint on this benefit. Second, people with more assets are generally more concerned about theft, especially identity theft, and therefore might be more ready to adopt any available measures to limit what information about them is made available to the public.

        But, aside from these scenarios which would make the 40% matching failure between the two lists of names less exceptional, there are at least two others which would further raise the possibility of not getting a match. First, many households are getting their telephony service from what might be considered "historically non-traditional" providers which do not publish subscriber's numbers in public directories. The most significant of such providers would be mobile carriers (or the mobile subsidiaries of traditional service providers). Trailing much further behind would be VoIP only carriers such as Vonage, Ooma, and various smaller companies. The second, and, in my opinion, more significant variable that might have an impact on matching names on the two lists would be the fact that many victims may not share the same surname as the person who is the subscriber to the telephony service in their household. There are lots of reasons this could occur, but in an affluent area like Newtown, I would guess that the primary drivers would be households consisting of families comprised of re-married parents (e.g. the victim was a stepchild of the person subscribing to telephony service in the household and therefore listed in the directory), as well as families consisting of two parents with different surnames for other reasons such as retention of a maiden name by the mother, as is increasingly common among educated, professional-class, women who start families later in life than the historical norm. Children of such households would also have an increased likelihood of having a surname different from that of the household's telephony service subscriber.

        You were raised in a time when a 40% miss in a matching exercise similar to this one would have been much more exceptional (the 1970's). I was too, so I get how the 60% match rate seems intuitively low. However the circumstances I've detailed seem to bring down the likelihood that such intuition is close to the mark without more supporting evidence.

        Further, all of this assumes that the names were correctly spelled by the reporting outlet you used as your source for the list of victims' surnames. I don't know your source, but various and many media outlets have reported erroneous information and, in the context of this forum, I think it's safe to assume that I don't need to go out of my way to convince you of this. "The media" are notoriously bad at spelling names correctly (I've seen "Newtown" misspelled more than once throughout coverage of this event). Whether it's a bad "robo-transcription" or the non-existence of fact checkers, I don't think this variable can be discounted entirely either. Each misspelling that resulted in a mismatch would add another 3.5% to the total match failure rate.

      2. Cell phone numbers are not listed in the phone book, and yes, plenty of people choose to be unlisted. Over a third of US households do not have land-line phones.

        Cell phones plus unlisted numbers combines to make nothing about that 40% number strike me as unusual. Is this the level of evidence you require in student papers?

      3. The teachers who were killed came from surrounding towns. I found this by checking and comparing town names with the obituaries, they match up. I only checked teacher names because children rarely have telephone numbers listed in their names.

        Lauren Rousseau Obit:
        Lauren Rousseau Whitepages Entry:

        Victoria L. Soto Obit:
        Victoria L. Soto Whitepages Entry:

        Rachel D’Avino Obit:
        Rachel D’Avino peoplesmart entry:

        Dawn Hochsprung is an interesting case. As the former principal at Sandy Hook she’s listed on an old Demographic Report.

        I’m inclined to go with Occam’s razor here, these poor people were most likely killed in a school shooting.

    2. I’ve been wondering who reported the story of Ms. Soto hiding her students in a classroom closet. I don’t remember ever hearing the source for that story. I don’t recall any of her students being interviewed. Also, I can’t stop asking myself why she didn’t lock her classroom door if she knew a shooter was coming and had the time and calmness to round up the students into a closet?

        1. Yeah, but there are NO REPORTS whatsoever in the media about him shooting his way through any classroom door. Stop trying to explain away the inconsistencies. They are there. They are evident. We can all see them. If you don’t have any questions, and are plenty satisfied with what the government and the media have reported, then what can we say?

      1. @mart-Actually a door would stop someone. I’ve fired both a Sig Sauer and a Glock (the two handguns the media said he had) and neither are going to knock a door down. They will make holes, certainly, but you would have to fire many, many, rounds until there was a hole big enough to knock the door down. Besides, it is a basic instinct to put up a barrier between yourself and an attacker. Ms. Soto was a victim like the others. I just question the story of HOW she ultimately met her demise. There are different versions of her story too. She hid all of her students in cabinets. She hid all of her students in a closet. She hid some students in a closet. Some escaped and ended up on Gene Rosen’s front lawn (yeah right). What is the truth? All of that is really a side issue though. She and the other staff members and student victims are gone. The hard, important questions we need answered are: Who did the shooting? Is there surveillance footage to prove who did it? Is there surveillance footage at all? Did a mole hack into the security system and shut it down before the attack? Who are the guys arrested outside of the school that day? Why did Wayne Carver act like an ignoramus at the press conference? What information is being kept from us and why?

  2. FYI, Facebook users are allowed, with minimal stipulations, to change their profile name and even their url of their Facebook page. So the page could have already existed and then after the shootings the user could have changed it to an Emilie Parker tribute page.

    1. True, but if the page already existed the timeline and origination date would have remained intact. To my knowledge Facebook provides few accommodations for users who wish to both alter or delete the date they “joined Facebook” and shave 18 months from their timeline short of starting a new account.

      1. So, the origination date remains unchanged. So what? After the shootings, the owner changed its name and after that, even older activity would show the new name with the new profile pic.

        1. I think we are just not seeing this the same way. You see this as evidence of conspiracy being exposed, I do not. I have now seen you do this several times, trying to support your argument with info that is poorly documented, not well researched and/or simply a matter of selective interpretation. I see this item as a person with a Facebook page who has no connection to this at all, until after the tragedy becomes emotionally moved,by learning of the events, to change the name of the page.

        2. Good troll, Ben. By your own admission, as well as Facebook’s criteria, timelines on pages cannot be altered or deleted. Yet the timeline on this page, its date of inception, as well as each item on it are entirely deleted and reset for December 21, 2012. The second photo taken of the page depicts the timeline’s inauguration on March 23, 2011 as well as a post from August 8, 2011 to “RIP Emilie Parker Sandy Hook Massacre Victim.” I find that unusual and sufficient for scrutiny.

          Questioning the interpretive judgment and research skills of an author should be a more ambitious project than half-hearted attempts at dancing around the edges and disingenuously pointing to trivial points of concern.

      2. “Questioning the interpretive judgment and research skills of an author should be a more ambitious project than half-hearted attempts at dancing around the edges and disingenuously pointing to trivial points of concern.”

        Seems like he had a good example.

      3. But that’s the whole point, James, and you seem to be missing it. Anyone wanting to create “evidence” to support the ” staged event” theory wouldn’t want the dates and times lines to change. The whole idea would be to keep the pre 12/14 date and time line, but change the information associated with the timeline. Ruse complete.

  3. I always wonder how much of the weirdness can be attributed to incompetency rather than malice.

    Regardless, it would seem to be really easy to confirm whether any of these people were actors – just ring around the community and see if anybody knows them. I’m willing to make a few phone calls. Anybody else? If we had 10 volunteers, we could ring 50 total fairly easily…

    1. Some of the actors and /or victims were there only since 2010 or later. It was well planned and set up. Some might have really died but we’ve seen no proof of it. Rosen’s wife may have hired Hochsprung and the other teacher’s in her powerful government position. And magically all photos of Marilyn Rosen have been scrubbed from the internet. She may also be an actress who acts and is very involved in a theater in NYC. And they seem, like other actors involved, to have multiple homes around the country in affluent places. All the actors (I’ve noticed) who’ve done interviews are raising money based on their kid’s murder. Well maybe not Lanza, but he knows better and makes perhaps $2,000,000 a year from his 3 employers (DARPA, Ersrt & Young and GE). And he likely gets patent and copyright money in advanced financial and precrime and other predictive programming analysis and software. Still later on when things die down he can cash in on books or movie deals from the notoriety. Even if he wrote a technology book unrelated to the mass shootings it would sell due to this new fame. And that is whether or not he even really exists.

  4. I’ve certainly noticed the pattern(perhaps pretext) of the “Training Exercise”, its prominence in these “shock”/Mass Casualty Producing Events. Aurora, CO was a training exercise at the university, 7/07/05 London was also apparently a training exercise, 9/11/01 was 1 dozen exercises that “went live”(Vigilant Guardian/Vigilant Warrior) – not including manuals depicting almost the VERY scenario of “crashing planes into skyscrapers”. In just about every case, Local/State/Federal Authorities, FEMA, Military were DIRECTLY INVOLVED. With that as the backdrop, it shouldn’t be ANY surprise when a similar scenario plays out at Sandy Hook—where according to this piece & some reports, one was carried out in Bridgeport, CT, as well as Faculty & Students of this very school this “took place” training ahead of time for this VERY event!

    Of course it also shouldn’t be dismissed the possibility of “actors” involved in implementing this “play”, as it should be known the very close relationship btw law Enforcement/Pentagon & Mainstream Media…understanding that in the ’90s, The Pentagon had(has?) a program placing personnel within Media Organizations like CNN.

    1. The purpose of the drill is to draw in the patsies and the players. Patsies are told that they are needed to play a role as a terrorist for a drill. Then the drill goes live with real deaths and acts of terror and the patsies get killed in the process and blamed – study the 7 7 attack in London – there is a great documentary on youtube

    2. Rico perhaps you can explain this:
      If this event was staged and or fake wouldn’t the NRA have some inkling. They have lots of lobbying power… well here, read this press release issued on January 10th 2013:

      Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association of America is made up of over 4 million moms and dads, daughters and sons, who are involved in the national conversation about how to prevent a tragedy like Newtown from ever happening again. We attended today’s White House meeting to discuss how to keep our children safe and were prepared to have a meaningful conversation about school safety, mental health issues, the marketing of violence to our kids and the collapse of federal prosecutions of violent criminals.

      We were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment. While claiming that no policy proposals would be “prejudged,” this Task Force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearms owners – honest, taxpaying, hardworking Americans. It is unfortunate that this Administration continues to insist on pushing failed solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems. We will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen. Instead, we will now take our commitment and meaningful contributions to members of congress of both parties who are interested in having an honest conversation about what works – and what does not

      While they express their frustration working with the White House, how come they can’t see the conspiracy for what it is and why haven’t they tried to expose the plot of the Feds? Why haven’t NRA memebers (aka: contributors to this thread) pled their case – 4 million of ya got to have some pull.

  5. I don’t believe the conspiracy theories, however I do find the media’s incompetance and complicity to be a grave concern. The state police warned all people to stay away from their quarry, the families of the victims with police state rules, when under the law the media does not have to do so but could contact the victim families without sanction. This reminded me of when GW Bush warned the media not to follow his daughters, probably about the same correlation.

    Good point on the drills happening and sometimes being used by the bad guys as cover for their evil deeds. Also the point that those who cry “conspiracy” become pariahs and scorned. I do hope some real facts come out soon.

    1. Thanks (I think). That’s a central problem: If facts are presented from where will they be issued, how will they be used to make better understand an event we still know very little about, and how will they be verified as accurate? In commonsensical thinking and under ideal conditions this is what public servants and authorities are supposed to provide to we the people.

    2. If you do not believe in conspiracy theories then you cannot investigate anything or understand the nature of evil. Every homocide detective must be a conspiracy theorist or he can not investigate and solve and help prosecute any murder.

    3. con·spir·a·cy (kn-spîr-s)
      n. pl. con·spir·a·cies
      1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
      2. A group of conspirators.
      3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
      4. A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: a conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas.

      People like you who only think conspiracy “theories” belong in the movies are only fooling themselves. 9/11 was the watershed that ushered in the “War on Terror” and all its attendant personal freedom restictions and our ever increasing surveillanced and monitored society says that we are only a few more incidents away from a total police state.

      The anomalies inherent in this event have been carefully researched by people like Mr. Tracy only to point out that our government controlled media is not revealing the truth of the so-call shooting. When it comes to gun control, people rely on their feelings, not the facts. Regardless of where you stand on it, a disarmed society is a controlled society.

  6. I think you’re forgetting one thing: If I understand right the family pic was on the RIP page dated Mar 23, 2011 & therefore was taken on or before that date– i.e., 1 year 9 mos ago. This is plenty of time for Baby to have outgrown her red dress and be given a white one instead. (Notice her hair is longer). Middle child also would’ve grown & taken Emilie’s dress as a hand-me-down. She looks much more like Emilie in the Obama lap cuz she is now approaching the same age that Emilie was in the original family pic, and her hair also would’ve grown.
    Something else bothers me. Maybe it’s trivial, but they don’t get around to looking into the Honda trunk til after dark, but the pics of it being flatbedded are in daylight. Surely they didn’t leave it there overnight? Also, when reporters were taking pics of trunk being searched why didn’t they comment on “temporary structure” for medical examiner being set up? The exact quote of the ME iis slightly different by the way: Referring to his staff whom he’s just complimented: “I hope uh I hope they & I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later.” (4min into press conference). I have more, will put it in next comment.

    1. Thanks. I don’t believe the pic on RIP Emilie Fb page had to have been provided on March 23, 2011 when it was started. I am more concerned with why it was started at that time and under what conditions the timeline was deleted. I have looked into the Honda auto less so, and there’s certainly something unusual about not searching it until that night. Thanks also for the full quote from Carver.

      1. Excellent work, James. What I think is needed now is for some dedicated reporters to go to Newtown and talk to the residents about what they think really happened. Surely a whole town cannot be involved in a cover up, can they????

        And what about the actual school kids who, supposedly been moved to another school. Has anyone been able to talk to them and the teachers?

        And there was very little coverage of the funerals. I, for one, wish I could have attended them and secretly popped open a coffin or two to verify the deaths:P

        I also think they wanted the Sandy Hook school building empty and abandoned for their own reasons. It will be interesting to see what the do with the property later.

  7. On one point that Lanza would have had to be an advanced marksman to have such a high kill rate some comments:

    OK, so as a former cop you are very skilled with firearms. How about concealed carry? Principals and others at the top rung are paid extremely well, many over $100K a year plus benefits, pension, etc., so why aren’t these people skilled with guns?

    Second point; how does this kid pull off a near perfect kill rate, especially since there is no evidence the Lanzas spent time doing target practice locally according to the Feds??

    Response: “100 bullets to 26 kills is far from “perfect”, whatever the H that is! And yes, ANY armed response could easily be futile against a high rate of fire weapon. There would be a high probability that any teacher/admin/security guard with a “pea shooter” by comparison would be outgunned and just as dead.”

  8. Okay, so I was listening to an archived show w/Rick Adams and Dr. K (RBN) and learned this interesting piece of info:

    “Adam Lanza was a vegan: He didn’t want to hurt animals” (video at link)

    It was a shared love of live music that sparked a close friendship between Russ Hanoman and Nancy Lanza more than five years ago. Now, in light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook and recent reports suggesting she was a paranoid survivalist, Hanoman is speaking publicly about the woman he knew. As he told PIX 11, “She was a wonderful, beautiful, elegant woman who loved life, and most importantly she loved her son, Adam.”

    Another small detail emerged in the course of the interview, this time about Adam Lanza.

    Lanza was vegan, according to Hanoman, because he “didn’t want to hurt animals.”


    Also, if you watch the video, they again show you that shot of the firehouse, but it has a sign “Welcome to Sandy Hook School” and they seem to be trying to give the impression that that’s actually the school. And, for what it’s worth, somewhere in the audio w/Rick Adams, Dr. K was talking about how he actually called the Newtown Police to talk about the discrepancies in the offical story. He said the guy he spoke (he didn’t give a name) said something about how the discrepancies weren’t coming from them, but were coming from the federal govt, which kind of took over (or something to that effect) (I was kind of surprised that Dr. K apparently called the Newtown Police–I was kind of under the impression that independent “journalists” were supposed to stay away from this)

    Also, here’s a crazy question: how do we actually know Adam Lanza’s body was even found in Sandy Hook Elementary?? Did anyone see him there (I’m pretty sure we were told he was wearing a mask)? And how did he actually get to the school. At first the MSM gave the impression that he drove his mother’s car tehre. But, as it turns out, the car we were told was Lanza’s was actually registered to Chris Rodia, a drug dealer from Norwalk. So, are we to assume that Adam Lanza, who has no history of violence or criminal behavior also stole a car? Were the keys to Chris Rodia’s car found on Adam Lanza’s body? Has it even been verified that Adam Lanza knew how to drive and earned at CT driver’s license?

    1. Thanks for the additional info. Interesting to also note that the Sandy Hook Fire House is not designated as such on Google Maps, suggesting that it is part of the school’s campus. As with the Aurora Colorado shooting we have no witness that saw the assailant. We also don’t have info on any of the bodies, including Lanza’s. To my knowledge there is at best limited information on the autopsies and the state medical examiner appears to know very little about their condition.

      1. How do we know the story of Victoria Soto hiding her students in a closet took place? Who reported that story? I don’t recall any of the interviews with any of the children being interviews with her students. I’ve been wondering about that. I also can’t stop asking myself why Ms. Soto did not lock her classroom door if she had the calmness and presence of mind (and time) to round up her students into a closet? (She obviously was not paralyzed with fear so why would she not lock the door first and THEN proceed to hide her students? I’m not criticizing her without empathy. I’m just asking these questions like a detective examining the scene of the crime would presumably do. Thoughts?

      2. We know two people peaked in that body bag. Jean Henry, a very long-tenured state employee with an active lawsuit (unrelated to this situation) going against the gov and others, was apparently concerned enough about what she was seeing to show it to her husband. It’s not rational to think a long-term employee would risk her job by doing this for the fun of it. I wonder what they saw in that bag? I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a car accident in the near future…

    2. In fact, it was a discussion with a reporter at the Hartford Courant where this information was derived. It was he who said that the discrepancies and preemtive infromation arose not from them, that is the Newtown Police and State Police, but instead from:

      Washington, D.C. and
      The Justice (or injustice) Department

      He made it highly clear that the locals were NOT responsible for the early l eaks about Ryan Lanza or even the original claims regarding the deaths of the children, as shown, here by Mr. Tracy. Nor did the first reports of Adam Lanza as either the culprit or his death come from the locals.

      All the fraud that has been perpetrated was orchestrated from these sources. The role of media black-ops organized for a hidden agenda against Ameica’s guns is clearly evident , the anti-gun momentum being clearly organized by likes of Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Sugarman, et al.

      1. Grazie for my complimentary copy of your excellent work- “Wrongly Blamed” which I won from Rick Adams. Please stay on this case.
        Does your “et al” happen to include a certain Senator from Connecticut, or did you leave him out on purpose?

    3. Maybe the fire house knew the children were coming ahead of time, and some incompentent person ( not understanding that this was suppose to be real) put the welcome on the sign prior to the emergency exercise? Understand what I am saying?

  9. five hundred children and staff, and at least as many family members, in addition to police, fire and medical personnel

    I’m a retired career firefighter and am somewhat familiar with the layout of fire stations. How they planned to get 500+ people into a typical fire station is unknown.

    Shortly after the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, Fire Administration was thinking about opening up fire stations to the general public in case of some type of large, city-wide emergency.
    At a staff meeting, this subject came up and I asked “Are you going to provide fire stations with arms?

    There was a look of shock around the table and the Deputy Chief asked, “Why would fire stations needs weapons?”
    I told her that when a station became full and could take no more people, someone with a gun would show up and demand that he/she and their family be let in, so at that point, what were us firefighters supposed to do?”

    My question was never answered, but Fire Administration never approved of turning stations into mass evacuation points.

  10. Another reason why middle-child-grown-older might look so much like Emilie: She IS. If original family pic contained only 2 kids, a younger Emilie & Baby & later an older Emilie is added. . . . Thus the missing child in the Obama pics is the middle child, whose grown into Emilie as we know her.
    Bear in mind that we KNOW there is a time lapse between the pics cuz baby’s hair has grown.

    I continue to be surprised there is so little comment on what is heard on the police scanner– altho if one assumes the whole thing is a scam that wd make sense.
    Bits quoted from :

    3:35 Reports that a teacher saw 2 shadows running past the gyn which wd be the rear– rear shooting.
    3:46 Yeah we have ’em. They’re coming at ME, down _____Way.
    4:06 (stressed) Come up the driveway. Walk slowly.
    (other calmer voice, different location?) This is it.
    5:52 Got him proned out
    6:44 1 Charlie Echo Julie4. 1CEJ4 [anybody know what this plate turned out to be?–Penelope]
    9:04 Party in custody
    20:00 ________muliple weapons including 1 rifle and a shotgun [Can somebody tell us what he says just before this?
    [There is much, much more but my hearing isn’t good enough–Pen]
    Sometimes the site won’t come up by clicking on it. If so, it’s put up by radiomantv911
    Like you, James, I actually think the whoe event is phoney. Paid for by govt faction as a psyop, perhaps engaging a pre-existing group, like a congregation maybe, plus a few imported actors. An invesigator cd find out if these children were born in area hospitals 6 years ago or just imported recently. Ownership of the homes wd yield info too & is public info. Need exact address of Gene Rosen & the parents tho. Finally, was school privately owned or public? (Are the satanic handsigns real or an internet hoax?) Thanks so much for all your work on this. Hope others will continue it.

    1. OMG! That is true! You can clearly see that, when you click on the “ANDREAS BEHRING BREIVIK.We hate him) link, it goes STRAIGHT to the RIP Emilie Parker page! That is mind boggling! How did you find that out, Richard?

      1. If you will look carefully at the photo, the 2 girls are sitting next to each other on his lap. Even if they were both straddling him, SOMEONE’s legs would be seen in the photo. This photo has been carefully examined by competent researchers and found to be doctored. Better rethink what physical world you live in:))

  11. “I continue to be surprised there is so little comment on what is heard on the police scanner– altho if one assumes the whole thing is a scam that wd make sense.”

    The Greenwich police say they unscrambled the feed from that day, I wish they would post the results online…..

  12. I just listened to this quick post from John Friend and this Brian Stavley guy mentioned something about how an Emilie Parker Facebook fund was set up before they even knew she was dead (like on the day of the event, while the school was in lockdown).

    This is talked about here:

    Here’s what they said:

    Why is “Emilie Parker Fund” FB started BEFORE the creator(s) knew she was dead???

    The very FIRST post on the page (after the cover photo was updated):

    “Alan Prothero and I have set up an account at America First Credit Union to help Robbie Parker and his family with their immediate needs due to their loss of their beautiful girl in the shooting this morning in Conn. You can put funds in the account or give them directly to me or Alan. Please contribute what you can and spread the word: Emilie Parker Memorial Account at America First Credit Union. Account #9056862.”

    … and the SEVERAL posts later…

    “We’ve had an update. The school is still on lock down, I assume pending investigations. Robbie and Alissa have very limited information. They haven’t been able to see Emilie, and they do not know if she is still in the school or if she was one of the ones rushed to the hospital. We apologize for the misinformation that we gave you earlier. But we know still that sweet Emilie was a victim. We just don’t know any detail about what exactly happened to her.”

    But WHY would anyone create a memorial account fund, if they – at the time they created the fucking thing – had no idea of the person’s situation????

    Check it out for yourselves:

    Okay, maybe others can look into this. I’m not that familiar w/facebook and when I went to the page, I couldn’t find the above post about the school being in lockdown.

    Also, what happened to the RIP Emilie Parker Facebook page created Sept. 23 2011 that was posted here a few days ago? Has it been taken down?

    1. The mechanics of Facebook are such that Fb pages with fewer than 200 “likes” can have their titles changed by their owners, which is likely what took place with the RIP Emilie Parker page and may have been the case with the EmilieParkerFund. What is unusual about the RIP Emilie Parker page is that the timeline was also eliminated after the page was retitled. It is unusual that this “Fund” page you reference here would have been started on December 14 in the midst of the crisis. I have revised this post accordingly.

      1. Feel free to delete my above post if it sounds too “conspiracy-ish” for your site. I also posted that information over on the CT shooting thread at anti-zionist forum, where a bunch of independent citizen researchers are posting what they uncover on the CT shooting). Someone who has more experience w/Facebook just checked the info about the Emilie Parker fund page and the school still being in lockdown and verified that the posts are still there. So, comment #218 at the infounderground thread says: “I just checked. It’s there: on the bottom of the page on the left hand side.”

  13. I am in agreement that there are many strange discrepancies between the “official story” and the facts we are able to gleen from the media. But checking up on some of the facts presented here, I was able to see that the two teachers that the 3rd Grade girl referred to in the two TV interviews, are among the Names of Teachers listed on the Sandy Hook Elementary website. Both are 3rd Grade: Courtney Martin and Robin Walker.

  14. The most obvious things seems to be the lack of an evacuation crowd, so either 1. the students were still in the school, or 2. they were at home, or 3. the media intentionally avoided filming them.

    It seems that the first two possibilities would be very easy to verify unless the 600 student’s and their families could somehow be all silenced which seems impossible to me.

    The third possibility would only require the press to cooperate, which is totally feasible. So the question is why? The video below seems to make sense to me, they are creating discrepancies to make a red herring. Kind of a logical mind bender, but could be very effective if later the discrepancies are resolved discrediting sources exposing 9/11 and other much bigger false flags.

  15. Let me clarify some things…there are NOT 600 students in this school more around 400 range.
    I live in a nearby town and personally know someone who is related to parents of 3 children who attended SHE’S. THIS WAS REAL….VERY REAL!
    Now let’s get to the Media…It is EMBARRASSING on how wrong they were just to get the news story first. To my disgust…watching Fox news they were literally interviewing someone from the Newtown Patch. I don’t know if you are familiar with “patch” online news in towns all over the country. Basically glorified BLOGS. Second, not to totally trash the Newtown Bee…once again we are talking small town newspapers. Not “real” journalist.

    So this is what I know…incident really happened.
    because of the press so many questions….car registered to whom? Guns registered to whom? Did Adam have aspergers? Was he mentally ill? Was there another shooter? Chris Rodia-was he involved?

    Finally I have elementary and middle school aged children and they have been having lockdown drills in the past 5 years. They are quite comprehensive and occur quite often. So it is not strange that Newtown had a drill so recently.

    1. Thanks much for reading and posting. My main argument is not whether or not the event was real for residents such as yourself who experienced it, but more so how it was presented to the rest of the world (in a compromised way) by major media. On the drill, I simply find it unusual that it was held at the fire station. I have children as well and understand that they go through such drills. Can’t get a correct figure on student pop, and have seen how it ranges from 400-600. The late principal Dawn Hochsprung says the student pop is close to 700 in the letter where she announces the school’s new security system, I believe. (See below. JT @ 4:05PM EST 1-6-13)

      At the start of the 2012-13 academic year Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung announces in a public letter to families the Newtown School District’s new security system installed “in all elementary schools.” Under the newly-announced security regimen, “exterior doors will be locked during the day. Every visitor will be required to ring the doorbell at the front entrance and the office staff will use a visual monitoring system to allow entry. Visitors will still be required to report directly to the office and sign in. If our office staff does not recognize you, you will be required to show identification with a picture id. Please understand that with nearly 700 students and over 1,000 parents representing 500 SHS families, most parents will be asked to show identification. Doors will be locked at approximately 9:30 a.m.” “Principal Outlined New Security Procedures at Sandy Hook Elementary,” Hartford Courant, December 14, 2012, 8:25PM EST.

      1. Media incompetence here in Conn-etiquette/Corrupticut is very bad and I usually expect better from the NY Times….So we are left with the blogs which do have good info., but also misinfo. and twaddlers whose minds are mush and incapable of discerning truth from untruth. People who feed on junk culture, and junk food daily are the perfect stooges for events like this.

      2. James, I heard you state something to the effect that there is no reason to doubt the presence of video footage of Adam Lanza and the shooting, given the school’s new security system. Do you have proof that the visual monitoring system was a digital video recording system? There are plenty of visual monitoring systems – like baby monitors and apartment complex monitors to name just two – that don’t have video recording capabilities. That’s why they are called visual monitoring systems, not video surveillance systems. It seems strange to me that you would jump to that conclusion, if you weren’t trying to use it to justify a preexisting assumption.

  16. The Newtown event reminds me of what Rove (most likely) famously said to Suskind: “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Newtown could be just the kind of reality creation Rove alluded to in his famous quote. Are we meant to be studying it in the way you and other researchers are doing, deconstructing the interstices of the “official story” of these new realities to determine what really happened? Talk about practical post-modernism, a theory wonderfully suited to perception management technologists. Now that the deep state is taking overt power it’s getting more comfortable performing these mass media misdirections — they’ve come a long ways since the painfully awkward and blatant attempt at perception management since the Jessica Lynch affair.
    I’m reminded of Lt. Kijé, the Russian folktale satirizing bureaucracy about a nonexistent soldier who is promoted to a colonel and becomes a hero. The Emperor, of learning of this hero, wants to meet him. Unfortunately Lt. Kijé dies before the meeting: “What a pity,” the emperor says, “he was a good officer.” Newtown is the dark, flip side of this tale, with society grieving over what really may be a nonexistent event. What was a prank against bureaucracy may now be the deep state’s black prank against society.
    Of course there’s the gun control aspect, where the event is used as an excuse to increase the power of the police state. As Kevin Carson sums it up: “what strict gun laws will do is take the level of police statism, lawlessness and general social pathology up a notch in the same way Prohibition and the Drug War have done… I’d expect it to lead to further erosion of Fourth Amendment protections against search and seizure, further militarization of local police via SWAT teams, and further expansion of the squalid empire of civil forfeiture, perjured jailhouse snitch testimony, entrapment, planted evidence, and plea deal blackmail.”
    But I think this goes even deeper than that. Given the way the deep state works — the web of connections between weapon makers, the government, and the media (the military-industrial-media-financial complex) — it’s not farfetched to draw the conclusion that instead of, or even in addition to, the idea that such an event can be used to pass gun control laws to bolster the police state, it may have also been designed to drive gun sales up. Indeed gun sales have reached historic highs after this event, haven’t they? (As they do anytime an event like this happens. And remember how quickly sales of duct tape spiked after the Dept of Homeland Security mentioned, in one of their first actions, that people duct tape their doors to protect themselves? Is that Pavlov laughing in the background?) Perhaps Newtown serves a double purpose: increase profits while providing yet another excuse to increase the police state “for our own security”. Is a new criminal black market being created to both boost profits and clamp down on civil rights? The drug war, after all, has served both goals exceedingly well.
    But wait, there’s more. Let’s see, we have the recent passage of the NDAA. We have the CT state police telling us the feds are investigating “misinformation” about the event on social media with an eye towards indictments. We have whistleblowers and even government critics now being involuntarily committed for psychiatric reasons. Facebook is suspending or cancelling accounts that don’t toe the line. It feels like a trap is being sprung. Given the CT police warning about social media, perhaps this event can also serve to finally gain restrictions to internet freedom that the PTB have been hungering for; maybe the Facebook user terminations is a canary in the mine.
    An event like this — killing white suburban kids in the heart of an upper-middle-class white-picket-fence America — hits the amygdala hard, the part of the brain where emotion is processed, and shuts off higher thinking. The very first news reports were rife with internal contradictions and paradoxes that could be easily parsed — if one were not emotionally catatonic when learning about the event. Such an event easily falls within Peter Dale Scott calls a deep event wherein there’s “an ongoing and perhaps irresoluble controversy as to what happened.”
    The Newtown shooting was definitely a perception management operation, regardless of the actual events that occurred for which there is no stable consensus. It feels to me more like an experiment to test the sociological waters of how it’s received more than a black psyop to be used for social control policy, like passing gun control laws. I have a feeling, as I believe you intimated in a previous post, that if this one experiment proves successful, which it appears it is, there will be more, and harsher ones to come. If this was indeed a fabricated event meant to be consumed as truth – with the mass media magically misdirecting our attention so as to elicit fear instead of wonder, the better to plant the seeds for political events to come — then questioning its veracity makes one a heretic, doesn’t it? And we know what’s happened to heretics in the past, don’t we?
    I’m really glad that you’re exploring this event, James, and sticking with it. Keep up the great work!

    1. Lohmann-

      The Sandy Hook incident also reminded me of what Rove said about “creating realities.” This 1995 essay on “Information Warfare” by Professor George J. Stein is also interesting to think about, especially the part where he mentions “capabilities of already well-known Hollywood technologies to simulate reality”:

      Information warfare, in its largest sense, is simply the use of information to achieve our national objectives. Like diplomacy, economic competition, or the use of military force, information in itself is a key aspect of national power and, more importantly, is becoming an increasingly vital national resource that supports diplomacy, economic competition, and the effective employment of military forces. Information warfare in this sense can be seen as societal-level or nation-to-nation conflict waged, in part, through the worldwide internetted and interconnected means of information and communication. […]

      Information warfare, in its essence, is about ideas and epistemology- big words meaning that information warfare is about the way humans think and, more important, the way humans make decisions. And although information warfare would be waged largely, but not entirely, through the communication nets of a society or its military, it is fundamentally not about satellites, wires, and computers. It is about influencing human beings and the decisions they make. […]

      A major new factor in information war is the worldwide infosphere of television and broadcast news. Information warfare at the strategic level is the “battle off the battlefield” to shape the political context of the conflict. It will define the new “battlespace.” We face an “integrated battlefield,” not in the usual sense of having a global positioning system (GPS) receiver in every tank or cockpit but in the Clausewitzian sense that war is being integrated into the political almost simultaneously with the battle. Many people suspect that the national command authorities (NCA) are in danger of becoming increasingly “reactive” to a “fictive” universe created by CNN, its various international competitors, or even a terrorist with a video camera. This media-created universe we live in is fictive rather than “fictional” because although what we see on CNN is “true,” it is just not the whole, relevant, or contextual truth. Nevertheless, this fictive universe becomes the politically relevant universe in which the government or the armed forces are supposed to “do something.” […]

      Fictive or fictional operational environments, then, whether mass-targeted or niche-targeted, can be generated, transmitted, distributed, or broadcast by governments or all sorts of players through increasingly diversified networks. […]

      Let us take just one example of how current technologies could be used for strategic-level information warfare. If, say, the capabilities of already well-known Hollywood technologies to simulate reality were added to our arsenal, a genuinely revolutionary new form of warfare would become possible. Today, the techniques of combining live actors with computer-generated video graphics can easily create a “virtual” news conference, summit meeting, or perhaps even a battle that would exist in “effect” though not in physical fact. Stored video images can be recombined or “morphed” endlessly to produce any effect chosen. This moves well beyond traditional military deception, and now, perhaps, “pictures” will be worth a thousand tanks. […]

      (excerpts from Stein essay originally posted on

      1. Thanks, Amanda — a truly fascinating read! Baudrillard’s simulacra in the intentional service of nefarious political ends… That’s where we are now, isn’t it?

      2. Lohmann and Amanda –

        The quote by Rove also brought to my mind the essay by Michael
        Aquino on psychological warfare and the works of Michael A. Hoffman on Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. Here where I live the main gun dealer where I live is a Freemason, and I also suspect that this event was intended to run up gun sales for those in the loop, so to say.

        Honest gun dealers I knew were run out of business long ago, but that is another story. Organized crime rackets always try to squeeze out the competition, and that is essentially what certain religions are — organized criminal rackets masquerading as pious philanthropic organizations, and what a “friend” we have in Freemasonry!

        To the elite Freemasons, the mass mind is something to be manipulated like electricity, and it is considered a blind, dumb, and very predictable force or energy, which can be manipulated at will with the right tools and knowledge, much like electrical energy through logic gates on a computer chip. “Doubt it not”, as Pike said in Morals and Dogma, from whence I source this fact. Masonry is a “spiritual technology” known as Kabbalah which is the science of bringing controlled order out of chaos. The dark night is indeed rising, just as the predictive programming and twilight language seemed to suggest.
        The masses seem to think they have a mind of their own, however,
        contrary to the claim of aforementioned Freemason, Albert Pike.

        Confusion is the chaos of the mind. So, rightly said that epistemology is where the rubber hits the road. It is all about mind models, modes of thought, unconscious and unspoken assumptions that guide behavior, cognitive dissonance adroitly induced and and directed towards a desired dogma, the double-mind infused like the poison of a snake to stupefy the victims before moving in for the kill, the play of polarities, so to say.

  17. Here’s someone w/a background in the entertainment field who is questioning the Sandy Hook event as well. He compares this to the moon landing hoax and suggests what we are being show is “media magic.”

    Beautiful Rant By Adam Curry About How Fake the Sandy Hook Shooting Is, The No Agenda Show

    I highly recommend the video below–the guy talking clearly has background/experience w/the military/weapons, as well as police procedures. He opens w/an interesting quote from CT Gov. Malloy saying something to the effect of “We were spoken to and told to prepare for something like this happening in our state.”

    Now, he also mentions the issue w/the black honda supposedly being registered to Chris Rodia and NOT Nancy Lanza. But, as discussed here , it seems as though a mistake was made by the person recording the police transmissions (it would be helpful if this issue could be completely resolved by having someone w/access check the plates w/DMV).

    He also pointed out the problems around the issue of witnesses seeing one of the suspects seated in the front of the police car (apparently police procedure is for suspects to be in the back). This guy also does a very good job going into the problem surrounding the timing of the information released about Nancy Lanza being dead (since she was found dead at her home, it seems as though that information would not have been known until much later in the day)

    Investigating the Sandy Hook Narrative and Asking the Hard Questions

    In addition to having parents who appear to be acting (e.g. Robbie Parker), we also have a photo of a supposedly dead child, who is, in fact, very much alive:

    PROOF SANDY HOOK IS FAKE Woman’s Daughter’s Photo used for Sandy Hook Shooting Victim

    Description of video: Sandy Hook Shooting Victim Allison Wyatt does not exist. Her photo was stolen from her mother Cathy Gaubert’s Flickr page. The girl’s name is Lily Gaubert and she is alive and well.

    This next video seems to suggest that AP tweeted about the Sandy Hook shooting at 7:30 am EST (someone familiar w/the workings of twitter will have to look into this and verify what the woman making the video is saying)

    Why did the AP Tweet Sandy Hook at 7:25AM HAPPENED AT 8:30-40AM!!!

      1. I’m pretty sure that the woman in the video was able to confirm that the office that issues the tweets was in NYC, so EST

      2. I saw the United Way story earlier today. A spokeswoman stated that it was a “Google glitch” that gave incorrect date and time. But I don’t think she even mentioned Facebook!

      3. Were you aware that the Newtown Bee’s initial report on the shooting was crawled by the spider on December 13, 2012? Details here. The cached page was removed from the server sometime between the 9th and 10 of January. The text of the cached page is here.

  18. Thanks for writing this post. I find it all very unsettling. And any time I mention that there’s something odd about this whole thing, the response is “[Shame on you!] Have some respect for the families!” I mean no disrespect to the families, but there are just too many discrepancies in this story that rub me the wrong way.

    Also, as to what Lohmann said in a previous comment, my thoughts exactly: “I have a feeling, as I believe you intimated in a previous post, that if this one experiment proves successful, which it appears it is, there will be more, and harsher ones to come.”


    Amanda: That YouTube video about Allison Wyatt’s photo was chilling.

    1. Is it respectful to the families and their loved ones to bury the kids, wrapped up in layers of questions, perhaps even lies and deceit?

  19. But I do (respectfully) have this question for people who think this incident was fabricated with actors, etc.: If any part of this event were fake or staged, how would they convince the whole town to go along with the sham? Wouldn’t somebody step forward and say, “Wait – we don’t know these families (victims)”? Or if they’re covering up a different or larger version of this story, how would they keep all those kids and teachers quiet? Wouldn’t somebody come forward and say, “Wait, this is how it REALLY went down”?

    1. I wonder about this myself. They need not convince the whole town to go along — just a handful of intimates involved in the event, who may not know the story themselves of what occurred. Besides, who needs to be convinced about what? Ok, maybe you get a some families comparing notes, and reach certain conclusions. Now what? Where do you go?

      When I explore the matter as someone from the town who has firsthand knowledge of facts being fabricated, I ask myself “who can I go to to set the record straight”? Exploring the various scenarios I wonder if I would be able to break through the fortress of access to mass media when giving information that contradicts the official story. Just as with 911, there are many stories from witnesses and first responders that contradict the official story who were never given access to any mainstream media venue. Just like the tree in the woods, if no one hears the firsthand story of a witness that contradicts the intended narrative, then such a witness does not exist.

      Having been denied access to mainstream organs, they might try going to local authorities, or to the feds. If not actively ignored, such witnesses may be threatened, or even killed. (One need only look at the impossibly coincidental deaths of witnesses (“one hundred thousand trillion to one”) at the Kennedy assassination. Examples abound.)

      Without gaining access to any way to counter the official narrative, witnesses may end up going to the only place in which their voices will be heard — social networks and alternative media sites amenable to their stories; but such organs and their audiences are easily marginalized and dismissed by mainstream audiences.

      All propaganda experts, from Bernays to Goebbels to Ellul, know that for a lie to be believed it must meet several requirements, the primary one being that it must be repeated ad nauseum. Finding the truth requires the desire to find it combined with critical thinking skills, neither of which America audiences have in abundance.

      1. Quoting myself: “Without gaining access to any way to counter the official narrative, witnesses may end up going to the only place in which their voices will be heard — social networks and alternative media sites amenable to their stories; but such organs and their audiences are easily marginalized and dismissed by mainstream audiences.”

        Oh, and not just marginalized and dismissed, but, as we’ve learned from the CT State Police, those countering the official narrative — even firsthand witnesses — may find that they’ve become felons, or perhaps involuntarily committed to some psychiatric hospital…

      2. Lohmann, I think your whole premise, that the shooting was staged, is absurd. Just stop for a minute and really think about what that would entail. Based on your scenario, there would have to have been hundreds of actors, ranging from children and parents, school teachers and administrators, police officials, to local news coverage. They would have had to practice the event numerous times to make sure it went off without a hitch. And of course doing this without anyone in the small town of Newtown ever noticing. And who is hiring the actors? The so-called government -media-industrial complex that you describe? And for what purpose? To set forth anti-gun legislation? If that is the case, then why would the Adam Lanza “actor” be using/carrying two pistols? The gun control measures focus on assault weapons. Why wouldn’t the ” script” be more precise in delivering it’s intended result? Okay, sure, I’ll play along. There were glitches in the script and the event didnt go down exactly as planned. Okay. And yet, still, nobody seems to notice the actors? But wait, there’s more. The actors had to have planned for all the funerals, which would involve some local and not so local churches. Hmmm….maybe the churches are complicit. And still, no one seems to notice?

        I have friends who live in Newtown. They are actively involved in the community at various levels and in various fields. Some have known the “players” involved for quite awhile. None of my friends, or for that matter, none of the Newtown residents have raised any red flags pertaining to the legitimacy of their friends and fellow residents. Does it mean anything to you that NOBODY directly ot indirectly involved with the tragedy has questioned the authenticity of the tragedy? In a small town such as Newtown, everyone ends up knowing everyone else’s business. To say that the actors would only have to involve a “handful of intimates” in order to pull the wool over the eyes of an entire town is just absurd.

        And lastly, to assume that any Newtown resident with serious questions would have nowhere to go is ignorant of the facts. For starters, they could post on this website, or contact James. They could post on their own website. These two options alone would bring significant attention to their questions. And why wouldn’t they if they seriously thought that their whole town had been duped. If they didn’t want the attention that a website such as this would generate, they could just go to their local town hall or police force and voice their concerns. Oh, but wait…they’d be silenced wouldn’t they. Because their local government and police force are complicit as well…
        Are you beginning to see how many hundreds, if not thousands, of people would have to be involved in your tangled conspiracy web you are weaving, without anyone catching on??

        1. I have little doubt that you have friends in Newtown, “Pete Lie,” since your IP address indicates that you live just north of Stamford. Your argument contesting the idea that such an event was staged is also coherent. Since you’ve brought up Newtown residents, I have found it interesting that almost none have made their voices heard to silence such speculation. I would certainly be motivated in this regard if self-anointed “journalistic mavericks” were attempting to speak for me. Nor have they voiced any concern over how, for example, CT medical examiner H. Wayne Carver II could not professionally respond to exactly how the deaths of 26 Newtown residents occurred. Try this exchange on for size: “Reporter: How close were the injuries? Carver: Uh, all the ones (pause). I believe say, yes [sic].” Now I can anticipate your response. “He was having a rough day and isn’t used to doing autopsies on children.” But isn’t that his job? I can honestly say that if I were a parent of one of the children and saw a public servant performing like Bozo the Clown when discussing my child’s postmortem no words would adequately describe my rage. One could go on to cite additional glaring inconsistencies without much difficulty.

  20. Emily Parkers Facebook account was set up five hours after the shootings. With bank account already set up to receive charitable donations. Before her parents even knew she was DEAD! No media will report this. This is not a negative comment about the deaths of innocent people, but a question of how this could be possible. Questions about this will be removed from the page by the 24/7 monitor, will be removed from twitter, ect. Where is the freedom of speech. Where is the Media.

    1. Why does a well-to-do family need charitable donations for their slain child? Donations to help with a dead loved one are usually to help with burial expenses, or to help the family get along when a breadwinner has died, or to help with medical bills. What are the donations for?

  21. There are too many inconsistencies in this event for one to believe that the official “State Media” version is what really happened. The emperor has no clothes. Thanks professor for having the guts to stand out in this.

  22. I must agree that something is amiss about the Sandy Hook narrative. Much. Is missing.
    Good research so far. There are also repororts that one of the teachers killed was/is an actress, and one of those anonymous photos was that teacher, posing as a concerned family member , phone to ear, trying to get word about a family member inside the school. Another claim is that a child listed among the dead was photographed with President Obama.
    I’ve wondered how the gunman used the rifle to kill kids when the rifle was found in the back seat of the car.
    Most puzzling is the link to Sandy Hook in the movie “the Dark Knight Rises”.
    Very odd indeed, and speaking of off, what is wrong with the medical examiner of Newtown?
    Good job so far. The truth is out there.

    1. Good research? He hasn’t even been to Newtown! I’m from Newtown and this did happen, any assertion to the contrary is idiotic and those of you that believe this drivel deserve a swift kick in the gonads.

      1. Hey StormsNYC…then answer the inconsistencies and I will leave it be…until then it is like WTC 7…yeah it just fell flat down cause it got hit with something…do you think the american people are that stupid? baaaaahh

      2. Have you considered the possibility that it DID happen (Prof. Tracey doesn’t say it didn’t happen, he’s just saying it appears that it didn’t happen the way the MSM depicted it) but that things are not as you have been told? Are you aware of all the issues with the official narrative? If 20 little boys and girls were killed in your town, don’t you want to know who did it and why? Even if no one in Newtown cares about this, the blowback is affecting the entire nation and we WILL continue to ask questions until officials explain themselves.

    2. Her sister named Carlee apparently is definatley a perfomer, as shown in this youtube video:

      Strange that in this video she goes by the name of Victoria Soto (this was in 2010). But when you see the close up, this is definitely Carlee (or maybe she IS Victoria).

      I just thought it was strange.

      1. Yes Jen, this does look like Carlee the girl who gave the interview with her family., so why is she calling herself Victoria Soto on this video.. Things do get stranger..

  23. I think you’re nuts. But I also note you don’t let any posts go onto this blog unless they are congratulating you for a job well done, or tossing you an easy question. Good luck regaining your sanity, you are going to need it my friend!

  24. James, I just read an article on Drudge Report regarding this website and about yourself.

    I think it’s great that you have gone on a limb to say that the shooting may not have occurred at all, or at least not as the media may have portrayed it. I believe that it is very important to not take things presented to us at face value. We should always be questioning claims given to the masses. And you did just that with this article.

    Thanks for the intellectual piece of writing and keeping us on our heels!

  25. I believe that Adam is completely innocent but was abused as a patsy:

    He obviously was very intelligent and socially rather unskilled because he spent his time pursuing intellectual interests versus gaining people skills.
    Furthermore, he made traumatizing experiences when both his brother and his dad kicked him out of their lives. Presumably these two career minded men were embarrassed by Adam’s seeming social ineptitude.

    So Adam might have felt very flattered if he got feed back from other players if he played online games. He reportedly was an IT wizzard. If one of these individuals remained predictably stable over time it is very likely that Adam would have been happy to meet this guy in person.

    I believe that his mum, Nancy, was shot by an intruder who broke into the house with locksmith’s skills. She probably wore house clothes and fled into her bedroom to search for a weapon to defend herself.
    Her trained killer was faster and shot her in the head. She fell on the bed – comments that she was sleeping in her pyjama also serve to make her look lazy.

    The killer stole her weapons and destroyed the computers – lest traces of a minder befriending Adam could be found.
    Then he drove away in the Lanza’s car.

    Adam’s fate was sealed after he left with his minder.. It would be easy to tell him that they have to drive be the school to pick up some stuff waiting in the basement.

    It is impossible for Adam to have performed this kind of shooting. Maybe there were 2 shooters for the kids and one to guard the floor. The latter one shot the staff who came running.
    The shooting was done in very few minutes. That gave the team time to get away before the police arrived.
    The shooting on the parking lot was probably done during the retreat, while the police had not arrived.

    Maybe the school was on lock down in the belief that there was a simulated emergency – just like on 9-11 there were simulated emergencies that simulated kidnapped passenger planes. Hence the flight control personnel did not believe that it was for real. All reactions were too late and the planes had crashed already. – or were flown via remote control as this technology was available at that time already..

    The aim is probably gun control:
    The US will be bankrupt as soon as the Federal Reserve ceases Quantative Easing, printing money that is not backed by anything but increases inflation and recession. The Feds cannot continue to do this forever as Obama requests when he demands another raising of the debt ceiling. Then what? The prospect of armed individuals alone or in groups demanding their money from banks or looting grocery stores due to the US’ s bankruptcy has to be controlled.

    Just like we were asked to believe that Mohammad Atta’s passport kindly survived the collapse of the twin towers, or that the alleged London 7-7 criminals caught their tubes in London on time after it was shown that their departure train in Luton was cancelled – it seems to be equally foolish to believe that Adam styled himself as a shooter and managed to accomplish this feat.

    It is a veritable illusion of confusion.

  26. I just wanted to thank you for being brave enough to speak up about so many obvious inconsistancies that so many of us have seen. Keep questioning!

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