Public Statement via CNN

The producers of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° have invited me to appear on tonight’s broadcast to discuss this week’s controversy surrounding my articles on the Sandy Hook tragedy. Unfortunately, I am at present unable to accommodate this request. CNN has asked for a written statement from me to present in my absence. This statement, issued to a CNN representative late this afternoon, appears in its entirety below.

Link to January 11, 2013 Anderson Cooper 360° episode.

In my analyses of news coverage on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting I am confident I have put forth questions befitting any decent and reflective citizen, journalist or scholar. My research has led me to conclude that the nation’s media failed to provide an accurate, in-depth and sustained investigation of what took place at the school on the morning of December 14. Unfortunately, most of my observations and their nuance have been reduced to headlines and sound bites that have placed my person and intent in a severely negative light.

The press is not solely at fault, however. A significant portion of the public has chosen to base its judgment of my queries on narrow preconceptions of what they believe intellectual or academic inquiry should consist of and be directed toward. Such individuals have also been quick to judge me personally based on how I have been framed by such media instead of affording my arguments related to the tragedy a less prejudicial hearing.

I maintain that many questions I raise about the Sandy Hook tragedy remain unanswered and that the American public has been underserved by the press in this important regard. I apologize for any additional anguish and grief my remarks—and how they have been taken out of context and misrepresented—may have caused the families who’ve lost loved ones on December 14. At the same time I believe the most profound memorial we can give the children and educators who lost their lives on that day is to identify and interrogate the specific causes of their tragic and untimely demise.

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    1. “I am convinced that if squirrels had opposable thumbs, that based on their superior intellect, they would be overqualified to be journalists in the mainstream media”…Citizen Wells

      “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

    2. It’s amazing to see the failure of critical thinking on this event. I am very supportive of the types of questions and concerns that you raise.

      In time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. – George Orwell

      1. First and foremost my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and that my hope is that we ascertain the true cause of this horrific c event so that it never happens again. And those responsible, should there be others unknown right now, be held fully accountable.

        There is no failure of critical thinking here there is a total and likely intentional, absence of critical thinking.


        Lt. Vance when I went to my investigation training I was taught that the criminal needs a motive, method and opportunity. Sorry but the facts as they publicly exist do not seem to comport with the conclusions. The egregiousness by which we have ignored the published evidence, leads me to believe that there is no interest in arriving at the appropriate conclusion since a pre established disposition to this case appears to have already be set in stone regardless of the relevant facts.

        We still have no motive for Lanza despite the numerous suggestions by the media that failed.
        Can you truly suggest that the method utilized by the perp in this case is consistent with Lanza’s training, experience and personality? If we make an honest assessment of the relevant facts wouldn’t we conclude that Navy Seals might be hard pressed to achieve such results in such a short time ? Therefore is it appropriate to conclude this entire event performed with military precision was done solely by Adam Lanza?

        Now , not having access to all of the extant evidence let us examine what is published shall we ?

        1. We apparently have at least two perps running away from the scene toward Crestwood and were confronted by one or more local officers. We have heard nothing at all about who these individuals were and what they were doing.

        2. We have helicopter video clearly showing an individual being arrested in the woods with another individual escaping detection within the scope of the published video. Furthermore the Newtown Bee published that an individual in the woods was an off duty tactical squad officer from another jurisdiction and he was there, ostensibly, at the same time or earlier then the commencement of the assault. This is quite intriguing and I would imagine there would be some interest in the disposition of those two individuals. ( I saw the movie Minority Report by the way – maybe his jurisdiction had that technology and Newtown did not?)

        So now we can conclude that we have at least two potential perps in the woods and two on Crestwood street. Based on published video and radio transmissions.

        3. Corroborating evidence of multiple assailants is provided by a parent who arrived at the school immediately after the attack who stated that all of the car doors were open with “black sweat shirts strewn about” . However all of the images of the vehicle that were published have all of the doors closed. I wonder if the assailants decided to lock the doors as they were fleeing the scene ? At least the car was not parked in the fire zone. That was considerate of them.

        I see absolutely no reason why Lanza would have strewn about the black cloth items around the vehicle. These do however support reports that multiple individuals were disguised as clergy or Nuns.

        4. Now let’s talk about the guns if we can. Initial radio transmission at the scene indicates “multiple weapons – at least one rifle and one shotgun”. Subsequently there was a report that Lanza had 4 handguns and no rifle and that the AR-15 was left back in the car. (Federal and State Officials reported)

        Later , much later, at night we see someone retrieving, what appears to be, a shotgun with a pistol grip. Either a Saiga 12 gauge or possibly a Benelli M2. (Now Nancy Lanza, being the prepper survivalist that she was, certainly would have a Saiga 12 Gauge tactical shotgun to augment her cache of other semi-automatic guns correct? -)

        So at the very least, you would have us believe, Lanza assaulted the school with a shotgun, rifle, 4 hand guns, hundreds of rounds of ammo? All the while we have a tactical squad officer lurking in the nearby woods just passing the time or snipe hunting or using testing Minority Report technology ? While another individual also is set up back in the same wooded area seeming to go undetected and two other individuals decide to have a sprint race behind the school at the same time Adam started the assault .? And you would also have us believe that, despite that the Federal and State officials confirmed that the AR-15 was left in the car, Lanza utilized that weapon and also carried in the shotgun with 4 handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammo? All of that gear would weigh more than he does?

        I must say I never would have suspected Lanza? No motive, a method ?an opportunity? I would still be wasting time looking at other suspects. The motives, methods and opportunity that is evident to me is much more pernicious and I pray that my instincts are wrong.

        Anyway the video surveillance will certainly put an end to the speculation and doubts of the official story. For the sake of the families, this country and the community I hope and pray that we can arrive at a satisfactory conclusion based on truth.

      2. By the way , I also have questions about the radio transmissions in this video as well as the Maroon Van with personnel wearing ski masks.

      1. Of course not. The irony, is, almost everybody who advances these kinds of rebuttals believe everything they are told by the MSM.

    3. “May have caused the families who lost loved ones”…
      You will do anything to avoid looking at yourself, wont you?

    4. Totally unacceptable comments, Professor!! It pains me to even call you that. I can’t even believe you are tasked with the job of instructing anyone, on anything in this country. Your comments are completely insensitive to the families that lost their children in the event at Sandy Hook, those that have lost their children and loved ones in past events and to the millions of American’s who are behind the President and those that are striving to communicate the truth about possible solutions to a problem that exists in this country regarding firearms. As a communications professor, I give you a failing grade for trying to extinguish the reportage of an event so unheralded and and heinous that it has mobilized a nation for a conversation about what we can do as a people to make events like this less likely in the future. As a human I too give you a failing grade for being unable to check your conscience prior to making your remarks. It is unfathomable that you would use your voice to fan the flames of fear and hate that are coming from factions within this country which only wish to suppress the truth about and give voice to a fear that only helps to feed an industry bent on providing arms to anyone, anywhere so that profits may rise. Shame on you sir.

      1. don’t sit that horse to high, it’s made of clay. Your posturing can only take you so far and only as far as the gullible (a shrinking minority) of purposeful people will let you go. You are going to be torn from your high horse with certainty. You see their is something rising in the land and it starts out saying, don’t trust the government because they lie. The lies can be huge! Consider nearly 100 thousand men and women killed by government deceit in Vietnam. A million people in Iraq. This smoke screen is small potatoes to these psychopaths. As for you flashing a heart so despondent, see if you can find a tear in Sandy Hook. It appears to get more evil at every turn.

      2. Its unfathomable that you sir can’t think outside the box. We all want ‘
        ‘the truth’.. and now sir we are getting stories with no substance or
        proof. The families need to know how their children died, evidence
        or news that we are given does not add up. Lanza is an easy scapegoat
        The amount of guns and amo he was alleged to be carrying doesn’t
        add up… No disrespect to the greiving families, we all feel for them
        but this whole media and police reporting falls very short.

        1. Point taken, see if this helps for starters.
          Also, is it in the realm of possibility that in all of the chaos at the scene and urgency to report something, the information was sketchy and inaccurate? A final report will eventually come out, if all things aren’t addressed and inconsistencies remain, there will be some explaining to do. In the mean time it is good to ask questions and seek answers but jumping to conclustions is all there is. Those of here in Connecticut that are around the area with friends there know at least that the event happened – real funerals and all. There is other information that isn’t making it to the conspiracy cites as well but when it’s mentioned, as I have a few times, it is categorically dismissed because it doesn’t suit some who believe it was staged or a government coverup. The link above answers some of the quesitons posed here.

      3. Interesting that your mind would confuse someones thoughtful and thought out questions and transmute them into insensitive comments. The questions that the Professor asked regarding this situation are vital. How did the professor use his voice to fan the flames of fear – you make a lot of assumptions and it seems to me that you are using your voice to insinuate things that are not the truth. I think you need to listen more clearly before you comment.

      4. I don’t believe it’s your right or place to shame the professor, he is reacting what the media is reporting and quite frankly the reports are BS. It’s not YOUR place to judge someone either and we all have the freedom to be inquisitive and explore the truth. IF there were bodies, it may have been staged bodies — there are such things as dead orphans that no one cares about to fill he ONE open casket of ONE Jack Pinto. Think I’m sick? What I think is sicker are the parents going before CNN 6-48 hours after their child MUTULATED by bullets and left to die in fear are all giggles on TV — they have placed themselves to be judged!!! GET THAT STRAIGHT.

    1. I suppose the residents of Sandy Hook and Newton should also be proud of themselves.. they’ve seen ONE dead body.. that of Jack Pinto and yet, they are still are trying to seek the truth — what does that tell you? Even the town residents think something is fishy!

      1. where did you get the info about jack pinto? I looked and only found the same fake stories as with all the other kids. even the name is fake, jack pinto? come on. noah pozner? they are toying with us. jack had the same tearless funeral that any of the other phonies got.

      2. Are you serious? You aren’t getting google hits for an open casket for Jack? Are google hits different for different parts of the country? One local person said this entire story stinks.. a resident from Sandy Hook, but she also said that she witnessed the body of Jack — yet thinks the story is a conspiracy.. that’s a contradiction…why on earth would parents who are so fake be in on killing their kids? The rest of her interview seemed legit. That’s why I think it must of been a dummy body. Also hearing reports now that Jesse Lewis had an open casket. Just those 2. Oh and of course Veronique Pozner opened the casket for the fake governor to view so he could see what guns do!

        1. I didn’t type in open casket it was something along the lines of viewing the body, I wasn’t thinking it was the funeral. Veronique posner(these names are so ridiculous) said she had an open casket funeral, in addition to her refusing to allow an autopsy. both unbelievable statements.

      3. No one viewed Noah’s body besides the “Governor” — I don’t believe the one about Jesse being open… and Jack’s was now “half open” — just a tease to make you believe it all.. so you don’t reach out and touch him… and the feathers come out.

  1. I’ve been noticing what may be construed as vicious, virulent attacks on anyone with the gumption to question the official narrative surrounding these “shock”, “Mass Casualty-Producing Events” – reminding me of 9/11/01, 07/07/05, many others. It’s very chilling, & that’s the point: chilling dissent & inquiry deviating from the “official theory”. I’ll say this: for those who’ve actually suffered losses, we who didn’t thankfully can’t know your personal pain, personal tragedy. We can sympathize, even empathize, but we can’t feel what you feel, for your grief is your own. As people who’re certainly affected by the “shock” of something like this (no less significant in our “inner cities”, trailer parks, Middle East), as concerned citizens some wish to get to the bottom of this, and not allow the powers-that-be to use your personal tragedy to usurp “all of our rights”. That’s no way to deal with tragedy.

    1. I’m a little confused here. I’m down with saying no to usurping our rights, and God knows there has been a lot of that going on (I mean, can you believe some of this anti-gay stuff still going on? What an outrage. How about illegal wire-taps, the inability to lend kindle books, the suspension of habeas corpus, loss of worker rights, union crackdowns, and tons more)…but where is it written that an assault rifle is a right?

      Furthermore, let’s say your home is invaded. You’re gonna defend yourself with an assault rifle? Come on people. Ban assault rifles. Limit magazine capacity. Hell, I say we take the constitution literally and ban any type of gun created post 1788 (like Jon Stewart said, have all the muskets you want…ha)…but I understand that may be a little extreme.

      1. Bob Barker,

        Do you know what that means?

        Liberty is not the INVENTION of revolution.
        Liberty is the DISCOVERY of the enlightened mind.


      2. A semi-automatic rifle is no more dangerous than a semi-automatic handgun. The terms “assault rifle” and “assault weapons” are the same as “pro choice”, “pro abortion”, “right to choose”, “weapons of mass destruction”, “man made disaster”, “war on terror”, “axis of evil”… etc etc. They have more to do with molding a political argument than being accurate.

      3. People who analyze things and use critical thinking,instead of loving their spoonfed bs from the media are not idiots.People that can’t type a simple paragraph without misspelling simple conjunctions and articles are idiots sorry to say,not to mention putting an article and conjunction together to make one word hahahaha wow,just WOW.

      4. Well, I’m a little confused, myself. According to the CDC, in 2010, death from firearms: 11,078 – per 100,000 : 3.6. death from motor vehicles: 120,859 – per 100,000 : 39.1. Now, according to gun banning (il) logic, the best way to prevent the greatest number of deaths would be to ban motor vehicles. Or, perhaps, just really fast cars or big cars that do the most damage. As far as what one chooses to use to defend oneself? Well, that is as personal and varied as what vehicle one chooses to drive.

      1. sharonjudah – The way you ‘defend ourselves against the military/law enforcement of a government gone bad with single shot weapons” is DON’T MISS.

      2. “How are we to defend ourselves against the military/law enforcement of a government gone bad with single shot weapons? People who don’t like the constitiution should really consider moving to another country without one and without guns.”

        If you’re so worried about the government attacking you, how about YOU move to a place where the government isn’t a threat to you?

    2. I’ve been noticing what may be construed as vicious, virulent attacks on anyone with the gumption to question the official narrative surrounding these “shock”, “Mass Casualty-Producing Events” Right, or passive aggressive attacks like: “you are disrespecting the dead people.”

  2. I would like to know what reasonable duty law enforcement and the media have to tax paying citizens who will ultimately foot the bill for this tragedy? Anderson Cooper is now mentioning this story and my sympathy goes to professors and others who are suffering the direct attacks from individuals with a huge financial stake in this and other tragedies.

  3. You are a piece of shit and i hope you lose your tenure and your job. Why don’t you go on the news and explain yourself.

    1. I understand why he didn’t, because the media will only control the conversation by manipulation & rude interruptions during his interview. Surely you’ve seen this time and time again when any one who is interviewed that expresses point of view that is opposite of public opinion, they are ridiculed and treated unfairly. That is not the true form of journalism. If they truly cared about his response, they would have read this entire letter on air.

      1. This letter doesn’t address anything. He has claimed a conspiracy yet offers no proof. His posts are heavy on words, but offer zero substance. He deserves everything that comes his way.

      2. I agree. I think the guy is an idiot, who is doing a fantastic job of attracting attention…but no sane person would go on the air. And while I understand the vitriol aimed his way, that doesn’t help either. If anything, it only creates more idiocy. Like any conspiracy, it needs to be debunked. Yelling at him doesn’t accomplish anything.

      3. Apparently you’ve never seen a Ted Nugent interview. It’s just the opposite, he threatens and bullies everyone. Then tells them to “suck his machine guns”. That’s right, he doesn’t say “suck my semi-automatics”.

    2. fuck you you ass wipe. the guy is only suggesting this. the news and media is to blame for the shooting they create these copy cats with all this coverage. use your freaking head. have you seen pics of the guy from the mall shooting in court? hes looking like wtf is going on? what did i do? like somebody drugged him and sent him in that theater and he dont remember.

      1. Hey Mr. Professor guy, what do we have here? Another crank who thinks mass shootings are staged conspiracies.

        qamar: Are you on any medications? You should be. Go see a doctor.

      2. I find it “odd” those who’re engaging in manipulated/coordinated attacks on this blog site utilizing their “1st Amendment rights”, are condemning & advocating loss of employment (like that wouldn’t put the Professor’s household in jeopardy) for someone utilizing HIS “1st Amendment Rights”. In condemning Tracy, you actually condemn yourselves.

    3. A piece of s^*t? Nice language! Remember your wishes of of ill will against another will come back to bite you in the ass 10 fold over,Jason! Anderson Cooper only reported a small fragment to make Mr. Tracy look bad. You are that stupid to not know there are 2 sides to every story? Did you not see that they were forcing him with no prep to go on national tv? He’s not a fake actor from the Sandy Hook movie…. duh! The man has a life with responsibilities and needed time and when he was ready they blew him off — Anderson didn’t want him then, he wanted him unprepared and fumbling and so he could twist things around. I’d trust Mr. Tracy any day over ANDERSON COOPER FRAUD. Mr. Tracy is willing to speak with Cooper now but Cooper won’t hear of it… PROPOGANDA NEWS and BS REPORTING at its best. Why don’t you do your research before you say spiteful things? Watch Mr. Tracy’s statements in video footage interviews about how this REALLY played out with Anderson Cooper. I am HAPPY that Mr Tracy has the guts to speak up about this BS news ! He did not go looking for this attention.. he’s entitled to his opinion.. he was an easy target to make an example of so get a grip! He was merely stating what 50% of logical Americans are thinking. The tearless parents of Sandy Hook should be the ones questioned — maybe the are part of the cult in town CHURCH OF SATAN and sacrificed their own children since they seem so thrilled with their performance! They ought to be judged and spit on as parents! 6-48 hours after the brutal killings…their children’s bodies are still warm and they are benefiting from a worldwide fund account within hours and giggling shit on TV — expect to be judged! Are you this much out of touch with what REALITY is?

  4. what is wrong with you, me myself I believe in conspiracy theory’s, but this, how are you a professor, there is really something wrong here . this is just outrages to say it was staged, you have some nerve saying this your a professor this is a national tragedy, it was a horrible thing, I can’t believe you would say something like that.

    1. Sir Please , All he is saying is keep an open mind. What is the purpose of the higher educational systems if not to teach critical thinking. He is only asking America to keep an open mind! Do not take everything put to you at face value! Sometimes you need to ask uncomfortable questions.

      1. “All he is saying is keep an open mind.”

        No he isn’t. He has specifically stated that he believes there is a media/Govt conspiracy that has been perpetrated in Newtown.

        He offers zero proof and instead has tossed out a list but-what-ifs that do nothing to prove a media/Govt conspiracy.

        He is, in short, a nutter who is defaming innocent people.

      2. IamArnold,

        You claim:
        > “He is, in short, a nutter who is defaming innocent people.”

        How do you know who is and isn’t innocent?

        With the clamp down on any real information on this incident you can’t KNOW. Only a nutter would come to any conclusions on zero information.


  5. I’m confused about CNN’s stance. As I read the professors statement I didn’t get the idea that he thought the Sandy Hook Massacre was stsged.

      1. they trying portray him as a idiot to keep others shut, and to make the general public more negative towards people who question things like this.

    1. Feel free to read his actual comments on the incident. He calls one of the dead children’s father an “alleged father” — he thinks actors were brought in to play roles, that the massacre was staged for political purposes; he believes other mass shootings were also conspiracies carried out by the Govt.

      1. The word, if he indeed used it in this context anyway, means ‘what appears’ but not ‘what has been proven.’ The word alleged doesn’t negate that someone is the person who, for eg, committed a crime; it just qualifies it as a fact or characteristic, etc., that has not been proven, in that instance, in court. You’re distorting the meaning of Professor Tracy’s words, again, if you’re quoting him accurately. Lawyers use the word alleged all the time.

      2. The media wants to control access to the “facts” and publically show distain for those who would question their narrative. They hold themselves above providing responses to public questions and instead send in the trolls to insult, deride and condemn in order to delegitimize those that would comment on inconsistencies in the ‘facts’ of their story-line and through intimidation prevent interest in a wider investigation. Notice that their ilk do not address the problems of contradictory evidence found at the site, or want reasons for the presence of ‘tactical officers’ dressed in body armor discovered in the woods, or the absence of video evidence of Lanson as the shooter. We should suspend our collective reason and thirst for justice. We have no right to question the facts or look for truth. The pain of the families is paramount and therefore becomes the perfect political gag. And gag us they must! In order to control our collective reality.

        1. Feel free to put forth any facts you want. Here, let me show you how it is done…

          He calls one of the dead children’s father an “alleged father” — he thinks actors were brought in to play roles, that the massacre was staged for political purposes; he believes other mass shootings were also conspiracies carried out by the Govt.

        2. > gag us they must!

          Hahaha!lols!!!!1! you are such a little pussy. But even a little pussy, such as you, has every right to question whatever you want… just as I have the right to note that you are a little pussy.

          So get out from behind your keyboard, button your pants, put on some deodorant (you smell like shit) and venture forth, brave little pussy — put your money where your mouth is and prove any of these conspiracies! If the apple is rotten, take a bite and show us!

          Or don’t. For we know you won’t. For you are a scared little pussy.

          No, instead you will lean to the left, release a fart, and then go back to jerking off to internet porn. aka, Wednesday.

          Cheers to you, little pussy!

    2. I agree Linda, he seemed to be questioned the professors statement.. not agreeing with it… this second statement doesn’t correspond.

    3. No he did not openly say this.. but 50% of Americans believe it was staged. That’s a high number. Something is not right here. Anyone looking into these tearless and giggles and parents benefiting financially off their deceased children? These people are ALL wealthy already but yet they need donation funds set up within 2 hours of the deaths? SICK! Wake up call! Mr. Tracy is brave to stand alone in this plight — 50% of Americans THINK it but don’t have the balls to SAY ANYTHING.. cowarding down to the other 50% that would harass them because you are all so uncivilized and out of touch with reality!

  6. I understand the pressure on you, but you should not have to apologise at all for raising legitimate questions.

    I’m sure you did cause additional anguish and grief to the families who went along with this sham, but you shouldn’t have to apologise to those liars either

    Anyhow, well done for raising the questions to a worldwide audience.

    1. Here, here! I too had serious questions regarding the reporting of this incident. many questions were unanswered for the sake of neatness. The last time we as a Nation were focused on a single incident was 911. Keep an open mind America, this is not a weekly series as protrayed by the Media..

    2. He is questioning whether one of the fathers of a dead child is an actor.

      I’m not sure how completely disconnected from thy fellow man one must be to immediately think that an incident like this is a vast Govt./media conspiracy, but James Tracy is that man.

  7. It was typical of media tonight to focus on the most sensational theory, the “crisis actors” bs; and completely ignored the lack of forensic and other evidence provided to the public to assuage their concerns. Did these journalists learn nothing in college or are they just determined to go after the most sensational and outrageous theories?

    1. Mr. Tracy,

      I will ask you yet again the following questions, which I have been asking you for three days now without a response: Again, one could argue you have side-stepped or obfuscated on some fundemental questions in order to make your points, which I would like you to answer, as follows:

      1. Did the shooting most likely take place at Sandy Hook ES the morning of December 14, 2012, in Sandy Hook (Newtown), CT? If your answer is no, provide a factual basis for your answer.

      2. Were 20 children, ages 6-7, and six adults most likely murdered in the shooting? If your answer is no, provide a factual basis for your answer.

      3. Were the children and adults killed students/staff at Sandy Hook and innocent victims, and if so, was this shooting a violent tragedy? If your answer to any part is no, provide a factual basis for your answer.

      4. Is there credible evidence to indicate the shooting did not take place? If so, specifically identify the evidence.

      5. Is there credible evidence someone other than Lanza murdered these individuals? If so, specifically identify the evidence.

      6. Do you have training in human behavior/psychology/medicine/grief counseling, such that you can credibly comment on how a person responds, physically, emotionally and psychologically, to the violent murder of a loved one? If so, please outline same.

      7. Is there credible evidence that Mr. Parker most likely faked his press conference? If so, specifically identify the evidence.

      8. Do you assert or think it likely that most of the families of the victims are being coerced into not talking in public or is it more likely that they are so overtaken with grief they want to stay out of the public eye? Please explain your position and specifically identify any evidence in support of a coercion theory.

      9. Please catalogue, other than your own conclusions, credible factual evidence in support of any claim that this shooting did not occurr, was the product of conspiracy or was distorted in any way.

      10. What objective inviestigative work have you done in support of your assertions or conclusions regarding Sandy Hook? Please outline same.

      11. In writing your blog about Sandy Hook, did you give consideration to how its postulates might emotionally impact the families of the victims?

      12. Is there a moral responsibility to consider the impact of your posting on the families of the victims?

      13. Is there credible evidence that any of the following children/adults were not killed on December 14, 2012, at SHES? If so, please specifically identify the evidence.

      Charlotte Bacon
      Daniel Barden
      Rachel D’Avino
      Olivai Engel
      Josephine Gay
      Ana Marquez-Greene
      Dylan Hockley
      Dawn Hochsprung
      Madeline Hue
      Catherine Hubbard
      Chase Kowalski
      Jesse Lewis
      James Mattioli
      Grace McDonnell
      Anne Marie Murphy
      Emilie Parker
      Jack Pinto
      Noah Pozner
      Caroline Previdi
      Jessica Rekos
      Avie Richman
      Loren Rousseau
      Mary Sherlach
      Victoria Soto
      Ben Wheeler
      Allison Wyatt

      Thank you –

      1. MRG. You miss the point entirely. Have you actually read anything on this blog? All i read are questions and circumstances that need to be explained. Nothing more. It is not an indemnifying anyone or anything, just asking questions. What world has this become when we cannot ask questions, even unpleasant ones

      2. To MRG, I was reading through the comments section, and wanted to comment on the statement by Mr. Tracy above, but I have instead decided to reply to your post.

        Although I do not have the time to sit here and dissect your post point by point, I can surmise that you are a believer in the media coverage from Dec 14th 2012. You believe what was presented to you, and you are somehow expecting someone else to explain to you why you should change your mind. I don’t think that is the intent of what Mr. Tracy said. I didn’t get that impression at all from what he has said, and I have listened to a few of his interviews.

      3. @ MRG: James Tracy has done an extraordinary service to all of us, at great personal risk to himself. He has opened himself up to attack and criticism by daring to question the official narrative of the Sandy Hook tragedy, and by directing our attention to missing and contradictory elements of the explanation we’ve been given. He has shown no disrespect nor lack of empathy to the victims of this crime; in fact, the survivors will surely also want to know, if not now then at some time in the future, the whole truth of what occurred on that terrible day. Prof. Tracy has done nothing more than insist that journalists and government employees adhere to the highest ethical standards of their professions.

        And what have you contributed, MRG? Coward or paid propagandist that you are, you have not even provided a verifiable identity. You hide behind three initials, you conceal your personal vested interest in this story, you conceal who you work for and how one would get in touch with you.

        You have no right to demand any information from James Tracy. He does not have to defend his opinions or qualifications to you, nor respond to your ludicrous, feigned indignation. If you continue to make your spurious demands, we have no choice but to designate your posts as intentional harassment. Begone, troll!

        1. Hey jackass he owes it to me and the others that have more exposure to this than you or JT. Have some respect and apply common sense. When was the news every complete or accurate. Start an investigation on the weatherman – they’re wrong most of the time but no one sees that as scandalous. We accept it for what it is – imperfect.

      4. “4. Is there credible evidence to indicate the shooting did not take place? If so, specifically identify the evidence.”

        Let’s start with the vague 911 calls, including one at 09.36 “Units responding at Sandy Hook School. The front glass has been broken. We’re unsure why.”. This puts someone at the scene, at the time of the shooting yet, impossibly, completely unaware there is a mass shooting taking place.

        What about the impossibility that all the camera’s could have missed the mass evacuation of hundreds of kids, just one photographer captured a few dozen kids evacuating in three photo’s seen here:

        You will notice that there are no ambulances in the background of the main school carpark, yet there are dozens of shooting victims inside and the scene is secure enough to bring out what few child actors they have, so why aren’t emergency personnel rushing in?

        Newtown volunteer ambulance corp were there as first responders, they were told to wait outside, then told they weren’t needed, not one Newtown EMT entered the school. This was a mass shooting which would have required dozens of medical responders to attend to all the victims, instead they are all kept at a distance.

        No bodies are seen being removed because they decided to throw protocol and common decency out the window and do the autopsies in a school rather than take them to the morgue, that is just a sick joke.

        A very rare photo of inside the firehouse (which is where we are told the hundreds of kids are hidden) tweeted at 11.36 does not show it packed with children like we are told it is, just a handful of kids mulling around with adults. Like with the evac, where are the hundreds of kids?

        Eveyone should google the laughing liar robbie parker to judge for themselves if he is someone in a period of mourning, or an actor caught laughing before getting into character.

        This was an extremely sloppy attempt at faking a mass casualty event, and what I have written is just the tip of the iceberg of evidence which is overwhelming for anyone who takes the time to look.

      5. to MRG – go off in the corner and pleasure yourself if you feel the need, but stop doing a mental version of it in Mr. Tracy’s blog. Perhaps you should register the domain name ‘’ and start writing your own blog. I promise not to visit your blog and suggest that you vacate these premises, fair and balanced enough?

      6. Perhaps you should address the professor’s unanswered questions–before you persecute him without evidence — it is you who is doing the poor souls, and grieving families injustice. Have you bothered to do your job as a citizen (an attorney)? To research before convicting? What qualifies you as the judge and jury? You take the media at its word?–sheep. Whatever happened to the ethical standards of journalism? Have we forgotten why we ask the who, what, when, where, why questions? To get to the truth. And we should be applauding those sticking their neck out instead of condescendingly demonizing them in order to self aggrandize our haughty moral high ground.

      7. This goes staright to the heart of his syllogistic argument. However, Tracy does not indicate his thesis based on emperical data rather his convulated thinking regarding media and social responsibility. One would look in vain to find such an existential philosphy propgated as scientific journalism when in fact he has acted as both Judge and Jury. This not only begs the question why he will not answer you but also brings into light his scholastic honesty. Professor John W. Montgomery once quoted William James as tough vs tender minded thinkers. I thinl we have your answer.

      8. Once again, Mr. Tracy has refused to answer my inquiries above. They are straightforward questions that should be addressed by somebody who so emphatically challenged whether this event even took place or was somehow staged. I am again asking him, or anyone else who agrees with his premise, to address these questions. THanks.

      9. @MRG

        Since James Tracy is not a prosecutor trying these fraudsters on behalf of the people, it isn’t up to him to provide you with any answers about anything. Take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and do your own research. How about YOU put up your own blog and PROVE this happened as was fed to the public. But, that isn’t why you’re here, is it?

        Now, after you punch out from your keyboard jockey job, go see the ‘grieving’ McDonnells and maybe they’ll give you a nice copy of little Gracie’s OWL artwork, too.


        Oh, and, NOBODY has any responsibility to “give consideration to how its postulates might emotionally impact the families of the victims”, pal. Especially in a TOTAL FRAUD of an event. This is about the Constitution,
        our rights, and the war on the American people, now.

        Got it?
        Get it?

        1. Absolutely,nowadays everybody thinks they are owed something,a handout,an explanation,free goodies,we are individuals on this planet who were given FREE WILL.To hell with the constitution and those rights,they pale in comparison to free will,to say what you want,to do what you want,although it might have its consequences,but the point is Tracy doesnt owe anyone anything.He achieved his goal,he managed to get us all talking about this.And voice our opinions,as youve noticed he hasnt attacked anyone in here for THEIR opinion because he knows the value of it.Whether anyone in here is 100 % right or wrong is a moot point.There are many things about this case AND aurora that make no sense at all,and we as citizens of this country, who are all subject to being put in these same scenarios all have the right to search for TRUTH.When we stop doing that it is a sure sign that our survival instincts are extinct.

      10. MRG, Michelle (@groggygirl85),

        Who say,

        > “We are waiting for your answer to these questions.”

        And we are all waiting for proof that any of these things actually happened.
        To assume that the reports from the MSM hold any water when the story the tell has flipped and flopped like an unholy mackerel on the deck of a pirate ship is naive.

        Naivete is not innocence – it is grave ignorance.


      11. Note to Scott F. (below)

        You seem to take issue with MRG’s questions to Prof. Tracy. Why is that?
        Why does Prof. Tracy get to ask his questions of the world without being questioned in return?

        MRG asks good, tough questions, and I think they deserve an honest answer from its owner.
        Question ALL media (yes, this website is media), not just the media you disagree with.

        1. From Stan: ‘Question ALL media (yes, this website is media), not just the media you disagree with.’ So true, so true.

      12. He doesn’t have to answer your questions. What Tracy is saying is that the media has provided coverage that includes neither a coherent recounting of events, nor an accurate analysis of technical issues, nor the usual probing of crime scenes. He is asking the question of a shoddy media. The msm should be answering him.

      13. If you actually read Dr Tracy’s words you would have seen that he has answered many of those questions that can be answered. Why don’t you add more questions to your list? like
        “Why was a sandy hook victims tribute video posted to vimeo and tweeted out over a month before the “tragedy” ever happened?”
        Why was a rip victoria soto facebook page posted days before the non-event? Who posted such a thing?
        Why did the chief medical examiner state that all the “victims” were shot with the long gun when it was in the trunk of the car?
        Why has the alleged mother of alleged student noah posner said she refused to allow an autopsy when the medical examiner said that an autopsy had already been performed?
        where are the photos of any victims bodies?
        where is the video footage from the school?
        I could go on forever but what is the point?

      14. On the newtownbee website theres an article claiming dawn hochsprung gave an interview after she and the others were killed.Someone already posted it in here I’ll find it.

    2. I agree with the observation that Cooper focused on the most sensational theory and want to make some points: 1) he is conflating what Professor Tracy has said with what others who might agree with him on some questions he raises have said, and I consider that disingenuous and distortionist. If Cooper wanted to run a piece on skeptics of Sandy Hook then fine, but don’t devote a piece to Professor Tracy’s views or comments and then fill it with other people’s. That in itself is outrageous. 2) Crisis actors aren’t bs, they exist and have been used in drills that would mimic or simulate Sandy Hook-like events. To suggest they may have been used in this one when the Federal authorities were there on the scene so quickly seems a bit myopic to me. Also, to suggest that crisis actors were used or wonder if they had been is not to necessarily conclude that the event didn’t happen – crisis actors could be used to supplement authentic victims, etc. 3) Notice how Cooper avoids what is a much more commonly obsessed over detail (pondered and made issue of by Sandy Hook skeptics): the evidence that there was more than one shooter involved. It’s as if Cooper totally avoided that issue and other obviously germaine and compelling points, like why we haven’t been shown a picture of the door Lanza allegedly broke into.

      1. Unfortunately, those who’re attacking Prof. Tracy aren’t looking to EVEN investigate: they’re looking to ATTACK; they’re called “ATTACK DOGS”.

    3. @ Stan. No one said you can’t ask questions. That’s the whole point. MRG is implying that Tracey is saying the events didn’t occur. Nowhere have i found it said by Tracey that was so. He himself is asking questions and being strung up because of it by some and exonerated by others. I would think the goal for all would be to get the gaps in the timeline filled and get the miss-information corrected. Instead, some want to have a witch hunt.

      In every mass shooting event that i can remember, there has always, repeat, ALWAYS been pictures or video documenting the event. I am NOT talking about viewing the actual event, but as in Columbine, the video of the 2 idiots walking through the cafeteria was released. During the VT shooting there were photos of that idiot holding his guns dressed up in tactical gear. At that event there were photos snapped of police and medical techs pulling wounded from the buildings. During the Aurora shooting there was cell phone video of bloodied people leaving the theater released within hours. You can’t say that with the security system they had, with the amount of “News” coverage there was, with everyone having cell phones there is no more documentation of the event. No grainy image of the shooter walking up to the front door, no image of the EMT’s going in to help with the wounded.

      1. For those of you saying “there’s no proof that this happened” and you believe it was staged, that the media is an accomplice. What exactly WOULD you consider to be valid proof? Whose word WILL you take?

      2. raul isodo@ that’s a good question. if the purpose here is “question everything we see” then where’s the line? how do we know what’s real and what isn’t from ANY side of the argument? but perhaps a more humorous response to your question- who would i trust?- maybe the folks at ESPN can help. (

        on Dec. 1 2012 Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins before turning the gun on himself. as reported by ESPN, autopsies show Belcher had a blood alcohol level of .17 – over twice the legal limit. but no one is talking about minimizing the amount of alcohol one can purchase at any single time (a la the 10 round capacity maximum Obama announced as part of his new gun control strategy) simple facts like these, along with some honest investigative reporting, is all we’re asking for when it comes to the Newtown case. i specifically want to know if Adam, who’s mother had been worried about him for years, was on any prescription drugs (just listen to the commercial- “side effects may include thoughts of suicide and nightmares” on national freakin TV they’re allowed to pedal this junk and no one asks questions? i know people on drugs like these and they do struggle with these side effects). we’ll never know this about James Holmes because, even though he was “incoherent” and didn’t really say anything other than that he was “like the joker” and smiled a few times, no one thought it would be a good idea to have him drug tested. /some smart people we have working these cases /sarcasm…. So two weeks before Newtown this football player shot his GF, so two weeks form the time i’m posting this comment i should expect to have Adam Lanza’s autopsy report published. it is only one of the worst tragedies in american history after all..

        I’m not in the camp that says this didn’t happen, but my mind is open to the possibility. I mean, at the end of the day i’ve never been to sandy hook or met any of those people. but i am certain that the public has been mislead in several aspects of this case and that isn’t fair. it seems to me that when it comes to this event there’s someone or some group out there that has something to hide and when the supposedly guilty party is dead that shouldn’t be the case.

        I’m sorry i’m not sorry about the insensitivity shown to the residents of Newtown, but every time i turn on my TV, on the other side of the country, i’m asked to care about what happened at Sandy Hook. Obama parades four kids around during his gun control speech (BARF!! you used to be my dude, Barry. Same with Piers, loved AGT) rambling on about protecting our children. they’re not talking about affecting policy only in Newtown, they using Newtown to try and change the the laws in the entire country. so if the problems in Newtown want to leak out and start pulling at the heart strings of America, and everywhere we looked we’re being asked to “pray for the newtown victims” “remember the newtown victims” “DONATE to the newtown victims”(For what?! what are these donation pages for? is Robbie Parker too poor to bury his own child? who needs money?) then America has the right to see what’s really going on. and then as soon as we start asking questions about the victims that have been shoved in our face by the media we get the modern day equivalent of being put in the stocks in the town square for public humiliation.

        So to more seriously address your question, who would i trust? – just someone that doesn’t sound like they’re completely full of crap. someone that hasn’t been proved to be a liar. someone who doesn’t stand to gain or lose anything other than the truth. when someone comes forward with facts that actually make sense then i’ll buy their story. but right now i just can’t make sense of any of it.

        1. Alex asked: so if the problems in Newtown want to leak out and start pulling at the heart strings of America, and everywhere we looked we’re being asked to “pray for the newtown victims” “remember the newtown victims” “DONATE to the newtown victims”(For what?! what are these donation pages for? is Robbie Parker too poor to bury his own child? who needs money?)

          College funds are being set up in the names of the victims, money will be set aside to assist those with PTSD or other grief related illness as well as mention of a memorial You do have to ask why, like why the Red Cross, United Wa, the NRAy and others (it isn’t the government asking for money) recognize this event. I live close and have friends there – the outpouring of help is overwhelming them as well.
          As for asking for prayers, because they could use those too.
          One person in Newtown is running 26 races over the course of the year to raise money – each race she will honor one of the victims by wearing a shirt with the name and info of the victim, because as she mentions, this tragedy has hurt her town and she wants to do something to contribute… because it really happened!

      3. Even IF Tracy said these events are staged — so what? It’s what we all think anyway.. instead we have to tiptoe around the other half of society.. the gullible half with tempers and insults.

  8. No part of the system exists for the benefit of the populace. If you are willing to see and hear the truth then go to cutting through the matrix. com, for the education you were never meant to have. Otherwise, remain in the dark. Just don’t think or say you weren’t warned.

    1. Yes, the Government hired actors as a part of some big mass conspiracy wrapped around the mass killing of children in a school and only this professor and you, Tom W, are smart enough to see through the lies!!!!11!!!!1!!1

      Or, more likely, Tow W, your educators are embarrassed for you.

      1. @baloneystoner – We can all see you know how to use the exclamation point button, yet you don’t know how to spell “Tom”. It’s with a “m”, not a “w”. Have your handlers gotten their 50 cents worth, yet?

        1. So what is the appropriate time-frame one should wait before suggesting that the parent of a recently murdered child isn’t really their parent?

      2. It’s 50% of America that sniffs out the lies — Not just Mr. Tracy. If you can read past your hate, perhaps you’ll notice most of these comments are pro Tracy. Welcome to reality. Oh and by the way… Santa Claus never existed in case you’re wondering.

  9. We at the Coalition of the Obvious support Prof. Tracy. From the Sandy Hook/Aurora connection referenced in the Batman Dark Knight Rises to the actors identified who live in Florida, to the nuns, purple van and masked men reported on police radio to the laughing father, this event stinks. The most recent revelation is that Eric Holder was in Connecticut with the Governor in November touting “Project Longevity” regarding gang gun violence. We are 100% that this was a partially or totally staged psyop [MISO] for an agenda to engineer the masses. There are dozens of unanswered questions and holes in the official story as there were in Tucson and Aurora. cotocrew at wordpress support you Prof Tracy and others who dare to challenge the official story and the secrets of WTC bldg 7.

  10. Umm, these questions are answered in Tracey’s articles. You are the ones who should be asked questions, such as, “Isn’t it immoral and irresponsible to give uncritical acceptance to an official narrative, especially when it is brought to your atttention that it contains serious, prima facie (at least) inconsistencies? Tracy is the one who should be asking the questions of you. You all are the ones who should be ashamed. In this bizzarro world, virtue is punished and vice is emboldened to strut it’s ugliness.

    1. Questioning the paternity of a dead child’s father is an act of valor and not shame — as your professor James Tracy did?!?!?

      orestes, me thinks you are the one living in bizzrro world.

        1. The next time you and/or James Tracy question or suggest that the parent of a murdered child isn’t really their parent, you too can use a question mark!

      1. Always you assume the official narrative, which is obviously false based on video, audio and photographic evidence as well as direct eye witness testimony from 12/14/12. Your assumptions make you a liar. You react as though your personal testimony were being contradicted by anyone who points to the contradictions in the official narrative when in fact you have no direct knowledge of these events.

        Yes of course the questions to Prof. Tracy are answered already in his blog posts for anyone to read. blarneystoner, the real question for you is who pays you to haunt blogs and defend the official narrative? POTUS? CIA? DIA? Who?

      2. I’ve seen all kinds of “me too” posters here, but somebody please tell me, if the government account is not to be believed, and the media is not to be believed, what source of information would you consider valid?

      3. Let me guess.. Jesse Lewis McCord. The boy has 2 last names. The father, Neil Heslin — has a different name. It’s a good question for those that aren’t brain dead. McCord is not even the MOTHER’S LAST NAME… it’s Scarlett Lewis! The boy is adopted? What gives? Sounds like Scarlett didn’t pass her audition to show face so Heslin is taking over.

  11. It’s sometimes difficult, for those of us more aware how things are done to walk the line. I refer to the line between questioning subtle variances in the account of an event and confidently pointing in the face of your counterpart in the media or government official and shouting, “Liar! Here stands a liar and criminal!”

    I really wish identifying the nature of these crimes were easier. Lately, it occurred to me that even the most diligent researcher is almost certain to hit the wall of secrecy. That wall is what protects the scoundrels from the public’s true reaction if the truth were revealed to them. So, from this understanding we can forecast similar results until the wall of secrecy is removed. That isn’t likely. So, now we…?

    I wonder what keeps Anderson Cooper working so hard? After all, he is almost certainly very wealthy to the tune of hundreds of millions? I can’t imagine myself continuing to work at such a level of incompetence and for such a discredited agency. Although, I might see myself doing just this if I had done something very embarrassing or horrible and feared my employer might reveal it if I were to give any signs of displeasure.

    While I’m at it, I wonder how many of the antagonizing comments you received were made by professionals? 50%? 75%? And, of those I’m sure that at least half were made by persons under multiple identities.

    Carry on, sir. You, and I as well have skin that more resembles Kevlar. A break in this case (the conspiracy against humanity) is on the horizon. I’m very anxious to experience for myself life on the other side.

  12. Mr. Tracy:
    Thank you for your strenght to ask the questions I have been asking since day one. As for those that say they know someone, that was there on that day and “how dare you say the things you say”, I say, If it were my grandchild that had been killed, I would want answers to your questions and mine. I would not attack you for your inquiry.
    Keep it up. I hope we find some answers.

    1. Tracy, like so many, conspiracy theorists are simply morons. They say lots of things without any factual evidence. A shame to academics, a shame to humanity… I bet he is anti-government, but is very happy taking the government salary from FAU… Simply shameful and evil to say things like when so many families are grieving. Tracy, you are not a scholar. You are an idiot.

    2. tracy,

      You pout:
      >”Tracy, like so many, conspiracy theorists are simply morons. They say lots of things without any factual evidence…”

      Lol, how utterly ludicrous. Where is YOUR factual evidence?
      You have NONE – all you have is a twisted ever changing tale told by the Public Relations Regime, that you have bought hook line and stinker.

      Now you want to hoot like a baboon at people who question why it is that there have been absolutely no proofs given. We see “testimony” that can only be deemed as bizarre by the lucid enquirer. And this seems to fly over your head as you carry all the hypnotic cues from TV around in the mixmastered gray soup that splashes around in your skull.

      Don’t tip your head now.


      1. What proof would you like to see? You want to see pictures of 20 dead kids? OK, then how do you know those aren’t photoshopped? Maybe you want to see the bodies for yourself? Those could be faked too… just some random kids who died in car accidents or something, made up to look like they were shot with a rifle. Can’t be that hard. Video of the attack itself would perhaps satisfy skeptics? Yeah right! Just Hollywood doing its thing.

        So I ask the people who post here who think that Sandy Hook was all BS, what would it take to convince you that this really happened? If god almighty came down from heaven and parted the ocean and told you that these 26 murders were indeed committed by Lanza at SH, would you think that it was some kind of CGI stunt?

        Don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s great that all the inmates can get together on this site and point out the inconsistencies and mistakes that the news media made in those first few frantic hours. If I were you, I’d be more concerned if there weren’t any retractions or corrections by the media (there were many). If this was a big-time government hoax or whatever, don’t you think they’d at least be able to get the name of the supposed-shooter right in those first few hours?

    3. If it were your grandchild that had been killed, what would be your reaction to someone saying, “It probably didn’t even happen, likely it was staged”?

      1. What would I say if my child was dead and people were questioning it, or my role as their parent? I’d jump onto a MSM program and provide the proof. That I want to put it to rest once and for all. Here’s my child’s birth certificate. Here are pictures of my child with the rest of my family that are not obviously photo-shopped. I would no be gleeful and smiling and laughing either. That’s something I don’t think people can wrap their heads around at all. Most, if their child was murdered in this manner, would be in a fetal position. Robbie Parker, 6 HOURS after his child is killed in this manner, it out there yukking it up with the crew and then laboring to transition into more appropriate grieving dad type behavior. The McDonnells and their smiley conduct in the Anderson Cooper interview. Anderson looked 10 times more afflicted than the parents. That’s what people don’t get. It’s counter-intuitive to feel like talking to the schmuck at CNN, let alone be smiling SO SOON after a loss of this magnitude. It feels…contrived.

        As someone else said, the entire nation is being affected by this event. Our rights are under attack. The bodies were literally still in the school when the chanting for more gun restrictions began. Not that anything Obama suggested today would have prevented Sandy Hook. Which is also driving people crazy. More restrictions, expenses and hassles for law-abiding gun owners because of this. Damn right people are asking questions about this mess. The main reason I believe the gov’t was involved in this is because of how ineptly it was carried out. And ineptitude is our federal government’s fingerprint!

  13. Man, there is something wrong with you! You are incredibly ignorant, as is apparent with your hairpiece totally mismatched in color.
    I live near Newtown and went there during the first week. Your opposition to this horrendous event to a town that has shown the nation love speaks volumes!

    1. Let’s see a photo of you, “Dawn”, so we can critique your physique. Funny watching a small mind at work.

  14. Also, I have read that people are calling for Mr. Tracy to be fired. I find it ironic that here is 2013, we are still burning people at the stake for saying the world is round (figuratively).

    Bill Cooper once said that if the people wanted to see what was wrong with America, all they had to do was look in the mirror. We are on a slippery slope people, and we are headed off into the jaws of tyranny.

    1. Mr. Tracy should NOT be fired for his views. That just adds fuel to the fire. Let him speak. Unfortunately, Mr. Tracy doesn’t want to be questioned in the media that he so often questions himself. It’s much safer to just sit at home and blog about it from the couch than to actually take AC up on his offer, go on CNN, and voice your questions and concerns to millions of viewers. Of course, that would expose Mr. Tracy to some uncomfortable questions that he couldn’t really answer, so that’s that.

      I think it’s important that people know where Mr. Tracy works and what he does for a living. That way, parents and students can make up their own minds as to whether or not this university is a suitable place to continue one’s education.

    2. He didn’t say the world is round. He said he didn’t think that reports that the world was round were true, and that it probably was staged to make the world look round. He said that most likely the world is really flat.

  15. You’re doing a great public service by examining this issue in more depth. Stay strong, ignore the naysayers and keep pursuing the truth wherever it may lead. This too shall pass.

    1. Well he could easily pursue the truth if he visited us in Connecticut and spoke to Newtown residents. But alas he chooses to spin a web of controversy from over a thousand miles away-oh yes, great service.

      1. Well, I hope journalists in close proximity to Connecticut and Newtown are knocking on doors and trying to make contact with those affected by the tragedy, and that includes, mostly, the authorities in charge of investigating the event.

  16. It appears to me that the professor has all the right in the world to question the events that may or may not have occurred at the school. CNN is so full of shit and refuses to report on any of the real facts…like who was the guy handcuffed in the woods and put into the front seat of the police car to be never heard about again, etc etc. Report the dam facts CNN

    1. I like how Mr. Tracy was so strong in his convictions that he hid from the CNN reporter and wouldn’t appear on camera to defend himself.

      He questioned the paternity of a dead child’s father.

      You hale him as some hero but, given the above, he is an embarrassment.

      1. Why do you repeat the same mantra over and over with no knowledge of the girl or her family of your own?

        Answer: You have to in order to stay out of trouble and get paid.

      2. Titus, what about the mantra that it was staged? Tracy strongly implied it was staged, leaving a small amount of wiggle room. Yet, many of those posting here in his defense are flat out saying, it DIDN’T happen, there were actors brought in, etc. They are the ones firmly and resolutely denying the event even took place. Why aren’t you attacking that mantra for being repeated over and over? I doubt any of these people have any knowledge of the girl or her family, either.

    2. Terry,

      Innocent people have a right not to have their name splashed across the news in conjunction with some horrible event. If this guy in the woods was there taking a leak when the shooting occurred, I don’t see why you or I need to know his name. If the police questioned him and investigated him and determined that he wasn’t involved in the shooting, then what are you or I gonna do? If you knew his name and where he lived, would you knock on his door and accuse him of being the second shooter? Demand answers from him on what he was doing in the woods that morning? Doubt it.

  17. After your remarks I have to wonder who was not only stupid enough to give you a degree ( Maybe someone should investigate that to see what type of conspiracy surrounds that) but employee you ? You should not only lose your tenure but any degrees you may have, as you are truly not qualified to to teach. This is the most disrespectful thing I have ever heard. Before you go spewing your lies you need to get your facts straight. Have you talked to anyone that was involved? My guess is that you have not because you do not have what it takes to face these victims families and tell them your lies. Jusst as you refused to go on Anderson Cooper, because you know your conspiracy would have been torn apart and you exposed one that ignores the facts. This is just your sick way of trying to gain notoriety over a tragic situation for your own benefit.

    1. P. Richards,

      You certainly are full of self-righteous judgment for someone who can only assume that the twisted and churned official story woven on MSM has any factual merit behind it at all.

      I would assert that you haven’t even read Professor Tracy’s essay on the event, but are simply crowing the party line like a good little fascist.

      Go back to your couch and watch the boob tube mr potato head.


      1. Hybridrogue1,

        You seem to lack no self-righteous judgement of your own. Calling people mr potato head really does wonders for your argument and you just come across smelling like roses. Why don’t you tell us what happened at Sandy Hook from your own personal first-hand account?

    1. He didn’t do his job. He spouted a few cockeyed theories, without any backing proof whatsoever. If that’s his job, so be it. Doesn’t deserve a pat on the back in my book.

  18. You don’t need to apologize at all. CNN is the worst media outlet of them all. They don’t know the first thing about journalism. I with many other friends doubt the Sandy Hook shooting, you are not alone sir. Your articles are well done and raise important questions. As a father and someone who has lost loved ones to death, I still can’t for the life of me understand how these parents can go on air smiling and laughing days after their child was murdered!!! WTF!? This is not real, no fricken way a parent could do this, let alone take pictures with the President while having a gay old time. This whole thing sticks to high heaven. A real loss would put any parent in a state of grief for a long time, not wanting to give a interview to anyone for months.

    1. Mr. Tracy, here you have someone agreeing with you who doesn’t think the parents of these dead children were/are real.

      Your actions as a “professor” have given cover for Brandon to thump his chest with this “This is not real, no fricken way a parent could do this” idiocy.

      Shame on you, James Tracy.

      Brandon, please stay in your basement.

      1. Mr. Blarneystoner, we are all entitled to our own opinion. If you can prove to me with out a doubt these children were killed, please do. You and I are going off of media, which has been nothing but a farce in this event. Are you a mind numb wench who believes everything the media tells you to believe? If you do believe the media, which story are you going with? There are many. What do you choose, long weapon or the 4 hand guns or the two hand guns? Have you seen a tear from any family members who supposedly lost a family member? The daughter of the principle who was “killed” just gave a interview without crying. How is that possible unless she absolutely hated her mother.

        Dr. Tracy is raising some very good questions. I believed this thing was fake long before I heard of James Tracy. So go piss up a rope and suck on the wet end. Thank you.

        1. LOL… hey crazy person… OBama IS cumming 4 ur GUNS!!! And dey madeup NEWTOWN so they can take ur GUNS!!!1!1!1!


          James Tracy: This is your legacy.

      2. @baloneystoner – All you can come up with is name-calling and belittling others? I hope the people who are paying you are less intelligent than you are or you’re going to be unemployed soon….

        1. I can also note how James Tracy suggested the father of Emilie Parker wasn’t really her father.

      3. blarneystoner, you can also note you do not know Emilie Parker or her father. You know nothing and you add nothing except name calling.

    2. Please link to any footage that shows parents of the dead kids “on air smiling and laughing days after their child was murdered” or “having a gay old time” with the President. Please. Pretty please. With a cherry on top!

      1. All of you deniers saying it didn’t happen or you won’t believe it happened without proof. Please define the proof that would be acceptable. So far, the only proof you’ve offered that it didn’t happen is your own suppositions. You are basing your opinions on how YOU would react in the given situation. You chastise anyone who believes it did happen as sheep who can’t think for themselves, yet you aren’t original enough to realize the each individual is different in their beliefs, background, and life experiences, and all of these and more can contribute to how they deal with tragedy. Just because someone doesn’t act the way you would, that’s not proof that something is afoot. Please offer CONCRETE proof that it didn’t before you respond like MORE sheep and just repeat what others are saying.

  19. It’s funny that the media wanted a statement. I’m sure people cancel all the time and don’t get asked for a statement.

    1. Whats also funny is the guy the “producers” sent to prof. Tracy’s door to get a quote. See the build on that guy? Is he a reporter or an itinerant mob hooligan who needed a few extra hours?

  20. I have to say again that every point that you make and question you have asked are all the ones I have been asking myself since the day this happened. Thinking that it didnt happen at all may seem extreme, but I cant say I haven’t thought that. If it really happened and they want to stop people from questoning it, all they need to do is release ALL the information!!! Seems pretty freaking simple to me. I also feel that there are so many holes in this story that it IS as though they are laughing in our faces. They are daring us to question them so they and the majority of the general public (sheeple) can call us all crazy and some of the other horrible names that have been thrown around on here. America is in VERY BIG TROUBLE for many reasons, but if we can’t question authority, question lame stream media, without being ripped apart and deemed crazy, than things are much, much worse than most of us realize. It is time to stand up and QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!! We are being lied to about SO MANY things. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

    1. Linda, make sure you are exposing yourself to all the information and not just the witch hunters. Think for yourself. What makes this blog any more credible than the half baked news.? Why is it the way JT puts it and not just simply a product of subpar news reporting. Journalism is watered down due to the amount of so called experts out there claiming to be professional. It is harder to get to the truth – I spend much time researching and yet sometimes feel unfullfilled but it’s because integrity in reporting not so much conspiracy.
      There is no cover-up, no political agenda infiltrating Newtown, this was due to a case of mental illness – lets talk about how to fix that problem.

      1. Manny proclaims:

        “There is no cover-up, no political agenda infiltrating Newtown.”

        As if you actually know anything at all for certain. You are just a “true believer” in your own credo. MAYBE this is “a case of mental illness,”

        It has not been proven, by any stretch of the imagination that Adam Lanza shot anybody. The story is so tweaked that anything could have happened; maybe the president shot all those kids–he kills kids in the Middle East almost every day.

        Since Obama is a publicly proven psychopathic murderer and war criminal, is it out of the question that he would be involved in Sandy Hook?

        Am I accusing Obama? NO. You are however accusing Lanza on much less evidence as per MO than fits the Commandeering Chief,
        Hike up your dress and swallow that.


        1. Oh hybridrogue1 – the cleverness of you! You who are all knowing, slithering among the comments leaving your stamp of disapproval. Thank you for your feedback. Point taken – I live closer to it than you do with friends in that town. I can’t profess I know WHO it was, but I do know it did happen. And not necessarily like the MSM delivered it – of course, because i wasn’t there, isn’t that right – mr righteous.

      2. Manny,

        How do you know I don’t live right here in Sandy Hook myself?

        You don’t.

        Take a point with some dignity rather than instant wrath. Did the skirt reference challenge your “manhood”?

        No, I don’t pretend to know everything…it was unwarranted certainty I spoke to in the first place.

        I can deconstruct any language you care to throw at me here. I know intelligence analysis better than most pros.
        You apparently have hop skipped and jumped into a few walls here and are rethinking your position, that is good. It might be good now to sit and consider further rather than shooting from the hip as you’ve just done.


        1. Ok then, well you’ve rendered me powerless against the professional intelligence analysis abilities you possess. Carry on with your important work. Us illiterates will manage somehow.

        2. I am quite comfortable in my manhood – it is only you who is allowed to impune, is that correct? Perhaps you exhibit a smug and condescending way as you roll through here. But of course, I am not capable of such an observation – I don’t possess the intelligence analytical skills such as yourself.

  21. You are a rare man of courage! We are quickly losing our liberties in this country and it is difficult to take a stand, especially with much at risk as you have. Just asking questions is demonized in our supposed advanced society.
    Anderson doesn’t want to actually listen to what you have to say, he wants to tsk tsk, shame on you, & OMG how DARE you! Going on his show would be like walking into a shark tank. Seems the liberal press only supports free thought and expression if it supports their point of view. Good thing this administration has nothing to hide!

      1. free speech=gone via obamas NDAA,and theyve been attempting to take the 2nd for a long time this isnt news.

        1. You can’t speak freely? Of course you can. That is a lie.

          You can own guns? Of course you can. That is lie.

          I asked for 5 liberties you have lost and the best you can do is put forth 2 lies. Congrats!

      2. Here are 5, all natural rights:

        1. Right of free movement in country – see TSA.

        2. Right to Property (the ability to own property without paying rent to my lord government).

        3. Right to be secure in my person papers and effects – see NDAA et. al.

        4. Right to assembly — see “free speech zones.”

        5. Right to not be killed without a trial – see NDAA.

        There are others.

        A government which does not protect these natural rights is illegitimate. The violation of these and other rights by our government employees without action by the actual government of these United States, we the people, has been developing for generations with roots in the early history of the nation. However all has accelerated in recent times and become totally in your face under the current administration.

        1. Thanks for laying that out. It basically covers the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th Amendments, Geneva Conventions, Convention against Torture….anything we’ve left out.

      3. Titus,

        None of the “rights” you point to are natural rights. The “rights” you talk about are either rights granted in the US Constitution or rights that you just want or make up:

        1. You have no absolute right to free movement anywhere except in your own home. I’m not sure where you think that you get the right to go anywhere you want to at anytime you want to.

        2. Government has the right to tax its citizens, i.e. their property. Call it taxes, call it rent, call it a tithe, but its all the same. You gotta pay. Any nation that can’t effectively tax its citizens is a failed state.

        3. What, specifically in the NDAA takes this Constitutional right away from you?

        4. You can’t assemble anywhere you want at anytime you want. The First Amendment does not give you the right to stop traffic in the middle of the highway so you could have a protest. It doesn’t give workers the right to set up a picket line on an airport runway.

        5. You will (and should) be killed without a trial if you are in the process of posing a direct threat to life and limb of other people. If I go to the police station and start shooting out the windows, it would be pretty dumb of me to expect a day in court.

        1. Stan:

          We give to the govenment they don’t give to us, unless they take which is what they are doing now. You missed your civics lesson:

          We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain [George III] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

      4. @John? Huh? If airline travel is too inconvenient, take a train, a bus, hop in the car and drive. Item 1 – BUSTED
        Item 2 – tricky question. by rent are you implying taxes? Otherwise wtf are you talking about? Name 1 country where you can live, own property, not pay taxes, and receive the level of public services available here – BUSTED
        Personally, I feel pretty darn safe and secure – but then, I’m not in the habit of supporting al Qaeda or Taliban. Unless you are, BUSTED
        Free speech and assembly? I’ve seen nothing contrary to this. Provide proof of your claim. BUSTED
        Right to not be killed without a trial – are you serious? Again – easiest thing to do if you’re worried about that is AVOID BEHAVIOR THAT WOULD PUT YOU IN A TRIAL SITUATION. duh… Items 3, 4 and 5 – BUSTED, BUSTED AND BUSTED

  22. Thank you! I really can’t understand how people can be so angry with a professor of media studies blogging about questioning what the media reports as reality. All citizens of all countries should question everything and learn from what the answers are. This ENTIRE CONSPIRACY can be eliminated very quickly with the release of the security camera footage at the front of the school. Let’s see Adam Lanza shoot through the door, we don’t need to see dead bodies, just show us 1 person entering with all that ammo and all those weapons

    1. “The entire conspiracy?” So it’s a conspiracy for sure because you demand information. If you had the security tape you would only debunk it as having been altered. It’s not that there is a conspiracy – its that you accept that as the truth that it exists in your mind.

    2. Please educated yourself of the state-of-the-art of digital 3D modeling, rendering and video technology. If/when you do – you will quickly realize that seeing a digital video of anything…is “proof” of nothing.

    3. For those that won’t accept anything but what they want to, how will this prove anything? 10 to 1 it will be disputed as altered, or “staged”. I’ve yet to see anyone offer a description of what the WOULD consider valid proof of what really happened. Just that they won’t take the government or the media’s word for it. Someone please state clearly, WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE EVIDENCE THAT IT DID HAPPEN?

      1. raul, they will not accept any theory except the conspiracy one and conveniently ignore valid questions to the contrary or call you a name and accuse you of being a plant.

      2. You’re right. At this point, it’s too late. We should have been seeing pictures/footage of hundreds of kids (not just one 15 kid conga line), hundreds more parents descending on scene to get kids. All we see are a bunch of cops, a few parents making the rounds to talk to media, etc. At Columbine, you saw endless footage of hundreds of kids leaving that school, frantic parents running around, LIVE, as it was happening. The media was at Sandy Hook, but no such images were captured. Which means, IMO, it doesn’t exist because there were not that many people there. I don’t know what went on there, I’m not saying deaths didn’t occur. I’m saying this did not go down as the officials are saying. And they should have found a more believable patsy. No one is buying that a 120 lb., painfully shy boy carried all that weaponry and ammo into a building and turned into a highly efficient killing machine. The number of bullets they are citing, the kill vs injure rates, etc…all defy statistical probability. No one has seen Adam Lanza in about 3 years. NO ONE. But there sure were a lot of camo-clad burly types running around in the woods that Vance won’t discuss. WHY won’t he discuss this?

  23. orestes your right on
    virtue is punished and vice is emboldened to strut it’s ugliness.
    manny your at a picnic and the clouds are coming in fast. Most of the folks have moved to the bandstand saying that this to will pass. They are not wrong yet, so they are monitoring the situation.

    As for CNN include in your response a day when you will convene a panel of those distinguished in the subject. Gather witnesses who can produce questions that aren’t answered so far. Counterattack.
    Get on the phone.
    A fellow, a very observant mind said that in his view our ability to use the media is weak.
    He also said that is the soft underbelly of the evil we perceive.
    The host Eric Sayward (2nd hour) said we need to get our minds right.

    1. Oh you’re or is it your so clever. oh massagrabber, your ignorance is showing, you might want to cover that up.

  24. Gosh, some real dynamite thinking taking place here.

    I would like to preface this post by saying that in no way, shape, or form do I consider myself to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Everybody knows that human beings never ever ever behave conspiratorially in any way, and that any collusion between men of means in no way represents an exercise of power or influence.

    So, let’s start looking into this latest mass shooting with a closed mind, eager to cling to the certain truth that our news is unbiased information that is in no way comparable to the black propaganda used to manipulate public opinion in most countries throughout the whole of recorded history.

    In fact, here’s a former head of the CIA going before a house committee to state on record that his agency has been quite active in manipulating American media instruments:

    Here’s a story from 2002 about how The Pentagon plans to release fake media stories to help promote their agenda!

    Man, it’s a good thing that never actually happened! Imagine how confused we’d all be!

    Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on Operation Mockingbird:

    “Operation Mockingbird was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence media beginning in the 1950s”

    Shee, it’s a good thing that all such activity clearly stopped, that the CIA had an attack of conscience and pulled back from such questionable activities!

    So, let’s hope we’ve established with certainty that funny business can never ever actually happen in the really real world of which we are all certainly a real part.

    It should make it easier to stomach the following information!


    Here’s some articles about heroic school Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who “died trying to subdue the crazed shooter.”

    Here’s an article from the local paper Newtown Bee, very likely the first ones on the scene:

    I’ve had to link to a screencap because the original article has since been pulled. It used to be here:

    “Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school…”

    So, the heroic dead Principal was giving out interviews to the local newspaper, was she?

    Alright, let’s move on…


    Here’s the father of poor dead little girl Emilie Parker smiling and laughing. As soon as the camera focuses in on him, he yanks hard on the stick and starts working up the tears.

    Nothing unusual so far, right?

    So, here’s a photo of a family that’s been available online since at least May of 2012.

    Need a datestamp?

    Fine, here’s a Youtube video uploaded in May of 2012.

    Skip ahead to 16:18 to see the photo in question.

    The upstanding gentleman uploading these photos and videos is a class-one nutjob anarchist who thinks that this is a family of actors, “The Greenberg family”, that’s being used in fake news reports to stage false flag events.

    Coincidentally, the family he singled out in this instance actually happens to live in Newtown, Connecticut! Wow, he really fucked that one up! Here’s “The Greenberg family” being interviewed live on CNN, crying convincingly about the tragic death of poor old heroic Dawn Hochsprung.

    If you’re still reading along and aren’t thinking this is all a bit funny, then you’re probably suffering from cognitive dissonance. Read about it on wikipedia.

    Anyways, moving on…


    Here’s a totally convincing series of outtakes from an interview with the ‘Medical Examiner’ Wayne Carver…

    Yeah, he seems pretty on the ball. I’m glad the government will be making policy recommendations based on his assertions and opinions.


    Alright, let’s ask The Hartford Courant about their journalism standards:

    “Lanza next arrived at teacher Victoria Soto’s classroom. Soto is believed to have hidden her 6- and 7-year old students in a classroom closet. When Lanza demanded to know where the children were, Soto tried to divert him to the other end of the school by saying that her students were in the auditorium.

    But six of Soto’s students tried to flee. Lanza shot them, Soto and another teacher who was in the room. Later, in their search for survivors, police found the remaining seven of Soto’s students still hiding in the closet. They told the police what had happened.”,0,5058106.story


    “The arriving officers encountered a shocking scene in Soto’s classroom. Lanza had shot her, as well as special education teacher Anne Marie Murphy and six of Soto’s 6- and 7-year old students. Seven of Soto’s students were found huddled and unharmed in a classroom closet, apparently hidden by Soto when she heard shooting. The other students fled the classroom.”,0,3580899.story


    “Does this help explain what Soto would do nearly five years later when gunman Adam Lanza entered her classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School after slaughtering every child and teacher Lauren Rosseau in the next room? She ushered special education teacher Anne Marie Murphy and several children under her desk. She moved other children behind a bookcase or barrier. When Lanza came in, Soto was the only one he saw. She faced him. He killed her, and then he killed the children and Murphy under the desk. Murphy died shielding a child in her arms. Other children escaped the classroom. Soto’s actions saved children’s lives.”,0,1760313.story?page=1&xyzallow=

    So does Victoria Soto exist or what? Let’s ask her grieving family:

    Seems legit.

    Alright, so what else have we got?


    So, Adam Lanza, a 20 year old, awkward young man with autism, killed 28 people in under two minutes with an assault rifle, including the time it took to pause and reload?

    Let’s see what that kind of gunmanship looks like in the real world:

    Here’s a kid saying he saw a suspect in handcuffs on the ground when leaving the school:

    Here’s a news report about the arrest of a second shooter:

    Here’s an eyewitness alleging a man in camo pants with a dark jacket was walked out of the woods and arrested:

    Here’s the police band chatter from the day of the shooting:

    At 1:35:07 we hear “One suspect may be wearing a nun outfit, headed toward Danbury and Stoney Hill, purple van.”

    Here’s a picture of nuns leaving the scene of the shooting, wearing size 14 shoes, with a long object under the overcoat:,0,

    Here’s a closeup shot. Do these girls seem a bit manly to you?


    Here’s the medical examiner swearing that the weapon used in all the murders was a .223 Bushmaster rifle.

    Here’s CNN reporting that the rifle was found in the trunk of the car:

    Here’s an article from a paper that contradicts the medical examiner’s story:

    “The gunman was wearing dark clothing, a mask, a bulletproof vest, and was carrying four guns. Investigators said the gunman fired his weapon at least 100 times. Three guns were found — a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, inside the school, and a .223-caliber rifle in the back of a car.”

    There are many more examples of this. Still having trouble with this?

    Fine. Here’s actual video footage of the rifle being taken out of the trunk of the car:

    So after shooting up a school and killing 28 people, Lanza went back to the car, put the rifle in the trunk, and then went back into the school and shot himself?

    Here’s the Connecticut police threatening to prosecute people who post misinformation about the shooting on social media sites:

    One wonders what would constitute “misinformation” in such a situation, and whether he intends to prosecute CNN for their fuckups.

    Hey, let’s ask Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal what he thinks.

    “Agenda-driven news is the reason that apparent inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook story were not investigated or explained. According to some reports, the medical examiner said the children were shot with a rifle, but other reports say the accused was found dead inside the school with two pistols and that a rifle was found outside in the car. The police capture a man in the woods who says “I didn’t do it.” How would a person in the woods know what has just happened? Who was the man? Was he investigated and released? Will we ever know?

    Some reports say the school was locked and admission is via security camera and being buzzed in. Why would a heavily armed person be buzzed in? Other reports say he shot his way in. Why wouldn’t such a commotion have alerted the school?

    Another puzzle is the video of a father whose child has supposedly been shot to pieces. Prior to the interview he is caught on camera laughing and joking, and then, like an actor, he pulls his face and voice into a presentation of grief for the interview. and

    The spokesman for the Connecticut State Police is anxious to control the story, warns social media against posting information contrary to official information, but provides little information, refusing to answer most questions. The usual “ongoing investigation” is invoked, but Lanza has already been declared to be the killer and the number of dead reported. About the only hard information that emerges is that the police are investigating where every component of the weapons was manufactured. The relevance to the shooting of where the components of the weapons were manufactured is not explained.
    The medical examiner’s press conference is weird. He is incoherent, unsure of what he is supposed to say, hasn’t answers to questions he should have, and defers to police.
    Perhaps the best way to avoid fueling suspicion is for public officials not to hold press conferences until they are prepared to answer the relevant questions.

    And where are the bodies? Like the alleged murder of Osama bin Laden by a SEAL, the crucial evidence is not provided. Paul Vance, the Connecticut State Police spokesman, said that the “victims’ bodies were removed from the school overnight” and that detectives “were able to positively identify all of the victims and make some formal notification to all of the families of the victims.”

    Allegedly, no parent wanted to see the body of their dead child, but how do you know it is your child if you do not see the body? It is a strange kind of closure when it is provided to parents by impersonal detectives. Has anyone seen a body other than a state medical examiner and a few detectives? Where are the media’s films of body bags being carried out of the school? Why would Obama’s gun control agenda forego the propaganda of a procession of body bags being carried out of a school?

    Perhaps the sensitivity issue prevailed, but with all the suspicion that already exists about the government and its claims, why fuel the suspicion by withholding visual evidence of the tragedy?

    There are reports that when emergency medical help arrived at the school, the medical personnel were denied access to the children on the grounds that there were no survivors and the scene was too gruesome. Yet, there is a conflicting story that one six-year-old girl had the presence of mind to play dead and walked out of her classroom unscathed. If the story is true, how do we know that other survivors did not bleed to death from wounds because the emergency medical personnel were denied access? Did police exercise more control over the scene than was warranted?

    It doesn’t seem to matter that questions are not answered and discrepancies are not resolved. The story is useful to the gun control agenda. Progressives, in order to achieve their agenda, are willing adjuncts of the police state. The facts of the shooting are less important than the use of the incident to achieve their agenda.
    Probably there are answers to the questions. Moreover, the news reports that are the basis for questions could be incorrect. But why aren’t the answers provided and confusions cleared up? Instead, people who ask obvious questions are dismissed as “insensitive to the tragedy” or as “conspiracy kooks.” This in itself deepens suspicion.

    The Colorado movie theater shooting has its own unresolved discrepancies. One eyewitness claimed that there were two shooters. Apparently, the suspect was captured sitting in a car in the theater parking lot, which seems strange. There are claims that the accused, a graduate student in neuroscience, was involved with the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency in mind control research and that he doesn’t remember doing the shooting.

    Do we actually know? Apparently not. Wouldn’t it be preferable to investigate these claims rather than to leave them as unanswered sources of suspicion? The loose ends of the Colorado movie shooting contribute to the suspicions caused by news reports of the Sandy Hook shootings.”

    1. “I would like to preface this post by saying that in no way, shape, or form do I consider myself to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’.”

      This is your preface to a multi-thousand word comment on some blog that outlines your conspiracy theory.

      Just a small tip: You are absolutely a conspiracy theorist.

      Your empty life isn’t being filled by being this crazy. Find a real hobby. Kite flying is fun.

      1. Blarney, clearly I was being sarcastic. Come on, now. Is your sense of irony busted, or are you stopping by ‘The Onion’ later to point out to them that their news stories are fake.

        Just to clarify my position, it is an ontological, mathematical impossibility that human beings could ever act in collusion with one another. PERIOD.

        All this Sandy Hook stuff, the 3 shooters, the murder weapon getting lost, the documented proof of actors being involved, it’s all just a misunderstanding.

        I hope for your sake that you’re simply an idiot and not actually a paid shill, cuz in the latter case, you have to go through life knowing that your soul is dogshit. That must be an unpleasant prospect.

      1. I am a plant working on behalf of the Illuminati, the US Govt, Big Media and Big Bird to find people online who have figured out that Newtown is a false flag operation … we find you people and ridicule you and your comments so no one else finds out the truth.

      2. blarneystoner isn’t a plant working for anybody, he is too stupid to get paid for his wanky piss poor postings here.


    2. I don’t have the time to respond to your entire post, but here’s a few things that stand out in my mind. Right off the top, you quote the CIA as saying they had manipulated media and the Pentagon saying they had PLANS to release fake stories. OMG – and you BELIEVED them? Isn’t everything they say a lie?

      Very convenient that there’s a screencap of a story saying the principal talked to the newspaper, and the original is no longer available. How do we know your “original” isn’t a fake? I’ve seen no proof that it isn’t.

      I’m sick of hearing people say the father didn’t “act right” – because he was laughing with the people he was standing with before coming to the mic. At my sister’s funeral, I told some funny stories about growing up, and had the people in attendance laughing. As I talked though, I would quite suddenly and unexpectedly choke up. After pausing to catch my breath, I would continue. I see nothing wrong with this man’s behavior. Just because it doesn’t fit YOUR mold, doesn’t make it wrong.

      I don’t see anything drastically inconsistent about the three articles you show about Ms Soto. The first two are very similar, the third is slightly different, but it was WRITTEN BY A DIFFERENT AUTHOR. Of course it’s going to sound different. Ask three people at the scene of a car accident what happened, and tell me how consistent the information you receive is. Also, as time goes by, more information comes out, so it’s logical for them to update the story to reflect the details AS THEY ARE KNOWN AT THAT TIME. These articles cover a span of 10 days.

      The medical examiner. I’d like to see you do his job and come out coherent. First, he’d been at the scene until after 1 am – probably didn’t sleep much if at all after that. Before the press conference he had personally autopsied 7 brutally slain children. He stated that in 30 some years in that line of work it was the WORST HE HAD SEEN. Not sure what the time frame was from when he did the last autopsy and when he arrived at the news conference, but maybe he just didn’t have time to meet with his staff, get all the details of their reports, and come up with a polished presentation. He stated that it was only the 2nd news conference he’d had to do in 27 years. Obviously public speaking is not his strong point. He was stressed and overtired. I don’t know why you’d expect him to be at the top of his game. Also, he was clearly irritated at some of the stupid questions being asked. What clothes were the kids wearing???? Like he said “cute kid clothes”. You really think the media that comes up with questions like that, is in collusion with the goverment? He also stated at the beginning, and several times after, that he had not yet autopsied the shooter or his mother – yet he kept getting questions on that, and had to repeat himself. Again – annoying to say the least, much more so when you’re overtired and not comfortable speaking publicly to begin with.

      The nuns: I went to Catholic grade school, and trust me – those were REAL nuns in your picture. ‘Nuff said.

      Finally – I’ve asked this question and not gotten a good answer on it. For all the ineptitude of the government, and the stupidity of the media, do you REALLY believe that these two got together and staged something like this, just to push gun control legislation??? Why wouldn’t they just stage a heated debate in Congress, say it passed by a narrow margin, and call it official? Seems a lot easier to me… But I guess that lacks the drama and provocativeness of a conspiracy like this. Talk about believing only what you choose to believe.

    3. How do we know Hochsprung SPRUNG anywhere — no one saw her get shot. Story reads that she plunged in front of the gunman.Oh? Who says? Anyone that saw the dude died. Just like Rosen’s little 6 children. Interviews from Bryce Maksel and Licatta kid say they both were at Firehouse and Police station – no mention of creep Gene. Also,the numbers that escaped Soto’s class don’t match up. Licatta’s parents look fake as hell. A group of 5 (Bryce’s group) escaped Soto’s class when gunman turned around towards teacher — they ran outside where a parent was driving past and they jumped into her car and went to the police. Licatta states he saw dead bodies (well the parents who are fake said that) and that Licatta escaped by running out when gunman left the room and ran outside towards firehouse.. that was a group of 6. So that’s 11 escaped and 6 dead from Soto’s class. What about the 7 found hidden in closet??? Thought this was a class of 15? I have links for all of this BS if it does not populate in your google search.

  25. I have a whole new opinion now of Anderson Cooper. Hard to believe that he quickly turned into another Piers Morgan style cheap hitman puking overboard into the face of the passengers.
    I much appreciate your work, but more importantly I am impressed with FSU for having such a quality and critical thinking professor on staff. I shall have to write the Chancelor next and give her the credit due to her university.

      1. Hey James, before you wrote this:

        “With the exception of an unusual and apparently contrived appearance by Emilie Parker’s alleged father, victims’ family members have been almost wholly absent from public scrutiny.”

        Did you attempt to contact Emilie Parker’s father to verify if the man being interviewed on television was or wasn’t the father of Emiilie Parker?

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