January 10 Infowars Nightly News w/Rob Dew 117

Source: AlexJonesChannel / Youtube

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  1. Yes please Anderson Cooper interview someone like me , local yocal , layperson ( meaning simple person , no letters behind my name) why I dont believe your story and the other media based on what you put out there . Really Im serious !

  2. AC needs to answer the question of the video. Where is the video footage of Adam Lanza blasting his way into the school and then murdering the children and teachers? There were cameras but no video has been produced. The public should have seen that by now. For Columbine, video was released a week after the incident.

    For the record, I do believe that children died, but also think that some of those ‘parents’ are acting, lying or both. I have a problem believing that Adam Lanza was the sole perpetrator or even that he was involved at all. A neighbor interviewed said police surrounded his home at 9:15 AM, BEFORE the shooting at the school even started! WTF?

    AC needs to ask the question of why there were no medical personnel allowed into the school and no ambulances in the parking lot. There are allegedly 27 people dead in the school and no ambulances in the parking lot?

    What happened to the survivor, Nancy Hammond? Where is she? Was she interviewed?

    There was a guy proned out on the ground and according to AC, that is Manfrodina (sic). But there was also a guy (or two) running from cops into the woods. Who were those people and why did they run?

    Does the Honda Civic belong to Nancy Lanza or Chris Rodia? Simple, easy question that AC has failed to ask.

    If the MSM wants to be taken seriously, they need to start doing their job, not just being a front for totalitarians.

    • Arturo, no one wants to see the children being shot up. I wish people would stop saying they want to see the video of the actual murders because it makes you look inhuman.

      There’s just no need for gruesome images. How about pictures of the front door of the school (the one that was supposedly riddled w/bullets to allow the shooter entry), video of the shooter’s approach to the school or movement in the hallways before the shootings? These images would ostensibly show Adam Lanza doing what the official story tells us he did in much the same way the footage released after Columbine did.

  3. I have been gathering as much evidence as I can at my blog which demonstrates that this tragedy could have been a false flag event or scam. I can’t judge whether or not children died. But I have read that they could have possibly been abducted? Another theory out there is that the photos of the children were actually missing children from the past? No matter what – this all is so disturbing! People want the truth!

    Today, I found two websites with additional information:

    Nodisinfo.com: Sandy Hook Scam Confirmed: Hard Evidence of Foreknowledge?

    FaceBook.com: Timeline Photos

    Note what the person says at that site:


    LOOK AT DECEMBER 10th!!!

    Remember, December 14th 2012 — date of the Sandy Hook Connecticut shootings?

    why , oh why, is there a site created on December 10th for the “vicitms” of Sandy Hook???

    here is just one example of many..


    here is the full search.. going from Oct 2012.. to the day BEFORE the shooting:


  4. I think it’s also important to mention the fact that Government Propaganda/Psychological Warfare against the American People has been legalized via NDAA, has been added to the bigger picture and cannot be disregarded when theses issues are discussed and considered.


    One thing that caught my attention in the Medical Examiner’s press conference video was his acknowledgement that this case would be handled differently than others he’s worked on, and more importantly his assuredness that he wouldn’t have to worry about any pending/future court proceedings.
    I thought to myself “20 children died while in the custody of a public institution and out of the presence of their parents. Does Mr. Carver not know that these same parents as well as the rest of the public also have access to the courts? And given the circumstances, one could expect a grieving parent or parents to file a lawsuit demanding some form of accountability, because I wouldn’t expect all the parents to be taking this as good as Robbie Parker has been.

  5. If you believe the shooting never took police, then I dont want to hear from you, if you believe it was done by President Obama because he wants to take away your guns and turn all your good clean white Christian daughters into black gay muslim boys, then I dont want to hear from you.

    It would seem people are attacking the MSM because of the so called misinformation, well guess what? in a breaking news story there is misinformation, this is what happens.

    There is no conspiracy, no matter how hard you want to believe it, the theories presented here, arent cemented in reality.

    • If you watched any main stream media today you might get in touch with the concrete reality that President Obama does want to take away the american citizens’ right to bear arms. Your first paragraph is so over-wrought in it’s distortions that it doesn’t seem to be cemented in reality.

    • But Brett, of course President Obama did it. C’mon, first we have Hurricane Sandy & then Sandy Hook right after it! It had to be Obama… it has to be! That’s just too coincidental.

      • grindael,

        Why not President [sic] Obama, he has the MO of a serial killer, he has murdered hundreds of civilians including women and children in the Middle East. He has and claims the power to murder American citizens both here and abroad.

        There is no “coincidental” about it, there are cold hard facts that, not only Obama, but the entire system here is a brutal despotism that will go to any lengths to reach their goals.

        Anyone who trusts this “government” is a complete and utterly gullible fool.
        Of course there are other more sinister reasons one might attend these blogs to offer apologia for this tyrannical state…
        ..yes stooges and shills, toadies and moles…the Sunstein shadow crews.
        We know the process, the MO of these are as glaring as any other ‘counter intelligence’ operation.

        As Angel mentioned above, even the code names hold out clues for us to examine.

        I found it interesting “trivia” that Anderson Cooper hosted a series called “The Mole” for a couple of seasons…rather ironic given his CIA “past”.

        Of course, it is a “damnable thing” to criticize our “Dear Leader”…{grin}


        • Absolutely, it is a fact that, Barack Hussein Obama has launched missile attacks and blown children, women and men into little bits, has maimed them in the most horrible ways, he is a SERIAL KILLER, collects video and pictures of the killings through the drone cameras, watches these videos, takes PICTURES of himself watching the videos, I mean … that’s a fucking SERIAL KILLER to the MAX, that is the EXACT definition of a homicial maniac, a homicidal psychotic, a serial killer, a mass murderer, I mean, he ain’t yer favorite gran-pappy, he’s a pre-meditated, conspiratorial SERIAL MURDERER. Nuff’ said.

        • Thank you patriotact and hybridrogue1. Obama…my lord…it is unbelievable that anyone who has watched this man over the last 4 years as he lay waste to human beings across Africa and the Mideast could possibly give him any credit for having any humanity in him at all. He is a REMORSELESS mass murdered AND serial killer.

          Over on the Professor’s Taft Union High School thread I had to answer a person in detail about Obama’s murder spree through Libya and Syria: http://memoryholeblog.com/2013/01/16/taft-union-high-school-drill-becomes-real-life/#comment-4475

          Hybridrogue1 was being generous to the murderer when he said ‘hundreds of civilians’. Just the kids alone due to drone number in the hundreds, adults in the thousands. In Libya 40,000 innocent people died.

          EVEN Mainstream Media reports on Obama’s love of drone warfare (learned via his CIA family- and direct connections). This is the man who goes over an ILLEGAL kill list weekly.

          And back in Chicago they’re still saying prayers for the men at Obama’s church who met untimely ends due to knowing him.

          Obama’s face is so dry of tears I’m surprised his finger didn’t stick to his face when he gave that gawdawful lying speech.

          AND ALL THAT doesn’t even take into account the misery he called by given billions to bankers and do nothing to protect or help the people in this country whose lives are being destroyed by all the financial backers of Obama who run his government.

          And that doesn’t count all the soldiers who are dying every day for this miserable, evil human being and then come back home to find that the government reclassifies their illnesses and injuries so that they don’t have to pay benefits. It doesn’t take into account that the number one cause of death for those soldiers is suicide or that they may have had to gone to fight because of the “economic” draft.

          Given Obama’s record it is clear The Burden of Truth is on Obama defenders to prove he is NOT involved in this. No one on this planet in the last 4 years has been the direct cause of the murder of ten of thousands of children, women and men. For Obama these murders would be a drop in his bucket of blood.

      • hybridrogue1 said “Of course there are other more sinister reasons one might attend these blogs to offer apologia for this tyrannical state…
        ..yes stooges and shills, toadies and moles…the Sunstein shadow crews.
        We know the process, the MO of these are as glaring as any other ‘counter intelligence’ operation…. As Angel mentioned above, even the code names hold out clues for us to examine.”

        Hybridrogue1 and Angel, over on the thread for Taft Union High School we’ve been calling out and discussing the trolls. What I like best is precisely that everyone here at Prof. Tracy’s site is not taking guff from the disinformation team(s).

        Here are two links that give background on how the trolls operate as a team, how they use software to create multiple identities and the instructions on methods for them to use to disrupt forums like this. My message to all the trolls: it is NOT working here! Just go home.

        http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/02/16/945768/-UPDATED-The-HB-Gary-Email-That-Should-Concern-Us-All [ironically, you’ll be greeted by a message that says ‘join us in supporting obama’ or ‘help renew the assault ban’. Just skip that, of course, the article is still valid]

        http://pastebin.com/irj4Fyd5 Great article on the methods, all of which are evident here.

        As Rev.Dave noted in the other thread:
        “I have noticed too that if one or two are really called out, then a new one shows up with a different ‘persona’ – maybe really a different person, maybe not.” Software’s the answer.

        We noted on these threads that as the trolls got frustrated by being called out they shifted as a collective group to two new methodologies:

        1) The new troll line that the are all serious official-storyline-challengers and conspiracy researchers. Or that they are retired professors or current professors….(with incredibly bad spelling mistakes, hmmm…)

        2) They took the ‘you’re exploiting the misery of the families’ line and stepped it up with graphic descriptions of what may have happened inside.

    • Brett Dale,

      You say, “If you believe the shooting never took police, then I dont want to hear from you, if you believe it was done by President Obama …”
      . . .
      Then what the fruck did you log on to this blog for? What did you think you were going to “hear” here, the State of the Union Address?

      Anyway, your ‘critique’ here is nothing but empty assertions with no substance whatsoever. And that is just the kind of arrogant bullshit I don’t want to hear. I get enough of that jabberwocky from the MSM’s Public Relations Regime. And ‘guess what?’ {snicker…what is this Jr High?}, the job of the MSM is to keep you stupid. And ‘guess what?’ it’s doing a damn good job.


  6. This is somewhat off topic but thought I would share some odd coincidences featured in YahooNews within the last few days. I have never seen 3 featured stories that share an identical numerical reference…but, here a few that I could find through a search; http://news.yahoo.com/interior-secretarys-220-000-bathroom-143722045–abc-news-politics.html,
    http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2013/01/16/woman-loses-222-pounds-to-become-triathlete/ and one other story that had featured the number 222 in it as well. These stories all came within days of each other so I thought this very odd. I have absolutely no trust in any government body, corporate institution, banking institution, religious institution or any other institution that is a body of ‘authority’ or ‘power’. They are ALL corrupt.

    Perhaps these are dates that we should be leery of? 2/22?

  7. Check out this picture. If you use your zoom and keep zooming in on the left side of the parking lot … – are those PORTA POTTIES set up in the parking lot????? They took the time to set up porta potties for all the cops before they invited the gunman to come!!!

    • Also, I was looking at the picture above because I noticed how the white on the roof in the pictures seems in disrepair but when they show their diagrams and even in some of their pictures – they seem to go to some effort to make the roof look all white and cared for…like in this picture, the roof is all white. In the picture that shows the roof in ill repair, you can zoom in and see leaves piled up in the back of the school like nobody has been going there for a while. http://abcnews.go.com/images/US/ap_sandy_hook_elementary_nt_121219_wblog.jpg

      • This “Porta Potty” picture you comment about was taken from between 2:50pm and 3:20pm. I could be more accurate, but this is a sincere estimate based on both shadow length and shadow direction. I’m using several applications, both online and offline, and I’m checking much of the math by hand in these calculations.

        The weather is absolutely clear. I would have to say this was taken on December 14, 2012, the day of the shooting. Or, it was taken the following day, on Saturday the 15th. I am not clear on how quickly the coroner setup as we see their vehicle setup here, with them in blue, having their white “footies” on, incidentally, the white “footie covers” in every image, are always clean and “spotless”, but they’ve been traipsing around in a bloodbath? Doesn’t add up.

  8. OK. Explain this one. Go to Google Maps and look at the satelite photograph for Sandy Hook Elementary. Look at the cars in the parking lot. It looks like all the white cars have the same sun window in the roof, I’m counting 8 white cars with sun roofs. The two red cars, one is ruby, they look similar to the two red cars in parking lot during the shooting. This looks like the exact same fleet of cars in the parking lot when the google maps made the Sandy Hook Elementary school google maps satelite as the cars that were in the parking lot when the shooting happened. That seems too weird to be coincidental. I’ve just been googling Sandy Hook Elementary and looking at the images, pictures of the school, to see if I could spot any discrepancies. I can’t view the kids bodies, put my hand in their bullet holes, weigh if there is enough grief at the funerals, I don’t have access. All I can do is scrutinize the online stuff. If this is staged, and I think it is, you know that next time there really WILL be dead bodies and graphic pictures.


  9. Professor Tracy — I haven’t read through all of the comments here, but my question concerns the identification of the murdered children. If the parents were not permitted to see them at any time after the shooting, how were the children identified? How could each of the parents know whether their own child was present in the coffin present before them?

    Also, what evidence led to the conclusion that Adam Lanza shot and killed his own mother? You never hear any reporter say he ‘allegedly’ shot and killed her. Could it have been done by an accomplice? And what proof is there that she irresponsibly failed to keep her guns locked up when she might have had to give them up at gunpoint?

    • The coroner remarked that he has very good photographers on staff. The coroner would also be the primary source of information on Nancy Lanza’s demise.

      • It is standard procedure to identify by photo’s in this way, but it seems a parent who insisted to see their child’s remains would have power of attorney to make suit if they were refused.

        In a high profile event such as this, it is purposely provocative to have not had at least a few personal viewings. In fact it appears to me, the way this has all been handled, that it has been purposely spun to be ambiguous, to stoke the fires of “conspiracy theory” – it is part of the PSYOP. A Gladio style Strategy of Tension.

        Headlines and stories generated for weeks, months — all the better for fodder for the PR machine to twist and manipulate. All is considered in the design of these things.


        • Spot ON! This looks like a contrived intention to keep the public focused on discrepancies all the while the next “event” is well underway. I have been thinking this for days now.

        • Concur. Straight from Karl Rove’s playbook as they “create the next reality” while we’re still working on this one.

          Throw in a little Cass Sunstein black magic and a little Rahm Emanuel “can’t let a good crisis go to waste” and we’ve got one heady brew cooking.

          I do believe, though, that the people here at the Professor’s blogs are up to stirring that pot! Thank you all!

          I’d like to also say thank you to all you trolls as your attacks continue to push the Professor’s blog up in the http://www.alexa.com ratings! Out of 30,000,000 websites they keep track of, the professor’s has gone in the U.S. from about # 35,000 to # 30,000 and now to # 25,000. Worldwide from 369,000 to 309,000 to now 297,000. Gotta love it.

        • A true and compassionate memorial would have employed the finest morticians available, using the most advanced cosmetic morticianary practices, to rebuild the faces and the forms of the children, as beautiful and natural as possible and have had flowers and garlands strewn on the caskets, making as pleasant and beautiful scene as possible and pictures would have been taken for the parents and provided to the media, instead, only the brutal, gruesome DESCRIPTIONS all second hand, of the state of the corpses was provided. Only the DARK is given to our vision, and only theatre otherwise is provided to surround that pitch, black, DARK “vision”. This is “psyop” at it’s finest, and it’s darkest.

        • Absolutely, Gladio is not only in play, but we can observe one of the highest levels of use of Gladio here, closer to the individuals it is deployed against, closer than ever before. If you want to learn about operation Gladio, to observe it in action, this is a very, very good opportunity for that.

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