James Tracy on The Alex Jones Show w/Paul Joseph Watson 69

Broadcast Friday, January 18, 2013

Source: Infowars.com

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  1. Is it possible the reason we haven’t seen the evacuations of the kids is because they were already evacuated and over at the firehouse before the media got there. Or the area was closed off to media ? Just wondering?

  2. Glenn Beck did a show today (Jan. 24, 2013) with individuals who were affected by the Sandy Hook School Shooting. I thought it was the “debunk the conspiracy theorists” show, but that was apparently broadcasted the night before (Jan. 23, 2013). Today’s show included parents of a boy who did not die, and some others who knew the heroic janitor. One young woman was an EMT volunteer from the Sandy Hook fire house. There were others that I really can’t recall what their roles were, but I found it strange that there weren’t any parents of dead victims on the show. Next, I started watching last night’s (Jan. 23, 2013) “The Blaze show,” where Glenn attempts to debunk the conspiracy theorists regarding the misspoken medical examiner (by showing only a brief clip about him having good photographers). Glenn shared why this was done by the medical examiner – so that the parents would not have to see their dead children all bloodied. He also attempted to debunk those who found it odd that a laughing and smiling mom who appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show could act that way so soon after the massacre. Beck said that as this mom was recalling her daughter getting ready for school that day, the memory of her daughter allowed her to smile and laugh. Then, Glenn attempted to debunk the Robbie Parker video, explaining that this wasn’t an actor getting into the role of a grieving father, but a man who just realized that he was about to face all these cameras and tell about his murdered daughter.

    I am still watching the “debunking” episode, but when Glenn mentioned that he was using “Snopes” as a reference, I thought that maybe he was allowing himself to be duped??

    One thing that happened just before I decided to pause the video and write this was that Glenn said LAST NIGHT (Jan. 23rd episode) that Robbie Parker would be on his show TONIGHT (Jan. 24th episode). As far as I could see, Parker wasn’t on tonight’s (Jan. 24, 2013) show. I did fast forward a few times and maybe I missed it? However, the same people who were in his studio at the beginning were there throughout the show. I will watch it again and report back if I see that I have been in error.

    Glenn portrayed all the “Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists” as “nuts.” He apparently could not even fathom that our government could think up such a huge “false flag” operation and then carry it off with so many willing people involved in such a hoax. Someone would talk!

    Honestly? I don’t want to believe that our government could ever be capable of doing something so atrocious, either. But the more research that is being done, and the more damning evidence that is being presented, the more difficult it is to accept the status quo. Our media of mass corruption and mass deception has become so good at lying to us and purposely deceiving us, it is hard to know what to believe anymore!

    It appears that BHO and his ilk have gotten away with hiding his records, showing a fake computer generated birth certificate, using another person’s SS#, voter fraud, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi murders (and much, much more) ; why wouldn’t they think that they could get away with a staged hoax (or, more frightening, real deaths) of children for the purpose of destroying the Second Amendment here in America?

    I wish I could say for certain that I knew what the real truth is in this matter. It is so disheartening to think about.

    When everything around us seems to be in chaos, there is only one truth that can always be relied upon. All I can do is cling to Jesus – for He is the way, the truth and the life. In the end, both in this life and in eternity, Christ is all that really matters.

    • For anyone interested, here are links that will give you more information about who was on Beck’s show tonight (Jan. 24, 2013):


      I couldn’t find any video clip of the “conspiracy theory” show (Jan. 23, 2013), but this article appeared on The Blaze website:


      There are comments at each link where some of the writers disagree with Glenn.

    • Interesting how the GOP, Ron Paulites, NRA and Rush Limbaugh have chosen to accept the “official story’ of Sandy Hook despite what they have to know about the compelling evidence against the official story now enforced by the CIA’s asset Anderson Cooper . This conspiracy is very, very deep and full of complicity at the top similar to the Sierra Club, Green Party and other greenwash organizations who take sides with the IPCC failed version of AGW without considering the effect of “highly visible” chemtrails and climate change weapons. Extortion, drugs, blackmail and death threats are no doubt involved in this monumental series of coverups and yellow journalism starting most notably with “Remember the Main”.

  3. Let’s help get Prof. Tracy on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (or one of the other Coast hosts). That is, if you would want to go on the show Prof. Tracy. If not, please feel free to delete my comment. I’ve already emailed C2C including each of the hosts and producers of the show suggesting they do a show on the Sandy Hook massacre and have Prof. Tracy on as a guest. You readers can also email them at their website CoasttoCoastAM.com and there is a link to contact them. I actually did it through my C2C iPhone app but I have contacted them through the website before too. It’s very easy and quick. They want to do shows that their listeners want to hear. If enough of us contact them and ask them to have Prof. Tracy on, it will probably happen. I emailed them several times in the past asking them to have Webster Tarpley on it happened. The nice thing about the show is they let their guests talk and present their case no matter what the subject is. They don’t interrupt and insult and berate their guests the way Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, and Glenn Beck does.

    • oh, i didn’t see the video. I guess the phelps will be played by Croatians. wow this is getting scary. maybe there were some real victims. they called in the commies to slaughter the children.

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