An Open Letter In Support of Dr. Tracy and Academic Freedom 191

January 21, 2013

Dear Florida Atlantic University administrators:

I am writing to express support for Dr. Tracy’s right to express his views and pose his questions. Indeed, as an associate professor, he has a professional responsibility to do so. Sadly, voicing unpopular views is a responsibility that is largely neglected in the academy. And even if Dr. Tracy has made some misjudgments regarding the present case (about which I reserve judgment), at least he has demonstrated an uncommon degree of courage in voicing opinions that risk engendering personal troubles. We would be better off with more professors willing to do that, even if it occasionally causes discomfort. For sometimes troubling views are both true and important.

Although I don’t have any special knowledge or insight into the particulars of the Sandy Hook shooting, those who criticize Dr. Tracy don’t seem to be basing their criticism on such specifics anyway. Rather, they view his questions and suspicions as absurd on their face (though it seems that Dr. Tracy’s positions have been exaggerated1). In other words, critics seem to regard the prior probability of Dr. Tracy’s claims as being so low that they can be dismissed without even considering his evidence. I take his general claims to be (1) that the story of what took place at Sandy Hook was not adequately vetted, and (2) that what actually took place may have been significantly different from the story that is being propagated. Regarding these, I disagree with the view that they are so implausible that they can be dismissed without consideration of evidence.

Like Dr. Tracy, I am an associate professor, teach at a state university, and have publically taken controversial positions. For example, I have publicly questioned the official account of September 11, 2001—to which most of my colleagues responded with polite dismissal, and apparently no interest in fact checking.2 Also, in a spirited public exchange with then-congressman John McHugh, I stated that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was tortured, to which McHugh replied indignantly, “He was not tortured!”—as if what I had said was beyond the pale. That was about two weeks before the fact that KSM was repeatedly waterboarded was finally acknowledged.

In addition to having reasons to sympathize with Dr. Tracy’s predicament, I have some relevant expertise. One of my areas of research is applied epistemology, and the philosophy of conspiracy theories in particular. I have taught courses that include the assessment of conspiracy theories, and State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs), as well as corruption and propaganda. And I have carefully studied the philosophical literature on conspiracy theories. And I have even published two articles, in peer-reviewed journals, criticizing Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule’s analysis of the causes of conspiracy theories as well as their proposed cure—“cognitive infiltration.”3 While it is common for academics to treat so-called “conspiracy theories” dismissively, most academics are not aware that there have been several published attempts to explain exactly why this attitude is warranted—and that they have all failed. Thus, a dismissive attitude toward “conspiracy theories,” far from being the more sophisticated position, it is actually based on ignorance of the most relevant literature. I recommend especially the work of David Coady and Charles Pigden.4

The bottom line is this: Outrageous conspiracies do occur. Propaganda and epistemic corruption is real, and more serious than many suppose. And, one cannot determine prior to looking at the specific evidence which conspiracy theories are true, or at least have merit, and which are truly unwarranted. There simply is no short cut. Just saying that something is a “conspiracy theory” or “nutty” or “outrageous” or “offensive” or “hurtful” will not suffice. If everything is on the up-and-up with the explanation of what happened at Sandy Hook, it shouldn’t be too hard to for defenders of the official story to win that argument. But the evidence should be adjudicated fairly, not denounced dogmatically. Unfortunately, challenges to orthodoxy are rarely treated fairly.

Finally, even if Dr. Tracy’s suspicion that something is seriously wrong with the official story is not born out, that does not mean his critique of the media is entirely without merit. And, in any case, it is important for someone to independently evaluate events and critique their portrayal in the media. As a professor of communication studies, Dr. Tracy was doing his job, even if he is wrong. (Let’s not forget that most theories about anything are wrong.) And, importantly, my studies of so-called “conspiracy theories,” propaganda, and epistemic corruption generally suggest that his actual claims—as distinct from the exaggerated and simplistic caricatures of them—are not as implausible as many assume.

Please don’t bow to emotion-based political or financial pressure. Do the right thing as a matter of principle. Respect Dr. Tracy right and duty to make his case.


Kurtis Hagen, Chair
Philosophy Department
SUNY Plattsburgh

1. Dr. Tracy has written, “While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place—at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” This has been characterized as suggesting that no children died, and that the whole thing was a complete fabrication. But, the principle of charity requires a less extreme interpretation, taking the last part seriously: “at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” So, we should assume, what Dr. Tracy is really suggesting is that the event may be in some significant way different from what is being portrayed. This is not totally implausible or nor would it be unprecedented. For there are examples of historical events that have been misleadingly presented in the media, to one degree or another (the killing of Fred Hampton, to mention just one example). It is possible that Dr. Tracy is only wrong in the degree of misrepresentation he implies. And if that is the case, his critique may still have some value.

2. If one is has neither read any of the scholarship on 9/11 by David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, or Nafeez Ahmed, nor has even bothered to watch a lecture by them or by Graeme MacQueen, Steven Jones, David Chandler, Jonathan Cole or other competent critics of the official story, I dare say one has not done minimal due diligence on the issue. See for links to various such lectures given at the 2011 Toronto Hearings on 9/11.

3. Kurtis Hagen, “Is Infiltration of ‘Extremist Groups’ Justified?” The International Journal of Applied Philosophy 24.2 (Fall 2010) 153-168, and “Conspiracy Theories and Stylized Facts,” Journal for Peace and Justice Studies 21.2 (Fall 2011) 3-22. See also my review of David Ray Griffin’s book, Cognitive Infiltration, published in Florida Philosophical Review, which can be found at

4. Much of the relevant work can be found in David Coady (ed.), Conspiracy Theories: The Philosophical Debate (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2006) and in Episteme: A Journal of Social Epistemology 4.2 (2007, Special Issue: Conspiracy Theories). For a short and easily accessible summary of Pigden’s position, see his “Wilt Thou Conceal This Dark Conspiracy?”


  1. Hi Jamie…I guess when I go to your site, I am supposed to see a ‘sign in’ to contact you but I can’t see that at all. The support link says if I have a google account, which I have, I just need to sign in. I don’t know where the ‘sign in’ button went….its supposed to be up on the right side….not there….lol…

    • Wow, this is bordering on the ridiculous! :) I cannot find a way to contact myself either …but could yesterday when I sent you that link. Well, It could be that I am just tired and cannot find it. I will look for it again but, in the meantime, here is my email; magellan7662 at yahoo. com. Of course, not in that format.
      Hopefully, you will be the only one to respond. :)

  2. Heh…heh..good job your cup does not runneth over cause I was musing about more sunny beaches quite far away….(*) (*)…take my word for it…my focus is ok….cheers to you mass….

    • I am a little confused by your insulting tone, mass? Why are you insulting Bev? I find that this tone is the exact tone the media uses in discrediting those with whom they do not share an ideology. It is insular, arrogant and just downright immature.

      • jamie
        it is not insulting. Have you ever drank to much coffee, I have. It is OK to take a break without giving up on it.
        To keep perspective on what I said is to think perhaps I really meant it as a kindness.

      • Reply buttons are scant so hope you get this message!

        Wow Jamie, you are ‘sensitivity’ writ large! Thanks for sharing some details of your chart….

        I’m glad to hear you know what your doing here. With a combination of wiring like that life must have really pushed some heavy-duty frustration your way to force you to understand that you grow through your own sensitivity. You are ‘wired’ to live for others as the perfect complement to your own furthering, you must have felt like ‘spinning in your own pond’ until you fully realized that the ‘underdog’ is what your life is about and although ‘retreat’ into nature is vital for you…there is to be no security blanket.

        It looks to me like one of your greatest complications would have been to be caught between the impulse to be unworldly yet also impulsed to immerse yourself deeply into the world. Other people who struggle or are disadvantaged, are quite frankly ‘the wine of life’ you are held to taste and ‘distress’ which you are asked not to be self-indulgent with, is the very flavor of life that hones for you, a very keen mental discernment and an excellent sense of good judgment.

        I know the huge helping complex structured today could not figure all that out for they are just ‘overseers’ and could never have even one sip, of the wine of your life? Thats why they are a ‘fake’ science!

        Thanks for the links you provided and here’s one I found interesting!

        Still working on that info….catch ya later!

        • Hello, Bev! Yes, this is why I thought it might be more appropriate if we contacted each other on my youtube channel. I just don’t want to burden James Tracy’s blog with our converstaions. :)
          Anyway, it has been a battle to not indulge in my uber sensitivities. I have a built in trap-door for early retreat if I feel threatened…but, lately that singleton, Mars in Leo in the 10th H, is roaring and threatening to plant it’s feet squarely between Venus and Neptune! How bold of that reticent Mars!

          Anyway, I would love to converse with you on a multitude of topics if you have time and am looking forward to any info you share. I have a great deal of patience so please do not feel rushed.
          Thanks for sharing that link, Bev. I just looked at Robbie Parker’s info on Intelius and it states that he is 59 and lives in Sandy Hook and previously of Ogden, Utah. Well, Mr. parker has some magnificent genes because he looks absolutely astounding for his age. He is 9 years older than me and looks to be 20 years younger than myself….and I have some pretty good genes too.
          I would like to know where you think this is all headed and if you know anything about the impending Polar Shift?
          Always looking forward to hearing your enlightened perspective, Bev.


    • Hi massagrabber…well thank you for my morning chuckle; it goes well with my coffee. Now are you going to pay for my trip to the beach?? You see the powers that be are busy destroying my job and my livlihood and I have had to learn how to become quite frugal in my expenditures. The beach doesn’t fit into the picture anymore….and oh yes…the best of the morning to you too…..smiles…..

      • Good morning Jamie and thank you for the support. I guess mass hasn’t learned that the tongue is a double-edged sword…and to blog….you have to learn how to wrap silk around it……smiles….

      • Hi Bev
        Same here. The beach here is not inviting at this time of year but it is interesting. My cup does not runneth over either but if it did I wouldn’t hesitate. smiles back at yah

      • No reply button again Jamie…lol….

        Wow…Mars in Leo in the 10th…translation…. Mars (getting) through
        Leo (creating) 10th (true or false integrity)….you are in a
        ‘building phase’ to do with the (10th) world or state of the world.
        Could be explaining your presence right here in this blog (Mars)
        battling against anyone that sees your present undertaking as false
        integrity and you are battling to prove true integrity. You can also
        look at this as ‘Leo in 10th’ is the world pressing its weight upon
        your own consciousness, driving you from a strong urge to feel a sense
        of purpose and responsibility as you further build your sense of just
        how things are actually working right now, here on planet earth.

        Interesting challenge if this is what it is really about!!…..smiles….

        Thanks for that info, I’ll catalogue it…

        Wow, where do I think this is all headed? Well, its certainly about
        ‘injustice’ so I think in all its complexity, it will follow along
        those channels to work itself out which of course is an unknown where
        we can’t be sure of what is coming next but we must be very conscious
        of the fact that we can influence the outcome. (Think Prof. Tracy)

        About the Polar Shift, I don’t think its impending, I think its been
        going on for sometime. In order to understand it, I study geometry and hyperdimensional math because I strongly think the earth is changing its form. I think the wisdom to do that is inherent in the nature of the earth in connection with the universe. However my bigger concern lies with the Haarp systems on the earth and how they may be mixed in with a normal earth process.

        I searched for your utube but many came up under that name so I was uncertain which one was the correct one. Is it possible to supply a link??


          Sorry about that, Bev.

          I will be honest when I tell you that I find it easier to delineate the birth chart of others. When I look at mine all that I see is a lot of responsibility. Saturn in Aquarius conjunct the IC and NN conjunct the MC. Let me not forget that Pluto Uranus conjunction in, of all places, the 11th H! I terrify I think that is why it is very important for me to speak very little. I have always felt a massive responsibility to, not only the family that I created, but, also, to my Earth family. I have felt this all of my life but have had a great deal of trauma….and responsibility that has prevented me from focusing on becoming a positive force for change. I think we are all traumatized, to some degree, by this anti-life system. Constant change has prepared me for the reality that there are no constants…only infinite variables. This appeals to me greatly. ;)
          Have you ever been so tired of yourself, Bev, that you just decide to make a monumental change in the way that you conduct yourself and your life? I am at this juncture…..again. Either I speak truth to lies or just continue swallowing them. I think that is what I intended when I came to Tracy’s blog.
          Everybody has an important mission and it is so wonderful to meet others who have a profound sense of this mission.

          It sounds fascinating what you are studying, Bev. I am not a mathematician at heart so these kinds of subjects just go right over the top of my head. I can remember having dinner with Stanton Friedman and everything he said just flew over my head at warp speed! He is a brilliant man in his field.
          It is odd ,though, that I understand logarithms. It is like music to my musical ear I suppose. :)
          I do hope you tell me more of what it is you are studying. I am intrigued. Would that have anything to do with Quantum Physics? That field of study I understand to the core of my being. Not so much what we are taught here on Earth.

          The Earth is definitley going through a massive change… is every planet in our solar system. I have heard of HAARP and do believe that tptb are tampering with this energy for nefarious purposes, but, to what extent I am unsure.
          Ok, I will end here. I look forward to speaking with you again.


  3. Is there a hilltop near the firehouse? Because this just doesn’t seem like helicopter footage to me. 10 minutes at roughly the same location and angle? All those ambulances sitting around doing nothing, must have cost a lot? What are those green things behind the firehouse? The firemen don’t seem very concerned that somebody might grab their hoses laying around. Which cars in the school parking lot belong to the dead adults because they shouldn’t have been able to drive their cars away since they were dead? Since they are dead, there’s not any reason to with hold that kind of information and the registrations and license plates should match their names. Where is the white chevy truck that is in the background behind Carlee in the iconic picture (and when on the timeline was that picture taken so I can match up the shadows) ??? I’m trying to peg that iconic picture in the timeline.

  4. Thanks for extending your sorrow Jamie, you are very kind!

    What you speak of is not what I am uncertain of. What you speak of are things I have been becoming aware of for over 28 years–one cannot research and study as long as that without grasping alot of insights. The first veil to be pierced is History and that is where I began those many years ago.

    As you ask me the question of why I am uncertain, I would never think you were being rhetorical or condescending. Your honesty when posting is too frank, to ever think that of you……smiles.

    My uncertainty, like Prof. Tracy’s lies in his exact words. I quote “one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place—’at least in the way’ law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.”

    So my uncertainty lies here. The entire thing, the tragedy+how it was told, scenes, images and reports grew into a garbled mess where we did not see reporters with intellectual integrity, we did not see big News Stations checking their facts, we listened to ‘witness testimonies’ that were ever-changing and on and on!

    How have I summed it up?? With the new model of ‘NEWS’ we are the news! Big violation of privacy! With the new model of ‘NEWS’ the family does not own the tragedy–it is stolen so it can be owned by the town, the nation, the globe and world. It does not allow for individual peace of mind or the serenity that once lived around us with such preciousness. This is all very damaging to our psyche and our wellbeing.

    Its very true that people grieve in different ways but normal death has no comparison to a death connected to violence, young life cut short, and the necessary state that emerges to protect us from being emotionally overwhelmed or drowned, called shock. It is a state and is built right into our inner intelligence to preserve us from emotional shattering.

    Thank you so much for sharing, that your therapist knows the truth and is totally in touch with reality. It is very important to share that because there has been a transition where the political and psychiatry/pharmacuetical, have wed and influenced the power inherent to each institution. Think of it as an integrated power asymmetry they can both share and benefit monetarily from! The importance of what you shared about your therapist is a little like the adage ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’–you making a powerful statement, allows us to not throw all therapists out or condemn them as we try to crush the integrated power asymmetry which threatens our future and the lives and future of our children and grandchildren.

    • “The entire thing, the tragedy+how it was told, scenes, images and reports grew into a garbled mess where we did not see reporters with intellectual integrity, we did not see big News Stations checking their facts, we listened to ‘witness testimonies’ that were ever-changing and on and on! ”

      I think we have been here before, Bev. 9/11. This is where I am: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame one me.” With everything that I have studied over the last 15 years it is very difficult for me to entertain the notion that the “media” has ANY integrity at all. Here is a short clip of what they are capable of —–>
      What Fox and Monsanto engaged in was nothing short of a conspiracy. They conspired to conceal the deadly consequences of consuming milk tainted with rBGH/Posilac. Why do we not see the media reporting this conspiracy??? Well, I think we have the answer to that question already. They are owned by the corporations.
      I personally believe that it is impossible to use ‘integrity’ and ‘media’ all in the same sentence. They have no relationship.

      “Think of it as an integrated power asymmetry they can both share and benefit monetarily from! The importance of what you shared about your therapist is a little like the adage ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’–you making a powerful statement, allows us to not throw all therapists out or condemn them as we try to crush the integrated power asymmetry which threatens our future and the lives and future of our children and grandchildren.”

      Absolutely! This is all about “recruting” other souls into the “fold”. I suppose the reason that I am highly resistant to “recruitment” and “asymmetrical power structures” is my personal experience with my family which was traumatic, to say the least. I do not easily align with “asymmetrical power structures” that require an obedience to a value system that is diametrically opposed to the health of the “servant”.

      I have a completely different view of humans through the study of Astrology. It allows for a point of reference that does not allow “throwing that baby out with the bath water” :). This particular view affords one the opportunity of seeing each other for what we intended to be or could be rather than what we have become. It is a more loving and understanding place from which to observe all the machinations of mankind.
      While I can see very clearly this “asymmetrical power” tower I can also see through it for what it truly is; Just a bunch of immature souls that have psychologically manipulated others into serving their egos. It really does not take much to get into the heart of mankind…you just have to find an entry point.
      I see all of this as a mass awakening to the reality that each and every one of us is a powerful being capable of creating either “heaven” or “hell”. It is about taking responsibility for that creation, and ,in that acceptance of what we have created a process of maturation unfolds allowing for one to become the ultimate and highest authority. Religion and Governance has hindered this proces of evolution to a point of relegating us all to a state of infancy that constantly requires validation of ourselves, interpretation of our environment and restriction of that environment for our “protection”.
      I no longer require a mother or a father. This is what the church and state provide; A crib and a bottle.
      I am just surprised that all of those who hold doctorates and MA’s cannot see through this whole system? But, Bev, it only reinforces what you said of the monetary pay off of the Asymmetrical Power Structure.

      Thanks for sharing your very valuable knowledge on this subject.

      • Hi Jamie…I’ve got some foundational info on corporations you might be unfamiliar with, I’ll set it up and post it back to you, its from a very reliable source!

        Thanks for adding to the light of my morning…lol…I studied and learnt about ‘power asymmetry’ through Astrology which I have studied for years. Your statement ‘ “asymmetrical power structures” that require an obedience to a value system that is diametrically opposed to the health of the “servant”… about the concept of ‘anti-life’!!

        Do you not agree that a majority of people who ‘wake’ up end up studying Astrology? This could be about the fact that ‘waking up’ is aligned with the spiritual. I believe it was Jung who stated ‘ancient astrology, was the root of modern day psychology.’ These ancient civilizations were deeply preoccupied with ‘real’ astrology because they were aligned with the spiritual. Meanwhile people who discredit astrology as superstitious, miss the point that whole societies’ deeply immersed themselves in the study of astrology not because they were superstitious but because they were spiritual in nature and character. It goes to show that one must have escaped from the Matrix and be thinking outside the box to understand why ancient societies’ would have been so immersed in astrology.

        Now, I’m sure you understand why I spoke about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater….smiles…when understanding ‘power asymmetrys’ we need to expand our thinking about ‘job=obedience’ also ‘job+obedience=fear of professional suicide’ and we need discernment to examine the difference between ‘complicity in the system’ versus ‘innocent unknowing as being trapped into the high levels of competition structured into the system’ so taking part but not knowing what it really is all about.

        I quite enjoy the sharing of knowledge with you, Jamie…. thank you so much for all your powerful thoughts on this..its an exchange we can both benefit from.

      • I am smiling from ear to ear, Bev! Everything you state is an absolute.
        My mother studied Astrology so this was my first introduction into this ancient science over 40 years ago, although, I have to confess that it was not a pleasant intro from her perspective. :) I have come to learn that any tool is only as good as the soul behind it. The same applies to all things. The more immature a soul the more damage they can cause.

        “‘ “asymmetrical power structures” that require an obedience to a value system that is diametrically opposed to the health of the “servant”… about the concept of ‘anti-life’!! ”
        Exactly. This is why we are experiencing ‘entropy’ on Earth.

        I am so very glad to meet someone who is a student of such an ancient science. Do you not find it odd that the MSM, and the power structure, spend a great deal of time mocking and maligning this art and science??? Seems like they desperately try to obscure a truth and perspective that modern psychology cannot provide. I am always in awe of the birth charts that I read. If people only knew who they truly are. :)

        “Do you not agree that a majority of people who ‘wake’ up end up studying Astrology?”
        Either that or they want their charts read. :) People may not understand how this science works but they embrace it as part of their reality nontheless. Seems like a lot of people these days don’t listen to the media or other “authority” figures who try to dissuade them from using this valuable tool. I find this a beautiful thing.

        Tracy is experiencing the “toddler’s tantrum” on a very public stage….but, will people be able to see this? Will they be able to see the “Asymmetrical Power Structure” for what it truly is??? I hope so.

        As long as we give them this kind of power they will abuse it. I do hope that Mr. Tracy does not make an appearance on any of their venues as this would only lend support to them as a valid institution.

        “when understanding ‘power asymmetrys’ we need to expand our thinking about ‘job=obedience’ also ‘job+obedience=fear of professional suicide’ and we need discernment to examine the difference between ‘complicity in the system’ versus ‘innocent unknowing as being trapped into the high levels of competition structured into the system’ so taking part but not knowing what it really is all about.”

        It definitely is designed to take ‘hostages’…that “Asymmetrical Power structre”, don’t you think? I know that I have been held hostage to it my entire life. I think what disturbs me the most, though, is how others can be enlisted to do the same. Just horrifying to watch this whole mess.

        yes, please do share any and all info with me!
        I just saw a video of the newly shorn Robbie Parker confessing that his daughter’s death “Sucks”…..have you seen it, Bev? Takes a cast-iron stomach to watch these people, I must confess. I also watched the video of Lynn McDonnell talking about “busting out the Sharpies” at her daughter’s wake. I felt sick to my stomach watching that interview.
        Anyway, this is more proof that these people are either, 1) Not human, or, 2) Actors.
        Looking forward to communicating with you more on this topic, Bev!.

        • jaimie, I did happen to see the parker funeral speech a while back and i found it just preposterous. he gets up on the podium and says “this sucks!” ha! no, you suck robbie parker. I also saw the bit about coloring the coffin with sharpies, just disgusting. how could anyone think that is real?

      • Hello, fish and roaches! “Preposterous” is the perfect word to describe these parents’ reaction. Really, what parent calls for an interview after the slaughter of their baby??? And not only call for an interview but look just like they stepped out of a salon??? Really?
        I have a problem with 2 things at this point. 1) The MSM’s reaction to the tepid reaction of the “greiving parents”. If I were a jouralist/reporter I would have to cry, “FOUL”! I would be so repulsed by their smiles and reflections of a young life that I would feel immensely insecure just sitting in their presence! I would not feel safe at all.
        Is this the “Zombie Apocalypse” the Media and CDC have been chanting about for 3 years now? From the reaction of the media and the “greiving” parents I would say that “Zombie” could appropriately be used in the context of defining this “event”. Zombie means soulless. ALL of these people appear soulless…including the MSM.
        2) I have a problem with the public at large believing that this is what a greiving parent looks like. If they believe that this is the natural response to immeasurable loss then they, too, are becoming as a “zombie”.

        To the media and those that control them I offer this salient quote from Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Marmion';
        “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”

        This particular ‘web’ is losing it’s ability to ensnare prey.

      • Hi Jamie, thanks for sharing your interest in Astrology and yes very nice for me also to find out that you too have a love of this ancient science. It is indeed a remarkable tool to understand oneself and also others.

        I used to find it odd that the power structure mocks and maligns the science as a superstitious pastime but then after years of studying the different methods of reading charts, I teased out some secrets within the chart and began to understand the significance of the science to life itself.

        If you look at the circle in the natal chart which represents the psyche, and divide it in two, top and bottom, well the top 6 houses represent a person’s consciousness. The bottom 6 houses represent what one will be unconscious of. We have to remember Carl Jung who stated, ‘the unconscious (inner situations) must become conscious, or you will meet it as your fate (the world acts out the conflict) in life.’ (Aion: 126) As Jung said, ‘this is a psychological rule.’

        In relation to the power structure this is IMPORTANT self-knowledge to possess. Knowing what is in your unconscious which you are to make conscious, is an understanding of why, where, in what possible events of life, and how, one will find they are facing quite drastic upheavals and confrontations or why one may feel suddenly challenged or advantaged by sudden unexplained opportunities that rise within life. When it comes to the power structure, they would not wish us to have this knowledge because it is the difference between psychologists, psychiatrists or mental health professionals managing your life or a person taking complete control over their own well-being. The latter is the end of anxiety as well as continuity in emotional and mental maturity which is essential to us.This is probably the most important knowledge I teased out of my studies, in relation to understanding myself and my life, also others and their lives.

        I quite agree with your take on the Professor and I do feel there is hope for people to see the contrast in power/control and how ‘intellectual integrity’ will far outshine abuse of power. In fact, this could be the event where the media structure could actually begin shaking on it’s foundation.

        I had to study sociology to understand our hostage to this present power structure. I think the status quo is writ into the fabric of life and society, its outcome dependent on moral state and moral effort, and our troubles rise in our incomplete understanding of ‘power’ and what it is, how vulnerable we are to it and if abused can become our own horrifying mess.

        I’m working on that info I said that I would share with you. No I didn’t see the video you are speaking of. Where would I find it??

        Its a pleasure to communicate with you Jamie and very easy to respect your viewpoint and sense your determination which is indeed inspiring.

      • Good morning …or afternoon here :) , to you as well, Bev. Here is the “We busted out the sharpies ” video——>
        I made sure that I uploaded this to my channel so that the truth can be spread far and wide.
        Here is the infamous Robbie Parker and “This sucks” video———>

        I have to run some errands so will get back with you on the other comments. I look forward to the info. Thank you, Bev.

      • Hi, Bev. it appears that my last comment to you is being “moderated” so I will address you here…..again…I hope. :)
        “In relation to the power structure this is IMPORTANT self-knowledge to possess. Knowing what is in your unconscious which you are to make conscious, is an understanding of why, where, in what possible events of life, and how, one will find they are facing quite drastic upheavals and confrontations or why one may feel suddenly challenged or advantaged by sudden unexplained opportunities that rise within life. When it comes to the power structure, they would not wish us to have this knowledge because it is the difference between psychologists, psychiatrists or mental health professionals managing your life or a person taking complete control over their own well-being”

        Spot on!I love this science/art. It has been a lifesaver. I have a Balsamic Moon phase so know exactly what I am doing here on Earth. ;) Having Venus/Neptune and Moon ALL conjunct has not been helpful at all, though. Throw a Trine from Jupiter in Pisces into that mix and you have what some would call a “doormat”.I just like to think of myself as empathic and highly caring.
        I wish that I could share a few things with you in relation to the extent of deception on our planet but I think it is not for this forum…yet! :)
        Maybe we should find a “meeting” place to swap information and understanding??? If you leave me a message at my Youtube channel I will send you my email address and phone number. It is Jamie Santos.

        Until then, have a wonderful evening shining your mighty light, Bev!

  5. Sorry, don’t see him. I’ve paused the video several times at 00:20 and don’t see him. Can you tell me his relative position?

    • Pete – I used Danbury since that was 8.9 miles from Newtown. You can look that up at The low temp was 19, the mean temp was 31, and the high 44, which would have been afternoon. I’m surprised that CT weather is dry …for being where it is located. However, I’m not an expert. I also live on the East Coast. Nevertheless, maybe the people in Newtown are a lot more heartier for withstanding the cold. Dry or not 19 – 30 degrees is still very cold and normally would call for more than a sweat shirt or a light overshirt. I studied the video and yes, some were walking around without any coat at 10:30 AM. Personally, I just found that strange. Just saying …Thanks for the input.

  6. Anderson Cooper needs to explain why his nose gets chopped in the interview with Mrs Posser at the base of the stairs … can we say blue screen hmmm

      • Bev, I am sorry to hear about your loss as well. It is important that people like us can share our experience of loss…especially if what we are witnessing is a contrived flase flag attack. This WAS a false flag attack in order to divest us of our 2nd ammendment rights. I am no rabid constitutionalist but it is the only piece of paper standing between us and a FEMA Camp….at least, this is what the constitutionalists believe. The “patriot act” was just the beginning of their desire to strip us of any sense of “freedom”. I find it very disconcerting, though, that so many people believe that their personal freedom is attached to a document. It is not.

        Why, with all the evidence, are you uncertain, Bev? I am in way being rhetorical or condescending….. just needing to understand.
        I think that we have allowed them a certain breach of personal boundaries ( the media and those in control of it ). They have infected us with their “reality”. Vanity, pornography, idolatry, gossip mongering, fear mongering, war mongering, shallowness, insularity and arrogance are the hallmarks of the current power structure and those that serve them.
        Truth be told, I am embarrassed to be called an ‘Adult’. I find more comfort in being around animals and children than I find in the company of “grown-ups”. Just not much going on there above the shoulders.

        Your account of your personal experience is what I would call “normal” in such a traumatic situation. Cooper says that people greive in “different” ways and to that I can agree…up to a point. Some people become withdrawn and cut themselves off from their loved ones. Some people try to pretend that the death is not real. Some people become despondant and maybe even catatonic. Some cry while others hold the pain inside. Some get angry and want revenge. We get it. We know that people greive differently but what 20,000,000 Americans witnessed December 15th from Robbie Parker, the Soto Family, Pozner and the McDonnells could not EVEN be catagorized as mild discomfort let alone greif!
        If the MSM wants us to believe that this is what greiving parents of a 7 year old looks like then they will have to work a lot harder at hardening our hearts and souls. I can only think that they have become so devolved that they actually BELIEVE their own lies! In such a perverted state of being I can see how they would be shocked by OUR disbelief. I think alot of people at the top of that pyramid need a realignment.

        My therapist likes to say to me, “Jamie, what is real?” Since my therapist is totally in touch with the reality and that there is a corrupt cabal ruling this planet it takes no stretch of the imagination where we can go with that question. We are so in the dark about so many things.
        Trust your “gut”, Bev. It will never lie to you like the power structure has.

    • He’s not the only one that used a “Green” Screen! I found another interviewer, interviewing the Pozner lady outside a church at night, and you can see parts missing into the “Green” Screen as she moves her head. Now, why do you need to dress up like you are standing outside, at night, and in the cold of December?? They didn’t! They dressed up as though they were freezing, but they were nice and cozy inside some building.

    • Good catch! I was astounded…or maybe not…….watching this new piece of evidence. I say that we all need to be very alert during these next few weeks. “Something wicked this way comes.” Or perhaps I should say “wicked-er”. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Reply to STEVE: Thank you for your comments . You are so very correct. Thx for posting the MLK video. Wasn’t he something. And of course his death was accomplished by a conspiracy. The civil court case proved that.

    • Jamie, Thank you. Very comprehensive list. I’m going to post it on one of my favorite sites, The Con Trail. It seems very obvious the agencies of the PTB are extremely adept at manipulating the population. When I read something like this, though, it gives me hope that enough of us have outgrown their antics. Bye bye project Mockingbird….

      • Jamie, this whole mess troubles me. You see I view it from the ‘eyes’ of a person who has walked in the shoes, has done that, been there and has walked on the road. We lost a young family member in 2000–it was a tragedy, had an element of violence, a gun and happened the 23rd of December.

        As you might know from your own loss–we have no control over the state of shock that sets in. For my family that state was instantaneous and deep, and we were hurled into streams of being shaken to our souls, being broken, our hearts crushed and our minds numbed/frozen and shattered in the face of such a devastating loss. Believe me the season just worked to intensify the deep pain we were driven into.

        All the interviews bother me–they seem not real to the unfolding situation. Contrasting it with my own shock and 7 week ‘inability’ to experience changing facial expressions I cannot identify with the smiles, chuckles, soft laughter, twinkling eyes or the so-swift willingness to accept death as somehow ingratiating the time and days that lie ahead.
        To me, this is somehow quite contradictory to the whole of the devastating loss one is feeling.

        Children and young people should not die in such situations–we do not have a pre-existing mental structure of strategy built into our minds that would even allow us to consider such horror unfolding. We can and do look at the elderly and mentally/emotionally accept they are at the end of their lives. We can and do look at our loved ones in a fatal issue of cancer and slowly accept their impending death. We cannot do this with children–we are supposed to outlive them, that is our pre-existing mental structure of strategy–THEIR LOSS IS SHOCKING AND IS WHY THE STATE OF SHOCK IS SO DEEP and shatters people!

        With my own experience–interviews would not have even been considered or possible by any of us. We did not have the mental wherewithal to even follow another person’s conversation let alone put thoughts together in our minds to answer questions. We were devastated! A family going through this does not share much conversation in the beginning–there is a lot of soft crying, hugging, holding and anything like attending a meeting with the coroner is tantamount to giving one the feeling they just might come unglued and collapse from exhaustion. Details are almost impossible to mentally register.

        With what we were shown and allowed to see from SH I was examining ‘body language’–it was confusing and garbled detail which was in contrast to the unfolding tragedy, it did not fit together and quite frankly made no sense to me based on the experience I have passed through with horrific shock.

        Thank you for your list of inconsistencies–it pretty well matches mine and of course contributes to this sheer impulse felt by all to seek the truth. I am uncertain…uncertain…uncertain! Because of the presence of ‘strangeness’ my gut instincts have been in overdrive.

        Thanks for examining that story Jamie. I have a specific discomfort with the story about the child who survived and is said to have got up, blood-covered and quickly left the classroom and school. It is difficult to place her carrying out this action amidst the said chaos and response that is recorded to have taken place immediately after the 10 minutes of horror, said to have been enacted by said shooter.

      • Hi, janet. This list is compiled through the astute observations of many loving and awake souls. I wanted nothing to do with this entire tragedy. Every day that passed I felt compelled by a force greater than myself to ‘dig’ into this mess. Having experienced the grief of losing a child I did not think that I could do this. It is too exhausting to have to revisit these emotions. I have to admit to collapsing in utter exhaustion after writing of my expereince on this blog. The emotions are still that intense and painful.

        I am compelled to put an human face to grief and anguish as it looks NOTHING like what I witnessed on the MSM videos. If these parents lost a child then I will eat my house…brick by brick! I have no fear of ever being called to do so.
        There are more anomalies that I forgot to list…glaring ones.

        23) Obama’s smiling photo op with the parker children….who seemed entirely at ease with a complete stranger! I don’t know of many children who will climb into the lap of a complete stranger much less look completely relaxed. I do not know many people who feel like smiling and taking pictures under such circumstances.
        24) Robbie Parker taking the time to have his picture taken with Obama…and smiling??? Really?
        25) Cathy Gaubert
        26) The Victoria Soto Facebook memorial page dated December 10th.
        27) The United Way of Connecticut Sandy Hook donation page dated December 11th
        28) The photoshopped image of Emily Parker with her family

        I am sure there are a plethora of other anomalies that I have omitted and I appreciate everyone who has helped to shed light on so much darkness.

        Let us keep passing these truths around until everyone who either denies it or deliberately obscures the truth has no place to hide.

  8. Reply to Jamie: You ask, “what the hell did this document [the constitution] ever do to improve the lives of our weakest citizens??? Martin Luther King said he wanted America to live up to her creed. The Constitution states our creed, an ideal to strive for. It’s not our creed which is wrong, nor even our government. Rather it’s our government as captured by the banksters & the transnational corporations.

    • Well, perhaps, on the surface, it looks this way but we have to ask ourselves, “What is real”? What WAS real in those days of the forming of the constitution was slavery, misogyny and laws that allowed the beating of , and abuse, of women. Our problems are not current ones. They have been alive and well since history was recorded. Women and children have always been seen as inferior. Just reading any history book one can see this in evidence. Male dominance has not allowed for the sharing of of power with women and children. Only in tribal communities will you read about women with authority and postitions of respect. These positions were acquired through wisdom…..not feelings of superiority.
      Jefferson impregnated Sally Hemmings, a house “slave” not once but five times. In her position of servitude she had no right to refuse her “master”. I call this rape…..even if she, at some point, felt “love” for Jefferson. I think the Stockholm Syndrome would apply to this case. She definitely was a captive. How insulting for this man to cause this woman to bear so much responsibility and then to openly deny and reject being the father to his own children. His actions cause my skin to crawl. I do not look up to this person nor see him as a “founding father”…especially since he could not take emotional responsibility for what he brought forth into this world.
      See behind the facade.
      It was also widely known and accepted practice for these elitists to use their captives for their personal pleasure. Even G. Washington was not exempt from this deplorable “practice”.
      How in the world can anybody accept that the intentions of these white, wealthy, land and human owners were anything akin to honorable and fair?
      Another illusion to appease the ignorant masses. If these men had any intention of making good on their “promise” then they surely would have been a living example of this “creed”?
      Saying that “this is just how things were back then” no longer works. If so, then surely we can use this excuse for what we are experiencing today.
      In all honesty, it sounds exactly like the empty promises every modern candidate makes to their constituients. Promise something noble and kind and then practice the opposite. Nothing new here.

      My point is that in order for a document to have any value or profound meaning those authoring it must BE that which they espouse. Fair, kind, loving, generous,balanced and noble.

      My other question still stands; Why is it that we need a document between each other?

      • Jamie….I wondered if you had seen this news drop. I actually just read this for the first time and to me I just find more inconsistencies in the story. I am wondering here about the child who they said ‘survived’ and ran out of the school. If the Janitor was checking doors and the place was busy with police right after it ended, how come nobody mentions seeing her?? I hope that I’m not the only one confused here…..

      • Hi, Bev. No, I had not seen this until now and it reeks of lies and deception as well. I am still having a problem with Adam Lanza taking the time to place identification on his person ( even if it was his “brother’s” ID ) BEFORE going to Sandy Hook to kill people. It kind of reminds me of that errant Passport ( of one of the suppossed “jihadists” ) that survived a raging fire so hot that it melted the core beams of the twin towers causing them to fall in 8 seconds into their own footprint. Really?????
        So, if I could get past just this ridiculous bit of “news” then I might be able to believe anything else we know about this incident. I find it, also, extremely odd that they knew ( within a short period of time ) that Adam Lanza killed his own mother! How did they come to that conclusion without an intensive investigation??? This is exactly what they did after the “attacks” in New York. Within an hour of the destruction of the towers the media had pictures of all the box cutting hijackers! I thought that so surreal. How did they manage to have pictures….as though family membesr immediately faxed over these images to the media…..of ALL the “hijackers”?
        The inconsistencies are glaringly obvious…so obvious that my intelligence is insulted. Too many anomalies.
        1) Multiple “shooters” seen fleeing into the woods behind the school. One taken into custody and placed into the front of a squad car. Really? I have seen video of cops tazing and punching pregnant women but these cops, who are called to a mass murder scene, gently place a suspect into the front seat of a squad car?
        2) Media will not address this issue.
        3) Adam Lanza carries identification on himself to go and kill people and then himself. Ridiculous.
        4) Dawn Hochsprung quoted by the Newtown Paper.
        5) Hochsprung said to be one of the victims.
        6) Photo of Chris Rodia’s car being impounded.
        7) Robbie Parker laughing and having a carefree attitude before going “live”.
        8) The Soto family, all smiles
        9) The McDonnell’s, all smiles
        10) No tears from ANY of the parents OR anger. Really?
        11) Wayne Carver stating “Long-rifle” was used to shoot ALL of the victims but contradicted by photos of the “long” weapon being found in the trunk of Lanza’s car.
        12) Nurse Sally Cox ( now her name is Sarah, so the media says ) making contradictory statements about Nancy Lanza and giving alternate/conflicting witness testimony to the media about her personal experience.
        13) Lt. Vance stating that anyone posting anything that contradicts the “official” story on social media sites will be prosecuted……really???
        14) Lt. Vance completely ignoring the question of Nancy Lanza’s connection to the school.
        15) Wayne Carver’s bizarre and deeply disturbing behavior.
        16) Pozner getting a tattoo a day after her child was blown apart. Really???
        17) Pozner having the presence of mind to apply lipstick ( bright red at that ) before giving an interview. Lynn McDonnell is also guilty of the same.
        18) Pozner having the presence of mind to give her personal view on gun control. Really??
        19) Much of what I am hearing from the parents of the Sandy Hook victims is absolutely unrealistic given that such trauma was inflicted upon those babies.
        The depth and breadth of contrivance and manipulation is so evident that adding one more thing, like a “new” witness or survivors, after a month has passed should make anyone suspicious of the entire story.
        20) This new report states that they have yet to identify the survivors…but there are victims that survived the shooting?…… and they have yet to be identified…a month later!?????
        21) Gene Rosen inviting children into his home WITHOUT contacting the police first to see what was going on in his town?? He had so many connections that surely that would have been the first response of ANY longterm resident of ANY town? I would have been calling the school, friends, police, city officials…ANYONE to find out why there were 7 traumatized children on my front lawn!
        22) Gene Rosen states that there was a man screaming at the children “It’s going to be ok”…..then says the female bus driver dropped the children in his front yard??? Who was this man screaming at the children? Who is this busdriver? why did this busdriver take these children past the firehouse …where suppossedly everyone was evacuated to…to Gene Rosen’s front lawn?
        Bev, after the first week I am of the belief that they ( the powers that be ) have contrived to keep us digging through their intentional lies as to distract us from the next “event”. It appears that the more that we dig the deeper this rabbit hole goes. I find it difficult to believe that they were so completely sloppy and incompetent that they left themselves open for ridicule and suspicion. It is just too blatant.

        As for that “janitor”?? Highly unlikely that the police ( did you see how many police officers there were ? ) would have NOT detained this janitor for questioning. Ridiculous to think that they would just allow him to go around checking for locked doors.

        In all honesty, Bev, I do think that the more we focus on the glaring and blatant discrepencies the more we will find that the story is not what they want us to believe. We have all the evidence we need to know that this was a false flag event. I don’t need anymore evidence to prove to me what my eyes and heart know to be true.
        I would not be confused, Bev, because you seem like one intelligent soul to me. You are well read, astute, articulate AND awake. That alone puts you at an advantage over most of us.

        A couple of days ago I was speaking to a very lovely woman about trust. She said that she no longer trusted people because she did not know if they intend her harm or not. All that I could tell her was that it was more important for her to trust herself than to trust others. I think we must trust what our eyes show us, our ears hear and our hearts know to be true. If we can do this then we need no further proof that this demented cabal wants us under their complete control. By some measure, they have already acheived this.
        What is your opinion about this whole mess?

  9. Hi Bev
    The shoe story is at the heart of an allegory on life. It in effect is about life, it is not the life you live. What I expect you to know; there is a soul and built upon that soul is our lives. A brain organizes it as per it’s affinity, training and opportunities. All conditions being equal, I totally agree with John Taylor Gatto that all bodies nurtured with the foods of life are a potential renaissance for mankind. He found no difference in potential between the rich and the poor children.
    He at that site has explained in extraordinary detail his deep thinking on how we got to this point. In truth many were fortunate to have experienced his influence. His work is voluminous and substantial.
    Dr Tracy has, some say not shown proven examples that feed the appetites for answers.
    That is what the NEW training has been responsible for. The curriculum is shy on the meaning of life and doesn’t help students bring their own answers forward after the rigour of intense questioning. The media is a weapon used to subdue that lot of folks that have been crippled.
    Have a good week!

    • Hi massagrabber….thank you for explaining. I do understand allegory’s but you mixed it into the concept of anti-life, somewhat confusing things…smiles..

      When it comes to the soul; one can talk about being a soul or one can experience knowing they are a soul-I am in the latter category.

      I’m so pleased to hear you mention John Taylor Gatto, he certainly deserves to be mentioned in the annals of these pages. Its been several years now since I read his book and contacted him about serious matters I had become aware of. His book touched me deeply and rather represented the authentic person he is and the fine integrity of his mind, spirit and being.

      About the media, I turned my TV off in 2005 and have never turned it back on. Quite frankly, its evil!

      Thanks for the link, its been awhile since I connected back with John Gatto. To be touched by his wisdom again will be somewhat refreshing.

      Yes, have a good week and nice chatting with you…..

      • Bev
        you seem to have misunderstood. First about the shoe as allegory and then about soul as the engine therefore brains as the driver of cognition.
        First the anti life concept is affirmed and compromised at the same moment it is said. It’s about perception or as in Buddhism, view. There are edicts that give comfort to folks that perceive a ‘right view’ by defining it. As the view is perceived it is compromised by the state or intention of the perceiver which gives rise to samsara or conditioned existence.
        As this is a well known concept we would want to profoundly understand it through meditation as a way of life. Here we go,,,,Not the flag, not the wind; mind is moving.
        In a sense there is no such condition as anti life but a person burning to death as contribution to Tibetan resiliency of their spiritual way of living says more than all the words in the world.
        What impresses us all has to do with persons like Dr Tracy; how forces have come to aid him, as well refresh themselves in his bravery and honour.

    • Hi massagrabber…well thank you for sharing the Buddist/Tibetian perspective with me. I only know, what I know from the experiential in my own life which has been a very spiritual journey.

      The anti-life concept I was talking about is not a condition, it is relevant to what is going on and is changing everything. Looking at the concept in a very broad sense I would explain it as the new political/military idea that ‘war is peace.’ I am not sure you have heard that but it is very relevant to our present state on a global level. I’m sorry, we confused each other.

      Now you have caught my interest with the words ‘burning to death’….could I trouble you to expand on that for me as that would be very helpful??

      I certainly understand the ‘forces’ you speak of, but I have not met anyone before you, who I could even mention that to. I have the utmost respect for Prof. Tracy and I do have insight into the spiritual fact that some are here advantaged by the path which took them to their ‘social position,’ to express on a world (expansive) level and there are others like myself and maybe even you, who function behind the scenes, remain at a very low profile, must have no sense of importance or be known, but are held to sacrafice a huge portion of their life for what is right and just in this world. I guess we could say the ‘spiritual scheme’ of things has been arranged by a much higher intelligence and wisdom, than us. A nearness to that ‘wisdom’ in the experiential transfers alot of self-knowledge to the soul…..smiles….

    • Reply to tg
      Terrific info. I was looking for a few examples that demonstrate the constant misrepresentations by the media. Hopefully your website will have some info in writing. Thx a lot

  10. The speed and viciousness directed at Tracey was meant to send a signal to jounalist and academics. Questioning the party line is not allowed. Thanks to Tracy for standing up and to the Professor’s support of his right to do so.

    I am saddened that other’s have not publicly supportted his right to inquiry.

  11. Beautifully spoken, Bev.
    ” In that humbling lies the transference of the ‘faculty of discernment’ which is a faculty of the mind, not the brain.”
    Are you speaking of the higher mind which is consciousness itself? If this be the case then I know that there is still hope for others to come to this same realization.

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