An Open Letter In Support of Dr. Tracy and Academic Freedom

January 21, 2013

Dear Florida Atlantic University administrators:

I am writing to express support for Dr. Tracy’s right to express his views and pose his questions. Indeed, as an associate professor, he has a professional responsibility to do so. Sadly, voicing unpopular views is a responsibility that is largely neglected in the academy. And even if Dr. Tracy has made some misjudgments regarding the present case (about which I reserve judgment), at least he has demonstrated an uncommon degree of courage in voicing opinions that risk engendering personal troubles. We would be better off with more professors willing to do that, even if it occasionally causes discomfort. For sometimes troubling views are both true and important.

Although I don’t have any special knowledge or insight into the particulars of the Sandy Hook shooting, those who criticize Dr. Tracy don’t seem to be basing their criticism on such specifics anyway. Rather, they view his questions and suspicions as absurd on their face (though it seems that Dr. Tracy’s positions have been exaggerated1). In other words, critics seem to regard the prior probability of Dr. Tracy’s claims as being so low that they can be dismissed without even considering his evidence. I take his general claims to be (1) that the story of what took place at Sandy Hook was not adequately vetted, and (2) that what actually took place may have been significantly different from the story that is being propagated. Regarding these, I disagree with the view that they are so implausible that they can be dismissed without consideration of evidence.

Like Dr. Tracy, I am an associate professor, teach at a state university, and have publically taken controversial positions. For example, I have publicly questioned the official account of September 11, 2001—to which most of my colleagues responded with polite dismissal, and apparently no interest in fact checking.2 Also, in a spirited public exchange with then-congressman John McHugh, I stated that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was tortured, to which McHugh replied indignantly, “He was not tortured!”—as if what I had said was beyond the pale. That was about two weeks before the fact that KSM was repeatedly waterboarded was finally acknowledged.

In addition to having reasons to sympathize with Dr. Tracy’s predicament, I have some relevant expertise. One of my areas of research is applied epistemology, and the philosophy of conspiracy theories in particular. I have taught courses that include the assessment of conspiracy theories, and State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs), as well as corruption and propaganda. And I have carefully studied the philosophical literature on conspiracy theories. And I have even published two articles, in peer-reviewed journals, criticizing Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule’s analysis of the causes of conspiracy theories as well as their proposed cure—“cognitive infiltration.”3 While it is common for academics to treat so-called “conspiracy theories” dismissively, most academics are not aware that there have been several published attempts to explain exactly why this attitude is warranted—and that they have all failed. Thus, a dismissive attitude toward “conspiracy theories,” far from being the more sophisticated position, it is actually based on ignorance of the most relevant literature. I recommend especially the work of David Coady and Charles Pigden.4

The bottom line is this: Outrageous conspiracies do occur. Propaganda and epistemic corruption is real, and more serious than many suppose. And, one cannot determine prior to looking at the specific evidence which conspiracy theories are true, or at least have merit, and which are truly unwarranted. There simply is no short cut. Just saying that something is a “conspiracy theory” or “nutty” or “outrageous” or “offensive” or “hurtful” will not suffice. If everything is on the up-and-up with the explanation of what happened at Sandy Hook, it shouldn’t be too hard to for defenders of the official story to win that argument. But the evidence should be adjudicated fairly, not denounced dogmatically. Unfortunately, challenges to orthodoxy are rarely treated fairly.

Finally, even if Dr. Tracy’s suspicion that something is seriously wrong with the official story is not born out, that does not mean his critique of the media is entirely without merit. And, in any case, it is important for someone to independently evaluate events and critique their portrayal in the media. As a professor of communication studies, Dr. Tracy was doing his job, even if he is wrong. (Let’s not forget that most theories about anything are wrong.) And, importantly, my studies of so-called “conspiracy theories,” propaganda, and epistemic corruption generally suggest that his actual claims—as distinct from the exaggerated and simplistic caricatures of them—are not as implausible as many assume.

Please don’t bow to emotion-based political or financial pressure. Do the right thing as a matter of principle. Respect Dr. Tracy right and duty to make his case.


Kurtis Hagen, Chair
Philosophy Department
SUNY Plattsburgh

1. Dr. Tracy has written, “While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place—at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” This has been characterized as suggesting that no children died, and that the whole thing was a complete fabrication. But, the principle of charity requires a less extreme interpretation, taking the last part seriously: “at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” So, we should assume, what Dr. Tracy is really suggesting is that the event may be in some significant way different from what is being portrayed. This is not totally implausible or nor would it be unprecedented. For there are examples of historical events that have been misleadingly presented in the media, to one degree or another (the killing of Fred Hampton, to mention just one example). It is possible that Dr. Tracy is only wrong in the degree of misrepresentation he implies. And if that is the case, his critique may still have some value.

2. If one is has neither read any of the scholarship on 9/11 by David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, or Nafeez Ahmed, nor has even bothered to watch a lecture by them or by Graeme MacQueen, Steven Jones, David Chandler, Jonathan Cole or other competent critics of the official story, I dare say one has not done minimal due diligence on the issue. See for links to various such lectures given at the 2011 Toronto Hearings on 9/11.

3. Kurtis Hagen, “Is Infiltration of ‘Extremist Groups’ Justified?” The International Journal of Applied Philosophy 24.2 (Fall 2010) 153-168, and “Conspiracy Theories and Stylized Facts,” Journal for Peace and Justice Studies 21.2 (Fall 2011) 3-22. See also my review of David Ray Griffin’s book, Cognitive Infiltration, published in Florida Philosophical Review, which can be found at

4. Much of the relevant work can be found in David Coady (ed.), Conspiracy Theories: The Philosophical Debate (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2006) and in Episteme: A Journal of Social Epistemology 4.2 (2007, Special Issue: Conspiracy Theories). For a short and easily accessible summary of Pigden’s position, see his “Wilt Thou Conceal This Dark Conspiracy?”

191 thoughts on “An Open Letter In Support of Dr. Tracy and Academic Freedom”

  1. That was a nice thing to do , as a person with no degree I would like to say that I find it a becon of hope when those that do have a degree are thinking for themselves and not just what a University deems knowlege worthy. There is something to be said for haveing the guts to support others besides your own peers so, thank you both Mr. Tracy and Mr. Hagen , honestly THANK YOU!

  2. I was glad to read this, this morning and fully support rigorous inquiries into official versions of reality. At the university level, and I have a philosophy degree from a Jesuit college, sharp inquiries are welcomed not ignored or negatively stereotyped or propagandized.

    The professor misstated the original thesis, non-diplomatically. To doubt that the event even occurred then put out the crisis actors thesis, he was actually inviting attack and controversy. Many of the media sources that usually are open to conspiracy theories have dismissed many of the theories around this story (Alex Jones; American Free Press). Even “Stormfront” segregated the SH conspiracy theory on to the revisionism page.

    1. Sorry to go tangential here, but I have to point out that Jesuit colleges are bastions of propaganda and epistemic corruption, to quote the article’s author. I was ‘educated’ at one and all I learned was what sick depraved liars Jesuits are. Catholic priests know all about conspiracies…

      1. “official versions of reality” is incorrect wording and has internal structure error due plural rather than singular. also, it’s more appropriate to say official narrative, since when referring to reality is mostly subjective until truth begins to surface.

        i disagree that anything was misstated, further he is not a diplomat nor trying to be a diplomat, he is however, raising concerns, asking questions and seeking truth. You are misstating his position, these were and are idea he advocated, and by the way, are still not proven false.

        It is false statement to say or imply that many media sources are usually open to conspiracy theories. Nearly all MSM merely tow the line of the power structure, and almost never give un-biased or truly objective analysis of an event, where specific evidence and/or conflicting information runs counter to an official narrative.

        finally, and with all due respect, i’m not sure how or why you would classify Stormfront as MSM. Nor do i ascertain any representational value either paralleling MSM or alternative media regarding their treatment of Sandy Hook.

      2. What complete bs Sue!

        Stereotypes and slurs, is that what you are peddling here? I went to a number of other colleges and frankly none of them offered the level of intellectual rigor as the college I matriculated at, and I cannot recall any of my professors being at all dishonest in the subjects I took and most were completely secular teachers and not religious.

        How about the level of scholarly standards at community colleges? State universities? Protestant or fundamentalist colleges or universities? A college or university is no better than its professors and Georgetown, Loyola, BC, and Fordham do not hire based on ideology at least in the course I took. Where did you go to college?

        The larger issue is moral and ethical backgrounds of the students. Are they partying, engaging in the rock, sex drug, counter-culture? You think Yale, Harvard and Princeton are great colleges, look at the books exposing that myth.

        There is a strain of conspiracy theorists who are frankly just grasping at straws as they love to look for connections when none exist.

      3. Rocky, I meant no disrespect to you personally, so perhaps it’s best to leave it at that. I trust that people of conscience have already come to recognize how conspiratorially orchestrating the catholic priests were in the mass rape of children. Further, I found that questioning whether god was male at a jesuit college got me sexually assaulted more than once. I appreciate your contribution to this site and its ideals and goals so let’s move on.

    2. You write, “To doubt that the event even occurred then put out the crisis actors thesis, he was actually inviting attack and controversy.”

      Yet, no evidence exists of any dead body. No evidence exists of any injured body. No evidence exists of footage taken of medics wheeling children to the hospital from the school. In fact, no evidence exists whatsoever that this shooting actually took place.

      Therefore, those who would promote that these killings took place even in spite of the bald fact that absolutely no hard, concrete evidence exists for such killings are the ones who are inviting attack and controversy. You, yourself, fall into this category, and that you would believe the official narrative in the wake of no evidence is highly suspicious, especially given that you tout your credentials as a logical, rigorous, highly schooled thinker and graduate.

      This is why Prof. Tracy’s work is so important. To suggest that he is inviting attack for questioning why we should believe such killings were real in the wake of absolutely no physical, scientific, medical, photographic, forensic, investigative, or other material evidence is ludicrous.

      1. It has been suggested by others in truth movement that snopes = BS
        In my limited interaction with their site, i feel the same.

      2. Fravashi, this brings up an interesting question (and Steve, before you dismiss me, I’m just trying to bring up a sincere question). How do we go about proving the existence of any reality outside of the reality that we directly live in? In the particular case of Sandy Hook, what kinds of evidence would be satisfactory to you? What I mean is, if we can suppose for a second that all kinds of evidence exists, and it’s presented to the public upon completion of the investigation, it’s going to still be presented in the form of a photograph or video/audio footage of evidence. We won’t actually be able to view the physical evidence directly. Is that level of showing evidence satisfactory, or would you need to directly view the actual evidence? Sorry this is so wordy. I’m tired. And Steve, I apologize if my anger in previous posts was seen as bashing people. I don’t mean to demean anyone. I do, however, reserve the right to question methodology if I don’t agree with it.

  3. True is the principle that it takes a few people with courage to give others the courage to stand up.

  4. Thanks for voicing your opinion regardless of your career. It means more that you know to those of us with “smaller” voices.

  5. Very thoughtful letter. I hope other academics find the courage to do the same. It’s long time to stand up to media bullies, who use political correctness and their overwhelming presence of authority on news, to stomp on anyone who voices an opposing thought.

  6. If I were trying to set up a psy/op of this magnitude, no chance of foul-ups could be left to chance.

    I checked out the firehouse and the now blocked off access points to the school a couple of weeks ago, it is totally surrounded by barbed wire fencing. Someone has given orders to maintain secrecy for some reason. I noticed a large athletic field and park immediately abutting the SH school and uphill. If some sort of operation was performed, it would be a lot less risky to flee to that access point than from the cul de sac that the school was on.

    Plausible theories of reasons for why the officials have not come forward with significant evidence with the consequences of them doing this should be advanced rather than grasping at straws with various “suspicious” reports unless such reports show ulterior motives.

    1. Authorities had decided with haste to demolish the school. How quickly did they take to work that out? Maybe as fast as it takes to remove the surveillance tapes perhaps. Don’t you worry about those officials and you must know they are masters of butt covering even if the plumbers are in full view and they are. It’s not pretty.

      1. Nobody has decided to demolish the school and there were no surveillance tapes. Where do you get your information?

      2. Sandy WHO, do you admit to know anything? Why are you asking me?
        What do you hope to gain? How is it that your perplexed after over a month? Your gonna give the Rumsfield runaround aren’t you?
        There are known knowns; there are things we know we know.
        We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

        He isn’t bright enough to have put that argument up from his own brain, never the less his level of dishonesty makes people like him gravitate to such rediculous obfuscation.
        The irony; it is like turning a pilot light up, to a search light, which points directly on him. It’s an admittance of his guilt.–connecticut-school-shooting-newtown-considers-what-to-do-with-sandy-hook-elementary
        also Christian Science Monitor claimed the same thing but the article has been purged. A change of heart, half bit info, misdriection, indecision as no decision? They are not making a monument to 28 dead people and if so that would be a psych-op.

        Am I making an assumption, not based on what they did in Columbine.

        As a parent would I visit Wounded Knee, another treachery, perhaps but knowing it is there is sufficient.
        The future is pending a decision for that building so we wait.
        There is much more regarding the new school and how much fear still exists so they say but we will leave it at that. As you imply – a fact is a fact – I agree.

        December 14, 2012
        NEWTOWN, Conn. – Prior to Friday’s mass shooting, Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung had just implemented new security measures, including visitor management and a visual monitoring system.
        Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, who was killed along with 25 others — 20 of them six- and seven-year-old children — had overseen the installation of a new security system requiring that every visitor ring the front entrance doorbell after the doors locked at 9:30 a.m. Once buzzed into the front office, parents and other visitors were asked to produce photo identification.

        I gather my question is your question, lets presume?
        Where are those visual records?
        Lets get back to the point in tiime when we first said what is going on here?
        Here we are over a month and it isn’t getting clearer but the ‘TROLLS’ continue.
        Dr Tracy is a target! Who is shooting at the target. Take their names. There are consequences. The president is a liar and the minions serve. What now?

      3. Massagrabber, where on earth are you getting this from? There have been no decisions regarding the fate of the school, nor has there been any information in regard to the existence of any surveillance tapes.
        Prof Tracy, if you are reading this, I hope you recognize massagrabber’s comment as an example of what I referred to, in an earlier reply to you, as being part of this growing condemnation that is starting to look an awful lot like a witch hunt: All players assumed guilty until proven otherwise, based on prejudicial implications and/or erroneous statements, such as the one above. Yes, of course, there are gaps in the information where legitimate questions can be raised. But I would have to think that, being the esteemed professor that you claim to be, you wouldn’t want anyone to cast a guilty verdict before all the facts are in, especially on the victims families who are being harassed daily. Like it or not, you are now in a position of power, much to your making. You now have the ability, and i would say the responsibility, to denounce any angry rhetoric and to implore the people who are harassing the families to stop.

      4. The only people truly harassing anyone is you Pete Troll. Your pretend sympathy for the families is a farce. You care nothing for the families, neither does your bosses, yet ya’ll only care to cover you exposed lies with personal attacks and mis and dis-information. The actions of others are not the responsibility of Mr Tracy, he doesn’t need to feel obligated to do anything which you suggest. And he is not alone, there are hundreds of thousands or millions perhaps even billions of people standing together with him, questioning this event, wanting answers. It is your senseless rhetoric garbage which needs reigning.

      5. Massagrabber – you wrote “Authorities had decided with haste to demolish the school. How quickly did they take to work that out? Maybe as fast as it takes to remove the surveillance tapes perhaps.” Sandy was just asking you where you got that info regarding the school demolition and the surveillance tapes. Considering that this would be big news, it doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request from Sandy.

  7. One professor speaking on the behalf of another professor reveals a professional fellowship that I find encouraging.

    The fact that one professor has to speak out and defend another professor’s right to express his own cultural voice clearly reveals the presence of a ‘power asymmetry’ where perhaps one hidden arm of that asymmetry is marked strongly by a persistence to control, that imposes an assimilation policy which seeks to tie us into a logic of domination, set in place to ‘prevent’ any individual from developing their power to perceive critically’ and to perceive social contradictions, and to take action against elements of reality which seek to tyrannize awakened critical consciousness.

    Is the engendering of personal troubles worth the risk? I quote Hegel who stated, ‘It is solely by risking life that freedom is obtained. The individual who has not staked his or her life may, no doubt, be recognized as a Person; but he or she has not attained the truth of this recognition as an independent self-consciousness. (The Phenomenology of Mind, New York, 1967, pg. 233)

    ‘Polite dismissal’ is maintenance of the status quo and should not be confused with freedom which places the status quo in question.

    Why are we struggling with the ‘conspiracy’ issue? Because those invested in controlling have us suffering from narration sickness because their agenda involves throwing ‘dialogue, conversation, discussion and questioning’ out the window and under the bus.

    I commend both these professors and they have all my respect.

    1. thank you for your thought provoking comments =)

      many have already moved beyond the CT label issue, as they clearly see it for what it is, shallow and hallow, lacking of any critical thinking and objective analysis

      “freedom lies in being bold”
      – Robert Frost

    2. BEV: Perfect response. “Power asymmetry” indeed. The very fact that it takes courage & risk to question/criticize govt /media action demonstrates a lack of democracy. Who any longer feels that citizens have power & that their displeasure is to be avoided?

      Almost humorous that the journalist was so outraged on behalf of the govt: How dare you suggest our govt is lying about the shooting? Our govt whose Dept of Defense doctrine is called “full spectrum dominance,” which includes attacking other countries “before a threat can develop”.
      Our govt which is using outlawed white phosphorus “to illuminate the [residential] battlefields.” Our govt which is routinely killing even children with drones. How dare you accuse such a govt of lying about a shooting.

      What? Our media doesn’t tell the truth about shootings? You mean just because we ignored the witnesses at the Sikkh temple shooting who said there were 4 shooters dressed in black? You feel it was less than honest to blame it on deceased Lee Harvey Loco?

      It’s surreal.

      1. Thank you Steve and Penelope. You mention the ‘lack of democracy’ which is very aligned with one of my own realizations. In the past I became very interested in the word ‘democracy’ because it seemed to me that it had somehow become a slogan that allowed horrific things to happen in small countries. So I studied three great thinkers: Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations, Michael Novak and The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, and William Gairdner and The Trouble With Canada (a banned book)

        Adam Smith characterized ‘democratic capitalism’ as a NATURAL SYSTEM where the tools of freedom and wealth creation are not from the top/down nor imposed by political planners or intellectuals. The NATURAL SYSTEM must be bottom-up tools that serve the common good of the people and benefit all who use them.

        He was basically condemming collectivism which is gov from the top-down and characterized by broad control through elitism, gov coercion and social engineering. Collectivism’s essence is catering to interest groups, engineering so-called ‘experts’ and it holds power through autocracy and fear.

        Michael Novak furthered the concept of NATURAL through defining a key feature of this complex NATURAL SYSTEM. That particular key feature he defined in this NATURAL SYSTEM was, ‘as when its three most important areas of influence: political (gov)/economic (business)/cultural (societal institutions), are kept apart-a clever splitting of the system which created a pluralistic system where each area of influence cannot affect each other.

        William Gairdner expanded on the concept of this NATURAL SYSTEM by explaining that this pluralistic/split-apart system can only be dissolved away by taking control of the ‘media and all the important cultural avenues of expression.’ If one of the influences controls this it becomes ‘tools for propaganda.’ He explained this move as ‘seeking to control society through financial control of culture.’ (pg. 115)

        Now here is an important quote for you regarding this complex NATURAL SYSTEM they called democratic capitalism: ‘Government has only one legitimate role to play in democratic government: to create and protect a climate (in which the ‘divided apart’ system) can flourish with justice. (The Trouble With Canada, pg 55) parenthesis emphasis is mine.

        Out of all my years of study and independent research I kept and preserved the above because we deserve to know and understand the main points about the total restructuring of our political system and societal institutions. We deserve to empower ourselves through grasping insights!

        Here is another important statement where all three authors shared a concensus: ‘a political system will never be perfect, will not always be high-minded, must be natural and pluralistic but it must be present because the absence of government results in chaos and barbarism. It must be small to result in justice for citizens, it must not be total and large because it results in slavery.’ (summed up by Gairdner, pg 61)

        A society’s cultural institutions are supposed to work for the people, not be used against them!

        Penelope, I could not miss your statement ‘attacking other countries “before a threat can develop.” This strategy is as we discussed in the Professor’s last drop a tactic from a science of death. It is anti-life, wraps itself around the pro-life slogan ‘humanitarian efforts’ thereby obscuring meaning and confusing the citizenry. All prevention tactics are anti-life, are pro-death and are Sophistry which is the clever use of arguments which seem true but are really false.

        We are at a complex stage in history but I live and breathe hope everyday that I can wake even one more person and I will never give up on humanity because I have great faith in human resilience. Regardless of the dark places my studies have taken me I still smile, laugh and enjoy life because I know and understand the art of structuring fabrication. I still strongly believe in all people because I know that God given inherent human nature is a field of possibilities and potentials whose development and growth is totally dependant on a healthy society that produces and empowers strong, stable families who have ‘forever’ been entrusted to raise the children who are the next society in the making.

      2. Reply to BEV:
        I suppose it’s contrary of me but I seem usually to take exception to universal statements. Prevention of death, injury or ill health don’t seem anti-life to me. I feel quite pro-life when I avoid GMO food or grow my own lettuce & tomatoes. Likewise I’m troubled by Gairdner’s “Government has only one legitimate role to play in democratic government: to create and protect a climate (in which the ‘divided apart’ system) can flourish with justice”. I don’t like the “only” & I don’t even find the statement very apt. I prefer “To secure these rights governments are instituted among men,.” and I wouldn’t put an “Only” in front of it.
        Insofar as late-stage capitalism is concerned it may be an oxymoron to call it democratic capitalism. Even though we suspect conspiracy & hidden wrong-doing re the Sandy Hook shooting & others like it, these events seem finally to be artifacts of a late-stage capitalism which is profoundly undemocratic. This is so because the directing power behind deep events is the banking/transnational power structure. While the power structure is multifactorial I see the military/intelligence people as essentially minions of the primary Big Banking/Big Business structure whose control seems near-monopolistic.
        Obviously we all know that capitalism must be divested of its monopolies & subjected to democratic control–i.e., re-regulated. However we didn’t do so well at keeping caitalism’s genie for evil in the bottle the first time, so perhaps some more systemic correction is needed. For sure, nations should create there own interest-free money. (see Ellen Brown online articles or Michael Hudson’s Modern Monetary Theory online presentations).
        I’m studying Michael Hudson now. I’d be interested to see what you think of his ideas. You can get a quick insight into them by watching his online presentations & interviews. His current book is “The Bubble & Beyond” & I’m studying that now.
        If Hudson is correct, capitalism is anything but natural. Five voices come together to indicate that it isn’t: 1. Webster Tarpley’s youtube on the Venetian Conspiracy which became the British Empire, from which the US has taken over empire-building. 2. William Engdahl’s online interviews & books, especially “A Century of War” but all of his books are extraordinary. “Full Spectrum Dominance” quotes the military’s own documents: chilling. 3. Michel Chossudovsky’s “The Globalization of Poverty & the New World Order” which describes the exact means by which the power structure has enslaved other nations into debt-peonage via IMF & World Bank. His website is 4. David Graeber’s monumental “Debt the First 5,000 Years” (I didn’t read it all; it’s amusing, but very long); and finally, 5. Michael Hudson who is revolutionary & seems to be the only one who has a picture of what the next economic system should look like.
        All of these writers are less abstract than those you cite and they converge towards a single worldview starting from radically divergent sets of documented fact.
        Sorry so long.

      3. Standing ovation from me, Penelope! Bang on!
        Feigning an immature whine here; ” Respect my authorit[i]”! It is unfortunate that we bow and scrape before those who claim authority and “power”. Utterly disgraceful.

      4. “I don’t like the “only” & I don’t even find the statement very apt. I prefer “To secure these rights governments are instituted among men,.”

        Hmmmmmm…..I do like where you are going with this train of thought, Penelope, as I, too, get a gag reflex when I read a one-sided , or heavy lean towards a personal opinion….ESPECIALLY from a dominant sex, but, re-read the last line of your quote. THIS is what I have a problem with. So many Americans quote the (Con)stitution without actually dissecting it, and more importantly, those who authored this document.
        I have an issue with any author’s document, especially one that is written from a very narrow perspective, that deigns to impose their system of fairness or balance upon another. Women, children and people of another skin tone were not afforded these protections laid out in the Constitution. This document is a sham and must be either revisited or rewritten,,,,but, I know that this will not even solve our spiritual dilemma.
        Is it not lost on anyone that we humans would even NEED to draft a document stating our rights as humans??? I understand that it seemed necessary because of the negative force the British “Crown” was weilding against the new colonies but, in all honesty, what the hell did this document ever do to improve the lives of our weakest citizens??? Nothing, nada, zip.
        If a contract does not serve the entire populace then what good is that contract? And why, in the name of all that is good and decent, do we even need a document to keep us honest and caring?

        It is apparent, at this current epoc, that governance does NOT work because of the varying condition of each human’s soul. A contract or document an honest man ( or woman ) does not make. The most immature and self serving will always desire to attain such positions for their personal satisfaction. This is what we have been experiencing on this planet for thousands of years and nothing will change that until each individual earnestly works to improve their spiritual condition.
        This “system” is broken from top to bottom.

    3. Pete asks that a response to Sandy be articulated again as per above.
      He is inventing a magic show for 3 year olds and it goes like this….he closes both eyelids, waves his hands all around pleading that he can’t see. The children say open you eyes open your eyyes.
      He opens his left eye lid and sinks to the floor saying,,,, but I’m half blind then the kids say your just fooling hehehehe

  8. Professor Hagen:

    I commend you on an excellent, well-reasoned letter.

    I’m particularly pleased by these lines, in your first footnote: ‘This has been characterized as suggesting that no children died, and that the whole thing was a complete fabrication. But, the principle of charity requires a less extreme interpretation, taking the last part seriously: “at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” So, we should assume, what Dr. Tracy is really suggesting is that the event may be in some significant way different from what is being portrayed.’

    This was the first time I’d ever encountered your blog; I look forward to returning and reading more, soon…



  9. It was the Catholic church which as a matter of habit would take a collision of incidence and raise it to high moral order. That would stupefy a congregation into silence only to suffer in anguish at was known. It is more than plausible to believe those wicked things now. Mount Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland where a rough and ready society of mainly Irish immigrants lived in general ignorance of profound evil being inflicted on young boys by well protected clergy. That place was a snowflake on an ice-burg.
    In general the western world is being devastated morally by all manner of the well protected class. People are so stripped with the lash, we can hardly stand to take it any longer. The fundamental notion emitting from our consciousness says we don’t deserve this abusive treatment and are turning to look beyond the tape cordoning off these horrors. As depicted at the Aurora Theater or Sandy Hook Elementary death is a part of it no matter how many you can count.
    Children are dying everywhere and they are not alone. Our side is doing more murder by a large magnitude and it is incomprehensible.
    The reason; it isn’t in us to do such a thing!
    Questioning who, what, where, when and why is our responsibility for a hundred reasons. I can respect the so-called experts for constructing a logical scenario but it is my responsibility to satisfy my intellect. Thanks for your efforts Dr Tracy in offering a breakdown of an event which shocked and dismayed every onlooker. This was categorical failure on the part of main stream media to do their due diligence and satisfy every question that a journals job is meant to do. Again my appreciation is one among many.

  10. The people posting before me have said what I wanted to say better than I could have. But to both professors: BRAVO!

    “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

  11. One of the latest emanations from the circles of power in the Constitution State has given the final official report on Sandy Hook many, many months off in the month of June (end of school year?).

    Sandy Hook police report still months away

    HARTFORD — A final report on the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School is likely months away, and it may take even longer before its findings are made public.

    State police are not expected to wrap up the criminal investigation of the Newtown school shooting until June at the earliest, according to Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky.

    HARTFORD — The mental state of the gunman who carried out the deadly school shooting in Newtown is likely to remain an official secret.

    There is a widespread assumption that 20-year-old Adam Lanza was mentally ill because of the horrific nature of his crimes — the mass murder of 20 first-graders and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the killing of his own mother.

    Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III reported Thursday that any information about Lanza’s mental health is privileged and cannot be publicly disclosed, even though he is dead.

  12. I too have wondered what is going on. There have been school shootings before but few & far between. Now EVERY DAY I turn on the TV there has been some sort of school shooting. It’s like an epidemic! His views here are a right everyone has. Freedom of speech negative or positive he has that right to post what he likes. I don’t say I believe that shooting never happened. I think it did. There are details that everyone overlooks. On the mental health system I can comment on that. I know from personal experience when a family member attempted suicide & was sent there. It is all about money & as corrupt as a lot are. It is all about insurance. Most insurance companies have a cap on how much they pay & how long. Some only pay 50%. Many mental health institutions will double bill the cost of care. They know the chance of getting the other 50% out of the patients will be slim, They will tell you it is to help you out financially but it is to cover their own butts. Even then if insurance coverage runs out they will boot the patient out under guise of they no longer need care. That is where everyone needs to focus. The corruption. AS far as having guns I don’t think Congress should take all guns. We need guns to protect our family in case of home invasion or intruder with sinister motives. Believe me if it happens to your family you would not want to wait for police to get there. One example of the need is a local woman was killed by pit bulls that escaped their owners property. That is a totally different subject I won’t get in to but onlookers could only watch until the cops got there & killed the most aggressive dog. I saw it on the video released from that cops dash cam. It was unbelievable & horrible. One guy had tried to beat them off but was driven back by the out-of-control dogs. If he had a gun on him that woman might have been saved. You can’t always wait until the cops get there. It may be too late.
    Gun sales locally are booming! Hard to find any on shelves since this happened. The cost of guns has also skyrocketed with the demand. More corruption. I do believe all should be educated in gun safety & use especially if you have kids in the home. Not sure I agree with the need to own military style guns. What is the chance of our government turning on its own people like in some countries where they might be needed? Those guns should be military only. They are used to kill. Not to defend. If I had to shoot an intruder I think I’d rather wound him than kill him.
    Not everyone will agree with my views & don’t agree 100% with other views but it is a right to voice an opinion. If you don’t like this guys views don’t read them or just disagree but he is American living in a free country. Some seek media coverage no matter what. It is like a drug to some. Many want the limelight negative or positive. As some Hollywood people say, “Any publicity is better than none”. It keeps them in that limelight. I prefer to stand in the background. Hide even. I’m shy. LOL! But I do voice my opinion then move on…lets move on now…

    1. Cheryl Condrey said:

      “Not sure I agree with the need to own military style guns. What is the chance of our government turning on its own people like in some countries where they might be needed? Those guns should be military only. They are used to kill. Not to defend. If I had to shoot an intruder I think I’d rather wound him than kill him.”

      The odds are a lot better than you’d think. I believe it is the height of hubris to believe that our own government would not turn on it’s own citizens. I am only 28 years old, but I know all about Ruby Ridge and Waco. Wouldn’t you say the government turned against those people?

      Those two events were also example of where the media lied to and persuaded the people to stand by as federal agents MURDERED their own citizens.

      I want you you to know that I am not picking on you specifically Cheryl, and I support your right to say whatever you want, regardless of whether or not I agree with it. I just wanted to remind everyone who reads this post that our government is more than capable of killing it’s own.

      Let us take a look at The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Here is an article that discusses sections 1021 and 1022:

      I also wanted to refute the notion that common law-abiding citizens should not have ‘military style’ guns. Although I do agree that the average citizen does not need to have a nuclear warhead, or a rocket launcher, I do disagree with the notion that he/she should not have semi-automatic rifles. The military uses M16 rifles, which fire fully automatic, however, the AR 15, is semi-automatic. There is a big difference between the two.

      I remember in another post, where someone said that the 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with ‘assault rifles’ have nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. That assertion is false, in my view. First off, ‘assault rifle’ is a media-created term that’s been used to demonize semi-automatic guns for at least 20 years now. Anything can be used to assault someone else. A hammer can be used to assault someone, does that make it an assault hammer? Let’s not use media-generated Orwellian terminology please.

      The 2nd Amendment is the one that gives the other amendments teeth. Without it, we have no rights. Not to mention, when the 2nd Amendment was pinned, the average citizen had the same muskets as the average soldier did. To me, that means that the founders of this nation intended upon the citizens to have similar firepower to what their military had.

      Granted, as I said previously, I don’t think the average citizen should have grenade launchers and F-16 jets, but I don’t think we should restrict semi-automatic rifles just because a crime was supposedly committed with it. And I say supposedly, because I am not even sure whether or not the Bushmaster AR was even used at Sandy Hook.

      We need to investigate this Sandy Hook shooting in depth, before making any knee-jerk reactions. That’s all I am saying.

      1. Micheal, great post. My only discrepancy is the M16/M4 IS NOT a fully auto rifle. They have positions on the selector switch: safe, fire, and three round burst. Three round burst means each trigger squeeze three rounds come out. Fully auto means you can leave the trigger depressed and it will continuously fire

    2. No one is suggesting that James doesn’t have the right to express his views. But the first amendment doesn’t grant complete immunity from the consequences of one’s speech. It’s well within the right of an employer to terminate the employment of anyone who has displayed actions, including speech, that present the employee as unsuitable for the job.

      1. Mr Tracy is of a very small group in academia who actually do their job, both as a professor and as an American, the rest simply tow the line, as robots, working and living in fear.

      2. What about his comments make him unsuitable for the job? Because he is challenging the official narrative of Sandy Hook? Anyone with a decent brain can see that there are some things that don’t add up regarding the media’s coverage of Sandy Hook. As far as I see it, James Tracy is doing a service to the American people. He is asking questions that the majority of Americans are either too stupid, or too lazy to ask. Why should he lose his job for speaking his mind?

      3. To DD’s comment above, I knew they had 3 round burst, but did not know they did away will full auto fire. My mistake.

    3. Reply to Cheryl: “What is the chance of our own govt turning on us?” You musn’t be beguiled into believing that the gangsters who are in control of our govt have the moral scruples that you & the people you know have. For motive & context read “A Century of War” or “Full Spectrum Dominance” by Wm Engdahl. For more objective news coverage see Presstv on the internet. Keep reminding yourself when you listen to the corporate media that the message is being controlled by the same people who control govt thru campaign contributions, and it’s really doing the things that Mike points out.

      1. Thanks I will. I think I really meant that as a bit of sarcasm. Every government is corrupt I know that. I do admit to being ignorant of many of the bad things our government does. We are better off in USA than some countries we could be in but I wonder if it will always be that way. When Obama said “change” I don’t think many realized what that meant. It is just the beginning I fear. Don’t want to live in fear so often ignore things that may stress me out. I’m 55. Not ready for the grave yet but my productive life is over. I now have time to sit & reflect & I don’t like some of it one bit! Have a great day & keep up the great info!

      2. “We are better off in USA than some countries we could be in …”

        Dear Cheryl,

        It is an illusion that we are better off in this country. Hollywood has done a marvelous job of creating fantasy. We think we have it “better” only because we are allowed material comforts and entertainment. All of this is a form of sensuality that keeps us locked into our lower Chakras. Once locked into this center of self-pleasure we agree to serve this leviathan…all for the sake of pleasure. Those who live in the mode of survival have a more difficult time embracing their government and those in authority…usually, but not always. I, personally, can remember a period in my life that was nothing but a struggle to survive…let alone thrive. In this condition the environment in which I found myself did not even apply to me. New cars, homes, clothes, boats, atv’s, vacations, home decor, eating out, going to the movies were not even on my radar. On a daily basis I was bombarded with commercial after commercial or advert. telling me how I should live and what I needed to own in order to be happy. I had the intelligence to understand that the authors of these commercials and advertisments were not speaking to me. They could care less if I and my children had a healthy standard of living. Their motivation was purely for profit. It is evident that the value system of America is based solely on self interest. That can never be misconstrued as a healthy environment.
        We have been lulled into a false sense of security. It is all an illusion.

        1. Been there before where it was a struggle. Had times with no food or belongings or even a roof over my head. I see myself getting to that point again. My children have all grown up & moved away. Have little contact with them. If I ever have contact & ask why they say, “Busy”. It is becoming a struggle again for many reasons. Probably won’t even have internet, phone or TV by end of week. Cost of living keeps going up rapidly. Behind on house payments & been eating instant oatmeal every day this month to make ends meet. Refrigerator & cabinets empty. Yes…I do know about struggle. More than that though. In this country so many scam & appear as beggars just to get free help so most now look down on them & ignore them, The stigma of the poor & homeless now becomes something to be ashamed of so most just ignore them. Most people like to believe we all have a Brady Bunch existence. It is the norm now. They keep their kids over scheduled for so many things to keep busy so they never have time to question anything considered not to be “perfect”. That American Dream. I have a feeling that dream will be a big nightmare soon.

        2. Hi, Cheryl. I am sorry to hear of your situation…which affects us all. Is there anything that I could do to help? Do I need to call your bank/landlord on your behalf? Electric/Gas company? We need to put a stop to this anti-life practice of cutting us off from our life source just because we lack paper and Coin! This is revolting!

          Please let me know what I can do to help, Cheryl.


        3. Ok. See the reply now. if you don’t see my reply in comments let me know. It was actually a thank you but no thank you. I really do appreciate the offer though. Have a feeling we will lose power very soon. Already under a tornado warning here in SC so will be taking cover. Not many would have offered so think you are a special person. I’m just one of the few that are still proud I am standing on my own 2 feet. Been alone a long time now & used to doing things on my own. Got a default notice on my home. Know anyone in market for an unworn Tissot men’s watch? Won one billed as a Brad Paisley Tissot Watch a few years back. All the bells & whistles. If I can just catch up my house payments & stock up on food I’ll have it licked. Already put my 2 Golden Retriever’s in the hallway so guess I’ll turn up the weather channel & join them. Have no problem befriending people on facebook. More pics of my dogs than my kids & grand kids. LOL! Wait on me Dorthy! Gotta grab Toto!

        4. Hi Cheryl
          Pardon me if this is old news to you. When financial constraints are pressurizing the life you live many have found remedy by studying the subjects at links like the one here. There are many communities involved in resolving problems foisted on us by another society called the law society and the banking establishment. Please get involved. You can make this default notice go away with study. is another. Video and interviews, email and chat are all used to convey the important material.

        5. Thank you. I really appreciate any & all suggestions and will look at the links you sent me. Hope all is well with you today & you were not in the path of bad storms that hit yesterday. We fared OK. Mess to clean up but the temps dropped like a rock & windy so clean-up will wait a few days. If I go out in bitter cold to do something it will be days before I can move. Lol! Tomorrow will be e very busy day for me so want to do all I can today that I need to do on computer. Take care, Cheryl

        1. Yes. Thank you. A mess to clean up but otherwise in one piece. Still a bit windy & bitter cold now. Goes from 70’s in day to 40’s. Weird Thanks for the concern. Not many people care. Cheryl

        2. That is so good to hear, Cheryl. You mentioned how the weather has become more unstable and unpredictable so I was wondering if you have read anything on Polar Shifts? From everything that I have read it appears that we are in the midst of one and the powers that be are keeping this little nugget of info from the public. This is why we are seeing dormant volcanoes coming to life ( The Canary Island underwater volcano is a good example ), tsunami’s, earthquakes, E-5 tornadoes ( but they will not call them E-5 in the mainstream media ), sinkholes, lakes dissappearing, droughts, epic floods, intense heat and cold, blizzards with epic snowfall amounts, snow in regions of the world that rarely if ever experience snow, etc, etc.
          A decent book on this is ‘The Coming Super Storm” by Art Bell and Whitley Streiber. This book is over 10 years old so some of the things that they predicted have already come to fruition.
          Here are a few articles that might help to understand what is happening to earth;

          This is just the tip of the “iceberg”, Carolyn.
          There are multiple cover-ups within the Illuminati Cabal and the coming Polar Shift is but one. They have been knowing all about the severity of the changes of weather patterns ( probably for 40+ years now ) and have only made plans for their kind.

          This goes deeper than Sandy Hook or 9/11.
          There is a lot of information out there on this subject if you want to know about it, Cheryl.
          Let me know if I can help.

  13. It is not physically or mechanically possible for the fimble shooter to of done what the official reports say he did. It was reported they were all shot in the head, yet head photos were provided to parents for id? Bravo for the brave trying to come to the truth and enlighten us all! First time in history that “live” TV went from a school shutdown to a full evacuation of 600 students with no video of same!

    1. Medical Examiner Carver, with his inimitable penchant for detail, actually said on December 15 that the victims were shot “all over.”

      1. And that implies what to you?? You constantly describe events as odd or strange but never, as far as I can see, have you presented a detailed scenario within which all these supposed oddities make any sense. No one, as far as I can tell, has bothered to present anything other than, “it’s a fraud” or “they’re actors” or “it’s a government/media plot”. Asked to take it one step further, with some sort of descriptive analysis, and you all drop the ball like it’s covered with the plague. This is what I find so alarming. Scenarios such as have been put forth, purposefully left in vagueness and ambiguity, result in an unfocused and unenlightened, dialogue with potentially harmful consequences to the victims families. I would urge you to consider the responsibility you have which goes hand in hand with your freedom to speech as you wish. Like it or not, you are, to some degree, responsible for the anger and hatred being directed towards the victims families. If I were you, that would not sit well with me. Please step up and take it to the next level. Please offer us a detailed, thoughtful analysis of how you think this event played out, so that we may then have a thoughtful and enlightened dialogue. Without your lead in this I’m afraid these suppositions of some sort of conspiracy will degrade further into a witch hunt: guilty until proven innocent. Is this what you want?

      2. Again Pete Troll your concern for victims families, is a farce. Your tactic to try to discredit others making investigation by trying to attach that to being disrespectful to families is already tried technique. It’s gone past its expiry date. Its been used/employed over and over for years in every psyop that’s ever been played on the American people and by now we can see through it, and it doesn’t work. Hmmm… maybe soon you and your troll buddies will be out a job.

        Who cares what you find so alarming. No one needs to answer to you Pete Troll. Did you ever think that’s why you don’t get any response, because people know you don’t really care, rather you are just trying to bash them and twist and distort their attempt to seek the truth.

        I would urge you to consider finding another job, whereby something positive and healthy comes from your soul, something whereby you can bring light not darkness.

        The only people responsible for any anger or hatred are those who are covering up and complicit in this event, and people like yourself who lie, conceal and try to cover for real criminals. Those of us here who are making effort to understand what has happened, by seeking truth, are striving for peace and love.

        Well Pete Troll you’re not us, and since you lack sincerity, why should anyone care what does or doesn’t sit well with you. We seek truth, you seek lies and obfuscation. We know your game, we know your tactics. We know it will probably never be possible to have an enlightened or thoughtful dialogue with you.

        It’s a global citizens investigation. As far as what happened, the international community is putting together the puzzle. No one human individual can possibly have all the answers. Perhaps if you stand back and stfu, you will start to see picture unfolding.

        In the meantime, you can call it what you want, some sort of conspiracy, witch hunt , guilty until proven innocent or whatever blah blah blah are your words and your subjective reality, of which none of us need subscribe. This is all your shallow tactic to try to shield people from making investigation, from learning the truth.

        beautiful witches, goblins, confused demons, bats, rats, gliblygoons, willywarks, broomsticks, fireflies, bumblebees, tumbleweeds, desert fishes, snowman poo, belly beambop, tally hoo =)

        Soon you and your troll buddies will change your user name and repeat all your tactics all over again. We’ll be waiting…

    2. Reply to Cheryl re financial troubles. You might consider renting a room to an employed person or even sharing the whole house. I think CraigsList has a free roommate wanted listing. And you don’t have to make up your mind if you really want to do it until you’ve interviewed potential roommates.
      Just a thought, to bring some cash into your situation.

  14. Dear Professor Hagen,

    Thank you for being brave and speaking out on behalf of Mr Tracy. Thank you also for highlighting many important points.

    In these difficult times, great courage and boldness is required from all of us, from all walks of society, helping in any way we can.

    Regarding your comment, “It is possible that Dr. Tracy is only wrong in the degree of misrepresentation he implies. And if that is the case, his critique may still have some value.”

    Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say, It is possible that Dr. Tracy is only wrong in the degree of misrepresentation he implies. And if that is the case, his critique has value, perhaps tremendous value, life saving, consciousness raising value, world changing value.

    Regarding you notes #2, here is additional yet extremely valuable information to understand how lies and cover-up correlate with the so-called nobel lie which is driving/crushing humanity into ash.

    The Moral Decoding of 9/11 by John Mcmurtry

    1. Hello again Mr Hagen,

      I would also like to add that I hope with all your expertise in epistemology and specifically studies of conspiracies, that you will at some point offer some analysis of this event, rather than just straddling the fence.

      Your show of support is welcome, but after reflection, it is still lacking in the courage that’s really needed, which is for more professors and professionals, especially those who have published papers, taught class and studied similar events, to take a stand, just as Mr Tracy has, and knowing full well, that there will be mistakes, yet, keep pursuing the truth, keep seeking and keep finding.

      Just showing support is nice, but taking a stand is real courage and real support. See what you can do man, take your experience and then take a stand. I hope to hear your analysis, special knowledge or insight.

      Best regards,

  15. Most people do not realize how little freedom we have left. We do not even have the freedom to our own opinions – the media will tell us what our opinions are, who to hate, and why we should hate them.

    Anyone that asks questions or points out inconsistencies and contradictions about information presented as fact can expect an attack. According to Veteran’s Today, Israel activated a 5th column attack to discredit, humiliate, and shame anyone and everything pertaining to the Sandy Hook Hoax. For another country to invoke an attack of this magnitude on those for merely asking logical questions, leads me to believe there is more to this type of event than the media are telling us. Solutions suggested and imposed pertaining to events such as Sandy Hook has not worked in the past. Why would they work now?

    Our worldview has been challenged. Dr. Tracy is willing to confront whatever the truth may be and he is not too afraid to face it. Dr. Kurtis Hagan has the balls support
    Dr. Tracy’s right to ask questions, “Freedom of Speech.”

    If people really want these types of attacks to stop, it is time to consider other opinions besides what we are fed by the media and our elected officials. It is time to stand together as American’s and, if nothing else, support those with the balls to challenge today’s “shut-up and color” status quo.

    1. Stacey, you apparently don’t understand what the right to freedom of speech entails. Your right to free speech doesn’t guarantee you immunity from criticism. It never has and it never will, lest someone else’s right to speak freely, however counter to your own opinion, be infringed. We live in a world where everyone is blogging or tweeting their opinions on a daily, if not hourly basis. It’s never been easier to voice an opinion, given that we now can utilize the greatest platform for freedom of speech we’ve ever had: the internet. Thanks to the Internet we have access to any array of opinions that we never had before. That includes Veteran’s Today, who has the right to voice the opinion that the Sandy Hook massacre was actually carried out by Israel in a retaliatory attack. They also have the right to claim, as they do on their website, that there were never any gas chambers, so, therefore, the Holocaust never happened. It might be worth for you to consider that, just because a media outlet lies outside of the mainstream, it doesn’t mean that it holds the barometer of truth. Fringe doesn’t equal truth any more than mainstream equals lies. They are both untenable positions.

      1. Hi Stacey, I’m just one lone voice, but my humble opinion is to simply ignore Pete. in my opinion he is paid to try to subvert honest discussion.

      2. Stacey, you’re right. This discussion would have nothing to do with the holocaust, if it were mentioned without any context. But I mentioned it in the context of how we go about deciding which sources of information are reliable. And that is at the heart of this conversation, isn’t it? You brought up Veteran’s Today as a seemingly credible source of information with their assumption that Israel is responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre. I’m sorry if my thoughts offend you in some way, but, personally, I wouldn’t attached much credence to a website that continually denies the existence of the holocaust. Where we get our information, and the processes with which we go about assessing its reliability or unreliability, is the main essence of the focus here. I don’t see what’s so wrong with me voicing that opinion.
        And just for the record, I’m a decorative artist. That’s how I make my living. I’m not a paid shill being hired by my “bosses”. It’s a little ironic that you speak of the tactics of misinformation and misrepresentation by the powers that be (which, btw, I happen to agree with to some extent) then turn around and use that same tactic against me by misrepresenting my identity, just because I’m not 100 per cent aligned with you views. I would have hoped that this forum was a place where we could respectively disagree on points of debate. In hindsight, I can see that my tone was a little disrespectful to you, and to others here as well. For that I apologize. I’ll refrain from being snarky in the the future.
        I would just ask, is this forum a place for critical debate or not?

        1. Hi Pete
          I don’t mean to offend you but in a very real sense you have offended me. I suspect that you are no different than the rest of ud in that your ideology derives from someone else’s intent. My dad was a captured Polish soldier. His release papers were from Auschwitz in 1944. He escaped the Russian occupation and along with many others, through England came to North America, Canada. His story is very humble as his parents were migrant workers when he was born. Like many he fell for the Jews as a problem after the war without any context. As a soldier he made a contract with a Jewish fellow soldier and believe it or not used that fellow as a bank. Does that imply trust or value or both. The war looming so close that they could taste it and the authority quickly gave a weekend pass to the soldiers. As quickly my dad went to the bank. The person had loaned the money or did not have the money. It’s what created panic then anger. The money came forward. He did not forgive the fellow. I reasoned with him. Many didn’t know this. That it was not a war of the middle class or the peasantry but a war of the oligarchy. That it is never the rich who fight for their country but those who are emboldened by a cause the rich design.
          A stake to your heart might be me telling you that Hitler marched because the international bankers funded him and that Max Warburg a prominent, lets say the most prominent German Jew marched with Hitler. Now this is only a small reflection easily verified of a very skewed picture that is our understanding of history (written by the victors).
          I think it’s time for you to leave these well-meaning people.

      3. Thank you, Stacey, for posting the Tony Myers interview. I grew up reading the works of Thomas Moore, Plato, Socrates, Dickens, Twain and many, many other authors of profound wisdom. It is good to see that wisdom is still considered ‘necessay’ ( by some ) rather than ‘extraneous’.
        It has become all too obvious that we cannot live without wisdom.

    2. Reply to Stacey: I certainly agree w your comments. Not too sure about some of Veterans Today’s writers, though. Gordon Duff & the other writer who posted the “Israel did it” story on PressTV seem awfully short of documentation. Rodney Shakespeare, on the other hand, seems pretty credible.

  16. I hope there will continue to be more individuals that speak out against just accepting what the media says, especially when that media keeps confusing its own story. Thank you all, and I hope your college recognizes what a courageous and inspirational asset you are!

  17. But one out of the many thousands of “professionals” that could come forward in support of Mr. Tracy. It speaks volumes of our current, corrupt situation within our “hallowed” halls of “higher” education. I italicize these words as they hold no intrinsic value in describing what goes on in these institutions. A higher education is one in which all are afforded the courtesy and freedom to pursue thoughts and theories outside of the subscribed “norm” WITHOUT fear, intimidation or ostracization for pursuing all venues of enlightenment. What an infantile system we currently have in place and it appears that infantile minds are in control! It is nothing more than a bully system in which the bully is the author of truth and those in opposition to the bully get the crap beaten out of them either metaphorically or literally. I received a front row seat to this “system” in the 80’s and 90’s and thought it reeked of corruption. It does! I could not even continue my pre-law studies because I was so disillusioned with this corrupt system. There is no such mythical creature as “justice” in our current system…but, I digress.

    I suppose one has to applaud courage when one is exposed to it but it falls flat when taken in a larger context of what is really taking shape before our eyes. A massive, corrupt structure of omnipotent proportions is being dismantled ….little by little. This dismantling will allow for all humans to possess an equal footing…irregardless of political, religious or institutional affiliations. Just think, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” cliche and you have future reality in the making.
    Tenured professors, doctors, lawyers, politicos and all other positions of power and influence are going through a radical change….and all because those who have attained such positions have abused them through self-interest. Most humans are naturally oppossed to regimes and hierarchy. It goes against the very nature of our loving souls. Loving souls need to share everything…..even information.
    Mr. Tracy, you have no idea how you appear to many. Perhaps for myself only you appear to be in possession of a superior soul. Something your peers cannot attest to. “With great power comes great responsibility”. You have shown the world that you take your position, and responsibility to this position, very seriously. For that alone you must be commended and supported in all ways.
    Thank you for using your position to everyone’s advantage.

    1. “But one out of the many thousands ‘professionals’ that could come forward…”

      Those thousands of “professionals” are paid by the state and must serve the state unfailingly or suffer the consequences.

      Writing more than a century ago, Leo Tolstoy explained how the “professionals” are induced to enforce the tyranny of the state:

      “In the German Reichstag not long ago, in reply to a question why funds were needed for raising the salaries of the under-officers, the German Chancellor openly declared that trustworthy under-officers were necessary to contend against socialism. Caprivi only said aloud what every statesman knows and assiduously conceals from the people. The reason to which he gave expression is essentially the same as that which made the French kings and the popes engage Swiss and Scotch guards, and makes the Russian authorities of to-day so carefully distribute the recruits, so that the regiments from the frontiers are stationed in central districts, and the regiments from the center are stationed on the frontiers. The meaning of Caprivi’s speech, put into plain language, is that funds are needed, not to resist foreign foes, but to BUY UNDER-OFFICERS to be ready to act against the enslaved toiling masses.”

      The same principles apply today in America where the administration seeks to insure the readiness of American troops to fire on American citizens if so commanded.

      1. This has always been evident to me but under the threat of poverty one finds themselves going against their natural state of being. Under extreme duress we are all forced to participate in this madness to varying degrees.

    2. Was trying to see where to reply to your offer above. To Jamie…..thank you. But I am one of the vanishing few that won’t take help. It makes me feel less proud to do so. Not saying I don’t need or appreciate any help. It is not often you see someone offer. I have been on my own & alone a long time now. Used to doing for myself & times of plenty I gained some weight. I will be in that category of the people that would survive if food became scarce. LOL!There is a problem happening right now that I think should be addressed to all in this country. With storms happening more & more & getting more dangerous there should be loans & help offered to everyone that owns property even those that rent. They need to get some form of storm shelters up or in ground to prevent loss of life. Tornado sirens just went off here in SC. Will shut down now. We get them more often now & rare to see one but I have survived one before. All I can do since no storm shelter is close doors & take pillows & blankets in hallway with my dogs. Still would feel safer with better shelters. If I can make it until this Fall some bills will be paid off & will be able to breathe I hope. Got a notice of default yesterday from mortgage holder. Talk about stress! I was raised on a farm in Virginia & know a little about survival so feel confident I can survive even if I had to live deep in the woods. Not as afraid of the wild animals as I am of the 2 legged kind. Thank you though. Very kind.

      1. I can understand that “pride” thing. I have never asked for help but maybe this is what we are conditioned to do?? I really think that pride is manufactured through materialism. I would not have a problem asking someone to help me to lift a car off of a human being but I would have a problem with asking for help paying my ‘bills’.
        What I offer is to “burn this structure down”. If we all participated in civil disobedience….. to the “asymmetrical power structure”…… then it would collapse in upon itself within a matter of seconds.

        Does anyone understand what this would look like? 1) We would all collectively stop paying our mortgages, car notes, revolving accounts, medical bills, utility bills, student loans and more.
        100 million Americans protesting the Asymmetrical Power Structure would bring about an instant shift in this power structure….but, many are afraid of what will happen if they stop paying their “bills”. Fear is how this Power Structure operates.
        2) We IGNORE the current “Asymmetrical Power Structure”. This would entail removing any authority from the structure by calling it what it actually is. We do NOT have a “goverment” so we would have to come up with a new name for it. We must call things by the name that defines the actions of the entity. This clarifies the muddy waters of illusion so that we can move forward from a place of understanding rather than from a place of fear. Ignorance is associated with Fear.
        3) We support truth above all things manufactured by man; Money, positions of power and authority, religion, fame and bloodlines ( Monarchy ).

        Many good souls are creating such a world that makes illegitimate the current structure and it could only be in our best interest if we all participated in bringing this about.
        By challenging the entrenched power structures with our
        disobedience then we help each other to thrive rather than just survive.

        I want each and every one of us to thrive because what happens to you, Cheryl, happens to all of us….even if we are unaware of this.

        I am more than just “sick and tired” of this anti-life system; I am revolted by it!
        Has anyone gone to their bank manager and told them how disgusted that they are with their practice of foreclosure? On their OWN community members??? Has anyone called any of the many corrupt food corporations and asked them WHY they were putting High Fructose Corn Syrup in their products?? HFCS is linked to Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Non-Alcoholic fatty Liver Syndrome and the epidemic of digestive disorders that is causing young people to require their gallbladders removed???
        I have done these things and more and what I found is that those in power do not care if we know and are outraged. As I sat before the bank manager, railing on them for causing so much trauma and greif in their tiny sphere of influence, they sat and listened in silence. I was outraged that they would participate in such an inhuman practice and let them feel my outrage! The only movement they made, during that entire tirade, was to shake their heads, vehemently, up and down in agreement that they were doing this “job” only in support of their personal families. They did manage to speak that ubiquitous deflection ALL managers and gate keepers utter when they just want you to go away and leave them be, “Thanks for coming is and telling us how you feel.”
        Nothing changes because we “Continue to do the same things over and over expecting different results”.
        I want to do something different…..but we all know that ‘different’ requires cooperation…..and massive courage.

        I do not know anything about a “tissot”, Cheryl, but from what I researched you might find a buyer through a public venue such as eBay?( I would never trust personal adds at this point. ) Maybe a jeweler would make an offer?

        In the meantime, Cheryl, I do hope that you go visit the websites massagrabber has posted above for you. He did better than I in his offer. It is a bandaid that might provide an immediate remedy to this massive, global bloodletting.

        We NEED a kinder, gentler world.

    3. Reply to Jamie: Bravo & Bravo. Well said.
      Re: Law student’s education: It often seems that it beats the idealism out of you & leaves you nowhere to go except the pursuit of money. I suppose this is an overstatement though, because I know some people are doing fine things with their law degrees.

  18. A superb critique Jamie! Thank you.

    I sat in that proverbial ‘front row seat’ in the early 90s and met its corruption in my very first Family Studies Class where the professor of that course began the class with the alarming statement ‘the family is no longer sacred.’

    I looked around at all my classmates who other than myself and one gentleman, were all exceptionally young students, fresh graduates from highschool. Now, a statement like that just bounced off an old codger like me and my gentleman friend…smiles…but for all those young impressionistic minds, that statement held enough power to make all these kids the next budding saviors in the ever enlargening mental health field.

    Very similar to your disillusionment, I had to stop mid-center of my three year program and make a vital decision. First I knew that with all good conscience I could never work in the field. Second I had to weigh staying with my courses against leaving the program entirely. I decided that life must have pushed me in this direction for a purpose and because I felt so terribly responsible for what I had become aware of, I decided to stay and use every opportunity I could find to ‘poke that proverbial stick so deep in the beehive that possibly the ‘queen bee’ could be drawn out for me to examine.

    Wow, did I get myself into a whoop of trouble, worse than 20 chickens pecking on a tin roof, at the break of dawn and breaking the noice bylaws, but there were afew excellent professors who seemed to understand what I was up to and courageously stood up for me at every possible dismissal meeting and every attempt by Administration to get rid of me. Heh…heh…I survived, had some battle scars and even came out of it with enough innovation to find a non-descript job…one that would allow me the time I needed to refine my new passion in life, ‘self-taught study and research.’

    As far as I know, everything happens for a reason!

    1. It is quite heartening and refreshing to meet others on Tracy’s blog who share a passion for the sacredness of the human condition. So few in the world require better for themselves or others in this particular area. I, also, had to ask myself many questions about my life direction and what I was willing to do to attain it. What I found was this, prostitution is rampant in this world ….especially the Western world. The misogynistic world view uses a poster child for every adjective and this one in particular ( prostitute ) has a connotation so vile and degrading that no one wants to own it….yet, the ones who are fully engaged in “selling one’s abilities, talent or name for an unworthy purpose” ARE, by defintion, a Prostitute. Women have been wrongly abused with the use of this word. It needs a new “poster child”. I can think of many.

      I did not have the courage to pursue my chosen field of study because I am easily revolted by abject corruption. I suppose I have a weak constitution, but, I APPLAUD your courage tenacity, Bev! To work from the inside is perhaps the best position to effect change within that structure….but, I feel that the ‘powers that be’ will not allow that to happen. They have too many willing to be prostitutes.

      I am sorry to hear about what you had to deal with and I am sure that it was not unlike what Mr. Tracy is dealing with at this time. Thanks for sharing your story, Bev. It is inspiring.

  19. Great letter! I just sent this off to Lisa Metcalf, Director of Media Relations at Florida Atlantic University:

    Dear Ms. Metcalf,

    I was relieved to hear that Prof Tracy will not be punished for questioning the official (inconsistent) stories surrounding the Sandy Hook school shooting.

    He is not the only one asking these important questions. Here is a link to an interview with a professional investigator:

    Prof Tracy is doing exactly what a media professor should do, analyzing conflicting/confusing media stories and investigating alternative answers. I do hope the University will continue to support (even if halfheartedly) this courageous man.

    1. I respectively disagree. I haven’t seen or read any thoughtful, detailed analysis from prof Tracy. Nor have I seen any real investigative work on his part. In my view, his “work” on this has been the equivalent of a copy-and-paste with vague implications of some sort of conspiracy attached to it.

      1. What about you Mr Pete, maybe you can offer us your opinion or insights into what has happened? Everyone here, who are going through the process of raising questions and analyzing data, are trying to gain understanding of many anomalies and inconsistencies. So rather than bashing people and their method, please let us know what you think about the actual incident?

      2. I just want to second Steve’s post and thank all who take the time to share their insights, findings, and courage here. I’ve certainly learned a great deal from this blog.

    2. Reply to Janet Holmes: The Joyce Riley video you posted a link to was incredible. We need to try to get PressTV or RT to carry it. If many of us send e-mails to presstv with the link, maybe they’ll carry it. It’ll go viral!
      Terrific work, Janet.

    3. For those who found the Joyce Riley/Mike Powers audio informative, I highly recommend the Mike Powers interview posted below.

      This Mike Powers interview with Freedom Link Radio was from a couple of weeks prior to the Joyce Riley audio. Though there is some info overlap, he also brings up info in this audio that he didn’t get to in the interview w/Joyce.

      Again, he’s a US Naval Law Enforcement Veteran and US Army Infantry/Reconnaissance Military Veteran. He seems to have lots of expertise when it comes to guns/weapons. Plus he seems very knowledgeable about police procedures. Also, either in this audio or the one w/Joyce Riley, Mike Powers mentioned that he has participated in mass casualty/emergency drills (i.e. he knows what they’re about and knows them when he sees them!!)

      And for those who don’t have time to listen or go through all the notes below the video, he basically states that he believes that this was a District Wide Disaster and Emergency Services Mass Casualty Incident Practice. He seems to think this was staged and explains why.

      Mike Powers on Freedom Link Radio
      Investigating the Sandy Hook Narrative and Asking the Hard Questions

      -Opens with quote from CT Gov. Malloy saying something like “we were spoken to and told to prepare for something like this happening in our state”

      -Mike Powers says inconsistencies don’t start w/Sandy Hook, but go back to Columbine, Sikh Temple, Giffords/Loughner, etc.

      -Says post 911 most communities have had upgrades in local/community security procedures, including “mass casualty incident protection drills,” where they practice mobilizing all of their law enforcement, emergency medical, fire, etc. These people practice these things in great detail and have gone to such lengths as to hire “crisis actors” to add the “human dynamic” that often gets missed in ordinary drills.

      -Mike says he’s worked with about 20 others in his profession to come up w/30 key questions about Sandy Hook (30 questions posted in video description on youtube)

      -Why was Chris Rodia’s car at the school and why is the media continuing to pass it off as Nancy Lanza’s? And how did Adam Lanza get to the scene of the crime??

      10 min- Mike talks about the problems w/the bullet holes in Rousseau’s car. He also says there’s a problem w/the trajectory. Says something about Rousseau being the only teacher not given a key to lock her door (you would think that if this was true, then there wouldn’t there be lawsuits or something? why aren’t the parents of the kids who were allegedly murdered suing the school for not giving her a key to lock the door?) Why did the police/media lie by saying the bullets were fired from inside the school?

      23 min- Mike gets into the whole issue of how they could have known that Nancy Lanza was dead so early in the day. First when they were announcing that she was dead at the school, it made sense that they would have known that early on. But once it was established that she was killed at home, then it seems like they shouldn’t have known she was dead until much later in the day. Mike asks a bunch of questions about how they could have established probable cause to get a search warrant when Ryan was the suspect all day long and his address was in NJ. (also, how come there are no 911 calls from neighbors of Nancy Lanza? shouldn’t someone have heard the shots?)

      Mike also has a problem with them saying that within an hour of the 911 call being placed they were able to get SWAT teams on the scene and complete an “agonizing search of the building.” He says that this is simply not possible–you have to factor in travel time, prep time, and execution of the physical search.

      24/25 min- Mike says that by distinction of their uniforms, he counted 5 different SWAT assets, which suggests to him that this was a DISTRICT WIDE DISASTER AND EMERGENCY SERVICES MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT PRACTICE. He adds that this is still speculation, but this is what it looks like to him.

      37 min- talks about the problem of the police at Sandy Hook putting the shooting suspect in the front seat of the car. This is simply NOT done and he explains all the reasons why. He says if this was a real situation you would not get all of these critical mistakes. None of these make sense. He said something about w/5 different SWAT assets on scene, who told the police that this was a good idea??

      39 min-Mike says he’s NOT convinced that anything happened at Sandy Hook, he’s not convinced that there are any victims. He said it seems like an exercise. He has NOT seen anything to make him believe that this incident actually happened. He says IT SEEMS LIKE A DRILL SCENARIO!!

      Also, in terms of the idea of this being a drill scenario, I also think it’s helpful to consider the fact that the ambulances were parked 1/2 mile away from the school and the EMTs had to walk the gurneys up and back to the school. This is simply NOT done in real emergencies when time is of the essence. More on the gurneys of Sandy Hook is found here: And be sure to follow the info on the gurneys to the actual youtube videos and check out the comments from real EMTs (they basically say it’s BS footage b/c that’s simply NOT how things would be done–there would be an IV set up, someone would be working on the patient, etc)

  20. Once again, Tracy’s defenders distort and minimize his actual comments. He specifically called a victim, who just lost his daughter, a fraud, liar, and actor in the “conspiracy”. Sure, question the media and the govt, as ridiculous as those claims are as well. But he went after individuals who made no choice to participate in this event.

    The backpedaling is fast and furious and you are all complicit in covering up Tracy’s actual accusations and motives. He is nothing but a parasite feeding of the grief and sorrow of others to further his own ends. He is not a hero or a counter-culture warrior. Go ahead and live in your paranoid fantasy worlds but stay away from real people with real pain.

    1. Your attempt to draw away focus from investigative and objective analysis of the crime itself, and the many anomalies lies and cover-ups, is clearly seen already as baseless non-critical thinking nonsense. It’s nice however, we still have some freedom of speech where you can say what your boss wants.

      1. That’s it paranoia boy, I work for the global elite and one world government is coming!!!!!!!!!

        Critical thinking is not an excuse for idiocy. And I don’t see much critical thinking here.

        Where did you get the notion that you were entitled to know everything about any crime that takes place? I’s not even possible. Memories are elastic and constantly changed each time we access them. Coincidences, errors by police and media, misstatements, incomplete facts are the norm in any event and not proof of a nefarious conspiracy. None of you come at this with an open mind or the desire to seek the truth. You’re looking for any hole that confirm your narrative.

        But keep telling yourselves you’re the only ones with your eyes open, speaking truth to the man, if it makes you feel better.

      2. You see or don’t see what you want, or what you’re paid to see. If you don’t agree with methods then you don’t need to participate. I’ll keep seeking truth and nothing you say or do will ever change that. =)

      3. Thank you Steve for your reply to me below. Your words have done more for my position than you will ever know.

    2. He wasn’t alone. The tearless actors drew such suspicion that it resonated in the first days like an earthquake through alternative media sources of info. This was presented first by main stream.
      What do you say to that?
      This is what Gene Rosen (crisis actor) said,, I want the children to be the basis for our solution.
      There must be thousands of computers throughout the world with that admission, stored for future referance. Karl Rove will remind us in his way and Alex Jones will remind us in his way. History will be wrote by the winner.

      1. An unexplained fart resonates in the alternative media, so what? I highly suggest you visit the town and start explaining your theories. I know people from Newtown and I give you fifty percent chance of making it out in one piece. These “crisis” actors” are an ornery bunch.

  21. I really hope that all the true information and facts comes out about Sandy Hook, the official story just doesn’t add up..There is no Evidence of Adam anywhere after 2009. what questions arise out of this.. Has his brother or father said anything about his state of mind, studies or work?.. and why was he not mentioned when his Mother was buried..if he was part of the family..
    of course people will say, you don;t mention evil.. he was still part of their family – you don’t just abandon some one who acts bad. You would apologies for them or say you feel guilty.. My question now is Did Adam exist?

    1. Kit, seriously? Do you know for a fact that Adam wasn’t mentioned at his mother’s funeral? Just because you are not privy to information does not mean that the information doesn’t exist, or that the event didn’t happen. If you didn’t here the tree fall in the woods it doesn’t mean the tree, lying on the ground, didn’t fall. If you and I are in a room together and I close my eyes it doesn’t mean that you can’t see me. Do I really need to continue?

      1. I personally don’t know if Adam was mentioned at his Mothers funeral, I heard it stated on the radio… I understand what you mean Pete, please understand I am only asking questiions so that we can put 2 and 2 together.. I don’t want to come up with 5.. I just want the truth.

      2. Poppylavender, I have no problem with people asking questions and wanting the blanks to be filled in so that we can have a better understanding of what transpired. My problem is this rush to judgement. Most of the questions I’ve seen are really formed in such a way as to cement an already existing assumption, i.e. conspiracy of some sort. It’s really an indictment of guilt in the form of questions. There have also been questionable leaps of logic resulting in untenable conclusions. I’ll give you an example: “the coroner acted oddly, therefore he must be an actor”. Where is the logic an that? All actors act oddly. The coroner acted oddly. So therefore the coroner is an actor? Here’s another example of an untenable conclusion: ” the school had recently installed a visual monitoring system, so they must have videos of Adam. Where are the videos?” How can anyone logically conclude that the visual monitoring system had digital recording capabilities? And then to still ask, where are the videos?, implies a cover-up of some sort. Do you see how easy it is to turn an assumption into an indictment? Lastly, I would remind you, and everyone else on this website, that there is still an ongoing investigation. Anyone who thinks that it shouldn’t take this much time to gather and analyze all the data and information is woefully naive of the process. But hey, there are no laws to stop fools from rushing in…

      3. Hey Pete or whatever your real name is, seriously? Do you know for a fact that Adam WAS mentioned at his mother’s funeral? Just because you don’t like someone’s questions doesn’t make it not important to ask. Any and all questions are important to gain understanding. What is not important for this case is people specifically hired to obfuscate and sew sewage into the discussion, AKA trolls or shills or treasonous actors or any number of other titles.

        If a troll has infiltrated this blog, just because he/she says he/she isn’t a troll doesn’t mean he/she isn’t a troll. If a troll is in a room with another troll, and one troll goes for lunch, it doesn’t mean the other troll will stop trying to dissuade people from learning the truth. Do i really need to continue? Btw, to hear something is spelled hear, not here.

        How much are you being paid to infiltrate this blog with your venom? Not adding anything constructive only divisive and bashing, and sewing twisting misrepresenting things. I learned about your sort and methods during interaction in blogs from Occupy movement. Your actions are transparent, and most people understand already and don’t pay any attention to you nor your boss’s method.

        And, regarding your comment below, who cares what you do or don’t have a problem with, especially since you bring nothing positive or enlightening to this discussion except bashing others who are trying to understand what is truth. If your problem is rush to judgement, than take it up with any of the MSM or gov, as they all knew the details within minutes. haha. Most of the feed from MSM and gov was to cement their already decided upon/pre-existing plan. There were almost no questions and testing of hypothesis, rather it was, we are the news and this is what happened, without evidence. This absolutely smells of something wrong.

        People label using words such as conspiracy since they are unable to make constructive objective analysis, they try to shift the focus and marginalize, rather than make critical thinking.

        As you say, “There have also been questionable leaps of logic resulting in untenable conclusions.” I’ll give you an example – most everything we hear from MSM and gov about this event. Show us proof the coroner wasn’t an actor or wasn’t controlled or complicit in something other than what MSM and gov want us to believe. Maybe people fell for 9/11 but a lot has changed since then and most people are wide awake now. Even to your shallow tactics. Here’s another untenable conclusion, that the school just had a security system installed yet had the system turned off that day and did not have any video or photographic footage of the event? How convenient or coincidental is that? Further, do you have proof about the type of camera equipment, and if it was or wasn’t able to capture video or photo?

        These are only a very small sampling of the many questions. Questions need answers. To solve a crime, the first step is to ask questions. Ever watch Columbo? Unfortunately criminals get away with murder and with stealing people’s hard earned money, yet never go to prison never get punished, since they are part of the in group or can take the money which they’ve stolen and buy their way out.

        So, yes, understanding requires questions… Who, what, where, when, why, how, etc. and let us not forget how much.

        People want truth not lies, not cover-up. People in pain need to understand why so they can have healthy grieving process, if it ever is that. Now there is nearly complete blackout of this event in MSM, why is that other than they know there is too many problems and they’re hoping it will just go away. Let’s cut to the chase, the only people making any real investigation are brave true Americans, like Mr Tracy and many others and brave dedicated people worldwide, those dedicated to the betterment of humanity, unlike yourself who helping for its destruction.

        If people want to decide not believe the MSM and gov, that is their right, and who needs you bashing them for that. There’s been enough mind control already. I will remind you and other trolls and shills and pretend people on this website, that there absolutely is a worldwide ongoing investigation by real citizens, and we each day with help from likes of you as well, get closer and closer to the truth. And even if we don’t sort out every detail, we’ve all learned enough from all the anomalies and inconsistencies and especially highlighted by the huge effort dis-info agents like yourself are going to to try to cover, that there is a cover-up and we can’t trust MSM or gov.

        We can see right through your baseless trashing and divisive technique. I will also remind you if ya’ll don’t think we can’t see your tricks then you’re woefully naive taking us for idiots this has gone too far – your bosses have taken away the lives of our beloved family and friends, and are destroying our beautiful beloved Mother Nature.

        Unfortunately, and fortunately, since we ‘still’ have internet and freedom of speech, then paid fools like yourself can waste your own and your boss’s time.

      4. ha, ha, ha! steve made a troll bitch out of you! I guess when you were hired as military intelligence they were using a loose interpretation of the term.

        congrats dr. tracy, you have earned the ire and attention of the us government. they will stop at nothing to destroy your message. they are now assigning their best agent to the job…. Pete!!! ha, ha, ha hahahaha!

  22. Citizen Action Required: To Expose and Shame the U.S. Criminal State

    U.S. citizens do not vote for a criminal state. It is reviled by thinking citizens and is the disgrace of their country around the world. It is in principle as odious as the earlier transnational monopolist corporate criminal conspiracy which financed and built the Nazi war machine. Its supreme objective and strategic logic are analogous in moral framing and organised terror, and wars of aggression to enact the supranational plan are its signature evil.

    It could have gone another way. In the midst of the worst fascist period, Roosevelt’s Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1936 on was Mariner Stoddard Eccles, a wealthy banker, who fought for the indebted majority against the “giant suction pump [which] had by 1929-30 drawn into a few hands an increasing portion of currently produced wealth”.58 Eccles was driven out by the American money party in 1951 though he had years more to serve. Roosevelt chose as his Vice President Henry Wallace as a condition of his accepting nomination. All three stood against “Wall Street fascism and U.S. corporate imperialism”.59 But as Roosevelt died Wallace was blocked from the presidency by the inside money-party powers of the Democrat machine just as Eccles was isolated and attacked by them.

    In short, the inside battle for the United States goes very deep, and it is between the very rich corporate powers that both Lincoln and Eisenhower warned of and ‘the common man’ who Roosevelt, Wallace and Eccles stood for at the top. Today no such democratic vision and accountability is permitted in through the revolving doors of big-money control. Obama was sold as the brand for such a change, but he is the greatest serial murderer in contemporary history, and his entry into office is due to Wall Street support. “I am the one standing between you and the pitchforks”, he said after 2008 to a Wall Street elite while presiding over a flood of over $16 trillion dollars of public money to enable it to keep hollowing out the world.60 What drove 9/11 before and after in principle and fact is this same corporate money party: or, more exactly and institutionally by objective criterion, the principals of private transnational money-sequence banks, corporations, syndicates and equity funds distinguished by (1) their repudiation in practice of all life standards, common-interest agencies and requirements which stand in the way of (2) their multiplying private money sequences through all life and life support systems on Earth.

    The crisis of Western and world civilisation is laid bare in the undeclared war of life-versus-money codes of value.61 9/11 is its signature event in the third millennium. It enables new police-state rights at home and right to assassination and armed-force invasion abroad, while overriding life and life support systems into ever greater crises to feed and multiply the money-party system. Not one step in this slow-motion end-game does not protect and advance dominant private U.S. corporate money sequences to more control of the world to grow more. Yet there is one great barrier codified into the laws of nations which cannot be overridden if seen – the essential social immune system of human civilisation, the rule of life-protective criminal law. It is already codified in binding covenants among nations and is instituted within the U.S. itself as what governs all except the covert state.

    It is this evolved criminal law that has been usurped and reversed most profoundly since 2001. Yet this criminalization of the U.S. state remains unflagged. As we have seen, all the primary forensic questions of criminal investigation of 9/11 have been repressed. Due process of establishing guilt has been overthrown. One U.S. crime after another has been perpetrated with impunity and with no public report of the gravest crimes. The ‘supreme crime’ under law of planning a war of aggression that ‘contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole’ is repeatedly committed and never prosecuted or even identified. The worst crimes against humanity under law are perpetrated without respite – murder, deprivation of access to food , water and medicine, forcible transfers of population, torture, persecution, false imprisonment, enforced disappearances, plunder of public property, wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages. These are all crimes against humanity under law. They are, to cite the Criminal Code of Canada and the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act “recognized by the community of nations, whether or not any constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.”

    The first requirement for stopping ‘international terrorism’, ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘extreme and systematic violations of human rights’ and all the acts of ‘despotism’ of which the U.S. is always accusing others – in particular ‘terrorist activities’ against which it above all claims to prevent and punish – is for the U.S. to comply with the known criminal law. Its satraps like Israel will have to follow. In the primary instance, U.S. offices, agents and institutions are required to comply with national and international criminal law as the sworn duty of office and of institutional legitimacy itself. Criminal activities of murder, torture, kidnapping, and the supreme crime of war invasion must be ruled out, as they are not now, and the U.S. and its criminal axis of mass terrorism and killing be named. Not even the 9/11 truth movement yet does this as published criminal charge.62 In fact who does recognise the undeniable criminal agents and institutions now ruling? The ultimate moral, legal and political issue is almost nowhere raised. This is the more basic issue than independent investigation of the 9/11 crime inside the U.S. It is the recognition of the instituted criminal agency behind 9/11 which is still plotting supreme crimes of which 9/11 is the striking new homeland version.

    Just as citizens of the criminal state of Nazi Germany have not been forgiven by excuses that ‘we did not know what was going on’, is there any more reason U.S. citizens be forgiven for the continuous war crimes and crimes against humanity by their government with which they have been silently complicit? The same question applies to citizens of allied governments that have participated in or – in Israel’s case – led the crimes. There is far more evidence of these crimes now than there was in the Third Reich. Silence is of course how the criminal state continues with moral and legal impunity. Once clear identification of the lead individuals and institutions as proven mass murderers and oppressors for power and gain, they lose their face and legitimacy. The worst tyrants on earth – who also drape themselves in flag and country – fear this exposure so much they seal the lips of their citizens by terror. Eventually they collapse as they are increasingly recognised as what they are – the vilest criminals, serial murderers, liars, torturers, looters of others’ lives and resources. Why is this invincible moral conclusion under law not publicly spoken?

    1. In order for the American Citizenary to act upon these truths there first must be a consensus that these are deemed truths. This country is polarized through “party affiliations”…each calling the other names and blaming the “far left” or the “far right” for all the ills we suffer as a nation.

      In such an environment you cannot get a majority to act as one mind. My son was killed in Iraq in 2011 and both sides of his family believe that 17 arab men, with box cutters, hijacked three passenger planes and committed “jihad” against the American public. To this very day they still believe this. I am the only one ( besides another one of my sons ) who does not share their delusional state of mind. That is about 35 people, all connected through marriage, that believe there is such a thing as “government”, an “American Dream”, and ” Muslim terrorists”.

      I feel, too, that we are complicit in the destruction and murder of men, women and children all over the world. If we pay taxes then we support the military industrial complex. If we are employed in the service or by a company that is in service to the military industrial complex we are complicit in the murder of human beings. This has weighed on me since 2004 and I have felt completely alone in the way that I feel as so many around me refuse to accept the reality of what it is we are actually participating in.The level of insularity and arrogance that I witness on a daily basis is astounding. It prevents us from even listening to one another without prejudice.
      So many cling to their “rabid patriotism” and childish illusions of “America”. I have two sisters who are formally trained as teachers. Both hold two degrees each. One of these sisters has a Masters in Psychology and she is one that clings to those childish illusions. She is part of the problem. The other sister removed her head from her behind a few years ago but only because I presented her with the information. She would not have gone in search of it as it was not part of her indoctrination.
      These are the reasons we cannot come together as one voice and create a relevant government that serves rather than dictates.
      Just think how fast we could dismantle this cabal if we all agreed to not pay federal taxes anymore? Most people are terrified of the ramifications ( even though it plainy states in the 16th Ammendment that taxes cannot be levied against a person’s labor wages ) of not paying taxes so they continue to support this system, albeit, under extreme duress.

      Only when our material comforts were confiscated ( i.e, homes, cars, jobs, careers ) did we raise our heads up from the proverbial “feed bag”. The impetus for radical change must come from a place of understanding rather than from a place of fear or anger. I do not see that happening anytime soon.

      1. Jamie, I too am surrounded by friends, family, and co workers who refuse to recognize the beast for what it is. They follow and blindly believe the disinformation and lies that MSM and government spoon feed the citizens of this country. The divisions that separates us all, like party affiliation, conservative vs liberal, race, etc. are all part of a well connived plan to keep us all divided, arguing, hating, labeling… In our past we have had individuals who tried to be a unifying force for speaking truth to power. They were all silenced, assassinated, and their character is to this day posthumously assassinated. When someone today attempts to be a voice to unify the masses and expose the deceit we are subjected to they are either ignored by mainstream media, or are labeled and passed off as a nut cases. The right to protest and exercise free speech is marginalized. Although it seems today that a few more people are opening their eyes to where truth actually lies, it sometimes seems that is far too little and too late. I personally believe the stage is being set for a bloody and viscous civil war where citizens will fight each other instead of the real enemy that has purposely divided us all. I applaud Professor Tracy and others who openly question official stories and hope that some unifying voices will help turn the tide of a corrupt, tyrannical corporate fascist government that wishes to turn this country’s citizens into mindless consumers incapable of critical thought.

      2. Hi Jamie….I too extend my deepest sorrow for the loss of your son. I do understand the extent of pain life caught you up in and I feel most gratitude for your most remarkable statements which benefit us all.

      3. In reply to Walt: It is a very difficult burden to bear in such a desperate situation. So much more could be accomplished if our friends, family and co-workers would do their part in educating themselves. Instead, they wait for others to do the work for them or reject it outright. There are many who walk in our shoes, Walt, and the only thing that I can do is to keep walking in the opposite direction of those willing to go over that proverbial cliff.
        Just keep walking ,Walt. I have a feeling before too long others may follow…or better yet, become a leader as you have done. That is what I want. That is what we need.
        It is good to meet you.

  23. Pretty much sums it up. We learn from each of your contributions. Where can we read more of your research?

  24. In the video – Look at what lite clothing people are wearing – one women did not even have a sweater on – just wearing a short sleeve shirt. No one has gloves on either. At the school shot one police officer is also just wearing a short sleeve shirt. Most of the people in and about the Fire Station is wearing lite sweaters, or sweat shirts. Now, go and do a search for what the weather was that day. I did – it said low of 19 high of 30 degrees – that in itself seems really odd because it’s cold at that those temp’s. Also, look at the roof on the Fire Station – dry and totally clear – not one bit of frost. The pavement also is dry – no wetness from the cold temps. Even at 10:25 am the temps would be below freezing – I don’t see any moisture coming from anyone’s breath either.

    1. Looks to me like just about everyone is wearing either a coat, a jacket, or a sweater/pullover except for a few people. Some are carrying their jackets and some have them unzipped. And a few aren’t wearing any. I checked the temps for that day as well. I could only get Hartford temps, which is actually more north than Sandy Hook. The low temp was around 26 degrees and the high temp was around 48. That’s actually an above average temperature for that time of year in that area. There would only be frost if the temperature reached the dew point. And if there was any frost it’s usually gone by mid-morning. There are plenty of winter days in CT that are dry, with no frost. Looks pretty normal to me.

  25. Dear Jamie,

    I am truly sorry about your son. I am truly sorry about all the sons and daughters and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and Mother Nature and on and on and on, that have been sacrificed by these elitist globalist think tank new world order project for new american century (PNAC), Bilderberg Group, Trilateral commission, etc., etc.

    Maybe ultimately it is the intense beyond words pain that we all share which can bring us together, enabling consensus, creating one mind, making one unifying voice to finally stand together to end this dark sinister realities of this elitist demonic cabal and their immoral humanity destroying self-destructive money accumulation ‘game’.

    I too feel many people are awaking all over the world about the why and how they are being controlled, manipulated, lied to, stolen from and killed, based all on a nobel lie.

    My family as well never would consider anything other than 9/11 official narrative, but the recent mass shootings here in the States, with all their anomalies, especially Sandy Hook with its corporate gov controlled media complicity and cover-up, and together with the ever increasing financial pain across all segments, moral social deterioration and complete uncoupling between the will of the people and the action of those in power, is showing them for first time about the lies and cover-up of 9/11.

    Here’s another important video we should all watch

    1. Dear Steve,

      Thank you so much for caring. There is so little of ‘caring’ in this world. Perhaps it is because the elite destroy ‘care’ in their private ceremony in Bohemian Grove?
      The intense pain is only bearable because I can also feel the pain of my daughter-in-law , my granddaughter and Nicky’s brothers. How do I dare to allow myself to fall apart when my granddaughter needs me to protect her? I cannot allow myself the satisfaction of giving up. It is selfish for all if I do. I ,also, can feel the pain of all those children in Iraq who have lost their parents. This world is not bearable. I can feel the pain of all mothers and fathers who have lost their children to, what you have so aptly named, the “elitist demonic cabal”. It is unbearable.

      I only came to Tracy’s blog to support his theory that Sandy Hook was not what it appeared to be on the surface and to share with others what a parent experiences when their child, their heart, leaves this world before them. It looks NOTHING like what I witnessed in the videos of the suppossed “bloodbath”.
      I could not look upon my son in his coffin. I could not. I will never see my baby this way! I cannot look upon his grave marker. Even saying these things I am experiencing intense pain. My heart breaks, it aches, it grieves! Give me my son back! God, give me my son back! Give back to my granddaughter her rightful protector! She needs him! Who will protect this baby now? Where are the men! We need the men in this world to stand up and protect us! My granddaughter was only 3 when he was taken away but she is thorougly traumatized by his absence. She begs her mother to never leave her. THIS is what WAR causes! Trauma, INTENSE pain and ANGUISH!
      I know these people in the CNN videos did not lose a child….. but, if they did, they are not human.
      Nicholas was a loving and gracious man. He was a loving and attentive father. He was a light in a dark place….he was something so rare and dignified. I believe that my son was intentionally singled out and murdered by special forces due to a conversation we had in an email. We were discussing the moral decline of the United States and he spoke of moving to Canada once his time was served. I explained to him that the entire surface of the planet was covered in elitist excrement. Less than a month later my son was sent on a “mission” that ended his life. Eyewitnesses claim that the orders were very unusual and that they encountered unusual circumstances during this “mission”, i.e., road they were travelling was unusually void of traffic and the time of the mission was unusual. I was told that the vehicle they were traveling in was a heavily armored vehicle able to withstand a direct hit from an IED…a “conventional” IED that is. The one that hit my son’s vehicle, though, was described as a “High Tech Incendiary Device”. My son took the brunt of the direct hit. His driver and another soldier in the back of the vehicle escaped unharmed. Unfortunately, Nicky’s friend, Sewell, did not make it either. He was standing in the gunner’s tower when the truck was hit. So much pain for absolutely no reason. So much anguish!!!
      A “High Tech Incendiary Device” is completely out of place in an impoverished nation. It was the only one of it’s kind it seems.

      This current world, and all of it’s sordid acoutrements, is no longer sustainable.
      Thank you, again, Steve, for caring. It[Caring] can save this world.

      1. Jamie stay strong, I hope things work out for you, lots of healing
        thoughts coming your way.. like you I felt these families who were ‘ greiving’
        on TV looked strange, what facts have I.? . none – but I always trust my instinct.
        My friend lost her son in terrible circumstances and I know the anguish
        she went through.. even to this day 20 yrs later it still breaks her
        and her families heart.
        Humans greive – some in strange ways… but not like these people . I
        personally feel this doesn’t feel good., surely I have that right to say this.
        Lots of others the same way about this.. It’s a sorry world if you can’t ask
        questions without it being called a conspiracy – or a bunch of nutters.
        people should ask more questions, do they not see the world changing for
        the worse. , The banks controlling influence on everyone, controlled at
        work, what we eat, what is sprayed on our crops ..
        People should Look outside the box. If we all cared more and not take
        the statements of of TV journalists as ‘ always being the the truth’
        things might start to change. I am awaiting the ‘ evidence ‘ of Sandy Hook

      2. hey bro, second time now i read your words, second time my eyes water. i feel same as you, it’s all fucked up. i learned about 9/11 in 2006 and it’s been hell ever since, but no way the kind of hell you’ve experienced losing a son. i lost a friend on 9/11 and another friend lost his wife, both were in tower one working and after plane hit they called saying they were ok and going to the roof and that was last time anyone heard from them. many years i believed official narrative, then year after year watching all the destruction of humanity and Mother Nature, i couldn’t take it any longer and started trying to understand why at deeper level, that’s when i came across research about 9/11, about pre-planted explosives, etc. and at first i thought no this can’t be, but then it just kept nagging at me, and i made more and more research, then i finally realized the official narrative was a lie. i tried to share with everyone i knew, but no one believed me, no one from all my family and close friends from my whole life, it was shocking to me. here i graduated with degree traveled working etc., but all of sudden no one believed and further they didn’t want to talk about it. anyhow, i don’t mean to go off on tangent, but yea, life what a thrill. it would be great to meet you someday, have a cup of tea or smoke some weed together, have a laugh or cry, or just hang out saying nothing. you seem like one hell of a great guy with deep understanding of things. i miss having friends like you in my life. God bless you brother. steve

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