Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground 75

A cross section of kill-to-injury ratios of major mass shootings suggests that if Adam Lanza acted alone in carrying out the Sandy Hook Elementary School carnage he was among the most accurate killers in modern history, exceeding even the lethal damage meted out by Al Capone’s machine gun-wielding henchmen in the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Incident, # of shooters, weapon(s) used Shot Killed Wounded Kill-to-wounded ratio
SANDY HOOK (2012) 1 shooter, AR-15, .223 27 26 (96.2%) 1 (3.8%) 26:1
Aurora, CO (2012) 1 shooter, AR-15, .223 71 12 (16.9%) 59 (83%) 1:5
Tucson, AZ (2011) 1 shooter, Glock 9mm 14 6 (42.8%) 8 (57.1%) 1:1.2
N. Ill. U (2008) 1 shooter, 9mm 26 5 (20%) 21 ((80%) 1:4
Virginia Tech (2007) 1 shooter, 9mm pistol 49 32 (68%) 17 (32%) 2:1
Columbine, CO (1999) 2 shooters, 12 ga., 9mm 33 12 (36%) 21 (64%) 1:2
U. Iowa (1991) 1 shooter/.38 spec. 6 5 (83%) 1 (16%) 5:1
Stockton, CA (1989) 1 shooter AK-47 35 5 (14%) 30 (86%) 1:6
École Polytechnique/Montreal  Massacre (1989) 1 shooter, Ruger Mini 14 .223 27 14 (52%) 13 (48%) 1.1:1
Cal. St. Fullerton (1976) 1 shooter .22 LR semi-auto 9 7 (78%) 2 (22%) 3.5:1
U. Texas Tower (1966) 1 shooter, various 48 16 (33%) 32 (67%) 1:2
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1929) 2 shooters, .45 submachine guns 7 6 (85.8%) 1 (14.2%) 6:1

Never mind the facts, however. The public has been repeatedly told by corporate news media that the December 14, 2012 incident was exclusively carried out by the awkward 20-year-old man with virtually no firearms or military training.

“The debate over gun violence gained urgency after a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six adults on December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut,” Reuters observed as recently as February 7. “The killer, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, used a Bushmaster AR-15 type assault rifle to shoot his victims before killing himself.”[1]

Over the past seven weeks mainstream media have spoken in one earsplitting voice to drive home the now familiar “lone gunman” storyline ostensibly proffered by law enforcement while dismissing a multitude of important evidence indicating a far more complex scenario.

Indeed, as information recently pointed to by Digital Journal indicates,[2] in a widescale rush to judgment major news media have neglected vital information and statements from Connecticut state authorities suggesting that Lanza may have had accomplices.

In a December 26 court plea to postpone release of contents yielded through five search warrants, Connecticut State Attorney General Stephen Sedensky argued that unsealing such findings might “seriously jeopardize” the investigation by divulging evidence heretofore known only to other “potential suspects.”

Pointing to “information in the search warrant affidavits that is not known to the general public,”  Sedensky also argued that opening the warrants would “identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being.”

The prosecutor’s statement came less than two weeks after Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance told reporters how there were “some cards that we’re holding close to our vest.”

In light of the above and alongside a wealth of additional evidence calling the “official story” into question, the corporate news media’s long-running and continued emphasis of the “lone gunman” narrative appears increasingly fraudulent. The question remains whether this is merely a case of slipshod reporting or part of a more intentional mass deception against the American public.


[1] Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cohen, “House Democrats to Unveil Gun Control Package; Mirrors Obama’s,” NBC/Reuters, February 7, 2013.

[2] Ralph Lopez, “Sandy Hook DA Cites ‘Potential Suspects,’ Fears Witness Safety,” Digital Journal, February 5, 2013.

Republished at on February 9, 2013.


  1. Yes, the Port Arthur massacre should be studied by more Americans. Almost supernatural shooting ability, allegedly by a mildly retarded man with no military training.


  2. Everything from the sounds of the shots heard to the physical damage done to the victims and to the glass near the entrance all point to the shotgun being the primary weapon used. Watch the linked video in high definition and you will see 4 men clearing out the trunk of the black Honda.

    One guy holds the Saiga shotgun in his left hand while he carries the Bushmaster upside down in his right hand. It has a CAA ARS Sharp Shooting Carbine Stock and scope is all we see. Some confuse this with a camera but the man at bottom right has the camera. The man at top left carries the Saiga magazine.

    The only reason I can see for removing the guns at night in this manner is to show the Saiga while trying to hide the Bushmaster.(which was supposedly inside the school). I think we have police trying to fool other police and LE agencies with this maneuver.

    View full screen at hi def.(2nd video on left column) –


  3. 2002- Robert S. Flores, 41- 3 dead 0 injured 3:0

    2003- James Sheets, 14- 2 dead (himself included) 0 injured 2:0 (or 1:0 if you will).

    2003- John Jason McLaughlin, 15- 2 dead 0 injured 2:0

    2005- Jeffrey James WEISE, 16, 9 dead, 0 injured 9:0 (missed that one didn’t you??)

    2006- Carl Charles Roberts IV 5 dead, 5 injured- 1:1
    Closest to Sandy Hook as they come

    2008- Latina Williams 2 dead no injured. 2:0

    2008- Matti Juhani Saar1 (Finland) 10 dead 1 injured (semi-auto pistol) 10:1

    2009- Gunman (germany), 17- 15 dead 2 cops injured, no victims survived. 15:0- end game VERY SIMILAR to Sandy Hook 9MM pistol.

    2011- Wellington Oliveira, 24 (pistols) 12 dead, 12 injured 1:1
    Wellington killed all the girls he shot at and wounded all the males.

    2012- Shane Schumerth, 28- 1 dead 0 injured 1:0

    2012- Mohammed Merah, 23- 6 dead, 0 injured 6:0


  4. Hi. My name is André Zanini Barbosa, Im from Brazil. We had a few weeks ago a tragedy where more then 230 people died. Please. use this taglines on google. “boate kiss incêndio” you will see footage, 3d sketches, dead people on vid, rescue attemps all on video. You will see what real and fake look like.


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