Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event

(Several additional photos of the finish line bombing aftermath have been added to the latter portion of the essay.-JT, 4/27/13)

“For the most part we do not first see, and then define,” Walter Lippmann observed in 1921, “we define first and then see. In the great blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture.”[1]

A founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Lippmann looked with suspicion to the potential dangers the hopelessly uninformed public posed in the unfolding “Great Society.”

Along these lines, a veteran hypnotherapist and mind control expert interviewed in 2001 by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport observes,

The media gives you the illusion that you are seeing something. That’s the billion‐dollar key to mind control … 90% of all the mind control in the world is done by the media, and it is all based on the viewer or the reader never seeing anything really beyond the surface of what is presented.”[2]

What exactly took place on April 15 at the Boston Marathon is unclear, yet what is now evident is a stark divergence between the narrative description of excessive carnage meted out as a result of the explosive devices and at least a portion of the video and photographic documentation of the bombing itself.

The corporate media proceeded in lockstep with dutifully propagating the authorized narrative of a combat-like environment at the marathon finish line. “Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said Monday night that the death toll had risen to three,” CNN told its viewers.

Scores were injured at the scene. One of the dead was an 8-year-old boy, according to a state law enforcement source. Hospitals reported at least 144 people are being treated, with at least 17 of them in critical condition and 25 in serious condition. At least eight of the patients are children. At least 10 people injured had limbs amputated, according to a terrorism expert briefed on the investigation. Several of the patients treated at Massachusetts General Hospital suffered injuries to lower limbs that will require “serial operations” in the coming days, trauma surgeon Peter Fagenholz said Monday night. Some injuries were so severe amputations were necessary, Fagenholz added.[3]

Much like the 24-hour cable news coverage, more prestigious venues such as the New York Times provided a graphic account alongside disturbing images of the aftermath, under the April 16 headline, “BLASTS AT BOSTON MARATHON KILL 3 AND INJURE 100.”

“These runners just finished and they don’t have legs now,” said Roupen Bastajian, 35, a Rhode Island state trooper and former Marine. “So many of them. there are so many people without legs. It’s all blood. There’s blood everywhere. You got bones, fragments. It’s disgusting … We put tournquets on,” Mr. Bastajian said. “I tied at least five, six legs with tourniquets.”[4]

Testimony in the newspaper of record from another eyewitness relates similarly gory details.

Deidre Hatfield, 27, was steps away from the finish line when she heard a blast. She saw bodies flying out into the street. She saw a couple of children who appeared lifeless. She saw people without legs. “When the bodies landed around me I thought: Am I burning? Maybe I’m burning and I don’t feel it,” Ms. Hatfield said … She looked inside a Starbucks to her left, where she thought a blast might have occurred. “What was so eerie, you looked in you knew there had to be 100 people in there, but there was no sign of movement.”[5]

The country’s commander-in-chief then publicly confirmed how the federal government would avenge the violence and bloodshed.

President Obama, speaking at the White House, vowed to bring those responsible for the blast to justice. “We will get to the bottom of this,” the president said. “We will find who did this, and we will find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”[6]

Does a compelling description of a terrorist attack replete with “eyewitness accounts” of the terrifying scene and official pronouncements constitute an actual event? The available video evidence reveals an explosion occurring at 2:50PM across Boylston Street from the finish line bleachers, the exact point where the national media’s camera lenses were transfixed. The abundant media presence alongside personal cellphone cameras have provided abundant footage of the event and its immediate aftermath.


As with previous terrorist bombings, one must ask whether the ordnance described by police is in fact capable of wreaking the havoc that it purportedly caused. In 9/11 and Oklahoma City, for example, subsequent investigation indicated that jet engine fuel and a sizable ANFO bomb by themselves could not have caused the structural damage to the World Trade Center Towers and Murrah Federal Building respectively.

Available video of the first bomb detonating at the Marathon finish line suggests a direct upward discharge rather than the horizontal dispersion that would have wreaked the havoc to lower limbs so widely reported in physicians’ statements.

Moreover, the fact that whole pieces of the pressure cookers were produced by police further points to a more channeled dispersal of the bombs’ force–indeed, one that may not have involved a broad lateral distribution of shrapnel.[7]

A piece of one of the Boston Marathon 2013 bombs, believed to be a pressure cooker, that was discovered the day after the April 15, 2013 explosion.

Along these lines, despite the seemingly formidable explosions very few bodies and no severed limbs are observable on the ground, even though there are indeed several people exhibiting bewilderment and apparent injuries.

In short, the event closely resembles a mass-casualty drill, which for training purposes are designed to be as lifelike as possible. Since it is mediated, however, and primarily experienced from afar through the careful assemblage of words, images, and the official pronouncements and commentary of celebrity journalists, it has the semblance of being for all practical purposes “real.”

Below is footage of a “mass casualty exercise” conducted at the Community College of Aurora in Colorado that includes explanation and commentary from emergency drill and response experts coordinating the event.


Here is another video of a similar drill shot at Bagram military base in Afghanistan produced by US Army personnel .


Still another produced by North Florida Community College’s Public Safety Academy simulates an accident involving a two-vehicle accident resulting in an overturned school bus and injured occupants.


This brief news report profiles “Strategic Operations,” a private military training company offering “hyper-realistic” combat simulation complete with amputee actors.


Reports arising in the Boston bombing’s aftermath suggest how local authorities in possible coordination with the Department of Homeland Security were in the process of carrying out such drills, complete with the announcement of bombs being detonated and bomb-sniffing dogs present at the start and finish lines.

For example, University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, found it unusual how there were bomb sniffing dogs at the event’s start and finish lines. “They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise,” Stevenson remarked.[8]

Alternative news media have also pointed to the presence of what appear to be private military contractors in matching civilian apparel operating in coordination with an unmarked SUV close to the Marathon finish line. Identically-dressed men are observable before the bomb blasts in the immediate proximity of where the first bomb exploded and across the street thereafter.[9]

With the above in mind, photographic evidence of the event suggests the possibility of play actors getting into position after the detonation of what may in fact have been a smoke bomb or similarly benign explosive. The photo album from which the following photos are taken is available here. Additional photos may be found at cryptome.org.

Viewing at the immediate bomb blast from the following angle, one can see a dearth of people where the explosive is set off, suggesting how the immediate area may have been cleared before detonation.

Further, there is whispy smoke with no sign of any shrapnel piercing the smoke, the race sideline fabric, or anything outside of the sidewalk perimeter.

If this is the case the highly-circulated photo showing an orange-hued “fireball” explosion may have been embellished.


‘The first two photos taken from a surveillance camera and published on cryptome.org show the fist moments following the initial blast at the finish line.

[Two photo images removed on 9/20/14 at the request of photographer Ben Thorndike.]
The photo below shows what appears to be either a man with his legs blown off or an amputee with his stump curled around the head of a woman. A man in a “hoodie” jacket is also sitting upright behind the woman. The injured man or amputee, later identified in major media outlets as Jeff Bauman Jr.[10] who also participated in helping the FBI identify the alleged bombers,[11] appears preoccupied with something in his hands that are close to his face. This is unusual behavior for a man who has just sustained a severely traumatic and mortal injury.


The fourth and fifth photos show the man wearing the hoodie garment apparently helping the injured man/amputee with his right leg. Could he be removing this man’s prosthetic?


blast 7

In the above photos and succession below, the black woman appears to be looking at and signalling with her left hand to someone off-camera. Momentarily this woman will be wholly unconscious and transported out on a gurney.

In the subsequent photos Bauman joins the woman, making an identical gesture with his right hand in unison.


The next two photos are especially unusual given the apparent sequence of events: the amputee is lying on the ground still unattended after the less-severely wounded black woman is taken away by emergency response workers on a gurney. Others, such as the man sporting the hoodie, having likewise sustained far less serious injuries, appear to be among the first to be carted away to receive medical attention.


amputee 3

The use of a wheelchair to aid and transport an individual with such severe injuries–who amazingly is still conscious and discharging little-if-any blood–runs counter to common emergency medical procedure.


Much is still unknown about the tragic bombing to draw any concrete conclusions. However, much like 9/11, Oklahoma City, Aurora, and Newtown, an official storyline complete with the execution and/or capture of bad-guy culprits has been forged and vigorously drummed into the public mind.

In the law enforcement panic that followed martial law was declared and militarized police were unleashed in a paradoxical attempt to reestablish the order that was disrupted through their own incompetence or coordinated intent, another startling flash of the police state’s sharp fangs.

The upshot will be a continued program of more intensified repression at taxpayer expense alongside a corresponding erosion of civil liberties. All the while, future terror-inducing events magnified through the corporate news media’s falsifying prism reinforce our cursed tendency to welcome the illusion—to define first, and then see.


[1] Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, New York: New Press, 1979 (1922).

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-James F. Tracy
-Andrew Whooley contributed ideas and research for this article. Mr. Whooley is an independent researcher originally from New Zealand who resides in Perth, WA, Australia.

Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on April 22, 2013.

365 thoughts on “Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event”

  1. I never did like the phrase “perception is reality”

    hey, don’t some of those runners about to cross the finish line look kind of “fresh”?
    not much sweat
    some don’t seem to have any ID numbers…

    the race was pretty much over, were there really that many runners finishing at that time, and still looking so chipper after running 26 miles?

    1. It is amazing how much acting talent can be found in this great country. Tuscon, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston marathon, so many venues for these talented individuals to use their amazing skills. Where are all these liars for hire with no conscience and vapid minds coming from? These people are as sociopathic as the Joker regime that employs them.

  2. “The dog that didn’t bark” expression is taken from a Sherlock Holmes short story entitled, “The Silver Blaze.”

    The criminal in the mystery was, in fact, the supposed victim. His own dog of course didn’t bark at the intruder because there was no intruder.

    The award-winning journalists at CNN never expressed outrage at the abhorrent incompetence of moving the traumatically injured Jeff Bauman, Jr. in a wheelchair, an immediate death sentence for anyone in his condition.

    I hope Anderson tries to call you out again Dr. Tracy. This was a major mistake on their part, the dog that didn’t bark per se.

    1. I could be wrong, so feel free to set me straight. In the bare MINIMUM amount of research that I performed into the Boston explosions, someone supposedly connected the leg-less victim to an Iraqi (or Afghanistan) vet who had his legs explosively “removed” during his tour of duty.

      This isn’t to say that he may not have been injured in Boston, but that the legs may have been missing prior to the marathon. The pictures that show him being wheeled away in a wheel-chair with a bloody “stick” sticking out of a stump of a leg… well, if the victim is the leg-less vet, then the “stick” was part of his artificial leg, no?

      But hey. The lies are thick and getting thicker with each false-flag. Maybe I was duped by the leg-less Iraqi vet angle.


  3. A mindblowing article. Incredible. Bauman seems to be lying down in a wheelchair BEFORE he is removed from the scene in a wheelchair. With no blood spurting from the severed arteries of the leg stumps. And Bauman is conscious and calm.

    This may be a reason for Sandy Hook before the marathon bombing, to see if the crisis actors would play effectively to the American population.

    But how can they get away with this flagrant deception? They must have something else in mind. Or have they just gone bonkers. Or some combination of the two. That they would perpetuate this kind of fraud on the American people, indeed on the people of the world, is positively scary. What are they thinking of?

  4. I just keep thinking that they want us to know it’s a hoax. I just don’t know why. That doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of is if they do something that is real, they can put in a few photo shopped crazy pictures, we will think it’s a hoax, too.

    1. Either that or the structure is that of the endless webbing of multinational corporations. Everyone is in the dark about what everyone else is doing because everyone is atomized, pulled along by one bit of “policy” or guideline; people often don’t know who they work for or even what they do in these predicaments. Herein the possibility of personal blunders increases. A small group of actors is asked to stage injuries from a bombing. Their production will come not from expertise or experience, but from television shows, some amazing Hollywood rescues. They are not scripting out what is possible but what is entertaining.

    2. I don’ think we should give them too much credit. Psychopaths are often crass and unsubtle liars. These people may be powerful, but not necessarily either very bright or very imaginitive.

    3. I think the intention is to keep the citizens arguing…keep everyone divided. Now that the left/right dem/republican lines have been blurred, there has to be another reason to make sure everyone ‘takes a side’.

      What kind of creeps me is that Drudge seems to be feeding it – especially the ridiculous muslim/islam hysteria. I’m an old white broad who has always leaned toward ‘traditional’ values, but I’m really appalled by the comments I see people posting…it’s like we’re right back to the post 9-11 bs.

      divide divide divide – it’s an old strategy, but it seems to work every time. very sad.

      1. Drudge?
        How can you fault Drudge?
        1) all he does is link
        2) it’s his site, he can do what he wants
        3) he’s very open to the ideas of Alex Jones and often links to InfoWars.com

  5. Have you looked at this analysis by an EMT-B in Oregon?


    1. I did see that. Do you think they would have let someone in the area taking pictures if they didn’t want us to know it was a hoax?

      That’s the joke: they want us to know it’s a hoax!

      1. It’s more clear here: http://cryptome.org/2013-info/04/boston-1st-secs/boston-1st-secs.htm

        that the photos from a window above the blast, not from someone meandering into the chaos with a camera. Bottom line: those pictures were not meant to be taken. It was an oversight.

        However, I have little faith these actors will face any consequences because:

        1. Understanding the hoax requires a minimal amount of medical understanding outside of a cartoon world. Most people can’t grasp the concepts. The overall reaction of 90% of people I approach is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you believe it.

        2. People view their nationality as a collection of stories. If you try to discredit a story that is part of their national identity, they feel insulted that you are trying to destroy their country by destroying the story.

  6. Keep thinking like that, Violeta. Follow the implications. Is ti they want us to know or they don’t care if we know. How could they do this stuff over and over and get away with it. And the question is, get away with what? They obviously want to impose a police state but it is a very different kind than, say, a nazi police state. What are they thinking? we can’t fight it effectively until we know.

    Why aren’t they concerned when people finding out how they have been duped. All this stuff is on film, and they can’t memory-hole all of it. Do they think they can fool-intimidate people forever? They must know they can’t; so is ti just long enough for their time? I don’t get it; think, Violeta, think. This area, an Orwellian police state,and has not yet been explored or explained historically. And, God knows, it isn’t going to be explained in the authorized truth institutions.

    1. My sense is they want to create a direct confrontation and are baiting the public.

      I do not know if it is a fait accompli, but Israel is deep in the heart of U.S. Politics at the highest levels… to the point the U.S. is either already/or is going to be imprisoned.

      We spend billions for Israel to supply us with “Homeland Security” knowledge born out of its experience living under siege. Funny thing, the more the U.S. is under siege… the more we need Israel’s super-special sauce.

      Michael Chertoff, the “security” contracts to Israel, dual-citizens in our Congress,… it goes from there.

      Side note: There was legislation passed after Sandy Hook that ensured the FBI would be the on-scene commander in events requiring their expertise. I will locate when it was passed/get a link.

      1. I tend to agree – but I thought the same thing after Sandy Hook, and we see where that’s led.

        “events requiring their expertise” – haha – aptly put 😉

      2. You seem to have come to the conclusion that this is a Jewish / Israeli conspiracy to take over our nation and / or to profit from an American police state?

        Do Brother Nathaneal videos, and the supporting material he includes in them, convince you that there is a Jewish “hidden hand” behind all this propaganda and mind control?

      3. I’m unable to find a link to the legislation regarding the appointment of the FBI as the lead investigator of mass-casualty incidents.

        I did, however, find an interesting article, “Reality is a Psyop” on Jon Rappaport which relates to the question, “It’s like they want us to know [it is not real] or they don’t care if we know.”

        The article discusses how when faced with conflicting information or story lines the public’s “consensus reality would begin to disintegrate.”

        The reports and images from Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing are distressing because they conflict with the official narrative of what had occurred. Could it be that images and video challenging the official narrative are being released in an intentional effort to destabilize confidence in our neighbors, media and government?

        If so, why would someone(s) wish to do this? Who benefits if the American public’s “consensus reality” disintegrates??

        Another portion of the article states, a true psyop “depends on selling one centralized story and a centralized story is the key for long-standing institutions to thrive.” Thus, the U.S. Government has a vested interest in the official narrative being widely accepted.

        And, “Obviously, a very significant proportion of the public wants the centralized story; otherwise, we wouldn’t have it.” This explains those who view images or video that contradict the official narrative and are able to dismiss irregularities and continue to believe the official narrative.

        Link: http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/reality-is-a-psyop/

        (Article gets a bit rambling mid-way through.

      4. Benjamin,

        Mine is an exercise in “follow the money,”… and asking, “Who benefits?”

        I see this: Homeland Security has outsourced contracts to Israel and Israel’s economy is essentially dependent on sustaining the U.S. “War on Terror” and our continued financial and military support.

        The larger picture is that the greater stranglehold Israel gains over the U.S. population—the more secure Israel can be that U.S. objectives will align with her own.

        If Sweden had her hands this far into U.S. security affairs, I would be scrutinizing that country.

        Following is an excerpt from Naomi Klein’s article, “Labratory for a Fortressed World.”

        “Israel now sends $1.2 billion in “defense” products to the United States–up dramatically from $270 million in 1999. In 2006 Israel exported $3.4 billion in defense products–well over a billion more than it received in US military aid. Much of this growth has been in the so-called “homeland security” sector. Before 9/11 homeland security barely existed as an industry.

        By the end of this year, Israeli exports in the sector will reach $1.2 billion–an increase of 20 percent. The key products and services are high-tech fences, unmanned drones, biometric IDs, video and audio surveillance gear, air passenger profiling and prisoner interrogation systems–precisely the tools and technologies Israel has used to lock in the occupied territories.”


  7. I can’t imagine there were no injuries and death, I see the oddities but could it be they put a few actors in there to make us walk down that road again? Just thinking out loud.

  8. and don’t forget – Jeff Bauman IDd the culprits! “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me”. pretty definitive, eh?
    on another front, another story falls apart:

    OXFORD, Miss. (AP) — Investigators haven’t found any ricin in the house of a Mississippi man accused of mailing poisoned letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a local judge, according to testimony Monday from an FBI agent.

    Agent Brandon Grant said that a search of Paul Kevin Curtis’ vehicle and house in Corinth, Miss., on Friday did not turn up ricin, ingredients for the poison, or devices used to make it. A search of Curtis’ computers has found no evidence so far that he researched making ricin.

    Defense lawyers for Curtis say investigators’ failure to find any ricin means the government should release their client. That lack of physical evidence could loom large as a detention and preliminary hearing continues Tuesday morning. U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Allan Alexander ended the hearing after lunch Monday, citing a personal schedule conflict.

    Through his lawyer, Curtis has denied involvement in letters sent to Obama, Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker, and a Lee County, Miss., judge. The first of the letters was found April 15.

    “There was no apparent ricin, castor beans or any material there that could be used for the manufacturing, like a blender or something,” Grant testified. He speculated that Curtis could have thrown away the processor. Grant said computer technicians are now doing a “deep dive” on the suspect’s computers after initially finding no “dirty words” indicating Curtis had searched for information on ricin.

    Christi McCoy, who is leading the defense for Curtis, said the government doesn’t have probable cause to hold her client and his history of problems related to bipolar disorder are not enough to keep him in jail.

    “The searches are concluded, not one single shred of evidence was found to indicate Kevin could have done this,” McCoy told reporters after the hearing.

    1. and don’t forget – Jeff Bauman IDd the culprits! “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me”. pretty definitive, eh?

      Jeff Bauman’s character is based on Daniel Biddle in the London 7/7 bombings, both lost both legs, both were helped by civilian strangers, both had their arteries pinched by the stranger to stem the blood loss, both were the only injured surviviors to ID the bombers.

      1. just to clarify, I should have put a /sarc after that comment 😉

        It was announced today that everyone (every victim) who entered the hospital survived – aside from the three mentioned – so we now have the potential of 170ish people telling their Story. Then again, there was a survivor in Sandy Hook as well, right? Was that person ever ID’d – did we ever hear any more from/about them?

        Thanks for that info, andrew – I don’t know much about 7/7 other than the concurrent “drill”

        1. I saw that, too.
          The “170” will all survive, but…
          My question is: what 170?
          Do you see anywhere near 170 injured in any of these pictures?

  9. I don’t think the theory that the bombing victims are actors in the above photos holds water. Is is possible? Well, I suppose anything is possible, but likely? I don’t see it.

    What are the timestamps on these shots?. Were they shot seconds or minutes apart? Just by judging the movements of other people in the photos, it is likely just milliseconds apart. How much time would it take to perform such a task? Could this be done in just a couple of seconds with a woman blocking the procedure? That theory defies common sense.

    After examination, all I see in these photos are people who were forced together by a blast, tangled, and trying to separate themselves while also trying to cope with the magnitude of the situation.

    1. This photo essay which is based on many of the above photos shows it was long enough to clear the stands and street, and clear all the fencing and scaffolding, before there was a fake mad rush to get the double amputee out of there improperly using a wheelchair.


      This next photo essay makes a mockery of the cowboy hero who was reported to have jumped the fence and rushed to aid the double amputee. In reality he helped remove all the fencing and scaffolding before he got to play his starring role


      I believe it was shot over a long period with the actors holding their positions as good as possible, the photos back up this hypothesis. There is only one video that I am aware of showing any sort of timeline and it points up and away from the carnage a lot of the time and has evidence of being cut.

      There should be clear uncut video providing a timeline because there were so many cameras at the finish line, but I have yet to see such a video (although I admit my crap computer makes searching difficult).

      1. Thank you for your reply. If there is a timeframe, I haven’t been able to find it. I don’t know anything about the cowboy, I am concentrating on the contention that these are fake limbs placed on a person in the seconds following the blast. There are not enough facts to follow a clear timeline to even see if this is even physically possible to pull off.

      2. Those are good photo essays, Andrew.
        Some of the people look like they are photoshopped in. There is one lady in particular next to the fence who looks as though she is screaming. You can see her face but I can’t figure out where the rest of her body is. Also, the smoke clears from the area but not from that group of victims.

        I haven’t seen any comments yet on the surgical glove. Gee, do you think that was photo shopped into the picture? Do you think they highlighted it with blue to make it more obvious, or do surgical gloves come outlined in blue?

    2. I have to say that from a medical POV this “bombing” is more implausible even than Sandy Hook. The handling of the injured and the nature of many of the alleged injuries all militate against a reasonable possibility it was real.

      The human body has specific limitations. A man with two severed limbs will bleed out and die in minutes. This is just a fact.

      Jeff Bauman was left lying on the ground for at least six minutes before being rescued, and yet was not only alive but fully conscious in the iconic wheelchair photo. His legs were not even bleeding as he was wheeled down the street. His rescuers had virtually no blood on them. He had virtually no blood on him.

      That is a series of medical improbabilities so extreme as to make them collectively impossible.

      BTW – prof Tracy, congratulations on an excellent, balanced and rational summary.

      1. “The human body has specific limitations. A man with two severed limbs will bleed out and die in minutes. This is just a fact. ”

        Then how did do servicemen overseas suffer loss of both limbs and survive?

        1. If you get your limb blown off, you need medical attention within seconds to 1) apply tourniquet 2) get the would elevated above the heart to reduce bleeding.

          Jeff had NEITHER. He was laying on the ground with his legs below him with a bandage, not a tourniquet.

    3. There may of been one real bomb and this was clearly a fake bomb. Lucky for you, you apparently have never seen real blood, it is not this color or consistency. When major arteries are severed, the blood squirts out like a water hose and all those in the vicinity would be splattered. the experts say you have 1-2 minutes to survive without intervention. The fact that the most severely injured was tended to last and carted off in a wheel chair and still conscience holding his leg is totally implausible. Not to mention the fact that he is the only witness to identify the already convicted suspects. All while, there is the officer who sustained a single gunshot to the thigh who almost died due to blood loss and his heart stopping, they managed to get it pumping after 45 minutes, but he still can only communicate by squeezing his wife/s hand. Praise the Lord he had the top notch medical care available at the scene!…

      1. Regarding the “color of blood”, arterial flow is red, and I am not relying on my own knowledge; I talked directly with professionals who work in the ER and witness casualties on a daily basis.
        Apparently, you have never seen photography “boosted” to create brighter, more vivid colors. When a photo is brightened, the color red is especially susceptible to over-processing.
        Also, If it is so implausible for someone to lose limbs and not bleed to death, they how are so many servicemen coming home without limbs? How did they survive the IED blast and not bleed out?

        But back to my original contention which you failed to address, where is the timestamp on the photos? How long is the time frame of the photos vs a realistic time frame for applying fake limbs to a person? I haven’t seen that information supplies.
        And If this even a workable scenario, then where are his legs?

        This is a person whose father has a verified FB account dating back for years…with photos of his son, before the blast, who clearly has legs.

    4. What’s not possible is the picture of the guy in the wheelchair. The officials’ explanation of that photo is not possible. If you don’t want to deal with theories, don’t. The facts are far more disturbing anyway.

      1. I agree the facts are disturbing. Unfortunately, verifiable facts are hard to come by these days. Within the media blast of disinformation, finding real facts is an arduous task, at best.

  10. Can someone in Boston follow up on some of these victims? Find Jeff Bauman and others that were injured in pictures. I read all these blogs but need definitive proof – visit Boston, visit Newtown – talk to as many people as you can. How can all the residents of Newtown be in cahoots? Was Sandy Hook elementary school a real school? I don’t understand how there could be 600 students and a town and all the alternative news sites say it is a hoax. Can anyone go to the town and talk to people to find out what’s going on? Are there really 200 injured people from marathon? What are people saying that work in the hospitals? There should be some real “investigative” reporters for all these events and not all “talk” on all these websites.

    1. “How can all the residents of Newtown be in cahoots?”

      This is jumping waaaay ahead. There are stages to uncovering a mystery. We are tempted to jump ahead and read the last chapter to find out whodunit, but that’s not helpful.

      The first two steps are these:
      1) Did an event actually happen? and 2) If so, what actually happened?

      In the case of 911, we know something actually happened, because the buildings are no longer there. The next question we need to ask is not who did it or why they did it or how they did it or how could a vast number of people all keep their mouths shut. Those questions all come later, after we determine what actually happened.

      So calm down, and leave the later questions for later.

      In the case of Sandy Hook, it increasingly looks like nothing actually happened. There is no “crime scene” evidence for the public to peruse. No photos, no video. A blockade imposed by the authorities on every forensic “fact” they claim to have. All we have is what we are told by obvious liars.

      In the case of Boston, it’s clear that SOMETHING happened, but increasingly, it looks like WHAT happened was a big play-act with a noisy, smokey explosion and a bunch of staged chaos afterwards.

      Admittedly, we’re watching steps 1 & 2 being dealt with simultaneously here, which muddles things up a bit, but this blog entry we’re commenting on helps examine both at the same time as well as can be done.

      This is all to say that if the official story is impossible, if the facts prove that it’s impossible, it makes no difference who did it, why they did it, or how they manage to keep all the participants quiet; if we have not yet established the answers to those questions, that’s no reason to abandon the facts and revert back to accepting the official story.

      Sure, not knowing the who or why and how the scheme is maintained is uncomfortable. We WANT to know the answers to these questions. But if no event happened, or if it was a giant play-act, and the whole country has been hoodwinked, and we can prove that is the case, the other discomfort will have to be lived with until (if) we find out more about the perpetrators and their techniques. That comes later.

      1. Two American citizens were convicted of a horrible crime based on the testimony of a false witness and a spoken description of a conclusive video that we have not seen. Even the Governor admitted, when asked, he had not seen the video. There is one still picture that puts them at the scene that does not convince me, the only video released is the men with backpacks. The result of this meyham was military takeover of a major city, with innocent people being swatted for the good of all.

  11. Mark said: “Why aren’t they concerned when people finding out how they have been duped?”

    Maybe because they know there is nothing we can do about it except get ulcers.

    That’s the only question that you asked that I can even think of a possible answer. I just don’t get it.

  12. Steve found some great pictures and his explanation is likely, that they were not meant to be taken. There is no blood in the initial pictures when there is in a following picture a large splotch of it with a paper cup in the center of it, which may have initially held blood or simulated blood.. The loud blast, with everyone holding their ears, obviously disoriented everyone. But if this was just a very loud fake bomb, the woman couldn’t have died.

    The question is crucial because it was Bauman who was the Hero who fingered the media Terrorists. In the reality-based truth, of course, the brothers were known to the FBI who interviewed at least one of the brothers in previous years. So the pictures subvert the media story. As of course does James originally pointing it out.

    But I still don’t understand how they can prevent this from seeping into the mainstream truth. You can memory-hole one conspiracy theory but if you do the same thing again and again, it would seem that people would eventually catch on. Maybe the perps figure that they’ll be gone by that time so it won’t matter to them. Or maybe there is some kind of Orwellian thing that we don’t know.

    But the only way they can possibly put that kid on trial is by rigging his defense lawyers. As they did with the Sirhan and the King patsy trials.
    And the kid either cooperates or dies.

    So it isn’t so much a matter of covering it up, but of not legitimating the reality- based truth that conflicts with the media truth. And since people prefer power to truth, they will tend to go with the media truth as well as the incompatibale reasonable truth, even if they believe it. Leading to Orwell’s DOUBLETHINK, the ability to hold two incompatible truths in one’s head at the same time, and believe both of them.

    That may be the Orwellian psychological mechanism that they are relying on.

  13. I don’t this this is the use of crisis actors. It appears to be what it is. And I think you are being overly skeptical. The blood and blood splatter patterns match a real bomb blast, which was horizontal as well as vertical. The Jeff Bauman photo in the wheelchair seems to show the cowboy hat gut holding an artery to keep it pinched-off. The first rule of first aid is to stop the bleeding… you don’t just transport people and watch them bleed-out… you stop the bleeding first, then transport

    I think you’re grasping at straws here.

    Sandy hook had no blood and no photos of victims. This had blood and victims and you still doubt.

    It doesn’t seem you’re satisfied either way, which should concern you.

    Includes two photos of Krystle Campbell – in blue top and blue jeans – dead. One photo before fence and scaffolding was moved and one photo after

    Photos – http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=072_1366065507

    Photos – http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/first-photos-from-the-scene-of-the-boston-marathon-explosion

    1. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be Krystle Campbell or not, it looks like a young girl to me but I could be mistaken.

      Either way, your link shows three photos of the female in question.


      One where she is against the fence and getting no attention, then once they remove the fence and scaffolding for the second stage of the photo shoot, there are two photos of her getting her pulse checked by a medic (photos 3 and 12) who seems more interested in the boy who she is also tending to.

      These two photos are not the same because in one, the heads of the ‘injured’ boy and girl are together, but in the other they are apart, yet the medic is maintaining exactly the same position in relation to both ‘victims’ in both photos??

      This is what is seen time and time again in the photos, people are just maintaining the same positions throughout the photo shoot; even when things change and time obviously elapses they try and remain in the same positions.

      The attendants certainly seem more interested in maintaining positions for the camera than saving lives.

    2. I think you may have taken all the straws. I would also think you don’t just transport people in a wheelchair that had that sort of injury. I mean, you have to look at what’s possible and impossible in that photo. Clearly, there are some plausible explanations but they don’t explain what’s impossible in the photo.

  14. The next stage of the deception will be the effort to undermine sceptics such as us. If I was them I would go for guilt first. A dying baby/how dare you question the official narrative. Then I would wheel out an amputee actor to debate a gun obsessed conspiracy theorist to seal the narrative. This is what happened in the UK when a power elite paedophile was outed. They shut the social media chatter down with a press release threatening to sue. Of course he never did sue.

  15. Many have touched on the crux of the problem…diversion. The tactic that diverts attention from the true caper unfolding at higher levels. What is the big-picture agenda? Qui bono? Follow the money. Those are all cliches, but they apply on the macrolevel of international intrigue.

    Just musing outloud.

  16. So the headlines read on 4-22:Mayor Bloomberg says Interpretation of Constitution “will have to change” after Boston bombing.
    And….yesterday the Boston PD Commissioner Davis slips up and calls the two suspect brothers- “actors”!

    1. Yes—that’s world warlord language too. “The theater of war,” all that. They actually have the world divided into theaters. All the world [is literally] made into a stage. From their perspective, it’s always live theater in at least one sense.

    2. Too bad for more than one reason that all the videos of Davis contain just a still shot. It would be more convincing to actually see him say it, and it would be interesting to watch his eyes to see if he was reading a script.

    3. The info about Davis might be a scam. That’s why the videos show only a still. Don’t trust anyone. What is MOX.TV? Look it up.

      1. I should mention that the first time I watched the video MOX.TV came up on the screen of the still, but they must have cleaned it up… it’s no longer there. Notice how they flip screens. The upper screen has FOX NEWS visible, so you think the clip of from FOX NEWS, but the focus is shifted to the lower screen. We don’t really know if the audio is from FOX NEWS or not.

    4. So Mayor Bloomberg says the interpretation of our Constitution “will have to change.”

      And the following U.S. Senators have openly led an attack on our Second Amendment rights: Feinstein, Lieberman, Blumenthal, Schumer, Boxer. What am I missing here?

    5. The term “actor” or “actors” is commonplace in the LE community, I truly think you people are reaching here… Do I buy every word out of the national media or the White House? Absolutely not! Was a friend of mine injured in this event? Yes, yes she was. Funny, she hasn’t mentioned being part of an emergency drill, even while she was gorked on pain meds for injuries suffered as a spectator. This is beyond far fetched, and it is utterly offensive as well. And Professor, I have read the article and the comments, so please, don’t encourage me to read them. If you choose to respond to this, respond with more than a pat response please.

  17. I’ve been following you since you wrote about your experience with geoengineering on global research. Thanks for being a voice in the dark.

    The event itself as well as the investigation, also known as police state, were filmed, photographed, broadcast, twittered, Facebooked, tracked step by step. Compare this to the pictorial and video evidence the media presented regarding Sandy Hook and Christopher Dorner. There was nothing, and in the case of Dorner, media was ordered to cut the feed.

    I think another question to be asked here is why the Boston event was easy to pick apart. There is misinformation and disinformation, yes, but there is also providing blatant *clues* regarding the event that force more people to begin asking questions. It is easy to control the media. So why the slip ups NOW? Are they actual slip ups or calculated diversions?

    In the day or two after the bombing there were headlines on major websites suggesting many people were claiming it was a false flag operation. Almost immediately, the media acknowledged the dissension in acceptance of the “official story.”

    This begs a few questions: Why was the public allowed to see this event unfold? Why was the false flag viewpoint allowed to be reported? Is it to discredit or is it used to incite?

  18. Avoiding the ‘did die and did not die’ argument because I was not there and did not see or observe anything, I just wanted to comment on the Cryptome enlarged pictures Steve dropped a link to.

    A young lady is continually pointed out by the fence. In #2 she is wearing a dark blue top and what seems beige or light brown pants or shorts (if that is a part of her attire.) In the first #9 she seems to be wearing a white top and darker pants or shorts. In the second #9 she seems to be wearing a lighter multi-blue top. In the final picture #10 she is wearing quite dark blue top and what seems blue jean shorts or possibly jeans that are torn.

    I’m not a photographer and certainly don’t understand light angles and such things but to me this does seem very odd and confusing. Could anyone who is photo smart explain the differences in color and tone??

  19. James Tracy has clearly not taken Lippman’s advice. He has already defined this as some sort of massive conspiracy, and this has completely affected what he sees.

    The fact he doesn’t see this irony himself defines the level of his “analytical skill”.

    1. Everyone has defined it as a conspiracy. No one has said something just exploded and no one know why or how. Put a little thought work in next try.

    2. Analytical skill is marked by linguistic flexibility, comparing, contrasting and mediating information together. I clearly see all this in the article. I think out of respect for the Professor’s continued steadfastness to difficult and challenging issues, it might not hurt to return and re-read the article with these noted skills in mind.

  20. Some people are arguing that everyone would have stopped bleeding after the blast because of shock. Shock would restrict blood flow. Would a guy with his legs ripped off stop bleeding because of shock?

    1. People bleed to death because of blasts often, anyone who gets two legs blown off requires immediate help.

      Whether he would have died or not is only one question, another is why do they leave him rolling around on the ground unattended while others are getting attended to? Answer: so they get clear photos of him and the script calls for him to be rushed out by the cowboy hat hero.

      Why is the hooded guy seen helping him set up but then leaves him alone for the photoshoot?

      It is a lie that the cowboy hat hero jumped the fence and rushed to rescue Jeff Bauman, the photographic images show that the cowboy hat hero jumped the fence, and then set about setting the scene for his starring role by removing the fencing, then the scaffolding…


      …this photo essay, apart from showing the media story about the cowboy hat hero rushing to help the double amputee is false, also shows that the army was there to help remove the scaffolding but then retreated away from the injured for the photo shoot which shows the cowboy rescuing the amputee.

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