Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event

(Several additional photos of the finish line bombing aftermath have been added to the latter portion of the essay.-JT, 4/27/13)

“For the most part we do not first see, and then define,” Walter Lippmann observed in 1921, “we define first and then see. In the great blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture.”[1]

A founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Lippmann looked with suspicion to the potential dangers the hopelessly uninformed public posed in the unfolding “Great Society.”

Along these lines, a veteran hypnotherapist and mind control expert interviewed in 2001 by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport observes,

The media gives you the illusion that you are seeing something. That’s the billion‐dollar key to mind control … 90% of all the mind control in the world is done by the media, and it is all based on the viewer or the reader never seeing anything really beyond the surface of what is presented.”[2]

What exactly took place on April 15 at the Boston Marathon is unclear, yet what is now evident is a stark divergence between the narrative description of excessive carnage meted out as a result of the explosive devices and at least a portion of the video and photographic documentation of the bombing itself.

The corporate media proceeded in lockstep with dutifully propagating the authorized narrative of a combat-like environment at the marathon finish line. “Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said Monday night that the death toll had risen to three,” CNN told its viewers.

Scores were injured at the scene. One of the dead was an 8-year-old boy, according to a state law enforcement source. Hospitals reported at least 144 people are being treated, with at least 17 of them in critical condition and 25 in serious condition. At least eight of the patients are children. At least 10 people injured had limbs amputated, according to a terrorism expert briefed on the investigation. Several of the patients treated at Massachusetts General Hospital suffered injuries to lower limbs that will require “serial operations” in the coming days, trauma surgeon Peter Fagenholz said Monday night. Some injuries were so severe amputations were necessary, Fagenholz added.[3]

Much like the 24-hour cable news coverage, more prestigious venues such as the New York Times provided a graphic account alongside disturbing images of the aftermath, under the April 16 headline, “BLASTS AT BOSTON MARATHON KILL 3 AND INJURE 100.”

“These runners just finished and they don’t have legs now,” said Roupen Bastajian, 35, a Rhode Island state trooper and former Marine. “So many of them. there are so many people without legs. It’s all blood. There’s blood everywhere. You got bones, fragments. It’s disgusting … We put tournquets on,” Mr. Bastajian said. “I tied at least five, six legs with tourniquets.”[4]

Testimony in the newspaper of record from another eyewitness relates similarly gory details.

Deidre Hatfield, 27, was steps away from the finish line when she heard a blast. She saw bodies flying out into the street. She saw a couple of children who appeared lifeless. She saw people without legs. “When the bodies landed around me I thought: Am I burning? Maybe I’m burning and I don’t feel it,” Ms. Hatfield said … She looked inside a Starbucks to her left, where she thought a blast might have occurred. “What was so eerie, you looked in you knew there had to be 100 people in there, but there was no sign of movement.”[5]

The country’s commander-in-chief then publicly confirmed how the federal government would avenge the violence and bloodshed.

President Obama, speaking at the White House, vowed to bring those responsible for the blast to justice. “We will get to the bottom of this,” the president said. “We will find who did this, and we will find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”[6]

Does a compelling description of a terrorist attack replete with “eyewitness accounts” of the terrifying scene and official pronouncements constitute an actual event? The available video evidence reveals an explosion occurring at 2:50PM across Boylston Street from the finish line bleachers, the exact point where the national media’s camera lenses were transfixed. The abundant media presence alongside personal cellphone cameras have provided abundant footage of the event and its immediate aftermath.


As with previous terrorist bombings, one must ask whether the ordnance described by police is in fact capable of wreaking the havoc that it purportedly caused. In 9/11 and Oklahoma City, for example, subsequent investigation indicated that jet engine fuel and a sizable ANFO bomb by themselves could not have caused the structural damage to the World Trade Center Towers and Murrah Federal Building respectively.

Available video of the first bomb detonating at the Marathon finish line suggests a direct upward discharge rather than the horizontal dispersion that would have wreaked the havoc to lower limbs so widely reported in physicians’ statements.

Moreover, the fact that whole pieces of the pressure cookers were produced by police further points to a more channeled dispersal of the bombs’ force–indeed, one that may not have involved a broad lateral distribution of shrapnel.[7]

A piece of one of the Boston Marathon 2013 bombs, believed to be a pressure cooker, that was discovered the day after the April 15, 2013 explosion.

Along these lines, despite the seemingly formidable explosions very few bodies and no severed limbs are observable on the ground, even though there are indeed several people exhibiting bewilderment and apparent injuries.

In short, the event closely resembles a mass-casualty drill, which for training purposes are designed to be as lifelike as possible. Since it is mediated, however, and primarily experienced from afar through the careful assemblage of words, images, and the official pronouncements and commentary of celebrity journalists, it has the semblance of being for all practical purposes “real.”

Below is footage of a “mass casualty exercise” conducted at the Community College of Aurora in Colorado that includes explanation and commentary from emergency drill and response experts coordinating the event.


Here is another video of a similar drill shot at Bagram military base in Afghanistan produced by US Army personnel .


Still another produced by North Florida Community College’s Public Safety Academy simulates an accident involving a two-vehicle accident resulting in an overturned school bus and injured occupants.


This brief news report profiles “Strategic Operations,” a private military training company offering “hyper-realistic” combat simulation complete with amputee actors.


Reports arising in the Boston bombing’s aftermath suggest how local authorities in possible coordination with the Department of Homeland Security were in the process of carrying out such drills, complete with the announcement of bombs being detonated and bomb-sniffing dogs present at the start and finish lines.

For example, University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, found it unusual how there were bomb sniffing dogs at the event’s start and finish lines. “They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise,” Stevenson remarked.[8]

Alternative news media have also pointed to the presence of what appear to be private military contractors in matching civilian apparel operating in coordination with an unmarked SUV close to the Marathon finish line. Identically-dressed men are observable before the bomb blasts in the immediate proximity of where the first bomb exploded and across the street thereafter.[9]

With the above in mind, photographic evidence of the event suggests the possibility of play actors getting into position after the detonation of what may in fact have been a smoke bomb or similarly benign explosive. The photo album from which the following photos are taken is available here. Additional photos may be found at cryptome.org.

Viewing at the immediate bomb blast from the following angle, one can see a dearth of people where the explosive is set off, suggesting how the immediate area may have been cleared before detonation.

Further, there is whispy smoke with no sign of any shrapnel piercing the smoke, the race sideline fabric, or anything outside of the sidewalk perimeter.

If this is the case the highly-circulated photo showing an orange-hued “fireball” explosion may have been embellished.


‘The first two photos taken from a surveillance camera and published on cryptome.org show the fist moments following the initial blast at the finish line.

[Two photo images removed on 9/20/14 at the request of photographer Ben Thorndike.]
The photo below shows what appears to be either a man with his legs blown off or an amputee with his stump curled around the head of a woman. A man in a “hoodie” jacket is also sitting upright behind the woman. The injured man or amputee, later identified in major media outlets as Jeff Bauman Jr.[10] who also participated in helping the FBI identify the alleged bombers,[11] appears preoccupied with something in his hands that are close to his face. This is unusual behavior for a man who has just sustained a severely traumatic and mortal injury.


The fourth and fifth photos show the man wearing the hoodie garment apparently helping the injured man/amputee with his right leg. Could he be removing this man’s prosthetic?


blast 7

In the above photos and succession below, the black woman appears to be looking at and signalling with her left hand to someone off-camera. Momentarily this woman will be wholly unconscious and transported out on a gurney.

In the subsequent photos Bauman joins the woman, making an identical gesture with his right hand in unison.


The next two photos are especially unusual given the apparent sequence of events: the amputee is lying on the ground still unattended after the less-severely wounded black woman is taken away by emergency response workers on a gurney. Others, such as the man sporting the hoodie, having likewise sustained far less serious injuries, appear to be among the first to be carted away to receive medical attention.


amputee 3

The use of a wheelchair to aid and transport an individual with such severe injuries–who amazingly is still conscious and discharging little-if-any blood–runs counter to common emergency medical procedure.


Much is still unknown about the tragic bombing to draw any concrete conclusions. However, much like 9/11, Oklahoma City, Aurora, and Newtown, an official storyline complete with the execution and/or capture of bad-guy culprits has been forged and vigorously drummed into the public mind.

In the law enforcement panic that followed martial law was declared and militarized police were unleashed in a paradoxical attempt to reestablish the order that was disrupted through their own incompetence or coordinated intent, another startling flash of the police state’s sharp fangs.

The upshot will be a continued program of more intensified repression at taxpayer expense alongside a corresponding erosion of civil liberties. All the while, future terror-inducing events magnified through the corporate news media’s falsifying prism reinforce our cursed tendency to welcome the illusion—to define first, and then see.


[1] Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, New York: New Press, 1979 (1922).

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-James F. Tracy
-Andrew Whooley contributed ideas and research for this article. Mr. Whooley is an independent researcher originally from New Zealand who resides in Perth, WA, Australia.

Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on April 22, 2013.

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  1. So then if this is a drill, then how can you “fake” scores of people losing limbs? Do you really think people would voluntarily go to the hospital and let them take off their legs just to cover the back story? Do you really think that many medical personnel are in on it? I agree it all seems suspicious, and all the same issues can be applied to Aurora and Sandy Hook, but it seems like SOMEONE would be able to verify legitimate casualties versus people acting/faking.

    1. Troy,

      How would we “see” the “scores” of people losing limbs? The media who gave us these obviously problematic images? How do we know who the “medical personnel” are? Would you recognize the trauma surgeon at X hospital if he/she walked up and bit you? We only see what the media tells us, and if that happens to be inaccurate, we get an inaccurate picture, don’t we?

    2. You use amputees who have already lost limbs – just as they do in many documented scenarios. There are many photos available online showing amputees with their stumps dressed to look like new wounds, and most of them look a lot more realistic than the rather shoddy prepping in Boston.

      Any EMT will tell you that what went down in Boston is bizarre. Members of the public being allowed to triage victims. Victims who may have sustained serious injuries being rolled upright in wheelchairs. And the weirdest thing of all – victims being taken, not straight to ambulances, but to the medical tent! This is an insane way to treat people with major trauma. And it never ever happens in real situations.

      Sometimes we need to face facts, however painful or seemingly unbelievable they are. The simple fact is if Jeff had been a real double amputee then he would have died within two or three minutes on the sidewalk. He just would. The fact he is alive proves the lie.

      It’s hard to accept, but we have to do so.

    3. Troy, are there actually visual reports showing scores of people losing limbs? Again, I’m inclined to think there were actual victims at the 1st, less photographed location (while I suspect the widely covered Finish Line bomb may have been the “drill”) – but I don’t watch tv/the news so I’m not sure just what is being reported in terms of victim follow-up. Someone mentioned yesterday that the injured list had suddenly jumped by over 100.

      can’t help but think of the ‘lost opportunity’ aspect here – with everyone’s rapt attention, this would be an excellent time to also show the victims of int’l bombings, drone strikes, etc. so the public could get a better idea of what horrific tools of war are being employed every day.

      1. The site of the second bomb, Forum, if it shows any victims, shows a few off to the side. Nothing like the numbers you ever heard.

        When I ran this story past a relative, about no damage to the sidewalk poles at Forum, she had a great answer to settle it for herself (as she is sure we have a lax immigration policy): the press of hundreds of bodies when the bomb struck insulated all surrounding structures from harm. Those bodies took the injuries. So that is why the story of massive injuries had to be put out (and the Boston 1 fund set up to compensate them). In reality, there are no such photos of hundreds of people waiting at the end for stragglers to come over the finish line almost 2 hours after the winners. Only before the winning runners crossed is there a huge group. It contained a lot of black people, as might be expected, since Africans tend to win. Then the crowd broke up. We are supposed to believe that this crowd was replaced by another coming from Fenway Park after a baseball game. ‘Cause you know that’s where you head – to cheer on stragglers in the Boston Marathon – instead of to a bar somewhere. Forum is quite upscale. Not for people in t-shirts and sweats. I don’t buy it that there was a fresh mob there, and the pictures at the blast show no more than 40-60 people, who aren’t even at the center of the blast, but off to the side, as actors would be to keep them safe from the flash.

    1. He didn’t have a hand injury either. Hand was added to neck and leg along with head after he woke up chained to a hospital bed and they started demanding he confess.

      The people who set him up want him dead.

      The naked suspect may not be Tamalar but he is a body double or stunt man – The Watertown cops were not in on the plot and I’m surprised the feds didn’t tell them to “stand down” as all the EMS were told to do at Sandy Hook. It will be the Watertown and MBTA cops who blow the whistle on the lie. Boston police ocmissone

      1. I agree with you 100%, Peter…I think the local cops/fire/EMS/officials are going to come out of this as heroes in more ways than one. Hope I’m (we’re) right!

  2. Skepticism is good, and necessary… to a point. I do not think this was a staged event. I do think Sandy Hook was a staged event. I also think this, like Sandy Hook, was a false flag. But not a media production using crisis actors. The $64,000 question is “How can we know?” See: Media-based epistemology, faith, and skepticism – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2ej

    1. This was a staged event alright. Just not very well staged. If presented in the theater, it would not have survived opening night.

  3. I am deeply saddened that you have felt the need to belittle the tragedy that occurred in Boston with your unsubstantiated and unproved accusations.
    In particular I would like you to try to think about the people who have lost loved ones due to this act of terror, and try to consider the impact your deluded commentary is causing them.

    I can think of only two reasons why you, and many of the posters here, would continue to deny that the event that occurred, (which was extremely well documented, and has many, many witnesses), was a real event and not staged.

    Either you, in some way, have a dislocation from reality that is causing you to believe this or, you have an overdeveloped sense of self-aggrandisement that is causing you to to be unable to consider the fact that you are wrong, no matter the (huge and compelling) mountain of evidence that disproves your theory completely.

    Whatever the reason for this, I hope that you decide to desist from continuing to post these commentaries because the only effect they have is to upset those who have had to suffer through this horrific event.

    1. “Yes, thank you Piers. Finally someone is sticking up for us victims.

      I’m lying here in my hospital bed reading this absolute garbage that this nutcase academic scumbag Tracy and his deluded posters are spewing.

      There should be a law against this or at least a fine, as that fine young man Cass Sunstein suggested.

      Tell junior detective “You’re a Dick’ Tracy to come and visit me in Beth Israel Hospital, 4th Floor Trauma, Room 41513 and tell me this shrapnel in my left buttocks isn’t real, that I got this from a freaking smoke bomb!

      C’mon James the Whackjob, I’ll introduce you to my team of doctors here who are probably going to cost me my house and retirement fund before this is all over. They probably still have all the crap those Muslims loaded into the pressure cooker.

      Or better yet, call me on (617) 555-xxxx or my cell (617) 555-yyyy and I’ll really tell you what I think about your little blog here.”

      Geez Piers, wouldn’t you expect this kind of comment from those who are upset and “who have had to suffer through this horrific event?”

      Where is it?

      1. So it looks like there will be a million dollar pay-out for each victim of the Marathon bombing. Are you on the list or is your injury not grave enough to merit such a transfer of wealth from the loyal people of Boston who were psychologically harmed by this event? Some will go overseas and get killed for this. But you’ll have your money. And of course, you can no longer be drafted with that kind of injury.

    2. Actually, I would re-direct all of your suggestions back at you. It’s deeply disturbing that false flags don’t concern you and that you want to make them go away with your delusions. You are upsetting and insulting all those suffering from this event and others, including those suffering from the austerity attacks, acts of war, and civil rights restrictions that multiply as this event and others of the sort create a massive distraction from everything else that is happening.

      1. My sentiments exactly, eman. Thanks for painting a two lane path on this institutionalized one way road. The inmates do run the asylum.

    3. No one is requiring anyone injured or affected by the event to come here, see or read anything. As for being “unable to consider the fact that you are wrong, no matter the (huge and compelling) mountain of evidence, you might provide some of that mountain, rather than just recycling the same worn-out “disrespectful to the dead” nonsense.

    4. That kind of response isn’t enough Piers. No one wishes anyone any harm, and if real people died then that is a tragedy. But at the same time, as thinking human beings we have to use our own judgement and comment on what we have seen with our own eyes.

      I and others have observed things that are simply incompatible with this event being entirely real, and to try and use emotionally manipulative arguments to persuade us we have no right to say this out loud is counter to all ideas of free thought, pursuit of truth and scientific open-mindedness.

    5. Mr. Troy asks the question:

      So then if this is a drill, then how can you “fake” scores of people losing limbs?

      Aaaah, errr… Substantiate “scores of people” please.

      In my ignorance and admitted lack of in-depth research, I know of only one victim supposedly losing limbs. Only thing is, he’s a pretty good double for an Army vet who had already lost his legs much closer to his hip, which would make it pretty convenient for a Hollywood-enhanced version of severed legs below the knee with a gnarely bone hanging out that would be clearly visible to photographers when they rescued him from the scene in a wheelchair.

      Mr. Piers Shaw demonstrates a lack of imagination in his malframed statement and ad hominem:

      I can think of only two reasons why you… would continue to deny that the event that occurred, (which was extremely well documented, and has many, many witnesses), was a real event and not staged. Either [1] dislocation from reality or [2] an overdeveloped sense of self-aggrandisement.

      Everyone agrees that “a real event occurred” and that real people were involved. The issue stems around how much of the event was contrived. The distinction gets blurred when real people without prior knowledge — from bystanders to first responders — react to contrived portions of the event. For them, it is all real.

      Let’s set aside for a moment thoughts that the bombs were more flash-bang-and-smoke than damaging payload and that some victims were acting. We are still left with contrived and incongruent aspects of the manhunt for the suspects, whose motivations and purposes are a bit weak, and scream of “Patsy!!!” The motivations and purposes for the powers-that-be setting up the Patsies is a bit clearer. “Let’s see if we can lockdown an entire city and prove to their residents that we can search their premises without no god-damn warrant.”

      Mr. Shaw concludes with a tried and true disinfo technique:

      Whatever the reason for this, I hope that you decide to desist from continuing to post these commentaries because the only effect they have is to upset those who have had to suffer through this horrific event.

      Rather than discussing pertinent anomalous details, Mr. Shaw prefers to distract the discussion into the personal and emotional. I’ll have you know that before the dust had even settled on the WTC destruction, this is exactly what the news media was doing. “Nevermind that the pulverization at free-fall speeds could look like a controlled demolition, we should pause and reflect on those heroic first responders who rushed into the burning towers to save lives and ultimately sacrificed their own.”


    6. Piers,

      I see, let’s just suspend those who are accused their constitutional protections and believe hook line and sinker everything the authorities tell us. In your one sided world there’s no need for a rigorous discovery process that is distilled through the legal process, which is enshrined in the notion of innocent before guilty. In your world it’s guilty, guilty, guilty because the cops said so. Their can be no legitimate skepticism outside the “official narrative” in your world. Given the world you desire we might as well revive the old Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and really do it right.

    7. ” . . . the (huge and compelling) mountain of evidence that disproves your theory completely.”

      Such as?

    8. How close are you to what happened, Piers? Are you in the area – were you able to follow this on local news or the police scanners as it went down? Just curious – I’ve noticed that in addition to the boston.com site, there are other media pockets around the U.S. who are reporting things with a slightly different take. I mentioned a couple days ago that Drudge seemed to be feeding the narrative – I STILL don’t see that he’s posted the fact that the suspect was not armed when captured in the boat.

      Seriously hoping that all is quiet at Bush’s library dedication today –

    9. To many liberals, every crisis is just a cheap opportunity. A very welcome and convenient opportunity to further their already established agendas, and paranoid delusions. Even before the bodies are cold they’re off to the races and “cashing in’, and showing zero sympathy for the victims. It happened after 9-11, and happens after every mass shooting in America, and now this bombing.

      James Tracy should be ashamed, but I don’t think his brand of narcissistic and self-absorbed liberal is capable of shame.

    10. why is asking questions belittling a tragedy? it must be nice to do exactly as your mommy told you and to know that you’ll be fed and put to bed. however, if you have life experience, you know that the incurious are nearly always superficially successful or not successful at all.

    11. Please provide the overwhelming mountain of evidence, Piers, before waving your finger at us like a constipated schoolmarm.

  4. Read a comment on another blog the other day which hypothesized that bomb 1 (lens crafters) was fake, but bomb 2 was real. I’d be interested to know where the injured people are claimed to have fallen.

    1. ah – thanks…I think I got that backwards earlier. Whichever way it goes, my hunch is that real people were hurt by a real explosion at the less photographed/documented site.

  5. Bang on the mark – the trouble is that the US now likes to play the boy who cried wolf so that if/when a ‘real’ attach happens no one will believe it is true

  6. (The key sentence got cut off in my previous attempt):

    Sarasota: Hospital to simulate hyperbaric chamber explosion

    “The exercise will include actors in make-up and Hollywood-like special effects, testing Sarasota County’s disaster response, evacuation procedures and triage and emergency care of multiple mock victims.”

    source — Hospital to simulate hyperbaric chamber explosion
    Disaster drill at Sarasota Memorial Hospital is scheduled for Friday [4/26/13] morning.

    1. Thanks Kathy for the link. I believe that analysis brings us much closer to solving this thing.

      Those photos strongly suggest that the second blast was REAL and two people died.

      All of the injured were QUICKLY rushed to the hospital, but there may have been actors brought in later. I don’t see pools of fake blood like at the finish line.

    2. Add these photos of the bombing victim putting on his fake legs, and what is clearly a smoke bomb for everyone to make this event happen.

      These photos will once in for all open up the eyes of the non-believer that this was indeed a well planned drill!

      1. Are they so dumb to think folks might not capture these images/video? That baffles me that in this technological age where the majority have smart phones they did it like this. Maybe they’re testing the psyche of the American people for future and larger events?

        1. Someone sent me this, also a must see: http://imgur.com/a/Nx8EU

          If you watch April 24th’s episode of the Colbert Report, the first 5 minutes shows how “someone” tweeted that the White House was bombed and Obama was injured and the stock market automatically crashed. Within 5 minutes a tweet went out to correct it, and the stock market immediately recovered.

          They said it was automatic and computer run.

          I’ll leave the implications of that “test” up to you…..

          On Demand, do you get that?

  7. Great post. I was wondering about the lack of injuries and limbs laying around, when so many witnesses claimed legs were flying right by their heads. I only saw one amputee anywhere, when they claimed there are over 10.

    How did they get so many pics of Bauman with cowboy hat/american flag guy, but not one of any of the other supposed amputees? Something is very wrong with the footage, it doesn’t match the descriptions of the event.

  8. Next to go viral – I have no idea if this is really Jeff or not:
    Published on Apr 24, 2013

    A tribute to double amputee victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing….a look back. You can lean on all of us Jeff. From all of us at the Amputee Actors Guild local 322. We salute you!

  9. one has to simply understand that while a conspiracy concerning this event is utterly absurd, we also have a narcissistic society which is utterly absurd. when you factor our stage of maturity in the US, then you realize that an event like this is not so far fetched. now take your lifesize poster of erin burnett and anderson cooper of the wall for a second and think about what we’ve been consuming. we have been consuming big macs thinking we’re eating organic vegetables!

    1. I feel that anyone in power is capable of anything in order to keep it. That goes for everyone in the position of power, including every government. I’m not saying this was a deliberate act by our government, but we as a society are taking a lot at face value. So few actually question the drum, choosing instead to simply march.


  10. Breaking: Third Bomb Explodes in Boston

    “Oh, no…don’t say I tricked you with the title. This is a news bomb if there ever was one. The Saudi national that Glenn Beck has been making a big fuss over is…Osama bin Laden’s son, Al-Harbi.

    But this is just for openers. His nick name is the Crown Prince of Terror, and has been reported to have vowed revenge on the US for killing his father. While we don’t have confirmation of his nickname and threat, we do know he has 3-B status…terrorist.”

    continuous updates – oboy
    Wonder what Mueller is up to today in Boston? If this proves to be true, I think we can finally breathe a (small) sigh of relief at the indications of Someone wanting the story to get out. On the other hand, VD has been consistently blaming Mossad…this was a surprise

    1. For me the most compelling fact is the backpacks. The brothers carred a grey and white backpack. Yet both backpacks they believe carried the exposives were black.. Something isn’t right. I still don’t believe the whole thing was faked, that’s ridiculous. But the idea that the brothers were set up isn’t too far fetched to me.

    2. This story was walked back later in the day – same link.

      On another note, now that Glenn Beck has humiliated himself a post has gone up on the Blaze about “Professor’s Wild Claim” – deja vu all over again. I would say this is the wrong week for GB’s adoring throng to point fingers and chant “conspiracy nuts!” =)

  11. I don’t see anywhere near the amount of victims they report, over 100 ? It looks like there are no more than 25 or 30 people at the epicenter.

  12. This video appears to show wheelchair guy having his prosthetic, that fell off, put back on as he’s wheeled “off set”

  13. Somebody is going to get rich off of this. I saw at Whole Foods today that they are asking for donations, suggesting $5 or $10. At the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, stickers are going to be passed out to everyone telling them how they can make a donation to help those most injured by the bombs.

    It’s fiction, the whole thing is fiction, but the cash will indeed be real.

      1. I just checked: They are up to $26 million now:
        NEW YORK (CNNMoney)

        Fundraising campaigns for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings have raised more than $26 million and the donations continue to grow.

        More than 50,000 people and roughly 60 corporate donors have pledged more than $23.8 million to The One Fund Boston, which was set up by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

  14. Found this on the comments section in a USAToday article that stated there was damming video evidence they placed the bombs at the scene and a few of us asked, where is the video? The most compelling zoom in on the scene was a discarded bottle of fake blood. Whoops! http://imgur.com/a/Nx8EU Not sure if you can trust the numbers, but the site indicates it was created 5 days ago and has over 5 million views!

  15. Lol well, I guess it doesn’t take much rigor to be a professor at FAU.

    Why don’t you try and get in touch with Bauman and ask him some questions?

    A good friend of mine in law school (where I am currently) grew up with him, and after the blast sent out some pictures and an e-mail about the “bucks for bauman” fund. I can assure you that Jeff Bauman used to have legs and now longer does.

    1. No one here has ever contested the fact that he used to have legs and now (sic) longer does.

      As for fundraising – let’s see how Newtown is doing a mere four months later: http://newtown.patch.com/articles/sandy-hook-donations-by-the-numbers

      I hope that article includes the ones who declined to “self-report”:

      Sure wish they’d answered Q2. About whether the funds would “be used solely for victims Sandy Hook tragedy”

      Well, we can always look at one that Did report…like the Sandy Hook School PTA/ CTPTSA/ Ryan Kraft/
      Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Relief Fund

      Q1 – How much have you received?
      Approximately $800,000 has been received to date.

      Q2 – How much have you spent?
      Approximately $5000 has been spent to date related to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

      Q6 – Do you provide direct support to individuals, families, businesses?
      The Sandy Hook PTA has not provided and it does not intend to provide direct financial assistance to individuals, families, or businesses for Sandy Hook relief.

      Q7 – Does your organization have a plan in place on how to use any surplus funds not spent forpurposes related to the Sandy Hook tragedy? If so, please describe that plan.
      Our organization does not expect to have surplus funds not spent for purposes related tothe Sandy Hook tragedy.

  16. I just saw a young woman on CNN who is probably going to lose her leg from injuries from the bomb blast. Her doctor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital spoke too. It’s amazing. The woman, her doctor, her nurses, her family – all actors! And, the conspirators have infiltrated Brigham & Women’s, its IT department and administration, faking the doctor’s credentials and putting this puppet in front of the cameras. They must be threatening hundreds of people at that hospital to keep quiet (for this one woman alone!), with such threats that no one NO ONE will speak the truth and be a whistleblower! And they all agree to participate as accessories to hundreds of federal crimes! And this is just for one woman, one “victim” among hundreds of purported “victims”. The mind boggles at the scope of this conspiracy and the incredible number of participants.

    Or is there some other explanation

    1. If I were an actor, that’s what I’d be getting paid for, right? To act the part – a role which includes standing up to conspiracy theorists, right? Because that’s part of what every public person has to put up with…being called a liar. So, when I’m “standing up to conspiracy theorists”, I’m doing my job well, right? It may have nothing to do with threats, or perceived whistleblowing…just putting in my eight straight –

      haha…I wonder if Crisis Actors unionized recently?

      Just sayin’… If I let someone control my emotions, I’m letting them control my daydreams. I’d rather not give them the airtime.

  17. Boston Marathon Bombing Drill Conspiracy Cowboy Hat Guy Legs Blown Off Guy – MUST SEE!


    Published on Apr 22, 2013

    This time lapse shows the legs blown off guy being wheeled out of the area, but they have to stop to put his phony legs back on as they start to fall off

    Boston Bombing – guy with legs blown off returns and is wheeled through scene again!

    Published on Apr 23, 2013

    The original video is “Bostom Bombing Finish Line Time Lapse” – this clearly shows around minute 3 legs-blown-off-guy being wheeled out, but his phony legs are falling off, so they wheel him through again…1 minute later, hoping to get a better shot..but the dude who pushes him goes WAY too fast so they have to use the original shot taken right after yellow vest guy puts legs-blown-off-guys blown off legs back on. whew! trying saying that fast 3 times! 🙂

    Later: I think the second guy getting wheeled out my be the guy in the ‘hood’ in this series of photos who was obviously helping the first blown off legs off guy in the very moments after the explosion. In the photos, you can see there is nothing wrong with him, but he is wearing a shirt (gray with black sleeves) that looks a lot like legs blown off guy. I still see more evidence supporting that this was a drill, except for the fact they have used some very realistic make-up. And dont forget, people with unlimited funds, access and power can pull off things that would make our heads’ spin..and they do…regularly.

  18. The most useful evidence to come to light is that Bauman was or was not an amputee before the bombing. If he wasn’t then we are wrong., I think that most unlikely. But if he was, than that is umistakable proof of fraud, including finnaical fraud, since hundreds of thousands of dollars are being raised for him. Either way, his previous life is of cruical importance.

    But the perps of this bombing must know this, so efforts must have been taken to ensure that his past life wa covered up. I would guess Bauman is not his real name, and he could be from any country. A fake biolography coud easily be inserted in the narrative. So getting the real biolgraphy might involve a lot of time and expense.

    But there is a chance that it might not. In which case Jame’s analysis becomes even more impoirtant, because if they fake the crucial evidence against the brothers, as Bauman reported, then the whole hous of cards crumbles.

    It’s like the shot coming from the front in the John Kennedy assassination; it proves that Oswald could not possibly be the Lone Assassin. If there is a picture of Bauman as an amputee before the bombing, or it is known how he really lost his legs, that fact plus James analysis would subvert the whole government-meidia narrative.

    Would this convince most Americans? I would tend to doubt it. Most people prefer power to truth, and would not want to confront the narrataive of American power. but it would be explosive enough to shock those who are honest but depoliticised to understand the bottomless decieit of American power. And it would protect James from futher harassment because this would emphasize the counter evidence.

  19. Boston is covered with CCTV cameras, so where’s the footage of the 2nd blast?

    All I’ve seen is footage taken from the first site, showing a puff of smoke 200′ away.

    Tsarnaev came down with Chronic Patsy Syndrome (CPS) which is only treatable by removing your larynx.

  20. Zero Hedge has this article today on false flag attacks, quoting from Plato and others:

    “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”
    – Plato

    “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
    – U.S. President James Madison

    “Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.
    – Adolph Hitler

    “Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
    – Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

    “The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
    – Josef Stalin


    However, I am with other contrarians like Gary North who dismiss most conspiracy theories as presenting almost supernatural powers to evil entities in government, contrary to Biblical mandates to honor those civil authorities who have charge over citizens not in an absolute sense, but as an alternative to anarchy. I would think powerful computer programs would be able to get to the truth on these issues establishing percentage liklihoods of various theories.

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