The Unlikely Antics of Boston’s “Cowboy Hero” 173

Carlos Arredondo has been widely praised by an array of corporate news media as among the most valorous figures of the Boston Marathon bombing. He was “heralded as a true American hero,” the International Business Times gushes, having allegedly “risked his life to help the victims of the two explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon.”[1]


A resident of Bangor Maine who tragically lost his son in the Iraq War in 2004 and thereafter turned to peace activism, Arredondo and friend John Mixon were at the Boston Marathon to support participants running in honor of Maine’s fallen Iraq War veterans. Following the blast, the two say they crossed Boylston Street and began tearing down the snow fence and scaffolding to get to the bombing victims. “Arredondo vaulted it and tried using his clothes and towels to stanch the victims’ bleeding but they were hurt too badly,” Maine’s Portland Press Herald reports. “Both men helped get one of the spectators, missing both legs, into a wheelchair that race medical staff had brought. ‘I kept talking to him. I kept saying, “Stay with me, stay with me,” Arredondo said.”[2]

Followers of the story will recall that while in the hospital and through a narcotic-induced stupor Bauman uncannily came to and provided a stark recollection of the  Tsarnaev brothers as the bombers. “He woke up under so much drugs [sic], asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,’”Bauman’s brother Chris told[3]

In the above photo Arredondo is seen allegedly holding onto an artery as he helps rush Jeff Bauman to an awaiting ambulance. Newspapers report “After jumping the security fence to help on Monday, Arredondo rushed to help the young man whose legs were so badly damaged. He asked the man his name – Jeff Bauman – and then told him, “Stay still. The ambulance is here.”

The Washington Post ran an even more sensationalistic account that wholly excerpted Arredondo’s efforts at moving the fencing and scaffolding:

Carlos Arredondo ran across Boylston Street, jumped the security fence and landed on a sidewalk smeared in blood. In front of him, two women lay motionless. Another woman walked around in black-powder smoke, looking down at the fallen bodies. “Oh, my God,” he said she repeated, dazed. “Oh, my God.” Arredondo had been a Boston Marathon spectator, carrying a camera and a small American flag. He dropped the flag. He took four pictures — focusing on a young man crumpled on the sidewalk. The man had a blank expression, and a leg that was only bone below the knee. Then Arredondo put the camera away. He asked the injured man his name. “Stay still,” he remembered saying, in accented English. “The ambulance is here.”[4]

There’s a major problem with the above scenario. The photos taken that day of the overall scene and Arredondo’s activities therein suggest that he went about his purported heroic exploits in a much more time-consuming–and perhaps somewhat less noble–fashion.

This CCTV video at 2x indicates that at exactly 3:05 Arredondo commences his valorous gallop with Bauman to the waiting ambulance. This is over six minutes after the initial ordnance was detonated.[5]

What exactly was Boston’s “Cowboy Hero” doing in the interim as Mr. Bauman lay suffering on the nearby sidewalk?

Arredondo can be seen here on the left waiting by the fence before donning his hat and springing into action as the wounded lay before him. Bauman appears to be behind the black woman dressed in dark pants, white shirt and red jacket

Rather than rushing to assist the man who allegedly lost both his legs, as we are told he “instinctively” did by the Washington Post, Arredondo now pauses here to attend to the fencing.

The official casualty count of 264 injured cannot be readily demonstrated in these photos, unless perhaps a far greater percentage of casualties could be evidenced where the second bomb detonated further down Boylston Street and away from the finish line.

Here is another shot of Arredondo still far more preoccupied with the fencing and scaffolding than the injured and maimed.

With the fence finally dismantled  Boston’s “Cowboy Hero” now has his back entirely turned away from the fallen.

Arredondo the Boston Cowboy Hero is seen here continuing to wrestle with the scaffolding.

As Arredondo assists with the fencing, a severely maimed Jeff Bauman is left unaided on the ground.

Arredondo the Cowboy Hero now appears to be leaning against the scaffold framework and possibly partaking in another slight breather.

Meanwhile no one is assisting the severely injured Jeff Bauman.

Army Reservists are among those who appear to assist Arredondo the Cowboy Hero in his struggle with the scaffolding, while the injured and maimed continue to be left unattended.

Here the fencing and scaffolding are wholly removed. Yet Arredondo has still not proceeded to assist Mr. Bauman. Further, while the entire area is swarming with uniformed emergency medical personnel, the would-be severely injured and traumatized Bauman is left unattended.

A high resolution version of the photo above shows the precise time on the overhead timers for the marathon (over the road) as 4:12:06. This is 2 minutes and 23 seconds after the blast (timer reading 4:09:43 at time of blast). This is a very long time for the many bombing victims with reportedly lost limbs and devastating shrapnel wounds to be left unattended while potential responders who have been presented as unyielding and chivalrous defenders of the massacred struggle with fencing.

The series of photos suggests how it will be several more minutes before Bauman is taken to the ambulance. Why is it that proper medical personnel in the interim didn’t attend to the grievously wounded man? Perhaps this is nothing a dramatic photo shoot couldn’t take care of.

Boston’s Cowboy Hero Arredondo adjusts his hat as he finally locates and rescues Jeff Bauman, prior to accompanying him in the wheelchair.

The last photo which shows the timers is where they are being removed (why?). The time shown is 4:14:26 which is close to five minutes after the blast. In this photo Arredondo may be seen bending over where the injured lay, yet he is mostly obscured.

Thus in contrast to mainstream media’s account of Arredondo’s heroism, it appears that six minutes transpired before Boston’s Cowboy Hero escorted Bauman to hospital.

And finally a key photograph successfully captured that will strongly imbue the severity of the Boston Marathon bombing into the public mind.

In summary, in spite of there being ample personnel attending to the wounded at the bombing, and despite apparently having both legs blown off, Jeff Bauman was left completely unattended for at least 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Then, after going so long without attention it is not even medical personnel who attend to him. He is instead in the care of a civilian in a cowboy hat who, after several more minutes, puts him in a wheelchair to wheel him to an ambulance. Why didn’t medical personnel take over at some point in time?

Why didn’t the ambulances go to the actual scene where the injured lay?  If the police vehicles can come and go, then why couldn’t the ambulances?

Is Carlos Arredondo really the hero US news media portray him as? Are such news outlets perhaps perpetuating a misconception? Did Arredondo really jump the fence and rush to assist Bauman? Or was this perhaps a contrived scene where Arredondo fulfilled a particular predetermined role? Was the apparently maimed man who would later play a key role in identifying the Tsarnaev brothers as the alleged evil culprits deliberately left unattended for a photo shoot? Why otherwise would Bauman be ignored by everyone including his valiant rescuer for so long?

Moreover, why have the major and even certain alternative media failed to forthrightly examine what appears to be an increasingly curious and implausible event?


[1] Connor Adams Sheets, “Meet Carlos Arredondo,” International Business Times, April 15, 2013.

[2] David Hench and Glenn Jordan, “It Was All Innocent People, Just Defenseless,” Portland Press Herald, April 17, 2013.

[3] Asjylyn Loder and Esm E. Deprez, “Boston Bomb Victim in Photo Helped Identify Suspect,” Bloomberg News, April 19, 2013. 

[4] David A. Farenthold, “Boston Marathon Bystander Carlos Arredondo Says He Acted Instinctively,” Washington Post, April 16, 2013.

[5] Further, the same CCTV video suggests that more than one trip may have been necessary to produce the desired shots, including one involving an awkward interruption midway through after Bauman may have lost a lower appendage.!

-James F. Tracy and Andrew Whooley. Mr. Whooley is an independent researcher originally from New Zealand who resides in Perth, WA, Australia.


    • Dear Mr. Zaurus,

      Your video does a great job of highlighting the backstage crew, like the camera men themselves.

      The actions of the service men is also curious. They come running in as if they had orders on what to remove or take down. Alas, I am left to wonder that so many of them have been in “bloody” situations in the Afghanistan and/or Iraq, so in a parallel universe scripted by Hollywood, I would have expected them jumping the fences, performing first aid (just like they would have on the battlefield to their comrads), taking command of the situation, and yelling for “Medic!!!” Alas, their uniformed presence was to remain largely behind the scenes and to dismantle some of the scenes.



      • I guess you are assuming they are military, when in fact they could have been actors in uniforms.


    • Your interpretation is stunning. It fits the events perfectly. Similar but less complex things happened at Forum. Kudos to you for laying this out so well, annotating the pictures to keep the critique going at every point.

      I think the perps were worried about the effect of this, because we sometimes heard about a third bomb never mentioned as having caused injuries on April 15.

      Maybe they wanted to keep open the possibility that this would (in spite of media support) not be believed and throw off the scheduled chase of the suspects after their “identification” announcement which made them so desperate to escape Boston and head to Times Square with more bombs. If the first bombings were seen to be hoaxes right away, they had to have some kind of a fall-back position to explain the deaths and injuries. Even today, there are those who keep harping on that mystery third bomb.


  1. Dead give away? Carlos Arredondo looking at his phone before helping Bauman/Vogt. Nor did Arredondo have any blood on him and he allegedly picked up and put the double amputee onto the wheelchair.


  2. Carlos the Cowboy uses some very interesting wording as he relates his heroic tale to the reporter in this interview. He says: “It’s a (unintelligible) situation with no scripts. Suddenly it just happened and you gotta do the best you can, you know?”

    A situation with no scripts. Wouldn’t that go without saying if, in fact, it really WERE a real event? A very odd choice of words to describe what is supposedly a genuine situation.

    He begins his telling statement at around the 1:35 mark:


  3. Is it just me or should that thin wooden fence directly in front of the bomb location be damaged? We are talking about a bomb powerful enough to blow someones limbs to rags but seemingly unable to break a single piece of wooden fencing. Anyone care to take a second look at all those pics of cowboy hat dismantling the undamaged fence and find at least one broken slat?


    • You are correct. From all the videos and pictures we have been shown, and the government has the media in their pocket, from,what I came to is, the drill was held behind the wooden fence, with the fake victims.
      They have shown us, the backpack was left just outside the metal fence, not a wooden slat in sight.
      You go through the videos and the double amp. Is one of the last one carried out????? When clearly he is the most in need. They have timed the cowboy, as standing and wrestling the fence for over two minutes before he helps the double amp. He would have bled out by then. And to not take him out on a gurney is ridiculous.
      There is another video showing “victim” being pushed out in wheel chairs by the dozens and not one drop of blood on them. Really, they were in the most need.
      I think the government has grossly under estimated the intelligence in the public putting it all together.
      And closing the whole town down for one snotty nosed teenager and entering houses without warrants… Sounds like conditioning to me. What did they do while in there? Were the houses searched on a gun ownership list? Did they plant anything while in there? Many more questions than answers.
      Why no explanation of who the Saudi kid really is and why did MO feel compelled to visit him and not the victims?


  4. I have no doubt that there were injuries and probably even deaths at the scene of ONE of the bombings. The problem that I have with the media is that they have yet to delineate which victims were injured by which blast?
    Why is this relevant? I have watched video after video and there is a huge difference between the first blast and the second. The first appears to be what might be called a squib load. A blast which sounds real but is relatively harmless. The look at the second blast. Much more powerful and ‘hot’. Huge fireball on the second. In my opinion the first blast was the ‘drill’ that has been widely reported and witnessed by many people. In the aftermath of the first, there is hardly any investigation being done. Why is that? Because it was a drill. The aftermath of the second shows people dressed in paper gowns going over the area with a fine toothed comb as a true investigation would be conducted.
    Again, my opinion, the first blast was a drill and the second blast was a surprise to everyone except those that planted the bombs. Maybe the brothers. Maybe the brothers were supplied with the material and told where to place the devices. The real question becomes, who knew that there would be the exact same type drill going on right up the road? Seems to me like that would be classified information that the general public, much less two Chechan brothers would know about.
    In summary, one of the bombs was tragically real. Now we need concrete answers as to how that site was chosen.


    • I don’t remember seeing any photos of the destruction at the bomb site that actually killed people. The one in front of the restaurant. I don’t want to be morbid, but there is so much focus on the first blast where there were only a few injured people on the sidewalk and no unattached limbs. Are there any photos of the second (and real)bombing and the aftermath?


      • Dear Ms. Beth, you may have hit the nail on the head with your statement:

        I don’t remember seeing any photos of the destruction at the bomb site that actually killed people.

        Or stated in other terms, the accidental real victims did not sign waiver forms to have their likenesses broadcast nor were the scores of press cameras tipped off to the real bomb location “in front of the restaurant,” because they were told the bomb would be across from the Library where the emergency-response actors were to perform. Let’s not forget the announcements that it is was a drill as well as the awesome abilities of those bomb-sniffing dogs. When the surprise (to the actors) real event went off shortly after the first, it was deemed expedient to get the actors off the stage so as to not up-stage the real, so at least one leg-less actor was removed by wheelchair, coincidentally by the Cowboy flag-waving camera-assistant who helped move fencing to achieve unobstructed angles for the camera crews — who obviously were not versed in 1st aid but were trained to get the shot and leave the bleeding (actors) to the care of others being drilled. They then could divert FBI crime scene analysts to the real bomb scene.

        [I hereby make the assumption that the restaurant was not across from the library. If I am mistaken, please correct me, but it shouldn’t take a lot away from the sarcasm. It was sarcasm in general, and not aimed at you or anybody else, Ms. Beth.]



    • Sorry buddy and no disrespect intended, but until I see some real evidence from the second blast this is all hearsay in my opinion.
      I’ve seen the fake tears of Krystal Campbell’s mother (one of the deceased) and it just reminds me of all the fake tears of Sandy Hook and the complete lack of evidence that that actually took place too. There is a trend here now. Aurora shooting were the same. All staged.
      I can’t believe anything that comes from the US media or anything the US government says anymore.
      They just lie about everything, they’re devils.


  5. Well things just keep getting stranger. I do believe there were three blasts and several witnesses mentioned three blasts. The Boston Globe sent out a tweet telling of a drill blast about to happen near the library. I think that is where we are seeing many of the pictures and fake blood. You can see people with blood packets. Sadly there was life loss as well as the drill. The same thing happened at Aurora and SH, drills nearby the same time.
    Now Cowboy guy, his story is strange. He gave one address in Miami and when interviewed gave Boston. He is a war protester and marched with Cindy Sheehan all over, even Bush’s ranch.
    Some of the runners that didn’t react right away, we’re told that a drill was about to happen. So did the brothers or whomever planted the bombs know that? And what is with all the guys dressed up as Kraft, but aren’t Kraft. One was standing in the doorway and watched one brother walk past. Some were standing in the blast area and left right before.

    I do think there are false flags happening all over the country. In Aurora. Several witnesses said, there were two and that the original guy went outside and left the door open. When they found him he was almost comatose with drugs, not bad shooting for that. Several said he was 5’8″‘ the red haired guy is 6’2″ they have also showed two pictures of two different guys with the red haired, but they screwed up,on the eyes, differènt colors. He roommate said he was a stable solid guy. Strange.

    For SH, many investigators can find no evidence that shooter even existed. Too many weird stories there.

    Here is a lot of info out there covering this. before its news and no disinfo for two of them.


    • I don’t believe a single ounce of the story to be quite honest. I have 100 photos to prove this was a hoax, BAA physicians laughing and joking at the scene, a guy with completely shredded clothes leaping over victims and running away right in the centre of the first blast…

      Incidentally, were are the 250 or so people who were in injured from these photos? Where are the dead people? There are two TV cameramen down there and the only footage we have here is no more than a dozen people being attended to.

      You said yourself there was blood packets, so why are you believing the official story. It’s utterly ridiculous!

      Judge for yourself at this link. There is even a guy there who looks remarkably like Steven Spielberg. The whole thing screams production set.


      • It’s almost as if the shirt colors amount to the role they are playing, or “team” they are on. It’s rare to see so many people wearing red shirts in close proximity, at random. Am I looking at team red or am I seeing red dots.

        Do note: There are photos of the apparent deceased at the scene. You can deem whether they are more or less believable than wheelchair guy. You may find the camera shot interesting too. This is not to say “no decent man would take pictures at a time like that.” People recruited into photography go by a “get the shot” doctrine and act as double agent intelligence assets when in war-zones.

        I would be careful about saying the whole thing is staged. The one thing everyone can agree on is those in power have no problem killing people—you could say that’s their final agenda, though most don’t see how “the great culling” could ever include everyone. I guess they think being a certain sort of citizen magically puts them in relation to the likes of Henry Kissinger.

        The reason to stage one crime scene and commit a horrible crime at nearly the same time has to be carefully assessed. We do know they want to control the story, start to finish. You can do that by directing actors more than by trying to give orders or persuade or threaten actual victims.


  6. I’m curious…I’ve looked at a ton of pictures but have not been able to find Jeff Bauman anywhere in the crowd before the explosion. Has anyone seen him in any of the pictures? What does he look like?


    • This is, allegedly, a picture of Jeff Bauman in the crowd: He does appear to have a different hair cut and different hair color. The photo is blurry but I see no sign of the African female or the hooded Caucasian man. I haven’t done a thorough analysis to see whether any of the people in this photograph are also in the amputee scenes, other than (by appearance) a wheelchair guy allegedly named Jeff Bauman that by many interpretations has a new hairdo.

      If there are other doubles we may say there are no doubles or actors at all. We may also contrarily say the lie is even bigger. We can’t get anything conclusive out of these pictures but as a building collapsing at freefall speeds into it’s own footprint is possible only if assisted by controlled demolition, we can say what in the pictures is incongruous with what the they are said to be of.

      Funnily enough, the in-crowd Bauman pic found its way on to and was used to lambast people for claiming there were actors involved. If I’m not mistaken is a support site for Ron Paul, who does his own kind of acting and phony fundraising every time a presidential election comes about. I’m not surprised these people aren’t interested in mass deception.


      • I mentioned the kinky hair and different hair color of a pre bombing person called Jeff Barman on another site and was told it was because of the hair being singed. Does singeing color the hair so uniformly and perfectly? Wouldn’t his pull over shirt reveal singeing too? I don’t know.

        The WSJ had a HUGE article about the unlikely duo of Bauman and the cowboy hat guy. They certainly are getting lots and LOTS of press!!! Aren’t they? Hmmmm.

        [WSJ article may be found here. Another article appeared in People just hours ago.-JT)

        Want to add…if you haven’t checked out the youtube video called *Jeff Bauman Boston Hero* do so. It shows the Jeff man and his jeans display something about his thighs that don’t look leg-like. Forget the rest of the video….it is deceiving IMO.


    • They reset the clocks as runners from the three waves come through. This way, if you are like me and started at 10:40, the clock is not at 6 hours when you come through… it’s at 4:09:43


  7. If you look closely at the photo above of Bauman lying on the ground, the one that shows the back of his leg with the bone sticking out, you can clearly see the line where the prosthesis covers and meets his real thigh. I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned this as more evidence that “Bauman” was an amputee actor..


  8. In the last picture, wouldn’t Carlos have blood on his shirt if he helped Bauman get into the wheelchair since Bauman was bloody on his legs, I don’t see any blood on Carlos’s shirt at all or am I not seeing it?


  9. Another thing to me that looks odd is the bright candy apple red color the blood is on the pavement. I’m a deer hunter and unless a deer is lung shot, the blood is always a much deeper dark red. This looks like the fake blood used in World Wide Wrestling.


  10. Rgina shows a video of Carl;os talking with two women. he is no more than 2 or 3 inches taller than the women. I don’t know how tall the women are. But the averagae height of American women, according to an internet source is 5 ft 3.8 inches. The two women are about the same height.

    This would put carlos in the same range of hieight that was witnessed in the cop shooting. Of course this in no way, in iself, implicates Carlos in the shooting. But it does not rule him out. As it would if he were 6ft 4 inches.


  11. Any pictures of wheelchair guy at the scene, before the explosion? People could not find limbs. But if he wore prosthetics, shouldn’t they be visible somewhere too? Maybe there was a clean-up job before the pictures were taken.

    It must have been a chilly day (despite global warming) because most people were wearing pants in the photos. It wouldn’t be much to conceal artificial limbs. Where did all the evidence go though. In photo 2 what exactly is hoodie/sunglasses guy leaning on? Prima facie, he’s laying against a black panted body. Maybe not. A red coated guy tends to this black object in picture 4. I can’t see anything from a waist up.

    Wheelchair guy identified a “suspected brother” (in a crowd of people watching a race), while in the hospital? Where was he standing when he said he saw the brother(s)?

    I keep thinking of the “pro wrestling” shows, or magic acts, or televangelist cons, where you have people planted in the audience to act as sheep dogs.


    • There is one photo of him in the crowd and one of him holding a sign that i know of, this does not mean he was not a double amputee before the bombing, it just means as part of the planning of this event they made sure there was seemingly able bodied photos of him.

      The one of him in the crowd could be using a double with the same top on, or he could be on prosthetics. The one where he is holding a sign could be easily staged also because the sign covers his hips and most of his legs.

      I don’t have time to search for them but if you google image his name they should be there somewhere.


      • I see a few possible difference in eye brows, hair, and nose of wheelchair guy and man identified as Bauman.


  12. Hospital conducts disaster drill

    SARASOTA – Sarasota Memorial Hospital conducted a training exercise Friday, simulating an explosion within a pressurized and oxygenated hyperbaric chamber. Rescue workers responded to 15 staff and visitors with simulated injuries ranging from third-degree burns TO DISMEMBERMENT [emphasis added] as a test of the multi-agency response to the medical facility.


  13. Here’s what someone I know analyzed about the shootout at Watertown

    The reason I consider the Bostom bombing scenario suspect is that the account of the shootout at Watertown is totally unbelievable. There are a great many contradictions in the various reports about it, but beyond that, the “elephant in the room” is that it is incredible that police could fire over 200 rounds at two men at short range without killing them. The younger brother was even able to get back into the hijacked car, start it up, and speed away while a fusillade of bullets was fired at him. The older brother was purportedly able to come toward the police to within a very short distance, and had to be tackled — and then died because his brother ran over him. I don’t believe any part of it. And if one major aspect such as the shootout is unbelievable, that gives reason to question the entire episode, going back to the bombings themselves.

    I notice that none of the media raise the point about how it was that the two weren’t killed, and how the one was able to get back into the car without being hit. That has been studiously ignored. At the very least, the question would be raised of “how can the police be such awful shots?”


  14. way to go, Hei Hu Quan! Carlos Arredondo has an interesting biogoraphy. he was an anti-war speaker around the country who was fast tracked for citiizenship, not something usually done for anti-war activists. He was part of the anti-gun movment and held a peace vigil at Newtown after the Sandy Hook shooting.

    the killer of the cop was described as a Hispanic and 5 foot 5. So there must have been at least one witness. The police have been known to pressure witnesses to change their storiies, but it is already on record.

    But I cannot find how TALL Carlos is. He would have to be smaller than average size to be considered a suspect. Any suggestions?.


    • Thanks Mark, I too could not find out how tall this Carlos is in my searches so far. One thing I did find a bit peculiar was how this alleged anti-war activist could be so anti-war, and yet so curiously pro-military. His contradictory stance seems to be far from the organic Cindy Sheehan type activist that one would normally encounter.

      In regards to the witness who reported the alleged cowboy hatted shooter in the Collier shooting, it wasn’t just his statement. Massachusetts law-enforcement had an active BOLO (Be On the Look Out) out based that exact description. Police don’t just issue those on the basis of wild theories, or sketchy information unless there is something convincingly tangible or multiple witness reports to support that action.


    • What does Carlos do for a day job that provides him with so much time and resources to appear at Sandy and Boston?


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