HSEEP Actor Information Sheet and Waiver Form 68

From FEMA Homeland Security Emergency Exercise Evaluation Program Volume IV. 998_Actor (Word Doc)

FEMA Homeland Security Emergency Exercise and Evaluation Program April 2013 Overview and Guidebook (pdf)

Actor Information Sheet

The Actor Information Sheet should be distributed to actors before the exercise and should accompany the Actor Waiver Form. This information sheet is provided as an example only and should be modified to suit the jurisdiction’s needs as well as the exercise scope, type, and scenario. For example, if decontamination will not be part of the exercise, actors do not need to be instructed to wear bathing suits.

Please read and understand the following points; they will ensure that your participation in this exercise will be safe and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please contact [Actor POC].

1.     The day will be long and tiring.

You need to be at the site by [time], and you will probably not finish until after [time]. If you have any health concerns or medical conditions, please tell [Actor POC] before the start of the exercise. Health or medical concerns will not necessarily disqualify you from participating.

2.     You must be at least 18 years old and sign a waiver to participate.

If you are not 18 and are not in the military, parental permission is required to participate. The waiver form (included) must be turned in before the exercise to [Actor POC].

3.     Eat a good breakfast before arrival.

It is your responsibility to eat a well-balanced meal before arriving at the exercise, [just in case you miss some of the food provided.]

[Exercise officials are planning a snack and limited beverages before the exercise. Volunteers transported to hospitals will be given a snack before being returned to the exercise site. Volunteers who do not leave the exercise site will be released before lunch.]

4.     Transport yourself to and from the exercise site.

You are responsible to transport yourself to [exercise location]. A map is attached for your convenience. If you carpool with another volunteer, there is no guarantee that you will be returned to the exercise site at the same time.

5.     Be on time!

Please do not arrive late. It is difficult to begin the exercise if actors are not in place.

You will most likely be released by [time]. However, you may finish earlier or later. Volunteers transported to hospitals will be returned to the exercise site.

6.     Wear layers of old clothes and a bathing suit.

Wear clothes that can be removed and a bathing suit underneath. Wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet, dirty, stained, or torn. You will get wet.

7.     There will be no place to keep personal belongings.

Bring your driver’s license, keys, and a sense of humor. Do not bring cameras, jewelry, items you don’t want to get wet, large sums of money, or uninvited friends or volunteers.

8.     Don’t overact.

It is very important to play your assigned role the best you can, but this does not mean you should overact. Overacting can be dangerous for yourself and the emergency workers in the exercise. When you arrive at the exercise site, you will be assigned an injury or role and will be briefed about your roles and what will happen during the exercise. If you do not know how to play your role or have questions about the briefing, ask the volunteer coordinators. If you are assigned the role of a psychologically distressed person, please act upset, not out of control.

9.     If you get hurt or have a real problem, say “This is a real emergency.”

You must use the phrase “This is a real emergency” to tell exercise staff members that you have a real problem and are not just acting.

10.     You must check in and sign out.

When you arrive in the morning, you will sign in and be assigned an “injury.” A victim tag will be placed around your neck. This card must be returned at the checkout station. Do not remove or allow anyone to remove this victim tag during the exercise, even at the hospital. When the exercise is over, return your victim tag with the questions completed on the back.

Please be sure you understand all of these points. If you have any questions, please contact [Actor POC]. We would like to ensure your safety and preparedness for this exercise.

On behalf of [Agency/Jurisdiction] and all of the participants in the exercise, thank you for volunteering. It will be an interesting and enjoyable day and, as a result, our community will be better prepared to face real challenges in the future.

[Protective Marking]

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

                                                                                                                    [Full Exercise Name]

Actor Information Sheet                                                                    [Exercise Name Continued]

Figure 1. [Map Title]
[Insert map]
Figure 2. [Map Title]
[Insert map]

[Protective Marking]

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

                                                                                                                    [Full Exercise Name]

Actor Waiver Form                                                                            [Exercise Name Continued]

Actor Waiver Form

On behalf of [Jurisdiction], we thank you for volunteering to be a simulated casualty for our preparedness exercise. The event is scheduled for [date]. Actors should report to [location] at [time].

Exercise Overview

You will be participating as a mock victim of a [scenario]. You will be triaged and either directed or taken to an area where appropriate decontamination will occur, potentially including cutting of your clothing. You will be washed and reclothed. Alternative garments will be provided. Please wear a bathing suit, shorts, and T-shirt, and bring a change of clothes and towel. We would appreciate your wearing loose-fitting and easily removable shoes. It is recommended that you do not wear jewelry. Jewelry and personal items will be removed during the decontamination process, bagged, and given to you to carry as you go through the decontamination line.

Before the event, you will be given a complete orientation to the incident site, the type of injury or symptoms you should simulate, and what actions are expected of you.

Please eat a meal and drink plenty of liquids before you come. After the event, food and refreshments will be available for you. Restrooms also will be available for your convenience.

Please Print Name, Sign, and Date

I, _______________________________________, agree to participate in the [sponsor name]-sponsored exercise on [conduct date]. I agree to go through the decontamination process. I will hold harmless [Jurisdiction] and any other agency or its members participating in this exercise. I understand that all reasonable and customary safety measures will be performed to try to prevent injury or harm to me.



Signature of parent or guardian (if under 18):


[Section Title]                                                       1                                                 [Jurisdiction]

[Protective Marking]

[Protective Marking]


  1. The whole false flag scenarios just remind me of the movie “Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg and how they got him to participate in a “mock drill” only to try to frame him for the murder of another country’s president. It sickens me how deep this goes. The thing is, people who don’t live in Boston, only get to see photos framed how the govt wants them to be seen. How would people know if it really happened if they didn’t live there, unless they knew someone who lived there?The media could air footage to whatever states they wanted to. I believe the boys in Boston were set up as well. Govts have been lying to their citizens for years in order to perpetuate fear in the public and take away our liberties. Look up Gladio if you haven’t heard of it. Now, what do WE do about it?


  2. Now, besides actors exposed in official capacity, the Feds are frying up a ridiculous bunch of charges to help their story line. You can read the charges against the two friends of Dzhokhar and FBI affidavit here. The kids did destroy evidence but obviously had nothing to do with anything important anyway. The FBI agent resorts to fiction when he writes both brothers had large backpacks – Dzhokhar’s was lightweight and gray and carried without any tugging on his shoulder. The agent is desperate for material when he writes Tamerlan APPARENTLY dropped his pack with the bomb in front of the restaurant – indicates there’s a video – well, so far there is no video of this.



  3. You can fool some of the People some of the time, but you can’t fool all the People, all the time. Great work exposing the false flag operation/ hoax Professor.


  4. Quid Sapio argues that the man in the grey hoodie involved with Bauman-Vogts leg was an adivser to John Kerry. It is unlikely that hoodie would be involved in the drill without Kerry’s knowledge and consent.

    But Kerry is not in any way involved in domestic secruity arrangements. He was the chairman of the senate Foreign Relations committe and is currently Sec of State. But he is a force in the Dem party and part of the plutocracy, having married a Heinz.

    So it is reasonable to suppose that some of the pluts have been advised of what is happening in Boston, and approve. This is not good. What else have they approved of?

    They can’t leave the Boston scenario the way it is; there are too many loose ends, and too many truthers examining it. But there is no way to clean it up, they have to divert attention away from it, the way the Boston bombing diverted attention away from Sandy Hook.

    How are they going to do that? There is operation TOPOFF, initiated under Bush, which can be used to shut down other cities. But what would be the point of that unless they planned on initiating a Democratic form of martial law. To keep us Safe from Terrorism,, you know. That can be done while we still have Elections, which don’t really change anything. Initating a new historical form; Democratic fascism. With an Orwellian mass media.

    But they can’t do that without restricting the internet even more than it is now.

    But this is just speculation of course; maybe something like this won’t happen.


    • When I heard Sen. Elizabeth Warren say “Collier Strong, Boston Strong” at the funeral I knew she was all in.

      Then there was Caroline Kennedy giving an award (after the Kennedy library fire which was either a shot over the bow or a pure accident) to Gabby Giffords after Giffords had visited with the wounded at Spaulding Rehab.

      I personally believe Giffords is as much a real victim of gun violence as were the Kennedy brothers (though their deaths were politically motivated and it isn’t clear whether her near-death was).

      I do not however believe the people at Spaulding Rehab who were amputees got their injuries at the Boston Marathon. I imagine they are coping with some other cause, and while it is appropriate for Giffords to visit with them (relating to them through her own experiences with being restored to health), she obviously did so because of the Marathon “bombing” and behaved as though they were its victims. I am not sure she is capable of functioning at her prior intellectual capacity either.

      Massachusetts is as much a Democratic state as NYC was Republican-controlled during 9/11, make of it what you will. The Democrats here seem content with the level of due process in this case, which is very worrying to someone who expected better after the Bush regime.

      I predict there will be no admission ever that this was just a drill. As someone pointed out, the FOIA request for the record could be made, but since there is some funny money involved in the fundraising for “charity” for the “victims” it will be in their interest never to let this get out. They will have traded it as a talking point in order to get legislation they want, shaming their opponents, making it all stick.

      That’s why those of us who may never have been their active opponents, and who disinterestedly, without hope of gain, question it, will be hounded and mistreated, called every name in the book. The sites we go to will sometimes be infested with bizarre or pro-Nazi stuff, the better to allow establishment critics of this process to dismiss us as a lunatic fringe or, worse, extremists bent on “hate.”

      This is one of the most objective sites, and it is well-maintained to prevent that sort of manipulation, so far as I can tell.

      I have modest hopes of coming to terms with this event. Someone with more leverage may be capable of making the whole thing crack, but that would seem miraculous to me if it happened.


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