Anomalies Emerge in Photos of Second Bomb Site

(Updated 5-9-13.)

By Skeptical*

Memory Hole has a good many sharp readers and comment contributors. This detailed set of observations was submitted as a lengthy comment and addresses unusual elements of the far-less-photographed second bombing site. Given its especially important points I have requested the author’s permission to present the commentary as a guest post, to which she agreed provided her anonymity is preserved.-JT

1. In this photo of the second blast site a metal barrier is apparently thrown against the grey mailbox with such force that it bent at roughly a 90-degree angle. Why wasn’t the mailbox even slightly dented by the impact of the bomb and/or the metal fencing?

2. The direction of the bend (along with the absence of other structural damage) seems to imply that the bomb was immediately behind the left corner of the fence. Yet in this well-circulated picture, the bomb is claimed to be in front of the fence.

The moment the second explosion occurred near the

And in the highly-publicized photo of the second blast, the ordnance appears to be a significant distance from the street, perhaps on the patio of the Forum Restaurant. Indeed, according to the Forum’s management, “the second bomb exploded right on our patio.” If this is the case, is the bent fence a stage prop?

3. In the first photo above, one metal barrier is curled around the mailbox; the nearest one next to it is immediately behind the Tow Zone sign. But in the second photo, we see that there was another section of fencing between them. What happened to that section? It doesn’t appear in any of the post-blast photos. Did it vaporize?

Boston Marathon bombings: Shocking picture of Irish racer

4. In this photo, which appears to show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the background, a blue US postal box is seen leaning up against the grey one.

NOTE: The author stands corrected with this portion of the post. Subsequent investigation has shown that this photo was not taken next to the second bomb site. Rather, it appears to have been taken further west of the site, outside 883 Boylston St.

5. After the smoke has cleared and the victims (including, reportedly, 8-year-old Martin Richard) are lying dead or bleeding on the ground. Yet the faces of the people around them aren’t grim, shocked or anguished–-they’re calm and matter-of-fact. Are these people unaware of the child’s death? Is no one disturbed at the scale of tragedy?

If everything except the first explosion is real, then here’s another puzzling fact: CNN interviewed the same woman both at the marathon, and at the alleged shootout with the Tsarneav brothers in Watertown.

Look especially at 0:34-0:40 and 1:36-1:39. What are the odds that this woman was in both places by accident?  Even more improbably, there’s video footage suggesting that this same woman was interviewed about Nancy Lanza in connection with the Sandy Hook incident.

6. There are a couple of photos showing the state of nearby windows. For example, the above photo shows that one of the windows– but only one–was broken at the Starbucks, next door to the Forum. This photo also has a faint reflection overlaid on the door between the Forum and the Starbucks, showing a police car and a couple of officers near it. I’m not sure what surface is reflecting this image. I assume it’s a window just in front of the photographer.
Next door, at the Forum, this photo shows the one upstairs window that broke (above the “m” of “Forum”).
In a photo from the following day  we see the same broken window showing the glass below it, inside and outside the window.  We also see another broken window to the left of it, whose glass has been propelled quite far outwards.  I think it’s fair to say that this second shatter pattern could not have been caused by a bomb blast outside the restaurant.

On the other hand, this photo from shortly after the blast, as well as the photo from the following day, shows that some, if not all, of the ground-floor windows were entirely intact at the Forum after the bomb went off in front of it.

The New York Times reports that two windows were blown out at the Forum ( However, this may be an error; the panels lacking glass in the photo actually seem to be open doorways, not broken windows. Google Maps shows that all the glass panels along the front of the restaurant are narrow and door-sized; in the photos above, the gaps are twice as wide, with no door frames separating the missing glass panels. So we can reasonably conclude that the doors were simply open.

In fact, another look at that photo taken the next day seems to show that the missing door panels have been slid or (more likely) folded sideways, to a position either behind or in front of the adjacent door panels–note the double white line along the two panes of glass. There seems to be some glass on the ground in the next-day photo, but it is not clear where it comes from. No broken glass is seen at the edges of any of the visible door frames.

If the doors were instead open at a right angle to the sidewalk when the blast occurred, the blast likely would not have broken their windows. Bombs break glass because of a pressure wave that proceeds outwardly from the blast; if there was shrapnel, presumably that could break glass too. But if the blast was well in front of the restaurant, near the casualties, and the patio doors were open perpendicular to the sidewalk, the pressure wave and shrapnel would have been traveling mostly parallel to the glass, so it probably wouldn’t have broken.

If anything, we would have expected the closed ground-floor windows at the Forum to break, rather than (a) the open windows, (b) a second-floor window, or (c) a window next door at the Starbucks. Why do we see something different?

*”Skeptical” lives in Canada, is the mother of two small children, and has a damn good job. She is extremely fond of Boston, having lived there for several years, and still has many dear friends there. She has been observing news reports skeptically since watching Michael Moore’s film Farenheit 9/11, but the Boston Marathon bombing crossed a personal line, and has changed her from a consumer of knowledge into a contributor.

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  1. Great points, good work. I wonder if the people involved were all told you will be able to identify each other by wearing your baseball caps backwards.

    1. Excellent point! Note that Tsarnaev is also wearing his baseball cap backwards. The boys were part of the drill and then the regime set them up, that is if it is true that one is dead and one in custody. Remember that Adam Lanza was also allegedly “dead,” although he never existed. The picture of Tsarnaev’s alleged corpse means nothing and the fact that it was immediately released is highly suspicious.

    2. Heads up!

      Time for Montanans to take that long awaited vacation to South Dakota. There is a nuclear terror drill coming and some explosives were stolen a few days ago they say at Red Lodge Montana.

      As Willie Nelson would say, watch out for the red headed stranger.

      Willie Nelson – Red Headed Stranger The red-headed stranger from Blue Rock, Montana Rode into town one day; And under his knees was a raging black stallion And walking behind …

      The red-headed stranger from Blue Rock, Montana
      Rode into town one day;
      And under his knees was a raging black stallion
      And walking behind was a bay.
      The red-headed stranger had eyes like thunder
      His Lips they were sad and tight;
      His little lost love lay asleep on the hillside
      And his heart was heavy as night.

      cho: Don’t cross him, don’t boss him, he’s wild in his sorrow,
      he’s riding and hiding his pain;
      Don’t fight him, don’t spite him, just wait till tomorrow
      maybe he’ll ride on again.

    3. If you are wondering where it is all headed, take a look at Palm Beach where Sheriff Bradshaw has just received a one million grant to send units to people’s front door suspected of being a threat. Does Donald Trump and boys there need extra tax money for this. This sounds like the old soviet union where they take you off to camp for the wrong ideology. If you see something, say something.

  2. Oh yeah?
    You think these supposed “anomalies” mean anything?
    Well just you wait ’til we see the post from the people who were really there.
    I saw the post where James invited them to make a guest post, and although they are probably very busy recuperating I’m certain they are also working on their post very diligently to prove that not a single shred of evidence was either faked or even exaggerated in the slightlest degree.

    Dr. Tracy, can you please give us an update of when the actual victim’s guest post will be featured in your blog?

    1. I never received a response to my offer, so I must conclude that no post from “the people who were really there” is forthcoming. I’ve also reached out to the editors of the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and New York Times to inquire whether they have been able to obtain autopsies or death certificates of the three BMB decedents. No responses from any of these publications.

  3. Skeptical – thank you for all your effort, amazing analysis. I am wondering if all these false flag events are intentionally sloppy to keep people busy analyzing the glaring anomalies. The sociopaths behind these synthetic terror attacks hope that the sharper portion of the population will become so amused, frustrated and jaded by these government-created terrorist threats that it will eventually stop worrying about what the lunatic government is doing. And the duped portion of the population will happily embrace the intrusion of the “savior”regime into everything they do.

  4. glass is, and even more so the way they are hung in the frames, elastic. If a wave pushes the glass inwards, the glass can rebound with high velocity, and explode outwards. That can be an explanation.

  5. Thanks Prof….I have examined hundreds of pictures and have never seen that blue mailbox. Here is a link to some clearer pictures of that scene, the mailbox and the bag that at one moment seems only to be a bag and in the next moment seems to have a woman’s large purse dropped into it. We enlarged the picture and clearly seen the bag without the purse and then the bag with the purse. Very strange that this is not seen as significant.

    Thanks to skeptical from a fellow Canadian.

    1. This particular photo simply documents #2’s trek down Boylston.

      The blue mailbox referenced is in front of 883 Boylston. In larger versions of the photo, one can see Whiskey’s Steakhouse (885 Boylston) lettering on the windows. This is not the site of either of the two blasts. For verification, this mailbox can be viewed via Google streetview.

    2. Thanks Bev (fellow Canuck!). But on the other hand, if the fencing was thrown forward around the mailbox (and one section, across the street), the bomb must have been behind it.

  6. Margie says:

    If that is the bomb next to the mailbox it appears to be almost white and the backpack that they have shown the remains of appears to be black with a white square on it. In photo #6 in this great article there is a man casually walking past the mailbox after the blast with a black backpack with a white square on it–seems like police would be stopping people at this point with backpacks? Very skeptical of entire story!

  7. Kudos, James Tracy and Skeptical, and to all participants in this very important free speech and open inquiry (truth) site.

    Ned Lud

  8. In photo 4 the green boxes I believe are trash boxes scattered along the route. The picture of Dzhokhar Tsarneav and the blue mail box next to the green trash box was likely taken at a different location than where the bombings took place.

  9. Also pictures 1 and 2 show a street sign about 16 feet to the left of the green box. That sign should be visible in picture 4, but isn’t. Picture 4 has apparently been taken at another location than the bombings.

    1. I thought the same thing as you, JZ and Kathy: picture #4 doesn’t seem to be the same location as picture #3. What address/location does the author propose picture #4 to be?

  10. Good observations! Here is some testimony from people forced out of their bullet ridden houses! Cannot believe the guy who says he watched the convicted killer get tackled and then run over by his brother. Think if there was a massive shootout in my neighborhood, I would be on the floor praying in hopefully a safe spot. I imagine if this happened in some other areas of the country, there would be massive rioting!

    1. I wonder about these “residents” – aren’t they awfully well-coiffed and regular-featured to be random immigrant Armenians? I heard the news on April 18 (I live near Boston) that residents in the area of the shooting were being bused out of the area. What if crisis actors were put in place to continue the story? The bullet holes are necessary to prove it was not a movie.

  11. I am aware that the Forum restaurant said the bomb was placed on their patio, but really, not one chair turned over??? The bomb was in front of the fence or right behind it. Nothing else makes sense.

    That blue mailbox seems to have a different building behind it.

  12. Wow is all I can say! The government body underestimates its citizens and mocks those who have keen observation and TRUTH telling news skills. This is why I turned off all MSM and come to places like this for integrity in reporting. I got tired of being lied to. People like Skeptical should be the investigators and news reporters behind the shiny false façade of the major media groups. They never would though, because they are in it for truth telling instead of fame.

  13. The reflection in the GMO coffee shop mirror has some inconsistencies, even accounting for angle of reflection and other explanations (glass). I used the bike with the pink sign as a reference point and by my estimate a man wearing a red shirt should be running along the street. He’s not. Feel free to shoot me down on this. He could be out of view behind ambulance (which may contradict the angle of other things reflected) or otherwise. There are a few things to explain in the reflection though (check the crosswalk and direction people are facing, compare absence/presence of objects and people). I’m interested in any reasonable explanation.

    One could draw up a definitive comparative grid to determine whether something is in the reflection that should not be there.

    1. I think the guy in the red shirt could be missing from the reflection because of the pillar to the right of the front door. His image would fall between the pink bicycle and the yellow-vested cop (?) with a black cap, closer to the cop – so maybe just where the pillar is.

  14. Way to go, Skeptical. the photos of the scene, their organization, and analysis are really quite startling and brilliant. Well done, James. I would guies, however, that the videos of the witness at Sandy Hook, marathon, and watertown shooting has the most explosive implications.

    The reason is that in these homicidal conspiracies, their customary method of operation has been to destroy the evidence. The car that Kennedy was shot in was immedicated vacuumed and cleaned; the Bobbie Kennedy scene, which exhibited more bullets and bullet holes in the walls and ceiling then was in Sirhan’s gun, was eventually torn down with the whole Ambassador hotel; the tree figuring in the Martin Luther assassination was cut down the next morning, the Oklahohma bombing builidng was torn down despite the general who ran the explosion investigation pleading with Congress to maintain it as evidence; and the steel in the 9/11 explosions were immediately shipped off to be melted down for scrap.

    So it is safe to assume that they will destroy the evidence in the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook as well. Indeed, in Sandy Hook, another school in a neighboring town has already been renamed the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and there was a meeting last night of the city counsel to determine what to do about the original building, currently cordoned off with barb wire. They will tear it down if past precedent is followed, as will all evidence in the Boston bombing be destroyed.

    But they can’t destroy the evidence exhibited in the videos of the crisis actor. And this video is another important link in the connection of Sandy Hook with the Boston bombing. And perhaps with the next homicidal conspiracy that they are possibly planning.

    1. Based on the visuals in the video, it seems to me that the woman in the sandy hook interview is not the same woman from Watertown, who seems to have had the misfortune of witnessing both the marathon bombing and the subsequent shootout days later. The woman in the Sandy Hook interview has a different jaw line and nose, as well as a voice that is pitched higher, with a slightly different accent, tone, and cadence.

      1. I agree that she does look different, but I still think it’s the same person. The way she talks is indeed quite different, but that sort of thing is what character acting is all about, of course.

        I also agree that her nose looks different, but someone pointed out that there’s a rather obvious line of putty along the side of the woman’s nose in the Sandy Hook interview.

        The eyebrows are also thicker/darker in the Boston Marathon clips, but presumably one could do this with dye or makeup, or plucking brows that later grew in. And she has slightly different glasses, obviously an easy change.

        The jawline looks the same to me.

        Try watching the videos with the sound off. Try looking at the lines between her nose and the corners of her mouth.

        And if it still doesn’t look like the same person – well, I could be wrong, of course. Or I could be right, and you just don’t see it.

        1. I really can’t tell if the sandy hook woman was wearing nose putty or not, one thing is for sure though – she is acting, unconvincingly poor job of pretending to know nancy lanza. really really pathetic. even in hd these clips are such poor quality I can’t make a determination about facial features, at times it appears that they added a stripe of putty down her left side of her nose to give it that asymmetric look, other times it seems like the sunlight was reflecting off some makeup they used for the camera.

  15. Here’s a photo that shows what may be the missing fence piece, apparently blown across the street and with one vertical bar broken out. Seems to fit right before photo two, as the police haven’t gotten across the street yet, and people at the right are jumping the fence.

    1. In fact, this suggests a completely different interpretation of the bent fence. The fencing sections were attached together so people couldn’t sneak through them – so if the first section was thrown across the street, it could have bent the other section around the mailbox before the plastic tie connecting them broke. That seems possible, and it wouldn’t assume blunt or explosive force applied to the mailbox.

      Of course, now the question arises: why wasn’t the section of fence on the other side of the flying section also pulled out of alignment? (See first photo.) Presumably, it wasn’t attached to the section that flew across the street. Just a coincidence? Or on purpose, to make access easier for photographers and emergency workers? Has anyone seen other sections of fencing that weren’t connected? Kind of a big question, I realize.

      1. the photo is small but it sure appears that tubing on the bent fence was bent using a pipebender. that means it was made in a fab shop and is a prop. if you try to bend a round pipe using a flat surface as a fulcrum it will kink just like a drinking straw does. Also there would be some sort of witness on the mailbox, a dent and marred paint. this was fake. just look at the stupid poses the people are holding in the photo where there are “victims” on the ground. having spent many years working in film production, many times as an extra, this is extras casting at it finest(worst). first sandy hook now this I see the telltale signs of goofy extras work. the goofy costumes, over acting, trying to be seen on camera, dancing victims, yeah, this was fake. I am surprised I didn’t realize it first thing. I told my girlfriend when it happened that the bombing looked real enough but the way they wheeled out the victims on camera sure looked fake. these were scenes, photo ops and the supposed witnesses with cameras sure didn’t try to capture anything on camera, they were content with heavy breathing and panning the camera back and forth along the safety fence capturing nothing. I was suspicious of that too, but it still is mind boggling just how fake the whole thing was. at least the neocons had the balls to kill some people. welcome to the new america, everything is fake. fake history, fake science, fake food, fake courts, fake experience with movies, sports, videogames and tv, fake culture, electronic friends, and we even have fake terrorism. I am not promoting terrorism but this is just insulting.

  16. This (following) photo can be clicked on to enlarge and get some very close up views of mailbox, fence, victims and apparent gore.

    It comes right after the time of the video (below) showing a man in black tossing what looks like dust onto someone, as you can see the position of the man with the motorcycle helmet who comes into the scene at @ 00:38 in the second video below. The first video is a slow down of the ‘dusting’ taken from the second video @ 00:30. The man throwing the dust seems to be the man towards the right in the photo above with the sunglasses on his head.

    Boston Marathon Bombing totally staged – more proof

    Boston: Polizei sucht nach Tätern

    Hopefully that makes sense, as all of this is hard to keep track of while shifting back and forth from photos to videos!

      1. Interesting find. Could it be sulfa powder? This was apparently used a lot in WWII to prevent wound infections, though a superficial search suggests that penicillin and the like have since replaced it, since sulfa allergies are common. Perhaps not likely to have been brought to the Boston Marathon just in case of extensive wounds, but I guess only medical professionals would know. But Hollywood knows about it, since it was in Saving Private Ryan (

        Has anyone else noticed how the medical staff around the victims at the second bombing site don’t have uniforms on? What’s up with that? At the other site, the medical staff have white jackets, yellow vests, etc. Maybe it means nothing – it just strikes me as odd.

      2. Skeptical, I saw something about anti-coagulant powder, it might have been called something else, but the person said that it would only be applied directly to the wound and could be fatal if inhaled. I haven’t been able to find the forum where I read that.

        You raise a lot of other good questions, too. It feels like we’re trying to apply logic to an illogical event!

      3. Hi Skeptical, that’s an interesting site. It does say it has an applicant delivery system and shows what looks like a hypodermic needle of sorts. Do you think they could throw that stuff??

        1. You have to apply a hemostasis product directly to the blood vessel and hold pressure on it for several minutes. Just throwing it in the air will not work, although, that doesn’t mean that didn’t happen (throwing it in the air).

      4. It doesn’t seem like throwing Celox is a recommended approach: the company website ( says to pour it in the wound, then pack the wound and apply pressure. But I suppose if you had someone covered with smallish wounds, maybe throwing the stuff, then wrapping them up tight would be a quick (and expensive) way to stop them from bleeding too much? Maybe there are some military medical professionals out there who could advise. I mean, even if this was a drill, we’d expect the medical staff to be rehearsing real protocols. Of course, it’s possible that it wasn’t even a real drill, just a bit of public theatre. Wonder if we can find out.

      5. Note: In an earlier post I mentioned that there is a Celox office in Boston. This was misleading, since it turns out that this is an entirely different business (they make telecom megaswitches).

  17. The point may not be that anything is faked but the participants were aided and abetted by someone working on behalf of the forces of chaos, a someone that we understand was to be deported; but also a someone rumoured to have had meetings in the WH.

    It is all very curious, particularly if it is true that the same administrative actress was used in multiple settings.

  18. Ubi sunt corpora? Where are the bodies? There are many photos of the actors in complete fake gore but none of those who supposedly died and the dancer who lost a foot during the event. Not even a cellphone photo taken by a bystander. Were all those dispassionate onlookers near the Forum restaurant, as someone pointed out previously, mainly employees of the drill who were there to surround the injured if they were that and muddy the waters? If so, how could they stand so close to a real bomb?
    There was a funeral for eight year old Richard Martin held privately so we will never know if there was a wake with an open coffin. It is curious that he like the child victims of Sandy Hook in photos is extremely cute.

    Now that Boston happened, the authorities decided to take advantage of it to put a dour/authoritarian spin on the Kentucky Derby which is watched by millions around the world. The lady presenter is wearing all black for NBC and Martina MacBride who sang the Star Spangled Banner is wearing drab gray – the Derby is all about a riot of color. The network showed almost no people partying and very few hats and no crazy hats – that would be too much fun. The telling feature of the sourpuss nation state taking over was what looked like the National Guard doing security which at least at Belmont last year was always done by private security.

    1. Death certificates for those passing in the City of Boston may be requested here. What has to be confirmed is what parties may request such docs, as the form asks for the relationship of the person requesting the documentation. I have contacted editors at the New York Times and Boston Globe (owned by the NYT) to inquire if they have obtained such confirmation for the alleged decedents, or whether they have been provided with autopsies, and have not had the courtesy of a reply.

      1. Can anyone find out about a Krystle Campbell who died April 21, 2012, Wilmington, Massachusetts?

        Lilian Campbell Bunker cannot have been her grandmother (but could be an aunt unless Krystle used a maiden name of her mother as a surname – haven’t done their family tree) but died recently too, and has so many characteristics of the grandmother Krystle was alleged to have gone and stayed with that she too seems to have been grave-robbed to build the legend. This can be found in Boston Globe obituaries from some years back. I’m not citing it because I would prefer for others to dig too and they might find out more than I did. Suffice to say I am not fabricating this.

        Death certificates could prove less reliable than contemporaneous newspapers of record (yes of course they can be forged, but not so easily as something online; we are living in age of physical destruction of books and papers and a perfect time to manipulate our history through online fakery). The reason I no longer trust these certificates is that we see widespread acceptance of a unitary kind of thinking on every event involving “national security” so orders could flow down to the level where these public documents are generated.

        Identity theft? Or cooperation of the families? Suppose the young woman who allegedly died was actually killed in Afghanistan or while working in some undercover position for the government? You could use her for this.

        My belief is that every aspect of the event is staged. I do not believe the US government killed a single person in this event. Nor do I believe anyone else did. It is a total fake movie and it was done with many intentions yet to be discerned. The primary motive in using Chechens as perps was to minimize the impact on the community at large and to prevent someone calling for war with another country. The 200 Chechens in the US can all be assumed to be US assets. Why would Mrs. Tsarnaev say that FBI handled her son? Because it is still illegal for CIA to work inside the USA. Mrs. Tsarnaev is also an asset and my guess is that she is not back in Russia at all.

        This operation was designed to test several things – certainly not behavior in a real crisis. It was to test lockdowns (which have already been tested in this community many times – I live here – but never on so grand a scale) and to test propaganda and control over the press.
        The outlier who denies the truth of this Rep. Tremblay of New Hampshire, is unusual but the exception proves the rule as they say. And in the state of Live Free or Die, you have to maintain your street-cred.

      2. Interesting post, musings. Where did you get that info about Krystle Campbell dying in Wilmington in 2012? And what characteristics is the grandmother supposed to have? The stories I’ve seen just describe her as having had an unspecified illness. I saw the BG obit, and it links her to William H. Campbell, not William A. (Krystle’s dad, I believe).

        I think it’s the *absence* of death certificates that’s revealing. Perhaps if some turned up, this would not be proof that people really died – but it might tell us that we really can’t trust death certificates anymore, which would be important to know too. Anyone who faked a death certificate would definitely be breaking the law, and in a very serious way.

        Anyone soliciting donations on the grounds that they (or someone else) was injured by the Boston Marathon bombing would also be breaking the law, but this sort of thing hasn’t been punished harshly thus far ( Presumably that would include the The One Fund Boston, Inc.

  19. Well, there seems to be tons of problems with this drill or what ever it was. Several witnesses mentioned 3 bombs going off. Where is the scene with all the wooden fencing being taken down by cowboy guy. His story alone is questionable. Two locations for him, Miami and Boston? And he is a war protester with Sheehan.
    And the video being shown of all the people taken away in wheel chairs, where did they get all of them so fast, anyway, not a drop of blood on the victims. And the relaxed atmosphere surrounding the “workers” which do not feel like people trained in emergency treatment. Some are walking around like they are scared to their rubber gloves.
    The blue mail box comes and goes, feels like different locations.
    What about the tweet the Boston Globe sent out about a drill?
    And runners saying they were told a drill was going to,happen.
    The whole thing feels off.
    And the gun battle, with thousands of shots and they didn’t kill both right away?
    And the whole town in a lockdown and no one questions?
    The whole thing smells.

    1. The three bomb story was SO late in coming out, but I hear it all the time now. I can only think that it is a band-aid to deal with the pristine environment outside Forum, which cannot have been the scene of so much carnage. They just didn’t stage it the way they did the Finish Line. So I assume that some mystery spot will be generated to explain the “real” injuries and deaths (which are fake too). You report these things when they happen or they didn’t happen at all. They also keep playing with the locus where the bomb hit at Forum. It’s a moving target.

      All it was was pyrotechnics wherever it happened.

  20. What if the victims were not faked? What if there really was a bomb? What if the government really allowed innocent people to get hurt and killed in the furtherance of their agenda, whatever that is? Would that really be a surprise to anyone? What if it is the Hegellian Dialectic in action? Where will the next “terrorist” attack be; Montana, NYC, or wherever a “drill” is scheduled? This just demonstrates how willingly people are to surrender their civil rights in the name of protection, and how willing law enforcement officers in all levels are to take those rights away. Do you think anyone involved, on any side, even gave it a second thought? Well, except for that one family that forcibly removed from their residence in the name of “community safety”. Just a few questions to ponder. Is this really happening in America, or am I just having a bad dream?

    1. You can have an evil government, and I think it is one, but the main targets of its weapons are in countries it is trying to conquer in one way or another. Killing potentially loyal and cooperative helpers in your zeal to change the mideast is possible, but in this case completely unlikely.

      False in one thing, false in all. The fakery at the Finish Line and the absence of carnage at Forum says it all for me. I am not invested in thinking everyone has devil horns growing under their baseball caps.

      Psychologically, however, the blood sacrifice is very important to many cultures and someone who posted here wrote about how people at 9/11 cling to myth of its being “hallowed ground” like Gettysburg or something. Therefore, being a truther is being an atheist and an infidel.

      But in my opinion, these events are like the Catholic “Sacrifice of the Mass” (my tradition) – Instead of killing a person each time to represent the death of Christ, you have a ceremony to revive Christ and then you consume his body and blood, soul and divinity. It is not considered a “representation” but the true corpus of the Savior. This is how some Jews and Greeks brought the end of human sacrifice to the savage Europeans from whom some of us spring. The “rite of Spring” (how often these attacks happen in April!) is made clean by fakery (at least in this case), which is an improvement over the past you might say.

      It’s still a mind game.

      1. “The West” or “The Europeans” have conquered planet earth.
        WWI and WWII were the Wars of Western Consolidation.
        The Empire is secure.
        There is no need for the huge armies any longer. The massive taxes levied to fight these wars are no longer necessary.
        But governments are loath to reduce taxes, which would reduce their own power.
        The purpose of the false flag is to create a false enemy, and to continue military spending, to maintain the status quo.
        The war to end all wars.
        The war to make the world safe for democracy.
        The war on poverty.
        The war on drugs.
        The war on terror.
        The Department of Homeland Security, to protect us from the threat within.
        A permanent war.

      2. Actually, this country was dedicated to God by George Washington in that little church that was spared. You should read The Harbinger if you haven’t already. It is full of all kinds of interesting thoughts.

  21. The authorized government-media version of Sandy Hook-marathon bombing and the other homicidal conspiracies has been instilled in the American people by the strategy of Shock and Awe, first devised in the American military. It was also applied to disaster capitalism in Naomi Klein’s THE SHOCK DOCTRINE.

    The purpose is to paralyze the resistence of an adversary by an overwelming attack on his perceptional sphere, creating enormous fear, and genrating a need for protection by government. The usual false flag operations have been augmented by mock drills and crisis actors, first pointed out by James, which magnifies the effect.

    This is why the American people have been so passive, and so unwilling to consider the obvious evidence disproving the American power systems’ duplicity. Essentially the American people are in a state of media shock. The fear induced insulates the media version from reasonable analysis in the consciousness, and therefore ideologically represses it in the American truth consensus.

    But the shock wears off after a time. Unfortuantely, so does the interest in the homicidal conspiracy, which is relegated to ‘past news’ in the media. Nevertheless, over historical time, the resistence of the population increases historically to the attacks by American power. This requires more terror false flag atrocities to reshock the American people. But this sequence cannot continue indefinately, and eventually lead to a change in the political system, one way or another.

    1. Mark,

      Great post. Do you have a sense/resources of how long this campaign has been underway?

      Obviously, 911. But, wonder if it goes back further. Seems to be ramped-up of late.

      It appears to me there are at least two factions at work here… with objectives aligning in some ways… but diverging in major areas.

      1. I’d say it goes back to at least the first WTC bombing, and most likely covers Waco and OKC, too

  22. The ‘chap’ in the white vest in photo 5 has blood smeared on his t -shirt and his neck but is much further away, in fact in a doorway. This indicates that he is awaiting instructions and that ‘victims’ closer to the incident should have been more greviously harmed, yet there is no evidence of that whatsoever.

  23. I’m curious about where all the pictures are of the people who were injured at the second bomb blast site. Other than the one you posted at the beginning of this article and the one with all the injuries blurred out because they were “too graphic”, I can’t find anything. I take that back. I have seen the picture BEFORE the bomb went off – with the bag/purse next to the mail box – and AFTER everyone was cleared away – debris and/or guys in white uniforms looking for evidence – but not the pictures like you see from the scene of the first bombing. Too strange for me.

      1. Thank you, Jonathan, for supplying the most comprehensive group of photos of the bombing on this blog. I’ll repeat what Jonathan said. Take a long, close look at these photos….

  24. The fifth picture that depicts the gray and blue mail boxes are not in the vicinity of the gray box with the bent metal barricade. Look at the bases of the of the two gray mail boxes in the two pictures, the standalone gray mailbox is mounted on a concrete pedestal above grade whereas the other gray mailbox is mounted at grade. The fifth picture is also tightly cropped so as to hide the location of the blue and gray boxes which could lead one to assume that the both gray boxes are the same.

    1. The different bases are a very good point – my apologies for missing that. Others have also noted below that this is not the same location as the second explosion site. I was basing my theory of the location on (a) the fencing – i.e. this was not near the finish line, as claimed in the news article that accompanied the photo – and (b) the configuration of windows and the colour of the walls dividing them. I’ve just searched on Google Maps for combinations of grey and blue mailboxes, and the closest one I could find on that side of the street (aside from the one outside Marathon Sports/Lenscrafters, which would have had different fencing in front of it) is outside 883 Boylston St. This could be where the photo was taken, though the background there doesn’t look quite right. In any case, the news article’s claim that the photo places the Tsarnaev brothers near the first explosion site minutes before the first bomb went off ( seems to be false.

  25. I did a Google maps search of the site of the restaurant (which used to be called Vox), and saw an identical curb to pictures taken when hazmat crews were going over what looked like a blood-free and yet trash strewn post-Marathon sidewalk.

    Between the time the photos were taken by Google maps in around 2007 or perhaps 2009, anyway before Forum opened, you had the same things you have now: a tree, a green mail collection box (not the kind you can put a letter in — and this shows a crucial fact – that there was an attempt to pretend a bomb might have gotten into an open mailbox – very crucial clue here — but there was no such box in front of Forum, nor would it be in the character of the curbside at that place in the street), and also a lamppost, in both cases with perfectly intact glass globe shades. I think someone screwed up to photoshop one in, like using the wrong accent in Boston.

    The one thing different in the old Google map site from when it was Vox appears to be one of those electronic parking meters that you go to from some distance and put money in for you car – they can handle several. It looks like the proprietors of Forum may be using valet parking and got the meter removed when they opened their ambitious restaurant. Otherwise, that’s what it was. No mailbox which anyone could drop anything in.

  26. the photo that accompanies point 4 is clearly not of the same area as where the “bomb” went off. the photo of the “bomb” scene shows a street light pole roughly 6 feet to the right (as viewed in the photo) of the gray mailbox yet there is not a pole in picture 4. also, the no parking sign/pole that is roughly 15 feet to the left of the gray mailbox is absent from picture 4.

  27. I don’t find the fence thing very compelling but it may be that I need to just look at it more and a bit more carefully. I do have a problem with the guy with the blown off legs. It isn’t the lack of blood as I have seen a vid online of a British soldier who stepped on an IED (actual footage) and there isn’t a whole lot of blood. BUT, he is attended to immediately and has his thighs tied off and is flat on the ground and kept that way until he is put flat on a stretcher. That guy at the marathon is in a wheelchair (they had them there for the marathon as is usual) but a black lady (who appears to be the one right near him) is taken on a stretcher tied down only seconds before he is wheeled after her. So we have to believe that a woman who wasn’t in immediate danger was put on a stretcher while a guy who appears to have the most severe trauma damage with much blood loss (just losing legs which have that blood in it) and is cared for secondly and with less care? I have a problem with this.

    1. I have a big problem with the black lady also, and the whole series of Pics in the Jeff Bauman area.

      To me, it looks like the black lady has a death stare, just as the two white ladies lying head to head look dead, and yet there were only 3 deaths, only one of which matches any who seem dead in the Jeff area.

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