Video: Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” in 2009? 69

Updated September 14, 2013*

Newtown property records suggest that on December 25, 2009 a total of 35 properties located on and around Yogananda Street in Sandy Hook were transferred at zero value to new owners.

The transactions include the house belonging to mysterious figure Chris Manfredonia, who was apprehended by police on Sandy Hook School grounds on the morning of December 14, 2012.

The following video illustrates information previously examined in January 2013 at Sandy Hook Truth.

“It’s not just Yogananda Street that was given away on Christmas of ’09,” the researcher argues.

Yogananda addresses 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, and 23 all bear identical transactions to the ones exhibited here; 24 is owned by the town, while 18 is a normal transaction.

On Charter ridge, 45, 47, 63, 71, and 72 appear normal and 61, 62, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, and 73 are all December 25, 2009 transactions . This makes a total of 35 homes given away on Christmas day of 2009. All of these properties surround the Lanza home.

*Correction: The post initially noted that the Lanza residence was included in the homes with the unusual 12/25/09 transaction. In fact, only the records for numerous homes around the Lanza house are among these.

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    • Interesting to…since when does a township, county, city or state office make a work project effective on 12/25? If it was due to a transfer the records to a new system (the official explanation)…I could see using the dates of 12/24 or 12/26 or 1/2. I wonder who arbitrarily would pick Christmas Day?

      Hopefully these records are in the midst of a correction. The registrar’s duty is to maintain accurate records, of course. Very strange.

      • Why would it make mores sense to use 12/24, 12/26, or 1/2? People actually close on houses on those days. If I use 12/25, I know as the database administrator that it is a record created during the import because businesses are closed on 12/25. It makes it very easy to identify records that were created during the import.

        • Makes sense – your excuse for the 12/25 date being used in this incident for record transfer. But why would a records office create a false record to flag a file for a system switch? The public is seeing false data. Is there no other way to flag a file?

          So, its been a few years…why it is that this record is allowed to remain inaccurate? Please share additional insight if you have…

        • It’s not really a false record. It’s “dummy data” within a legitimate record. The record contains legitimate data – property address, property owner, assessment value, etc. Dummy data is benign data that serves no useful purpose. When importing a mass number of records, the import procedure can be defined to assign dummy data to any record that does not have real data in a particular field. This might be required in order to allow the import procedure to run, or maybe designed to make it clear which records were created during the import. For example, if I migrated my contact databases to a new database that required that each contact have a phone number, I might assign the phone number “555-555-5555″ to every contact who I did not collect a phone number for in the original database. It doesn’t mean those people don’t have phones, or all share the same phone number. As to why the information remains inaccurate– Pretend you are the project manager responsible for the revaluation project. Historical sales data has little value in your project. You are trying to collect current assessment values. You have a deadline and limited resources, so you don’t want your employees wasting their time researching and recording sales transaction data from 1998. Recent sales data, however, can be relevant to assessment value. So, you may task your team with importing sales data from some date forward. if you continue to use the database, you will record that information moving forward whenever possible. At some point in the future, you may be mandated to import accurate historical sales data into the assessment database. This would be a huge undertaking, and you would get fired for directing your employees to undertake such a project without a legitimate end goal. You don’t mean to deceive the public, but unfortunately the public doesn’t understand the goal of your project and is misinterpreting your data. Your database is available to show the public legitimate, non-deceptive assessment values. When the public questioned your data, you would advise them as to the scope of your project and refer them to the appropriate resource that holds the information they are seeking.

        • Great explanation – thank you for your time and trouble. However, this dummy data has caused quite a lot of concern, eh?

        • It is so great that James is being tenacious with this sandy hook theatrical event that was produced in connecticut last year , Thank God someone is bringing all these details to light. Please everyone keep sharing these articles , it is crucial they circulate , the more light we continue to shine the more people we can wake up.
          all these crimes against humanity will lead everyone to the other crimes ,They are all connected , From 911, to sandy hook, the boston ‘bombing’… these studies will lead people on to all the other crimes , the man made storms, N.J sandy storm, oklahoma tornado , haarp, stratespheric aerosol spraying , the colorado flooding & all the other man made weather /chemical wars that are being produced. ALL these crimes are connected, they all lead back to the CFR ( counself of foreign relations)/ new world order,bilderburg group that is doing all of this to the American people & the people across the planet . without the light continueing to shine on these subjects we are all doomed .We are being killed off in larger numbers now and it will only get worse if we cant wake more people up .People think these storms that are happening are “acts of mother nature” , the truth is they are MAN MADE & the same people are in charge the orchestrated the sandy hook production & the same people must be stopped .

        • I would think that the insertion of ‘dummy data’ within a legitimate record open to the public would constitute data fallacy. I would further suggest that leaving information in an inaccurate state does leave

          the presenting data in a false state which is a false record, for the person entering the data system for examination of existing information.
          When you state ‘you don’t mean to deceive the public’ well I think you could only speak of your own case and the honesty of your intentions because the use of dummy data roots into huge scientific studies into misuse of statistics, data and arguments that assert falsehoods which fill many reputable study journals.

          Data available to the public should contain information in the state of transparency and correctness which would clearly show that professionals are doing their jobs and would clearly dispel chances for the public to misinterpret data.

          I would wonder and question why any project which builds other highly complex information structures is even allowed to use ‘dummy data’ when it imports from already existing resources holding information open to the public and then it has no responsibility or accountability to return and ensure that information remains in a state of accuracy.

      • Yeah, I think what Beth is saying makes sense from a data perspective at least for the commercial sector, but if we are actually speaking of public records at the registrar’s office, it’s a very serious breach. Keeping a historical record of who owned what, and when, is part and parcel of the very raison d’etre of the office. Maybe there’s something there, or maybe the attention that Newtown’s been receiving has, in this instance, simply served to highlight some rather shoddy database work. I suppose more will come out as time passes.

        • Thanks Paul!

          It just seems bazaar to me that the data the public sees when they look up records it false (I look up this info all of the time just for fun when shopping properties, etc.).

  1. The transactions don’t show on Zillow and realtor.

    35 Charter Ridge Dr, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 was sold in 2011 (after 2009, where no transactions are listed.) I think what was discovered is either a reassessment glitch or just a glitch.

    On Zillows site, Sandy Hook is a recommended school w a 10/10 rating. I guess they didn’t get the word yet.

    Other properties with the 12/25 date and 0 value.

    In fact, many if not most of the properties in Newtown share this anomaly. It is indicative of a data base error.

    I think 0 is the value if there is no assessment value in the database.

    • Wow you get a free house in the “twilight zone” of hell. It’s a hellish version of Ground Hog’s Day where you have to pretend to live a lie over and over and over again for the rest of your life. No amount of money would be worth it. Oh, and if you are an actor, guess your “guest appearances would severely limited. It’s not like Gunsmoke where they can use the same actors over and over again. You get a shelf life. Sorry.

  2. Professor Tracy , , . here’s a very weird anomoly that appears to be cropping up.

    The Newtown / Sandy Hook anti-gun alliance always appears to be in the wrong place at the right time.

    At the Boston Marathon Bombing: “Horrified parents from Newtown were present during the bombings at the Boston Marathon—a race that was dedicated to the 26 victims of Sandy Hook elementary school.” Daily Beast,

    At the Navy Yard mass shooting: “The group said the trip [to Washington] was planned before the shooting on Monday and brought back “terrible feelings.” Associated Press.

    Bad luck? Or crisis actor psyop accompanying gun-grabbing false flags?

    • Anyone see the reporter interviewing a guy on site at the Navy shooting?

      They were busting up laughing…then of course the tone changed when it was interview time — Eerily similar to the creepy Sandy Hook Dad who was laughing up a storm before he faced the microphones….Here’s a link:

      • Watch the microphone…interesting he suddenly gets a job at Channel 8 news after being with Channel 7. See the change? Hopefully 7 & 8 are affiliates and he just preferred the other mic. The laughter and jovial attitude? I have no logical explanation….

      • and lets not forget the same actress in 3 of these false flag events , she must be one of those starving artists, lol – and of course who is always the “reporter” at every CNN event ? yup, non other then mr.raised by the CIA anderson cooper. Come on anderson its time to crawl out from under that false flag rock you dirty CIA scab you. I dont know if anyone else has noticed but andersons large audience’s seem to be the typical idiot box watchers ( which unfortunately is the majority of the population), i hate to say it , but his audience’s ability to think seems pretty limited.

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  4. Currently there are 114 homes for sale, listed in Zillow in the immediate vicinity of the Sandy Hook Elementary School area, that’s an awful lot for such a small community? Looks like their market value is plummeting as well. Any takers of people wanting to move TO Sandy Hook and Newtown? Not likely?

  5. Folks you are missing the obvious…These properties were not sold, the owners stayed the same, they just re-assessed the property value to $0 so that they’re property tax would be $0…

    • You have made several comments yet as a whole they seem superfluous and I’ve simply posted this one.

      Another researcher (article here) has done more extensive research concerning some of the property records and parties in question. Can their findings be so easily dismissed?

    • I recall that someone at the property assessor/registrar’s office came out when this first came up (quite some time ago) and said the reason for the zero transfer was because of some records transfer-software thing. If it is only on 30-40 properties, I wonder what the variable is on why it is just a “record issue” with these properties.

  6. A lot of bad things take place on busy dates in order to attract far less attention. This past christmas eve (2013) Israel attacked Syria (again). Of course this was kept off of 95% of the new$.

  7. The only odd transaction I see is at 6 Yogananda St, the information is not available the rest of them are just showing normal transactions. I hope you kept screen shots of the transactions.

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