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Updated October 30, 11:40PM ET

The following videos and photographs of the September 16 shooting incident at the Naval Command Center complex in Washington DC have been sent in by MHB readers over the past two days. They include edited audio of Washington DC emergency response workers.

Additional photos depict one apparent shooting victim being attended to by pedestrians, as police officers stand by and an individual in plainclothes zones off part of the scene with crime tape.


Video 1. An anonymous MHB reader’s brief analysis of the recording (Received 9/17):

Naval Yard Shooting Audio, Washington DC, 9/16/13.

The audio has been edited and is not real time. Audio used under a creative common license from I’m assuming that the empty audio was removed to make this easier to listen to, so it’s more than 45 minutes. At the very end it is determined that they will not be needing a large staging area for non-existent (my words) casualties. I heard of three or four patients that were described (3 @ 37 minutes + and later a fourth), but EMS didn’t receive them, from my understanding of the audio.

Video 2. This is a second version of the Washington DC Fire/EMS response to the Navy Yard mass causality shooting. This audio feed archive begins at the 8:34 AM EST mark and ends at the 10:04 AM CST mark. This is from the original source recording provided by

Video 3. Associated Press articles date-stamped September 15, 2013–one day before Navy Yard shooting.

Video 4. A Headline News reporter and local official are inadvertently captured sharing a hearty laugh as they prepare to go live.

From the New York Times:

… police sought two other armed suspects spotted by video cameras. But by Monday evening, federal authorities said they believed the shooting was the act of a lone gunman … For hours, the police said they believed that there might have been three gunmen and that two of them were on the loose in the city. Officials later cleared one of the two men seen on the surveillance video. They continued to search for a black man about 50 years old who was wearing an olive-colored military-style uniform and was believed to be carrying a “long gun.” “12 Shot to Death by Lone Gunman at Capital Base,” New York Times, September 17, 2013.

From the BBC:

One of the first teams of heavily armed police to respond to Monday’s shooting in Washington DC was ordered to stand down by superiors, the BBC can reveal. A tactical response team of the Capitol Police, a force that guards the US Capitol complex, was told to leave the scene by a supervisor instead of aiding municipal officers. The Capitol Police department has launched a review into the matter … “I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say that some lives may have been saved if we were allowed to intervene,” a Capitol Police source familiar with the incident told the BBC. “Navy Yard: SWAT Team ‘Stood Down’ at Mass Shooting Scene,” BBC, September 18, 2013.

Email from reader received September 18 AM:

I don’t know if this is being reported in the news or not….I’m overseas and am just now able to get caught up on the news….I know someone who works there and this person’s car is still at the Navy Yard. Before he could go home that night, he and everyone else that worked there had to briefly meet with the FBI and then they could leave…so needless to say, he left on foot till he got somewhere in downtown DC where a friend gave him a lift home. The area is still considered a crime scene so everyone is telecommuting from home if they can. If not, they aren’t working. Everyone is at home…Also, they aren’t being told why they can’t get their cars. We assume that they are searching for something. But all those cars are still there.


Figure 1. In this photograph pedestrians attend to an apparent shooting victim while a police officer (or soldier) looks on close by. Another figure that appears to be in plainclothes is visible demarcating area with crime scene tape.


Figure 2. Similarly outfitted pedestrians and victim assume identical postures as that of Figure 1. A police officer and other pedestrians appear to casually proceed about their business.

statter dc medics3

Figure 3. Anonymous EMS workers share notes on the September 16 shooting.


Figure 4. A sensationalistic September 17 front page of New York’s Daily News relates the Navy Yard incident with the Sandy Hook School shooting.


Figure 5. Broadcast news media personnel assemble outside of DC Navy Yard shooting scene.

Figure 6. First responders at the scene exhibiting perplexity and/or boredom.


Figure 7. Witnesses have been documented stating that evacuation drills were known to have been taking place at the Navy Yard in the lead-up to the September 16 shooting event. “Shooting Rampage in Navy Yard in D.C. Leaves 13 Dead,” USA Today, September 16, 2013. Referenced in Jon Rappoport, “Navy Yard Shooting: Psyop, Loose Ends, Media Parrots,”, September 16, 2013.


Figure 8. “Alternative news outlet Activist Post published the following document on Facebook last night which has also been corroborated by The New York Times. It’s a report narrative filed by a Rhode Island police officer who responded to a call made by Alexis on Aug. 7. Alexis claimed that people were harassing him using microwave weapons.” Melissa Melton, “Report: Was Navy Yard Shooter Gangstalked with Mind Control Microwave Weapons?” Activist Post, September 18, 2013.


Figure 9. Screen capture of ABC News website highlights Associated Press story datelined September 15, 2013.

Link to assorted photos of Navy Yard Shooting aftermath.

Radios for federal firefighters and police officers failed during Monday’s mass shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard, according to union representatives for first responders.
Union officials said police and firefighters resorted to using their cellphones and radios from D.C.’s emergency responders to communicate with each other during the attack.
Anthony Meely, chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police Naval District Washington (NDW) Labor Committee, said police officers who were first on the scene at the Navy Yard had trouble communicating with others in the force via their radios.

Kevin Bogardus, “Radios Failed During Navy Yard Attack, First Responders Say,” The Hill, September 19, 2013.
It appears that Aaron Alexis had contacted our organization just prior to the shooting spree that happened at the Washington Navy Yard.  Several email exchanges then ensued between Aaron Alexis and myself that clearly showed that  a) he had come under physical attack from microwaves and was experiencing voice to skull technology, but was not able to process the situation until he arrived at our site.  b) he had come across some information at the Washington Navy Yard that convinced him that someplace inside there was a source of our ELF targeting – establishing a motive for the attacks!!!

His email that he sent us is below.  It was addressed to the FFCHS board, however, we had all forgotten about this email until it was brought to out attention recently.  We receive such requests for help on a daily basis. 

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Aaron Alexis <>
Date: Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 10:31 AM
Subject: Need assistance on dealing with the direct energy attacks!!
To: [FFCHS Board Members’ Emails Deleted]


My name is Aaron. I am ex-navy, and have been working as a contractor for the DoD. I have recently come under attack after blowing up at Norfolk airport in Virginia.

The first attack started coming when I was on assignment in Rhode Island. I was hearing what I though was people next door telling lies about me. In truth I didn’t know that I was under attack and thought I could escape what I was experiencing, by leaving the hotel I was in. It wasn’t until it almost  cost me my job that I realized that one, I wasn’t crazy, and that two that I had to figure out what was going on.

I am glad I found this site, however I need assistance because, I have not allowed them to scare me off my job,  but I fear the constant bombardment from the ELF weapon is starting to take it’s toll on my body. I am currently in DC now near the pentagon.  I think I know the specific group in the military that is responsible for developing and assisting the military with.

Any assistance you can give me and at the same time what ever info I can give you on what I know please contact me ASAP.

Aaron Alexis

“Let there be Peace on Earth”


  1. Recently wrote a blog article and video on why the DC Navy Yard Shooting is a false flag operation



    Some of my research turned up with some additional anomalies and inconsistencies in the official story of the DC Navy Yard shooting:

    – I captured a screenshot on September 17th at of a Department of Homeland Security “Active Shooter Drills” scheduled for SEPTEMBER 19TH – just THREE days after the shooting took place (screen shot in my video).

    – Commander Time Jirus (media misspelled his name as “Juris”) was the one of the first witnesses to interview with media. His story changes slightly from interview to interview. In most interviews he claims he was talking to a man “three feet away” from him, when the shooter came up and shot the man in the head, killing him. In some interviews he claims this man that was shot was a “military officer”. However, all of the victims from the shooting were civilian contractors, and none of the victims that the media reported to have died were shot at close range in the head. Tim Jirus is also giving reports to the media while the final part of the shooting is taking place and directly after, and he ran from the building and clearly would not have time to change his uniform. If he was that close to a man who got shot in the head, it would be a safe assumption that Jirus would have blood or brain matter splattered on his tan Navy uniform. His uniform is spotless in all of his interviews.

    – The photos that were and released via Twitter from above — in front of the CVS — were originally claimed to have been a victim of the shooting which is why these photos were questionable (since the CVS was over 5 blocks away). But, then the media retracted and said it may have been a man having a heart attack. However, the other man in the photo – the man helping the injured man – came out to the press, except apparently the mainstream media did not want to interview him. Poynter did interview him; his name is James Birdsall and he has a very different version of events. He says that the women in the violet shirt “pulled the man” out of her car, that the man clearly had a gunshot wound to the left side of his head, that the name the women was using matched one of the “victims” as reported by the media later, and that the ambulance that eventually came up to get the man looked like it was “driven by cops”. The entire scenario seems somewhat staged given Birdsall’s testimony to the events of these photos.

    – The FBI released surveillance video raises more questions than it answers. Why did the FBI release this random 30 second video? When he pulls into the parking garage, he is supposedly driving a rental car and we cannot link to car to Alexis, we cannot see his face, there is no time stamp on any of the videos – and so this could be anyone, driving any car, at anytime. When he is seen walking into Building #197 we never see his face, the shirt he is wearing is questionably different than the one he is wearing in other shots in the video (it appears to possibly be a short sleeved mens dress shirt, from how the fabric lays on him, and how it is bunched differently) – versus the 100% cotton polo shirt we later see him in in other shots. Additionally, the very last shot appears to have people of vastly different heights walking at the end of the hall, with the two taller people at the beginning and end of the line of people walking. To me, this looks like children walking in a line with an adult at the beginning and end of the line. when he use to software to zoom in it becomes more clear. There was no school tour or daycare in that building during the day and time of the shooting. It brings up questions as to if these videos were even taken on the day of the shooting, and if the five different shots of the video present a truthful narrative of events on the day of the shooting?

    – The same ATF Team used in the Boston Bombing was used in the DC shooting.

    — Various witnesses reported seeing a man in a military uniform. Terrie Durham reported this over and over in various interviews. Except we now see very clearly by this supposed video released by the FBI that Alexis was wearing a polo and slacks, that looked nothing like a uniform. These are people that work on a military base! They would know the difference between someone wearing a uniform and someone not wearing a uniform. It begs the question: were the witnesses misreporting or messing up their stories, or did they actually see someone shooting who WAS in a uniform (and wasn’t Alexis)?


  2. “NOT WHAT YOU SAY” was written on right rear of shotgun used by Navy shooter. I seen this on TV News one time only, two days ago.


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  4. You may want to delete my posts on the animation, apparently because it was mentioned, MH is #4 on a google search for the same. Guess because the quality was so bad, they had to delete it. A grade schooler could of done better!


  5. Baraba, a commenter from Adriaen22’s blog,, commented that if a shotgun was used, there should be many more wounded, because the pellets of a shotgun scatter but would not usually kill a person. James had previous pointed out in the Sandy Hook scenario the lack of wounded in a putative mass slaying.


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