Sandy Hook School Slated for Demolition 99

Updated October 8, 2013

Connecticut political leaders are moving decisively to destroy the site of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. On September 24 Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced the state’s $50 million commitment to tear down the 57-year-old Sandy Hook School structure and replace it with a new high-priced facility.

“The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is never far from our minds,” Malloy told the press. “With strong resolve and a determination to move forward, we can do our best to support the people of Newtown.”[1]

The $50 million appropriation was formally approved by the State Bond Commission on September 27. On October 5 Newtown residents overwhelmingly voted to pass a referendum that will lead to Sandy Hook’s demoltion.[2]

“As far as the $50 million [is concerned], it comes without strings, it does not have to be repaid, it has no impact on the tax rate,” Newtown Interim School Superintendent John Reed said. “It is an attempt on the part of the state to make Newtown whole. That means we had seven schools when we started the school year last year, and I think it’s the state’s judgment that we have seven schools now.”[3]

There remain numerous unanswered questions concerning the Sandy Hook School shooting—the most severe in recent history. The press has not yet been provided with photographic, video, or related forensic evidence customarily released following such events.

A comprehensive report on the shooting compiled by state investigators is expected to be released by early November following a careful review by Danbury Assistant State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III, who is leading the inquiry.[4] That report was originally due in early 2013 and its release has been repeatedly postponed.

In August US Attorney General  Eric Holder distributed $2.5 million to Connecticut and Newtown area law enforcement agencies for their assistance during the December 14 Sandy Hook event and subsequent investigative efforts.[5]

The Newtown Bee newspaper is a major player in public relations that led to the successful passage of the referendum. The news outlet has been involved in organizing interviews and meetings between Newtown officials and residents “to respond to questions and help residents understand the implications of the upcoming October 5 referendum.”[6]

Newtown First Selectman Patrician Llorda and Newtown Interim School Superintendent John Reed respond to questions from the Newtown Bee editor John Voket.

Online researchers accused the Newtown Bee of partaking what they have termed the “Sandy Hook hoax.” For example, Newtown Bee Associate Editor Shannon Hicks claimed to have taken numerous photographs in the parking lot of Sandy Hook Elementary as Adam Lanza proceeded to murder over two dozen women and children. Hicks then refused to release the photographs to law enforcement or the broader public.

“The photos I took on 12/14 have not been shared with anyone,” Hicks told James Tracy in a March 25 email. “We have no plans to do so, either.”[7] One photo Hicks says she took on that day appeared on the front pages of newspapers the world over to drive home the tragedy’s gravity and significance.

Figure 1. Students evacuate Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Photo by the Newtown Bee‘s Shannon Hicks.

The State of Connecticut and Town of Newtown have been especially uncooperative with news outlets in providing public records as simple as death certificates concerning the tragic event. A state-appointed task force commissioned to address whether Sandy Hook-related documents should be released to the public is not expected to make its final decision until January 1–likely well after the school’s demolition.[8]

The swift move to level Sandy Hook arguably has precedents established in momentous terror-related incidents. On May 24, 1995, just 35 days after the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the US government moved to have the structure demolished before a proper investigation could be conducted on the structure’s remains.[9] A similar set of circumstances played out in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks as New York municipal authorities arranged for the remaining steel from the Word Trade Center towers to be shipped to China and India. 9/11 victims’ families and independent experts say such materials would have aided in understanding what actually took place on that fateful day.[10]


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  1. I predict the $50 million replacement Sandy Hook school building will be above average architecture, multipurpose and through many themes reinforce the “top down story” (TDS). It will be a perpetual memorial and touch stone of the TDS. With it will come more TDS believers. Upon seeing jobs and community rise from the ashes it will diffuse, distract and dilute the mental conflict of questioning the mythical allusions of the TDS. The new building should be dedicated as “Memory Hole Community Center” or ?

    • So much of this false history and building campaigns to cement the myths into place. Why does it remind me of medieval cathedrals centered around some relic brought back from the holy wars in Jerusalem? The virgin’s mantle, the crown of thorns, the wood of the true cross, you name it. Then you build a great big repository, you bury and anoint your notables there. What’s not to like? Of course they usually weren’t as cheesy as our monuments. But just as founded on irrational premises about relics which were fakes.

  2. In regards to the $50M for the destruction and BUILDING of a NEW school, I think everyone is missing the smoking gun question, WHY? By the government’s own narrative, the students (approx. 450-550) were transferred to the nearby and conveniently EMPTY Chalk Hill Elementary School back in January, 2013. Therefore, are we to believe that there is need for ANOTHER school for an additional (450-550) students that may have suddenly moved into the Sandy Hook neighborhood since January, 2013? It doesn’t matter if the new school costs $50M or $50K. What is the new school replacing? The students are already in the remodeled and redecorated Chalk Hill Elementary which was renamed Sandy Hook!

  3. Dinophile’s comments on real estate dealings of Sandy Hook are quite interesting and possibly may be quite valuable. Not that real estate fraud could possibly be a PRIMARY motivation for this homicidal spectacle, since the fingerprints of American power are all over it.

    But it introduces a rather routine form of financial scandal that American’s are accustomed to, and thus is less scary than confronting American power directly over homicidal fraud. This is true as well with the money collected from the American people by the over 79 organizations, much or which no doubt has disappeared down the memory hole along with its organizers.

    If a book is ever written about the homicidal conspiracies of Aurora, Sandy Hook, and the Marathon bombings, such conventional financial scandals can legitimate the much more important duplicity of power. If the media lets these kinds of routine scandals slip down the memory hole, and are critiqued on that basis, in doing so the legitimation of the critique of the homicidal conspiracies can be institutionalized en passé.

    A book on 9/11 of individual essays, 9/11 AND THE AMERICAN EMPIRE, edited by David Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, was published in 2007 by Olive Branch Press. I don’t know how well it sold, but what has been done once can be done again. I can see it now: RESCUE FROM THE MEMORY HOLE Aurora, Sandy Hook, Marathon bombings.

    With the research essays done by commenters like Dinophile and other truthers, some journalistic, some academic. But of course it would need an academic editor.

  4. Odd isn’t it how it is now reported Sally Cox was in the command and control room for hours and they didn’t bother to sweep the small room.Yeah right. This hoax really does get more absurd by the minute.

  5. The real estate dealings are primarily interesting in that they support a theory. Sophia Smallstorm’s video touches on it. These people were “chosen” as participants. They were placed at the location because it was already designated as a “model” of what they would like for all of us.

    Every aspect of this psycho-drama supports the new “Resilience” in living meme of Agenda 21. It is pretty obvious if looked at closely, that a great deal of effort went into the selection, placement and overall narrative of this operation.

    The hiding of evidence is just a continuation of the drill. For the drill to be deemed a “success”, they must succeed in burying any discoverable evidence and continue the tale based on their say so entirely.

    The story is deliberately sprinkled with obvious impossibilities. There would be no point in having mass belief in a believable story. While there are certainly “sub-memes” buried in the storyline the ultimate meme is “believe the impossible because we say so”.

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