Sandy Hook Demolition Crew Sworn to Silence 110

Employees of a construction company contracted by Newtown to demolish Sandy Hook Elementary School must sign non-disclosure agreements before commencing work on the project, scheduled to begin October 21. The contracts reserve the right to pursue legal action against workers who publicly discuss what might be observed as the 57-year-old structure is leveled. Penalties also apply to employee attempts at removing any physical remains from the site.

Exhaustive in scope, the agreement requires workers to refrain from leaking information on virtually anything encountered on Sandy Hook grounds during or after their time of employment with Consigli Construction, the company subcontracted to carry out the demolition.

No unauthorized disclosure or removal of confidential information from the school, including any oral, written, graphic, software, technology, or virtually any items that belong to the school.

All measures [will] be taken to protect the secrecy and avoid disclosure of confidential information into the public domain; notification to the town of any disclosure of confidential information that may come to the company’s attention.

No publication or posting of any information related to the project, and no photographs, drawings or other images of the school; no removal of any items from the school from dirt and bricks to doorknobs and window glass; any town documents be returned to the town; these commitments survive beyond the conclusion of an individual’s employment.[1]

Newtown officials claim that such far-reaching precautions are necessary to preserve the privacy of victims’ families. “It’s a very sensitive topic,” Newtown Selectman Will Rodgers said. “We want it (the site) to be handled in a respectful way.”[2]

Newtown First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra similarly noted how the goal involves preventing exploitation of any building remnants. “We’re going to every possible length to eliminate any possibility that any artifacts from the building would be taken from the campus and … end up on eBay,” she told the Associated Press. [3]

Much of the building’s debris will be thoroughly crushed and hauled away to an unnamed location. Newtown also is requesting documentation that non-destructible metal and similar materials are taken off-site and destroyed.[4]

The Sandy Hook investigation has proceeded under a cloak of unusual secrecy, with very little substantive evidence or documentation disclosed that might reveal what exactly took place on December 14, 2012 and, moreover, Adam Lanza’s culpability. The corporate media have nevertheless proceeded to push a narrative with Lanza as the sole culprit.

Llorda and her Newtown cohorts swung into action three weeks ago on September 24 when Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy offered the township $50 million to tear down Sandy Hook School and build a new facility.

The $50 million price tag is seven times the average cost of building an elementary school in the United States ($7,393,000), according to[5]

On October 5 Newtown leaders presented residents with a referendum to accept the $50 million that passed by a nine-to-one margin.

On October 7 contractors were on the Sandy Hook campus to begin drawing up plans for the project.

On October 11 the Newtown Bee reported that local authorities received a go-ahead from the State of Connecticut to contract with remediation vendor Bestech to oversee the entire venture.[6]

This means town officials will not have to go out and bid for a separate demolition contractor. Llodra notes how the use of a single entity will allow a two-to-three-week jump on work at the site, wholly ensuring that both the structure and post demolition debris will be removed by the first anniversary of the shooting.

Further, the use of Bestech will also minimize the number of workers on the site, allow for easier security credentialing, and thereby ensure controls preventing the unwanted acquisition of any debris or images generated during the demolition process.[7]


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  1. I believe it is very possible the school is being pulverized, and all meltable materials melted down (not kidding), in order to assure no DNA evidence remains. It is not unheard of for 30-year-old cold cases to be solved with DNA evidence. Other than the inherent destruction of any ballistics evidence, I can think of no other genuine reason for melting down steel beams.

    • Unless, of course, no DNA evidence was there to begin with. The american public hasn’t been presented anything but unsubstantiated repetition of often contradictory “official” opinion.

  2. Not convinced there was a massacre…but certainly I’m not surprised that they’re just “covering their tracks.”

  3. I feel sorry for anyone who still thinks the Sandy Hook “massacre” actually happened. This applies to people who believe in the Aurora hoax, Navy Yard “shooting,” Santa Monica “shooting,” Capitol “shooting,” Kenya mall “shooting,” 9/11 official story, etc. Indeed, I feel sorry for anyone who believes anything the regime and its media utter. But the greatest tragedy is that all of us, regardless of whether we fall for the regime’s lies or not, are victims of domestic terrorism perpetrated by the regime and its gestapo. Because the drills and hoaxes are directed against us. The regime wants us dumb, scared, and obedient, and unfortunately they have been quite successful.

    • You can add the Gaby Giffords Hoax, the three women held in the “house of horrors” in Cleveland, and the wonderful Obamacare website to the list. They are all govt productions, and some are done better than others.

      • And let’s not forget about the Boston marathon “bombing” and the heroic “capture and killing” of the long-deceased Osama bin Laden followed by the unfortunate helicopter “accident” which resulted in the death of all witnesses. The repertoire of the regime’s PR productions seems endless. What’s next?

        • I believe that something far more sinister and far reaching than 9-11 is coming down the pike, probably long before the next shutdown in January. Perhaps something of a chemical, biological or nuclear disaster. The East Coast has been hit already with Sandy Hoax, 9-11, The Fake Boston Bombing….so perhaps something in the heartland, i.e. the Midwest?

  4. Let’s hope the demolition crew find the missing video surveillance tapes showing the phantom Lanza entering the school and shooting the perfectly resurrected principal. Incidentally, where are the surveillance tapes showing the “Muslim terrorists” who, according to the regime media, for three months rented a “secret room” in the Kenyan mall to plan that horrific massacre? The human race has degenerated so much that self-annihilation, the way we seem to be heading, may be the only viable solution.

    • This is all straight out of Orwell’s novel. The “war on terror” is really a war on Americans carried out by the Big Brother regime. The ignorant masses are lied to and manipulated to believe a “war on terror” is actually taking place and that Big Brother will protect them. The only price the ignorant masses have to pay is the relinquishment of all their constitutional rights. Win Win situation.

      • You said it perfectly. It is a war of dispossession through the mastery of illusion(delusion)… at least that’s what they think. My mind drifts to an image of Donald Rumsfeld with that smug, prick-ish smirk during 9/11; or in the documentary “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Oh yes, thinks the old geezer, ‘ well, aren’t I such a clever little fellow..’…

      • It never ceases to amaze me how successful the demonization of Fox News always is. As if it is this colossus, this staunch opponent of the establishment, a true alternative voice. Moore can just talk like that and it’s accepted as obviously true. What a joke.

        It’s like all the times Bill O’Reilly is portrayed as a fire breathing radical conservative. Any conservative who breathes only altoids laughs at that. The idea that Fox in any way represents an alternative view of he political landscape is a joke. That the idea gains any traction at all is a painful indication of how bad the situation is in the media today.

        • CNN news : Ban guns and civil liberties.
          Fox news: “The Shooter”, Adam Lanza was on psychotropic drugs and armed security guards should be posted at all schools.
          Real Alternative news: Sandy Hoax Elementary School.

  5. It’s time for action. What would happen if there was a wall of people around the school to prevent it’s demolition until an independent third party can view the “evidence”. Anybody remember the 60’s? Only the “TRUTH” can set the people of Newtown free.

    • Newtown PD really should get an injunction halting demolition. The official story has trifurcated–Lt. J. Paul Vance vs. Newtown PD vs. individual state troopers/detectives. Newtown PD, for one, will need that building intact as evidence in their own defense.

    • So they are tearing down SHE school and building a new one for $50 million and then they will probably close Reed anyway?

    • This report is total hogwash! They report 5 fewer students in all the globby gook. When you look at the hard numbers provided there are 255 less students than last year or 5%. Had to check out our other reliable source of information, Wiki reveals 537 less students than 2012 and that would be 10%. Really hate it when they use round numbers! Have an excel spreadsheet if anyone cares to review.

      • Oddly, the Newtown Public School district enrollment report Nov 2012 said there were 458 kids enrolled in SHS; Dawn Hochsprung’s alleged letter to parents (which I now suspect as being fabricated after the fact) stated there were 700 students in SHS.

  6. I know you’ve seen this article from the AP…..thought I’d send it to you to pass around. What is ‘really’ happening here??? Most people don’t have a clue!

  7. Marilyn, the function of a criminal defense lawyer is to defend people accused of horrible crimes, and often guilty of them. Even if they are horrified by the crimes and suspect their clients are guilty. For good or ill, that is the basis of the American legal system. To hold the lawyer accountable for the crimes of his client is common, but perhaps not entirely just.

    Greenwald’s companion was acting as a courier to Greenwald’s colleague in Germany. The companion was returning to Brazil and transversed through London when he was seized and his information and instruments taken. This was so outrageous that it evoked world wide condemnation. It was not staged by Greenwald.

    Snowden may have had a ‘murky past’ whatever that is, but he was instrumental in revealing to the American people that we were being spied on secretly and systematically by American power. This was an historical achievement and he is rightly regarded as a hero for giving up his lucrative career and risking his very life to do so.

    I am dumbfounded by the suspicion against these three truthers, including some by casual friends of mine. I think it stems from an unconscious identification with authority and a suspicion of anyone subverting it. I personally would be proud to be mentioned in the same breath with them, even if I disagreed, as I do, with some of their truths and values.

  8. Am dumbfounded how some frequent commenters to this site succeed in going off into tangents totally unrelated to the subject at hand. Cannot believe you are real and suspect the troll machine has transformed from spewing insults into another sort of creating conflict machine, he said, she said, we said, we are done with you!!!.

  9. Does anyone reading this blog find it odd that all of the siblings of Sandy Hook families who supposedly lost their child are putting their siblings right back into the same “gun free zone.” Seriously if your child had been murdered what are the odds you would put your other child in the same school or any other public school so it could happen to your other child as well. These parents don’t seem to care at all about putting their siblings right back in SH. Again more proof this didn’t happen. Also you k ow this is a. Lie as they have not torn down and crushed Columbine, Virginia Tech or any other schools where shootings have occurred. However, honestly I can’t help but question all these school shootings, these could have all been false fags leading us to this final “CAPSTONE EVENT” (FEMA’s description of what Sandy Hook was)

  10. The legal basis of American government secrecy has just got much worse. A federal judge has just ruled that the government can classify material if it can be used for anti-American propaganda by “Terrorists.”

    A prisoner at Gitmo was tortured horribly for three years and pictures and videos of his torment were taken, and classified. A civil rights group petitioned for the government to release this material. The judge ruled in favor of government secrecy because the material might be used by Terrorists and others to incite anti-American opinion.

    This means that the government can classify any material whatever, since it can always be argued that it might make the government look bad. Therefore the restriction of the workmen tearing down the Sandy Hook school is part of a far broader spectrum of censorship being introduced under Obama. And this has spread to Britain with the censorship of Greenwald’s companion, and the current attack on the Guardian by prime minister Cameron for releasing Snowden’s material.

    The next step would legally classify material on the basis that it would encourage Conspiracy Theories, and this would increase Terrorism. It sounds incredible, but this is what is happening legally under Obama’s arguments to the courts, and the consequent rulings.

    The article discussing the ruling can be found in al Jazeera under American Secrecy…….

    • Thanks for the important tip and breakdown. One could argue that a good deal of material is already destroyed, ‘classified’ or otherwise kept under wraps. After all, isn’t such secrecy at the root of the pedestrian preoccupation with speculation deemed “conspiracy theory”?

  11. The secrecy becomes more ominous with the appointment of Jeh Johnson from the Dep of Defense to head Homeland Security. Like other commenters, I have the feeling that these homicidal scenarios are leading to something really bad.

  12. Yeah I keep getting the feeling that they don’t care that this is so obvious because there is something heavy coming down the pike that will distract everyone.

  13. Let’s put this hoax to rest once and for all. Let’s call it what it was according to FEMA’S website. This so called “event” was nothing more than a FEMA Integrated Capstone Event. FEMA describes these staged “events” or “drills” costing millions and involving multiple agencies as well as local organizations such as Lion’s clubs, hospitals, media (including Twitter), Rotary clubs etc. “culminating into a single event”.making these staged “events” the mother of all drills. Both Boston and Sandy Hook were such Capstone Events also known as extreme reality drills. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to try to ban guns they doubled up on its purpose. It is time people found out the truth as to what this really was and in their attempts to keep this fraud going they must put a gag order on the demolition crew lest they let the cat out of the bag by letting us know there was not a single bullet hole in that school much less 154 rounds. This whole narrative of dead kids is a complete fabrication which explains why the parents are laughing rather than crying.

    • Kelley, you can put the events you described to rest, but we mustn’t forget them completely or they will disappear down the Orwellian memory hole. Will the whole truth and nothing but the truth eventually be revealed? I’m not counting on it, but we have to keep on looking.
      I think it’s safe to add Westgate and Washington (twice) to the list and maybe the government shut down and reboot, which coincides with the stenographers ‘rant’, and the mention of freemasonary.
      The reboot occurred on 17/10/2013 – which adds to 33, a highly regarded number in those types of circles.


      Since Newtown Patch has consistently censored objective independent verifiable evidence of multiple assailants at Sandy Hook as well as other articles critical of the investigation I will be re-posting each article here to Dr. James Tracy’s web site and others.

      There is overwhelming evidence of multiple shooters including the kindergarten teacher’s son and the armed tactical weapons officer caught at the scene. The police and press have concealed this man’s identity and refuses to provide an explanation as to why he was there, what firearms he carried and who he is.



      After the Patch censors this post you can find this and others on this website as well as other neighboring Patch pages (Brookfield, Danbury etc)

    • CT State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance is speaking now at a media conference; many reporters live-tweeting: #NCMPRd1

      (That’s the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations conference.)

    • If that’s true, and it certainly seems to be, than we’re talking about crimes. And crimes that need to be prosecuted by law. The media will try to bury this story and others like it-but they only reveal their links to organized crime when they do. The public, and nationalist and proper Christian organizations(Christian is NOT Jewish/Zionist “churches” ), must continue to prosecute these crimes themselves, i.e Internet, meetings, books etc – so that when we do have a proper government; media; and judicial – we can then administer the appropriate justice. Another reason is for the legitimate historical record – a record which we’ve seen in the 20th and 21st centuries abused and distorted for the benefit of a global Jewish criminal network. But times they are a changin’…

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