Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Dimensions

By Sofia Smallstorm

In this ninety-minute video independent researcher Sofia Smallstorm presents a thoroughgoing examination of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event.

Smallstorm combines meticulous research with a unique conceptual approach that pierces the sensationalistic headlines, soundbites, and cable news chatter to reveal a deeper reality underneath the incident’s curious narrative.

The presentation gives us a new vocabulary on which to build a sharp rebuttal to the total Hollywood treatment of deep events. It pulls it altogether–fact and fakery.

235 thoughts on “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Dimensions”

  1. Indeed, Sandy Hook was a synthesized event that must have included massive threats directed against selected people involved there as EMT’s, police, etc. Even the medical examiner was clearly “subjugated”, he acted in a bizarro fashion during his interviews with the press.
    Sandy Hook was just like many other phoney baloney events occurring over the last year or two. Some investigations have implicated Mossad and other agencies. Clearly, this is part of the rapid decompression and dive toward New World Order oppression. The world is in danger, great danger, and ominous forces are at work as we speak. Very bad things are going to happen, and Sandy Hook did its part in this overall scenario. Danger!!

  2. Danger is coming. Never do I remember a former secret service agent speaking out, I watch Glenn Beck interviewing him and the former agent said ” I don’t want to scare anyone but it is worse than you think”.

    1. And you think the Secret Service agent is legit? Obama is being set up as a scapegoat. This isn’t about gun control and Obama will never implement it. Hold me to that prediction. You seriously need to quit listening to fascists like Beck. Oh, did he say some bad stuff about Obama, well then he must be a rebel and on our side. LOL.

      1. Chris,
        He said nothing directly about Obama. Never say never I think you have no clue how evil these animals are and what they will do. They will come for the guns and most will give them up like Katrina. I think it is important to listen to every drum beat, not just the ones that suit my listening. This is about gun,people,food and money control!

      2. @Chris – I would suggest you need to quit trolling for the White House and stop trying to spread separation and blowing smoke. Obama cannot ‘implement gun control’ legitimately – but his party can, and his executive actions agenda against the Constitution (2A specifically) violates “…shall not be infringed.”.

        1. So you think I work for the White House because I disagree with you over what the ultimate agenda is with these ops? I’m in agreement that they are totally fake. I’m saying gun control is not what this is about. These hoaxes are blatantly obvious for a reason. They are meant to be exposed. I do not like Obama but he is a puppet and he is disposable and he will be disposed of, likely very soon. Do you people just forget Glenn Beck’s whole past just so you can glom on to someone in the MSM and believe they are “fighting for truth.” Give me a break. He is a war cheerleader plain and simple. Obama will be destroyed to bring in an overt right wing demagogue who will appeal to the Patriot types, who will think they’ve won and had a revolution. I’m sure there are of confidentiality oaths Secret Service agents take, yet this man is allowed to “expose” Obama like this.

        2. hey dude, I don’t read any indication that chris is trolling – that ought not be thrown around as casually as it is lest it lose any meaning whatsoever. I totally agree with him on beck and that “whistleblower”
          I don’t think people are allowed to work for the secret service and then turn on their masters w/o the blessing of the oligarchy. He would be quietly put to sleep and it would never be mentioned in the media. His book would certainly not be promoted like it is. I could be wrong, I admit to not having listened to his interviews available but the initial story didn’t pass my smell test so I went no further. Beck is a different story, he was and is a shill. I remember before he made his “switch” how he mocked 911 truth and said the military ought to be used to round up all the truthers and ron paul supporters. I remember his straw man expose on the fema camps that “don’t exist.” the new beck seems to copy alex jones in a lot of ways but his conclusion is always to blame it on obama or the “islamofacists” Iran has always been his target. My extended family is mormon like beck so some of them listen to him. How anyone can do so is beyond me, the guy is like an effeminate, phony vampire – truly disgusting.
          as far as the guns goes I think they probably will come for them sometime, after all it isnt any of them involved in the chaos, but I agree somewhat with chris that they are blowing smoke up our asses with much of the hype surrounding the gun issue. from my perspective it seems they have written a script of endless distractions ever since this last phase of takeover started. I’m sure it has a longer history than that but I paid little attention to it until 911. since then there has been an endless stream of incidents to keep our minds occupied whether it be gay marriage(used by bush and obama) or the fake tragedy after fake tragedy that we are presented with now. even abortion is used for this, they want to fill our thoughts, divide us and occupy our time. fake jet crashes, shootings, whistleblowers and protests pervade our minds with no time in between to really live life or do anything about all this shit.

    2. I agree with Chris, the interview between Beck and secret service guy is NOT legit. It seemed totally set up. Did you click over from Drudge? The vid was posted on Infowars. When you have the combo of Drudge, Beck and Jones the fraudster, get out your tin foil hats.

      Listen to that interview. The secret service guy and Beck argue that NSA should not be spying becuase “we are all doing something wrong” and “we all break the law” therefore, the government should not be spying on us because eventually they will catch us and have dirt on us. This is the most pathetic argument EVER coming from ‘conservatives.’

      BTW, great vid so far, I’ve learned some new things.

  3. This is very good, very timely, and pungently true.

    In terms of the “damage enhancement” and the “photoshop” albums etc.- I still think people died, either as sacrifices to their dark god and / or because they needed real casualties to get the media on board fully.

    I am highly concerned at the stepford parents and their weird common cause / common purpose / MKULTRA dilated pupils etc.

    Media are certainly capable of faking and using actors even if there is a tragedy beneath it all- after all, when the Nazis faked the attack on a radio station, they still killed people. But the “mincemeat” recipe was very different to the represented facts.

    Note the similarities to Dunblaine too- that was a ritual child abuse case that turned into a mass killing. Convenient, eh?

    1. @flyingtigercomics – I know there are suspicions of ‘no deaths’ because of the sealing of all the evidence. But, I wonder, if nobody was killed, all the threats we believe were made would be pointless, wouldn’t they? Because unless someone is seriously afraid they will eventually talk, so I think there were kids killed there.

      Maybe they were all grabbed off the streets across the nation and killed somewhere and dumped there. Maybe they were brought in and then killed by the same two shooters who brought Lanza there and killed him. I don’t know. Too many possibilities and not enough information – but I submit that absent real bodies the ‘threats’ won’t hold water. Besides, somebody would be able to find the families and eventually get photos of the kids who are on the ‘dead list’.

      1. There are only two possible deaths that I know of….Nancy Lanza of natural causes and Gene Rosen of suspicious causes.

        1. I can’t find anything reliable saying he’s dead. Only the same video on different sites titled “Breaking Gene Rosen dead at 69” and the video contains no information of his death. So it possibly might be something someone did to draw attention to their video. I see no mainstream sources confirming the death. Just the title of that video.

        2. Gene Rosen is NOT dead. This “rumor” was started by the person(s) who posted the video entitled “Breaking- Gene Rosen Dead at 69” on Youtube. This short video contains several clips of a CBS “reporter” interviewing a Sandy Hook “mom.” The clip emphasizes her comment that she received an email or text from CBS that alerted her to the tragedy. There are also a few very short clips of Gene Rosen babbling/whining his usual script. As suggested by someone on this forum… it’s pretty obvious the video was posted with that sensational title to lure people in to watch the video.

    2. “Media are certainly capable of faking and using actors even if there is a tragedy beneath it all- after all, when the Nazis faked the attack on a radio station, they still killed people. But the “mincemeat” recipe was very different to the represented facts.”

      I agree this can happen. many of the media reported victims on 911 appear to be faked and photographs reversed/modified to create two personae from one photograph and just because the media presentation was theatre, it would be a serious lapse in judgement to say it was all fake based on that.
      sandy hook is whole different scenario though. your claim that there must have been victims is based purely on wild speculation, there is ZERO evidence that there were any victims at all, and plenty of evidence to the contrary. There is more evidence of Joseph Smith’s Golden Plates than there is of actual victims at sandy hook.

      It amazes me how many people still hold on to the Jonestown meme of actual victims at Sandy Hook. Even Alex doesn’t believe in actual victims, he makes calculated decisions based on perception and public opinion not by what he thinks is true. Psst.. he also lies about the products he sells whether its a tangible item or a personality he wants to suck up to. That doesn’t mean people should believe it all nor think he is a shill, just don’t take everything at face value.
      I’m not trying to be abrasive here, I have no idea whether you listen to alex or not, it’s just something I have observed with his followers that makes me amazed at the volume of lemmings in the truth movement. The comment was meant as a generality not towards you personally.

      1. I am not a fan or follower of Alex Jones. In any way. 🙂

        Why I don’t rule out real deaths is threefold.

        1. the kind of Third Force legacy nutballs behind this kind of engineered event are happy willing and eager to kill.

        2. a lot of kids disappear every year. if CIA finders take them, they turn up in bizarre places and roles. Human sacrifice included.

        3. as with the original Nazi events real corpses are an ultimate trump card- actual traumatised relatives make excellent props to destroy all criticism.

        But I fully accept that we might have moved already into the full alternate reality game future that the controllers have pushed towards since 1963.

    3. But we are trying to deal with evidence versus non-evidence. There is no evidence of the death of children at Sandy Hook. The idea that killing some child would threaten a public official is much too random. They would not be able to predict how such an official would react. It would certainly turn most officials against them, not fill them with terror. Consider what they encounter on a regular basis and that some are combat vets. So no, you don’t need a weird child sacrifice cult to get compliance out of them. All you need is a hierarchy of orders given from the top which they must obey or be fired for disobeying. You soften them up by showing it is for the common good, that they are under threat from a lax system where anybody can purchase a firearm and where the public lacks the necessary “resiliency” for getting through the next unknown crisis. You work on that angle, and then you tell them this is for altruistic goals which they share with the power structure. They will be honored and praised for handling things so well. Perhaps some money or debt relief or whatever will exchange hands under the table. But compliance will be natural, not goaded by some creepy killings.

      1. Yes, “following orders” and gleichschaltung is part of it. But if we’re dealing with facts- as far back as Son of Sam, there’s been a Process Church enclave in Newtown… And Process uniform is clergy style… And they believe Life is Death and Death is Life, complete with child sacrifice and using animal welfare (like Gene Rosen the creepy cat carer) as a front…

  4. This presentation gives us a new vocabulary on which to build a cogent rebuttal to the total Hollywood treatment of deep events.

    It pulls it altogether–fact and fakery. Listened with interest and a profound sadness. People sworn to support the Constitution and protect the public interest have been sucked into a moral vacuum–so dark, not even light is emitted as in the proverbial black hole of a disintegrating star.

  5. After watching this insightful video I feel far more comfortable wearing my tin foil hat. I still find it difficult wrapping my head around the obedience, psychology of so many people playing out the charade of Sandy Hook and not one person coming forward with the truth of the lie. So, are we looking at a form of cult, with a promise of power, money, get out of jail free card, blackmail ? So many Questions.

    1. I skipped to about the 40 minute mark and it was fine thereafter. Don’t need to know about the dimensions – it’s just corruption any way you slice it. The language is mild. I would use words for Sandy Hook gov employees like sociopath, and they’re waging war on us. Very demented. Speaking of – check out the recently released Kristallnacht files for the 75th anniversary. Just shows where this type of behavior is headed. They get worse as they go along with more disgraceful drills and power.


    2. You all need to be kinder and gentler to those who invest tons of ‘butt time’ in exposing the sorry state of our country. You have the option of hitting the pause button, and coming back after you have your latte’ or whatever other soothing lubricants your butt might need. I suspect those who are working to save us, are not at all concerned about their own sore butts!. Personally, I stand upright when reading the news of the day on the computer and perhaps if we are to survive, we all need to stand up together..

        1. Sophia’s 9/11 film was more concise and she let the viewer interpret the material which she doesn’t do here. An edit would have made this film better.

        2. sorry bud, my comment was a bit rude. You have every right to weigh in on this, that’s what the comment section is for. I seems hard to really edit out more stuff when there is so much footage that raises so many questions. she left out butt-loads already. I like how she allowed the viewer to digest what they were seeing before moving on to the next point but I admit that if she sped up her cadence a half step it would flow a bit better. Her approach will certainly resonate with some people while frustrating others. I think she is brilliant in the way she sees this event.

  6. Sofia Smallstorm does a fantastic investigative job here, lets hope what she has done here can save our country. Sandy Hook , nothing more then great american theatre, a TV show, nothing more.pictures of scenes, nothing more. no victims, only actors who where given houses in 2009 & a lot of sick sick sick sub human beings that all seem to want americans stripped of thier weapons & more then likely want americans dead. we are all in grave danger . It is unlikely the majority of people will be waking up to this , they dont seem to be able to absorb that there are only 5 entities that own ALL media outlets and those are all CFR owned ( counsel of foreign relations ) / new world order OWNED. we must share this like crazy and hope to wake up the many. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJNgm4kM24s

  7. this is the same woman who made an outstanding 9/11 documentary. 9/11 Mysteries. I am only 10 minutes in, but expect this will be another great docu of this event. I am on the fence as to whether people died, but there are too many holes in the official story to ignore. i fully believe this was another step in taking away our freedom.

    1. I did not know that. I thought that voice seemed familiar. There may have been a couple of factual errs in 911 mysteries but it despite its slow pace seemed to be more convincing to the common person than the other films made about 911.

  8. Out of all the explanations have heard for what occurred at Sandy Hook, this one is the most plausible. It is difficult to fathom, yet it makes all of the pieces fit – and no other explanation I have heard does that.

    On 9-11-01, as I watched the towers fall, live on tv, my inner conscience kept asking, “what am I seeing here?” because it did not look like a collapse that should be occurring from the planes. The piece did not fit.

    This “experiment” would have been planned for months, if not years. The participants were all hand selected, indoctrinated, and legally forced to comply with the results. Even the person on this blog that claims to be from Newtown, if that is even true, is continuing to participate in the experiment as he was hired, and coninues to be obligated, to do.

    Bravo, professor. I believe we are one step closer to mass enlightenment on this subject.

    1. “This “experiment” would have been planned for months, if not years.”

      Did you notice that near the beginning she says that the event took place on the “solstice of solstices”? All the talk about the implications of the end of the age predicted by an ancient messo-american year counting system pointing to December of 2012. Why was it hyped so? Is it just coincidence that Sandy Hook was years in the planning, and they chose the same point in time?

      Obviously, this is very speculative, but what Sophia is postulating is that they are using these fake events to craft a very real–if artificially designed–future that will be very different from the one that would come about naturally, if the technocrats were not engineering it. This is beginning to seem a whole lot larger than a sequence of false flag events. Very chilling.

      1. knowing the amount of people that are involved in all these false flag events , the liers,the sociopaths who are more interested in the pay check they obviously got for their silence and complicity in all these horrifying events to bring america to its knees is worse then chilling it is HORRIFYING as the majority of the brain dead american public has been mind F***ed into complying with all of it which is going to doom us all unless we can wake them up & that seems impossible at this point as the NWO now with the LAX false flag ‘shooting’ has apparently duped them yet AGAIN .
        This is getting to be a very scarey place to live, specially with the massive chemtrailing that is taking place world wide , the amount so of chemicals being sprayed on us all has increased to a crisis leavel, everything is being killed, animals,plants,people , dead sea life washing up on all shores ( all referencable) & the geoengineering of the weather which is also killling & maming peole from coast to coast with their man made ( haarp) severe weather events , we are all being TERRORISED on a daily basis, with no let up now, we are all in dire straights.

        1. The thing is, I’m not sure the role-players see what there doing as inherently wrong. I would imagine it might start out like being hired for a government study. Then they find out the study is grand in scope and amount of time they will be involved. They are told they will be paid a good amount of money for as long as the study is conducted, in this case, several years or longer. They ask you to sign a legal agreement which includes a provision that if you violate the agreement it will result in prosecution, fines, and imprisonment (standard government agreement stuff). They are also told they will be doing a great service to their country. They are trained for months. They are told that the public will be exposed to details they will not understand and may even be angry about. See where this is going? In effect, they become unwitting pawns who think they are doing the right thing.

        2. Yes, I agree too! But i think this government “program” is much larger. After all whole families are participating in this “drill”. So they must all be involved in this mind control exercise! I think one group within this drill, that SH was intended to be, has hijacked it and made it something it was not intended to be. The proliferation of donation funds is one indication to this. Some group has taken all the others along for a ride on the wild side, making all participants complicit in a bigger crime than they anticipated. I would guess that group is connected to the Unity Program (the religious cult in SH that James Tracy has written about). It takes cult like following to pull this off!

          The conspiracy is large, but not all all of the conspirators are totally witting conspirators. I can see trauma in the actions and in the eyes of some of the participants. Truthers probably hate me for saying that, cos it is much easier to just hate everyone!

      2. I think connecting Sandy Hook with the Mayan calendar end of days, if that was planned, certainly fizzled.

        1. “certainly”

          I love you, musings, but that adverb is inappropriate. It is Sofia, not I, remember, who posed the question. But I find the question compelling. We can’t, as I always endeavor to do, stand outside this situation and observe. We can’t gain that perspective yet. But it is certainly, to use your word, possible that the operators behind all this have something bigger in mind.

          Did it “fizzle”? How can we know? Perhaps it was right on schedule, and we can’t see it.

          My book is called How the West Was Lost. It’s eight years old now, but more prescient in my always humble opinion than before; in it I postulate that the West ceased to exist at about the 911 event. We are in a new, as yet unrecognized and unnamed civilization, today. If I’m right about that, wouldn’t it be just perfect for the manipulators of our reality to use the Mayan calendar-cliff to trigger new paradigm shifting?

          What I’m saying is that we don’t know what they have in store for us. We need to examine the clues. Sometimes, the clues are dead ends, intentionally set. Sometimes, even those false clues give information we can use.

    2. “The piece did not fit” (the collapse of the buildings). I think we need to hold onto those moments where something is “off” and where something in us is telling us what the situation is, something is adding things up and when we get the “receipt” we know it doesn’t tally. It almost seems like an act of will or discipline to hold onto those insights. When the first building fell after pulverizing outward, although I was in shock, I said to myself “the other one will do the same thing.” Why did I think that? Part of me was saying “because I want it to.” George Carlin pointed this out about how the public reacts to disaster. He says “You want it to be big, don’t you, admit it.” He’s right. So the media delivers us disasters from all around the world to exploit that aggression in us. But so do the movies. With the fall of the third building, which few were directed to watch, the final conclusion is that the whole thing was a movie. Or a big Superbowl-style commercial.

      By the way one of the women from that crazy story about two friends – one on each plane, going to meet at Disneyland – well, her identity was probably put together based on someone who died already. Her alleged “husband” was an old man who runs a public relations firm (or his successors do – he may be in a nursing home) which probably created those heart-warming stories of airline passengers on 9/11. But there I go again – I look at Sandy Hook and I see the New York world of magazine publishing which lives right in the heart of where it happened.
      9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing are not really Hollywood, not entertaining movies. They are ad campaigns. And we have inklings of what each one has been intended to get us to buy – war and disarming ourselves so we cannot effectively protest war, so we are not threat to power. But the products there are selling are duds and the US isn’t stupid enough to keep up the belief system they require. They have “misunderestimated” us.

      1. Agreed. In retrospect, I can’t imagine anyone buying that a plane crashing into a skyscraper would result in a collapse that resembles a planned implosion. That’s rediculous!

        Furthermore, I think we have to acknowledge the internet as the tool that allows us to see through the mass deception. For instance, as you and I communicate on this blog we corroborate and reinforce our perceptions in a way that was not possible several years ago.

      2. I simply call these errors in their plans “continuity errors”.

        Google the term if unfamiliar- it basically means fans / committed individuals like the lapdog media will work very hard to explain away all mistakes and missing pieces. Decades of conditioning through fandom of eg Star Trek has prepared people to do it in real life too.

  9. Excellent compilation, the photographic evidence is startling with the age progressions and photo shop fakery. Come to think of it, it is the only evidence we have. No wonder Dr. Carver is worried this will all come crashing down on the town of Newton. 911 audio is always the first thing played on the tv in live events and almost a year later they are debating if transcripts will be made available. Thank you.

  10. Well done, Sophia. As to the architects of Sandy Hook, what a trippy bunch of weirdos. Dangerous, too.

    What is this “optimal future society” the Sandy Hook engineers wish to usher in? A traumatized population that has no clue which end is up?

    What. to. Do.

    What does one do when one’s country is given a massive mind f#*k? I imagine chronicling one brave person’s effort to find the way forward in a book, “When Robbie Parker Laughed.” I think the way forward is to see the distractions for what they are and get involved in the local and State politics. Live in 3D.

    The 2-D, 4-D, 5-D and 6-D worlds are either amplifications of the 3D world or do not yet exist. Focus on the 3D to bring about the 6D.

    Personally, I think this psychotic need to control everything has its 3D limits. I do not know how these folks think this is going to actually work.

    Yesterday, there were Senate hearings on the US ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. With Sophia noting the expansion of screening for mental health disabilities, this is interesting.

    For warm and fuzzy reasons, our former head of DHS, Tom Ridge, testified in favor of ratification. Sitting right next to him was Richard Thornburgh, attorney general under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, who also testified in favor. Senators Barbara Boxer and others lambasted those voicing concerns about the treaty’s infringement of parent’s rights.

    Under the UNCRPD, when determining the best interest of the disabled child it the government has the final word—not parents.

    Given that the Supreme Court is now weighing whether a UN Treaty takes precedent over the Constitution, the UNCRPD matters. http://www.nationaljournal.com/global-security-newswire/supreme-court-to-hear-case-of-woman-charged-under-chemical-arms-pact-20131104

    Call your Senator and ask them *Not* to ratify the UNCRPD.

    Hang on to your kids and grand kids.

    1. Even though these events seem to indicate a powerful pyramid (and to draw on the unique conditions which allowed the pyramids of Egypt to last for thousands of years), I would submit that there is inherent weakness in the model, as with any fanaticism (think Stalinism or Hitlerism). The 2-D model is NOT the 3-D reality. The map is not the territory.

      Even if one were to posit occult powers operating from the past, “they” do not retain power forever. One might invoke the second law of thermodynamics: entropy means that a system cannot hold onto order. There are no perpetual motion machines.

      These events that we see are recent and cannot be equated perfectly to events in the past, in past systems of power and control. This is a new entity, but like all entities it has weaknesses. In the short term, it could result in events utterly destructive to individuals (people may be killed if they are a part of the structure and they put out “misinformation” as Officer Vance described); but in the long term, these scenarios are cheesy enough to come apart.

      The problem for the perps is that the public (in spite of scare-mongering) is largely indifferent and goes about its business (although the children may come to believe in an alternate reality created by these creeps, because they have nothing to compare it to – never mind, they believed other myths, and those went down). The problem for skeptics or those who unmask these villains is that they are more willing than most to concentrate on the 2-D images they have been given and to refute their reality. Others are content to swallow it whole.

      I believe that I am a skeptic because I initially reacted strongly emotionally against the evil of what I had perceived to have happened (from 9/11 on). I was not seeking relief with the discovery of a hoax, because I can certainly take it that tragedies happen. But I felt angry at first at those who immediately grasped the falsity of it. Only with later clues did I come to see the same picture, much like that grainy photo of a cow it takes a person hours to see from what looks like a blob on a piece of paper. 9/11 took more thought than that. And it is also the case that multiple features of the event – usually the absence of what you would need to be there in a real event – are pointed out by dozens of observers. It is like mapping the heavens – takes lots of eyes.

      1. Good thoughts to consider. Have been contemplating Sophia’s work all day.

        With all the noise in the Media about Edward Snowden, the NSA spying on the Pope, the Obamacare death spiral, and so much more…. you wonder if it all so noisy for a purpose.

        I do think there is a “Wizard of Oz” element to the NSA/DHS items we see in the news. We hear about this omnipotent power and we’re told to fear for our privacy, and the fact our private info is in the government’s hands. Let’s consider that some of this maybe factual and some of it is a psyop to make us paranoid enough to be compliant and behave.

        As Rosanne Barr famously said, “You don’t ask for power, you just take it.”

        Being compliant or running around in a panic, neither is a good choice.

        1. I like what you say about the “man behind the curtain” to which we are to pay no attention. Although NSA may normally be impotent in the face of even “actionable information”, the very arbitrary application of prosecutions – singling out certain ethnic groups or religions – can still result in the State coming down with deadly force (abroad with drone attacks, at home with destruction of reputations or blackmail). It’s been done before. While we know about the witch trials in Massachusetts, the most famous ones, the whole process of accusation, denunciation if you will, trial and execution of innocent people was built into all of religious-based New England society and part of the Reformation (while the Catholic Church had its Inquisition). So many easily proven innocent people were killed over the decades while this prevailed until it finally blew up by “jumping the shark” at Salem. I think a lot of sharks have already been jumped with these ad campaigns, and the real joke is that it seems the NSA never anticipates the “terror” so asks for more powers, more and more. Just another reason to continue our modern version of the witch trials. It serves power.

          The people who made their bones during the witch trials remained high up in society and never lost their mojo for being proved total douchebags. Don’t know what that proves. Perhaps that this process helps people accumulate money and power, taking it away from we the people.

        2. As I recall, the Salem witch trials only ended after somebody accused the governors wife of witchcraft, and the governor finally stepped in and put an to the whole shebang.

        3. Fascinating how long this ruse has been played on the general public. I do think there is potential for a new era of “McCarthyism” where the State charges journalists with treason, and challengers to the State as terrorists. The NSA would be a useful tool it that regard.

          While I believe there are shades of bravado in the stated reach of the NSA in order to freak-out the populace, there are very real attempts to strengthen the data gathering of the State.

          The Common Core curriculum which is being rolled-out nationally features data-gathing on all students. Some parents are fighting back as they are concerned the “inBloom” database containing the medical and personal data of their children is setting them up for a life of being tracked by corporations and the State.



  11. This fine compilation of the wide range of strange evidence is a complete vindication of James Tracy’s early skepticism. It is so weird it’s hard to keep a handle on the whole thing; Sophia has given us a valuable tool to do just that.

    I love this forum. James is very skilled at presenting the questions that need to be asked, and so many of the commenters here add invaluable pieces to the growing puzzle.

  12. On ‘Guns and Butter’ this a.m. a rebroadcast on WBAI NYC (Pacifica Radio) with Bonnie Faulkner. Intervdiew with Michel Chossudovsky on the eventual privatization of the whole American Gov by the banksters.

    MC says due to the bail out in 2008, Wall Street has absorbed trillions of tax money and is using it to manipulate markets and will eventually (by managing derivatives) bankupt the states and the federal government. Then they will buy back our infrastructure at deep discounts. In the meantime, usual government services go unfunded.
    Targeted will be SS, Medicare/Medicaid–all handed over to priivate enterprise. Post office service, national parks, monuments, likewise will be on the chopping block to pay incurred debt. Foreign nationals are also buying in now. Wall Street and War expenditures-our current ‘gross national product’. (See Detroit for model of this engineered debt practice.)


    1. http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/its-back-texas-in-super-highway-deal-with-spain/

      Story in regard to Trans-Texas Corridore superhighway. Deal with Spain to build road and collect tolls along route. Unbelievable sell-off of American infrastructure. But it ties in with Smallstorm’s review of the implications implicit in the Sandy Hook revelations. I call it a give away of the country. We won’t be getting any return, only further enslavement.

      A happy solidarity for ‘harmonizing’ all planetary functions. (snark)

  13. She makes some very interesting points but misses the 800 pound gorilla in the room. She looks into the local reporter tweets and focuses on a 3 hour time difference in the time-date stamp and totally ignores the fact that the reporter’s tweet has the only published picture of the armed SWAT guy caught in the woods. If the incident was faked why do we need a fake SWAT guy with a fake real gun running away from fake police in the fake woods ?


    She also completely ignores the most important point was that the shooter was identified as the son of a kindergarten teacher and never did anyone testify that Adam Lanza was identified as a shooter.

    Recent discovery of a Law Enforcement presentation stating that the shooter did not shoot his way in.


    1. Sandy Hook was a ‘production’ meant to confuse, scatter attention and defy analysis. Badly scripted one at that. No movie is perfect; it will often leave mixed messages. After all, art is a human endeavor and even when Hollywood develops a project, it can misfire on several levels. There is no doubt that SH and BM used camera and acting techniques honed to art by the industry. The perps just have to convince the muddled public of its legitamacy; the media is there to assure the message is pounded home until the fiction sticks.

      How many people do you know who aren’t buying it? I mean outside of the waking blogosphere. That is why even the most ridiculous of scenarios have traction. The ruling caste is not worried. Hitler’s minister of propaganda studied Walt Disney’s cartoons, used to sell our side of the war, for inspiration on thought control. Ponder that for a moment.

      1. Boston is “conditioning central” for all things Marathon-related, generated by sports shows and news programs, a constant drum-beat and all those amputees – my god! It has stolen all the thunder from actual veterans. These people were in accidents or got diabetic complications. But now they are saints. It’s like learning to genuflect in church, and all those stimulus-response things used by religions to bind people together, to take you out of your privacy and make you feel someone is watching you publicly. You are not supposed to be any strong but Boston Strong. I find it very fascist.

  14. That was great. Sophia was able to take many of the pieces of the puzzle and sum them up in a manner that shows her thoughtfulness as well as the logic of her conclusions. She also shows (ahem…Alex Jones) how someone committed to truth maintains credibility with her composure and intelligence shining through in her presentation of evidence that many might not like or be ready to hear.

    I find her talk regarding the dimensions to be extremely interesting. Lately I have been thinking that all of these “events” that we have been seeing serve a greater purpose. I think that in part what we are witnessing can only be described as a mind control experiment inflicted on the masses via the mainstream media. Her comments regarding how these events are shaping our reality and our future have given me a lot to think about in that regard.

    Well done, Sophia! Thanks for sharing this video here, James Tracey.

    1. Correct. There is more tax payer money spent per head in prison than per head in schools. Prison is a better bet against the hedge!

  15. I’ve read often how the Sandy Hook “event” is being used to promote expanded gun control legislation and now as per this video, increased mental health monitoring. While I agree that both of these are likely motives for more societal control, I also suspect that such incidents serve to promote a greater police presence and a more prison like atmosphere in our public schools. Even the architecturul design of modern school buildings that I have seen, appear similar to incaceration facilities. Arguably, limiting the number of windows makes a school more energy efficient and a police presence may truly be intended to keep our children safe, but when is the line crossed and the protected become the prisoners? Our schools are such failures that it seems this failure is surely planned, for how could any system fail so badly at a program that’s been a succesful institution for hundreds of years. I believe that our “future” citizens are being molded, groomed, and even propagandized to accept constant police monitoring in the name of safety. Consider the evidence in the following:http://www.infowars.com/mass-shootings-prompt-millions-for-additional-police-officers-at-schools-nationwide/
    I worry that too many of our children are being funneled into the prison system or stigmatized as mental patients rather than into higher education.
    My thanks to Ms. Smallstorm for this well stated documentary and also to Dr. Trace for posting it here.

    1. Mark Steyn’s weekend column is something everyone here will be happy to have read(http://www.nationalreview.com/article/363531/drift-toward-despotism-mark-steyn/page/0/1). It’s called “The Drift toward Despotism
      Too many of our rulers and their enforcers reflexively see the citizenry as a threat.”

      It’s not about Sandy Hook or Boston; it’s about the crazy-level outrages police are now routinely perpetrating in this country, and how disturbingly lacking is any sense of horror and outrage in the people and a whole. Really scary.

      1. Steyn is good. In this essay he somehow maintains his usual sarcastic manner when you can tell he would rather get brutally honest and seriously call out the people who WRONGLY killed the confused driver.
        But he doesn’t cross the line of utter disrespect, perhaps because he knows better than the average person just who he’s dealing with.

        1. Mark is a strange type in that regard. One of the things he does best, and this piece is an example of it, is stand outside the scene and observe the insanity of it. Which calls out the rest of us, implicitly, for failing to notice the insanity we are swimming in.

          Another thing you touch on here is the grating cautiousness. He’s bold, yet cautious. I find that eternally annoying, but I know that if he spoke like James Tracy, or better yet, me and most of the commenters here, he’d stop being a famous, growing in influence, well paid media personality. He’d be blacklisted.

          I’m always curious about how much people like him really know, and how much they wish to say about it but know to keep mum. How much effort they put into tricking themselves into not believing the truth of the evils they know, but that the system will not allow them to recognize. And also, how much of it is about the money, and how much of it is merely a question of wanting to have a pleasant life–not acquiring the taint of “conspiracy theorist.”

        2. Thanks for invoking that word, “blacklisted”. I think avoiding it is why so many refuse to confront. But it is a historical reality, and we live under a system where people are threatened by it again. Getting the phrase out there again helps understanding of what is going on.

      2. I see those stories of Police apparently abusing their authority. Given that many are outrageous, I do wonder if this is propaganda designed to drive a wedge between the public and our public servants.

        That said, you should look into the “training opportunities” many police departments are taking advantage of by Israeli outfits, many former IDF soliders. Given the attitude the IDF has toward policing Palestinians, I would not think they have much that is worthy to teach US policemen about how to treat Americans.

  16. Commenter Musings had a brilliant insight. Sandy Hook was not a Hollywood movie, it was an ad campaign. What it was selling was a policy of gun control. That was the case of the most historically important of these Homicidal Orwellian Conspiracy Situations (HOCS: pronounced hoax.) The 9/11-anthrax HOCS was an ad campaign, Shocking and Aweing the American people to sell a war against Muslims.

    The Boston Marathon Bombings was selling the need to shut down whole cities. Future HOCS, in my opinion, will sell the need to turn the American power system into a Terrorist state. We are not merely an audience of viewers of these media events, we are intended to be influenced by them to accept the violent policies of American power.

    These HOCS began with the Kennedy Assassination. It was analyzed in the best book of all these HOCS by Jim Douglass in JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE. He puts the murder in historical perspective; a very scary scenario. Oswald was not merely a patsy fingered by the CIA, he was pictured as working with the Soviet and Cuban embassies who were also involved in the assassination. Douglass documents that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the head of the CIA Allen Dulles, wanted not only a first strike nuclear strategy against the Soviet Union, but an actual first strike as well to Win The Cold War.

    The John Kennedy HOCS was an ad campaign for a war that would have resulted in an estimated 200 million plus death list. They had wanted to bomb Soviet missiles in Cuba during the Cuban crisis with nuclear weapons, leading to a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The Kennedy brothers had a hard time fending them off, and arranging a deal with Krushchev that the military, intelligence agencies, Cuban exiles and other Cold Warsters hated.

    Fortunately Lyndon Johnson, who probably, at the least, was aware of the plot, did not want nuclear war now that he was president. So his Warren Commission whited out the Oswald imposters at the Mexican embassies, who supposedly were complicit with the Russians and Cubans, and sent that evidence down the memory hole. The original media slant–Communism Killed Our President– was scrubbed, leaving Oswald without a motive.

    Thus began the Lonely Assassin theme in the media, the killing of notables by killers who were lonely in their childhood. The psycho theme, at least to some extent genuinely induced by the CIA and other homicidal American power organs in some of the Lone Gunmen, is now being run along with gun control as a policy of American power to demonize and stigmatize deviants among the American people. And we are waiting for more homicidal ads.

    1. Thank you. I was in a town shut down during the Marathon lockdown, several miles from Watertown’s theatrical set. My brother came to town with his college-bound son and was staying in Cambridge. They were able to drive on deserted streets – no roadblocks, no patrols. I could have gone out more during the day myself, but I mostly stayed in my yard, marveling at the local docility. My nephew had an interview at a college scheduled, but they would not see him that day. He decided to give Boston a miss, for which I am grateful. It stinks here.

      1. Sophia thought you made some excellent points but failed to address the more significant issues of evidence pointing to multiple assailants. I cannot help but wonder did you not see the apparent picture of the armed SWAT officer that was led out in cuffs ? The picture was in the same series of tweets you alluded to by reporter Libor Jany ? Also are you aware of the postulate that the shooter was identified as Scott Vollmer the son of kindergarten teacher ? The school nurse told two different stories one where she identified the shooter and one where she did not and hid in a closet for 4 hours. The DA continues to conceal nurse Cox’s 911 call which would almost certainly identify the shooter.

        Google Sandy Hook + Kindergarten Teachers Son.

        There were also multiple people fleeing into the woods on helicopter video.

        Multiple black sweat shirts (clergy disguises?) strewn by the car?

        I believe Chris Manfredonia was one of the “two shadows” fleeing toward Crestwood. It is quite possible that he was a participant and that his daughter was in Roig’s class, which coincidentally was spared, despite being the first classroom and unlocked. As you mentioned Manfredonia lived right behind Lanza.

        1. In order to believe that multiple assailants were involved, you’d have to believe that this was a real shooting where real people died. What evidence exists that anyone died that day? The only evidence that we have so far that people died is that officials and parents told us so. In a court of law that evidence would be dismissed as hearsay. It is not hard evidence.

          I think Ms. Smallstorm’s video does a good job of delving into the implausibility of this being a real shooting and the high probability that it was a hoax. I’d like to highlight a few main points. As you may recall, EMT’s were denied access to the building. They were not allowed to even see if their were any survivors nor were they able to even attempt resuscitation as they were denied access. This is not normal protocol in any way shape or form. We were told that the bodies would be left in the building over the weekend and then they were removed under the cover of darkness that same night. Is that typical? Wouldn’t the EMT’s get them out as soon as possible? Does it not strike you as odd that every singe parent was ok with letting their dead children remain in the building, overnight? Wouldn’t you expect at least some of them to raise a fuss over that and not just calmly walk away and go home? Doesn’t it seem odd that all of the parents were perfectly OK with ID’ing their children’s bodies via photographs and that not even one of them demanded to come into contact and ID their child’s body in person? I can see some of them not wanting to face that but some would not only want to, they would need to. The donation page that the Parker family had set up prior to even knowing if their daughter was killed. Who does that?

          As of right now I see more evidence pointing to a hoax then I do a real shooting. There has been anomaly after anomaly, inconsistency after inconsistency and so much secrecy. That said, I have kept an open mind the whole time I have looked into this “shooting”. If evidence is presented that shows that this was a real shooting, I will look at the evidence with an open mind and it won’t be the first time my mind has changed regarding what I think happened that day, based on the evidence at hand.

        2. “Does it not strike you as odd that every singe parent was ok with letting their dead children remain in the building, overnight? Wouldn’t you expect at least some of them to raise a fuss over that and not just calmly walk away and go home? Doesn’t it seem odd that all of the parents were perfectly OK with ID’ing their children’s bodies via photographs and that not even one of them demanded to come into contact and ID their child’s body in person?”

          “Jason” is an obvious prop.

          Everything you say, zem, is obviously true. This “Jason” entity need not be paid attention. No evidence of a crime , much less a mass murder, has ever been presented. Yet we are supposed to act as if the fake event actually happened, and sort through the fake “evidence”? How far we have fallen. That shills like “Jason” can have a hope of being taken seriously is a measure of the sorry state we are in.

        3. I also dont believe there where any deaths , first this would have had to be an operating school , there is no evidence that this was an actual school . where are the 600 children , the 1,200 parents that attended this ‘school’ ? did they dissapear ? NOPE , i dont think they ever exsisted , i dont even think this was a school, no dead babies, no bodies, no ‘shooter’ . there are only TV shows , and we know that there are only 5 media outlets in the U.S and all 5 are thickly engrossed members of the counsel of foreign relations, the CFR/ new world order . everything on the TV is for the agenda , same as sandy hook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i79tMS3JvkY

        4. Parents in that situation would be like wild animals trying to get to their kids. It’s basic instinct. Those people did not lose their children.

          What is chilling about the “Sandy Hook Parents” is that they espouse a narrative of how to cheerfully accept the loss of children killed by violence. Whatever they hope to set in motion by this, I don’t think is intended to be good.

          The shock wave of distress and confusion these liars sent across the Nation was evil. I had never given thought to the serious harm of lying before, but this one was a doozy.

          Karma works faster than they think. May it come fast and hard for them.

        5. In analyzing every available element in this operation from the beginning, I came to the conclusion that no kids died. That wasn’t because I think they’re incapable of it.

          As Sophia points out, this is a “non-evidence” deal. It is what we don’t see that matters. We don’t see blood. There would be blood. We don’t see hysterical parents pushing past cops to get to their kids. We don’t see EMT’s rushing kids to hospitals, even if only to be pronounced dead.

          At all levels and in every important way it “fails the smell test”. They are selling an agenda. The actors are portraying what the results of that agenda are supposed to look like. It is a big “infommercial”.

          We are right to be skeptical about this and similar operations. The laws of physics and human behavior do not get suspended just because a group creates a compelling story. It is the suspension of logic that they’re after.

        6. Jason, in the report from McCarren, she never gives names, just ‘school nurse’ or ‘gunman’ or ‘suspect’s mother.’ That in itself is weird to me that she wouldn’t give names. The Vollmer name MIGHT only be an internet rumor. Do you have a source?

          For the people fleeing into the woods caught on helicopter, Pat Jack has done shadow analysis on this scene and I believe he estimated the time around noon, which would make the video somewhat irrelevant. What is odd is that it would be the second video that MSM has used that did not come from the incident.

          The two shadows, not sure what your talking about. When you listen to dispatch, a cop is on Crestwood and says ‘they’re coming at me.’ And then I believe later they report that suspects have been taken into custody. Further review of the dispatch recording and arrest record would be necessary.

        7. Jason,

          To clarify what Bill means about the guys supposedly fleeing into the woods video… there is a very thorough study done by this follow in which he illustrates through examination and investigation of the shadow angles that the frequently referred to helicopter video had to be shot much later than the alleged school shooting. If you accept his analysis, then you have to question if that action in the woods was also staged.

        8. Yes and no planes hit the towers because they were hijacked by reptilians- keep ignoring the evidence and just spin your wild tin foil hat sci fi theories.

          At least Smallstorm made a coherent case for the hoax theory but she missed many of the pertinent 3 dimensional evidence that points to the real perpetrators. The SWAT officer caught in the woods, Chris Manfredonia, Two Shadows running toward Crestwood, multiple people running into the woods on helicopter video, the House Raided on Philo Curtis Rd, The kindergarten teachers son, the Maroon Colored van, the clergy disguises, the nurse hiding FOR 4 HOURS in a closet- with Halstead- I don’t recall too many allusions to these subjects in her discourse.

          The concealment of the SWAT officer’s identity and the 911 calls being concealed quite obviously validate other evidence.

        9. No one here has ever mentioned Reptilians here to my knowledge but inserting them into your dialogue along with the tired, “tin foil hat” label in an effort to make the “no plane” or “no victim” theories sound crazy is a clever diversion indeed. Clever but oh so very tired. Yawn.

        10. You fail to comprehend that there is NO evidence. That’s the problem! No pictures, no security video from the school, no bodies, no EMTs, no arrests…nothing. If 26 people were killed in a mass shooting blitz, there would be mountains of evidence. Remember the O.J. Simpson trial that involved only two murder victims? There was a mountain of evidence presented, right? You expect us to believe there is none to present for 26 people? Come on………..

        11. zem and Mary say all that needs to be said about this fool’s asinine attempt to keep up the lie–in the last place he could possibly sound convincing–but I think I can add one thing. Everything this shill pretends is “evidence” is stuff any conspiracy would likely throw into the mix. People running, great big dudes standing around in Nun costumes, conspicuous vehicles. Anything to add complexity. I second zem: yawn.

        12. You do realize most people think you are a kooky tin foil hat wearer just for even questioning anything about the official story? So do you get some kind of satisfaction being able to say it yourself for a change as you turn on people you should be allied with or are you just a paid shill?

        13. You are getting a little defensive. What are my tin foil theories? Shadow analysis and dispatch recordings are pieces of evidence used in a courtroom.

          Reading about Scott Vollmer on a blog is not evidence. Seeing people chased on foot from a helicopter is not evidence, especially when it was filmed at a different time than the shooting, and even more ‘especially,’ is that it was spoon fed by the MSM.

          Everyone on this blog wants to know the truth, but some have an easier time filtering through the hearsay.

        14. You’re clearly behind the times if you think the “tin foil hat” label still carries any weight. You might want to send a memo to your superiors to request a new style guide.

          Get a new screen name and try again…

        15. Wondering Aloud is absolutely right…parents in this kind of situation would be utterly out of control. They would scratch and claw at anyone, including law enforcement, to get inside that school and find their child, fueled by adrenalin and driven by hope that their little one will still be breathing and can be rescued and survive. I have two kids and rheumatoid arthritis, but I would take on the Incredible Hulk if he tried to keep me from my kids in a situation like this. Mine are young adults now, but the same warning applies! I have two mini dachshunds that I would fight to the death for, but at Sandy Hook we see parents strolling about like they are at the county fair. I did not see grief or sorrow in any of these families…oh, they tried…like Robbie Parker and failed, but true grief shows in a person’s face and I did not see it in even one.

          I am also glad that Sofia mentioned the oddity that all of the parents look too old to have such young children. If it was just two or three couples, I probably wouldn’t have noticed…but it was all of them, with the possible exception of the Parkers. What? Were all the young crisis actors out of town that day?

          The Sandy Hook charade was a shameless spectacle that was years in the making. Every person that participated in it needs to apologize to the American people; and everyone of them that profited from the donations that were made need to give the money back to the naive people that gave it!

      2. Sofia you missed some key information about the SH (Sandy Hook) children in your video.


        From the ABOUT section:
        “Jill Greenberg explains, “The children I photographed were not harmed in any way. And, as a mother, I am quite aware of how easily toddlers can cry.””

        “”End Times”, a politically charged photography exhibition by internationally acclaimed contemporary photographer Jill Greenberg, has been extended. The new dates are April 22nd through July 8th, 2006.”

        The photographs of the children must have been taken around early 2006 and then stylized afterwards.

        The Sandy Hook children were at the very least models and they were probably actors too. The photographs were taken at least 6 and a half years before SH. Note that in the stylized photographs some of the children have a nearly a full set of teeth. So maybe the children were at least 1 year old. So when the shooting took place the kids would have been around 7.5 years old. The official story was that they were 6 year olds in the first grade.

        Another point, all those families supposedly moved to SH a short time before the shooting, so how did all these exact child models/actors all end up together in SH? A coincidence is not really plausible, but a scripted event yes.

        See this link for comparison of the stylized photographs and the SH children:

        1. You do wonder where all this information will lead to…This video should be shown on TV so that people can grasp the situation..and really think about it..( I know they wouldn’t show it as its too near the truth in my opinion) …Anyone in Dec 2012 who watched the event unfolding in the MSM, and knew something was amiss at the time, will agree with this video. It reinforces to look at the the photo’s of the children, the clothes that could have been from the 1980’s .. the photoshopped pictures and the casual dressing of the parents who are supposed proffesionals, one photo that wasn’t mentioned – a recollection of his life in photos was of him jumping in a puddle.. the reflection was totally wrong..and definatly photo shopped…and finally no real evidence of any shooting taking place. The teachers car with the bullet holes in the car park had rust around them.. ‘old bullet holes? ‘.. nothing makes sense.. V.G. Video and Very well presented.. Thankyou.

        2. The info isn’t getting much traction. I’ve watched a lot of SH hoax videos and this info is in none of them. I just happened to stumble on to one of Timothy Hunter’s videos. I posted the info to a few sites trying to spread the word. The info is the most convincing to me that SH was a hoax (a hoax turned into a fraud/con with all the donations, gun laws passed, …).

          I was thinking about this more. It’s possible those kids were never at SH. They were just videoed or photoshoped in. I assume the kids are still alive and they can keep making fake photos and videos post facto(with an obviously limited time window due to the kids aging) .

          About that car, one of the bullet holes was an exit hole LOL. The car was probably just a confiscated car from some crime used as a prop..

          Oh, I found this video about obscuring/preventing satellite imaging over SH on Dec 14, 2012:

      3. Sophia this is the best synopsis I have found that accumulates much of the available evidence to postulate a coherent comprehensive theory which addresses motive, method and opportunity. I hope you and others take the time to consider the information included.

        I would also point out that pictures of the armed SWAT guy caught at the scene are routinely censored on the Newtown Patch as are many writings critical of the investigation.


      4. I thought the piece by Ms. Smallstorm was analogous to an exquisitely detailed written description of a trip to Sea World that excluded any and all references to the Killer Whale show.

        Yes she made many very interesting and detailed observations. As if describing the penguins and seals and walruses and dolphins and on and on but completely excluding the Killer Whale show.

        All day long we heard about the kindergarten teacher’s son being the shooter just as you hear about the Killer Whale show all day long at Sea World. So why would we not examine in detail the possibility of the kindergarten teacher’s son as a perpetrator ? Especially when we discover he is an associate of Michael Bloomberg?

        If the entire event was faked where did all of the victims go ? Lauren Rouseau worked at Starbucks and was seen there every day by hundreds . So where is she hiding now ? Can anyone come up with a current single living picture of a single victim ? Hochsprung ? Sherlach ? D’Avino? Anybody?

        If the whole episode was faked wouldn’t we have fake 911 calls ready to play ? Fake victims WITH BLOOD? Why hide the 911 calls when fakes would be so much more useful and easy ? Why have suspects at large when the narrative is a lone crazed gunman ? Why the broadcast that it was a teacher’s son when the narrative was Adam Lanza? Why have the AR-15 added to the story at the end why not promote that all day ?

        Focus all of your effort on investigating Scott Vollmer and Bloomberg and you will most likely have the puzzle pieces fit.

        And by the way I do live in Newtown as well. I believe the whole event was intended to replicate Dunblane and replicate the gun confiscation that took place thereafter.

        1. Interesting that every single poster I have seen in recent weeks pushing the Vollmer angle has been from Newtown. I think that Vollmer was very likely to have been a involved in this hoax. Maybe he was a fake shooter in a drill but I really see no evidence that the shooting was real, therefore I don’t think that he was a shooter. I also believe that it would be very easy for “survivors” who have been playing a role to blend back into society very easily post, “shooting”. Look how different actors can look from one role to the next.

        2. Right. And if they were moved there for the role, taking up residence in the community to set up the story, they would today be living wherever they originally came from–or somewhere else.

          The thing about these fake Newtown residents commenting here is how predictable they are. They all demand we deal with fake evidence that could easily have been planted, and anecdotal evidence that amounts to hearsay, but for some reason strictly ignore the complete absence of hard evidence anything actually happened that day. I suppose photos of a room full of blood-drenched walls, and floors littered with hundreds of spent rounds, could be faked. Maybe even surveillance video of the fake nut blasting his way in the front door, too. But we don’t have these things, do we? Why? Because the fakery would be too easy to detect? So they give us nothing, and ask us to believe really poor actors, taking them at their word. Pretending to cry, with no red eyes or tears. Cheerful family members gleefully telling anecdotes about the brave fallen–the same day, and in the first few days. What are we, morons? Evidently, because most people can’t see the laughable when it slaps them in the face. I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and His patience with willful stupidity will not last forever.

          What such crime, by the way, has there ever been, where first responders were not allowed to rush into the murder scene, to attempt to resuscitate the victims? All the dead were supposedly left in the school for 18 hours or so, perhaps crawling over their dead and dying classmates, until they all had expired, and then their tiny corpses were secretly absconded with, Dr. Frankenstein-style, under cover of darkness by the “authorities” we are now expected to take the word of. This is so ridiculous, it’s impossible to believe anyone believes it. Yet these shills and props keep showing up on this web site, pretending to believe the most nonsensical fairy story, ever. LOL.

        3. I was in the Sandy Hook area in the 1990s, pre cellphone, internet, and surviellance state. Yes, it was an operating school complete with teachers, students, janitors, and staff. Chalk Hill was an empty school for two decades. If you research Sandy Hook yearbooks and photos and students, they will all exist and check out. You will find nada on Chalk Hill. So what happened? Well, a janitor simply moved nine black 3 foot high letters that spell out “SANDY HOOK” in the trunk of a small vehicle and replaced them with the nine letters that spell out “CHALK HILL”, leaving the words “ELEMENTARY SCHOOL” in both places the same. This was easy to pull off with actors, a corrupt government and by simply moving nine letters between an open school and a closed school. I rest my case:

      5. I found this:

        Posted by Aaron McLeod , August 08, 2013 at 12:12 PM I would like to express my disappointment that the Newtown Patch is censoring comments critical of the Sandy Hook Elementary School investigation. Now there are more unexplained delays on the final report? The fact is there are serious concerns about the integrity of the investigation because there is compelling and overwhelming evidence of multiple assailants which are not being addressed. One individual was specifically identified as the son of one of the kindergarten teachers which could be corroborated with the release of the 911 calls and witness statements however these are being unduly withheld without explanation. I have discussed the available evidence with high level experienced investigators who are all in agreement that there are serious irregularities.

    1. Hi, I am from Sandy Hook which the mods can verify since my current IP address is only a few towns away. I believe Smallstorm has ascertained the motive accurately. However I do not know anyone who believe that the deaths here were faked. If that were the case some of the “victims” would have surfaced. I also have indirect connections to one victim’s family as well as hospital staff that attended the victims. I understand there is a lack of hard evidence of dead bodies but what evidence was there at VA Tech ?

      There is no doubt that this was a managed event with the intent on banning guns and semi auto firearms, demonizing gun owners.

      Nobody I know or I am aware of any deaths that have been faked.

      A few points:

      1. The Vollmer / Bloomberg connection is the most logical that reconciles, motive, resources and personnel. Scott Vollmer is an affiliate with Bloomberg who was photographed with Clinton and Obama. His mother is a Kindergarten teacher.

      This is also very likely why that all day long the reports said that the “shooter” was the son of a kindergarten teacher. Because he was.

      2. I believe there are substantial resources to divert attention from the evidence pointing to Vollmer/Bloomberg in a disinfo campaign. Such a campaign may very well assert the whole event was a hoax.

      3. It may be possible that some deaths were faked and that some victims were constructed to augment the narrative but I have seen no substantive evidence of this yet. Hence the reason for photo shopped and faked pictures

      4. A lack of evidence is not evidence. If the deaths were faked then it should be easy to get at least one victim to turn up in a current picture.

      5. Yes parents not grieving is strange but they may have all been on Prozac.

      6. Adam Lanza was real and was a patsy. His social security number can be found on the internet and he was verified to selective service records as well as probate records. (you should be able to replicate this yourself)

      7. The nurse claims to have hidden in the closet for 4 hours with Halstead. Why 4 hours ? Because by that time a second suspect was in custody and SWAT was raiding his house on Philo Curtis Rd. Now she could assert that it was not her that identified Scott Vollmer to police. However her 911 call is being concealed. If she knew the shooter it would be on her 911 call.

      8. Secretary Joanne Didonato called out sick that day- if all was faked she would not have needed o do that. She is friends with Janet Vollmer and her daughter is friends with Scott Vollmer. What a coincidence?

      9. No explanation for armed SWAT officer caught in woods. His identity is being concealed.

      10. Chris Manfredonia actions are consistent with that of an assailant. He was fleeing the area when confronted by police on Crestwood. A second individual running with him apparently escaped. His daughter may have been in Roig’s class which was not attacked. He demands more scrutiny. Manfredonia lived right behind Lanza.

      11. A reporter, Tony Aiello, stated that the shooter was allowed in to the school because he was recognized as the son of a colleague. This is consistent with the Vollmer theory.

      12. Lawn maintenance personnel that serviced the Lanza residence could not use the weed whacker by his window because the noise was too disturbing for him. How then could he shoot at a range? I know of nobody that ever saw him shoot at a range or anywhere.

      Other posters have made very good references to analysis of the event.

      Very nice analysis Ms. Smallstorm. I would like your opinion on some of these other observations.

      1. Hi Dee,

        Most of us who have been diligently following and discussing the Sandy Hook event on this forum are well aware of the 12 points you make here. They’re all valid details in the dialogue. But when someone comes along who is “from Sandy Hook” and indicates that he/she has “connections,” you know we are not going to let you off the hook without asking you to please elaborate

        ” I am from Sandy Hook which the mods can verify since my current IP address is only a few towns away…. I also have indirect connections to one victim’s family as well as hospital staff that attended the victims.”

        Dee, what do you mean when you say you “also have indirect connections to one victim’s family?” Which victim is that? What is the relationship of your “connection” to that family? Is your connection able to provide concrete evidence or bear witness to the fact that the “victim” is/was a real person/child?

        What are your “connections” to “hospital staff that attended the victims?” Do you mean doctors? Nurses? techs? Considering that the “official report” (whatever that is) tells us that only one child (who supposedly died) was brought to a hospital, how could this “hospital staff” you refer to attend to “victims?” Please do explain. We’re all ears. Thanks.

      2. Thus far can anyone produce one piece of evidence that Lanza did this ? He was physically incapable of doing what they allege. We have no pictures, no video, no witnesses, no 911 calls, no documentation NOTHING. We do have a picture and report of an armed SWAT guy caught at the scene that the police refuse to explain. We have reports of a school teacher’s son being the shooter. I want Sally Cox’s 911 call which should be very compelling since she reportedly identified the shooter as the teacher’s son and that she knew his mother very well. So most likely this will be on her 911 call,

    2. In Newtown Patch


      Mark I don’t know how much law enforcement experience you have but I can assure you that any prosecutor would be very involved with the scope and progress of the investigation especially one as high profile as this. The fact that Sedensky never listened to the 911 calls is beyond disgraceful incompetence. One witness was told by the 911 dispatcher that they were receiving lots of calls so there should be alot of critical evidence available if somebody had the integrity and competence to look at it. I would think people might be interested in some of the questions raised in the initial post. Like who was the armed SWAT officer caught at the scene hiding in the woods? Who were the personnel fleeing the police on the helicopter video ? Who were the two subjects (shadows) confronted on Crestwood What happened to the purple van surrounded in Danbury ? Who’s house was raided by SWAT on Philo Curtis road and why ? Who got in an argument with the staff on December 13, 2012? Demand the release of the Sally Cox 911 call. She stated to Andrea McCarren that she knew the SHOOTER’s mother. She did not say she knew Nancy Lanza so who did Sally Cox identify as the shooter. Why would Nancy Lanza drive 60 miles away to buy an AR-15? What woman in the world would own a Saiga 12 gage or Glock 10mm? Why would Nancy Lanza have 45 cal ammo at her house? What NRA Instructor signed Adam Lanza’s certificate ? Anyone who has been to a gun range knows that it is nerve wracking even with ear protection. Adam Lanza could not tolerate the noise from the weed whacker at his house so how could he sustain the random high decible racket at a gun range ? How did NBC chief Justice correspondent Pete Williams report that multiple state and federal officials said only handguns were found in the school and no rifle ? How did Pete Williams report that the shooter had an altercation the preceding day ? Is Pete Williams incompetent, lying or did he report the truth ? Tony Aiello reported that the shooter was allowed in the school because he was recognized as the son of a colleague. Eventually all of the witnesses will testify under oath so the truth will be coming out some time. So many question unanswered.

      1. they dont have any 911 calls to release, that is pretty obvious. this was a TV SHOW just like all their other false flags ( san fran ‘plane crash’ -was also a TV SHOW- lax ‘shooting’- TV SHOW – boston ‘bombing’ TV SHOW held at a real event- washington navy yard ‘shootet’ TV SHOW – the list goes on of these made for TV FILMS .
        So before we all ask for 911 calls it would be nice to know if this was even an operating school, which all LACK of evidence points towards sandy hook not even being an operating school. where are the 600 OTHER students which would mena about 1,200 OTHER parents that attended such ‘school’ – there would be personnel of the school, there would be garbage men, maintanence people, cooks, a plethora of TEACHERS ,school supply people,janitors,food delivery etc….. the list goes on that NON OF THESE EXSIST – which would lead the normal person to come to the conclusion that sandy hook just like all the rest of these ‘non events’ was not even an operating school as we lack all of these entities . or did these HUNDREDS of people that witnessed,where involved in the school & all these other ‘events’ get beamed up ?

        1. You are correct in that the school property in question was closed. The geographical location of the school in this movie was at one time called “Chalk Hill Elementary School.” This building was closed in 1997 due to asbestos contamination. How was this movie pulled off? Very, very simple. The 3 foot high letters that spell out Sandy Hook Elementary School were switched from the operating school to the closed school by a lowly paid maintenance worker. Sandy Hook in name has been operational for many years. The school building used as a stage prop has been vacant for 15 plus years. The locations stayed the same, only the name lettering has been changed to pull off this easy switcheroo trick.

        2. By George, I think you have hit the nail on the head John! I have been seeing videos that claim that Sandy Hook Elementary School was the pride and joy of Newtown, because it was such a cutting edge, exemplary school. But from all the pictures I have seen of this alleged school, it looked like a real dump. Plus, it was supposedly located in an area that was high dollar and high class, so the children that attended it would be from wealthier families. That is not what I saw in videos from the alleged event last December. The entire area looked rather shabby and out-dated.

          People continue to say that the entire town would have to be in on this scam to pull it off. I don’t know what it is about Newtown that sends all of my hoax antennae straight up, but it has from day one. I have not seen a single person that is supposedly involved in this incident that comes across as a human being. From the parents to the medical examiner to the police and state officials, they ALL look and act as creepy as heck. I have watched the video of Dr. Carver that was said to have been filmed on December 15th several times. Each time I watch it, I find something else about it that defies logic. Dr. Carver acts like he is either drunk or mentally impaired…and the police that are standing behind him look like they are trying to stifle a laugh. God help us if this is how a coroner and police force act in a real event of this magnitude. Anyone that can watch their behavior in this video and believe what they are hearing and seeing, is dumb beyond measure…there’s no hope for them. Even their newspaper, the Newtown Bee, feels very phony to me. I refuse to believe a single word from anyone that identifies with Newtown/Sandy Hook.

        3. The railroad outage that stranded 125,000 daily trips in CT, most going to NYC caught my eye. The Newstimes was all over it, advising people to stay home, reporting on traffic jams and when sparse service was restored how horrible it was to be crammed in like sardines. The bridge tolls alone to get into Manhatten are crazy. Now the gov is fighting to get the poor folks advanced ticket sales reimbursed as there was no service. The train company is blaming the electric company and vice versa. Not a word of it in the Newtownbee!

  17. Oh, thank you. I have seen someone that looks a lot like you walking at a park, and although we exchange hellos, I don’t know her name.

    I don’t live in California, (or Connecticut) but in a small town also named Newtown.

    I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but what I have watched is very well done. Thank you for the time you have spent putting it together.

  18. Sofia, my hat is off to you…great video, and you do an excellent job in presenting the information! I would love to know if there are other videos you have made.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I am grateful to all of you who are interested and who care. I refer in the Sandy Hook video to the “engineered society” of the future, which is also known as the post-human society … You could watch these two presentations:

      From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Part 1

      From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Part 2

  19. Dear Ms. Smallstorm –

    Thank you for putting the face and voice of reason and logic on this insanity. You broke down the known problems with the Sandy Hook tragedy against a backdrop of history and assessed the current local cultural climate.

    I am concerned that alternative media is now in the crosshairs, especially since Youtube merged with Google+ recently, thus ending a measure of anonymity.

    Your assessment added validity to my suspicion that these children are actually teenagers or young adults. The parents ages, the clothing styles of the children in the photos, and other discoveries tend to bear this theory out. One excellent find is of Kevin, a ringer for Noah Posner – yet much older. Watch the following to see excellent evidence worthy of your lecture .http://youtu.be/Fj-3y4oLUD8

    Thank you again, for being you!

  20. They shut your town down too, Musings? I see how you arrived at your distinction; there is nothing like the horrors of reality to stimulate and concentrate the mind. I wonder how many other towns were shut down.

    That your brother could drive freely in Boston without police harassment on deserted streets means that the people themselves stayed home voluntarily. Apparently when people are afraid, they stay home with their families. This will make it easy to shut down the USA for a while if they want to.

    I live in a boring bourgeois town north of Los Angeles, in Bumfuck, California. When 9/11 occurred, I knew people who canceled vacations costing thousands of dollars to stay home. One acquaintance, a former pilot, canceled a plane trip to the East to stay with his wife “in case anything happened here.” I asked him if he thought that the Terrorists were going to attack us right here in Bumfuck. He hemmed and hawed but the import was that you can’t be too careful. I suppose not.

    When the government is making the people afraid, it stinks everywhere, Musings. And now they can do it with pseudo-murders as well as the real thing. They just killed the journalist Michael Hastings in LA, who was investigating the CIA. His car exploded before it crashed, as videos and witnesses made clear. The police, firemen, and media covered it up, and even one of his journals THE ROLLING STONE was silent. I live three thousand miles away from you, Musings, but things are no different here.

  21. Really, Wondering. That means the town wasn’t totally shut down, that some people were at work. The Boston Marathon bombings was a partial shutdown then. That would make it easier to control a town in an Emergency, all towns.

    Sofia’s video was the first time that I really believed that the main story of Sandy Hook was a hoax. Pseudo mass murder seemed so incredible to me. I still think that there should be more emphasis on the money collected from the public, and where it went. Not that this fraud is worse than the main fraud, but because it might get people to understand and be more involved in the beginnings of the crime that occurred at Sandy Hook. Money crime would seem less bizarre to people.

    1. There is a connection between Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon. At the finish line, in front of the Boston Public Library, bleachers were provided for “Sandy Hook families” and the purpose of the Marathon was split there, to be a memorial. The winners passed through, the normal crowd at the Marathon (including many African supporters of probable champs, at the finish line), a very deep crowd which really would have had hundreds of injuries in a blast – dispersed. I was going out for a walk long after the helicopters had stopped circling Heartbreak Hill near where I live, and at least an hour after the winners were crowned in all events. My husband checked his cell. He said – wow – a bomb just went off at the Marathon. My first thought, as the shadows were lengthening (it was after 3, I think) – was that it must have been something random in a garbage can, because who would be around, who would be the target? I’ve attended so many marathons. Yes, there might be a few friends to cheer the stragglers, some who wanted to support them. But not a deep heavy crowd. This is not a major sporting event where you stay to the end.

      So my first inkling of deceit was that the numbers for injuries were inflated. The impossible story that you would only see amputee injuries to the legs because the bombs exploded low is another whopper. Is that how an explosion goes? All horizontal? No pieces in the eye? Not a single ear ripped off? No pockmarks of shrapnel? It didn’t add up. But what did is the power of the media to hold you with a fake reality, through constant repetition and bald-faced lying, the newsreaders doing “rinse and repeat” – oh, and please contribute to the Boston One Fund. Yes, that’s the multimillion dollar scam.

      There is no good lie here. They will say it is. They will say it is for a good cause. They will say it is the lesser of the evils. But they don’t know what they do.

      Initially, the money poured in. Then the homeless shelters and other charities noticed a drop in what they were getting. The big sucking sound was the fund, managed by the 9/11 fund crowd. The usual suspects.

      Personally, I think the over-reaching has been to tie Sandy Hook to the Marathon. If one falls, the other must. They are intertwined. I do see mobsters involved with the money. Or their consigliere. But I don’t so much care about that aspect. I care about how the public has accepted it uncritically. That is what alarms me. Garbage in, garbage out.

      1. “Personally, I think the over-reaching has been to tie Sandy Hook to the Marathon. If one falls, the other must.”

        I wish it were possible, musings.

        “I care about how the public has accepted it uncritically. That is what alarms me.”

        Me too.

        The mark Steyn column I linked to yesterday continues to haunt me. If we can, as a people, blithely go along with our lives even as we witness the police routinely perform mini-kristallnachts against random citizens, remaining not really interested, well, we’re in a hopeless state. I wanted the people here to read it because it’s not just the huge false flags that indicate the state we’ve descended to. The American people don’t seem to care that even “Officer Friendly” is now a monster.

        I often say that the police were once, by and large, Andy Taylor. They have now transmogrified into Barney Fife–only Barney is now bulked-up, and prone to ‘roid rage. In the first season of that show, Andy had to be away for a few days, and reluctantly left Barney in charge. What could possibly go wrong. When he returned, he found that every resident of Mayberry was crammed into the two small cells in the lockup. Today, most of them would be dead; in today’s market, robocop Barney would have shot dead that old woman for rebuking him, when she went so far beyond the pale as to call him out as a “naughty deputy.”

        Those harmless days are long gone. Alas.

        1. The Steyn piece amounts to the Stanford Prison Experiment, end of story.
          People in control will do whatever they want, because they are justified by their being put in control.
          The cops believed they were justified to look up the man’s butt. The judge signed off on it. The doctor went along with the judge. I hope the lawyer for the probed victim wins the case, but that’s what it will take to get the town or county government to tell its employees, the deputies or the cops, that no, they don’t have the legal authority to order medical exams on a hunch.
          If that lawyer loses the case, then forced anal probes become the accepted law, and it may become more common.
          To me the funniest part (yes, if you really step back, it’s hilarious, straight out of a Monty Python skit) is that the hospital wants to charge the victim $6000.00 for the colonoscopy. I hope the attorney asks the judge if he envisioned the investigation to go all the way to a colonoscopy.
          Make the judge pay the $6000.00.

        2. Thanks for the Andy Griffith Show reference, which was political commentary for sure in an age of police brutality, north and south. He made a movie in 1957, A Face in the Crowd, with Patricia Neal (often shown on TCM), where he plays a bum who is turned by a reporter into a politician, and becomes drunk with power (a la Barney Fife).

  22. Sophia, and all those who have detected earmarks of staging in so many of these “attacks,” have been vindicated at LAX.

    In at least eight interviews, and probably more, Nick Pugh (who specializes in ‘animation within photography’ for his Hollywood company Rhythm and Hues.) describes his experience as a frightened witness and potential suspect in the shooting death of TSA Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez.

    His excitable tenor speaking voice and slight northern accent, are distinctive. He is a dead on match in both voice and appearance, for the witness in New York on the 11th of September who first coined the term “Ground Zero.” He assessed expertly: “The cause of the building collapses was structural failure because the fire was just too intense.”

    There again, one man among thousands, was selected for multiple press interviews. He was unnamed, wearing a black cap, and a Harley Davidson tee shirt. Harley Guy was at LAX.

    1. Picture of a dummy on the cover of New York Daily News recently, purporting to be the injured Ciancia at LAX.

      1. I think they are having fun with the LAX episode. Video of someone pushing a dummy, name of suspect CIAnCIA:)

  23. Maybe the eggshells are beginning to crack. The headline is ‘Newtown cop who responded to Sandy Hook could be fired” Poor guy is totally disabled with PTSD and the union thinks a payout of ten years salary at half pay is the answer – $350,000 and then full retirement. The town says there is no more money and these negotiations are supposed to be done behind closed doors. The first of many to come?

  24. I’ve been looking into the intersection of data gathering, mental health screening, parent’s rights, school security and the implementation of “Common Core” in our nation’s schools.

    The speaker in the video (link below) delves into the people and agencies driving Common Core development and implementation. One prominent group is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). At 31:04 in the video the speaker cites from a UNESCO book, “Toward World Understanding” a book for teachers:

    “As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently **the family that infects the child** with extreme nationalism.”

    Throughout the Sandy Hook narrative there was an emphasis on the “loving teachers.” Now, I like and appreciate teachers… but the Sandy Hook love fest for the teachers was pure programming. Coupled with seeming ease the parents relinquished their children to the authorities in death, there is a message in the Sandy Hook advertisement of distancing parents from their children.

    Over and over gain, I’m finding the school system is a turning up as key to what is happening… it is being used as a wedge between parent and child. Whoever “they” are, a big focus of theirs is the kids.

    1. thank you for posting this video. Common Core is the takeover of our local schools by the federal government. It does tie into Sandy Hook – there is a social studies symposium this month in St. Louis and one of the courses is about collective memory of Sandy Hook. The biometric data gathering noted in the Sandy Hook video is comparable to the Gates financing of biometric data gathering of our kids in the classroom, and a you know, Gates is the financial lead of Common Core.

    2. John Reed, the Acting Superintendent of the Newtown School District recently thanked the districts parents for “their important role in supporting our children.”

      I considered suggesting to my daughter that she gain a degree in a mental health field. Thanks to the ACA and Common Core, there will be unlimited funds, and a massive uptick in patients – especially kids. ‘Rambunctious’ and ‘energetic’ is now ‘borderline sociopath’ and ‘ADD.’ I also suggested she buy pharmaceutical stocks. Someone should benefit from all this lunacy.

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