Obama DOE in $3.2 Million Sandy Hook Payout 318

From USDE Project SERV

On January 6, 2014 the U.S. Department of Education announced it is awarding an additional $1.9 million to Newtown Public School District to help with ongoing recovery efforts following the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

The grant is being made through the Department’s Project School Emergency Response to Violence (SERV) program, which awards Immediate Services and Extended Services grants to school districts, colleges and universities that have experienced a significant traumatic event and need resources to respond, recover, and re-establish safe environments for students. Newtown received its first Project SERV award—a $1.3 million grant—in May 2013. The $1.9 million grant will continue to support the school district as it strives to restore a safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning in its schools.

“We will do whatever we can to continue assisting and supporting the healing and recovery of Newtown,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. “This additional grant will help students, teachers, families, school district and community move forward after such an unimaginable tragedy.”

Newtown’s first $1.3 million Project SERV grant financially supported both the actions taken by the district immediately following the shootings, as well as the district’s comprehensive school-based behavioral and academic recovery program. Those services aimed to meet the needs of students, school staff, parents and family members affected by the tragedy and included support groups for parents, siblings, students and teachers; creative expression and wellness activities; counseling; training for educators and school personnel; and additional support staff.

The $1.9 million grant will go toward additional grief support services for siblings and those who lost their peers; classroom-based psycho-education and skill-building strategies; skill-based interventions for affected students identified as needing assistance for posttraumatic stress reactions, traumatic grief, separation anxiety and other behavioral and functional problems; tutoring for students demonstrating academic decline since the incident; additional security; additional nursing services; and more.

The Department’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students administers the Project SERV grant program. It has awarded more than $34 million through 113 grants, including Newtown’s additional grant, since the program began in 2001.


    • I don’t want to express more cynicism than I have to, but the Common Cause “mission” is about Money in Politics, Elections and Voting, Ethics in Government and Government Accountability. They have been at it since 1970. Good job. Bringing in a Connecticut bureaucrat will fix things.

      Get ready for production of better citizens:
      Miles Rapoport, President, Demos. “We know what it means to get better leaders. But how are we supposed to produce better citizens? That’s the question …”

        • Yes violeta… ha.. that’s us!.. and what is wrong with the citizens now, we think for ourselves, thats the problem, they want to change that – change our language, make us feel bad about saying the wrong word.. or jokes, which are funny, not hurtful to anyone.. but not ‘ politically correct’ .. If we can’t laugh at ourselves now and again its a poor world.. it’s the common man being treated with disrespect as if we didn’t know any better.. Old – Young – middle aged, no matter who you are you are an individual.. Demos and the ‘accountability’ wallys – Cameron being one of them, have a plan and its a shame some of the young people can’t see it happening. Wiping out original thought and not asking questions. Don’t accept the slick words, look beyond them.

    • When I first started reading about Common Purpose it did remind me of communitarianism, which I think Anne and lophatt were talking about earlier, And this site:


      has the word communitarianism in the information about it’s link.

      • Thanks for the Stop CP link and for the other links for reading from everyone else. I had not ever heard of this “Common Purpose” jazz before and it appears to be something I really need to study! Much appreciated!

        • Be aware of anything with the word common or related words. For instance we are now told that we live within communities, not neighborhoods. If Common Purpose is not scary enough, imagine when Common Core is in all schools. Hence the push for all day kindergarten, more time for indoctrination. Poor little ones. In monarchies they have the lower rank of commoners, another words for slaves.

        • Agreed, Anne B. We homeschool and have for years. I was a trustee for a while years ago…pub schools are such a mess. This common core is being rejected in several states…but not enough of them (so far). I agree with the whole “community” crap. How I wish I could go off the grid sometimes :)

  1. I hadn’t heard of Common Purpose, Rich. That’s interesting.

    I was wondering of some of the other crises were pre-shows for Common Purpose, too. I googled Aurora + common purpose, and you do find those exact words being used a LOT.

    • After a quick search, there does seem to be “Common Purpose” talk in the higher levels of our government. I’m not sure it is the same program as in the UK. Over there, they actually recruit people at all levels of government and spend a good deal to send them to a training program. The scary part is that it seems upon completion, the trainees primary loyalty is to the “Common Purpose” program and its goals. It is infiltration of government on a massive scale, and at all levels. The common purpose graduate is to return to his/her position and not just do their job, but do it in a way to influence public policy for the “common purpose” Scary stuff, for sure.

      • I’m sure that as the Common Purpose plan starts out here in the USA, it will of necessity be not so bold, but as it takes hold it will be easier to see who is involved in it. What it is accomplishing will most likely always be undercover. Common Purpose seems to be a euphemism for an evil plan. From the small amount that I’ve read about it, one of the most important parts of the plan is to take away free will through mind control. I think that fits right in with the topic above about Satan and his plan for mankind.

        Also, it seems that Common Purpose is a blending of corporations and government.

      • Yes David Cameron has been plugging away just recently abroad trying to sell the Common Purpose courses.. wanting all minds thinking alike.. I think its a plan worldwide, our police force – NHS- and the councils,with government workers sent on these courses, which through the ‘freedom of info ac’t my son decided to investigate.. turns out a lot of MP’s and council staff have been on them, they cost the taxpayer quite a bit of money, government is involved and they are supposed to be a Charity run organisation… Anyway do we want our police force to act like robots? ‘The UK Column’ an alternative news programme on the internet knows all about common Purpose and how they are supported and the way they want their followers to think.!. Our MP think there is nothing wrong with the Charity and only helps to improve leadership…. Oh Yes……. Newtown.. here it comes…

        • I’m sure it’s the two types of charity we’ve been seeing at Newtown. The government gives GE $15 gazillion, and then GE gives Newtown, oh gee, $15 gazillion. Money laundering. Also, the send your money to Newtown because of what they’ve endured type charity.

          The Common Purpose is very deceptive. It draws people in with the “for the common good” candy coating, and to secure the deal, rewards them with money or empowers them to earn lots of money.

          All one has to do to be involved is be willing to give up their discernment.

          I’m sure there will be a lot more “newtowns” along the way.

        • Perhaps they are the same organization behind the “Common Core” school program being plugged worldwide. Easier to teach the children than the old dogs.

        • They’ve done the same here. It is just more clandestine. These “treaty groups”, the EU, NAFTA, NATP, etc., are just a ruse. They have always taken orders from their masters. They are only now moving it into the light of day.

          When we were discussing Agenda 21 I kept saying that it was but a small part of a much larger whole. The training classes for that, like the ones for “Common Purpose” teach their students that many of these policies must be implemented surreptitiously. Most of the drones think they are doing something “positive” and that they know best what that is.

          These controllers have plans. We hear of Bilderberg, for example, but that is too visible to be a policy meeting. That is there to sort of “adjust” each players agenda for the coming year. They advance these things relentlessly, like a glacier.

          If they encounter too much resistance in one area they simply develop a “work around”. They isolate it and come back to finish it off later.

  2. Anyone heard of a political training organization call Common Purpose in the UK? Maybe Newtown is the new center for its American counterpart.

    • Rich, the more I think about the common purpose theme, the more I think you hit on the bigger picture.

      I think that all the crappy little details that they keep releasing are to keep us busy like little ants down in tunnels so that we don’t figure out the big truly important picture.

    • I was wondering if there might be religious institutions based on the Common Purpose, and found this church which just happens to be have the name Columbine in it and have the words common purpose on it’s link! It will be interesting to see if some sort of “church” shows up in Newtown.

  3. CT is spreading FIVE HUNDRED MILLION around little Sandy Hook, to compensate for business losses. The local laundry mat will get almost a million bucks. Apparently, people lost their enthusiasm for washing their clothes because of all what Adam did. This is a pic of ‘downtown.’

    “Doherty is one of 29 business owners who applied for half of a $500 million state economic grant to help compensate for business losses suffered after the Dec. 14 mass shooting at the nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School. The other half of the grant is to be used for future grants, business marketing or loans to help business growth.”


    • Jeezus, i forgot about that, we really are looking at over a billion dollars. Somebody please afd up all this money and them compare it to other comp funds for massive natural disasters and such. It would be a giant game changer

      • That some serious cash being spread around the businesses…kinda like the BP settlements passed around the Gulf (such as in this area – I’m not in LA or MS…where so many people have collected cash on bogus “harm” complaints – there are real ones, of course, but so many that are bazaar).

        So, the dry cleaning biz was harmed because people don’t need to dry clean after a school shooting? Sorry about that off-hand remark – but tourists typically don’t dry clean, so how was this business harmed?

    • No wonder businesses went south. People coming to town with out-of-state license plates were chased away, even by the ever present Mrs. Llodra herself. Probably why downtown Sandy Hook is deserted. If the chasing continues, all the money in the world won’t help – unless something entirely else is going on.

      Newtown Savings Bank, headed by Lanza neighbor Mr. John Trentacosta, has big plans for a parcel of land they own on Church Hill Road. I’m sure they’ll get their fair share. When all is said and done the laundromats will have gold plated washers and dryers, Llodra will be riding in a gold plated chariot, the fire trucks will be manufactured by Rolls Royce and the world class performing arts center will have no riff raff audience from out of state.

      Public Hearing:
      Applications of Newtown Savings Bank for site development plan, special exception and village district approvals for construction of buildings on property located at 32 Church Hill Road and upgrades to property located at 30 Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT.

      • Hey, don’t forget there were lots of players involved in Sandy Hook production–they need that hush-money–and their friends too–and all the reporters and sources who would otherwise spill the proverbial “beans” on the great hoax production, still a success if it isn’t reported on the mass-corp. “news”-media. Ho ho ho ho

        • After all, Sandy Hook massacre was one of the all-time great productions since Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” in 1938–seriously–these master-pieces don’t come cheap, u know.

        • In Sofia Smallstorm’s interview with Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio she mentions that she’s not sure how the town got the name Newtown, that perhaps they really had some plans for a new sort of town.

          The original European settlers were of British descent and naming their new town Newtowne makes sense. It was later changed to Newtown. Information about Newtown from different sources:

          “This area was known as Pohtatuck. In May 1708, the General Assembly voted that the land on the west side of Stratford or Potatuck River should become the town of Newtowne. In 1711 it was incorporated as the town of Newtown. Town Birth records begin 1820. Marriage records begin 1700s. Death records begin 1700s.”

          “The original name of Newtown was Quanneapague. The history of Newtown really begins in 1708, when 36 men petition the colony’s General Assembly for permission to settle a town in an area north of Stratford. Although at least seven individuals had been given permission to settle in this area before this date, the 36 “petition proprietors” were really the first settlers of Newtown.”

          “Coming primarily from the towns of Stratford and Milford, the men were in their late twenties to late thirties. All were farmers and, being second and third generation immigrants from Britain, were finding the coastal areas cramped. They, therefore, moved to the interior where land was more plentiful and larger farms could be built.”

        • The lawyer who is handling the family’s affairs is a big Sandy Hook guy…(he was working p.t. in an attorney’s office – and I’ll bet they are one in the same). I wonder if Mr. Hoagland ran across some records he was supposed to see. He was supposedly critical of some of the changes going on in the town prior to the event…

        • Beth. Yes, probably one and the same. I checked him out before and his website lists law offices in Bridgeport and Newtown. Mr. Hoagland, we are told, worked part time in the Bridgeport office of a lawyer. The lawyer’s wife is engaged in a plethora of Newtown charities and their historic home on Main Street in Newtown was saved from flames last October. Main Street in Newtown has some beautiful and very old homes, an image they have tried to preserve. Plans for a new towered, state of the art school does not fit in here, not even hidden in the woods.

        • Hi AnneB – Maybe Gaston’s job is to help the family to “rush” his “missing and never to return” status. Maybe that’s part of some deal made. Just bazaar.

      • Anne, what an imagination opening statement….
        “unless something entirely else is going on.”

        This is where my imagination takes me. A NWO town for beaurocrats and business men, complete with huge mansions on the periphery, a beautiful new school, new arts center, etc, etc. Complete with underground tunnels for protection from whatever. Drones, yeah, protection from drones.

        • Yes, a town for “bureaucrats and businessmen”–AND ANYONE ON TAKE FOR GOV. MONEY–a huge and massive Hollywood-like production, truly. EVERYONE HAD TO HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD–or a long hist. of taking orders, instructions, and money fm the gov.

        • Exactly! When “they” build it, “they” will come. And it will be “theirs”!

          That’s no ordinary school they’re going to build. Raise the ground level (was it) 9 ft!!! What are they putting under there?

          And I would bet that’s no ordinary “gas pipeline” running around the school and Yogananda St. development!

          Just conjecture, mind you.

        • Sounds like they needed lots of money for this project of theirs, with a long term plan by the look of it..why would they need a school -when there deosn’t seem to be a huge amount of children wanting places in the area.. I mean have you heard of bulging classes in other schools in the area so this ‘ New ‘ school could take the overload..Something big is happening here.. I don’t know what.. but it sdoest fit.. The money has come through without hiccups, nobody high up seems to question it, a huge amount going into a small community. What business is going to say’ No Thankyou!..’ This scheme is flowing along nicely. So they think.!

        • I’m wondering now if, with the emphasis on tunnels, they are building bomb shelters.

          Someone else commented about being safe from drones when you are underground–and by golly, that would be the case!

          With Denver International Airport, contractors made a network of tunnels that were square in cross-section–built to drive trucks through. They also laid gas lines, and built three-storey buildings, all over the property, then were told these facilities were “put in the wrong place” and instructed to bury them.

        • Maybe it’ll be the new underground government headquarters in the event of a national emergency. Like the old Virginia hotel (The Greenbrier).

          This whole school construction project is just a tad more than outrageous in terms of expense.

        • Poppylavender – You hit the nail on the head… the school board just a short time prior had determined that nothing was needed in terms of school buildings, etc. (other than “maintain”) due to dwindling numbers.

        • Remember then folks: ALL IT TAKES IS MONEY–and what’s the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)?–but literally a COUNTERFEIT scam which prints-up and digitalizes so-called “money” (actually money substitute, “notes,” but which has legal-tender status which people are forced to accept as payment for goods and svcs).

        • Sorry to attach this to your fine statement… but after reading more of today’s posts, I’m convinced we should organize a MemoryHoleBlog convention in Newtown ;)

        • As a concept I agree. What I think we may be seeing is a sort of NWO Center. There will be the “provisional” governments who will be run by the “Center”. So the local psychopaths get to keep their scams.

          The “Centers” will be very exclusive (see Anne’s comments about Liordra above). “We don’t allow eaters in the Imperial city”. Each of these examples we’ve been watching represent aspects of society. Art, religion, politics, education, etc…….

          Once the Central HQ issues marching orders on these aspects the “Center” will make certain that the local political lackeys implement it. Those who don’t pass the “sniff test” will not be “allowed” to support themselves.

          Picture a continent (or several) inhabited by a number of these “Centers”. It’s a bit like the old Soviet Navy having a “political officer” on board. It is quite clear that the politicians and LE in Connecticut are not representing their citizens. They are taking their orders from elsewhere.

    • And that’s only the tip of the Malloy iceberg.

      Not to be outdone by anyone, Newtown with its official population of 28,000 and dwindling student enrollment, has more visions of grandeur. And we thought the Newtown saga had pretty much ended. Nope. They have plans now of building a world class performing arts center. You heard that right. There is plenty of land left at the Fairfield Hills campus next to the high security Garner Correctional Institution. Good spot for their new building. They already have the performers.

      The platinum-selling country music singer will play an “active role in promoting the foundation’s arts programming, supporting its fundraising efforts, and building awareness for the organization’s plans to build a world-class performing arts and education center in Newtown.”

      • I guess they are subscribing to the “If we build it, they will come,” theory. I wonder if in the performing arts center they will be offering crisis acting classes for those interested in performing in government sponsored drills :)

  4. “…she wants to be sure residents understand that those and other pieces are part of a greater plan.”

    They have to pay experts to come up with expert ideas, then pay other experts to ‘influence’ Newtown with all those the expert ideas. Or something like that.

    So -doesn’t look like students or teachers, or probably anyone who was in Sandy Hook on 12/14/12 will be gettin’ any.

  5. Christmas in February:

    The DOJ and an unnamed GE Representative (Errol Cockroach?) are working together to award a 6 MILLION dollar ‘consequence’ grant to Newtown.

    So that’s up to 10 million total from the DOJ, and 50 million from CT for the new school/fortress. Apparently, silence is very expensive.

    If this keeps up, they should put a statue of Adam in the town square.

      • According to first selectwoman Llodra they have a great(er) plan that will extend for 15 years. Read 2029. She may not live long enough to harvest the fruits of her labor:

        “I don’t think the issues will go away after 18 months,” she said. “We actually expect the demand for services to increase during that time, so we want to plan for a sustainable model that will extend for 15 years.”

        The first selectman said that the community has been hearing about “pieces” of several grant initiatives for several months, and she wants to be sure residents understand that those and other pieces are part of a greater plan.

      • ‘A Gift”…$15 ?… where is GE getting this money from?.. Didn’t Peter Lanza work for them..? and still does from what I know.. as Beth Says.. This is Wild Stuff..this sounds like ” shhush’ money.. Can you believe they can pull this whole thing off..

        • Last year, under the leadership of King Cuomo, New York gave GE a $12.5million grant. Then they turned around and gave it to Newtown, apparently, and cut 200 salaried positions in Schenectady, NY. But besides that, check a March 2011 news article (CBS) about Obama appointing CEO Jeffrey Immelt to head one of his advisory boards. GE doesn’t have to pay taxes, basically, so it’s probably a lot of crony favors going on.

        • Boy, does all of this look unconstitutional!

          Public funds being given to private interests all over the place.

        • I agree PoppyLavender – I don’t recall seeing such huge influxes of funds in other types of events. Hey, where’s Boston’s cut? Others? This is some serious cash and I can only imagine that it has strings attached.

  6. Larry,

    I know you are troubled by the way the debate went, but it was a slam dunk for Fetzer. Give the listeners a little credit! Let them evaluate Johnson’s claim that he actually tracked down an unnamed photo subject and called her at her place of business. Keith tried, but did not succeed in debunking the claim that she was connected to Federal Intelligence.

    Whether she is FBI or is not, Keith’s lack of debate preparation, lack of case knowledge in general, and specifically – his unwillingness to provide any specifics as to where she worked or her name et c was far too vague to lend any credence to his claim.

    My impression was that Jim chose to move on and fight other, more significant battles.

    Keith Johnson made a very poor showing in last night’s radio debate. It was obvious that he knew very little about the case, and had put in about an hour of prep time. Jim Fetzer on the other hand, had Keith up against the ropes from his opening statement.

    1. Keith continually shifted the focus to minute trivia, such as his fixation on the Hazmat bio waste. He was worked up about his huge breakthrough – that the regulations are directed by a Federal statute, rather than a CT state regulation. Big deal – he never identified who actually cleaned up the blood.

    2. Keith suggested that it was standard operating procedure for agencies to respond to the horrific shooting of 20 massacred first graders by immediately creating ID cards and issuing lanyards.

    3. Keith became apoplectic, and his radio feed had to be cut. Although Keith claims he actually called one of the locals who was at the school that day, he went on to attack Fetzer, threatening that Jim was lawsuit bait, and even conjectured that crazy conspiracy nuts would shoot someone and it would be all Jim’s fault.

    4. Keith should have been at a tremendous advantage – it’s much easier to prove an event occurred, than that it did not. Yet, he had nothing. He spluttered through an explanation of who can call death, and actually quoted the law requiring resuscitation. Jim’s position, that the children should have been helped by EMT’s and rushed to hospitals, seems so obvious. Yet, Keith was fine with official story which had the pile of bodies left in the school for fourteen hours or more, till they were spirited away under the unseeing noses of thousands of reporters.

    5. Keith was so flustered, he created dead air, and after one such episode asked it anyone was there!

    6. The radio transmission of the plate was made by several people, some who knew how, and one woman that was obviously untrained. Those of us who are paying attention found Fetzer’s radio information very important, especially since he backs it all up with screen shots.

    7. Smallstorm’s contributions are limited to presenting evidence in a scientific and academic style that is highly persuasive to a large segment of those previously believing the official version. What she unraveled, was already unraveled by others. It’s OK. We know who did the digging. But, she is helpful on this, and did not deserve to be called “that Smallstorm creature!”

    I hope there are more debates, and next time I would like Jim to have a team to help him since there is soooooo much evidence.

    • He did identify who cleaned up the blood, and he did do more than an hours research obviously. Im not going to defend this guy, but he obviously won the debate on the points fetzer brought up. It should be a lesson to other researchers. We should be cognizant of lawsuits concerning slander. You cant just wade in willy nilly and make everyone look bad. That sandy hook is fishy is obvious, yes. But if you are going to have an actual debate on it you dont bring up hearsay about the content of phone calls from an anonymous person. We cant make assumptions or determinations on what actually happened, but we can bring up the cover up of evidence, the lack of, and all the unanswered questions. Whether this guy is part of the cover up or honestly believes the official story, he actually did us a service in showing us how to present our argument. We cant just all get behind and fawn over someone like smallstorm, our points have to be backed up, and this guy showed us what a real investigator does in these cases. It is super boring mundane work where you wade through documents, meeting minutes, phone calls, just to find maybe one or two gems. You dont roll in making blanket statement especially conjecture on the behaviour of people.

      • Larry you said ‘ He did identify who cleaned up the blood,’.. who was it and when did they go in? did anybody see them go in? and is there proof of the cleaning, Did he find out all that info.. if he found a document to say a company cleaned the School, was that followed up? ‘ Nothing has come about to say this actually happened. This is a big find if its true, and you would think they would produce this information outright to put their case forward.

    • I thought Fetzer won the debate also. That guy was unprepared and really had no excuse for being so lame.

    • Sandy
      Thank you for the clarification of this debate, imagine it is virtually impossible to find an informed participant on this subject with an opposing view, as Dr. Tracy has clearly demonstrated.

      They have no evidence, here say is not allowed in a court of law. Clearly, the corruption is ramped from the bottom to the very top of our government. They can create records, persons who do not exist, fake news, false reports with thousands of blacked out pages, and actors only allowed speak what they are told.

      Sophia Smallstorm, and the whole Top Ten Reasons team did an amazing job of bringing together important pieces of what is evidence of the corruption and coverup. This is still America, and we have the freedom to make a case on what other evidence is more important in our view, we would love to have that earth shattering proof that a judge would agree with.

      Until then, our goal should be to support everyone’s effort to seek the truth. Divide and conquer is always their mantra.

      • Looks like my comments are being moderated now, so you might not get this, but WE have no evidence either. We only have evidence of a lack of evidence.

        • Larry, that’s not accurate. We have the evidence of the un-maintained building, and a parking lot that was non-compliant with The Americans With Disabilities Act, for decades.

          We have the excellent, repeated, testimony of Gene Rosen, and the even better words of Dr. Frankenstein Carver, who let the dying tots expire, and only absconded with their corpses, Igor-style, in the wee hours.

          We have the clear video and photographic evidence of a complete absence of children.

          We have the video of the cast of Night of the Living Dead mindlessly circling the firehouse, too.

        • I agree with all that, but think we should exercise some caution in pointing to the people “mindlessly circling the firehouse.” I’m not sure that is not the same recording being played over and over in a loop.

        • I agree larry, but could you say no evidence of any body’s being removed from the school is evidence?..how may reporters where staked out all night watching.. and saw nothing.. also the aliases of a lot of the relatives, could that be proven.? Their story has many inconsistancies

        • Yeah, but we have no burden of proof. The officials are required to prove their case, so their lack of evidence (not to mention all the inconsistencies in their story) means they have NOT proven it.

  7. Fetzer just got his ass handed to him. I always thought smallstorm was lame and i told him so. Good thing noone listens to afp.

      • I have always taken this position. Here is a message i posted on jims blog from june 24 where i explain my position. I am far from the only researcher who thinks this. The ones i trust the most have had the same feeling, here it is:
        am i losing my mind or was this 2 hours of nothing? most of this {besides the foia stuff, which was given a very shoddy overview} was covered over 4-5 months ago. jim, please check out my videos at odinrok channel on youtube. i go in depth about the role of ken feinberg (which i would expect you would find interest in jim); the role of the newtown clerks office; the deep connections between players in the fire dept, the clerks office, the selectmen, the newtown bee and the capitol; the long history of bomb threats and intimidation before and after the event; the lack of lawsuits (Vances son is in charge of who can sue the state!); the deep history of corruption in fairfield county(see my newtown dead wives club video); the role of bahai. the real issues are who pronounced the kids dead after minutes of supposedly being shot? why were emts not allowed in the building? why are there no lawsuits from parents whose children were not taken to hospital? instead of dithering over all these little anomalies (we all know its a scam already!) and inconsequential new age blather, how about the fact that the head clerk is bill halsteads fiancee? i have always had the utmost respect for you jim, but to fawn over these people and say that their research is cutting edge is so far from reality. im glad they are doing research and i know im coming off like sour grapes but i think you are one of the only forums for this and this is purely me just wanting this quality information out there. im not the only one, kate slate, royan rosche, qk ultra, ghenghy, all youtubers who know this stuff inside and out. it just frustrated me to hear 2 hours wasted when i was really looking forward to this. on the other hand i thought the woman from oklahoma was great. we can dwell on esoteric symbolism and meaningful colors after the truly investigative work is done. i have the utmost respect for you jim, as ive been studying jfk for 30 years. i would be honored if you wanted to ask me some questions.

        If you want to call me a drama queen, fine. You are right i never get into this internecine fighting, and besides this post i havent called anyone out and i dont intend to start. Going into a debate and bringing up the superbowl or photoshopped pictures (both compelling, dont get me wrong), when there are provable and massive inconsistencies we have been hammering away at all year is just silly. The first rule of this hall of mirrors is dont hitch your wagon to anything but your own instincts. My instincts on smallstorm were always bad. I had high hopes for this debate and i took no joy in fetzer being routed. But if he is going to tout this amazing research crew (in my experience having a phd means zilch) he should have actually researched his claims. He got his ass kicked and was left spluttering, not a good showing for someone who teaches critical thinking. My latest video is on the outlandish claims being made about lanza with zero proof. I also realize fetzer is juggling many different things. I hope he can see fit to opening up to some different researchers being on his show, not this closed circle headed by smallstorm.

    • Praise the Lord! Even hard drives can be risen from the dead! Refuse to read these last new revelations to support their lost cause, lest they might get one more red nickel on this total hoax!

      • This is the body of Bill Ayers with a black man’s head pasted on. Next to him, could it be Barrack Obama’s mother, JOANNE Chesimard??? (Infernal Irony! & Be an American Thinker! LIke Nancy Ruth Owens is – check out all her YouTubes where she puppets Bill Ayers life stories and lets the cat out of the bag about Obama’s BLACK MOTHER!!!)

    • So Adam Lanza was an aspiring pedophile, at 6 ft. 112 lbs? How does that work out? He would have needed cases of ensure, IV fluids and a cane to get around Michael Jackson had 40 lbs. on Adam Lanza and he didn’t get around too well at the end, lol!

    • Larry,

      This last week’s run of incredibly zany press releases, simply reek of desperation. The heavily redacted police report filled with useless and time wasting nonsense was not the final word at all, as they had announced – but instead produced the opposite effect – thrusting this event deeper into hoax territory. Because of the sick, twisted, and convoluted ideology behind this false flag, public interest is still sky high and growing. None of the other staged active shooter events can touch this one for potential damage. The fall out is already destroying the credibility of this administration – especially the DOJ.

      The commission, quite reasonably, wanted the mental health history on Adam. Headlines soon came up with a psychiatrist in New Zealand who had destroyed Adam’s records. When that turned into a joke, ‘Peter’s’ PR spokesman offered up all kinds of cooperation – which amounted to nothing, and did not produce ‘Peter.’ Since they can’t create medical records, they are throwing everything they can at this unworkable script, just to see if something will stick. More and more reader’s are commenting with incredulity – pedophile Smiggles and chimp has completely jumped the shark.

      I used to think the Lanza family was real. I still wonder about Ryan,but I think the rest were all created out of whole cloth.

      • Check out the living on planet z channel on youtube. His most recent videos are all about this. They are fascinating.

        • One by one they are leaving Newtown. Former NHS principal Mr. Dumais is the brother-in-law of Tracey Eastman who’s selling Dawn Hochsprung bracelets together with a cousin of Dawn, a Melanie Buhrmaster-Bunch. A new Intelius search on Peter Lanza shows that he is also known as Peter Buhrmaster and works at GE. This info about his alias did not appear during researches on him in the past.


          NHS principal Charles Dumais has a new position. One comment to the news:

          Tom KJanuary 14, 2014 at 11:57 PM
          I welcome you to your new position. I’m sure you will be an improvement over our previous superintendent. I only have two simple requests: First – PLEASE leave the Newtown/Sandy Hook/Adam Lanza/Gun control agenda in Newtown. Second – don’t expect to get an auditorium, football field, library, or anything else named after you. You are being compensated handsomely to perform a specific job. If you do a good job you will get to keep your job. Maybe we will give you a raise or a bonus. The fact that every time I attend an event at Amity HS I am reminded of our previous superintendent is revolting. Finally, welcome to Amity and good luck with your new position.

        • AnneB – loved that posters’ message to the new superintendent! Thanks for sharing. Will check out the link, too. Thanks!

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