Retired Cop and Educator Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook Investigation 383

By Wolfgang W. Halbig*

The correspondence below was sent by Wolfgang Halbig to Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance and Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe on January 22, 2014. A retired Florida State Trooper, US Customs Inspector, school administrator, security consultant and entrepreneur, Mr. Halbig has independently researched the Sandy Hook Massacre for over one year.

Understanding what procedures are common during such an event, he attempted to consult state and federal law enforcement authorities in charge of the investigation only to be rebuffed. His numerous public records requests with Connecticut officials to obtain materials related to the inquiry have similarly been met with silence. Just prior to the Christmas 2013 holiday Halbig explains how he was threatened by Connecticut State Police via the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Deputies with arrest on felony charges of harassment if he continued to investigate the event.

An audio file is embedded of Halbig’s January 24, 2014 appearance on Prof. Jim Fetzer’s The Real Deal internet radio program.

From: Wolfgang Halbig
To: Vance and Kehoe
January 22, 2014
Subject: Why would one of you send Homicide Detectives to my home and Threaten me with Felony Arrest by CT State Police?

[Lieutenant J. Paul] Vance and [Newtown Police Chief Michael] Kehoe;

I do not know which one you of you had the idea that by having the Lake County, Florida Sheriffs Homicide Detectives show up at my house and threatened me with Felony arrest by the CT State Police if I did not stop asking questions about Sandy Hook Shooting.

You want me to stop asking questions in light of the fact that you both have yet to respond to any of my Connecticut Freedom of Information Act requests for the past 9 months, you both should be arrested for failing to comply with Connecticut State Laws.

I have served honorably in the Military during Vietnam, I served as a Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida. I worked as United States Customs Inspector at both International Airports and Seaports.

I graduated at the top of my class at the Florida Highway Patrol Academy and that is why my class elected me as their class president to speak at our graduation.

Listen to or download Prof. Jim Fetzer’s January 24, 2014 interview with Wolfgang Halbig.


What you two are doing is just unbelievable and I cannot believe that the law enforcement community across the United States is accepting the Danbury State Attorney report without the FBI Classified Investigative information included.What in the world needs to be Classified by the FBI?

  • You stated that there was just one suspect and he shot himself in the classroom.  Is that correct?
  • He shot 20 children and six school staff members.  Is that correct?
  • He fired 153 rounds using both handguns and a .223 Bushmaster rifle as you stated.  Is that correct?
  • He shot his way through the front glass door.  Is that correct?
  • He parked his black Honda civic in the front parent drop off area with all four car doors wide open as Barbara Sibley a parent witness observed.  Is that correct?
  • He left a 12 gauge Ithaca shotgun in the front seat of the black Honda Civic.  Is that correct?
  • He took approximately 11 minutes inside the school to kill 20 children and 6 school staff members.  Is that correct?


  • Why NO Life Star Trauma Helicopter on Dec 14, 2012 since you use them in every active shooter drill when the news media covers your stories.  WHY?
  • Why did you not allow the Paramedics and EMT’S inside the school after 11 minutes?
  • Who was the person who declared all 20 children and six school staff members legally dead?  Who?
  • Why did it take over an hour to transport someone to the hospital?
  • Why do you have a 50 to 60 year old women being transported by ambulance as Natalie Hammond when Natalie Hammond is only 40 years old?  Why pretend?
  • Why have 26 small Christmas trees behind the Sandy Hook Volunteer fire house on Dec 14, 2012 and then decorate them on Dec 15, 2012 after the shooting?  Why?
  • Why have a Lieutenant of the Newtown Police Department with 24 years not leave his off duty job where he is controlling traffic at a construction work site until two hours after the shooting started?  This is the best one of all. Why?
  • Why have a Licensed Registered Nurse who works at Sandy Hook Elementary School that Nancy Lan[z]a the mother of Adam Lan[z]a is a great and wonderful Kindergarten teacher at her school?  Why does she lie on National News?
  • Why have a Police Chief State in the Newspaper article that his Lt. is not a first responder?  Does anyone belief that for one-second especially when you have two Ct State troopers escorting a prisoner to the Danbury courthouse when hearing the active shooter call and respond to Sandy Hook.  Why them and not the Lieutenant?

We have all these great police investigators and NO one questions the actions of December 14, 2012.You both then did a great job and deserve an Oscar at the Oscars in Hollywood. Do not send anymore detectives to my home.Please answer my questions if you can.


Wolfgang W Halbig

*Formerly the Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, Wolfgang Halbig has recently formed a new safety and security company, Children’s Safety Institute. Prior to founding NISWS, Mr. Halbig worked in public education as a teacher, dean, and assistant principal, principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security of the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.

Mr. Halbig also has law enforcement experience as a former Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida, and as a United States Customs Inspector. Given his unique background in both law enforcement and education, Mr. Halbig was invited by the United States Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents and school principals.

He traveled the country by providing presentations and keynotes to a variety of audiences, including the National Education Law Conference, the National School Board Association, the Oklahoma School Board Association, the Illinois School Board Association, the New York State School Board Association and the Florida School Board Association.

A nationally recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, Halbig has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide. He has also been featured on Dateline (NBC) and Good Morning America (ABC). He earned his B.S. from Abilene Christian University, Abilene Texas, and his M.S. from Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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  1. Interesting that I haven’t seen a certain fact mentioned in the article or comments. There were a number of Facebook memorial pages that were created up to three days before the shooting occurred. I can attest to this because I went to those pages and verified their starting dates.

    • Indeed Ricky, the foreknowledge evidence is plentiful….from days to years the planning was in place for the SHE theatre show that aired on December 14, 2012.
      It is heartening to witness the growing comprehension that events of that day include the pre-recorded and event/characters portrayed in the work include the fictitious.

  2. You are on to one of the many major flaws in this staged event Aaron.

    There is no doubt that the handcuffed mystery man is the “running man” in the helicopter video, and there is no way that a takedown in the woods by several officers can not be documented in the field notes of those officers. There is conflicting facts and missing information for sure.

    The “final” report is an obvious and clumsy cover up, with many detectable and provable mistakes.

    One of my favorites mistakes is the conflicting statement that claims
    that it was one of the (unnamed) police officers that actually shot Adam Lanza. This of course is in direct conflict with the official story that has determined that Adam Lanza committed suicide by shooting himself in the “back” of his own head.

    This alone, should be enough to open another investigation into what really happened in the Sandy Hook school that morning.

    The topper of course, is that several news, charity, and computer postings with details of the event, were provably posted on line prior to the event occurring.

    Add to that, all the details of Christmas trees, and check in signs, and crowd controllers/crisis actors with ID tags on sight, and we have all the evidence the courts would ever need to determine fore knowledge of the event by several key players in the public arena, and that a grand conspiracy has been exposed.

    We are indeed, “living in interesting times”!

  3. The older woman was Deb Pisani, kindergarten Educational Assistant in Room 1. There are multiple 911 calls from her included in the report, as well as one released in the earlier batch of calls from landlines at SHS (even though her call was not actually from a landline but was transferred). She was made to wait until after 11:15 a.m. for transport; they couldn’t get a rig to her because the road was blocked. They tried to get a quad through, but it couldn’t get through either. They finally hand-pushed a gurney to her and brought her out to an ambulance. Unknown why they waited until after 11:15 a.m. to decided to retrieve her; my only guess is that they were hoping to clear the road but couldn’t, and eventually gave up.

  4. Thanks for clearing up this issue, Zephyr. I salute this Law Enforcer for continuing to ask questions of CT State police, but he does have a couple of facts wrong.
    Also, Nurse Cox has never said that Nancy Lanza worked as a kindergarten teacher. Those are the words of the reporter, Andrea McCarren, who supposedly interviewed Cox after she came out of the school. McCarren is the one who needs to set the record straight on how she got her information.

  5. The “handcuffed man” observed in the parking lot by those cops cannot be the same man or men we see in the woods in the chopper footage because that chopper footage was taken around noon. Speaking of which, I have yet to come across any documentation in the final report regarding this so-called “chase into the woods”. Who was apprehended? Which cops did the running? How many?

  6. The chase scene in the woods involving several people has been analyzed by Pat Jack. According to his shadow analysis, the woods chase was recorded around noon. This would make this scene largely irrelevant. The main question about this scene is who fed MSM this bogus tape possibly intended to throw us off?

  7. Terry I meant to reply to your post below. The woods chase scene has been analyzed by shadow analysis by YTer Pat Jack. His claim is that the woods chase was around noon. This needs to be confirmed because too many people bring up the chase scene.

  8. The market problems of this past week are making me a little nervous. The Feds cutting back on bond buying coinciding with markets around the world falling…..I can’t say it’s an indicator of something about to happen, but I remember the morning before the Marathon bombing hearing on the radio that the market was down and then a rebirthing of something pertaining to 9/11, I forget what. I heard that on my way to the grocery store and actually did think that something is about to happen; when I turned on the radio on the way home, news of the bombing.

    It might sound strange, but it’s almost as if you can feel the anxiety in the air and the feeling doesn’t go away until the new “drill” happens. There’s little stuff at the Columbia Mall, the school in SC, a “shooting” at a Philadelphia school this past week, and so on and so on.

    Although, have you noticed that people seem to be taking the events for granted now? Oh, another shooting? Pass the peas, please.

  9. Indeed: the word (like fm Peter Schiff, Greg Mannarino, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, and the “Austrians” at is the economy needs a recession (like a drug-addict needs to go cold-turkey), but which isn’t politically expedient, SOOOOOOO the Fed is simply continuing to inflating (legalized COUNTERFEITING) the money supply, which will lead to more price-inflation and eventually HYPER-inflation, as of Weimar Germany of early 20s of last cent. Fed has been doing this “drugging” of economy now for so long, economy is very weak, house of cards which could collapse anytime, though it’s hard to predict exactly how and when, precisely–but we’re running out of rope, for sure.

  10. The thing that seems most related to other events (which were hoaxes) is, because of the “teachable moment” about Chechens (which most Americans had never heard of) the Olympics. I think that within about ten days something big will go down and no Cassandra on earth will be able to stop them from what they want to set in motion. Is there perhaps a satisfaction in knowing that this came as no shock, no stab in the back? Perhaps. I would be very surprised if the powers that be passed up this venue with everyone watching to drive home some new justification for some new war (with Iran, I imagine).

  11. I hate to get sticky about the timeline of the helicopter & the running man Mr. Wicket, but I am quite sure that by the time I look up the exact time for you, someone else will post it as a much earlier event, that involves some of the very first officers to arrive that were “not” in on it.

    The helicopter was rogue, unexpected, and unscripted in the first moments, of the staged event, just like the rare helicopter footage
    of the 9-11plane crash in Shanks Ville Pennsylvania.

    Have you seen it?,

  12. The woods chase is very important. Unless someone proves Pat Jack wrong it stands that the scene was around noon. This would be the second vid clip aired by MSM that was not from the shooting.

  13. Sorry Bill, but I am having some trouble following this.

    Would you be able to provide links to the Pat Jack theory of time that you speak of, & what is “the second vid clip aired by MSM that was not from the shooting”?


  14. Would agree the woods chase came later, maybe even from another day, which would prove further manufacturing of the story. The fact that the school was secured and evacuated and they are later chasing phantom men in the woods is bizarre. Many trolls focused solely on these additional suspects, which led me to believe they are all reading from the same script.

  15. Terry, here’s Pat Jack’s link to woods chase shadow analysis. Pat Jack has done a lot of shadow analysis on Sandy Hook. He puts the chase at around 1 p.m.

    The bogus footage that MSM aired was from St. Rosa of Lima School/Church, maybe only a couple miles from Sandy Hook. I think this is the church where many of the victims’ families had their funerals.

  16. Pat Jack is mistaken for sure Bill.

    Those images of the Running Man were broadcast as “live” in the AM for sure. It is not possible for such an event to not be in the field notes of the officers involved.

    Is it possible for that information to be held in the redacted files? Perhaps, we are all aware of the shortcomings of the final report.

    We need legal advice on how to challenge for access.

    Any suggestions on how to get it?

  17. Terry,

    3 things…

    1. Do you have a link to the “live” broadcast images of the Running Man in the a.m.? If not, why are you so adamant that this was shot in the a.m.?

    2. Even if this were aired in the a.m., how can we be sure it wasn’t taped earlier? On what basis do you dispute the shadow evidence as presented?

    3. On what basis do you form the conclusion that the helicopter was “rogue, unexpected, and unscripted?”


  18. Can I do a shout out for help with finding evidence that supports an AM time line for the Running Man captured in this helicopter video?

    Maestro is of the opinion that “shadow science” indicates a time of 12:58PM for the foot chase through the woods.

    To me, the shadows appear to be long and consistent with a December morning. My memory of the day was that this event was part of the unfolding drama in early breaking news of the event.

  19. I’m not of that opinion. I see that someone has done the work which appears to support the theory. I wondered why you dispute the theory. The proponent of the theory looks to have done some math work to support his claims. I’m open to the idea that he may be mistaken, but I wondered if you could show a flaw in his logic. Apparently it is your opinion that it appears to be morning. That’s fine, so long as we know it is only opinion.

    By the way, I watched the coverage live that day and have no recollection of this being shown in the a.m. I’m not disputing that it was, but clearly our memories can be a little foggy. So I hoped that you had a link to evidence that it was aired that morning, rather than a foggy recollection.

    Like you, I am simply trying to ascertain the truth as best possible. I think we are playing with danger when we casually toss around opinions as facts. Admittedly, there may be points that are common knowledge that I have simply missed. I would rather re-hash and get it right, than make faulty assumptions.

  20. My memory of the event was being very upset that the same few minutes of video of the vehicle clogged, folks mulling around, no emergency lane school kept repeating over and over. No helicopters, and no ambulances was very disturbing to me. All the while they declared the school went from being locked down to evacuated very quickly. The lone gunman shot himself dead and all the children are evacuated. The police chief announced early on, it was a no fly zone. The additional video of the woods and the prospect of multiple shooters came much later, and provided a smokescreen as to why the small folk will never be able to figure this hoax out. Did a quick search on early video on SH and wouldn’t you know they were blacked out!

  21. There are various “clips” from different times interspersed throughout. It was made like a movie. They had previous drills there, and elsewhere. What footage they didn’t have but needed for “realism” they green-screened.

    So, having footage of a chase doesn’t mean it was even related. If it was, they changed the script. My guess is that it was done in another drill. They got back to the cutting room and started “improving” their film.

  22. Mike, your choice of language sounds like the writing style of a government troll. I doubt that you are from the Newtown area as many people who come on here claim to be.

  23. Yes, 2500 can keep quiet, especially if they are paid by the government to do just that. It is public knowledge that the area of Newtown was paid over $50M for this event. Knowing how the government operates and underestimates almost everything, that figure is probably closer to $500M.

  24. How many people work at Area 51? Is there any dispute that it exists? Why don’t the people who work their leak details about what they do?

    When your life, livelihood, and the lives of those you love are on the line, you learn to keep your mouth shut. Of course the stray participant who did leak something would just be considered a crazy conspiracy theorist, right? That is, before running their car into a tree.

  25. The shear numbers involved in any of these staged events and the cover-ups that follow, are of course the most puzzling and disconcerting problem we have to deal with Mike.

    What is the common denominator for so many dedicated activists?

    Are they all CIA/Globalist plants? Satanists? Mind controlling space aliens or Eastern Star/Freemasons?It is hard to know for sure right now, but it is not hard to know for sure that that there must be an explanation just waiting to be exposed.

    The actual number of players, I believe, will ultimately prove to be much smaller than your high number guestimates though.

    Not everyone in the MSM needs to be involved, but the managing editors and assignment editors must be. Journalists are mercenaries by nature. They cover what they are told to cover. They tell it the way they are told to tell it,, and they do it for the money.

    The same would be generally true for the police. Only the ones that actually entered the school would have to be involved. The ones that were assigned to guard the school etc. could be innocent, but the officers in charge of assigning them to their positions would not be.

    The fact that several role players can be documented at more than one event indicates to me that the actual list of reliable activists at their disposal is smaller than could be imagined.

  26. Transparent troll, using textbook approaches and cliched responses. We’ve seen your ilk countless times. Run along.

  27. This isn’t a game, Mike. It isn’t a lonely hearts club. It’s an alternative to what you seem to regard as “normal” so why are you here? Evidently your attitude proclaims you someone paid to show up and shoot down truth as it emerges.

  28. Wolfgang, you have written a fantastic letter of inquiry to the officials and you are doing a great job. The only reason that they paid you a visit is because they are afraid of you and they fear the truth.

  29. We are all here to share information ((including trolls) Mike, and I appreciate knowing that there is documentation to support yours.

    Most of us are here looking for answers to questions, and to share the truth as we discover it.

    The fact that there were exactly 26 trees behind the Fire Station, and no verification of any visibly posted tree sale signs there, leaves many of us justifiably skeptical.

    I have a long list of anomalies that indicate foreknowledge by the perpetrators of this staged event. This one will remain on my list for now, with an asterisk.

    Perhaps you would be able to track down the paper trail for the 20 small white coffins that were donated, just in case?

    Can you shed any light on to the exact time of the Running Man footage for us?

    How about any of the on line news and charity pages including the United Way, that predate the event itself?

    Do you have any theories about how the 400+ other students in the school that day, could have totally escaped visual coverage if they were actually there? Where were the busses that would normally take them home stationed?

    How could the President of the United States himself be seen with a child that is claimed to be one of the victims without explanation, or MSM investigation?!!!

    We were all burned by the injustice of the 9-11 cover up not being properly investigated or exposed (yet), and I am (desperately) hoping that events like this one, and Aurora, and the Boston Bombings, will represent the tipping point for the proper exposure of the real “Bad Guys” in positions of power. (That day must come!)

    All I really want is the truth.

  30. Mike, I’m confused as to what you’re doing here. I recall a comment you made on a different thread a week or so ago, in which you remarked on how absurd it was that the media was saying Adam Lanza called that radio show. You compared that phone call to the Boston boat note–I remember because I agreed with you and commented to tell you that. You seemed to be of the opinion that the SHE event was staged, so why is it that you’re now trying to steer people from that line of thinking in the form of flawed arguments, speculation and insults? Unless that poster was someone else by the name of Mike? In any case, your latest string of comments are clearly indicative of trolling, which makes it impossible to take you seriously.

    Also, I don’t recall you ever explaining how it is that you can claim to know so many details about the current activities of Newtown, CT when it’s been established that you are not even in the United States.

  31. Example right here. We have Lara Spencer, the HGTV “Flea Market Flip” star doing a most important interview at Sandy Hook. She interviews the lying pastor who says – with a grin -

    “A little girl came out covuuud in blood from head to toe. She said to her mer mother “I’m okay but all my friends are dead.”

    Really? Really now?

    We never heard anything more about this, likely because they realized how absurd this little interview was.

    Do we think Lara spencer knew she was involved in a hoax? Or did she think she was conducting a real interview? It’s hard to tell. She also seems strangely unmoved. She is a mother with young children, but talks to him like she’s on her decorating show. Just another day. Is she that dumb or just highly paid off?

    Lara Spencer conducting important eye witness interview:

    Lara Spencer on her HGTV show:

  32. Whether or not someone knew that the story was a hoax, I saw a moment tonight in the part of the State of the Union where my sense about what this propaganda event was about was confirmed, in the context in which Obama spoke. He thinks that too many people are being taken from us by gun violence. Hey, yeah, they are. Can we all agree with that proposition? Perfectly fine individuals are cut down in the prime of life. A big percentage of them are people of color, and the black community is especially hard hit.

    I really believe that this President, who gets such poor support from Congress, wants to have a legacy from his presidency and believes, as the people who pushed through Prohibition and banned liquor, that some moral stand can be made and all the gun violence ended if we just banned guns like they do in countries very different from ours in terms of size, history, class structure and constitution (ours is written, Britain’s isn’t for instance).

    I truly believe that some people looking to make a buck out of this have gone to the Executive and sold their “device” as a means of ridding the country of the scourge of gun violence. The drill-become-real, and known as false by many, is seen as a kind of philanthropic act. That’s why so many, even if they know, play along. Others are in it for the government money.

    I basically take the attitude that cheaters never prosper. I’d love for there to be less gun violence but as the Prohibition Era taught us, whatever is forbidden becomes more desirable, and crime flourishes whenever something is banned. I also do not like to be taken for an idiot and I resent the cheap theatrics which mock real tragedy. I consider it blasphemous when priests and ministers take part in this, instead of tending to the real vocation of comforting those truly afflicted. God knows, there are plenty of those.

    I refuse to consider the SHES event as unalloyed evil, but it leads to it. O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. And frankly, it didn’t change anyone’s minds.

  33. I suspect that you give this President too much credit by assigning honorable intentions to his actions. Eliminating guns is not about safety or loss of life, but control. He is a relatively young man. He’s interested in power today more than legacy.

  34. Kidding about what? No, I don’t think he has noble intentions of saving lives and cementing his legacy with his policies. I think he has a lust for power and not much else. Did I misspeak?

  35. As to Obongo and his “speechifyin’, he does what his owners tell him to do, period. He doesn’t have an original thought in his head and wouldn’t defy his bosses if his life depended on it (and it does).

    That goes for the rest of the parasites as well. We have reached a point in the script where its time to disarm the eaters. That’s all. It isn’t about “crime”, it’s about parasite safety.

    This drill is about mind control (and parasite safety). We are having all these phony shootings all over the place because they need a vehicle to confiscate all the weapons and usher in total militarized control.

    At the moment it is very “unsubtle”. There is a play act going on between the parasites in D.C. and the MSM. It is designed to sell the idea that there is a government that is somehow responsive and interested. There isn’t.

    Everyone would do well to turn off the TEE VEE and think things through. Those who are hypnotized by the thing are incapable of seeing the most obvious garbage. Those are the ones who look at the SHES fiasco and go “whaaat?”. Those are Obongo’s audience. Never forget, they don’t work for us.

  36. Shouldn’t there be a story in the Newtown Bee of trees being delivered for the 2012 Christmas season? Has anyone come across any stories or pics? Judging from other years, this delivery should have come right at the end of November or beginning of December.

  37. “All I really want is the truth”
    and to misdirect and troll. I can’t wait for the day you join the likes of carl, and bitram and now mike. this blog has more trolls than 911 sites or stories dealing with fluoride.

  38. The current case is that you and your current buddy decided there was a Christmas tree sale in 2012 at the firehouse, [and previous years] and the evidence proved there was not. None the less, you gave credit when none was do, there was no sale and you ship has sailed!

  39. Relying on the Sandy Hook Fire Department website and the Bee there are Christmas tree sale photos from 2010, 2011 and 2013. None in 2012 unless they were scrubbed.

    The fire department’s own website seem to have an affinity for photos of various years lobster fests. The Ladies Auxiliary is the driving force behind the department’s spring flower sale.

  40. That is one tactic that trolls and shills sometimes use… they pretend to be in alignment with a group, and gain some trust. Then they begin to oppose points. Not sure if that’s what Mike is doing, but I’ve seen that many times before.

  41. There are many ways to keep people quiet. They can “select” key players from those who are already compromised in some way.

    They can lean on drill participants to say “you signed a confidentiality agreement” or something and threaten them.

    They can pull the “Men In Black” routine and pay them a visit. You know, ask about the kids. Mention where they go to school, etc..

    If I had to guess (and I do!) I would think this would take well less than a 1,000 with some degree of real knowledge. There are probably others with questions, but are easily intimidated.

    Your choices being something like cash or some other enticement versus “getting depreessed”, most wouldn’t take too long to decide.

  42. Can we talk fishandroaches?

    Are you really calling me out as a troll? That’s interesting.

    Man, I am an specialist in all things “conspiracy” throughout history.

    Would you mind being just a little more specific about what it is that I have said that you disagree with so strongly, that you have pulled yourself away from the State Of The Union, just to what? Insult me? Really?

    Don’t hold back fishandroaches, I can handle the “truth”….. from you.

  43. The Newtown Bee….buzzing about pollinating and fertilizing….the theatrical publicist. A leader in faith based reporting. Thanks Lophatt and AnneB

  44. Are you kidding Maestro?

    I lost all respect for Obama after his first year in office.

    His failure to close Guantanamo as promised, combined with his defence of the Extraordinary Rendition & Torture programs marks him as just another Globalist puppet in a long line of Globalist puppets.

    The drone assassinations and NSA spying on the entire planet marks him as worse than Bush (both of them) in my eyes.

    Ron Paul is my hero!

  45. If they do build it, I’d bet good money that the school would be a small part of the facility. The school would be a front for something very secret, likely mostly underground..

  46. Same techniques used in Boston. That’s why we see the giant monitor attached to the building in one scene. Then in another scene which is supposed to be only a few minutes later (people still lying on the ground in the same positions), we see the monitor has been taken down off the building! This is a major undertaking… not something that be done seconds after a terror attack!

    This is also why we see the benches still intact after the blast on the veranda. Then moments later they are all smashed up in pictures. Someone smashed them for effect to get better images of destruction. But these directors are so slip-shod, that they also released the pics showing the intact benches. Oops.

  47. That’s a very good point. With Fairfield Hills disintegrating, they need a new “center” for future psyops. Why not take it underground? They’ve already got a head start on the tunnel system.

    They expect continuing lower enrollment. That makes sense. Why build a new elementary school? Why, with the huge firehouse, the “emergency center”, and all the other federally funded “security” operations around there, it’s perfect. Their own little Tavistock.

  48. This reminds me of the new jail in Denver, which was the subject of a crooked bond election a few years ago. The projected cost was $300 million, which I found staggering. I could understand $30 million for a jail, maybe, but $300 million?

    It is built now and there are tunnels there, as well. I did an open records request a few years ago asking for the blueprints, and the city just blew me off.

  49. Dino, yeah, I hear ya’. There have always been incidents where secret agendas were hidden in public funded projects. The difference now is that they act like we have no right to know what they’re up to. They are always pushing the envelope and hoping that nobody screams.

    I ran across a clip this morning of a Judiciary Committee meeting with Holder. They were questioning him about the propriety of Executive Orders. He started spewing some nonsense about Obongo “wishing” to work with Congress…….but doing what he thought necessary, etc..

    Think about that a minute. The subject was the constitutionality of spying without a warrant and ruling through executive decree. He did the whole thing with a straight face as if the President always had the right to legislate from the Oval Office. Not only that, but it was his decision, EXCLUSIVELY whether he wanted to have Congress (ha!) actually pass laws.

    Instead of bringing charges they ask him to cooperate. I thought we got away from that when we cut ties to the monarchy. From the look of it Congress is only too happy to abdicate their responsibilities and the public seems perfectly alright with it.

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