Sandy Hook: Free Homes and “Big Bucks” Incentives for Leaders and Players 359

By James H. Fetzer (with Wolfgang Halbig)

BREAKING NEWS! New Revelations expose the apparently corrupt motives of Newtown authorities and participants in the staged events at Sandy Hook, including free homes and a cut of $27 million (USD) in donations from a sympathetic but gullible public played for saps through the cynical manipulation of their subconscious fears.


New research on Sandy Hook reveals powerful financial incentives that appear to implicate the highest officials of Newtown in a conspiracy to fabricate the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, which extends to survivors of the “victims” and other participants who played key roles in conveying the impression of a massacre of children at Sandy Hook.

In addition, a new player, Wolfgang Halbig, has emerged who by background, experience and qualifications–as a former Florida State Trooper, former school principal and nationally recognized expert on school safety–has brought a new level of expertise to sorting out the illusion, where he is convinced it was a sham and that no one died at Sandy Hook.

These incentives include real estate transactions, whereby valuable homes were deeded to Newtown’s three Selectmen and to other participants for the sale price of $0 dollars on 25 December 2009, which may be the only real estate transactions on Christmas in the nation day, where they constituted very special and high-value-at-no-cost “Christmas presents”. The “survivors” have already raked in $27 million in donations to split. And now we have a new report that 200 Connecticut State Police are going to be rewarded for essentially “doing nothing”.

This information is so extraordinary that, as a journalist for Veterans Today, I have written to Newtown’s Selectmen, Patricia Llorda, William F.L. Rogers and James Gaston, Sr., to either confirm or deny that they were among the recipients of these extraordinary gifts. I am awaiting their replies. And, for the rest, in their eagerness to cash in on the hoax, they seem to have posted a United Way donation request 3 days early.

Who is Wolfgang Halbig?

A former Florida State Trooper, who spent 36 years as a school administrator (including as assistant principal and principal) and a nationally recognized authority on school safety (who also served as an expert witness in the Columbine shooting case), has an impressive biographical sketch, which I am providing here. He is by far the most highly qualified expert to address the questions raised by the Sandy Hook “event”:

The exceptional interview by Dave Gahary with Wolfgang Halbig has been posted on the America Free Press YouTube channel, where it has been drawing rave reviews and, as they say, has “gone viral”, perhaps especially because he has been threatened with prosecution for raising questions with Connecticut state officials. How could anyone of his credentials be threatened simply for asking questions about Sandy Hook?

David Gahary interviews Wolfgang Halbig

To listen to the interview of Wolfgang Halbig by David Gahary, click
Wolfgang on YouTube here

The fascinating questions that Wolfgang has raised include, “Why were 26 small Christmas Trees behind the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department on 14 December 2012 and decorated on 15 December 2012?” They do not have, say, 60 or 100 trees because, if they did, it would be obvious that they would be having a Christmas tree sale. But instead we see that they have just 26 small trees all by themselves. That would seem to suggest there was a plan to have 26 “victims” whose deaths were to be observed, but before the event to be commemorated had taken place.

As he wrote of the Sandy Hook Research Group and others, “There are so many of you who have dedicated so much time and effort in seeking the truth which the CT State Police and the Danbury State Attorney refuses to share reminds me of Nazi Germany and East Berlin were many of my family members lived and died. My father spend four years in a Nazi prison camp so I know personally that if you or we ever stop asking questions and stop challenging those in power we the people are no longer free and will no longer be safe.”

Letter to the Newtown Selectmen

It was astonishing to discover that very unusual real estate transactions had taken place on 25 December 2009, where the homes of 15 of the 20 Sandy Hook child victims, 1-2 of the 7 adult victims, and all 6 of the Sandy Hook adult non-victims (the Phelps, Gene Rosen, the three Selectmen) have the mysterious sale date of Christmas Day and $0 sale price. Although not gifted on that same date, even the home of Nancy Lanza, the purported mother of the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, was bestowed upon her for $0 on 8 February 2011:

Nancy Lanza's home

Nancy Lanza’s home

Altogether, some 35 homes were “gifted” for $0, where the data base for home sales is a matter of public record. These stunning transactions are so extraordinary and potentially explanatory that they are even being featured on YouTube, where I expect that they will now begin to receive the attention they deserve. I decided to write to the three Selectmen of Newtown, all of whom were recipients of this remarkable largess, for their verification. I had originally sent my inquiry to the members of the School Board, but noticed my mistake and corrected it:

From:James Fetzer
Date: Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 1:17 PM
Subject: The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes
To: Patricia Llorda, William F.L. Rogers and James Gaston, Sr.
Cc: wolfgang halbig

Dear Newtown Selectmen,

This is to forward to you a message intended for you as well as the members of the Newtown School Board, since all of you have an interest in accurate and truthful reporting about Sandy Hook and such events as may have transpired at the elementary school.

I was struck by the recent article in which Selectman Llodra complimented the national press for its “respectful professionalism” in covering the observance of those events. Since I want to make sure I have my facts straight about a story that involves the three of you, I would appreciate having your comments on the article that I have just forwarded to the members of the School Board.

Thanks for a prompt response.


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: James Fetzer
Date: Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 1:17 PM
Subject: The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes
To: Debbie Leidlein, Laura Roche, Keith Alexander, John Vouros, David Freedman, Michelle Embree Ku, Kathy Hamilton
Cc: wolfgang halbig

Dear Newtown School Board Members,

While we are on the subject, I would like to invite your attention to an extremely disturbing article,

“The Strange Purchase Date and Price of Sandy Hook Homes”,

which I hope you can clarify for me because, as a journalist, I want to make sure I have things right. It lists some highly unusual real estate transactions on Christman Day of 2009, including these:

20. E. (Elin) Patricia Llodra, 70:

Llodra is the First Selectman and head of Newtown’s 3-member Board of Selectmen who supervise the administration of the town. Like the other two board members (#21 and #22 below), Llodra was elected to a 2-year term (12/1/2011 to 12/1/2013), which means the three were in charge of Newtown at the time of the Sandy Hook massacre. All three were recently reelected to another 2-year term (12/1/2013 to 12/1/2015).

A year ago, when I looked up Ellin P. Llodra on people search engines, her address was listed as 90 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.

VGS a year ago and today says Owner of Record: Robert M. & Ellin P. Llodra Ownership history: Sold to Robert M. & Ellin P. Llodra on 12/25/2009 for $0. Trulia has no price history on this property.

But when I look up Ellin Llodra on people search today, her address is listed as 3 Primrose St., Newtown, CT 06470, which is the address of the Newtown Municipal Center, and is owned by the Town of Newtown, with a sale date of12/25/2009 and a sale price of $0.

21. William Rodgers (2nd member of Newtown’s Board of Selectmen):

208 Hattertown Rd, Newtown, CT 06470 VGS says Owners: William & Moira Rodgers Ownership history: Sold to William & Moira Rodgers on 12/25/2009 for $0 Trulia’s price history: 4/22/1992 $362,000

22. James Gaston Sr. (3rd member of Newtown’s Board of Selectmen):

18 Main St., Newtown, CT 06470 VGS says Owner: Stephanie A. Gaston Ownership history: Sold to Stephanie A. Gaston on 12/25/2009 for $0 Trulia’s price history: 10/2/1992 $262,500

Frankly, I have never heard of anyone completing a real estate transaction on Christmas Day. The author summarizes his conclusions about these very strange transactions as follows:

“The homes of 15 of the 20 Sandy Hook child victims, 1-2 of the 7 adult victims, and all 6 of the Sandy Hook adult non-victims (the Phelps, Gene Rosen, the three Selectmen) have the mysterious sale date and $0 sale price.

“At the very least, that is interesting. The three Selectmen are especially interesting because if the hypothesis is that the massacre was a contrived event, then Newtown’s highest governing body would have to be “in the know.”

“Your guess is as good as mine as to what all those strange 12/25/2009 sale dates and $0 sale price mean. I’d appreciate input from readers of this blog who are in the real estate business and can shed some light of what the odd sale date and sale price mean.”

Since I am providing you with a link to this stunning article, whose contents you can confirm for yourselves, I would like to know if its author has anything wrong; and if his research is accurate, what in the world is going on? Homes in your area are extremely expensive. Why were you, the three selectmen, for example, deeded homes for $0 on 25 December 2009? Please do explain.

I will be publishing more articles about this and I want to make sure that I have my facts straight.

Thanks for a prompt response.


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth

P.S. An interview with Wolfgang Halbig is now up on YouTube. You don’t want to miss it:

Newtown official thanks media for covering Sandy Hook

Letter to the Newtown School Board

Learning that all three of the Newtown Selectmen, including Patricia Llodra, had received homes for $0 dollars shed light on the whole bizarre Sandy Hook experience, where it became obvious in retrospect that her expression of appreciation to the main stream media for their “respectful professionalism” in covering the observance was really an expression of appreciation for covering up what had actually happened. When Wolfgang wrote to the School Board, therefore, I sent my own follow up:

On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 9:23 AM, James Fetzer < wrote:

Dear Newtown School Board Members,

As a former Marine Corps officer, retired university professor and especially as a journalist for Veterans Today, who has published several articles about the Sandy Hook event, I would like to have your response to what Wolfgang Halbig has addressed to you. Wolf is a former Florida State Trooper, a former school principal and a nationally recognized expert on school safety. Are you going to respond to his inquiries or will you pretend you never received them?

There are multiple indications that you, the Newtown School Board, have been participating in a cover up of what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As we have observed in “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax” (with Vivian Lee, Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy and other members of the Sandy Hook Research Group), the evidence is simply overwhelming that what happened was a carefully staged drill and not an actual shooting.

The questions that Wolfgang has raised are important ones, especially about the event itself but also about the building, which have been reported in articles that have appeared in the press, including “Widespread Haz-Mat Presence Would Have Hampered Sandy Hook Renovations” by John Voket (2 December 2013), which appeared in The Newtown Bee. And of course First Selectman Pat Llorda has been quoted thanking the press for its coverage of the Newtown event.

The questions that Wolfgang has raised about Sandy Hook Elementary School are obvious and elementary. As a journalist who has published and will continue to publish about this event, I want to be sure that I have my facts straight. So be sure to include me in your response to Wolfgang. And if you were not participating in a massive hoax to mislead the American people, inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks for a prompt response.


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 07:38:20 -0500
To: Debbie Leidlein, Laura Roche, Keith Alexander, John Vouros, David Freedman, Michelle Embree Ku, Kathy Hamilton
Subject: Follow the CT Laws on the Ct Freedom of Information Act and please return phone calls

School Board Chairman and Board Members:

I have spend a lifetime as a Florida State Trooper In Miami, Florida from 1974 through 1977 and then realizing that I’m in the wrong profession.

When you work as a Law Enforcement Officer in Miami, Florida it seems as a lifetime even if it is only 3 years or less.

I was putting people in Jail instead of trying to prevent them from going to jail.

So I became a School Administrator for 36 school years.

I became a National School Safety Consultant after retiring form Education in 1999.

I was appointed by former Gov. Jeb Bush to the Florida Safe Schools Commission and confirmed by the Florida Senate.

I am asking you the Board Members to help me in getting your school superintendent to repsond to my Ct Freedom of Information Requests in a timely manner.

Your Facility Director does not even return phone calls after leaving a polite message.

My requests are simple requests and will not place your school district in any danger whatsoever.

I was an Expert witness in the Columbine shooting in 1999 and it causes me to ask the same questions.

I was in the Media Center three days after the shooting and I personally observed the horrific crime scene and I got to see it after they renovated the Media Center for School use again.

The incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School has caused nothing but panic and fear throughout all schools in our country and I believe you have a responsibility as Board Members to tell the truth as to:

Why were NO trauma Helicopters requested that morning when lives could have been saved?

Why No paramedics or EMT’S were allowed into the school building instead they were told to set up Triage?

Who declared all 24 school children and school staff legally dead within the first 11 minutes since only a Doctor can do that not a police officer per CT State Laws?

Two children supposedly died at the hospital which it took over an hour to transport. Why?

Who did the school board contract to remove all Bio-Hazards from the Sandy Hook Elementary School such as 45 to 65 gallons of blood, brain tissues and skull fragments, blood splatter, blood carpet removal etc just as they did at Columbine?

Who was the contractor who installed the security system at sandy Hook Elementary school and the total cost of the project?

Copies of the tri-annual Asbestos inspections that must be conducted by a Certified Inspector from outside the school system and that all parents must be notified of any asbestos, lead or any other dangerous substances that could cause harm to children and school staff on an annual basis.

I have requested those reports from 2002 through current year 2012. Now what is so difficult in providing me with those reports since parents of Sandy Hook should see those every school year?

Please comply.

I am asking you as a former educator and National School Safety Consultant to respond to my Ct Freedom of Information Act requests and return phone calls in a timely manner. You have had Dr. Ron Stephens National School Safety Center speak with you and he will give me a great reference if you check me out.

I will not stop asking as you will see until board members have the courage in sharing the truth.

How can a Lt. from the Newtown Police Department working an off-duty detail on Dec 14, 2012 and hearing that shots are fired at Sandy Hook Elementary School not leave his off duty job to repsond in saving children and school staff lives? He decided to stay until over two and a half hours passed to respond.

How can you [have] allowed that type of response from police in your community. He should be fired and not praised in your meetings?

Please have your school district respond to my requests.


Wolfgang W Halbig

Sandy Hook School beyond rennovating

Wolfgang’s questions for The Newtown Bee

His letter to The Newtown Bee was so completely appropriate and reasonable that it seemed to me a bit more heat was deserved in this case, so I wrote a sequel in which I raised questions about an event as embarrassing relative to Sandy Hook as Jane Standley’s report of the “collapse” of WTC-7, which was broadcast 27 minutes early. So I asked about its very strange report of a phone call from the principal, Dawn Hochsprung, about the shooting, when she was said to be the first victim:

From: James Fetzer
Date: Sat, Feb 14, 2014 at 9:00 AM
Subject: About Wolfgang Halbig’s inquiries to The Newtown Bee
To: [Newtown Bee Staff]
Cc: wolfgang halbig

Dear Bee Editors and Staff,

As a former Marine Corps officer, retired university professor and especially as a journalist for Veterans Today, who has published several articles about the Sandy Hook event, I would like to have your response to what Wolfgang Halbig has addressed to you. Wolf is a former Florida State Trooper, a former school principal and a nationally recognized expert on school safety. Are you going to respond to his inquiries or pretend you never received them?

There are multiple indications that you, The Newtown Bee, have been participating in a cover up of what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As we have observed in “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax” (with Vivian Lee, Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy and other members of the Sandy Hook Research Group), you even published an interview with Dawn Hochsprung after she was officially dead:

Dawn Hochsprung—In an embarrassing fiction, The Newtown Bee reported on 14 December 2013 that Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy Hook school principal, told the paper that a masked man had entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots – more than she could count – that went “on and on.” Of course, Dawn Hochsprung was allegedly killed by Adam Lanza and so could not easily have provided this statement. In fact, Dawn was said to have acted heroically, dying while lunging at the gunman—although one wonders who witnessed and reported this act of heroism. On 17 December 2013, The Bee retracted the report and apologized:

An early online report from the scene at the December 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School quoted a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school. The woman was not the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in the Friday morning attack. The quote was removed from subsequent online versions of the story, but the original story did remain in our online archive for three days before being deleted. We apologize for whatever confusion this may have caused our readers and for any pain or anguish it may have caused the Hochsprung family.

But how in the world could something like that have happened unless someone went off the script? Why in the world would anyone PRETEND TO BE THE PRINCIPAL OF AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND CALL IN TO REPORT A SHOOTING? Surely you can see that your flimsy attempt to explain away an embarrassing gaff by The Newton Bee isn’t going to persuade anyone that you are not complicit in this massive deception and hoax? So be sure to include me in your response to Wolfgang, because I want to have my facts straight. And if you were not participating in a massive hoax to mislead the American people, inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks for a prompt response.


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth

On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 7:43 AM, Wolfgang Halbig wrote:

Editor and reporters and Hicks:

How can you as a staff sit back in your offices and allow this to happen under your watch?

Your failure in placing every parent on notice before the Sandy Hook School Shooting about the serious high level of lead, asbestos and PCB’s in that school since it was built in 1956 should have been a warning sign long before they decided to tear it down.

Why did your News Paper not warn every parent and school board members of the serious exposures that every child and school staff member is confronted with on a daily basis and NO one warned the parents or school staff?

As you know by CT State and even Federal laws the Sandy Hook Elementary School is required to have a tri-annual Asbestos inspection by an outside certified asbestos inspector.

Those findings must be reported to parents of the children and school staff of Sandy Hook on an annual basis.

The school district must write a letter to very parent informing them of the high level of lead, Asbestos such as asbestos ceiling tiles, asbestos floor tiles and just as you finally reported before tearing down the school of how bad those Asbestos and Haz-Mat conditions where.

Children and school staff are working in classroom with high amounts of lead paint. Have you ever heard of allergies?

You call this a Vanguard School knowing that every child and school staff member who attended was being exposed to high levels of lead, serious Asbestos violations and many other Has-mat conditions such as PCB’s.

Why would any Elementary School parent allow their child to attend that school unless all those conditions were remediated long time ago?

These are serious conditions that a school district ignored and you must have known or maybe just an oversight in letting parents know of how bad those environmental conditions in that school where.

Did the school district on an annual basis write letters to every parent in informing them of these serious Haz-Mat and Asbestos conditions? You should find out because it is the law.


So what was Sandy Hook about?

Are the Newtown Selectmen going to move to make real estate records immune from public disclosure, just as the Newtown Clerk moved to keep children’s death certificates out of the public domain? Just how dumb are we supposed to be? As I explained in an earlier article, “Fusion and Fear in America: The Non-Existent Domestic Terrorist Threat”, on the basis of an extensive study by a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Intelligence, there appears to be no domestic terrorist threat, which may account for why we are subjected to contrived events, such as Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing:

“Despite reviewing 13 months’ worth of reporting originating from fusion centers from April 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010, the Subcommittee investigation could identify no reporting which uncovered a terrorist threat, nor could it identify a contribution such fusion center reporting made to disrupt an active terrorist plot.”–US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

While this finding appears to be of the greatest importance to the American public, to the best of my knowledge, the mass media has ignored it completely. We know about the 300 or more FEMA camps distributed around the country. We know that Congress has authorized 30,000 drones to conduct surveillance on the American people. We know that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had requisitioned 1.5 billion rounds of .40 calibre hollow-point ammunition, which is not permissible for use in warfare under the Geneva Conventions. And we know that Hitler, like Obama, promoted gun control in the name of “public safety”.

Since DHS does not conduct operations abroad, it must be acquiring that massive stock of ammo for use on us right here in the United States. That much is alarming enough all by itself. What we didn’t know is that DHS is some kind of monstrous joke, that it has been squandering billions of taxpayers’ dollars, and that it has turned up no evidence of any domestic terrorist threat! NONE! The situation is absurd. DHS has no financial oversight and cannot even identify how much it has spent, where there is more than $1 billion difference in its own estimates. So what precisely are we getting for our money?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to the public’s acceptance of Sandy Hook fakery, in spite of a mountain of evidence that proves it, has been the question of motivation: What could possibly have induced so many to have lied so much about a matter of such immense significance, which has been parlayed into greater restrictions on gun control and new “mental health criteria” that entitle your physician to ask you about gun ownership? The answer, alas, should be obvious to everyone: free homes and free money from playing the American people for suckers. Don’t say no one ever told you, because we just did.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper with 36 years of experience as a school administrator, is also a nationally recognized authority on school safety and has been threatened for asking questions about Sandy Hook.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a journalist and editor for Veterans Today.

This article originally appeared at Veterans Today on February 16, 2014. It is republished here with permission.


  1. Found this picture posted over at Sandy Hook Hoax FB page that I haven’t seen before – I’m not sure what the source is – Bing & Google still show the school on their maps:d

    Some of the comments (that don’t appear on the link) mention what looks like a fracking tower in the bottom of the photo. The sectioned off square is the area of the “shooting” because they stated in the plans for the new school that that area would not be touched and something very special would be done there – they never said what.

  2. “donors beware”

    Check your state laws before trying this…some states may still prosecute you. But do it in CT and you will be safe….no matter the level of the fraud. No need to work any longer …none of us…just set up any fraud of your choice !!!

    If Occult Sociopaths can steal money in CT …then anyone can do this !!! WOW isnt life great ? And I thought for awhile that I was living in a Stephen Speilberg movie gone bad.

    The goal now is to beat the $ 30 million THEY collected from the Sandy Hook movie…without going to prison and without making the 6:00 news.
    Anyone can do this and you dont even have to try and confiscate the Nations guns or ignore our Bill of Rights….so flying under the radar will be easy.

    The State Troopers will even come to your homes (like THEY did for the Sandy Hook “parents”) and keep you safe while you rip people off.

    Whose in? I wonder if I can have my own personal Lt. Vance ?.. to intimidate (or at least try) the Nation into not coming after me…Mmmm.

  3. Eric, Assuming you are correct, we have one less mystery to resolve about Sandy Hook. We are all glad to settle for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which Connecticut is trying to conceal.

      • But there may be more too it. This from a student of Sandy Hook:

        The info on these properties comes from Vision Government Solutions, the data base that has the Christmas ’09 $0 sales. These Link’s show Michael Nahoum’s connection to a company called Triple Crown Llc. There are several properties that show, within 5 day, BSS Development Llc.(Calvin Blackwell who’s brother is 32 degree mason.) buys and sells several properties, losing a million and a half dollars on each.

        I came across these properties looking into Sue Ehren’s who is a parent of a child who is said to have survived the shooting, escaping from Victoria Soto’s class. John Korze, Newtown Board of Finace chair lives just a few doors down from these properties. Nahoum also connects to Posner, Previdi, Vollmar, Also a connection from Previdi to Michael Daubert who was arrested in 2007 for real estate fraud.

        I’m hoping you can do more than I when it comes to exposing this corruption. I am uploading a video to my channel on this in the next couple of days. There’s more good information in the video as well. Let me know if you want the screen shots that show the links from Nahoum to the other Sandy Hook Popular names. Look carefull at the property records. You can’t help but, think there is something wrong going on there.

        • And note that Michael Daubert is the brother of the police office assigned to the Previdi family (Patrick Daubert). Who I tried to get more information about from a collegue of his – and his collegue told me that knowing Patrick – he will never reveal anything.

    • Mr. Fetzer, you are a American hero. Do not let ANYONE distract you from the TRUTH! If ericmuetterties is trying to convince you that those 12 / 25 ( $ o ) home ” Gifts ” were record keeping mistakes, please take it with a grain of salt …… I’m 100 % sure that the perpetrators of the Sandy Hook FRAUD / HOAX, employ many people hired to scour the websites and blogs, and create misinformation, and distraction. Thank you.

  4. I posted to this long ago, I thought, and it seems to have been deleted and not all of my posts were approved by the moderator.

    You can go to the County records for Newtown and, though the actual docs are not online, the record dates are. I posted this on Fellowship of the Minds and got PDF’s of the info to the mod there.

    i reviewed all the properties FOTM reviewed and the dtaes line up with recorded docs. There were also additional dates that indicate refinancing, etc.

    Personally, I think the vision database is simply bad data, poorly imported into the database.

    Bottom line? I think this is an empty rabbit hole. I know a bit about what I am talking about because I have researched property records qute a few times and reconstructed financial dealings where I thought there was a problem.

    Anyway… We’ll see if this one gets posted…

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    • Check your state laws before trying this…some states may still prosecute you. But do it in CT and you will be safe….no matter the level of the fraud. No need to work any longer …none of us…just set up any fraud of your choice !!!

      If Occult Sociopaths can steal money in CT …then anyone can do this !!! WOW isnt life great ? And I thought for awhile that I was living in a Stephen Speilberg movie gone bad.

      The goal now is to beat the $ 30 million THEY collected from the Sandy Hook movie…without going to prison and without making the 6:00 news.
      Anyone can do this and you dont even have to try and confiscate the Nations guns or ignore our Bill of Rights….so flying under the radar will be easy.

      The State Troopers will even come to your homes (like THEY did for the Sandy Hook “parents”) and keep you safe while you rip people off.

      Whose in? I wonder if I can have my own personal Lt. Vance ?.. to intimidate (or at least try) the Nation into not coming after me…Mmmm.

  6. Here is a new study of the very strange $0 housing transactions:

    Sandy Hook: Vision Government Solutions – by Namesnot Mary

    QKultra writes, “The aliases of Shea/O’shea are telling of identity mischief. I’m leaning towards a deeper belief that the Sandy Hook “new arrivals” were given these $0 homes through VGS – which I’m sure we’ll find connects to with the federal or state. Witness Protection Program.”

    • Speaking of identity issues – I wonder what the story is behind the odd names associated with “Peter Lanza”…

        • Hi Dino! AnneB of our group actually brought this up in a prior story on this site. I’ve never seen a name association like this one for anyone, ever. Check out Peter J. Lanza, Peter Delcore, E. Peter Buhrmaster.
          There were previously listed on Intellius (name search) with Peter Stack but the “Peter Stack” has since dropped off.

          I’ve not spent a lot of time on this as initial peeks lead down a dark rabbit hole. Some lazy rainy day I will have to poke around because this one bugs me.

          Off topic but has anyone ever been a single picture published of the Lanzas together as a family: Mom, Dad and two boys? I haven’t.

        • Oh, geez, thanks–I even copied that post, but forgot all about it!

          I remember someone came up with a connection to the Buhrmaster name, too, a woman.

    • Coincidentally, I had a communication with someone at Vision Govt Solutions about the $0 transactions on 12/25/09. Here are those emails:

      John Davidson [email]
      9:09 AM (5 hours ago)

      to me
      Thank you for your inquiry. The data displayed on the Vision Government Solutions Inc. website is owned, maintained, and provided by the individual municipalities. If for some reason the information provided on the online database is not sufficient, I suggest you contact the Office of the Assessor responsible for the municipality the subject parcel is located in, where the live data resides.

      John Davidson III
      Software Support Team Member
      VISION Government Solutions
      T. 800.628.1013 ext 6000 Support
      T. 800.628.1013 ext 3690 Direct
      F. 508.351.3795

      From: []
      Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 8:36 PM
      To: CustomerSupport
      Subject: Newtown, CT

      Hi. I have been scratching my head at a number of entries in Newtown, Connecticut, that show LOTS of properties sold on Dec. 25, 2009, for a value of $0. Usually, the owners’ names are the same after this “sale” as before.

      What does this mean?



      • It means, basically, that Vision Gov is not taking any responsibility for the data that was handed to them. They simply inputted what was given to them, probably by the county assessors office. We all know what detailed and accurate records our government keeps.

  7. Whatever Pat wants, Pat gets. According to the Detroit News, she went back to the well today:

    Newtown, Conn. — Newtown officials plan to ask the federal government for an $8 million grant for mental health counseling for hundreds of people affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

    First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra announced Tuesday night that the town will submit an application Thursday to the U.S. Department of Justice for an 18-month grant.

    From The Detroit News:

  8. Enough info on the site concerning Sandy Hook to send you into fits of psychological dissonance. I can see why many would reject the premise of a hoax. We need someone to make a video and present the facts in a concise way, break it down into digestible bits allowing quick absorption. We live in a break-neck world where life comes at you in spurts of speed generated by new technologies outstripping the brain’s ability to grasp and decode. This is what the perps see as their trump card.

    We should develop a fund to support a team of skilled film makers to bring the concept to the Internet. Turn it loose in the virtual marketplace of ideas. Sell it like a political campaign.

    Just playing around with possible solutions. Onward truth seekers!

    • I believe Wolfgang put together a video to lay out some of the issues he had with the info. presented to the public. I’ve not had a chance to sit down and listen to it yet.

      • Yes Beth: there’s almost tooooo much info in way of details–it only needs to be organized in some compelling way. Look at how Obongo lied through his teeth about “keeping ur doc and health-care plan.” It’s more a matter of how much lying does it take before folks get wise?

    • One Needs Merely Consider The BIG-LIE Machine, Culture

      Marilyn: We just begin w. THE BIG-LIE, and how it works. Thus ZOG confronts people w. an enormous monstrosity, the people impelled then to FOOL THEMSELVES, saying to themselves, “noooooooo, it couldn’t be that the dear gov. would dare to mass-murder and lie to the people”–or to just simply lie to the people as at Sandy Hook.

      Thus 9/11 was a big-lie, as was Sandy Hook, as Bost. Marathon “bombing,” etc.–all it takes is CHUTZPAH–do u think gov. lacks this? Bush lied about WMD in Iraq, etc. Mass-corp. “news”-media goes along, as do all politicians and judges on the pay-roll, public edjumacation too, along w. the so-called “Christian” churches.

      US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam finances it all w. nearly endless funds churned out fm printing-presses and digitalized.

      Such is the THESIS, the BIG-LIE machine, Sandy Hook–or whatever instance of BIG-LIE–is mere creature, instance, item.

      “Climate-change” is another BIG-LIE, as is electronic voting not being gross fraud. Greatest big-lie is that ZOG cares for the people and wouldn’t think about exterminating them–don’t worry about ObongoCare death-panels and AGENDA-21 “population-reduction” genocide.

      William Casey said CIA would KNOW they succeeded when everything people believe is lie–but I think it would have been better if they kept the economy working, people more willing to go-along. Now people are suffering evermore, less willing to believe. I suspect things will continue to get worse, US Dollar in on-going process of collapse.

    • Sophia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook,” did precisely that. However, the story isn’t over, and it’s about to get more interesting with Wolf’s visit to Newtown next month. Also, it appears that we are starting to see leaks – the donation fraud guy admitting on a social media site that the whole thing was a scam, as well as the resignation of a CT state worker. Sophia needs to start work on the next one.

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  10. Both the Sandy Hook Shooting fraud and the Boston Bombing fraud are huge stories. James Tracy has done us a great service in shining the spotlight of his blog on them. At the very least these two abominations should be enough to get attorney general Holder fired, with ongoing legal ramifications in both CT and MA. Obama should be held to account. Good to see the Wolfgang Halbig story picked up at Global Research by one Adan Salazar. GR was what sent me to this blog over a year ago.

  11. Back to Sandy Hook. I guess they’ve spent the Billion already received.

    AP News Article
    Newtown to seek federal grant for counseling

    “First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra (there she is again) announced Tuesday night that the town will apply to the Department of Justice for an $8 million, 18-month grant. The funds, which also would include money for local school security and nonprofit groups, would come from the Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program, which has awarded money to victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and other school shootings across the country.”

    Tax payer Money to Non-profits? Like NGO’s, Foundations?
    Then she purposely associates SHE shooting to 911? Mindmeld

    Read On:

    “The counseling aid would reimburse ongoing and new mental health counseling for about 400 people affected by the December 2012 fatal shootings of 20 first-graders and six educators, the News-Times of Danbury reported ( ). It would help people with longer-term counseling needs, including police officers and other first responders.”

    There’s that Mental Health thing again. I could use some of that money because SHE hoax is driving me nuts!

    Here’s Article:

    • Ric – Good find on this. Unreal! This is an insane amount of funds and for what, really? Off topic a wee bit, but it comes under the heading of, “The Government is Supposed to Take Care of you” Department.

      I’m sorry for anyone who endures a traumatic event (real or not) but when do the people become responsible for their own care afterwards? Is it because the government caused the “event” that the government should fund the “recovery” from it?

      It feeds that “control” center our government seems to be pushing – “They” decide if you are mentally healthy enough to retain your gun permit, etc. Is it not extremely dangerous to turn over your mental health care to an overpowering government? These sorts of funded programs may be how it begins, this “Brave New World” (Huxley) — take your government supplied “Soma” and you will be alright.

      Additionally, we are looking at another in a long line of pay-outs for participating in the event. I’d love to be “auditor” in a year to see where all of the monies associates with Sandy Hook ended up going (including donations).

  12. The problem with Jim Fetzer is that anything he touches soon turns into the Jim Fetzer show. Why? Because he always introduces false information into the discussion along with the true. Before long, the discussion turns to Fetzer’s credibility instead of the subject at hand.
    In the case of the gifted Sandy Hook homes, it does look like there might have been an opportunity for pay offs to those involved. On the other hand, this deed transfer data is a matter of public record, and seems a little too obvious to be an overlooked smoking gun.
    In the case of the WTC attacks on 911 discussed by Fetzer in the above video, there is zero evidence that mini nukes were involved. Holograms projected from planes? Really? Here is a quote that I just added to the more relevant topic of the OKC bombings covered in one of prof. Tracy’s earlier posts. It is from a book by John McPhee called “The Curve of Binding Energy” on the work of a theoretical physicist named Theodore Taylor, who spent his career designing miniature nuclear weapons. Taylor is describing what might happen if a “mini nuke” were to be smuggled into one of the WTC towers and detonated by terrorists. “Any explosion inside with a yield of, let’s say, a kiloton would vaporize everything for a few tens of feet. Everything would be destroyed out to and including the wall. If the building were solid rock and the bomb were buried in it, the crater radius would be a hundred and fifty feet….It would fall, I guess, in the direction in which the bomb was off-centered… Through free air, a kiloton bomb will send a lethal dose of radiation up to half a mile. Or, up to a thousand feet, you’d be killed by projectiles…People in that building over there (McPhee and Taylor are looking out a window in one of the towers) would get it in every conceivable way. Gamma rays would get them first. Next comes visible light. Next the neutrons. Then the air shock. Then missiles. Unvaporized concrete would go out of here at the speed of a rifle shot. A steel-and-concrete missile flux would go out one mile and would include in all maybe a tenth of the weight of the building, about five thousand tons.” There was no steel and concrete missile flux going out one mile on 911. No lethal dose of radiation up to half a mile. None of the above things happened. It is just nonsense introduced by Fetzer to distract and cause confusion. Much like the Judyth Very Baker story he touts in the case of the JFK assassination. No corroborating witnesses, nor hard evidence that she had an affair with Oswald. A very sketchy story. I would take Mr. Fetzer with a grain of salt, as they say.

    • As for 9/11 – we don’t have to know how they did it, we just have to say that the official story is a crock. All the Poindexter-ing in the world is not going to explain things, but we know that the impossible did not happen.

      Boston Marathon – false from the get-go if you know that the crowds don’t stick around for the end and in no way were so many injured. That one was easier to explain because of so many pictures giving the lie to a smaller lie than 9/11.

      You know the song “Amazing Grace” about “the hour I first believed”?
      Well there ought to be a song about “the hour I first disbelieved” in any number of stories which were run up cheaply for the public to believe.

      • Musings: only thing I’d add for emphasis is the TECHNIQUE of BIG-LIE–wherein the victims/suckers are impelled to fool themselves.

        For in the BIG-LIE, the people usually grasp the ENORMITY of the proposition entailed, BUT then, and fatally, they say to themselves, “noooooooooooooo–our own gov. couldn’t possibly have done this–they wouldn’t dare.”

        But “daring” is precisely the essence of the deed and technique–it takes chutzpah, nerve, and supreme gall to do this sort of BIG-LIE.

        Additionally, there’s the establishment going along, beginning w. the mass-corp. “news”-media, but also everyone else too, who’s “on the take” w. all the funds/financing churned-out by US Federal Reserve (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam, the KEY to the large criminal network.

      • Poindextering is how we explain and do things. It’s how we have technology. Its how we reason. To give it a geeky name is to fear complex ideas

        • Okay Wilson. You have a point there. But the details, while telling, are sometimes out of reach for the majority who are told to believe. That’s where I was going. If you fight about details, and accuse others of perfidy, when all of you are saying it was a fake, then you play into their hands. Yes, the details matter, but there are technologies which people cannot necessarily explain while knowing however that something is faked. If I say that Ben Nye blood was used at the Marathon and someone else says Max Factor, if someone explains the amputations as being people who are amputee actors vs. actors who are hiding their healthy leg in a hole in the mattress – does it really matter? We know that the explosions were nothing.

          In my opinion the whole controlled demo debate is like that. It wasn’t planes that brought down the buildings – that’s all.

      • I also knew the Boston Marathon event was constructed… knew it as soon as I heard about it. The deception revealed in the photos are far beyond what I ever expected to see. Bizarro World.

        It will be interesting to see what April brings. Reports from the Olympics were that attendance was down in London, and again in Russia. Perhaps people recall Atlanta and decide against purchasing tickets.

        I would love to see attendance and participation in severe decline at the 2014 Marathon…. The young family will opt out as scrambling away from drones, gunmen and bombs while pushing strollers, dragging toddlers and carrying babes in arms is not easy to do. Thus, the end of the Marathon being a “Boston family tradition” will have begun.

        There are less stressful things to do on Patriot’s Day.

        Those entrusted with this tradition sold it out with their dishonesty, they didn’t come forward to tell the truth.

    • The problem with Christo is that he has no idea what he is talking about. I have a half-dozen articles on what happened in New York, but he does not cite any of them. He does not cite a single sentence from any of those articles. He dismissed the use of nukes on 9/11 in spite of abundant and compelling evidence that is precisely what happened; and he seems to have no comprehension about why anyone would entertain the hologram hypothesis. Here I discuss both these issues:

  13. Don’t wish to broach the subject of the Southern cause or who was responsible for what in American history. However, this issue keeps surfacing on MHB. So, for an excellent piece on who were the worst or best presidents the essay might be interesting to most. (around five of each) Be prepared to reassess your own dearly-held beliefs.

    Written by award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry–founder of the site–it is a penetrating, politically-neutral observation re American history. As a history buff from early days, I found it fascinatintg. Learned a lot and I try to be open to new information.

    • Thanks for this Marilyn. I saved the link for reading later. LBJ one of the best? Now, that is interesting.

    • I think the topic (in which I have admittedly been involved in discussing, since I am not contributing much to Sandy Hook except personal indignation) is part of the problem where we are deliberately being polarized. I just checked in at CNN to see Wolf Blitzer giving air time to the jerky Mr. Nugent who called Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and who also is for gun rights. So the idea is that if you are for gun rights, you use the same arguments as the Nazis. So we can say that “you are either with us or against us.”

      But in this case, I see that people who evidently do not mind manipulating the American public in a worse way than CNN now will generate fake news, fake killings. It’s media by other means. It’s feeding the media with fiction and hoping the American public is too stupid to be able to sort it out, for whatever reason. Sometimes, it is Wag the Dog or Remember the Maine. But here we have the interesting story of the body of evidence, the anatomy of a crime sanctioned by the organs of allegedly popular government. It is a sophisticated hoodwinking. Whatever our politics, we have to sense that this is what totalitarian regimes do, and it does not matter if they are communist or fascist or whatever, or what their historic roots might be. The truth must out or we are cooked.

      • Ted is a powerful speaker with a gift for oratory, and his value system connects with a wide rage of Americans. I respect Ted – even though I am too tender hearted for sport hunting. Since I’m not a vegetarian, I’m in no position to challenge his “kill it and grill it” philosophy.

        • “a wide rage of Americans” – I know it was probably a typo on your part, but that’s probably true. His style doesn’t appeal to me any more than Wolf Blitzer’s does however. Both seem to engage in classic demagoguery.

        • I think Ted Nugent is loathsome personally, but I would be in the trenches with him, if it came to that- violence only serves their purpose and should be avoided, if possible. Non compliance and starving the beast is the way to go. Much easier too.

  14. I am not going to get into the discussion of the Southern issue and who caused what in American history. But for some reason, it keeps coming up on MHB. So, just for important, penetrating analysis on this subject, go to

    An articulate and politically-neutral essay on who were the worst and who were the best ever presidents–by site founder, Robert Parry. Parry is an award winning journalist of long standing who stands on principle before all other considerations. Don’t always agree, but his views or those of his contributing writers, are always worth reading. I found this piece an excellent observation re American history. Learned a lot.

    • It is only I, Marilyn, who point it out.

      And the reason I always go back to that same theme is that it explains everything about the origins of the dire situation we are in.

      History MUST be revised. The “great men” model of history is mind control. I did not conclude my interpretation of the past because it was taught to me. I worked through the great research of people usually ignored. Did I want to conclude that Lincoln was a monster? No. I tried hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. In the end, he does not deserve it. As for Franklin Roosevelt, well, I never was tempted to think that bastard was a man of decent intentions–and it has proven more than correct.

        • Anne: don’t doubt, quite often, understanding the past HELPS much for understanding the present–that’s why doctors consult patients’ histories, why loan officers of banks look at people’s credit history, etc. I never much like Sagan, anyway, I must admit.

  15. This post on Memory Hole is supposed to be related to the gifting of homes and real estate transactions in Sandy Hook before and after the Sandy Hook incident. Somehow it went completely off topic when flyingtigercommics and Jim Fretzer went into a squabble with each other completely unrelated to the homes. Was this intended to change the subject?

  16. Will we now start seeing “suicides” and faked deaths of the criminals involved in the Sandy Hook Production? Being a member of organized crime has its privileges as seen by all the Sandy Hook pay-offs, but ultimately it is not a very good idea. Even if nothing happens to them now, these crooks will always live in fear because they know too much. Can’t say I pity them.

    • “Will we now start seeing “suicides” and faked deaths of the criminals involved in the Sandy Hook Production?”

      Yes. I believe we will. We’ve got a missing person (Hoagland) who may or may not have been involved or came across info he was intended to find.

      Some have relocated…but can’t “move ’em” all at once as that would look odd to the general public. Goodness knows there is enough money thrown around that some may be moving to some wonderful new locations…

      I believe we may see suicides (you know, from grief) and such. It will be interesting. It can be difficult to keep so many folks aligned with the “program”, no doubt. I would imagine, a certain number of those involved (but not the orchestrators) may still believe something real happened.

    • I just listened to Tracy interview. He covers everything from OKC to SHE and the motives. I agree with all his opinions as these have always been mine. A good listen

    • Yes, and the Deutsche Bank in downtown Manhattan had an asbestos problem, too, damaged on 9/11. The building was being removed the old-fashioned way with nets over the building to prevent contamination but then developed a fire in 2007. Sandy Hook never had any photos of the building going down with tarps or nets, so maybe the operatives in town got blasted with asbestos. As to Fetzer’s mini-nukes in the WTC and no planes all certified by Mr. Anonymous Physicist, would Larry Silverstein continue to go to work in a radioactive environment? Highly unlikely.
      I hope the jugheads threatening the brave Halbig find something better to do. Just think, our tax dollars are paying their salaries to attempt to protect the hoax.

      • I don’t get Marzi. The proof that it was a nuclear event is abundant and compelling. She appears to have no idea what she is talking about. It was the plan to rebuild but the residue from the demo job made that impossible, so they created two memorial pools where the Twin Towers had stood. Those who want a better grasp of what happened can view
        “The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, Part 2″

        • Yes sir, the evidence is “abundant and compelling”. I totally agree. More need to study it instead of dismissing it out of hand. Thanks for your work on this.

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