Truth Jihad / No Lies Radio, Feb 21, 2014 334

Kevin Barrett is joined by James Tracy and Jim Fetzer on Truth Jihad Radio for February 21, 2014. They discuss recent developments in research on the Sandy Hook massacre and Boston Marathon bombing events, including the article, “Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax,” the history of false flag terror, and milquetoast university administrators’ Orwellian quest to stamp out critical thought.

Link to episode page on No Lies Radio, 2/21/14



  1. I will keep following the Sandy Hook event, hoping that something will come out of all our research, at the moment I feel the powers of B will never give up their charade.. surely someone somewhere has an interest in telling the truth..I’m really coming to believe that this is some kind of mind control.


  2. Not to change the subject but I just ran across a follow on to the death records link:

    They’re saying Obongo did this through the use of an “executive memo”. Check it out.

    You have to watch carefully but there is a reference to the cause of this primarily being a suit about his SSN being from the dead man in Connecticut. Just happened to be a Fairfield Hills resident.


    • More evidence of pre-planning the event. Funny their purported purpose is to stop identity theft and we have been notified by two different government agencies in the last two years they our confidential information has been breached! They both offered free protection for a year but that site really tries to pressure you to buy in for better protection!


      • Kathy, yes. I was reminded again of the “synchronistic” nature of Obongo have a SNN from a former Fairfield Hills resident. The card was issued in Connecticut and Obongo has no record of ever having lived there.

        As this hospital has been linked to experiments in the past it seems a safe bet to assume that this locale has been a presence in the black ops community for a while.

        I would imagine that the “new rules” have as much to do with his desire to hide his SSN as it does to provide cover for SHES. It just a wonderful illustration of how rotten this whole thing is to the core.


      • “Education is one of the highest priorities for most immigrant families,” she said and others have noted their families came here expressly for the educational opportunities.”

        And no doubt other benefits the tax payers pay for.

        Forget what the latest politically correct descriptor is. Is it future democratic voters?


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