Wolfgang’s Bad Company

By James F. Tracy

For two months Wolfgang Halbig has made the rounds on alternative media outlets to explain his doubts on the official narrative of the Sandy Hook massacre. Now the apparently well-intentioned school safety expert has proceeded to establish an online presence, where he has raised over $10,000 toward achieving “Sandy Hook Justice.” An appearance before the Newtown School Board is tentatively scheduled where Mr. Halbig will publicly demonstrate his indignation toward a cover-up.

In early 2013 major and alternative news media alike were beating a path to my door. Reporters quite literally chased me around my place of employment, hoping to obtain the scoop on the “wacko” academic who might recant on his observation that the incident in Newtown was likely a big fraud. Even Anderson Cooper fussed on national television that such an individual was employed at a “taxpayer-funded” institution.

Shortly after this flurry of attention certain parties contacted me and essentially proposed that they become my handlers. The idea was that I would be the public face of a detailed independent investigation into the Sandy Hook episode. For hours they attempted to convince me that the “Sandy Hook actors” were in fact members of the “Greenberg family clan.” They subsequently produced a professional-looking report that I was to tout.

I became increasingly doubtful of the thesis and how it might prove productive. My suspicion turned to alarm when the parties suggested that vigilante justice be visited upon the alleged Sandy Hook perpetrators. Even worse, a website was developed for the investigation that came dangerously close in name and terminology to mirroring a federal law enforcement agency—calling itself the “US Intelligence Information Center” and using jargon such as “suspects” and “persons of interest.” The individual then proceeded to essentially speak for me, posting the report and my name to social media sites. It was at this time that I sent the following email and discontinued further communication:

I was unaware that you posted the report on __________ and included my name and institutional affiliation. This was done without my approval, as was the posting of Sandy Hook Massacre Timeline on the website you’ve created. I am going to have to ask that things slow down and that my attorney review any further activity by you in which you use my name in any way. I also ask that you please not use my aforementioned Timeline.

As for the name of the organization, “US Intelligence Information Center” and website http://www.sandyhookinvestigation.com/ I cannot at this time approve or lend my support. The use of the title “US Intelligence Information Center” and terms such as “Suspects” and “Persons of Interest” are tantamount to impersonating law enforcement and can likely cause a great deal of trouble for all involved.


James Tracy

Those in the 9/11 Truth movement are well aware of the “cognitive infiltrators” who are only too happy to harness a loose cannon or two that will sabotage or otherwise hinder the genuine remedy of collective intelligence. I am aware that at least one of the parties who misinformed me is now operating as Wofgang Halbig’s handler.

This is unfortunate because despite Halbig’s awkwardness, the overall thrust of his inquiry—legally interrogating the officials overseeing the Sandy Hook event—is a logical next step toward better understanding what took place in Newtown fifteen months ago. Yet my previous experiences indicate that such individuals will likely proceed to lead Mr. Halbig down blind or deceiving alleys that in the end will only serve to further undermine a genuine pursuit of truth.

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    1. This article is to simply point out that others can infiltrate a cause, and swoop in to “lend a helping hand” and it could be happening in Halbig’s camp. It is a very good point and Halbig needs to keep his eyes open to this. This article isn’t a hit-piece on Halbig himself. Re-read it if necessary.

      1. @dmhennen- I also took this article as an expression of concern that the same individuals who attempted to serve as Tracy’s “handlers” are now attempting to do the same with Wolfgang. It’s a shame that some are using this as a reason to attack Wolfgang, when it seems to me that our focus should be on the infiltrators who are attempting to manage him and perhaps lead him in a wrong or unproductive direction. But since Tracy hasn’t identified who the infiltrators are who are attempting to manage Wolfgang, it’s not clear what we are supposed to do with this information. I personally wish that Tracy had expressed his concerns to Wolfgang privately.

    2. It’s the 20th of the month in which Halbig was supposed to accomplish his big scenario. Halbig is getting written out of the play.

      Please remember that those of us who weren’t impressed with Halbig from the first blogpost about him by Mr. Tracy were called trolls and shills.

  1. Wow. There has been alot of speculation lately that either he is controlled opposition or just a scam artist. My instinct has been that he is genuine but will be susceptible to influence because of his naivete. Your story about these people is quite illuminating.

      1. Im talking about naivete in terms of the history of the infiltration of truth and patriot groups.

    1. I agree Larry. Good to have some sanity among the discussion. Right now Halbig is saying the right things in his interviews, so we have to give him the chance.

      1. So we are to ‘give him a chance’ even if the best case scenario is he has been compromised? You suggest others should continue to donate even if his handlers are real life disinfo agents? Wow, that type of logic is astounding.

        1. Unlike you, I sit back and carefully analyze the situation rather than jump the gun and throw out jibberish. You are no different than MSM.

          Dr. Tracy posted this TODAY, and there are other comments stating that Halbig is trying to reach out to Dr. Tracy. Breath easy and let this unfold.

  2. Thank you, Prof. Tracy, for sharing this. My instincts tell me Mr. Halbig was genuine at the onset and his intentions were pure. However, there have been indications the past few weeks that something is attempting to derail his efforts. Your comments help to clarify what may be going on with him now.

    1. He has also had numerous companies/foundations over the years that have been involuntary dissolved but I realize this stretches into the overall credibility of Wolfgang. I also see the potential for mixed motives on his part as he stated recently he lost his job which I found suspicious and illogical the way he explained it.

        1. Ha, well I take it personal because I have gone back and forth with my trust of this guy. Ya know.

        2. What difference does it make if you trust him or not? He is not this group’s leader. If you don’t trust him, don’t follow him or donate to him. Stay focused on exposing the Sandy Hook truth, and not wasting your energy on someone you obviously dislike. If he is a sham, other people are throwing away THEIR money, not yours. Let them throw their money down the drain if he is, indeed, a sham.

  3. I’m OK with Halbig raising funds for the mission. But very disappointed that the plan to get to any inkling of truth seems so one dimensional. My daddy always said that one never gets a second chance to make a first impression. In Newtown, Halbig may easily be swept away.

  4. “at least one of the parties who misinformed me is now operating as Wofgang Halbig’s handler.”

    How telling. Thank you for this disclosure.

    In his interviews, Halbig expresses the desire to question witnesses. Apparently he believes an FOIA lawsuit will achieve this end. That’s highly unlikely. Assuming government officials stonewalled his FOIA requests and thereby triggered litigation, the propriety of such requests presents purely legal issues. There would be no need to develop a factual record, from deposition testimony or otherwise, in order for a judge to resolve questions of law.

    Moreover, Halbig is interested only in an FOIA case under Connecticut’s statute. (I know because I called him.) That’s problematic as well. After seeing Connecticut state officials in action, on what possible basis would anyone trust a state court judge there?

    A federal FOIA suit would at least put the matter before a member of the federal judiciary, and would do so in a regional circuit that’s ruled in favor of FOIA petitioners before. The late Mark Pittman of Bloomberg successfully disgorged documents from the Federal Reserve pertaining to back door (and materially larger than TARP) bailouts after the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes CT) ruled in his favor.

    Perhaps more importantly, a federal FOIA case would embrace the federal officials (e.g., FBI and even CIA) who were crawling all over Sandy Hook. Recall that NBC’s resident pile of disinformation, Pete Williams, repeatedly “broke” stories that were utterly false based on his contacts at the DOJ. Pray tell who was Williams’ source, why were they involved in a state law matter, and where were they getting their “information”? The questions are endless…

    A state law FOIA case always struck me as a big fat dead end and a waste of money to boot.

    In any event, you did well to trust your gut, Professor Tracy. Well done, sir.

  5. I do not know Mr. Halbig but had an initial “gut” feeling that the process used in his attempted data-gathering was a bit too forceful and unprofessional for my own tastes (no offense intended). I think those digging for truth have to make every effort to appear as professional, lawful, etc. as possible as they undertaken their efforts — to avoid the appearance of being a “conspiracy nut” to the public.

    I think Mr. Tracy has done a terrific job in this arena. As for Mr. Halbig, I have not commented on his efforts until today and have been only a very casual observer. I just don’t have a good feeling about this fellow, I’m sorry to say. I hope I am wrong.

  6. Maybe this is why some accredited group like Sonoma’s “Operation Censorship” (?) should take control of the situation. Are there any reputable groups that can help Wolf?

  7. Overall, regardless of anyone’s doubts about Wolf’s sincerity, he has provided a list of questions that anyone can ask and all of which deserved to be answered. Also, the FBI report should be unclassified. Why doesn’t this raise a red flag to the American people?

  8. Mr Tracy, sounds like Wolfgang is trying to get in touch with you. This was just posted on his page….. “We have been reaching out to James Tracey , Sofia Smallstorm and James Fetzer but so far we have only heard from Mr Fetzer. We are willing to discuss all matters in an open format but so far the people that have the doubts have yet to talk direct.”

    1. It would be great to see them all together to straighten this out. But even better to see them all work together on getting to the bottom of this ,like WAS sandy hook even an operating school,which it didnt seem to even be. i hope they cn all make contact and we can see them all get to the bottom of this sandy hook nonsense.

  9. That website is no longer available. Earlier a message from godaddy said “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 2/22/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion.”

    It is interesting that the handlers put so much effort into the coverup. Hopefully Mr. Halbig will benefit from your experience. Believe he is in his seventies and therefore is not unemployed, but has earned the right to be quietly retired.

    Still on the fence with Alex Jones. Is all his exposure of police brutality part of the plan to terrorize us into compliance?

    1. Wolfgang Halbig has stated he is 67 and may be collecting social security and perhaps pensions from his previous employers. He has also stated that his wife works, so I don’t think he’ll be destitute. Taking on corruption in high and low places takes courage, hard skin, money and moral support.

      I have listened to many of his interviews and have refrained from giving a personal opinion. Just knowing if the school was open for business or not would answer all questions.

      There was a state police sponsored high school drill in nearby Oxford back in 2007 where Lt. Vance had a few things to say. At the time it was the largest active shooter drill conducted in the state according to the ever present Vance.

      Two minute video from the drill – helicopter, fake blood, goons and all:

  10. There will always be those who are disruptive to the truth, and especially to those who can see the truth. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. Just know they are out there.

  11. My name is Erik Pearson. I am the creator and co-admin at the Sandy Hook hoax Facebook page.

    I am 100% questioning Mr. Halbig’s validity. To make his grand debut and then 2 weeks later start asking for funds is obscene. He is a former LEO. He knows the procedure to file and receive a FOIA request. He has yet to submit one correctly. He is a former school principal yet he cannot form a sentence or grasp grammar and spelling as well as my first grader. He and his handlers are doing exactly what the players in Newtown are doing…. Let me explain….

    After the event in Newtown, there were millions upon millions of people that were grieving and feeling guilty because their own children were alive…. How could they sleep at night? Oh Yeah!!!… They could make a small donation to one of the many funds that were setup.

    15 months later and there are now millions upon millions of people who are seeing this event with opened eyes. They are realizing that something is not right with this story. How can they sleep at night? They feel guilty that they can’t do more to get the truth out…. Oh Yeah!!!…. They can make a small donation to a man who “claims” he can bust this case wide open.

    Making sense?

    It is my honest opinion that Mr. Halbig and his handlers are now praying on the emotions of those of us that are not buying the official narrative. This cash grab is now coming full circle.

    He brings up the same points that we have brought up for the past 15 months. I’ve placed a lot of the same phone calls he has and no one has questioned or threatened me.

    No lawyer will ever take funds for a case like this. It would destroy all credibility.

    I honestly think that he was placed there and was to be used as a distraction as soon as we were getting close.

    It worked.


    1. Erik, I believe that by the time Wolfgang Halbig came to your attention, he had been requesting access to records and information for several months. The massacre was 15 months ago, and as each day passes, witnesses forget, disappear, records get buried, false records are created, laws get passed to hide and protect information, and the crime scene is wiped clean.

      Halbig is old school. His pragmatic approach which included raising money to hire council and travel half way across the country is in no way suspect to me It’s step one. He has a plan, and is a man of action. He can’t do this alone, but who among us is in a position to help him? I hope he will be able to assemble a different team than the rogue handlers who are backing him now.

      He has a natural gift for speaking – and his southern vernacular adds to his genuine quality. Wolfgang Halbig is still my great hope for finding out the truth of Newtown.

    2. Much to do about money in Newtown – still.

      Newtown Bee Thursday, March 13, 2014
      The Newtown Lions Club Foundation has formally announced it has ceased directly administering benefits to providers and individuals through a fund established following the 12/14 tragedy. Peter McNulty, president of the Newtown Lions Club, said in a release, “Our original plan estimated that we would need to serve about 100 individuals for approximately 10 years. During the past 14 months we have provided benefits to over 250 individuals and expended over $350,000.” The demand on the club has become overwhelming, Mr. McNulty said. As a result the local Lions Club has sought other means to continue to provide support to the community. By joining forces with others, “we bring all of the organizations’ strengths together to provide financial support in the most efficient way.” The Lions will continue fundraising for 12/14 relief, including a golf tournament that is scheduled for late June.

      A couple of days ago there was a short article in the Newtown Bee stating the town is still receiving donations from faraway places.

      Newtown Memorial Fund going strong with all sorts of fundraisers in the works:

      1. There is so much cash in the funds supporting Newtown that I’m starting to think that most of the town no longer works anymore …or something.

        “the fund……providing support for 10 years.” Really? What the heck? It’s like the Reader’s Digest $xxxx/per month giveaway. Where do the rest of us sign up?

        1. The money has been very difficult to keep track of. I always refer people to the CT Atty Gen website for the initial reports asked to be provided by all charities collecting on behalf of Newtown. That information is very much out of date.


          Large sums of money raining down on that little town do provide a motive for the silence. That is the answer to the “how could that many people be kept quiet?” objection. All you have to do is not speak, and you bank account gets fat. Signed non disclosure agreements the sour note if anyone who might possess ghost of conscience felt like opening up. It’s perfectly doable. carrot/stick a longstanding, effective tactic.

        2. Is anyone keeping a running tally (official or unofficial) of funds relating to the Sandy Hook event? Just from the outdated CT Attorney General list alone, private funding runs into the millions of dollars…I don’t think federal funds were even included. The financial aspect of S.H. would be an interesting area to research. There are so many possibilities of malfeasance: money laundering, tax evasion, misappropriation of funds, charity fraud; there is a multitude of ways to get into trouble.

          It’s too bad the public wasn’t given honest (if basic) information to begin with. Much of the speculating comes from the government’s clear violation of the public’s trust. It’s not like we have caught them in a single lie, or even two…they’ve lied too many times to count! And if it were solely the fault of journalists and the media, why haven’t they been called out by TPTB and corrective action taken?

        3. Agree Susan. It is just jaw-dropping (the amount of cash involved). For the price of an 10-year (or ?) annuity – surely you will have a large group of willing accomplices. Even those who are close but not otherwise involved – some direct or indirect compensation also keeps questions to a minimum, no doubt.

        4. I just did a bit of looking into that and found an article from 12/14/13 that states the total to be 27 million:


          I went to the Atty Gen page and clicked on each report and added up all 58 unique charities that accepted funds for Newtown. This was tricky because there were a few that were listed twice. The total I got was $21,963,319.09. (This list did not include individual family donation orgs) But, I did add in the 30k that 26.4.26 donated, with the other 70k going to paddle boards or whatever..

          Sandy Hook Promise is interesting. The article linked above states that as of 12/14/13, it had collected 3.5 million. In their 21 page report on the Atty Gen page, as of June 14, 2013, they had collected a total of $1,031,000.00. That’s 238,000 for lobbying, and 793,000 for “education and immediate need”… so we are looking at a difference of 2,469,000.00, all supposedly collected between June 2013 and Dec 2013. This looks like their donations never tapered off, and even escalated the second half of 2013. You should get a look at their board of directors…

          Very worth taking a look at.


          If you add in all the family donation pages, it probably does add up to an excess of 27 million. 27 million!! Psychological Warfare Is a Racket!!

        5. Susan – thank you for that link! Wow! Crazy. These funds are a great way to stuff money (pay-offs) somewhere. Interesting that “donations” went up for 2013…can only imagine the anniversary of the event was used for fundraising pushes. But, I would love to audit these things to find out sources of funds.

        6. The sum of $21,963,319.09 derived from the list of charities does NOT include pledges. I wanted a conservative estimate based on what had been reported to the state as being received. Many of the groups reported late, as late as August of 2013– the deadline was April. There were a few that reported pledges, the Newtown Forest Association had only collected $3,152, but had been pledged another $250,000. I think another reported a pledge of 250k also. These random groups that had little to no media exposure raising in some cases over 1 million dollars kind of reeks of slush fund activity, if I have an awareness of the true definition of slush fund. Almost 2 thirds of the 58 charities reported amounts in the hundreds of thousands. These numbers tell a story.

        7. Susan, I have always wondered how much total that incident and that little town have collected and never wanted to take the time to try to get the number. Thank you for doing all of that. It’s astounding and upsetting and those that aren’t awake may take notice when they see the actual amount they’ve stolen.

        8. Hi Samantha, I agree that it is very astounding. As someone mentioned above, the Atty Gen list does not include the Federal monies or the many individual family specific funds. I recall the Posner family flap over allocations of what they had raised, but do not remember the amount. Gathering that information might be more difficult, they may not disclose any totals. The Parker 5 must have collected a boat load since they were hawking their fb donation page the day after. The fact that they had the whole system set up as quickly as they did was a huge red flag. A banker type on one of the message boards explained how it took at least a few business days to do the paperwork for the kind of fund they had. Anyone who has dealt with banks and reporting agencies regarding 501(c)3’s knows this. I will keep looking into it.

    3. Erik, the real problem started here (taken from the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook Group…post from Erik Pearson on 2/28/14)….”As you know, I have been waiting for close to 3 weeks for Wolfgang Halbig to accept my friend request…. ”

      Because you didn’t get friended by Wolfgang in a timely matter, is no reason to start a coup d’état to “overthrow him from power”. Keep in mind he is not IN power….He is not our leader and has never stated that he was going to be the Messiah to take the Sandy Hook Truthers to the promised land. He is a genuine American patriot who wants answers. He has spent 11 months trying to get answers via FOIA requests and has been met with stonewalling. If people don’t like Wolfgang or don’t trust Wolfgang, let it be. It doesn’t impact you. But when you complain and say “how dare he lead the charge without consulting me.”….it makes your ego shine right through. Since the interview on Alex Jones, we’ve heard non-stop drum-beating of hatred for Mr. Halbig from the likes of Brendan Hunt, Tony Mead, Kyle Sainz and yourself….which makes the rest of us wonder, which side ya’ll are on….especially when we’ve got this….http://flic.kr/p/meaE2E

      1. Dan I have been back and forth, and I think least some of the rest have been back and forth too. The truth is what is desired here, in fact Tony posted the other night in support of WH though there was a hint of reservation, still he was trying to show support in good faith.

        In light of recent information the case for legitimacy is not good or at the very least his hands are not capable due to how easily ensnared he is among other things.

        Wouldn’t we all like to know when WH is going to secure the retainers for the attorneys or if they are planning to wait until they hit the 100K goal? I asked WH site admin that question and am awaiting a response.

        We’re all on the same side unless we’re truly working for the other side, none of the aforementioned names are that is for sure, but there are real questions that have to be addressed. No way around it. We are not in a room together or all on Facebook together or have each others cell phones so instead we blog, make videos, and engage social media.

        1. Kyle, the obvious thing to me is while doing any search for Halbig, I see your copy/paste comments all over the place calling Halbig a fraud. That is “trolling” in my book. Tony Mead is busy harassing Halbig under the hanldle “Benjamin Dover”….WTF is his deal? Erik Pearson has publicly said he “will expose Halbig for the fraud that he is.”…. The difference between vetting someone and destroying their credibility is very obvious. The un-educated people going after Halbig full-throttle are obviously doing it for a reason. Those listed above are doing their best to splinter this group and derail an honest man simply doing what he can to help. Once you get a team of lawyers together, let us know.

        2. Good points Dmhennen. But I think trolling is when you go to message boards making controversial posts with the goal of starting arguments. Trolls usually choose their words wisely to push the right buttons. They have good knowledge of the subject matter – just enough to be dangerous.

          What Kyle is doing is more like spamming his weak ideas, hoping they stick with the easy targets – throw a bunch of do do and see where it sticks.

        3. Let’s stop beating around the bush. Halbig is either real or he isn’t there is NO in between. Also, the handlers either have good motives or they don’t, there is no in between. Let’s focus on these two issues and we can deal with the rest later. You can call it what you want but war is deception and there are thousands of us in the trenches trying to make a difference and we do NOT appreciate this bs that is going on and will continue to vociferously go after the truth, whatever that is.

        1. So if Wolfgang has handlers, and they are posting on Sandy Hook Justice on his behalf, and they are engaged in a flame war with Sandy Hook Hoax, which, btw still maintains the “we’re not saying kids didn’t die” disclaimer, I would say that they taint each other. Bronx cheer.

        2. As someone pointed out – there was some hypocrisy on Erik’s part for supposedly criticizing SHook parents for fund-raising when he and his wife had done the same:


          I don’t judge. People have reasons for asking for help and that’s cool. I am just throwing it out there as a matter that has come under review in the fundraising arena.

    4. Erik this is what i posted a while back re: Wolf and if you following the link and go read the comments there you will see a rabid jewish side of Wolfgang that will certainly open your eyes.

      PCGeek said…
      I’m beginning to wonder about Wolfgang Halbig … since he is Jewish and at the following link you find a Wolfgang post in the comments which self portrays him as anti muslim and rabid jewish.


      His very poor grammar & spelling in his FOIA requests raised my eyebrows, but also his abruptness on the scene with a much too convenient background as ‘school safety expert’ etc.

      He could be a strawman to make the Sandy Hook truth community think something is being done or attempted. It is also strange that many of his talking points are the exact questions I’ve posted at letsrollforums.com and other sites.

      I bet he gets fake suicided or disappears literally or via threats pressure which may be a jewish backed ploy to dissuade others from digging too deep.

      1. Interesting, PCGeek.
        I had to look at Wolfgang’s “GoFundMe” site. Ugh. Especially the sales pitch about donators having something to tell their grandchildren about (e.g., their $xx donation helped to solve Sandy Hook). Pahleeze….

    5. Your points are not evidence that Halbig is a fraud. They are quite weak indeed.

      Your points debunked:

      1. He’s asking for cash too early. How do you expect him to pay for gas, meals, and his bills while he is traveling? Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Dr. Tracy said he raised $10k. That’s pennies in the overall spectrum. He’s been working on this case for a long time – using his time and resources.

      2. He has not filed FOIA properly. This remains to be seen. If his resume is accurate, hes been a part of the system for many years, and never considered FOIA. This is new territory for him.

      3. Poor grammar and professionalism. I’ll keep saying it till I’m blue – professionalism and being a fraud are not linked. Please show me one study that proves unprofessional behavior is a sign of being a fraud.

      1. @Bill Fred- Thank you so much for your comment. I’m honestly sick of the attacks on Wolfgang. My gut sense is that he’s an honest, genuine, and concerned citizen who wants to get to the truth about Sandy Hook. I personally see him as a game-changer for Sandy Hook truth. Given his unique background, as a former state trooper, school administrator, and school safety specialist, his has a certain kind of standing when he raises questions about Sandy Hook. I think people have taken to his message and his focus on the concrete facts and evidence. And Wolfgang wants to actually take action and move things forward in a legal manner. I have no problem with him raising funds–and the amount he’s attempting to raise is nothing in comparison to what the hoaxers have raised by preying on the sympathies of the nation. My only concern about Wolfgang is that since this is the first event that he’s ever questioned (I’m not sure he was aware of 911 and the other false flags), he may not understand how “truther” movements are easily infiltrated and manipulated by the other side.

        1. Amanda, Halbig has referred to both Boston and 9/11 as if he believes the official story. It is concerning, but maybe the poor guy as been so caught up with Sandy Hook, he hasn’t looked at the horizon.

          Sandy Hook is what woke me up to 9/11 and other events. We’ll have to see how Halbig responds to this. Maybe he should come over eventually and respond on this blog.

        2. That almost makes me believe WH more then anything and just see him as not as robust with his false flag knowledge as most of us but it is just a thought.

        3. @Bill Fred- I actually don’t think it’s concerning that Wolfgang believes in the official narrative of 911 or Boston–I think that just makes him like most Americans. Given his unique background, he immediately noticed something was clearly wrong with what we were being told about Sandy Hook. I get the sense that others have already tried to clue him in about 911 and possibly Boston. But I think Wolfgang is trying to keep his focus on Sandy Hook, which I think is a good idea, because that’s where his expertise lies.

          Also, on the direction Wolfgang is intending on taking things (meaning hiring a lawyer and private investigator, and visiting Newtown), I’m not a lawyer and have no background in law enforcement, so I honestly don’t know what’s best. But if others think he’s being led in the wrong direction, perhaps they should share this information directly with Wolfgang (his phone number and email are readily available on the internet). I honestly take him as being genuinely interested in the truth, and it just seems like it would be best if we could all somehow find a way to work together and collaborate instead of attacking one another and self-destructing from within.

      2. BF, I don’t get why your sucking on halbigs nuts so hard? What has he done to be above legitimate investigation? i am not convinced one way or the other but have leaned towards him being a bit fishy ever since i read his foia “requests.” Are you so desperate for a hero that you can place complete strangers above scrutiny?

    6. Who is this Erik Pearson guy?


      Look, Pearson, get your weak position in order. You come on this very reliable blog and trash someone with very little credible evidence.

      Then, you don’t come back to defend you position. How are you supposed to be someone any person can follow? You are scum for slamming Halbig at this point of the story. Be patient and let this play out. If Halbig is a fraud, he can only hide in the open for so long.

      Next crazy thing you’ll come up with is that you know exactly what happened to the missing airliner…



  12. Kathy, yes, Alex Jones’ exposure of police state brutality is part of the plan to terrorize us. Jones is using the same technique as Jim Jones, who first desensitized his followers and then tormented them. The groupthink and paranoia both instilled in their followers is textbook CIA mind control. Do not listen to Alex Jones every day. He only means to disempower you. Just as Jim Jones did his followers.

    See: Is Alex Jones externalizing the hierarchy? – http://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/is-alex-jones-externalizing-the-hierarchy/

    See: Learned helplessness through the alternative media – http://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/learned-helplessness-through-the-alternative-media/


    1. I stopped listening to those who make a living on bringing us the Bad News and I am happier (and just as informed) for it.

      As far as the subject at hand, I think Erik Pearson just about nailed it (see comment, above).

    2. Alex Jones is absolutely “Total-Hidden-Deception” though he at times has a Sound- Appearance of truth, but inwardly he is the Dark-Angel lurking and never to be trusted. Says Heaven!

    3. Do you think his number of followers is exaggerated? Are many of is ‘followers’ actually shills?

      Something very odd about Alex Jones……

  13. It’s fascinating to observe the lengths that the powerful and power hungry will go to in order to control the conversation. I find this blog so compelling because it is populated by thinkers who kick and punch at all sides when attempts are made to box them in.

  14. Everyone who posts here needs to take an incognito trip thru Newtown, CT city limits, and just observe things. Do not ask any questions, just observe, stop and get gas, drive thru the main drag, do not go into any restricted areas, find a convenience store and stop in for some treats and a beverage to go.

    Also, get a hold of Brandon Hunt, who made a trip there back in March, 2013 and ask him if he thinks that place is what the MSM, wiki, and various publications make it out to be. He did a great video about the fenced in and soon to be demolished SHES which was decrepit as can be, but what about the rest of the city?

    I really don’t care about the Satanic angle, the freemasons, the man in the woods, or even the free houses. We need a professional assessment of what really is Newtown, CT?

    1. true, the dark stuff will only serve as a distraction even if true, pure and unadulterated hard hitting facts and professionalism is the method for victory

    2. If you’re taking a trip through Newtown, tint your windows, fill up your tank, lock your doors, don’t make any stops, and don’t look anyone straight in the eye.

      1. Bill, none of that would be necessary. You will be hard pressed to find anyone roaming around that ghost town. I only saw maybe ten cars and one state police vehicle after driving through Newtown for about 30 mins. One gas station out of three (Sunoco) that I came across was open. This was 1 pm on a Friday afternoon.

        1. John Luv – that is most interesting. I have heard so many people commenting on the lack of life in the area. Lots of nice real estate on Trulia – for sale. I wonder what one has to do to get one of those $0 mortgages. Sorry, couldn’t resist that.

        2. Yes, there are tons of for sale signs by every real estate company, especially north of I-84. Lot’s of homes in the foreclosure process. This place resembles Lehigh Acres, Fla. I went through there about 4 years ago when I was in SW Florida….many of those homes originally sold for 300-450K back in the early 2000s. When I toured, it was America’s newest slum. You couldn’t pay me $1M to live in either place.

        3. Sadly, much of America is in early, mid or post foreclosure it seems. Thanks for your insight on the landscape up there. Next thing you know, they’ll have the Newtown Re-Population Fund…to pay people to move into the area. Lord knows they have plenty of $$ 🙂 That way they’ll have some people to actually populate some of those new building ventures.

        4. Well, one could run for first select(wo)man next time. Pat is getting a bit long in the tooth and ready for a nice retirement pad in Florida. One person who’s no longer mentioned these days is the former Newtown School Superintendent. She has a new, well padded position elsewhere in the state and they could not emphasize enough that she had this position lined up before 12/14/12. We saw her all over from Newtown to DC in the aftermath. It’s safe to assume she did not do it for free before getting out of Dodge.

        5. Janet’s name may not be mentioned lately, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t digging in to her. Notice how she was allowed to leave her post months earlier than she was supposed to have? Ready for another sup to take over in the aftermath of their phony tragedy and FOIA requests? The entire school system in the state of CT is wrong, very wrong. I have actually been gathering information on that subject.

  15. John – Thank you for putting up this video by Team Wake-em-up. The video commentator was quite amusing but the information was very interesting.

    1. This vid has some interesting points, but not much as far as pointing Halbig as a fraud.

      For him to be involved with many inactive organizations might be easily explained. As a consultant, he probably got paid in different ways from different sources, and setting up an organization to serve a purpose for a set of time, then letting it be dissolved might be an SOP for people in his position.

      Team Wake Em Up is one of the guy’s who hurts the truth movement. I think he has a good heart, but he’s a little too cocky for me when he has done little research on topics. People on he outside are not going to follow him. Only truthers follow a guy like Team.

      1. If we are wrong about WH then I don;t speak for them but I will and I do venture to say that they will write letters of apology about all this and right the wrong, but right now y’all are still essentially saying people should donate to him even if he has been compromised, which is just nuts. At least that must be addressed first right?

        1. Agreed, he needs to respond. Not sure why Smallstorm and the other guy Fetzer or something are getting involved, but this story is much better than the missing airliner hoax!!

      2. Hi Bill Fred – I sincerely appreciate your input. Thanks for the insight. The involuntary dissolution I would imagine is as simple as not filing an annual report and letting the entity go. I don’t think the entity’s were closed via a court action.

        You know, I think it’s the whole public request for funds and the sales pitch that goes along with the request that has turned me a bit. I hope Halbig is an honest fellow and he gets the help he needs to corral his bull in the china shop mentality that he seems to have displayed (imho).

        I realize a full-time effort to unmask a conspiracy takes time, effort and funds. I just got a bad feeling from the approach.

        1. Maybe his ‘handlers’ got to him before Dr. Tracy, and they are pushing him to ask for donations. These people are sick, evil bastards and we have to leave all possibilities on the table. They want us to separate – its one of their tactics they have used for decades.

          Another blog posted comments and screen shots of a Facebook conversation with someone who claimed to be Halbig. It looked legit. Halbig was basically questioning his place in this whole f’d up scenario, and it seemed he was ready to quit.

          With all the kwirks, quacks, kooks and block heads posting all over the place that Halbig is a fraud (with very little evidence), that alone could discourage someone. Then the pressure he is getting from “THEM” has got to be very difficult.

          If you haven’t listened to former FBI Special Agent in charge of the LA division of the FBI, Ted Gunderson, I recommend you do. Very alarming to hear how they will attack public figures who speak the truth about 9/11 and other events.

          Its all on Halbig’s shoulders. He can step up and prove his worthiness, stay on the same path (if hes a fraud) and become irrelevant, or walk away from the whole thing. My guess is that he walks.

        2. Thanks for that info, Bill Fred. I’m going to save this post and refer to the Gunderson info this weekend (some quiet reading time). I appreciate your sharing this. In seeing Mr. Day William’s conduct and rather nutty responses on this blog, I hope Mr. Halbig seeks out some competent guides if he is who is says he is. I have hope that he is – but needs someone to guide him appropriately and apparently to muzzle him gently when necessary.

  16. Professor Tracy,

    It was not until I read your article “Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest for Truth” that the yellow flags that I had about Halbig after hearing two interviews with him became red flags.

    I cannot thank you enough for publishing his emails in that article because reading it allowed me to pick up on several issues and, frankly, completely unprofessional elements I noticed in Halbig’s writings. As your article shared, his bizarre email subject lines of the emails included:
    – “Mike Kehoe your Police Chief should be immediately fired for Negligence”
    – “Re: Do I need to get arrested to show the FBI’s negligence in Sandy Hook?”
    – “Do I need to get arrested to make my point?”
    – “Re: Request a investigative copy if the Sandy Hook School shooting from President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder now.”
    – “Re: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.”
    – “Asbestos in the Sandy Hook School”

    The content of the emails you published immediately struck me as being of a somewhat harassing nature (Halbig harassing his recipients) and I would bet that most people reading these emails would get the impression that Halbig is a kook who enjoys using salty language.

    The biggest problem which causes me to question Halbig’s credibility is that he apparently believes that email is the proper procedure to file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests…

    Reading the emails contained in your article I found myself kind of smacking my palm into my forehead and thought “Goodness, he’s burying himself; WHY would you release these to be used in friendly media to demonstrate Halbig’s fighting the good fight…”

    When a guy comes along who on paper has the right credentials to open the eyes of the average mouthbreathers it’s a good thing because here is a guy who can be rolled out to mainstream media and people will listen to this credible guy whose message contradicts the Sandy Hook storyline that the media’s been pushing for 14 months; BUT a producer reads those emails and realizes that all the tools he or she needs to paint Halbig as Looney Toons are right there, the story isn’t about challenging the storyline but it’s a continuation of the “conspiracy nut” storyline the media loves to push…

    Most importantly, with his alleged credentials, the dummy should know that the reason he hasn’t received responses to his FIOA requests is that he hasn’t follow the FIOA procedures and therefore hasn’t officially filed a single FOIA request because you cannot file an FOIA request by email….

    1. according to the governments foia website you can in many cases fila a foia by email. The individual government entinty can decide their own protocol from what I undestand. In a crucial and sensitive case such as this I would do it by certified mail however.

      1. You can NOT file an FOIA request through Wolfgang Halbig’s method of sending gibberish to various individuals, someone with his credentials should understand the importance of always being professional. It is quite simple to find a sample FOIA request letter for the State of Connecticut: http://www.nfoic.org/connecticut-sample-foia-request

        Halbig’s lack of professionalism was striking when I first read Professor Tracy’s article “Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest for Truth,” Those of us with questions about this event owe a great deal of thanks to Professor Tracy for sharing Halbig’s emails because it served as a giant red flag to cause many to research Halbig’s background.

        When you’re in the desert and yearning to quench your thirst, sometimes you’ll drink the sand thinking it is water; as many people with questions were yearning for a credible voice to come along and put him or herself at the forefront to serve as their voice and get the answers many so desperately seek, sometimes we take a sip of the water only to discover it’s sand as we begin to swallow.

        1. Since you are so interested and knowledgeable, feel free to make your own requests for public records and please share the responses you receive.

        2. Telling you how we connected would invade attorney-client privilege. I will say that I have represented Sirhan Sirhan,I’ve attended conferences on the JFK assassination, and I have followed false flags and psychological operations many years.
          May I ask who you are, and whether you have you requested any public records from Ct. officials?

        3. Thanks Benjamin…I guess “legal liaison” is an attempt to get around state licensing perhaps?

        4. What are your credentials, Beth D.?
          There is no issue with a lawyer’s representing someone from another state. Once you decide to file a court action, a lawyer must associate with an attorney from that other state, have the client hire an attorney from that state, or petition to be admitted pro hac vice.

        5. My “credentials” are not at issue on this blog. Members of this group have simply asked for information about you, requested clarification as to the “puffery” in your resume and I believe many are curious as to your compensation cut in connection with Mr. Halbig and his fundraising.

          In addition to the above, I think we are all wondering just what in the heck you are doing and why you are spending so much time in this blog hammering on the regulars.

          If you are being paid for your consulting services from the funds Mr. Halbig is raising from the public, the compensation must surely be for efforts associated with issues OTHER than estate planning, product liability and such. Do you plan on also accepting a tidy referral fee for referring the gentleman to a properly licensed attorney should he move forward with his prospective case in CT.

          Surely a lawsuit against a governmental body is going to be spun enough to make Mr. Halbig and his counsel dizzy – they have all the funds to do so. It is going to get awfully expense.

          Obviously it would’ve made sense for Mr. Halbig to utilize the services of a CT licensed attorney from the start because somewhere between you and he – FOIA requests, follow-up efforts and the like have been, shall we say, poorly done? Are you coaching / advising him as to the verbal threats he has made towards officials and his “I’m coming up there” threats? I only ask because you claim you are his “legal liaison”.

          A CT licensed attorney could best guide the gentleman along on the ropes. If Halbig engages CT, he is obviously going to need an arsenal.

          So, what is it again you are doing again and why all of the attacks and defenses? Your conduct on this blog started all of the inquiries into your motives, your activities and your background. In my time spent here on this blog, I have found most of the participants to be respectful, decent folks. You have come out swinging from the get-go.

        6. Mr Williams:

          It would be appropriate for you to clarify the reality of your credentials:

          In 1997/98 lead attorney Lawrence Teeter filed an appeal to the California Supreme Court asking them review Sirhan’s conviction. While Teeter served as Sirhan’s primary counsel, along with Rose Lynn Mangan and Ken McKenna, you briefly served on Teeter’s team.

          Criminal law and appellate law are not your areas of expertise, I’m sure the readers of Professor Tracy’s site would have appreciated it if you disclosed that your practice areas are: Wills and Trusts, Business Disputes, Personal Injury and Product Liability.

          Which begs the question:
          Do you encounter a lot of false flag attacks and psychological operations in the cut throat world of Product Liability law?

          Looking forward to reading your response.



        7. I don’t know everything. Mr. Halbig wants to find out the truth about Sandy Hook. I don’t know of any attorney besides myself who has come forward on behalf of people who question the official story. If you know an attorney who specializes in this area of the law and lives closer to Mr. Halbig, or even another attorney who is interested, please provide the name to me. I will forward that name to Mr. Halbig. In the meantime, I’m here. I don’t feel particularly welcome in this venue. I represent Mr. Halbig. I encourage you to conduct your own research in any legal manner you see fit. I encourage you to hire an attorney of your own if you see fit.

        8. Oh Snap, Nick! He pulled that response straight from the democratic-like playbook and never answered your questions. Not that I expected he would. (Apologies to any dems out there…no offense to you intended).

        9. The State of Connecticut has installed a DHS prison specialist as Head of Emergency Services, passed the most restrictive and openly defied gun legislation in America and is currently negotiating a tax deal with UTC that would bring a 500M dollar expansion of the defense contractor’s varied operations in the state.

          FOIA compliance has been tested statewide and found to be laughable:


        10. Are you his “legal liasion” or are you representing him? You’ve claimed both, If you are representing him, in which capacity are you doing so?

        11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujH2O4Fz0iI

          I got A LOT of flak, when I made the first video on youtube warning about Wolfgang. All one needs to do is follow his fan pages on facebook.

          I say fan pages, because Wolfgang now has “handlers.” He has not his own facebook, where he posts his own stuff. It all goes through someone else. You think those handlers are working for free? Or perhaps, will their hard work and dedication be worth a little bit of the over $20,000 Wolfgang had collected thus far, documented? That includes not the monies he had sent to his house.

          Check out his fan pages on facebook. They post every other day an old photo of Wolfbag from the 80s or 90s. Nothing recent. Have you ever seen a video of Wolfdong? I think it is VERY possible he is a false creation, an alias. Somebody could be using photos of their old junior high principal, and made an online identity, and are cashing in on the Truthers, DESPERATE for a genuine, bonafide leader.

          Now the C.S.I. is defunct. SO, why does Wolfdong need to be the one to go to Sandy Hook?

          Why did he wait 14 months to appear?

          Too many questions and too much suspicious activity surrounding this man. And, now it appears Jim Fetzer is rabidly defending Wolfblah’s authenticity. Hmmmm. Yet, Sofia Smallstorm and Professor Tracy have their qualms, minor and major, apparently.

          Either way, whether Wolfdog is for real and just wants the truth to come out, or he is a money hungry opportunistic zionist, or he is actually controlled opposition…..one thing should be CRYSTAL CLEAR to ALL but the deluded ones who donated and still support the man.

          He is ultimately going to do major damage to our cause. If he actually goes to Sandy Hook and gets arrested, it will be curtains for Truthers.
          He would not last three seconds in an interview with an Anderson Cooper or any mainstream media pundit/talking head/empty suit.
          He is a bumpkin, and a dangerous prospect for the future of The Truth regarding Sandy Hook.

          Too many questions to list. Why did he wait until 14 months later to appear? Why did he allegedly get visited by police twice (or was it thrice?), when none of us other Sandy Hook researchers who have been doing deep investigatory work since 12/14/2012, have never been visited by Law Enforcement, never mind even called by L.E.? I live in Connecticut, and I have been making a large scene with writing letters to the editors of various papers large and small, getting published, and I have called into more than a dozen AM talk shows, and I am a regular on two, still to this day, and I always spoke the unspeakable regarding Sandy Hook. No cop ever visited me.

          This is to be an important lesson for us all to learn, when it is all said and done. Wolfgang’s show, unfortunately, is just getting started, and it is going to be the definition of the S H’ing the F.

          Keep the faith, brothers and sisters!

          -The Dreamer

        12. For the record, Mr. Halbig originally contacted me in March 2013. At the time I was inundated with correspondence and thus did not immediately respond until subsequent attempts in December 2013 and January 2014.

        13. Hey Peace- great post and very thoughtful. You bring up some good points for all to consider…even those who feel they are in Halbig’s corner or are simply on the fence.

          I wonder if Halbig has established a nonprofit for the funds being sent to him on-line and in the mail. I tried to locate one via his state of residence and found nothing yet.

          I share your concern that Halbig and his handlers/coworkers could cause more harm than good.

          I would venture a guess that if Halbig was visited by law enforcement it was due to the nature and tone of his follow-up communications to CT officials and his “I’m coming up there” threats. Highly unprofessional and I’ll venture a guess that his tone generated some serious concern for the recipients.

        14. Man, I am so pissed off. I just typed up what would have been like a three page long response, and when I hit post comment, it brought me out of this page to log in, and it ERASED THE COMMENT! So angry, probably not wasting my time on wordpress comment sections ever again. You know how aggravating that is!? I am sure we have all experienced it.
          Anyway, I am not on my home computer, so that is the reason, or part of the reason.
          I just wanted to post my video again. I got A LOT of heat for being the first person to make a youtube video calling attention to Wolfbag and his shadiness.

          It should be crystal clear to all but those who donated and still protect him as the Messiah of the Truth Movement, with the golden resume and the aw shucks hominess:
          Wolfgang is just getting started, and he is ultimately going to do major damage to the cause of Truth regarding the Sandy Hook event.
          If he goes to Newtown, and gets arrested, it is curtains for Truthers. Expect new tighter legislation, going after FOI, perhaps even 1A, banning conspiracy speech.

          He wouldn’t last a minute in a televised debate with the likes of Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, or any of the tv personalities. Heck, he wouldn’t last ten seconds against Brendan Hunt, or me, or some of the others who have been to Sandy Hook, and have been researching this since 12/14/2012. Never forget.

        15. UGH! I posted the wrong video atop. Attached below is the proper video, I intended to post in the comment above, which is regarding Halbig.

          The video above is about Helicopters and their use/non-use in Connecticut when a teacher or student is injured severely on school grounds…

        16. Now if someone does not have good grammar and spelling, that person is suspect? You are free to make your own FOIA requests. Anybody can. Go for it. Got a better idea than FOIA requests? Then do it, instead of making videos to put people down.

        17. @peaceb:

          1. When you type a comment, make sure to copy it before you click “submit”. That way if it’s gone, you can just paste it back in.

          2. “F*^k bunny”? And you dare criticize Halbig for his lack of grammar and professionalism???

          3. Looks like Alex Jones???

          4. Immature speech bubbles in a video?

          Pls give your ranting a rest. And pls do not refer to any human with such vulgar terms. The irony of your avatar name escapes no one.

        18. I think that’s what CT is waiting for. Someone, not necessarily Wolfgang, but anyone to come to their Newtown and start a ruckus, then they can pass another piece of legislation that impedes on our rights. We have to be very careful.

        19. Nick, how do you know Halbig filed his original FOIA requests early last year? Are you assuming he sent off some quick and dirty emails requesting the information? The only correspondence we’ve all seen publicly from Halbig were some random emails beginning last October/November time frame after months of stonewalling. By then then you could tell that his tone had changed. I personally don’t know, but I want to make you aware not to assume things that you don’t know.

        20. @ Nick: I wouldn’t call Halbig’s emails “a red flag”. I think they just indicate that he needs some assistance. He is probably so outraged that it’s hard for him to keep his feelings reigned in.

          I too, criticized the unprofessionalism. But there’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just do things better in the future…


        21. This is what i questioned dr tracy on when this was originally released. For some reason, Jim thought i was out in left field, eventually (ironically) censoring my subsequent reiterations to his incredulous response.
          (Note how tracy references a dead link to what i was talking about.)


          Jim- nothing against you other than you censored me for positing that maybe YOU were up to something with intentions behind your blog when fetzer came on with his childish coalitions, defensive posture, and mudslinging emails. As evidenced here by other readers (and now yourself), Halbig is naive at best, and fetzer is complete money grubbing trash. Why not allow freedom of speech? Why cant we criticize you? You are not perfect, but wouldn’t you encourage your students to be skeptical of everything, including of that which you teach?
          I will try to be more constructive in future posts, I was just incensed when I read the aforementioned emails from halbig and fetzer as they were clearly not serious about gleaning any info, but more intent on fomenting circus attention.

        22. The only time I will moderate comments is if they appear to be heedlessly inflammatory or profane. I reserve this right, as all commenters are aware when they submit observations.

          In my view Fetzer’s efforts over the past twenty years to research deep events, including Sandy Hook, are noteworthy and sincere.

        23. You are good Dr.
          And thanks for letting me rant.

          Any chance of getting Halbig on here to defend himself? I think we all want to know why his emails were more shock value than professional concern. Also, if you say Fetzer has good intentions for 20 years, then ok, I will read up on him more. Perhaps he just doesn’t communicate well in a live forum – i’ve always said that texting is the lowest form of communicating (with myriad ways of misinterpreting).
          As for the VT website, idk… Sure looks nutty to me.

    2. Nick202, I agree. Frankly, if I was a Newtown or any other administrative person / official in receipt of Halbig’s numerous emails of this nature – I’d contact the authorities as well – just to put them on alert. This would certainly be the case if I received his “I’m coming there…” email. I be concerned he was a nut job and would want to know if he had the capacity to show up armed. IF he is legit, he’s got that “bull in a china shop” manner that won’t help his cause. That’s a big IF.

      1. I had never seen any individual post their phone number on the comment section of an article discussing a conspiracy or false flag. Have you?

      2. Beth: Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful comment. After reading your words I went to Halbig’s “fundraising” page and what I read made your post even more spot-on, here is what is posted there:

        “Updated posted by Wolfgang W Halbig 1 hour ago
        We are going to Newtown and cannot wait for the…We are going to Newtown and cannot wait for the great reception that we will receive.

        “Look foward to meeting the Police Chief Mike Kehoe and all of his friends.

        “Stay tune and let the fireworks begin.


        Beth, “let the fireworks begin” strikes me as your astute comment about his “bull in a china shop manner” multiplied by 100…

        This man has raised $12,507 from 250 people. I hope I am wrong and Halbig does the right thing but the evidence suggests he may be pulling a “Paper Moon” without that adorable Tatum O’Neal at his side…

        1. Mr. Halbig has asked for public records. As far as I can see, that is more than you negative commenters have done.Since you imply that you can do it better than he does, go ahead.

        2. agree….other than grammar and spelling, what has the man done wrong? This article isn’t even about the man and everyone is out in the town square with their torches and pitchforks.

        3. No matter who steps up to the plate right now will be scrutinized. Also, no one can do all this for free. Wolfgang’s heart is in the right place, but maybe he did bite off a little more than he can chew. I think we all need to realize we need to come together somehow to make a dent in this mess. Wolfgang’s the only one I know of that’s tried to rally support and be a leader with the intent of just getting some basic questions answered. He’s not going to be perfect in everyone’s eyes.

        4. @dayw77- I agree, I’m sick of these attacks on Wolfgang. All he has done for 11 months is try to get the public records. I’m not concerned about whether or not his FOIA requests are perfect. I just greatly appreciate someone with his background speaking up and questioning Sandy Hook.

          @dmhennen- Exactly, this article is expressing concern about someone attempting to “handle” Wolfgang. Instead of focusing on the issue of the infiltrator and what to do about it, everyone is, as you said “out in the town square with torches and pitchforks.” If this is how we respond to someone genuinely interested in the truth about Sandy Hook, we might as well give up. Wolfgang is the one trying to move things forward–if we just spend years and years writing on the internet about Sandy Hook being a hoax, where exactly is that going to get us?

        5. dayw777:

          What you fail to understand is that Wolfgang Halbig’s requests for records fail to follow the procedures as dictated by the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information Act.

          I’d highly encourage Halbig to actually read the text of the Act because his poorly written rants are NOT FOIA requests, they are simply the ramblings of a man with poor grammar skills.

          Perhaps Wolfgang Halbig would find more success if he focused on following the FOIA procedures instead of focusing on begging the public to fund his “investigation.”

          If Wolfgang Halbig had his act together then perhaps the public would be more willing to support him but his failure to be professional and follow procedures have caused many to wonder if Halbig is simply putting on an act in order to fund his retirement.

          Here is the text of the State of Connecticut FOIA Law: http://www.ct.gov/foi/cwp/view.asp?a=4161&Q=488540&foiNav=%7C

          Finally, since your posts imply that you have a relationship with Wolfgang Halbig, might you ask him to provide an updated photo of himself? I ask this because the two most recent photos of him on his website (and the manipulations of those two photos) strike me as being taken over 10 years ago. It would be helpful for many if Wolfgang Halbig might demonstrate that he is more than just a voice conducting various radio interviews.

          I look forward to your feedback. Thank you!


        6. Thank you, Nick, for constructive input. I appreciate the info about public records requests. I will ask Mr. Halbig for a recent photo.
          Maybe you could clarify to the people on this site that any citizen can request public records. You do not need to have any certain license.

        7. Good post, Nick. With the tidbits I’ve seen of Mr. Halbig’s request for info, they are harassing and hopefully were done before his “legal liaison” stepped in to help him.

        8. Mr. Day Williams. You are a very experienced Attorney based on your website. Are you hinting you may one the Attorney’s that will be representing Mr. Halbig in this case? You seem to specialize in class actions suits. If you could get this egg to crack, I could see a huge class action against many entities. The weakest link right now is Actor Kevin Marc as exposed in this blog. This guy is truly busted and will be easy to break because he is very low on totem pole.

        9. I don’t either Nick or I were being offensive – so I’m hoping you’ll rethink that little attack and post actual contributions.

        10. Et Tu Memory Hole?

          Your collective intellectual snobbery is so unfair to this warrior. He may lack for a classical education, but this is not uncommon – the schools of education in our universities traditionally have lower standards than the other colleges. They usually allow an easy foreign culture option rather than require two years of a foreign language. And math courses are designed for poets and dancers, who often lack the portion of the brain responsible for mathematical calculations. Most teachers are highly educated, yet not all – many educators I have known are functionally illiterate. They know just a little more than they teach.

          As far as Sandy Hook experts – intellectuals may flock to Smallstorm, but the masses are listening to Reviewmanify. The message is the same.

          Wolfgang is an extremely effective speaker. I hope that we can support our “Great Communicator.”

        11. Hi Nick, Thanks for your post and the follow-up info. Yes, very telling in terms of how this guy is going in with “guns” blazing, apparently. Cringe-worthy.

          Who in the blazes does he think he is? He’s making every reasonable and logical SHook skeptic look like a conspiracy nut. You know, I just thought of something I’d read…one of his school security web sites was found to have been created in 2012 but two of his references had died at least one year prior – so it raised a few eyebrows as to his actual background and performance (either dead references tell no tales or the experience was from so long ago that the aged references are not appropriate). Don’t know if you’d seen that info.

          One would hope he’s the real deal but his bravado and the “puffery” is just not scoring any points with me, I’m sad to say.

      3. You can’t be serious, Beth D. Have you ever made a request for public records in your life? When someone asks for public records, they should receive a prompt response to the effect: “We can provide the records for so many dollars, or we can’t provide the records because of statute xyz.” I’ve never heard of sending police to someone’s house because they asked for public records. Have you?

        1. No one in CT will respond to your request. This is why the AP had to go to a Commissioner for a ruling. The NPD and CSP didn’t even respond to their request until June, 2013, and it was filed 12/13/12. They (CT bureaucrats) believe they are above the law and untouchable. Look at Sedensky, he can lie to the face of the FOI Commissioner and say they can’t answer her questions because there is a “child abuse investigation pending”.

        2. @SamanthaCaine–I agree, the bureaucrats in CT are operating as though they are above the law, perhaps because they know they have back up from those with true positions of power in this hijacked nation. And Sedensky is a total disgrace! I can’t believe he had the audacity to avoid questions by saying there’s a “child abuse case pending.” The whole state seems completely corrupt!

        3. Let’s work to end corruption. Honest public officials should be rewarded with promotions. Corrupt public officials should be fired and indicted.

        4. I agree with Samantha–as good as your intentions appear to be, what makes you think deposing actors in the SH event is going to result in the truth being revealed?

        5. Agreed – many officials will just arrogantly ignore such pesky little things and the requestor is left to battle for the info.

        6. OK, here we go. Yes, I have made FOIA requests. Yes, I have been threatened by gov officials – even with arrest for digging into things that they didn’t like. I have had to sit my children down to explain to them that there are very bad people in power positions…how adults sometimes have “bullies on the playground” — the bullies are just a little more powerful and the playgrounds a little bigger sometimes.

          In addition to the above, I deal with government in my work daily. So, sir, I do not appreciate your disrespectful and condescending attitude. Certainly a big wig attorney like yourself has bigger fish to fry than trolling this blog, yes?

        7. Of course I do – that was never in question. You know the questions and concerns raised already, so won’t bother to repeat.

        8. Thanks Nick – it was a wild time…but we prevailed. I never in my life could imagine that officials could be so corrupt. That was about 7 years ago – and it sure opened my eyes.

        9. Well dayw777, the difference between Beth D and Wolfgang Halbig is that Beth follows the correct procedures and remains professional even in the face of disrespectful words from people such as you.

          Also, Beth is not begging for money for her efforts whereas Wolfgang Halbig trolled for donations in his first interview with American Free Press. In that interview, Wolfgang Halbig answered “I want to raise a lot of money” when asked directly what his next step was and what he wanted to do.

          Perhaps you might ask Wolfgang Halbig about his July 24, 2012 appeal for $100,000 to investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide which he promised to do be “provide to parents technology defender for any student who is having to suffer through this type of fail torture.”

          My Three Questions:
          1. What did Halbig do with the funds he raised through that effort?
          2. Has his purported technology defender come to fruition?
          3. Is Halbig no longer concerned about “saving children from committing suicide?

        10. Thanks Nick – much appreciated. Thank you also for locating and posting that bazaar request for $100k from Wolfgang Halbig. That post is a double-red flag for me. Yikes. This appears to be pretty shady. This is not the way a professional gets venture funding for a new business. But, he does (probably) have a mortgage on his “3 houses”.

          The comment on his one post, “I don’t need to be doing this” is a bit Freudian to me. Perhaps he is a good person who suffers from extremely inarticulate moments, but all of this hasn’t passed the “sniff test” for me.

        11. @BethD.: Hats off to you for pursuing the FOIA requests and explaining things so well to your kids.

        12. Hi Tammie – Thanks for your kind note. I couldn’t believe the extent to which those with power could abuse it. I know there is another contributor of this blog who has gone through a terrible time at the hands of those given authority, as well…and surely many, many more folks.

          Thanks to my husband (we make a great team), kids with a “go get ’em” attitude, a sole gal working for the state (who was later transferred from her position ..she ratted out her boss) and a review of the situation from the governor’s office (after appealing to them to investigate the local gov and state office corruption), we succeeded.

          It was great fun to sit back afterwards and watch those nasty people cannibalize each other as their house of cards fell.

          That experience opened my eyes to the amount of corruption that exists at various levels of government. It’s everywhere. It also made me extremely sympathetic for those who don’t know how / cannot fight it.

          It truly is an ugly business – it takes time and some expertise. I suspect Mr. Halbig is not equipped and I’m concerned he may case more harm than good. Assuming, of course he isn’t a shady player.

        13. Beth, I guess I’m slower than usual tonight. I appreciate yours and Nick’s posts. I’m at a loss as to what all the concern about Mr. Halbig is about. If he wants to request records, fine. If we want to do the same, fine.

          What are the posters here allegedly guilty of? Lack of Halbig worship? I don’t think anyone here voted for someone to “represent” them. It’s like the Alex Jones dilemma, sometimes he puts something worthwhile out there, sometime he just “grates”.

          I’m not sure what his plan is at the moment. Anyone asking for records is not going to get them. Anyone going there and demanding an audience won’t receive one. They will stonewall and refuse.

          I suppose with some publicity a group might “force” some attention from them. My guess is that it will involve police. As I’ve said before, I wish him luck if he is truly trying to get answers. I don’t for one minute believe that any will be forthcoming.

          It appears that our legal beagle thinks that we’re all hopeless reprobates for not mindlessly throwing our unquestioning support behind Wolfgang and whatever he’s up to. I think we’ve demonstrated healthy skepticism at times.

          So, again I’m coming late to the party, are we being taken to the root cellar for “non-belief”? Personally, I’m not looking for another messiah. If he manages to do something useful he’ll get commensurate support. I hope he and his attorney are not waiting for group metanoia from this site.

          By all means, true believers should push on. I’ll have time to be ashamed later. Maybe the time spent here ridiculing the posters would be better spent in organizing the “entry to Jerusalem”. That would be a nut worth cracking. The rest of us “nuts” will make up our own minds as to the value of this approach. Like I said before, I wish him luck. I’ll hang onto that choir application just now.

        14. Lophatt…thanks! Glad you’re here…been missing your input.
          Well said. It is interesting to me how many hours the attorney has spent here…guess we have done a good job questioning 🙂

        15. The AP filed a request the day of the alleged shooting, they got two pieces of paper in June 2013, after they had to schedule a hearing with the Commissioner. Yes, there is a time frame but CT evidently can’t read calendars. So Mr. Williams, it is contingent upon the response, not the request.

    3. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      Dr. Tracy, any response to this regarding your initial reaction to Halbig’s and Fetzer’s inflammatory and unprofessional emails to CT personnel for FOIA when this was first posted in February?

  17. There’s a ton of in-fighting happening in the Sandy Hook Truther movement. I think I’ve been very fair covering Halbig (originally posting his interviews and letters to get more attention). Now I come out and urge CAUTION and I’m attacked for being a “Disinfo Agent”.
    I remember James Tracy and the “US Intelligence Information Center” affair. I actually posted a video on it after seeing it on this blog – and quickly took it down after learning it was fraudulent. These guys now ‘handling’ Wolfgang Halbig is a HUGE red flag.
    Thank you James for posting this. I will try to get more people to come over and take part in your excellent blog.
    Here’s my video on the latest:


    1. I disagree that “there’s a ton of in-fighting” in the truth movement. Thats just jibberish blibberish. Its quite the opposite. We want a new investigation.

      1. Yes, let’s focus on gathering solid evidence and let’s focus on the issues. What really happened on December 14, 2012 in Sandy Hook?

      2. The funny thing is Halbig is now the “Judy Wood of 9/11” of the Sandy Hook movement and he didn’t even come up with an outlandish far-flung theory….he’s asking the same questions as the rest of us. This is seriously the most BIZARRE thing I have ever encountered in the world of government staged events.

        1. @dmhennen–Exactly, all he did is ask the same questions we’ve been asking for over a year and this is how he gets treated.

        2. Well yes, he is asking many of the same questions that others began asking right after the event. It doesn’t appear however, that he has done much in the terms of independent research. He is asking for a large amount of money to assist him in his search for justice. That alone should raise eyebrows and cause people to look into his background and make sure he is legit before donating.

          I’m just curious if he has given any interviews on video? Or have they all been audio only?

        3. Before you play the “Halbig-is-greedy” card, check how much it costs to fly from Florida to Connecticut, round trip, to stay one night, and to rent a car.

    2. Jeff C you are no disinfo agent in my book you are the F4#king MAN!- you are the only one of a rare few with the GUTS to finger BLOOMBERG for this!

  18. James, besides outing wolfgang publicly on this blog, have you made any attempt to talk to him on a personal level? you are very smart and he could use a good handler, like yourself. to steer his actions. Or you can write about what he is doing and toss doubt into the people looking for the truth! James, i know your a smart man. Please explain why, you of all people would air this out on a blog and not talk to wolf privately about it?
    Now that i think about it, it was you that Anderson Cooper wanted to discredit, not Wolf. hmmmm. (see what i did there)

    1. For whatever it’s worth – I didn’t see James’ post as “outing” Wolfgang – it looks like just some general facts were noted. I didn’t find it offensive. “Outing” is something one on the defense charges.

    2. @Zurnmusic-I agree, I think it would have been better to express such concerns to Wolfgang privately.

  19. Without having read all of this, I’ve been suspicious of Halbig since the beginning. I haven’t wrote anything about it because the whole thing is just getting disgusting and I don’t trust anybody writing about Sandy Hook.

    I’d like to know why Halbig had Leland Management as an interest on his Facebook. That’s the HOA that ran the community that Trayvon was shot in. The Trayvon thing was another obvious psyop even though many cling to it because they threw a bone to conservative social warriors.

    WTF is going on in Central Florida with all of the hoax stories?

    As long as we’re searching for heroes or authority they’ll play us over and over again. I feel like this whole thing entered another stage with the release of the report and the release of Halbig.

    The Leland thing is hardly all that I have but whats the point of putting it out when most people are just going to scream “shill” at you? I hope everybody enjoys the ride

    1. As long as we’re searching for heroes or authority they’ll play us over and over again.

      Yes, that’s exactly right. That’s why, for me, the biggest red flag of all regarding Halbig is the fact that he didn’t work together with the prominent Sandy Hook researchers who did all the heavy lifting and who generally agree on the major problems and weaknesses of the story. Instead, he’s out there stirring up interest and gaining the research community’s trust, but without being properly vetted (except by a few, like Brendan Hunt and TeamWakeEmUp). Talk is cheap, ya know, although it looks like Halbig is making it expensive with his fundraising.

      If we had a nation of skeptics, we’d be in a lot better shape.

        1. Larry: Did you read the gibberish that you call FOIA requests? Professor Tracy did a great public service by sharing these “requests” in his article “Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest for Truth.” I’d highly encourage you to read this article because Halbig’s poor writing skills and use of salty language demonstrates his complete lack of professionalism. .

        2. Larry, I was heartened to see your comment above, I doubt that anyone not connected to the press, or maybe a personal injury lawyer, would be making FOIA requests in Newtown.

          I recall Mark Fuhrman’s book, “Murder in Connecticut,” and the walls he had to climb in order to review case files. It takes a strong person to stand up to their closed and threatening ranks.

          Halbig deserves a lot of credit.

        3. @Sandy- I totally agree. Wolfgang deserves a lot of credit. I haven’t heard of anyone else (other than the press) making FOIA requests. If people are so concerned about the errors he has made in such requests, then perhaps they should offer to help him or do their own.

  20. Perhaps Tracy and Halbig were both warning us when Halbig’s purported poorly written correspondence was published here. He may of started with good intentions, but may have been compromised.

    Honesty is always the best policy, but at times it is difficult to stay with the course and not avoid perceived embarrassment on one’s own naiveté. Interesting all the new names that have appeared in the comment section on this subject.

    Hopefully, we can all unite, and not worry about who should have credit for a certain discovery and expose the criminals for who they are.

    1. I believe we can unite together. More and more people wake up every day to the deceitful official story that is Sandy Hook and that looks continue if not increase exponentially.

    2. Hi Kathy, I was also interested to see all of the new names out here. Wonder where these folks have been 🙂

      1. I agree with the comments, I’ve thought long and hard about Wolfgang Halbig and couldn’t make my mind up about him. His enthusiasm seemed genuine, to find out the truth about Sandy Hook..” His Quest for Truth”… but to me he seemed to be’ over doing’ it when talking about his credentials, do they matter so much than the facts of the episode on Dec 14th?.. Every time I heard him speak it was, what he did in the past and how powerful his job was.. i am hoping they haven’t got to him and taken over ( whoever they are)… I have a feeling he will go on, but the findings will only be allowed to be known by him.. and then he will try and convince everyone that ” HE knows it happened”… so we have to believe him.. I hope I am wrong in my thinking, but I thought I would just put out my feelings. Thanks Mr Tracy for this excellent blog.

  21. Would one of you expert cyber researchers please follow up on the post from ajmacdonaldjr regarding one Kenneth Feinberg, a jewish attorney who seems to be collecting massive residual fees from all of the events we have been pondering (9/11, SH, VT, BP Spill, Aurora, Boston)? Who is this guy? Who is his network? I found Feinberg’s wiki site to be extremely revealing. For a “compensation czar” to be so heralded, he’s got to be part of the inner circle.

      1. You Guys are so Cool taking care of OldMan. Its like the the ’60’s and 70’s again when people respected thier elders.

      1. Heartfelt thanks to mangrove and larry for sharing. The second vid is 5 star and I hope everyone who hasn’t watched it gives it a view. Kudos to PaulStalService. Here is a brief epic film that represents our current dilemma. It is a cornucopia of recent evil, salted by greed and power, that is potent in misery for the 99%. Coming soon to all neighborhoods if we cannot unite.

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