Unanswered Questions in the Isla Vista CA Shootings

By James F. Tracy

When mass shootings take place in the United States, corporate news media can almost uniformly be counted on to act as stenographers to power. They dutifully report exactly what they’re told by authorities with wholehearted trust and close to no due diligence. This appears to have been the case yet again in the May 23 Isla Vista California mass murder.

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The public has been propagandized with a familiar storyline that law enforcement authorities have peppered with lurid details–including a disturbing “manifesto” and YouTube soliloquy from a well-to-do yet alienated man who had trouble forging relationships, so he went on a wild shooting spree then committed suicide.

Like numerous other tragic events that cry out for heightened measures against gun ownership, such as the Tucson shooting, the Sikh Temple bloodletting, the Aurora movie theatre massacre, and the Newtown school shooting, initial eyewitness accounts of what took place differ markedly from what news media presented in subsequent reports—those laid out in law enforcement press conferences just hours after the event.

Otto von Bismarck famously remarked, “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.” In a society where the Second Amendment and gun violence have been vigorously politicized by powerful “reformists” like billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Attorney General Eric Holder, and President Barack Obama, journalists might be well-served by keeping this dictum in mind.

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What became the acceptable storyline remains dubious given initial reports of the event. For example, Michael Vitak, a University of California Santa Barbara student from the Czech Republic, stated in a live televised interview that he saw more than one gunman–“’guys in a BMW. Maybe they were trying to prove they’re tough.’” Vitak claims to have witnessed the men shooting at two girls; one was shot dead, the other was critically injured. “I heard shots, screams, pain,” says Vitak. ‘All emotions. I hope she is going to be fine.’ Vitak asserts it was too dark to see the suspects’ faces.”[1]

Mr. Vitak was one of many bystanders who saw two men carry out the shootings. “Multiple witnesses say they saw two people inside the suspect’s vehicle,” Santa Barbara television station KEYT reported.[2] Another source conveyed how Santa Barbara County Sheriff public information officer Kelly Hoover confirmed that a second suspect had been apprehended.[3] Still, during an early press conference Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown would neither confirm nor deny whether there was a second suspect, only “that there are multiple scenes and multiple victims and that the situation is fluid.”[4]

Initial reports also describe the event as a series of “drive-by shootings,”  including a documented instance of “hit and run … that left someone with major leg and head trauma.”[5] The Santa Barbara Independent also related “[a]necdotal yet unconfirmed reports” of bystanders “suggest[ing] that the vehicle involved was a black BMW with a passenger shooting a handgun.”[6]

Another witness identified as Sierra said “she was approached by two men in a black BMW. The driver flashed a small black handgun and asked ‘Hey, what’s up?’”[7] “Sierra” said at the time she believed it wasn’t a real gun and continued walking. “Seconds later, she could hear real bullets whistling past her. She managed to escape unharmed into a nearby home filled with strangers also seeking safety” RT.com reports.[8]

Perhaps in the midst of concerted activity and scant illumination multiple witnesses might of mistaken the number of individuals in a darkly-hued vehicle recklessly speeding by. Yet here is “Sierra”–a witness who claims to have encountered one of the assailants firsthand. One must therefore ask, Why, with such compelling witness accounts, has the ‘investigation’ been short-circuited in lieu of an arguably far less tenable, even sensationalistic storyline? Indeed, much like the estranged Adam Lanza, who similarly never lived to explain his motivations, the Elliot Rodgers motif closely aligns with gun control legislation and mental health protocols that powerful political interests are hell bent on achieving.

When this author contacted the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s offices—Isla Vista’s law enforcement arm and the main agency involved in the inquiry—he was told that only those immediately involved in a crime may have access to an incident report, and with regard to the May 23 shooting such documentation would likely not be forthcoming even to those parties.

Initial witness recollections and those of press agent Hoover are corroborated in police dispatch audio, where officers are first cautious to enter into the immediate vicinity of the shootings. The crime scenes were ostensibly established within the jurisdiction of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff. Yet given the drastic circumstances it is difficult to imagine such parameters would be closely adhered to. In the captured audio an officer clearly states that “two suspects with gunshot wounds [are] in custody.”[9] Following the melee Hoover told the press that resources from throughout the county “were pouring into the neighborhood … to help with the investigation.”[10]

What adds further complexity to the case is that an elaborate “active shooter drill” involving multiple law enforcement agencies was scheduled to occur on May 28th at nearby Santa Barbara City College, where the alleged shooter was a student.[11]

Regardless, in the aftermath of such an event the public is fed what appears to be a ready-made narrative complete with an unusually outspoken parent who, alongside those from the Sandy Hook School massacre, appear to use such events for furthering a specific political agenda. Richard Ross Martinez, father of one of the reportedly slain students, is a practicing attorney. One must therefore ask why he himself hasn’t looked at the available data and seriously questioned what appears to be a botched probe, or perhaps even a coverup.

[Image Credit: University of California]

In the end, journalism today is so perversely craven and devoid of originality that editors happily toss documented facts and testimony down the memory hole, particularly when they are confronted with a surge of official statements supporting yet another “lone nut” storyline.[12] Under ideal circumstances such pronouncements would be met with skepticism and rigorous scrutiny. One is left to ponder whether there would be any difference between the present propagandistic features of news if journalism were subsumed and directly operated by the state.


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Published at Global Research on May 31, 2014.

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  1. and right on schedule, c-span’s Washington Journal weighed in this morning with Doris Fuller, executive director of the Treatment Advocacy Center weighing in on the U.S. Mental Health system (and how the shooting once again highlights the need…yada yada). No audience on earth is more ready to gobble up left-right propaganda than those great WJ callers –

    I hadn’t heard about the drill (what a surprise!) – the Santa Barbara Independent article states that SBCC claimed it was ‘scheduled’ on the college calendar for the 24th…the day after…yet on the EMS Public calendar for the 28th. Needless to say it’s no longer there (screenshot remains).

    just a little mixup on the dates, right?

  2. Beautifully written BS, James. Maybe you are not old enough to understand that these events can be very confusing at first and I don’t get why you always have to politicize every dark even[t] that happens in the United States.

    1. This is a poorly-conceived position that really doesn’t warrant a response. The point of the article is to illustrate that such events are invariably politicized by major media and political leaders. Such events are capable of being used for propaganda-related purposes because they are naively approached and not thoroughly interrogated by local and national news media.

    2. ” you always have to politicize every dark even[t] that happens in the United States.” Perhaps this statement should be directed toward “victim’s father” Martinez who has not even taken a break to grieve over the supposed death of his son due to becoming the poster boy for gun control….

    3. Cecharca – or, what you describe is the old way of thinking. Nowadays we see the deceptions a bit more clearly. No telling how many events of the past that were thought “confusing at first” were actually hoaxes.

  3. “For example, Michael Vitak, a University of California Santa Barbara student from the Czech Republic, stated in a live televised interview that he saw more than one gunman”


    He said: “…I think there two people inside”. How sure was he? “…First time I saw it, I ran away for my life, so I do not know any details” Not a good witness….

      1. Nope, not overlooked, the MSM is definitely using fake witnesses! But that do not mean the whole deal is a hoax. MSM needs juicy stuff for its audience.

      2. Yes Regina I hear that, at aprox 2.12 into the interview.. ” I can’t say BMW, is that my director talking?”… if she is a bystander, would she have a ” director”.. very strange… she didn’t learn her lines..!!

  4. “Mr. Vitak was one of many bystanders who saw two men carry out the shootings. ‘Multiple witnesses say they saw two people inside the suspect’s vehicle,’ Santa Barbara television station KEYT reported.”

    Were such individuals interviewed by law enforcement? The public will never know because the incident report will not be released.

    1. Are they making an exception in this case, or is it normal in that jurisdiction to not release the incident report?

    2. This segment sponsored by 7-11. Such composure ! This interview is ridiculous. Thank you for being so brave. Rule #1 in lying…too many details…gives them away . (How did they know what the woman was thinking,” She was wondering if it was blood or water”. And another “drill ” to take place. Amazing.

  5. I live in a large Midwestern city that has fatal and non fatal shootings every day and more on weekends. Just 2 weeks ago during “Ceasefire Gun Week” there were 2 multiple victim events. Aside from the usual mayoral and police chief blather of needing to have better gun laws, more community support ,etc. the story is gone. The PTB are OK with inner city residents shooting it up and killing each other.

    It must be “coincidence theory” then that these public shock “shooting” events (hoaxes) going way back feature casts of all Caucasians and well off ones, at that.

    1. White, armed males are perceived as the biggest threat to world government. I’m sure there are others, but white American males with guns scare the hell out of these gangsters in Washington; they have the numbers. Its silly really, when they could all just walk off of their jobs for about 3 days and bring this economy, or what’s left of it, to a standstill and send most of the bums in Washington running to the hills. No guns needed, no civil unrest, just call in sick, go to the doctor, pull the max out of the ATM every day(convert $20 into silver while you are at it), and shut it down. Someone will most likely call me a racist, but I’m strictly talking about numbers here. Of course anyone could join in. The economy is on life support anyway. Why not take it down ourselves. At least we could do it our way, take part in choosing our destiny. I would like to see how the MSM would spin that for the government.

      1. “White, armed males are perceived as the biggest threat to world government. I’m sure there are others, but white American males with guns scare the hell out of these gangsters in Washington; they have the numbers. Its silly really, when they could all just walk off of their jobs for about 3 days and bring this economy, or what’s left of it, to a standstill and send most of the bums in Washington running to the hills”

        Rich, how would they have time for that with all the raping of minorities and wife beating that they must perform?

        1. Fish,
          Prioritization. Those activities will just have to take a back seat for while. I never said it would be easy.

  6. James Tracy wrote: “Richard Ross Martinez, father of one of the reportedly slain students, is a practicing attorney. One must therefore ask why he himself hasn’t looked at the available data and seriously questioned what appears to be a botched probe, or perhaps even a coverup.”

    Gotta love it. That guy is so damned transparent anyway, but this was a great point to make!

    What gets me is how many people don’t see through these ongoing and ever increasing hoaxes. Actually, it might be a majority of Americans actually DO — but you’ll never know it because of who controls that information. I know, I’m just dreaming really. One can look at youtube accounts for numbers of subscribers for truthers vs. propagandists and it’s pretty clear we still have a long way to go.

    Anyway, here are some youtubers doing the work that the mainstream media will never do — look ’em up: Red Pill Revolution, TeamWakeEmUP, ReviewManify, Free Radio Revolution, Kate Slate, The Paul Stal Service, EnterThe5t4rz — they’re on this story, and keeping it real. Some of their reports are hilarious. Sometimes you just gotta laugh, even though this is deadly serious stuff. Cheers everyone!

  7. I’m sure a person or two here has seen and shared David Icke’s “Problem, reaction, solution” premise. It’s a useful and always relevant analysis of how populations, i.e., a majority thereof, are urged to ask for the very policies that serve their masters. Sorry if it’s old news, but it does encapsulate the process(es) of successful sheep herding.

  8. I looked up Richard Martinez’s name on the California State Bar website and found his full name Richard Ross Martinez. Then, I cross checked his name on pipl (pretty decent site for finding info and public records). His name comes up, says he is 60 and an attorney, so all the info is there. The part where it says “related people,” a Chris name does not appear. All that is listed is Michael Anthony Martinez, Sarah R Martinez, Barbara Jean Martinez, Hard A Martinez, Maria Masangkaymartinez, Doris J Martinez. Typically with a long list like this all family member names are listed. Just thought it was odd.

      1. This is actually good for us, as Martinez sort of shows his hand. A three pronged approach was part of the psy op’s goal, and it can be part of it’s undoing. The notion that the psych system seeks to defend women from sexually-motivated violence is so the opposite of reality; almost every single woman I know who was raped during the height of the acquaintance rape epidemic during the 80’s and early 90’s was then diagnosed with the make believe ‘bipolar disorder’ (all white women that is) for reporting the attacks. So is this ‘bipolar’ something organic or is it a result of trauma, and if it’s the latter, then why weren’t they given PTSD diagnoses? Up until recently PTSD wasn’t considered a real ‘mental illness’ so the psychiatrists tried to avoid it.

        Unfortunately MSM will never allow Martinez to field any questions about why he isn’t outraged that the cops didn’t follow protocol, but the hypocrisy still comes into stark relief when Martinez starts feigning concern about the ‘mentally ill.’

  9. Until Robby Parker faux emotional press conference I didn’t believe any of the false flag conspiracy theories but now I am on board. Being a Santa Barbara resident I have to ask myself the same questions I would like to have asked Sandy Hook residents and other people in close proximity to possible false flag shootings. right now I am on the fence and I am asking people I know in the medical and law enforcement profession about their experiences.

    1. WOW – interesting and appalling – thanks for pointing this out

      Recommend everyone take a looky-loo at this, an inside look at propaganda in-process

  10. This “shooting” follows the typical false flag pattern, there was a drill scheduled around the time of the shooting:

    “Operations attended a table top exercise for the May 28 “Active Shooter Drill” at Santa Barbara City College. Multiple agencies were there, “fine tuning” the different roles, protocols, and schedules.”

    Search for “active shooter drill” in this document:

    Note that the document is dated April 29, 2014. The table top exercise probably took place in mid-April if the Operations section is in chronological order. So, they have been working on this drill for a while. Seems like they could have moved the date several days earlier since they needed a distraction from the VA scandal, … so they moved it before Memorial Day.

    Note also that the document is from the Metropolitan Transit District. Even they were involved. I guess they didn’t want busses getting in the way.

    1. Isn’t that a horrible feeling, Mark? My daughter was down singing Christmas Carols at the Portland, OR tree lighting the year they “intercepted” that kid (with the FBI) with the phone bomb.
      It’s ridiculous that we have to teach our kids to keep a sharper eye on the ‘adult officials’ than their peers – half the kids knew this “mad bomber” and said it was Totally out of character for him to be involved with anything like that…they knew right away there was something Way Off with that story.

      Considering how many federal repositories there are for tracking events, etc. maybe I’ll call my congressman and ask him to put forward a bill requiring every city to register any planned “drill” three months in advance. At least that would give us a timeframe to keep the spidey senses high. jeez.

  11. And yet, Regina, the kids don’t appear to recognize that they are being threatened. There is some emotional disconnect between their consciousness and reality which prevents a mass response. And it is not just homicide that’s involved, they are being ripped off for over a trillion dollars in loans at outrageous interests rates.

    I, and a provost I happened to e-know, convinced my daughter to go to Santa Cruz rather than Santa Barbara, while fending off the Elite university I went to. They had gotten rid of all the interesting dissidents and was relapsing into mediocrity like the rest of the Educational system.

    The whole California system was then put in the hands of the former head of Homeland Security, who became president of the system. She no doubt was put in charge of gutting the remains of perhaps the best public higher Education in the US. And the kids don’t rebel against it.

    1. Some do, some don’t – and I can certainly sympathize if their apparent apathy is nothing but frustration at not knowing what to do…I think a lot of us walk in those shoes every day? Here we are discussing yet more lies, but I certainly haven’t engaged in any public rebellion.

      Speaking of Ms. N – has she made any public statements pertaining to this latest outrage taking place on “her” turf?

      1. I saw someone make reference to “#NotOneMore hoax” today, and thought That would be a great hashtag (and t-shirt! haha) –

    2. Mark, if you want to get an idea as to why there is such an emotional and reality disconnect among young people–take a listen to the “Checkin’ it Out” podcast by Prof. Tracy featuring Sofia Smallstorm from the other day. She will eventually get to her theory of how all the electronic energy exposure and usage of these devices is affecting us all.

  12. Interesting article, thank you. Based on past experience, the hypothesis that the Santa Barbara shooting is another false flag is indeed believable. But assuming it is the reality, I’ll add, with all due respect, that it is an error to focus the blame on government entities and the mainstream media. Much of the blame goes to foreign media, including in “rogue” countries. And if the false flag’s agenda is largely to promote gun control, the blame extends to the 2nd amendment watchdogs who should but will not bark: the John Birch Society, the Libertarian Party, the Oathkeepers, the National Rifle Association can be trusted to use this false flag as another excuse to exhort their gullible followers to give them their time and money while proclaiming the self-defeating mantra that “a lone gunman abused gun rights and carried out repugnant killings in Santa Barbara but real gunmen do not abuse their gun rights and do not carry out repugnant killings.”

    If and when enough false flag observers realize that governments and media are just a decoy behind which their real sworn enemies are laughing at their shortsightedness, they may start to direct their activism against them and propel humanity beyond this stupid false flag meme. This could be the start of an era of harmony and prosperity with no historical precedent.


    1. You are right Daniel.

      The media is allowed to operate by the FCC which charges for their licenses and has levied heavy fines when the rules are broken.

      Part of the deal is that a percentage of airtime must be given to public announcements. Noticed in the middle of the night, the pleas for charity keep rolling from one sad story of despair to another.

      Seems to me back in the day – they used to declare “this has been a public service announcement.”

      They removed that qualifier, so the lines are blurred on what they are forced to say. There have been several videos produced that demonstrate all news channels repeat the same words verbatim, over and over again.

  13. Interesting to note that the alleged shooter’s alleged father (Peter, yes another Peter) has engaged “family friend” Simon Astaire, a high-end British spin doctor whose clients include “the Hollywood Establishment and the British Royal family” (Wikipedia) as a spokesperson. How quaint.

    1. Got to love the name, Astaire. Must be light on his feet. I am sure his father Edgar changed it to that. You can google the late British stockbroker Edgar Astaire to see his charitable interests. So what we are seeing here is a guy who generates publicity for movie stars, perhaps even helping to create them, and royalty. He is therefore probably not a family friend but part of the publicity machine with the agenda of influencing American public policy. I know the Brits have their knickers in a twist about how primitive we colonials still are.

      1. You may be right about their knickers being in a twist, however after a two year tour in Britain in the early 90’s I came away with the feeling the common Brit was disappointed with America because we were no longer living up to our revolutionary roots. Its too bad they saw it before we did. Even on a quick trip to Ireland in ’06 I had a chat with an intelligent young man in a pub, and his question was “when are you American’s going to do something?”. Since my awakening was still a few years off, I was not sure what he was talking about, since I was still a few years from having the cable box removed from the TV and shipped back to its rightful owners. It is to my regret that I can’t return to that conversation now. Still being in the fog, I thought he was talking about America the government, not America the people.

  14. Latest from NYTimes, with their star pitcher, Adam Nagourney, in the line up:


    He seems to throw some some pretty slippery curve balls at us.

    Does anyone care to hazard their current theory? Mine’s ranged from part true in that Elliot existed and for some part was who he was as portrayed in the videos and manifesto, and part false in how it was massaged to include the three roommates, Chris Martinez as victims when they were just added in, along with certain vignettes in the manifesto, as the crisis-managers came in to exploit the event.

    But there’s a lot that suggests that it was a total put on; in this version Elliot was simply a creation for the psy op and while he existed as a real person, his persona in the videos and manifesto were produced for the psyop. This account would have two probably CIA agents driving the car, who either faked the entire episode or who may have actually killed the two girls and maybe some of the roommate posse, although their authenticity seems more doubtful.

    One storyline would hold that Elliot was that demented and that he was shepherded, for a time, or simply monitored and then at some point gotten rid of so the incident could be totally stage managed. I suppose there could numerous variations that might include parts of any of these versions.

  15. I’m sure people have read about the meeting between the two dads:

    Since Richard Martinez’ crusade to tighten the system totally ignores that the existing system’s protocol and possibly even law was violated regarding what should have been a screening, Peter Rodger’s participation in Martinez’ misdirected campaign becomes a cause for suspicion. OTOH, Peter Rodger might feel he has no choice (assuming there’s any truth in the tale about Elliot) but since Chin Rodger allegedly called the cops to alert them, there *should* be some choice in how to proceed, as at least in the crisis prevention the parents did act responsibly.

    Since the Rodgers supposedly did call the cops they could point out that official protocol, which mandated a psych evaluation be forced upon Elliiot, was ignored or violated by the cops. Yet they’re not doing this and worse, are now joining in with Martinez, a development which supports the idea that they’re ‘in on it,’ ie, it’s a hoax from the get go.

    1. This is the official narrative cut and pasted from Wikipedia:
      “Rodger posted a video on YouTube on the night before the attack, titled Elliot Rodger’s Retribution, in which he outlined details of his upcoming attack and the motivations behind his killing spree. YouTube removed the video after the killings, saying it violated their guidelines with its threats of violence.

      On the evening of the killings, Rodger e-mailed a lengthy autobiographical manuscript to about one dozen acquaintances and family members. The document, which he titled “My Twisted World”, was made available on the Internet and became widely known as his “manifesto”. In it, he describes his childhood, family conflicts, frustration over not being able to find a girlfriend, his hatred of women, his hatred of racial minorities and interracial couples, and his plans for the killing spree.”

      How can anyone argue that any new law or any other measure, could prevent this from happening? The killer announced to the world many hours in advance what he was going to do!

      A dozen of his acquaintances can’t read? No one opened their email for several hours!? No one of his family or “friends” subscribed to his Instagram or YT!? C’mon!!?

      So, Messrs. Martinez and Rodger now thinks that just because none of Elliots contacts on the internet ever reads their emails, or that because none of his family wants to subscribe to ER’s YT channel, there now needs to be more gun control!??

      1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2645707/Heartbroken-father-man-killed-Virgin-Killers-shooting-rampage-meets-privately-grieving-father-man-murdered-son-taking-life.html

        DM’s update has lots of input from the Peter Rodger’s sister and mother; both are more concerned about the welfare of the victims and show no sign of outrage about how the system might have prevented Elliot, in terms of screening him. Instead they push hard for gun control which seems an odd posture when they might be mourning for their brother’s and son’s loss. Elliot *could* have been saved but they don’t seem to have any interest in that, even though they must be in contact with Peter and considering that England and France have at least as overbearing screening processes for the ‘mentally ill’ as the US.

        Just more evidence that this was a psy/black op from the start. The entire Rodgers family seems to have no drive to find out what truly happened to Elliot or how he should have been saved.

        1. Good points, but I will remain ‘doubtful but undecided’. I see no point in saying it was a hoax. It will be used as material to further the agenda on people and gun control anyway.

          Just calling it a hoax is not preparing oneself for debating with the anti freedom advocates! This is not a big problem here, but many of the ‘trooters’ on YT have this attitude.

        1. On the upside, these tiny chips could increase the capacity of most peoples brain by a factor of 10!

      1. It reminds me of the Transhumanist Movement. Coincidently, the first gathering of this movement happened at UC (LA) in the 80’s. I can see some connections between this movement and some of these “events. Just the idea of it gives me the chills.

  16. I have been trying to find out anything about Richard Ross Martinez’s background. The State Bar of CA. lists his address as a PO Box at the UPS Store in Santa Maria. He did his undergraduate work at San Jose State and got his law degree from UC Davis. Has been practicing law in the state since 1990, which means he became a lawyer at age 37.This site only has two very poor reviews of his performance as a lawyer: http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/93458-ca-richard-martinez-375944/reviews.html This other lawyer just barely endorsed him:
    “I endorse this lawyer”.
    Endorsement from lawyer: Justin Hein , Sacramento (CA), 6 days ago. It also says his practice consists of 100% child custody cases. I wonder if he can be connected to Elliot Rodger’s therapist Dr. Charles Sophy, who in addition to treating ER, and the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills is also medical director for Los Angeles County’s “beleaguered” child welfare agency. In this article, the LA Times wonders if Dr.Sophy is not spreading himself too thin: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/sep/02/entertainment/la-et-0903-housewives-sophy-20110903
    This article states the
    L.A. County’s child protection system is in ‘state of emergency’ http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-foster-care-reform-20140411-story.html. If anyone can find a connection between Richard Ross Martinez and Dr. Sophy, it could be important.

    1. Charles Sophy is also on the advisory board of the Dr. Phil Show. He’s in front of the camera nearly once a week these days.

    2. How would an attorney specialize in child custody cases if they’re not a divorce lawyer? Sounds like he very well might work for the state.

  17. There’s a lot of unanswered questions about these crimes.
    For instance, how could someone so small and un-athletic stab three people in his apartment? Roger’s neighbor had this same question. He wonders how Rogers could have killed three people, since he was a “tiny guy.”
    Rogers lived in two-bedroom room apartment. He had one bedroom, and his two roommates occupied the other. The third guy was apparently visiting. Rogers had a bad relationship with his roommates (he called the cops on one of them for stealing a candle), so it seems unlikely that he lured them into his own room, one-by-one. That would mean that he confronted them in the other bedroom, or in a common room (if there was one). So how does a “tiny guy” take on three guys and kill them in a fight? To judge from his manifesto, Rogers had no interest in sports or exercise. When he was confronted at the party months ago where he broke his leg, he was beaten up without resistance. But it takes a fair amount of strength to kill a person with a knife, let alone three people at once.
    For an account of stabbing, look at the accounts in the Helter Skelter book. The victims were mostly tied up beforehand, and still resisted and tried to get away. It takes a lot of stab wounds to kill a person, and the killer gets exhausted. There is blood everywhere. And it takes a fair amount of time to do the job.
    And yet an hour before the shooting spree, Rogers was seen by a neighbor named “Jon” sitting in his car parked near his apartment (so he could use the wireless) and typing on his laptop, presumably sending out the manifesto and/or doing something with his videos.
    So… he kills three people (an extremely violent act, which would cover him with blood), and then he cleans up and gets onto the internet in his car, apparently uninjured? That’s a little hard to believe.
    Did Rogers own extremely sharp knives? Did any of the neighbors hear signs of struggle or cries of help within the apartment? Why didn’t the victims resist? When was the last time any of the three apartment victims communicate with anyone else?
    There was a photo of one or more victims being wheeled out on a gurney. Was there a truck or van to clean up all the blood?
    And there’s lots of other questions. How do you shoot accurately out the passenger window when driving? Did he pull over and then shoot? Was he ever seen at a practice range? He shoots a fair number of innocent onlookers, but does he ever come close to hitting a cop? How can someone who had a hard time completing work at a community college finish a well-written manifesto of 140 pages? He thought he was a more-or-less rational person (the fault lay with everybody else), and yet he calls the Manifesto “My Twisted World”?
    Just asking ….

    1. Great questions.The Sheriff’s office is now saying they think he allegedly stabbed the roommates on Thursday night prior to the massacre on Friday. Still no one heard anything?

      1. It could very well be the case that the Sheriff’s Office is “improvising”, to use the polite term. If it was Thursday, then the stabbings are more plausible, since there were only two persons, and Rogers could have taken them one at a time. But you also have a new set of questions. Why would the third person, their friend, come over to the apartment on Friday, if his two friends were already dead? People normally call ahead of time. If he called Friday, then he wouldn’t have gotten a reply, and he wouldn’t have come over. If he did come over by chance, wouldn’t Rogers simply not answer the door? After all, he had two dead bodies in the apartment. If the third person had come over on Thursday evening and been killed then, wouldn’t somebody have noticed that he didn’t come home at night? Did the third guy have roommates?
        Their cell phone, computer, and credit call card records should be able to tell us where they were, plus other other information, such as class attendance on Friday and where they ate. Will the public ever see these records?

        And a few more questions …
        Doctors and psychiatrists normally have patient-doctor confidentially, which is both a professional duty and an affirmative right (or defense) in a lawsuit. There is an exception to this rule when the doctor learns that the patient may cause harm to a third person, in which case (I’m not exactly sure) he is supposed to inform the proper authorities to prevent this harm. Shouldn’t the investigators in this case ask Rogers’ many previous psychiatrists whether he had ever threatened harm to anyone? Did Rogers tell them he had purchased guns and/or knives? Did they ever talk about the violent video games he played and why he played them? Rogers obviously intended to hurt people, including his own half-brother and father (I’m not sure when and where he mentioned violence in his Manifesto, I’m guessing it was sometime after his first year in Santa Barbara.) You would have thought Rogers must have told his psychiatrists something in his last two years.
        (And Rogers specifically mentions a plan to kill his little brother and father, before killing others. So what happened to that plan? Did Rogers tell his father he was coming down to visit shortly before the Santa Barbara killings?)

        I would think that the parents of the three victims would want to know what happened, and why neither the landlord or police or Rogers’ parents didn’t do something. I can see a decent case for wrongful death (on negligence – failure to warn grounds.) Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if charities suddenly arise and make large amounts of money available to the families of the victims.

      2. Gannett’s iconic national brands, such as USA TODAY and CareerBuilder, as well as its unique local brands serving 112 communities, set the company apart and provide a strong brand advantage. Gannett’s properties cover a wide range of geographies, demographics and content areas, which combine to form a uniquely powerful and comprehensive portfolio of offerings for consumers and commercial clients alike.

        Gannett owns or services through shared service agreements or other similar agreements 42 television stations. Excluding owner-operators, Gannett is the No. 1 NBC affiliate group; No. 1 CBS affiliate group; and the No. 4 ABC affiliate group. These stations cover 30% of the U.S. population in markets with nearly 35 million households.

        Following the acquisition of Belo Corp. in December 2013, Gannett became the largest independent TV station group of major network affiliates in the top 25 U.S. markets, with a strong, diversified portfolio. Each TV station also has a robust digital presence, including mobile, to reach consumers wherever they are.

        Overall, Gannett reaches more than 65 million unique visitors monthly or about 29 percent of the U.S. Internet audience via digital platforms, including CareerBuilder.com, USATODAY.com, USA TODAY Sports Digital Properties and digital platforms affiliated with its local media organizations across the country. USA TODAY is one of the most popular news sites and the USA TODAY app is a top news app with more than 19 million downloads to date across iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire. USA TODAY mobile traffic continues to grow as monthly visitors are now approximately 24 million.

        The company operates 82 U.S. daily publications, including USA TODAY, and 443 non-daily local publications in 30 states and Guam. USA TODAY ranks No. 1 in the industry in total daily circulation, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.

        Keep in mind anything you are getting from local news, national news, local papers, national papers..are pretty much all the same source these days. Big Brother has begun and it’s name is Gannett.

    2. Yes you are so right SVBob! The Police did confiscate one machete and a hatchet I think? Even if ER would use these as weapons, while being busy dicing one roommate, the others would have seconds to flee and resist. All the while the victim would scream like a hog!

      Shooting while driving is so ineffective that any person that first tries it will stop, or slow down to jogging speed if they really are motivated in hitting the target. Living targets do not stand still after the first round goes off, further exacerbating the situation.

      The shooter does not seem extremely motivated: Why did he not stick to the plan and go into the sorority house? Why shoot random people through a thick glass? He picked places that where more perfect from a getting away perspective, rather than being effective in “exacting revenge”, on the very large group of people that he hated.

      He was incompetent I think! Outside his home he killed only 4 people, anyone can run over more people than that on a normal street (please don’t). No need to plan or spend money on guns!

      Although Glock and SIG have a huge market share, it is funny that these mass killers ‘always’ choses their products!? They are expensive and imported (“exotic”).

      Specific parts of the story seems to be more exotic than it needs to be.

      I do not know what classes ER took, but he must have been a talented writer for his age. Someone as depressed as him seems unlikely to have written the “manifesto”. Like you said, he could not even finish his classes!

      Sorority house massacre:

  18. http://www.nami.org/Template.cfm?Section=Your_Local_NAMI&template=/CustomSource/LocalDetail.cfm&LocalID=6ab96c7d-14ea-4539-a990-dc269d62dbb7&StateID=CA

    Above is the website for Santa Barbara’s National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, NAMI. In this article, its Vice President Ann Eldridge uses terminology that clearly belies how complicit (or worse) Eldridge is in the hoax:


    “Some law enforcement and mental health experts questioned why officials didn’t review the video during the April 30 check.

    “If somebody was concerned about them enough to report them it would seem to me to be part of the checkup,” said Ann Eldridge, vice president of the local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

    Although seeing the videos might not have changed the outcome, it would have been part of a thorough investigation, said Rick Wall, a former Los Angeles police captain who oversaw that department’s mental health team.”

    Besides that the article blares the word ‘welfare check’ when they know damn well it should have been a ‘screening’ or ‘psych evaluation,’ the NAMI official is now moving the hoax along in feigning ignorance that ‘the checkup’ proceeded according to policy except for the failure on the part of the cops to view the videos, when of course cops don’t perform screenings. It’s also interesting the LA police captain is described as overseeing the department’s ‘mental health team,’ which would never happen; no cop is even legally allowed to participate in screenings (in the sense of making decisions about a subject) as no committal is ever supposed to be punitive by federal law. When a criminal is convicted and found to be suffering from a ‘mental illness’ they are not ‘committed’ per se, but *sentenced.*

    Ann Eldridge is the only official from Santa Barbara NAMI to have spoken publicly about the incident and she is also the only one whose email is not listed in the website, interestingly enough.

    I will look for an article I read recently about how all the organizations that purport to lobby on behalf of the mentally ill, like NAMI, have been infiltrated and taken over by Big Pharma/Psych activists whose only agenda is to strengthen their hold over the populace.

    There really is no one challenging the despots except the skeptics.

    1. You are doing great work on this, Sue. I want to go back and look over all your postings, because you are really laying it out so very clearly.

  19. It is not just Prof. Tracy and myself and others on this board and elsewhere in the alternative media who are asking questions about the Rogers’ Isla Vista “massacre”. Even segments of the mainstream media are asking questions. See, for instance, the San Jose Mercury, reprinting and article by Michael R. Blood, from the Associated Press :
    The author states, ” It’s not clear how the slightly built Rodger was able to kill three people without attracting attention in a crowded apartment complex.”
    In a previous post I mentioned that a neighbor named “Jon” saw Rogers sitting in his car near his apartment was sitting in his car with his laptop around 8:30 and trying to hide his screen. Rogers did not send his Manifesto until until 9:17, So what was he doing on his computer at 8:30 P.M? What was he doing at that time? He was not sending out his manifesto. Was he on Youtube or a Puahnet site or other hate-site? Why was he hiding his screen? The police could easily clarify this problem by releasing an “Internet history” for Rogers on Thursday and Friday, or even just for Friday. It is very easy to do this for any internet browswer. Why don’t the Police release this? This would clarify Rogers’ frame-of-mind and intentions just prior to his alleged gun rampage, and allow the public to focus on the real cause of his attacks instead of speculating wildly, based on the generalized grievances in the Manifesto. Surely the Police must be preserving such evidence, in light of the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit.
    By the way, who released the Manifesto to Scribd, and why? Such information would be considered “confidential” under the Sandy Hook type of investigation, yet it is released here. Why? How did that guy get it? Isn’t that a perfectly legitimate question?

    1. Why would he have to ‘hide his screen’, when he could just roll up the windows?

      Decent article in the link!

    2. Wow, that really is an interesting article in terms of a total break from the status quo. Coming from the AP it seems especially odd. He brings up great points. Do you know when it was published? Maybe we should give it some comments traffic, as there aren’t any now.

  20. It seems that all these contrived shootings are designed to expose some ‘flaw’ in the legal apparatus for controlling access to guns. In this most recent example we have a person with a long history of mental health treatment who was nevertheless legally able to buy three handguns. Nothing in the current California legal code stopped him, in spite of his having been offered the choice between voluntary commitment to a mental hospital or the taking of antidepressant medication.

    The ‘problem’ that this scenario was designed to ‘solve’ then, was the problem of an apparently troubled person refusing treatment which would have denied him the right to own firearms. To see where this is going we need only look at one of the many editorials written in response to the event. Here is some advice from Mel Robbins:

    “California has tough gun laws, by U.S. standards. The Santa Barbara, California, Sheriff’s Office reports Rodger bought his semi-automatic handguns legally. Only a criminal record, treatment in a mental institution or an involuntary commitment would have prevented him from buying weapons. None applied to him. Treatment for mental illness, however, does not prevent anyone in California from buying guns. That takes us back to mental health laws…

    How could someone as delusional, dangerous and depraved as Rodger fly under the radar, avoid being put in a hospital or involuntarily committed at some point during his 14 years in therapy? Because mental health laws allow patients the right to self-determination in their treatment of mental illness. That means we have a system of laws and policies that puts mental health decisions in the hands of the mentally ill…
    It’s time we switch the balance of power back to the caregivers, the professionals and yes, to the police. We also need a lower standard than “imminent harm” for an involuntary hold in all states and a longer stay than just 72 hours.”

    They (TPTB) want to change the law nation wide so that ‘problem’ people can be involuntarily committed and/or denied the right to own firearms. It is that simple. The most recent fake shooting in Santa Barbara was specifically designed to make the case for this change.

    1. Christo, you just repeated the central lie in this drama:

      “Nothing in the current California legal code stopped him, in spite of his having been offered the choice between voluntary commitment to a mental hospital or the taking of antidepressant medication.”

      Is there any such thing as ‘voluntary’ commitment, BTW? As the law stands in California and the nation, the police had not only the option but the obligation to FORCE Elliot Rodger into a screening, either at his apartment or in an ER. When the cops order this process it is not a choice in any way. FYI, if someone decides they want a screening or some kind of ‘psych help,’ and they go into an ER for it, they have given up the choice of when they can leave. ER personnel are allowed to order either staff or police to come in and restrain them until the psych screening process has completed which can legally last up to three days; cops can and must also apprehend any escapee from this process outside of an ER and return them – by FORCE.

      The cops did not follow policy and law as it stands. You are either woefully ignorant or intentionally distorting the situation.

  21. This is what they do in Italy when you apply for a gun:

    To legally purchase firearms in Italy one must be issued with a carry license first. To obtain such a license applicants must be 18 or older, prove they can handle and use a firearm safely (usually by obtaining a certificate from a shooting range after attending a practical shooting course), declare to have a clean criminal record (verification will be made by the Police authorities) and must not be mentally ill or be a known abuser of, or addicted to, alcohol or illegal drugs. Other grounds for refusal of a carry license include being a conscientious objector or living with persons who may gain access to the firearms and abuse them (e.g. living with family members who are mentally ill, alcoholic or drug addicts).[3][4][5] Wikipedia

    Even if they institute such screenings here, they won’t show up in the check unless they’ve actually been in the system for something.

    At any rate, this discussion is futile at this point; the shooting, as all the others were, is a hoax, not just to eventually disarm us, but the main agenda is to turn us against each other. While we’re busy fighting, they’ll drop the net over us and it will be too late.

    We’d better gear up for the next one; the sooner we can expose it.

      1. Anne??? B…g??? How are you? He does a bit. I think Sal had more character in his face.

    1. jean, I don’t think there will be another one necessarily. I think the american people are starting to wake up, especially as the rate at which they stage (or just fake-report) these things has sped up. They either drive it home and make it over the hill here or not, it seems. I think they sense this and are not going to give up this drive, which is why I’m so worked up about it.

      Exposing it is critical, but not enough. If either of the two (out of three being considered) bills gets passed coming out of this, internet challenges to the NWO are going to start being repressed very quickly.

      1. ETA And I meant to conclude that because they know they have to score on this drive, they won’t let up. So it’s my view we either start doing activism or face that the war is over and they’ve won.

        I know that may sound pessimistic to some, or just frustrating to those who sort of agree, but on the up side I think if some of use got together and started to spearhead a lobbying group of some kind we could make some serious headway. This hoax isn’t even hard to prove, given that all we need to do is point out how the media is lying about the existing laws and policies governing how the cops were *supposed* to handle Elliot.

      2. Thanks for responding but I disagree; I monitor the comments in Yahoo articles about this and every time I try to point out these things are hoaxes I get my petunia kicked. These people are NOT waking up. And the Elites know it. They’ll keep on pulling these until we are so exhausted we take to the streets for total gun control.

        There are more of them then then there are of us and the main agenda of the NWO is to have us fighting among ourselves; while we’re busy, they’ll drop the net over us all.

        They won’t repress the internet anytime soon, this is not China, after all. Besides, the NWO is already here, they don’t really care what we expose. Their job is to now get ALL the sheep on their side, that way they won’t have to do anything, the sheeple will do it for them.

        1. Good points! Educating the average TV viewer on indications of Isla Vista disfinformation will usually have the same effect as waving a red flag to a bull, or throwing a live frog in a pot of boiled water with the expectation that it will quietly stay there.

          The reverse truth is that educating the public to the enormous and well-oiled deception that produces disinformation at an industrial scale needs to start with some very modest baby steps, like wondering if they remember ever seeing the videos of Building 7’s amazing self-destruction. Or like throwing the live frog in a pot of cold water before boiling it.


      3. @DANIEL NOEL I totally get it. I usually start them off with “9/11 Mysteries” on Youtube. If you haven’t seen it, take a look, I’m sure you’ll recommend it, too.

        Good comment.

  22. Sue- My reading of the situation here is that there are two separate questions regarding the capability of present California law to have prevented this shooting. First, did Eliot Rodger obtain his guns legally, and second, should the police have taken them away, and/or forced Roger to undergo psychiatric evaluation when they were made aware of his youtube videos by his therapist or mother. Had he been forced to undergo evaluation and found to be a threat to himself or others, his guns would have been taken away.

    You rightly point out that ER’s threats against others were clearly evident in the youtube videos, and should have required the police to commit him involuntarily had the proper psychiatric authority looked at them. Your point that calling Rodger’s visit from the police a “welfare check” rather than a “psych evaluation” gets the authorities off the hook with a lie is well taken. This may well be part of a ruse to make it seem as if present law is inadequate, when in fact it should have prevented this shooting had protocol been followed.

    My comment above is primarily concerned with the first question, of how Rodger was able to buy guns legally when he had such a long history of mental illness. The op ed piece by CNN’s Mel Robbins quoted above suggests that Rodger ought to have been involuntarily committed even before he bought his guns, and thus would have been barred from owning them. It also suggests that the police should have had more power to commit Rodger, do checks for gun registration, etc.

    The key sentences are “Treatment for mental illness does not prevent anyone in California from buying guns.” and “..mental health laws allow patients the right of self determination in their treatment of mental illness.”These are the points of law which Robbins wants changed nationally. This suggests an agenda which this psy-op shooting seems perfectly designed to support. It is all a little too convenient.

  23. http://www.aol.com/article/2014/06/03/police-girls-charged-in-stabbing-expressed-regret/20905763/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl2%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D483725

    This story looks like the parallel of that one coming out of San Francisco about the ‘potentially dangerous’ ‘introverted’ white guy, although his might have some limited authenticity to it. Certainly it’s been massaged by the FBI and media to bolster the campaign coming out of the Elliot Rodger case to dismantle the Constitution, as both are in California and propagate the same hysteria. For some reason Ryan Chamberlain’s situation has engendered more skepticism. It also may be a way to condition people to think that their friend and neighbor and loved ones might harbor deep ‘mental illness’ criminal potential, even when the person is otherwise high-functioning and normal.

    The 12 year old alleged attempted murderesses are being charged as adults in Wisconsin, which should tip people off that it’s a fake story, as then the sympathy will be behind treating them as ‘mentally ill,’ even though 12 is beyond old enough to discern right from wrong. I think their story is being used to bolster the whole national campaign against our rights, and might be being stage-reported in Wisconsin to massage public opinion against any support for Krysta Sutterfield, the NRA activist who just lost an appeal to Wisconsin’s 7th Circuit regarding illegal search and seizure and committal.

    I assume many posters and lurkers view fantastic articles with total skepticism but am not sure newcomers are aware of how common totally fake stories are, and of the possible connections between them and more elaborate high profile ‘hoaxes’ or semi-staged incidents like the Rodger one.

    1. “I assume many posters and lurkers view fantastic articles with total skepticism but am not sure newcomers are aware of how common totally fake stories are, and of the possible connections between them and more elaborate high profile ‘hoaxes’ or semi-staged incidents like the Rodger one.”

      how true that is. Here is another fake story to analyze that I may have posted back in january. it has all the telltale signs, police know immediately who was the killer, the boyfriend was on scene but the police cleared him as a suspect, they just moved in to the area and the children had only been to school for a day, she had a job (CIA) where she could “work” from home, the police were at the residence the night before etc. I bet they run little operations like this all over the country/world.


      1. Yeah, that one does sound suspicious. Wonder if it was used to lobby for any specific legislation at some level of Utah law, which is a state that also happens to hate women. Did you think it was a totally fake one or that it was being ‘massaged’ in terms of who really killed the woman and her two daughters?

    2. This has probably been discussed ad nauseum, but who else is sick beyond description of the adjective “chilling” (as in, “Chilling 911 Call Released”)? Seriously, is it a code word or something, or do they really have that limited of a vocabulary? Same thing with the phrase “double-down” (as in, “The President Double-Downs On Executive Orders”). When I Googled that hateful phrase, I got nearly 161 MILLION hits. Even if the majority are gambling related (and I’m not sure that’s the case), that’s still WAY too much.

    3. Well here we go. Now a psychiatrist is claiming these two girls demonstrate how there can be ‘group delusion’ or ‘psychosis’ or something, as allegedly one of the girls had a ‘delusion’ while the other was more the accomplice. I knew they’d be working this angle soon. Used to be a mental illness could only be something one person had to himself:

      Any group can be now termed ‘mentally ill.’

  24. Here’s yet another article that outright lies about the law and policy that should have governed the cops’ decisions in Isla Vista:

    The central lie is pretty much standard, If anyone might be interested in getting together and writing the congresspeople or anyone else to point out how inaccurate it is to claim Ca law was followed by the cops, we could try to exchange emails. I think that might be one way to at least document that we’ve done something. Elliot Rodger as either a total or partially fake murderer may not be something we can fully prove, but we can expose that the cops and media and some congresspeople pushing for this bill ARE.

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