An Open Letter to Anderson Cooper

By James F. Tracy

June 15, 2014

Anderson Cooper
10 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10019

Dear Mr. Cooper,

Seventeen months have passed since you featured me on your AC 360° program on consecutive evenings to call attention to my commentary and analysis of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. As you may recall, in the prelude to those January 11th and 14th 2013 broadcasts you sent a production crew to my place of employment that proceeded to pursue staff and administrators on my whereabouts.

[The record of Anderson Cooper’s January 2013 on-air attack of former FAU Professor James Tracy has been expunged from YouTube. The video below is provided as a replacement of that video.]

Your staff then repeatedly telephoned my residence, later filming in front of my home and disclosing my address to a national audience without my knowledge or consent. This behavior jeopardized my family’s safety and peace of mind, and included a flurry of threatening and abusive communications directed at me. Further, some observers presumed that CNN and other national news media sought to create sufficient controversy that would lead to the termination of my employment. On the other hand, I understand how you may have perceived this as an act of due journalistic diligence rather than coercion.

Further, if at the time ample proof existed that the Sandy Hook massacre was genuine I think you may have been at least partially justified in such activity. Yet in the time since little evidence has emerged to uphold the notion that the event took place as it had been reported by CNN and other news outlets. In fact, the opinion of many independent experts and a wealth of data point to highly questionable elements of the Sandy Hook narrative that require rigorous interrogation through the intrepid investigative reportage of journalists such as you.

Anderson (if I may), that’s why I challenge you to join me on a reportorial quest to Newtown and Sandy Hook in order to revisit and rigorously question the painful affair that still rests so uneasily on the public conscience—one that is called up in memory with each report of another school shooting. Together let us ferret out and present the relevant information, interview the necessary parties, and get to the bottom of what transpired so that we can put the conspiracy theories to rest!

Anderson (again, if I may), this could very well be a landmark event in investigative journalism. If after a thorough investigation we prove that the event in fact took place as CNN and other major media reported, I will concede that you were in fact correct and seriously consider resigning my post in academe.

On the other hand, if we find holes in the official narrative this may in fact be a scandal requiring journalistic performance on par with the paragon set by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein over 40 years ago. It will call for—indeed require—the public service of news professionals like you to find out what really happened and bring the culprits to justice! Anderson, at the end of the day it’s just like you say each evening: we truly need to “keep them honest.”

Yet there are some who say that CNN and, I’m sorry to say, even you may have been in on what they call a “hoax.” These suspicious minds say that some of your reportage from Newtown in the wake of the shooting was “greenscreened.” Others point to the time you spent in the Central Intelligence Agency and subsequent involvement in student and activist groups of several foreign countries. Still others bring up CNN’s sometime questionable coverage of major historical events, such as the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars.

I say “Hooey!” There are many fine young men from extraordinary wealth and privilege yet limited experience or career prospects who serve in our national intelligence services. These include the nation’s 41st president, George H. W. Bush, in addition to littérateurs such as Cord Meyer. In fact, for over fifty years some of our nation’s finest journalists and political leaders have either served overtly with or maintained ties to the intelligence community. Anderson, both you and I know that serving your country is nothing to be ashamed of.

I think you’ll agree that it’s time to put these Sandy Hook “truthers” to rest for good, thereby allowing the Sandy Hook victims’ families to find comfort in the millions of dollars in donations they have received from sincere and goodhearted Americans.

Anderson, let’s reexamine Sandy Hook together to confirm our own professional integrity, while at the same time striking a potential blow at corruption and deceit. Our conscience requires it. Our nation demands it. Won’t you join me?



James F. Tracy

SENT USPS CERTIFIED MAIL 7013 2250 0002 2334 3915

102 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Anderson Cooper”

  1. With all due respect, Dr Tracy is dead wrong about his choice for the “paragon of journalism”, this Bob Woodward character. Woodward helped cover up the October Surprise event and vastly over blew the trivial Watergate fiasco. This and many other events like CIA drug smuggling were covered up by Woodward. It is vastly incorrect to exercise such laudatory irrestraint upon this Woodward character, he does not deserve it.

  2. Anderson Cooper, Seems a reasonable request! I valued your recent broadcast where you experienced first hand the “voices” of the bipolar world….you communicated the disorder very well.
    I and many colleagues would value your utmost journalistic skills applied to the dozens of hanging questions of Sandy Hook with a series of discussions with James Tracy.

    1. Ouch. Scathing…
      Dr. Tracy, it is evident he got under your skin- I haven’t heard such sarcasm from you before. Regardless, if you felt you needed to stoop to his level, I totally understand.

      Thanks for taking time out of your life to be a mouthpiece for us little guys that don’t know how or don’t have the courage to do ourselves.

      Couldn’t have said it more eloquently if I tried.

      1. “stoop”? Sometimes one has to bend down and talk directly intro the little guy’s face, so he knows you’re serious.

      2. I considered CNN’s behavior akin to stalking. It sort of got under my skin and I wasn’t the one being hounded at my home or having my and my family’s address publicized as some sort of invitation to…why did CNN feel compelled to do that? They announced FAU was the university Dr. Tracy teaches at, so anyone had plenty of information to direct a complaint.

    2. The nurse NEVER SAID NANCY LANZA WAS A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER! She said THE SHOOTER was the son of a kindergarten teacher. When you watch this video you will discover that a kindergarten teacher at SHES had a son that works for MIKE BLOOMBERG-
      Play Video
      Sandy Hook Kindergarten Teacher’s Son Is MAIG’s Michael Bloombergs’ Event Director – Scott Vollmer

    3. Officer Cario Document 00026724- stated that when he entered the lobby two Newtown officers were there and one stated that they saw the shooter in the hall and that he ducked into room 10 and there was a volley of shots and it was quiet for 5 minutes. This is very serious because it means that the Newtown officers did not advance or engage the shooter for at least 5 minutes and an additional 5 minutes roughly before they entered the room. There were live wounded children in both rooms and Newtown PD did not engage ? Is this appropriate protocol? Might the children have survived if Newtown Police followed protocol ? It appears that the two officers in the hall way were Lt Vanghele and officer Bahamonde while Officer Penna was clearing the bathroom. If there are any inaccuracies in my assessment please let me know.

  3. Anderson Cooper is a highly paid ACTOR , he is not a ‘reporter’, this sub human NPD (narcissistic personality dissordered) sicko would’nt know the truth if it sat on him, cooper & cnn are just part of the plan that the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) & all the other very sick beasts on the CFR run TV . that are at the head of the sandy hook hoax and all the other hoax’s/false flag events that are meant to take down the United States, If the poor dumb viewing public only knew what these beasts had in store for them with all with their sick lies. the TV is the greatest piece of brain washing equipment ever made & it is working wonderfully, it is amazing that people actually believe the garbage they are fed through that satanic box in their homes . . the general public is spoon fed these massive lies daily that the evil machine/TV brings into their homes. Unless you want your children to be brain washed, non thinking zombies like the majority of the people in the world today, you better remove that satanic box of lies out of your homes .

  4. Congratulations James F. Tracy on yet another (in my opinion) common sense and well balanced writing on the Sandy Hook tragedy. I have followed your comments since Sandy Hook with great interest. I consider it most reggretable that we never had a James Tracy in Australia to bring more attention to the terrible tragedy of the Port Arthur massacre, in which thirty five people died and the Australian Prime Minister wouldn’t even allow a coriner’s enquiry, or other public enquiry. Even to the point of putting a thirty year secrecy on details of these events. The world needs brave people like you, especially in the media. Keep up the good work. Kevin Stiller, Brisbane, Australia.

  5. Let’s just skip the part where you debate on whether Sandy Hook was real or not, as we all know that will not get aired or discussed in any substantial or meaningful way. Let’s just focus on what’s happened since Sandy Hook and where all the money go? What school if any, needs to have the ridiculous amounts of money that were allocated to a school that only has 550 students at best? Where did all the money go? Follow the money! Let’s see some real investigation there, in “keeping it honest”.

  6. That’s a very courtly way to engage Cooper, Dr. Tracy, treating this man as a professional of equal stature, when he is no journalist.

    Cooper doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care, that labeling an argument with pejoratives (i.e., as “conspiracy claims”, “sickening,” “absurd”) is not a substitute for a real investigation and analysis of evidence. A real journalist does such investigation and analysis. He hasn’t.

    His lazy locution using “beyond”–as in “beyond crazy,” “beyond comprehension,” “beyond ignorant”–shows he has a substandard grasp of the English language, as well.

    He mischaracterized the claim about Veronique Pozner, saying that it is that she wasn’t crying enough. I think even at the time of the Tracy interview the claim was that the interview was conducted in front of a “green screen,” meaning it was filmed in advance, since Cooper’s nose disappears as he turns his head. This means he was involved in the staging. Even the Wikipedia entry on Anderson Cooper establishes he is CIA.

    Go get ’em, Dr. Tracy.

    1. I particularly like this part: “I say “Hooey!” There are many fine young men from extraordinary wealth and privilege yet limited experience or career prospects who serve in our national intelligence services….. Anderson, both you and I know that serving your country is nothing to be ashamed of.”

      What a scream. These people’s inflated egos are not poked fun of nearly enough.

  7. Would swear I saw an earlier article that estimated this sale of this property was between 4 & 5 million, no doubt all the chemical spraying has fogged my memory.

    Report: CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper Plans To Buy Litchfield Home For $2.6M …The 10,127-square-foot estate in Litchfield was originally listed at $4 million but had been reduced to $2.6 million, according to the MLS listing. The listing also indicates that the transaction will be a short sale, a transaction in which a lender agrees to accept less than what is owed on the mortgage…..


    Report: CNN Anchor Plans To Buy Litchfield Home For $2.6M

  8. Ha! Love it!

    One could only dream of having a professor like James Tracy. He is the epitome of professionalism with integrity, a rarity these days to say the least. Hey, the dude’s got guts… And I doubt if he even sees it that way. Just doing his job, ya know…

    I went to Art School. You could get drunk in class, right along with your professor, then later, said professor, makes out with your girlfriend in his office while you’re packing up his gear in the studio.

    Ah, the good old days…

    C’est la vie….

    When I saw the Medical Examiner “Dr. Wayne Carver”, in his press conference that day I knew something was horribly wrong. I’ve seen a million press conferences like that on TV. A Medical Examiner knows or should know, in hyper detail what happened to each and everyone of the victims in a tragedy. Carver, on the other hand, didn’t seem to know anything other than some generalized garbage about the entire event. Simply not possible…

    But, of course, how do you decipher something like that, it’s just a gut feeling right?

    Well that’s when you need someone like Professor Tracy to step in. He knows how to decode what has just happened, he’s a trained professional, that’s what he does. That’s what any good professor would do, or at least you would hope, and rightly so.

    Anderson Cooper pulled a hatchet job if there ever was, it’s obvious… Why? Because Professor Tracy was right on the mark! We can’t have the sheeple getting upset now can we….

    I bet money Anderson won’t even respond. Well, not in any serious way.



    PS: To JT, I take my payments in weed these days…

    1. Ah yes, the Medical Examiner, Dr. Carver. Did anyone else get the impression he was being prompted or guided by those around him, ensuring he didn’t step out of line? Surely he wasn’t being intimidated by the likes of that smirking, moustachioed, hat-wearing trooper just off to the right…
      Had this event been genuine, everyone would have been very grim-faced.
      The clincher, of course, was those very dodgy $0 property sales conveyanced on Christmas Day 2009. Cui bono? -as ever.

  9. They really overreached. I wouldn’t have heard of Dr. Tracy if not for Andersen Cooper’s arrogance and megalomania. I sensed weird stuff going on, but had concluded that *something* had happened (ie some people got shot) but that it was being exaggerated and had been sort of negligently allowed to happen because the anti-Constitutionalists do what they can to make sure preventive measures aren’t taken to avoid such incidents.

    Andersen Cooper had the hubris to think he could bully and silence the american people and he was humbled; people like me wouldn’t have paid attention to the ‘truthers’ if it hadn’t been the MSM itself that drew attention to someone who had ‘legitimate’ credentials. Their sense of power knows no limits; they literally believe they can dictate reality to us.

    If we don’t do more, though, than just confer on here, they will have that absolute power soon.

  10. He can’t be shamed into responding, he lives in the bubble of privilege. He must know it was a psyop. His job is to sell it, not be a real journalist, holding him to those higher standards is unfair, he’s just a salesman.

    1. He may try to be a salesman, but not a very good one either – I would love to hear what he had to say to James F Tracy, dig a deeper hole I’d say..

  11. Professor Tracy, I’m sure to be speaking for everone here when I say we are one hundred percent behind you.

  12. YEA! I knew this was coming to a tipping point, I wouldn’t hold my breath on Anderson doing anything but continuing to lie. (and buy BIG houses)

  13. Yes – this is the most logical and direct approach and I commend you on your courage !
    No – he will not respond in any manner whatsoever, because to do so will either implicate himself in a cover-up or make himself culpable to prosecution for his participation.
    We will get to the bottom of this, but most likely without the help of any ‘reputable’ journalists.
    Thank you for all that you have done to expose this crime. You are representative of what the 1st Amendment is all about.

  14. I pray daily for you, Dr. James Tracy. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe. You’re doing a great job. Let me know how I may help you.

    Stand fast in Grace, K

  15. Thank you for your courage, but watch your back Dr. Tracy. The disturbingly strange A. Cooper is but a front man for a larger organization. He will not, of course, agree to anything resembling what you propose. How could he?

    I sincerely hope they don’t “retaliate”. What you said needed to be said. I’m quite certain that he gets your drift. As Anne said, we’re 100% behind you.

  16. Go for it. The ball is in his court now. Check and check-mate. It’s my belief that the lessor man will decline, but you threw down the gauntlet of challenge. That’s what matters. That’s what will remain at the end of the day. The silence you may hear is the sound of a coward steeped in indecisiveness and hand wringing. Coopy has a way of disregarding his network’s reputation for the staging of news stories for the sake of sensationalism. (i.e. Charles Jaco) CNN’s record stands alone,….much to the chagrin of their 9 nightly viewers…..who happen to be “on the fence” as it were.


    Good job, Dr. Tracy!

    1. Sample responses over at Huff Post from two of Cooper’s nine viewers in regards to his latest home purchase. He has several other homes as well.

      “He’s an honest, genuine, hard working guy. Not the easiest life by any means but I believe a good person.”

      “Anderson works very hard & deserves to have an oasis to go to.”

      1. This is the home Cooper reportedly bought. Bantam is in Litchfield County. It was sold on April 3, 2014 for $ 164,212.00. Looks to me like it sold for back taxes, which in 2011 were over $46,000 per year. The mansion was in foreclosure and it was a short sale.

        Not to accuse the good people in Litchfield to harbor Newtown real estate practices, but msm report that it sold for millions – anywhere from 2 to 9 million depending on the source.

        Perhaps some real estate mavens can help out and clarify. After this mansion sold for around $ 164,000 in April, did the buyer turn around, selling it to Cooper for a big profit, or did Cooper buy the dwelling for 164,000?

        When the smoke clears, it should be interesting to check the final documents.

      2. I’ll bet i work harder that A.C. and my “oasis” is a bit more “modest”, although perfectly fine. I suppose the wages of sin are high.

        One of the things that I read said it was a short sale, meaning there was still money owed on it. Could it be that he paid the paltry $168K and took over the mortgage?

        Who knows. He is, indeed an actor. I guess he gets to live like one as well. The presstitution business must pay well indeed. Plenty of room for him and his “significant other” to swish around in. Quite the “role model”.

      3. The chain of title record comes from the realtor and is not reliable. In addition, some mortgage transfers are recorded only in MERS and not in the county title books. The official assessed value of Rye House a few years ago was about $2m. So it looks the $164k figure is not a sale price for the house, but a new buyer paying off several years worth of back property tax that had not been paid. Or it’s some sort of transfer tax.
        The previous homeowner started his price at $8m and kept moving it down, to the $6m level. So Cooper probably in the low $5m area.
        If the previous owner was doing a short sale, he had probably paid $6-8m for the house. That purchase was not listed in the realtor’s price record, and/or it was recorded in MERS only and not in the county title books.
        Cooper is swimming in money.

      4. SV Bob, thank you. I went back to this Zillow site. Scrolling down there is a price history, clicking on “more” it shows activities going back to 1997. It seems the now former owners bought the mansion on 3/27, 2001 for $ 2,050,000. It shows asking prices over the last three years while the house was on and off the market.

        AC is swimming in money and he’ll get a pool to match. More AC real estate news:

      5. Lophatt, you are stone cold dead on. When you watch the embedded video and are not utterly and totally convinced that Cooper is actually ACTING as a news anchor, then your brain is misfiring.

        When I watch Cooper in this the video I feel as though I am watching a B movie clip from the ’50s. I expect the next footage to be of Godzilla collapsing a high rise.

        I am left dumbfounded at those who take him seriously….seriously.

  17. Andersen’s role is obviously to ridicule what is clearly the truth so that the public of sheep will worry about looking foolish to their peers if they take a critical look at the situation. The mother shown discussing the loss of her child…I know that if I lost my child I would not be wearing make up like I’m off the the opera. And it is a real clue because this is how they detect sociopaths who are trying to fake grieving. It’s surprising the actors are trained only on script and not on emotion or what a grieving parent looks like or how they behave. We may not all grieve the same way but there are certain clues to faking it. Anderson is doing a bad actor job himself. He’s a bad actor.

    1. Exactly! There is little or no truth coming from the MSM! I know where you can find it though. The Genesis Network. Especially the Alex Jones show and Joyce Riley’s Power Hour.

  18. I wonder when Anderson is going to post the video of Robbi Parker laughing, then doing his hyperventilating technique to get into character. And how about his smiling demeanor when he was interviewing that other pair of parents a day after their kid was shot. Anderson should make it clear that it was not only Mrs. Ponzer who wasn’t grieving enough.
    So many of these Sandy Hook parents just can’t seem to shed a tear. In line with this, a few days ago I asked my doctor if the pharmaceutical industry has perhaps devised a new type of “grief pill” that causes this type of behavior where the families would smile a lot instead of being totally broke up like normal humans would be expected to be. He said that in cases of war the new procedure would be to have survivors of a firefight to immediately start taking SSRI, right then and there. Is it possible that these parents were given those powerful antidepressants immediately, and that is why they acted so whacked out and inhuman. Was Anderson on those drugs also when he did his smiling interview ? We need to know what the heck is going on here Mr. Cooper. Things at Sandy Hook were not normal, and that has many people very concerned. Along with about another hundred or so anomalies that we won’t go into right now. Such as the totally unprofessional conduct shown to school safety expert Mr. Wolfgang Halbig who can’t get the simplest of questions answered even after filing FOIA requests in writing.

    1. SSRI drugs would take several weeks to build up in the system so as to have the desired effect, unless of course there is something new and faster acting available.

        1. SSRI’s do not make you impervious to all feelings of emotion. It makes a depressed person more normal, that is all. A not depressed person would just have the side effects.

      1. That’s a common misconception, likely based on the field of psychiatry postulating that substantial response or recovery to major depression or chronic anxiety will take weeks or months of treatment, close monitoring, and talk therapy. There is a powerful neurophysiological effect within hours of taking SSRIs or SNRIs. Not that I imagine these drugs had anything to do with the inexplicable behaviors in question.

    2. Halbig is actually a complete fraud, sir. We have gone over this before, my patience is wearing thin with those that blindly follow whatever fits their worldview without the slightest inclination to fact check before they espouse the latest con-mans MO.

      Or are you paid to make such ridiculous comments?

      1. Wolf has done more to make Sandy Hook a national concern than the rest of us combined, including Sofia, James and me. Were it not for him, it would have receded into the dustbin of history.

        You are long on smears but short on logic and evidence. If you have an issue with me or Wolf, then spell it out: quote what we say and why we say it, then explain what we have wrong and how you know.

        Here are my latest on Sandy Hook, in case anyone here missed them:

        1. There is now a little place on the Internets called ” “, where they spread rumors like this. Not much facts there, mostly ‘debating the debate’, and a lot of stalking.

          It is strange why they do not come here and debate, instead of making their own little place where they can ban and censor! 😉

  19. Anderson Cooper is of the Vanderbilt Family. He spend a few years working at Langley (CIA Headquarters). He is a mouth piece of the elite families which can be trusted to tow the party line of Agenda 21. This is silly to even address him or ask him to participate in anything with James Tracy. He will simply set you up to look like an idiot and he has the power of the edit. I think this open letter is pointless and a big mistake.

      1. “Scared” he is most definitely not. He is doing what he’s supposed to do perfectly well and has no intention to ‘confront’ anything other than ‘deniers’. Most people here still don’t seem to ‘get it’. The media doesn’t exist to ‘get at the truth’. Figure out the rest.

    1. What are we to do, Joe P? Sit on our arses and do nothing? I am glad he is being challenged.

    2. Maybe it’s just me (I think not), but you are missing the point, Joe, on more than one level.

      First, James is telling a hilarious joke. He knows that the execrable A.C. will never agree to such a thing. He’s reminding the MSM of their cruelty, and in a way mocking them, saying, Hey! I’m still here! Remember how you tried to destroy me for a moment’s bump in ratings? Well, look me in the face, you cowards! Your crime is not forgotten!

      Secondly, if such an adventure ever transpired, James would certainly have his own camera crew with him, documenting the whole thing, so CNN would not have “final cut.”

      Finally, if the two of them set up such an investigation, the CNN brand would force the shrinking violets of Sandy Hook fame to actually agree to real interviews. Certainly, James would insist on full interrogation rights, conducted by himself, and if you want to see liars squirm, that would be the show of the century. This would do three things: force the execrable Vanderbilt scion to actually pretend to try to get at the truth, lest he expose his true nature by obsequiously fawning and prevaricating; enable a genuinely honest man to depose all the culprits before the cameras for the first time, forcing their lies to be exposed for all to see; and it would also force CNN to tell the truth to its, what is is, half dozen nightly viewers, knowing full well that James would have his own footage of the whole thing, and it would be widely seen.

      What James is doing is pointing out one aspect of the hypocrisy that prevails in the MSM. He must have re-watched the embedded clip and noticed that aspect of the charade: the fake umbrage A.C. ginned up, what with him claiming to represent all the noble crusaders in the reporting trade. That’s another pretty good joke here: the reference to Watergate, which all these presstitutes somehow want us to think was the pinnacle of the form

      (it was, in fact a hoax: read what Gary North has to say, and weep:

      Here a the vital excerpt of the article to understand the vastness of the lie:

      Consider the fantastic detail involved in the requests. On August 14th, [1973] for example, Judge Sirica demanded the “entire segment of tape on the reel identified as u2018White House telephone start 5/25/72 (2:00 P.M.) (skipping 8 lines) 6/2:3/72 (2:50 P.M.) (832) complete.’” I don’t know what all the identifying numbers mean — but you have to agree that only somebody very familiar with the tapes would know. These boys knew precisely what to look for! Here is another sample request:

      January 8, 1973 from 4:05 to 5:34 P.M. (E.O.B.)

      at approximately 10 minutes and 15 seconds into the conversation, a segment lasting 6 minutes and 31 seconds:
      at approximately 67 minutes into the conversation, a segment lasting 11 minutes;
      at approximately 82 minutes and 15 seconds into the conversation, a segment lasting 5 minutes and 31 seconds.)

      Although this is my own contribution–that Watergate itself is nothing to do with investigative reporting–the fact is, the news readers of the MSM all like to claim it as their mantle of honor, and James is saying: All right big fella, try it on in real life!

      So James is rubbing those jerks’ noses in it, real good. Good for him.

      1. Agreed, the letter is a well crafted challenge to the vacuous MSM account of SHE. The open letter is an historically relevant document regardless of the response. This is a letter whose content should be flooding MSM editor desks. In the unlikely event of an AG response, it will be predictably be dismissive.
        JT type queries are fair game to any of us who challenge our local powers that be. It seems to me the local PTB may be becoming embolden by the increasing ruling arrogance that is being reported within this blog.
        Thank you Anne B. for bring us the Newtonesque flavor of the AC Litchfield megahouse “purchase”. Yes, further facts needed.

      2. After having read your presentation in it’s entirety,Patrick,may I say…VERY INTERESTING! My disdain for the so called Free Press grows by the minute.

      3. Furthermore, AC and CNN are forced to deny even receiving this letter because if they acknowledge they did, it would warrant a response. And in this case, they lose by responding either way.

    3. Of course AC is not going to respond, that is not the point. The letter is an effective way to communicate some facts about Anderson Cooper in a, I think, entertaining way. To those who may never do their own investigation or back checks on propagandists like AC this may be how they finally learn the truth. And the truth is what the whole thing is about.

  20. I would be very surprised if AC takes this offer. It would acknowledge that there might be something to investigate in SH. They have a story and they will stick to it. Their story is made for a TV studio, their interviews are controlled and scripted.

    I doubt there is anything to be found in Newtown. Even the school is gone! Newtown is an enclave of Hell where brave knights can go and die; visiting is allowed though, if you want to take some pictures and ask a few polite questions at the fire house. But do not unsheathe thy sword without an Army behind you! (We’re not there yet)

    There is so much information on the internet already that clearly demonstrates that the official narrative is a hoax. People are normally not open to such information. Normal people want to feel secure – acknowledging the information that demonstrates that their Gov. is out of control will make them feeling insecure. Becoming a Truther is leaving normalcy behind.

    From 9/11 it took me about 5 years to understand that the World was hijacked by maniacs. And I have been building on that distrust ever since. I have always be anti authoritarian, but the ‘Truth movement’ was what helped me “get it”. I grew up ‘pro Israel’, ‘pro War’… I was a nutcase!

    From each psy-ops and FF, we can start the timers for thousands of new Truthers in the making. Let’s not pour cold water on the others, that did not wake up, it will just ruin their day and we would be their villains!

    My mother often told me; “never talk to journalists”, I’m surprised a professor of media studies don’t know better! 😉 CNN will twist everything in their favor. And they are going to keep pretending it is your own fault.

    And whats this about considering to resign if SHH is proven to be infact real? Is being wrong a ‘just cause’? I do not think so, it is just part of science!

    1. About your point wondering why made their own site

      You suggested it was to ban an censor

      Tracy hasn’t had the gumption to post my thoughts for awhile. This site is like Pravda

      1. This is because, quite frankly, you have few if any thoughts to offer. The comments I have allowed you to post essentially constitute “sniping” against myself and others, tending to drive discussions in unproductive directions. I would no sooner allow you to partake in comments here than to sit across from me at my dinner table.

  21. And another thing, Anderson, please chuck the empty soundbites that are so comforting to the American people and lull them into sleepy surrender. Also, to meet the professor at Sandy Hook, you’ll need to degoebbelize yourself. Back to basic journalism 101.

  22. Well said and done, Tracy.

    While I don’t comment here (MHB) for the most part, I do consider this site one of the finest on the web. Others include Aangirfan, Veterans Today, Cryptogon, Project for a New American Revolution and Sott, where I do comment.

    Please continue the pursuit of truth and the struggle against censorship, tyranny, injustice, and oppression.

    Ned Lud

    p.s. glad you were able (thus far) to maintain your employment and your life, others (in the struggle) have lost one or both. Fortunately, there is a better life ahead for those who have (struggled and ‘lost’) and a worse ‘life’ awaits those who have chosen the Anderson Cooper route…

  23. I felt nearly giddy after reading your letter to A. Cooper. Tak about throwing down the gauntlet! If not you Dr. Tracy, then who better to challenge this media icon who has become the darling of mainstream news viewers. If he can be exposed or even challenged then there is a chance that more Americans may begin to question their blind trust in the propangada they’re being fed daily. I was surprised that you received negative comments regarding your well written, serious, albeit humorous, letter. It seems that Cooper’s personal attack on you by revealing your home address and exposing you and your family to danger was so unwarranted as to make me suspect that he was fully aware of the potential repercussions for you. Those of his ilk, the fantastically wealthy, have a level of protection that most university professors can ill afford. He made the attack on your credibility personal and in seeking to mount an effort to have your well deserved, tenured position threatened brought his motive in doing so into question. I was once a “believer” in Mr. Cooper and in retrospect it was his emotive style of journalism that appealed to me. It should have been the very thing that warned me, but that was before Sandy Hook and his obvious bias and lack of any investigative role revealed his ineptitude. Once again Dr. Tracy, I applaud you, in fact, I think I’m starting to love you.

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