The Curious Parents of Noah Pozner

Originally published on Fellowship of the Minds, April 3, 2014.

We are told that on the morning of December 14, 2012, a single gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, for no discernible reason, barged into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

There, despite his “very poor muscle tone” and “very very poor motor skills” which typify those afflicted with Asperger syndrome, Lanza managed to shoot to death 20 first-graders and 6 adults in less than 5 minutes.

That’s just one of the reasons why many now believe the Sandy Hook shootings to be what former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig calls “a contrived event.”

In addition to the parents’ absence of signs of grief, the resemblances of Sandy Hook people to crisis actors, the RIP and donation sites that were created days before the massacre, the strange Social Security Death Index for Lanza that said he had died a day before the massacre, and the continuing lack of transparency from state officials, here’s another oddity: 6-year-old child victim Noah Pozner‘s parents.

Put simply, Noah’s mom Veronique may not be who she says she is. And Noah’s dad, Lenny, is dissembling about his son’s photos, allegedly taken a month apart.

Noah’s mother: Veronique Haller Pozner

On December 17, 2014, three days after the massacre, the funeral service for little Noah was held in Fairfield, Connecticut, where his body reportedly laid in an open casket — a simple brown wooden casket with a Star of David on it.

Veronique PoznerNoah’s mom, Veronique Haller Pozner, waves to the assembled media as she leaves after the funeral service in Fairfield, Conn. (AP)

Since the service was closed to the news media, Noah’s maternal uncle, Alexis Haller, was the source of information about the funeral. An outspoken advocate for gun control who lives in Seattle, Washington, Haller told the Associated Press, “If Noah had not been taken from us, he would have become a great man. He would have been a wonderful husband and a loving father.”

Bizarrely, Noah’s mother, Veronique Haller Pozner, who herself is a gun control advocate, later accused her brother Alexis of speaking without her authorization.

Veronique also told the Jewish Daily Forward that she’d made the painful decision to have an open casket for her son’s wake in order to show people the “ugliness” of gun violence. She said, “We all saw how beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away.”

The press tells us Veronique is an oncology nurse. Naomi Zeveloff reports for Forward, Dec. 26, 2012, that “On the morning of December 14, Veronique was at the medical center where she works as an oncology nurse when she received an automated text message alerting her that there was a reported shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. … Veronique drove at 80 miles per hour to the school, praying that her car’s faulty engine would hold up.”

Reporter Zeveloff did not name the medical center, but an article in USA Today of Dec. 18, 2012, says “Veronique Pozner was at work at Grove Hill Medical Center in New Britain, 38 miles from the Sandy Hook school, administering chemotherapy to cancer patients when a patient got an alert about the Sandy Hook shootings, said Doreen Berube, the office administrator. Pozner, an oncology nurse, came to Berube and said simply, ‘I’ve got to go.”’

I searched Grove Hill Medical Center’s website for both Veronique Pozner and Doreen Berube, but found nothing.

I did find a bare bones page for Veronique Pozner on LinkedIn (see below), which says she is a registered nurse at Grove Hill Medical Center in New Britain, CT, but gives no information as to her education, which is odd.

Veronique Pozner on LinkedInOdder still, Pozner’s LinkedIn page as 0 connections. Frankly, I know of no one who’s on LinkedIn with zero connections. That defeats the purpose of having a LinkedIn page because LinkedIn is a career-oriented social networking site for professionals and business people.

However, as some bloggers discovered, there is a Veronique Haller, identified on the website of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce as the Legal Counselor for the Swiss Embassy in Washington, D.C.! Veronique Haller, however, is not on LinkedIn.

Veronique HallerNoah’s dad: Leonard (“Lenny”) Pozner

The USA Today article describes Veronique Haller Pozner as a single mom of five: two older children (a daughter and a son) from her first marriage, and three younger children from her second marriage to Lenny Pozner — a daughter Sophia, and twins Noah and Arielle.

According to the account in Forward, in 2005, Veronique and Lenny had relocated to Newtown from nearby Bethel (they had previously lived in Westchester.)

Oddly, although Lenny is the father of Noah, he did not attend his slain son’s funeral. Instead, after the Jewish shiva mourning period, Lenny “went to be with family in Florida.”

But Lenny Pozner did upload photos of Noah to his Google Plus account, which blogger Timothy Hunter discovered. Hunter noticed that Noah’s hair length was very different in two photos that were taken just a month apart.

Note from Eowyn (March 20, 2015): The photos of Noah which were in the original version of this post have been removed because Lenny claims copy right over all images of Noah and succeeded in getting WordPress, the server of Fellowship of the Minds, to unilaterally take down those pics. If FOTM continues to post pictures of Noah, WordPress threatens to shut down this blog.

A comparison of Noah Pozner in the two photos, supposedly taken a month and a day apart, shows Noah #2 as having a lot more and much longer hair than Noah #1. In just a month!

When Hunter points out that hair doesn’t grow that fast in just a month, Lenny Pozner actually responded to Hunter with the lame explanation that Noah’s hair was so much longer in the 2-26-2012 pic because the boy was wearing a wig.

Pozner3Oh, puleeze.

Why would anyone put a wig on a 6-year-old boy?

Hunter’s guess is that Lenny had uploaded a bunch of Noah’s younger pictures to his Google Plus account to give “the illusion that they were living normal lives up until the event [Sandy Hook massacre] took place.” That would explain why Noah’s hair managed to “grow” INCHES in just a month.

It’s all a ruse.

In Hunter’s words: “The alleged victims of Sandy Hook would have to be years older than we were told by the media for this hoax to work, and all credible evidence points to this fact – the Photoshopped pictures, their likenesses (only a few years older) appearing at the Super Bowl, and the appearance of their likenesses in a 2006 album called End Times.”

Here’s Hunter on the Noah photos and Lenny’s lame explanation:

Note from Eowyn (March 20, 2015): Lenny Pozner succeeded in shutting down Timothy Hunter’s YouTube and Twitter accounts. Hunter’s blog is no longer active.

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      1. Another Just So story from Snopes – completely uninvestigated but with a merely plausible explanation (to those who resist examining Sandy Hook) rather than what you imagine is the only rational interpretation.

        Tell me, were you sure Saddam had weaponized anthrax too?

  1. Then Noah (JESUS) rose from the dead to die again 2 years later in another shooting where he was the son of someone else!



    1. More to the point – why didn’t Lenny raise holy hell when the Pakistan shooting at the school used his kid’s picture as one of the victims. Not only did the picture leap out at us, it would have hit a real father like a cruel ton of bricks, and he’d be intent on getting to the bottom of its piracy, if that’s his argument about the use of his son’s picture that he is so concerned about. He seems to have waived all rights at the moment he chose to ignore this use. His behavior is very much that of an unconcerned person, willing to let an image be used to vilify his enemies – in fact, a twofer – twice used on different school-related issues.

      The source of the picture cannot be him. It must have come from higher up. Perhaps some agency within U.N. which has goals for all of mankind. I say perhaps. But it does show a higher-up source, not Lenny.

  2. Thanks for the post Dr. Eowyn. The characters are almost comical in a sick sort of way. It actually should be quite easy to trace someone.

    I admit to being a bit thick in my understanding of the basis for takedowns based on “copyright infringements”. My understanding of copyrighted material is that it cannot be used for profit without permission.

    First, someone must be able to show ownership, then object to its use elsewhere. I would think that a non-profit site using an image would fall under the “fair use” provisions.

    In reading about some of these notices it seems that the hosts automatically assume any claim to have merit. “Lenny” seems to be a busy boy.

    While a child wearing a wig may seem strange, it isn’t any stranger than most other claims associated with this pageant. Basically it seems that they are saying that we should accept their story in this situation even though no thoughtful individual would under other circumstances.

    I would love to get to the bottom of this.

    1. For YouTube, all it takes to get something removed, as you know, is one copyright strike. Three strikes against your channel and your channel is removed from YouTube. Vinny Eastwood recently had three strikes against his channel (which of course were bogus claims and YouTube never checks anything out to see if claims are “true”) and it was removed – years of original vids vanished. He protested and I do think that now his channel has been restored or a new one created. The copyright strikes at YouTube are a joke and never researched, even though to initiate one the “wronged” party must (electronically) sign as truthful against penalty of perjury.

    2. Echo lophatts’s thanks Eowyn.

      Child wearing a wig strange? How about NOT going to your slain son’s funeral?!? Fetzer’s Real Deal Ep 143 had a solid expose on the Pozners fraud. Two actors… doing their jobs, and doing it quite well. Lenny in particular is a very good public speaker. (Sorry Robbie, no Oscar for you).

      I ask skeptics this, which is sicker? Accusing someone of lying about children being murdered that did not exist? Or actually lying on national media about children being murdered that did not exist?

      I suppose it is easier to believe (or hope) it’s the accuser that is the sicker of the two choices.

      Remember kids, the best actors skip Hollywood, and play in the ‘real’ world, playing out their own ‘illusions’.

  3. Did Veronique Pozner ever move to Washington state and take Noah’s body along as she stated in an interview with the Forward soon after the event?

  4. Veronique Haller Pozner failed in her audition for Carry On Nurse, and as a failed actress, she did the next best thing, became a lawyer and highly paid crisis actress for Carry On Drill.
    The Drill team knows we all accuse them of not having open casket funerals so they had one for little Noah, not open to the public. As to Charleston where the Drill team also was at work, the stiff they used for the Rev didn’t fool the black community in Brooklyn. My friend said it was the talk of the borough that it was a dead impersonator.

    1. It seems, Marzi, that there may be a whole segment of the population which has immunity against being taken in by these lies. TPTB were once worried that too many of them would turn to Islam, the ancestral religion of a lot of their forefathers taken in slavery from West Africa. Now you have to convince them that all these hoaxes are real – but they have a built-in sales resistance when the seller is white. However, now that there is a black president, some of them may have come around. Except once a skeptic, always a skeptic.

      1. The slaves were animists. It was the slavers who were Muslim who bought them from tribal chiefs who were not Muslim. The whole issue of recent US Muslims of the past forty years makes no sense historically.

        1. If you say that slaves from well-developed cultures along the Guinea Gulf were none of them Moslems you are wrong. You see, it is easy to make the claim that somehow slavery (however brutal) took very primitive people and raised them up to modern civilization – because that was something southern slave owners liked to do. In the north, there were people like Prince Whipple, who accompanied his master to the Battle of Saratoga and won his freedom thereby, who had been headed for his studies in Islam when his ship was overtaken. There were slaves who knew how to write in Arabic – maybe not the vast majority, but enough to refute the idea that all of them were tribesmen from the back country. Some of them were skilled metalworkers – and taken for that very reason.

        2. So here’s a website by a guy who I would consider a neocon, Daniel Pipes. He gave a glowing review of a book on Moslems as slaves in America “Servants of Allah” by Sylviane A. Diouf, NYU Press 1996, writing his review in 2000 (which tells me he probably read it and wasn’t just puffing a recent book). It is still at his site. Recall that most slaves actually wound up, percentage-wise, in Latin America. Go to and realize I am not the only one who observed this. The name of the writer of the book sounds French, and I am thinking she may have studied a good deal about French Africa, like Senegal, from which many slaves came. Whether or not Prince Whipple and his cousin Kuffee were actual nobility by Western standards is not known, but that they were headed for school when captured and sold into slavery is part of their history. Other young men like them were sometimes traced by their families and ransomed. I think we have to realize that throughout history, it did not matter what your rank, in bad situations you could wind up enslaved. Add to this the likelihood that there were also other Moslems of lower rank taken in slavery (the religion is quite simple to follow – hence its popularity in the third world and its multiracial composition. Five rules, basically, and an internal system of money transfers that promote trade and barter.

        3. Daniel Pipes is a Zionist neocon. Can’t do enough for Israel Danny.

          I notice he fails to mention that jews were behind the slave trade in America and probably the rest of the world. Truro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island is the first in America, and curiously, Newport was the center of the slave trade, the entry point for slaves into the Northeast with subsequent transfer southwards.

      2. that’s true, unfortunately, Musings, especially African Americans of the professional-managerial class. They support Obama no matter what, no matter how odious and self-defeating the policies, essentially for the same reason that White racists oppose Obama.

        Obama has been the biggest conman as president in my lifetime, saying one thing and doing the opposite, and his poll numbers haven’t changed for years: 40+% approval, 50+% disapprove. The Black mantra is “no one else could do any better,” which is probably true.

        1. Absolutely stupid reasoning. Everything springs from some sort of racism, how pathetic is that supposition? You voted for Obama not once, but twice, I’d bet on it. Just more of your scam, tiring as it is. How do you legitimize Obama’s poll numbers? The black mantra is ” we vote for “Bammy ‘cuz “Bammy”, he one of us”. In typical fashion “nobody could do any better”, one of your typical exercises in verbal flatulence. You can’t get enough of Obama, can you, troll?

  5. There appears to be a very aggressive response to Wolfgang’s forensic report on Avielle Richman –

    Ryan Graney is apparently corresponding with the son of the analyst

    I don’t know how twitter works so I will just try to copy some exchanges – this is unbelieveable- look at the tone

    Excerpts :

    Ryan Graney ‏@RyanEGraney · 20h20 hours ago
    @CWWades @tombitt @barkingtunaweb maybe you should talk to your family member and tell them what they did was wrong.

    James Appleton ‏@barkingtunaweb · 20h20 hours ago
    @RyanEGraney @CWWades @tombitt trust me… Been trying to figure what this is all about all morning. Please don’t defame me though.

    Ryan Graney ‏@RyanEGraney · 20h20 hours ago
    @barkingtunaweb @CWWades @tombitt go figure it out and report back to us.

    James Appleton ‏@barkingtunaweb · 20h20 hours ago
    @RyanEGraney @CWWades @tombitt He was hired thru 3rd party to analyze photos for Wolfgang. He maintained prof objectivity and didn’t ask

    Ryan Graney ‏@RyanEGraney · 20h20 hours ago
    @barkingtunaweb @CWWades @tombitt oh, so you do know what this is about then. Adding you to the list

    James Appleton ‏@barkingtunaweb · 20h20 hours ago
    @RyanEGraney @CWWades @tombitt He hasn’t even been paid for what he thought was another standard forensic analysis. Father is a good man

    Ryan Graney ‏@RyanEGraney · 20h20 hours ago
    @barkingtunaweb @CWWades @tombitt oh so it is your dad. My, my, how all these things just happen to come out.

    James Appleton
    ‏@barkingtunaweb @RyanEGraney @CWWades @tombitt trust me… Been trying to figure what this is all about all morning. Please don’t defame me though.

    James Appleton ‏@barkingtunaweb · 20h20 hours ago
    @RyanEGraney @CWWades @tombitt That is why when my feed started blowing up I was completely confused

    James Appleton ‏@barkingtunaweb · 20h20 hours ago
    @RyanEGraney @CWWades @tombitt That is why when my feed started blowing up I was completely confused

    Ryan Graney ‏@RyanEGraney · 20h20 hours ago
    @barkingtunaweb @CWWades and since he hasn’t been paid and isn’t in a hurry to collect the money that means he willingly did it.

    Ryan Graney ‏@RyanEGraney · 20h20 hours ago
    @barkingtunaweb @CWWades so then maybe he should come out and apologize for harassing Sandy Hook families.

    1. Lenny Pozner, C. W. Wade, and Keith Johnson all work together. These are internet vigilantes who’ve ruined many people’s reputations and terrorized families, all for simply conducting research and asking questions.

      1. What I find very pressing however is that the forensic analyst presented his findings as very objective and staying entirely on track as to how his analysis resulted in his conclusions. A n extremely parochial scope that made no other inferences as to the other larger ramifications as all.

        Yet the statements made to the son are extremely belligerent and accusatory- completely inappropriate and unjustified.

        That report certainly hit a nerve – it is quite a substantive crack in the official story. A highly qualified independent forensic analyst concluded Avielle Richman is really Lennie Urbina ? So what other victims will not stand up to scrutiny ?

        1. Ray, I don’t know how Twitter works either, but isn’t Ryan Graney the person that was involved in a charity fund for the alleged SHES victims, that basically had $70,000 in donations go missing?

          I’m assuming the “@tombitt” means Tom Bittman…right?

          What exactly are they getting at in these messages? Did they find out about James Appleton’s assessment of those photos and then contacted his son with the same name? I can’t seem to follow their conversation.

      2. Does this trio have innate power, or do they “get” power from higher ups? Do they front for a letter agency or two? Who pays them?
        Clearly, they are not doing things in the public interest, but the interest of the “others”.
        I have noticed, we have noticed, that shills are blatantly observable, patently obvious, boorishly repetitive and nonsensical. I would imagine they get paid when they can, at the behest of their handlers, interject verbiage to media sources that can potentially and often practically hurt/destroy their targets. I would expect the government to be a very big supplier of shills. It’s nicely indirect, untraceable, and creates vagueness.
        Today, it’s clear that businesses can be damaged by fielding a number of shills and various sayanim to denigrate other companies’ products. I think this has already happened on a large scale and I think it typfies the statement that “we’ll know we are successful when people believe ALL the lies we produce”. This came from a former CIA director.

    2. what kind of morons would conduct this conversation on twitter?

      “Please don’t defame me” – how pathetic is that?

  6. Here’s an example of an event which seems sensational, which I cannot independently examine, but which has the indicia of being a real event:
    the Las Vegas strip story where a woman deliberately drove into pedestrians on a sidewalk. Why do I think it is probably real? Because the story does not “over-reach” as the hoaxes do.

    In this case in spite of the determined efforts of a driver who was bent on hurting people, and who did injure more than thirty, there is no disproportional death toll. It appears that one person died, most were in injured in some way. Immediately afterwards, the public was told it was “not terrorism”.

    But when you have a situation like Boston where they list more than 200 injured and four killed, with lots of amputations – well.

    There could be some amputations from the Vegas one, sure, but that would follow from the actual injuries witnessed, probably, by crowds of people not stragglers at the end of a public event, films of which show a couple of smoke bombs going off, along with the impossible survival of a man who sits up after losing two legs (although this was an easy feat for someone who lost them a few years before). I therefore (at this point) consider Vegas to be one of the real events, until it starts get maudlin and mawkish and GoFundMe. After all who wants terrorism in such a money-making place?

      1. It’s being reported that she was shouting the alla a’bar phrase, and that she told law enforcement why she did it but they’re “hesitant” to mention terrorism because they don’t want to impact the tourist trade –

        Actually, they’ve mentioned terrorism several times, as in “this is not related to terrorism”

        We’ll see –

        1. I’m thinking this profile of perp fills out the picture of ‘mentally ill’ that was lacking in the San Bernardino female shooter. Some articles question whether someone could be ‘radicalized’ who wasn’t already ‘mentally ill,’ but most just depicted her as a terrorist.

          But they need the conclusion, and remedy, to pivot on ‘mental illness,’ and I think there is a growing sense that females have to be implicated in these psy ops. For one, there have been videos made by some white women which are exhorting white european women to stand up for their race and countries, etc., as opposed to the usual pro-white advocacy generated by white men. The most well known woman in question is Sinead McCarthy who produces music and educational videos, sometimes with other white women. She is young, in her mid 20’s, and attractive and an ex-performer who is probably viewed as a rising threat.

          I once wrote about associations in these psy ops and someone called me ‘off.’ At some point I suspected the orchestrators would obliquely go at some group or meme, by abstract association. I’ll regretfully cluck at how right I was yet again.

          I think the recent conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw may have been contrived to indirectly implicate white men for a mostly nonexistent ‘white’ on black rape epidemic. The guy is probably a major sleaze as opposed to an actual predator.

        2. you just made me realize that once again, we have a “how could a mother Do that” situation – kid in the back seat during the event.

          Sometimes it seems like these are specifically set up to tweak Obama – his comment Friday about “no credible threat” and then Sunday we have an event. His comment about “widows and orphans” and now we have women & children consistently cropping up –

          Is there Anyone who doesn’t think some big brouhaha is in the works for the upcoming holidays?

        3. Did this happen exactly at the moment the Miss Universe pageant was crowning the wrong woman, outside the event? That would be one big coincidence and journalistic diversion from what might have been some last minute jockeying among cons.

        4. It’s looking like Lakeisha Holloway, the Las Vegas driver, may have been ‘real’ but the storyline around her majorly contrived to support the ‘mental illness’ narrative. Notice they’re getting sneakier and more oblique about it. I think that’s because right around Oregon it seemed like we hit Peak Psy Op and people who’d been going along on certain websites were suddenly that various elements of these shootings were contrived or even faked. This need to be indirect serves the purpose of preventing close scrutiny, which the ‘mental illness’ hysteria requires, and is especially important when it comes to framing white men and white women. White men retain rigorous skepticism to psy ops framing them, while featuring women of any color as perps seems to attract unwanted close scrutiny. Also, framing white women specifically is something they avoid because most white people sense how vulnerable white women are in reality as the official scapegoats of the system and its hatreds. By white I mean ‘anglo’ish, not mediterranean or any other ‘white’ ethnicity.

    1. A three year old child was found unharmed in the car. Gee, this sounds familiar, doesn’t it? (Carey Shooting by the Capitol police in 2013). It would be implausible that thirty people would be injured, and one killed by a car attack, yet the child is without a scratch.? Unless I see proof of death and severe injuries, I will assume that this is just another in a long line of hoaxes with ulterior motives.

      1. Those car seats protect well (seriously, they do). It’s conceivable that a car could be totaled without injury to a child strapped into a car seat.

        1. That would take some expert driving to avoid injury for a loved one strapped in the back, while actively seeking out victims whom just have to be attracted to the car’s path. At least the San Bernandino shooters had the presence of mind to drop their toddler off at daycare, lol! We are not talking just one impact point here, but dozens of impact points. None of this makes any sense at all, whether real or contrived. It is just another impossible event.

          I would like to see the “damaged” vehicle for evidence of 30 plus collisions. A car would not be unscathed at all after that event.

  7. WordPress operates with the same content management standards as Amazon,
    Amazon Kindle,
    Google / GoogleTranslate, YouTube,
    Florida Atlantic University, etc…

  8. Professor Tracy: Can you please at least debate my finding Annie Haddad aka Nancy Lanza very much alive, and living in Sandy Hook still? Even if you don’t agree with it, at least let other people decide:

    Here is the most recent image of Anne Haddad, from October; The eyes are the same, nose is the same, teeth is the same, laugh lines and dimples are the same, and skin type is the same. If it were just this “uncanny” physical resemblance it would be one thing, however,

    Anne being a nickname for Nancy, Anne being married to a Peter with 2 children, one with learning disability, Anne living less than a mile away, and using the same roads to leave the neighborhood, Anne listing a 1 Mill Street#2, Port Chester Ny as a past residence, and then finding Kaitlin Roig in Sam’s Bar 1 Mill Street, right in front of it.. I could go on. Anne worked at St. Rose of Lima, and was on the Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA. Anne attended “monthly mom’s night out meet ups” so did Nancy.. Please help Professor Tracy.

    1. I’ve never understood about Nancy Lanza; if this was a drill, she couldn’t have been killed. Her estate was sued by 16 families of the Bereaved and each divided 1.5 million, about 94 thousand each. The money of course could have been real, while everything else fictional.

      one of the many loose ends. But, again, if the massacre was a drill, this lawsuit was fraudulent.

        1. Exactly, because her estate if intestate would have been empty already – this way – from nancy to the heirs of her body, two brothers; from younger brother Adam to his surviving parent, the father. Therefore automatically and at her death, everything goes to the boys; at Adam’s later death, a few hours after he killed his mother, to his father.

          So to go after the assets of the father, as one of the two responsible parties, would be the rational course. He is not liable to turn over all the money from Nancy to Adam to him, as though this is the sole amount for which he is liable. No, he is liable for whatever they can get, with no reference to the windfall from Adam.

        2. Not to mention, how many have homeowner’s insurance on a demolished house? I suppose the money goes out the front door and the replacement from Afghanistan goes in the back.

  9. Merely a trivial observation, of sorts. But I feel they’ve thrown in the invtro-f “have children after 40”, here too. Into the unconscious mind be/ most know today that it costs thousands of dollars to do that and it leads to rather strange aborting of fetuses which we never hear of from Hollywood freaks…. I’m pro-choice but as an activist the younger people didn’t find this odd, and I did. As to explaining why Americans are so gullible, all I will put it that we’ve tested near 50th in nations for decades on all social welfare stats. You can read into what I am getting at here those who are honest among you. I think.

    1. Should’ve typed “embryos”. [If for over 40 yrs your nation has tested inhumane on all the basic necessities of life. What can we expect?] People cannot differentiate between “individualism” and “individuality”. For any, esp women, if you saw these stats, which are probably buried now. You’d freak out on how pathetically sad it is and make better sense of why you’ve been through such horrors. Other nations taxes haven’t gone to war. But back to their people. The harsh cruelty here should be no surprise and always keep in mind that remembering “facts” like medical training does not represent thinking. (Saw some mentioned nurse relatives.)

  10. Reblogged this on COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS and commented:

    From the Haunting in Connecticut to the Harrassing of Professor James Tracy, the Greenberg Crisis Team keeps the Sandy Hoax staging in the forefront of conspiracy. James Fetzer cannot sell his books and Prof. Tracy is under threat of his job. Wolfgang Halbig has been threatened and the recycle of these staged events keeps coming month after month.

    The MSM propagandists keep telling us that we are in fear of terrorism. Only true if we see Obama and Company as the terror and his pen as the weapon of mass destruction.

    1. I’m not so sure that it is Obama that is behind this, Puddy. These actions are going to stir up a lot of activity around Sandy Hook, and it would seen to be the best strategy politically to let the memory Sandy Hook fade into history.

      But there are other agents and institutions involved: crisis actors, Fema, a governor, homeland security, newspapers, etc. Someone is putting pressure on the university, infowars, the internet organs, etc, but it need not be Obama. It may be, but somehow it doesn’t seem his style. But it’s just a guess.

      1. What is Obama’s style anyway? If you are for exoneration of Obama on every count, it can only mean he’s totally derelict in carrying out the tasks for his postion as President. He’s done nothing, he’s not to blame for anything, right? Innocent bystander. You are a scam artist, everybody knows by now. So obvious, so obnoxious, so blatant.

  11. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. There was a great deal of money collected by a large number of groups, and the American people understand corruption better than they understand false flags, especially fantasy false flags. Although the money collected is secondary to the purpose of Sandy Hook, it might be useful for someone to focus on the money, with the implication that, in addition to other motives, there are financial motives to covering up Sandy Hook, and attacking prof Tracy.

    1. Yes, sadly, I suppose that what they did, technically, isn’t illegal. However, the fund raising is. All the money that didn’t come from Afghanistan would probably have to be repaid.

      1. I hadn’t thought of that, Lophatt. They would have to repay the money, or be sued for it in any event! That would involve a mass action suit, and getting a bunch of people legally behind Tracy.

  12. Bravo! Yes – since when did a letter written to a newspaper, in this case by two fictitious entities, become grounds for firing a tenured professor? Since NEVER.

    Regarding the funeral of “Noah Pozner,” it is not likely that it was open casket – although it was presented as such, sort of, so as to allay our fears that perhaps none of the Sandy Hook victims actually died.

    A few images surfaced showing a closed casket at the funeral, as seen in a video still available online:

    However, Veronique Pozner asserts that Gov Dannel Malloy saw the body of Noah before the funeral proper. In a December 2012 interview by Naomi Zeveloff of The Forward we learn the following:

    “Just before the ceremony, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy came to the funeral home to pay his respects. Veronique took him by the arm and brought him to the casket. Noah’s famously long eyelashes—which she spoke about in her eulogy—rested lightly on his cheeks and a cloth covered the place where the lower half of his face had been. “I just needed it to be real for [the governor],” she says. “This was a live, warm, energetic little boy whose life was snuffed out in a fraction of a second because our schools are so defenseless.”

    On Jan 22, 2013, The Star published an editorial by columnist Heather Mallick, “Why Newtown Victim Noah Pozner Had an Open Coffin.” Here we have the episode with Malloy but no evidence whatsoever that Noah had an open coffin, except the title of the editorial.

    On Feb 22, 2013, an article by Brian Browne Walker, “The Open Coffin Funeral of Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner,” recounted the episode with Gov Malloy and then added that “several family members also chose to view Noah’s body.” However, there is nothing in this article about “the open coffin funeral” of Noah Pozner as given in the title. This article is no longer available online:

    Jack Pinto also reportedly had an open casket funeral, but, like that of Noah, we have no real evidence. In February 2014, “Mater Dominici” posted a suggestion that other Sandy Hook victims must have had open-casket viewings too:

    But show me the open casket viewings/funerals and only then will I believe it. Meanwhile, the Charleston church shooting scenario set out to rectify the oversight with a vengeance, by putting poor Rev Clementa Pinckney (or a mock-up) on display at four venues over the course of three days.

    They are getting better with the details – but not by much.

    1. But Gov. Malloy can confirm it! Did I mention that he denied having spoken about being “talked to” prior to the event on TV?

    2. “This was a live, warm, energetic little boy whose life was snuffed out in a fraction of a second because our schools are so defenseless.”

      She said too much. A grieving mother wouldn’t cram a talking point into a statement about her recently-murdered child. This is too much. This reads like a statement made by someone trying to sell lockdown school equipment/systems. Didn’t someone track that connection to “Veronique” once? These people are disgusting.

    1. Im all in that Sandy Hook was a hoax but that Niagara pic was a stock photo used by that website and wasnt the same kid … I traced it to the stock listings and actually found several from the same model kid and its not the same kid.

        1. If you follow the link to the pic at shutterstock you will find the same kids wearing in different pics and you will see clearly it is not Noah Pozner … I originally thought it was him also, but when i researched it trying to find a LP link or other pics to prove it was Noah i discovered that in fact it is not Noah.

        2. Goto to shutterstock and spend several hours going through pics until you find the Niagara Falls pic then search for all pics of that model …. and you will see for urself that it is NOT Noah Pozner .

        1. where did you find this, Anne. If it can be established that Noah was a child actor, it would help defend Tracy from the current attacks.

        2. Patrick, believe it or not, I used to do that in a previous work place. It was called industrial espionage. The industry was MSM and surely qualified for on-the-job training. Once upon a time I spied on Russians and learned a few spy techniques, but that is a different story and quite a fun one. Now the tables have been turned, and Bluffdale, Utah has my number.

        3. I’m not competent to say whether its Noah or not, one way or the other. But a private detective might be able to trace these images and determine the question from the place or places he’s worked. And it might be possible to get other images or poses.

          Most pursuits of this kind don’t pan out. But all you need is one that does, and that would destroy the attack on Tracy.

  13. “Ognir” webmaster of recorded this 84 minute solo podcast on Sun 12/20:

    Skip to 23 mins where his SHES discussion begins, and goes through the end of the show. Much discussion of Lenny Pozner, Keith Johnson, CW Wade, Deanna Spingola, and others. Also notice the comments at the grizzom link above; 5 at the moment, 3 of them from me “Zeetip.” One good comment from “larry” has already been censored (removed) by a grizzom admin, but I’d previously pasted it to
    for posterity, given the checkered past of grizzom’s admins wrt censoring SHES related comments.

    1. Puddy, this is very good. Aren’t they photogenic? I suppose that’s a “plus” with actors.

      They get a standing ovation for suggesting that we should all be in a database and profiled? Why certainly government should be in the business of making a perfect and safe world. We just need to be more helpless.

      Why would anyone find someone who did voices for animated porn unlikely to participate in this? Probably a good thing she didn’t mix her lines for the kid’s show.

      She is “just a citizen” and he is “Mr. Earnest”. He is doing schtick for gun control and mental health having once played a suicide by gun victim. The actor’s guild should offer ethics training.

      1. The connection of Hollywood to Holyrood is pretty clear now. The Military Industrial Congressional Complex seems to be, in large, an actors guild and a Tavistock enterprise. Behind the blue door and inside the actors studio is where all the scripting and training is done. No one dies but I can tell you there is collateral damage to the soul. I think beyond the gun confiscation, the objective is to destroy the truth permanently. We may never know it again. I am a baby-boomer who was on JFK and Apollo 11 in the seventies. After forty years of this crap it begins to take it toll. It’s all fiction.

        1. I agree. It’s getting to the point where I’m more annoyed with “the masses” for believing it than I am with the perpetrators. After all, its in their natures to scam, like breathing.

        2. That’s the scary part Lophatt. It’s a biblical revelation and the powers that be , these archons, know it. Right out of Sun Tzu strategies and divide and conquer. All entertainment these days seems to be trending this contempt for people and self-loathing too. I can attest to having the feeling as well. That’s one we have got to overcome.

        3. That’s very good. Yes, “archons”. I have this mental image of that old “Twilight Zone” episode where the guy is in the plane and looks out the window to see a gremlin ripping the wires out of an engine.

          These mutts aren’t human. What makes us human is our ability to empathize. The names don’t mean much. Some are “Chief Opportunists”, others are petty tyrants. They all hear their master’s voice.

  14. Nice try, but uh-uh. Snopes is nothing more than a disinfo site that way too many people consider to be purveyors of ultimate truth. They are really just a couple of far-left liberal couch potatoes running the site from their living room.


    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — The families of more than a dozen victims of the 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, will split $1.5 million under recently finalized settlements of lawsuits against the gunman’s mother’s estate.

    A lawyer for several victims’ families says the settlements were finalized Dec. 17. Details of the agreements were first announced in August.

    The lawsuits said Nancy Lanza failed to properly secure her legally owned Bushmaster AR-15 rifle. Her son, Adam Lanza, used the rifle to kill 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. He killed his mother before the school shooting and killed himself afterward.

    The families of 16 people who were killed will split $1.5 million from Nancy Lanza’s homeowner’s insurance.

    Victims’ families also are suing the maker of the Bushmaster rifle.
    Please don’t forget to donate.

    1. I wonder which of the “victims” decided not to participate in this settlement?

      I also wonder how failure to properly secure a gun can be legitimate grounds for a suit, considering that the alleged perpetrator of the alleged crime was an adult. Allegedly.

      If you own a gun and another adult takes that gun and shoots somebody, you are liable? Maybe you are; I don’t know.

      I would have loved to see the insurance company take this all the way to trial. Of course if they weren’t in on it, $1.5 mil probably seemed like a drop in the bucket to make it go away.

      Actually, it doesn’t seem like much money at all. Just enough to get an article in the paper with little detail. Would anyone be able to track down the specifics of this suit?

      1. From Fellowship of the Minds:

        Andrew Gorosko reports for The Newtown Bee, August 3, 2015, that the 16 plaintiffs in lawsuits that were filed earlier this year against the estate of Nancy Lanza would receive nearly $94,000 each in a proposed settlement of those legal claims., according to a July 31 letter by Angelo A. Ziotas to Probate Judge Joseph A. Egan, Jr.
        Ziotas is the attorney representing one of the litigants, the estate of child victim James Mattioli.

        The other plaintiffs are:
        • The estates (i.e., families) of child victims Emilie Parker, Grace McDonnell, Jack Pinto, Charlotte Bacon, Jessica Rekos, Daniel Barden, Dylan Hockley, Jesse Lewis, and Benjamin Wheeler.
        • The estates of adult teachers Rachel D’Avino, Lauren Rousseau, Mary Sherlach, and Victoria Soto.
        • Teachers Natalie Hammond and Deborah Pisani whom Lanza had wounded, not killed.

        1. Hey, Anne, as an aside, can you answer a quick question for me – where exactly do the Pozners supposedly reside now? Still Connecticut?

        2. Toni, nothing is quick about the Pozners. Intelius reports a Leonard Pozner living in Boca Raton. Same Lenny is an industrious kind of guy. He has a brand new company called Brooklyn Management LLC with a P.O. box number in Boca Raton. His HONR network has a P. O. box at Sand Hill Plaza in Newtown.

          The missus is a little more difficult to locate. Here is a statement from Lenny:

          “Veronique and I no longer live in the Newtown area. After December 14, it was apparent we would need to start a new life elsewhere. The murder of our son brought us back together. The life we were living before December 14 no longer applied. Whatever our values were back then—whatever compelled us to seek a divorce—was no longer important to us on December 15.”

          Veronique told Jewish publications that she was moving to Washington state and taking Noah with her. No mention of taking Lenny with her as well. So why bother getting a head stone? Her parents lived in a Seattle suburb and sold their fancy spread there in 2014. The parents also own a much lesser home in San Antonio, not quite in their league. Corresponding with someone about it, we
          decided that this is some sort of safe house. Veronique may be sheltering in place with family these days.

          Intelius shows Veronique still living in Sandy Hook, so that information has not been updated or is kept under wraps for many reasons.


        3. Thanks, Anne. I don’t know why I expected a simple answer. Can’t anyone make up a coherent lie and stick to it anymore?

          I’ve read a lot of that info individually in the threads, but thought there was maybe a comprehensive answer out there, like there would be for normal people.

          I knew you were the one to ask. I picture you with all this info at your fingertips, but I know its work to put it together, so thanks.

        4. Toni, I can tell you that the Pozner home in Sandy Hook was sold on Dec. 2, 2015 by the two banks that repossessed it.


          • 3 Kale Davis Road, Newtown, CT
          • Sold at $320,000 on 12/3/15
          • Listed at $321,900 on 10/5/15

          In March 2009 Veronique had the property transferred to her from Lenny for zero dollars. Previously they were co-owners. No zero dollar sale on 12/25/09, but the information keeps changing with the wind regarding these two. US Bank and Wells Fargo were co-owners of the property when it sold earlier this month.

          Even the link above keeps changing information, which is unusual after a sale is recorded. Now it has a sale date of 12/3/15 in the amount of $ 320,000. Yesterday it was 12/2/15 for $ 305,025.

          Of all the SH “parents”, these two have become the faceless ones, as opposed to the others. To wipe out footprints and just operate behind names, P. O. boxes and phones takes assistance from sources ordinary people have no access to.

        6. Regarding the twosome, I have come across information stating that they lived at both 23 Alpine Circle and 27 Alpine Circle in SH.

          27 Alpine Circle does not exist. 23 Alpine Circle is vacant land valued at less than a thousand dollars. It belongs to Riverside on Lake Zoar Association, Inc. This piece of land also had a zero sale on 12/25/09.


          On February 18, 2013 this link was posted by L Pozner in the comment section to the article above:

          It has often been said there are no photos of Veronique, Lenny (who claims to be born Leonid) and the children together. I have only seen one of the five together and read that it was photo shopped. There are photos of “Lenny” with children and just a few with Veronique and children.

          The link posted by L Pozner above has an abundance of interesting photos. The image of Noah’s grave stone posted earlier here does not have a gravestone behind it. In Pozner’s link there is a photo of the same gravestone and now there is another one behind with no name from what I can see. Perhaps recently put up. The sign with Noah’s name out in the ocean (lake?) is impressive.

      2. Let’s see how Nancy Lanza’s estate would have passed, without a will (intestate succession). She dies, and both her sons inherit in equal measure. The half share that goes to Adam, who dies soon afterwards, goes to his parents. The living parent is his father. So the two ultimate heirs to Nancy’s estate are the brother and her ex-husband (who gets his son Adam’s share).

        How was there anything in Nancy Lanza’s estate? It was already someone else’s when it passed at two points during the day – to the sons, and then to the father. You do not need probate for that.

    2. Playing along with their storyline, “Adam” is not a minor. “Nancy” is not responsible for his adult decisions. She would be considered a victim.

      I suppose it IS Christmas and all. Some have been naughty and some have been nice. If one is on the receiving end of all this largesse, what does one list as their occupation?

      Is this the replacement for BCCI? Just asking.

      1. I’m curious about how it is decided that Nancy Lanza had any estate whatsoever at the time of her death (see above by me). How does anyone sue an estate when the intestate legator (was she?) has passed first and therefore all her estate has been automatically distributed to Adam (whose estate reverts to a surviving parent, his father and Nancy’s ex) and to the surviving brother.Are they saying there is a will?

        Also wouldn’t a court throw out a suit based on no property? Or if there is a judgment, it would be against no funds.

        I suppose it might look like she had property at the time of her death (if the house is in her name) but plaintiff’s cannot reach it under common law can they?

    3. About a year ago, you “people ” accused this of being a hoax because their were no lawsuits. Now that there are lawsuits, herd is calling foul. You can’t have it both ways and expect legitimacy for you arguments. People aren’t that stupid

        1. If there really had been a school full of dying children, then the way the scene was treated would have been the most stunning case of gross negligence of all time.

          Had this incident been real, the school and everyone involved in the aftermath would have been easy targets for lawsuits.

          Instead, we got millions in donations slushing around. $50 mil for a new school. And one of my favorites – don’t come visit, but here’s our new website…send money.

          So $1.5 million over improperly securing a gun seems staged. One of the articles I read had a lawyer admitting it was mostly symbolic.

          Why is it all about the gun? Or more correctly, mental health and the gun? The argument was that “Nancy” should have known that “Adam” was mentally unstable and thus was responsible for keeping that gun away from him.

          Why would no parents sue over the mental anguish caused by their children being left overnight in the school?

          Why would none sue over the apparent failure to even attempt to save lives?

          Why do the lawsuits involve perps who might as well be phantoms, perps who at minimum aren’t around to defend themselves?

          “Ryan Lanza” inherited the house and allegedly gave it to the city – who promptly destroyed it. If you are suing the home owners insurance for $1.5 mil,wouldn’t you want the house too? Wouldn’t the insurance company want the house left standing until at least the case was settled? Would it even be legal to tear down the house in the middle of the lawsuit?

          Lots of weird stuff. Rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

      1. Janet(or whoever you really are-Pozner) shouldn’t you be out spending some of that Guv’ment Troll Money,instead of working through the holidays…we give you permission to give it a rest.

      2. Janet
        Do you mean the lawsuits brought by the AP to release the hundreds of 911 calls, or to release records of a functioning school? Never mind.

  16. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today said in a recent interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett that Leonard Pozner is an Israeli Intelligence asset. Is anyone here aware that for the most part; the agenda and operations of our Intelligence Agencies has been outsourced to Israel?

    1. Gordon Duff says he’s a self hating Jew, George Soros is a good guy and 40% of what he writes is disinfo.
      No doubt Gordon is telling the truth about Lenny but he lies a lot too.

    1. Yes, she does. I never fully accepted that SH Veronique was the same as UN Veronique, although the SH version has a French mother.

    1. I posted a comment about this but – “poof” – it’s gone. I have to say this is a classy bunch. Meet the new “block wardens”. When that new and “improved” government kicks into high gear these are the boots on the ground.

      Jack-booted thugs and petty tyrants all. The “Father of Lies” knows you’re on his team. I couldn’t do what they do. I’d get tired of wiping the spit from my mirror.

    1. ​Hmmm…the best example I have seen so far of our new ‘predator/prey’ society. Emotional language is strong in these emails, in the sense that it allows public/media shaming but it’s fragility is shown in its lack of clarity of thought, its disconnection from memory and its clear example of a total break in any ability to adhere to a sense of self-reflection or a capability to be conscious of one’s own actions whether spoken or written.

      Language that attacks preventing communication on the part of the receiver is a sign of a sick society just as Philosopher of Communication Harold Innis predicted in many philosophical lectures.

      There is a big difference between the Professor’s task of public debate and the public’s decay into writing.

      The former is conscious and constructive to society, the latter is nothing more than hysterical unconsciousness.

    2. I appreciate your work in this matter, Dr. Eowyn. We need to see what is being done to James.

      The purpose of these emails is to terrorize, and demoralize. We must remember that this took place in the weeks before Christmas, and that he has four small children. It is hard to keep a bright heart when under such attack.

      What you have done in this post is point out that those emails are public records, and many of these terrorists turn out to be academics, with what sound like important positions. They stand totally exposed, because they revealed their identities. What boldness the fool frequently struts with.

      None of them, as one of your commenters pointed out, bother to mount a rational case. It was just an attempt to hurt. One wonders how many of these terrorists had any idea what the job actually involved; I’m guessing they just got an email, suggesting they talk dirty to a guy they knew nothing of. I guess that’s what politics in our time has descended to.

      In the television show a couple of people have posted the link to this afternoon, the drive-by “reporter” gets Tracy to answer questions through his screen door, and James comes off perfectly reasonable. I’d bet anything that he explained the backstory to the hapless “reporter” about Lenny closing down anything on the web he detects, and Tracy simply wanting to see his bona fides (you summarize that nicely). But to include that part would be to betray the drive-by creed. Blast the flurry of bullets, speed away, and never look back; that’s what they do.

  17. I used to date a guy who worked at the State Department in counter terrorism. He couldn’t tell me exactly what he did, of course, but I do know that he helped fabricate images, videos and all sorts of media that was designed to demoralize, undermine and confuse the terrorists. They were passed off as having been produced by terrorist organizations. Some were fabricated news stories. I asked him if these videos were being shown on our news and he assured me they weren’t. He said they were only used against specific overseas targets and that no Americans would see them (unless they went on terrorist websites). There’s a very large department within the state department dedicated to producing this type of work. Most of the State Department doesn’t even know what they do.

    Anyway, with this blatant Pozner error and another girls photo being taken from someone’s instagram and passed off as being Allison Wyatt, I suspect that there are people in jobs like his that are sickened by what they’ve been asked to do and are deliberately planting these errors so the public will catch on. If that’s the case, they must be very frustrated with the country by now.

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