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  1. After watching Jeremy Tracy’s video I would like to say I am in full support I have been informing my “Twitter” followers of this false hope that was provided to us, please respond and tell me more on how we can expose such a horrific scandal

  2. Dr. Tracy,

    The local news blog, Topix – Newtown, CT has been professionally scrubbed of all local posts.

  3. Mr. Tracy,

    Do you agree with this blogger’s posting that Noah Pozner’s mother is a disgrace? Further, you have not answered any of the straightforward inquiries I posed to you above. All of these questions are designed to allow us to fully understand what you believe and do not believe about Sandy Hook. Thanks.

  4. Dr. Tracy, and I use the term very loosely: You are entitled to your “academic” thoughts. However, your preposterous ideas bring shame upon you, your University, and your colleagues on the Faculty. Your job, as an academic leader, is not to question reality, it is to interpret it. You have failed in this and, no doubt, in other academic pursuits.

    • We’re all certain that Dr. Tracy appreciates the lecture Danny Boy.

      Which “reality” should he not question?

      A . The mother was a kindergartner teacher and her son was jealous and shot her and her students.

      B. The mother was not a kindergartner teacher, never worked there and this was not the motive.

      A. Only handguns were used.

      B. Two or four handguns, and an AR 15 were used.

      A. The principal reported everything she saw during the shooting to the Newtown Bee.

      B. The principal is a victim of the shooting.

      Who on earth is this fucking incompetent?

      A. There were multiple shooters, as heard on police scanners and a second shooter was taken into custody.

      B. This was another American “lone nut” assassin.

    • Dr. Tracy’s job is to interpret reality? Whose reality? The media’s? Have you ever considered what goes on behind the scenes in the media? Do you know how a story gets chosen? Do you know how people get chosen for interviews? Do you know who does the writing? Do you know how to see potential bias? Do you know anything about how the media works at all?

    • Isn’t it all of our jobs, as people, to question the things that go on around us. Especially when the truth may be at the bottom of those questions. Isn’t it especially expected of our teachers and professors to be the ultimate truth seekers. Is most of America really as ignorant as you in there refusal to see what is so obvious? Is most of America so indifferent that they allow themselves to be herded along like imbecilic sheep? That is a VERY frightening thought.

  5. Also, this part of the crisis actors pdf explains the victoria soto facebook page being posted prior to the actual event.
    “Create a trial account before creating an official one.
    While still operating out in the open, creating a trial account allows you to gain familiarity before rolling out your official presence. This will allow you the opportunity to make some mistakes, operating under the radar, without having them publicized broadly at the start”

  6. Mr. Tracy,

    Because your actions have insighted such despicable conduct by other hoax theorists, the Parker family, who lost their beautiful 6-year old daughter, Emilie, had to remove their touching memorial site due to hateful and harassing postings. This was a site dedicated to the memory of an innocent child-victim. Notwithstanding your conspiracy/hoax assertions, and regardless of the perpetrator of the shootings, are you prepared to deny that Emilie was an innocent victim? If you deny it, please provide cogent proof? If not, are you prepared to speak out on this blog and other media outlets to condemn the posting of hateful and harassing messages, so that this family can honor their daughter with a memorial site? If so, and as a Connecticut native residing in South Florida, I can arrange a media event for you to do this.

    Such a media event would be orchestrated in such a way that you would not be challenged, but would be given a forum to send this message and clarify your position. For the sake of human compassion and decency (because I think this whole thing has gotten away from you and down deep you regret the fallout to the families), please take the honorable step of setting things straight for these mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, etc., suffering so profoundly.

    Thank you.

    • Whoaaa… I see the angle you’re working now. You from the media? Like it is really his fault what happened to the poor man’s page. I’m sure. People were going off prior to this blog. I have no clue why you are putting so much blame on Dr. Tracy. I can only assume that you perceive Dr. Tracy as a very large threat indeed.

  7. WOW, you people are sick. Instead of lending your support to victims of a terribly tragedy, you’re questioning the way they grieve. No tears? That’s your conspiracy argument? What a joke. I would hope for nothing more than everyone on the conspiracy side of this debate to be personally involved in the next tragedy, maybe then you’ll smarten up. I doubt you’ll be telling people to analyze details and open their mind when you’re standing over a casket looking at your loved one. You want organized debate, join a debate club. You want to investigate crimes, go be a detective. In the meantime, get a life.

    • Maybe you should project this anger towards the deserved perpetrators of these murders, i.e. the government. You are mad at Tracy for exposing murderers? You can talk down to conspiracy theorists all day long, but this reaction to one mans view/research into these heinous tragedies is what is really crazy.

  8. Mr Tracy,

    I enjoyed your class in 2005, and you have taught me to open my eyes to my surroundings. People can shut up, and allow you to have your opinion. The media can shove it, and find someone else to attack! Everyone who took your class knows what you are saying, and why! I wrote the Star Wars and religion similiarities paper in your class in 2005. Do you remember? You actually used me as an example in your lecture! Hope all is well :)

      • Awesome! I will never forget my first time viewing Dr Strange Love in your class. Movie has way more meanings than the eye can see. I hope FAU allows the freedom of speech, and does not take this to the next level. If so you know you have a better chance working on H2 hosting a show about conspiracy theories. I would watch it :) Thanks again Mr. Tracy.

  9. Actually, some of us do investigate government crimes and terror for a living, and get paid quite well to do so. Sandy Hook has been a Godsend for those trying to awaken the masses to government crimes. Now, Americans have found out, in viral mass, that the government indeed DOES commit acts of TERROR upon the people. The Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG has gone viral, 10’s of millions of Americans are now aware of Operation Northwoods and what the CRIMINALS IN WASHINGTON DC are capable of. From Wikipedia:
    Operation Northwoods was a series of false-flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[2] The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit perceived acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.[3] One part of Operation Northwoods was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington”. (Now you know why THEY killed JFK!!!!)

    The same CRIMINALS are in charge now that were in charge back then. Operation Northwoods is why THEY killed John F. Kennedy. This Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG video has been seen by over 10 million people.

    • Stefan, I’m quite sure you don’t get paid quite well to do anything. Believe everything you read on Wikipedia? You probably believe anything, hence the topic of conversation. You pretend to have edidence of crimes but all you have are conspiracy theories. You should conspire on a new hobby because real people show compassion for innocent lives lost instead of sitting in their parents basement in their pajams dreaming of things that would add value to a life wasted on day dreaming.

      • The beauty of living in our country is freedom of speech. People in Egypt, Pakistan, and other Middle Eastern areas cant even speak their minds. Do you think James Tracy would be a professor this long if he was NOT effective?

      • Do they? Pretty sure Obama didn’t publish any photos of him mourning the 168 children killed in the drone strikes he ordered in Pakistan. 98% of those drone strike victims have been innocent civilians. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but there is a lot of sick and twisted stuff going on in our country right now. I think You need to re-evaluate your definition of what pathetic is.

  10. One need not be a cynic to recognize that many people, such as Tracy, exploit these tragedies for self aggrandizement or, at a minimum, for simple publicity. People capitalize on the misery of others without regard to the cost or the ramifications to the victims/victims’ families. That is my point here. Human dignity and respect for others’ plights seem to have fallen victim to the overpowering desire for publicity and notoriety, no matter the cost. Our county is losing its soul. 15 seconds of fame is more important than a human life . . .

    By the way, Noah Pozner’s mother reported that half of her 6-year-old’s face was shot off when he was blasted 11 times at close range in Newtown. If there is anything that we should not be desensitized to are the true horrors of this kind of violence. I wonder what the effect would be on all of us if we were confronted with the carnage at Newtown, and how that experience would color our perceptions about the event and about the issues that have been engendered by the event. After viewing a classroom floor covered with children’s remains blown to bits, with blood, bodily fluids and brain matter leaked out and splattered on the walls, I wonder how many here would feel like sitting around positing the various conspiracy/hoax theories, as opposed to throwing up and crawling into bed to escape the horrors of those images and the reality of what is happening in our country.

    Now, think about what images the parents are haunted with every minute of every day, ruminating over how their children was terrorized, clutching each other, crying, screaming, calling for their mommies and daddies, hearing the percussive blasts from the weapon, smelling the sulfur, seeing and hearing their friends fall in a hail of bullets, feeling the hot pain as bullets tore into them, left to leak out and die alone on the cold floor. Is it right that these families now have to suffer the indignity of having the truth of their suffering called into question?

  11. Please know that I support everything you are questioning & I think you are an excellent scholar and role model for it. Please dont stop- you have more supporters than you know. I think the questions you raise are important. I graduated from FAU a few years ago and I wish I had the opportunity to take one of your classes. Thank you sir.

  12. Covert actions and false flag terrorism, to advance an otherwise unpopular agenda?

    In my country?

    Are you kidding me?

    What are you, some conspiracy whacko the questions how Building 7 came down, free fall speed?

    Now back to football, Bud Lite, and Idol.

  13. If we replace the word “conspiracy” with “manipulation” there is no doubt that the general public is manipulated.

    There is a plethora of behavioural research regarding what the general public perceives through mass media. The American Association of Public Opinion Research puts out a journal – available for viewing online – Public Opinion Quarterly. Search within it for: The Agenda-Setting Function of Mass Media. (This is only an example.) So, to be clear, if the government has an agenda to disarm Americans through a weapons ban, to promote that agenda requires public acceptance and even public demand for same.

    We are constantly manipulated through the media. To distinguish between truth and “agendas” – to put it simply – requires a discerning mind and, perhaps more than this, an awareness of such capabilities of persuasion.

    Manipulation, in many forms, is prevalent in our daily personal lives. It isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but it can be.

  14. MRG – I think it might be escaping you how the ‘media events’ you seek to coordinate would work. They are designed to promote an agenda desired by the media outlets and their benefactor and are consequently ‘spun’ in ways to create desired perceptions the owners. To think anything other than that exhibits a kind of sweet naivete. Mr. Tracy is simply bringing to the fore anomalies and inconsistencies in the given narrative. For certain agendas, investigating and asking questions is certainly tantamount to a crime which makes investigation even that much more imperative. If it weren’t for the vast number of instances where people have been lied to by tandem forces of government and media, then this dialogue would probably not have manifested.
    It has been said that truth needs no defense and, therefore,no attack is possible. Lies on the other hand are a different story. Ad hominem attacks by mainstream media personalities lend little except emotional suasion to the whole situation. This makes things even more questionable.
    I happen to have a business connection in the area of Newtown and I became suspect of the narrative when I made a simple inquiry by email and was told that the respondent wasn’t “allowed” to answer a query about some local matters in light of the Dec. ‘incident.’ It seems as though something fishy is about.
    It’s only fitting here to include a couple of quotes from Edward Bernays’ book Propaganda:
    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”
    “Whatever of social importance is done today, whether in politics, finance, manufacture, agriculture, charity, education, or other fields, must be done with the help of propaganda. Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”
    That was written in 1928. Because methods are more sophisticated today, is it not important to continually and vigilantly pursue truth, ask questions and investigate?

  15. Mr. Tracey, kindly demand answers to these questions…
    (1) Why was the Off-duty Swat Officer at the School?
    (2) Why was the Off-duty Swat Officer running from Police?
    (3) Why did police remove the vest from the Off-Duty Swat Officer?
    (4) What are the identities of the 2 wounded Witnesses?
    (5) Why has the Hospital failed to report treatment of these wounded Witnesses?
    (6) Why was the car of Christopher Rodio (CR), a former felon, and registered pedophile at the school?
    (7) Why have police not arrested CR for having a weapon in his car?
    (8) Why have police stated the the car of CR was the car Adam Lanza drove to the school?
    (9) Why have police stated that the weapon in CR’s car was the weapon used in the shooting?
    (10) How did Adam Lanza use the weapon found in CR’s car?

  16. Dr. Tracey, aside from demanding that the school release the security video footage of Adam Lanza making his way past the school’s security systems, with his alleged weapons in hand, kindly demand answers to the following questions…
    (1) Why was the Off-duty Swat Officer at the School?
    (2) Why was the Off-duty Swat Officer running from Police?
    (3) Why did police remove Off-Duty Swat Officer’s bullet-proof vest?
    (4) Have the 2 wounded Witnesses confirmed the shooter’s identity?
    (5) Why has the Hospital failed to report treatment of these wounded Witnesses?
    (6) Why was the car of Christopher Rodio (CR), an alleged former felon, and alleged registered pedophile, at the school?
    (7) Why have police not arrested CR for having a weapon in his car?
    (8) Why have police stated the the car of CR was the car Adam Lanza drove to the school?
    (9) Why have police stated that the weapon in CR’s car was the weapon used in the shooting?
    (10) How did Adam Lanza use the weapon found in CR’s car?

  17. In response to delebelgique,

    I believe that Professor Tracy is requesting release of the school videotape perhaps because it is something that cannot be explained away or easily altered. It is along the lines of hard evidence.

    You raise some very valid points for sure, and it’s important to keep asking questions. The questions you raise I believe can be too easily explained away and then we’d only be left with more questions.

    For example, answers to your questions could be answered as follows:

    1) The off-duty swat officer was listening to the police band and was in the area.
    2) He wasn’t running, he was showing them something and was in a hurry to do so.
    3) Did they? I don’t know, we’ll look into that.
    4) They were too traumatized to make an identification.
    5) That would have to be taken up with the physician on duty.
    6) We’re still investigating that.
    7) Under investigation.
    8) That was a misstatement.
    9) Another misstatement.
    10) It was another weapon unrelated.

    So, again, I believe Professor Tracy is going after some hard evidence – which I believe will not be forthcoming.

  18. Hello prof. Tracey!

    I have been looking at as much media coverage and blog entries as possible these last few days (bq home with flu). A few things that some youtubers and bloggers have put forward is the fact that much of this os so blatantly obvious. Like Robbie tv appearence, not to mention dr. Carver! What can be the significance of that? Sure they could do a better job of cutting such oddities out to make it more plausible. it’s like they want us to see it. To what purpose, you think?

    Also, I saw in some youtube film the analysis of who was in control of the whole situation. It appears everywhere you turn, theres the conn. State police. They dont have county police there. They were first on the scene, only ones to see the bodies, they stand awfully close to a strangely nervous dr Carver, and react visibly when he apppears to say somethibg off script. I can’t find the video now, unfortunately. It had to do with corruption, some senator/govenor resigning and so on. Does anyone know?

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