Toward a Class Action Lawsuit Against Sandy Hook “Charities” 44

Barry Miller


The Avielle Foundation – “Founded on December 14, 2012”

Avielle Rose Richman apparently was one of the 26 children and educators killed on December 14th, 2012. According to The Avielle Foundation’s Facebook page, the foundation was founded December 14th, 2012, the very same day Avielle was supposedly murdered. The Avielle Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preventing violence through brain health research and fostering community.


on a Rolla: A Review of “Screening Sandy Hook” by Deanna Spingola 89

Submitted by “Lophatt”

I recently received a call from a friend who asked,”Did you hear about Screening Sandy Hook by Deanna Spingola”?  My answer decried my ignorance, as I had not even heard of Ms. Spingola to begin with.  After a brief discussion, I learned that Spingola was a radio personality of sorts who hosted a regular podcast on “American Free Press.”  I was advised that she had screeningshpreviously been a skeptic of the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre (SHES), but had recently done an about face on the issue.  Indeed, it seemed that Ms. Spingola had rather suddenly begun to launch radio diatribes at various researchers involved with SHES.  What could have happened to affect such a sudden and complete rejection of her earlier position and compel her to target fellow researchers in such a belligerent manner?

Not having any preconceptions of Spingola or her work,  my friend suggested I might be a good candidate for the task of looking into this mystery. So I began to visit and to listen to some of her earlier podcasts to get a feel for her past and current dispositions.  I ordered a copy of “Screening Sandy Hook” ($23.44) and began to read.


Inconsistencies in Official CT Sandy Hook Investigations Suggest Coverup 93

duck-walkOn this week’s episode of Real Politik Australia-based independent researcher Allan Powell joins the program to discuss his deep research on the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. Mr. Powell lays out his analysis focusing on a set of images provided in the Vimeo video below.

He argues that the apparent investigation and police report of the incident carried out by Connecticut State Attorney Steven Sedensky and State Police released and released in late 2013 defy normal protocols. Further, there are clear contradictions and suggestion of a coverup based on the documents’  various disclosures concerning the crime scene and related evidence.


Jonathan Reich Files Court Corruption Complaint Against CT Assistant State’s Attorney Thomas J. O’Brien 19

Man charged in 2012 for telephoning Connecticut coroner H. Wayne Carver claims unlawful treatment

“I was singled out because I am located out of state and a researcher of public corruption.”

Paid $37,000 in attorney fees and prevented from creating legal defense fund

Court Date postponed 12 times!

From HartfordCommunityCourt.comReich

The following letter was obtained from several national newspapers currently investigating this story:

To all parties receiving this letter,

This is being sent to you in regards to a follow-up of compliance within the Judicial System of the State of Connecticut, and to be sure that the right eyes are seeing and responding to this letter. There has been an issue of respondence of multiple parties
in the past of which FOIA requests and E-mails have not been answered promptly and/or adequately. This letter is to reinforce the structure and chain of command to which the people have a right to speak and be heard.


Newtown Officials, CT FOI Commission Spurn Records Requests 23

As another school year is upon us Real Politik welcomes back former Florida State Trooper and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig for an update on his outstanding Freedom of Information Act requests with the Newtown Connecticut Police Department, Public Schools, and First Selectman.

Sandy Hook Panorama
Halbig has been a tireless critic of the government-mandated version of the Sandy Hook massacre, raising necessary funds for legal representation and traveling to Newtown numerous times over the past year to demand that area officials present the necessary records that the shooting took place as it was presented by corporate news media.


Hochsprung Email Suggests Sandy Hook Vacated Months Before Massacre Event 105

halbig1Wolfgang Halbig discusses this document and other developments when Real Politik welcomes him back on the Monday, August 17 edition which airs at 3PM EST on Truth Frequency Radio and is archived post-airing here.

On June 2, 2015 Newtown counsel Monte Frank Fed Ex’d Wolfgang Halbig some 200 emails dated 2012 pertinent to Halbig’s FOI requests and one day before the second scheduled hearing before Connecticut’s FOI Commission.


Joe Jones Responds to Raw Story Hit Piece 48


Misleading article is emblematic of website’s politically-motivated “journalism”

Kentucky man receiving threats from Sandy Hook gov’t narrative defenders

On August 14 progressive-left website Raw Story posted an article, “WATCH: Sandy Hook Truther Offers $25,000 Reward for ‘Irrefutable’ Proof Shooting Wasn’t a Liberal Scam,” drawing attention to Kentucky resident Joe Jones’ $25,000 YouTube challenge questioning whether the December 14, 2012 Newtown massacre took place as it had been widely reported in major news media.


$25K Reward Offered for “Irrefutable Proof” Sandy Hook Massacre Was REAL 89

cashA man is offering $25,000 to any party who can substantively disprove his claim that the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was staged. Taking to YouTube as a platform one Joe Jones of Kentucky thinks the tragic incident was carried out with the aid of “crisis actors” at a building “decommissioned several years prior to the day of the event” because of “asbestos and mold.” By late 2012 “the building was just being used for storage,” he says in the video.


Sandy Hook And The Politics Behind Mass Shootings 7

Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter
August 12, 2015

Guest: Dr. James F. Tracy

Update on analysis of Sandy Hook Elementary School “shooting” in Newtown, CT with compelling new evidence from independent researchers, including that of NA School Safety Consultant, Wolfgang Halbig. Many anomalies cited: authorities gunsandbutterraze school and home of Adam Lanza’s mother; no date stamp on police dashcam video; evidence of a Live Shooter Drill taking place; large fast food orders arriving which can only happen during a Homeland Security and FEMA Capstone Exercise; same child killed at Sandy Hook who is two years later killed at school in Pakistan; agendas for gun control and childhood mental health protocols furthered.


Manufactured Terror in the Homeland 9

This week’s Real Politik consists of a pre-recorded conversation with RT correspondent and commentator Patrick Henningsen henningsenwith James Tracy that originally aired on the July 26 edition of Henningsen’s weekly radio broadcast, Sunday Wire.

Mr. Henningsen is also the founder of the exciting alternative news and analysis website 21st Century Wire.