Anderson Cooper’s Anti-Conspiracy Tirade

Or, “Does Anderson Cooper Want James Tracy and/or His Family Members Harmed?”

It would seem so from the broadcast journalist’s January 11 performance on his CNN program. Once corporate news media have told us what “reality” is, no further questioning is allowed, especially from credentialed individuals such as “tenured professors.” One has to ask, “Is this journalism? Or the frustrated defense of a news presenter and an increasingly uncertain storyline?”

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Newtown Conspiracy Theory; Gun Control Debate

Aired January 11, 2013 – 20:00   ET

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Good evening, everyone.

We begin tonight “Keeping Them Honest” with the story that is frankly hard to believe. You are going to want to sit down for this one.

Nearly one month to the day of the horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 26 people were killed including 20 children, tonight we expose a number of people who are claiming that the Sandy Hook shootings were staged.

Now, there are always conspiracy theorists lurking on line who comes up with some horrifically outrageous claims. And normally, we would not dig any phi these claims with air time. These claims are obviously sickening to many in Newtown who spent the past four weeks crying and console bearing friends and family members trying to figure out how to restart their lives.

As I said, normally, we wouldn’t mention these conspiracy theories. But it turns out one of the people who’s peddling one version of this conspiracy theory is actually a tenured associate professor at Florida Atlantic University, a state university that get taxpayers’ money.

His name is James Tracy. This is a picture of him. This is what he looks like. James Tracy is his name. Now, he claims the shooting did not happen as reported and may not have happened at all. Here’s what he wrote on his personal blog and I quote, “one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place, at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.”

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542 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper’s Anti-Conspiracy Tirade”

  1. Anderson Cooper is totally self serving psychopath.

    They are simply in a large room with no windows or light. Lighting a candle is all it takes to see.

    1. Tracy –
      Please redact your plaigreism of my name and of my message – or – try displaying some respect of my intent by posting what I said
      Or are you too a mutherfukinnaggerslave to the idea that you can control ideas?

      Anderson Cooper is totally self serving psychopath who’s spine is only in effect when he is erect in rectum.

      To fear him, his minions or the jellyfish that yank his spine is serving him as him and his operate EXCLUSIVELY from fear.

      They are simply in a large room with no windows or light. Lighting a candle is all it takes to see.


      1. I disagree Django. The Professor is under fire for his credibility. There were countless anomalies in the reporting which raises even the dimmest of eyebrows. These shootings are happening far too quickly, and these shooters always seems to commit suicide with no motive, or the case is suddenly sealed under the guise of a fair trial.

        The MSM feels they have the general public dumbed down enough to pull the acting drill off with repetitive emotional mantras about children supposedly being murdered. But why doesn’t the same MSM report on the countless abortions being committed daily? If they are not being consistent then it is conclusive that they are acting in their own political interests.

        What is good about the Professor’s actions was he forced Cooper and CNN to come clean about the acting school in CO. The real credibility for suspecting a staged act can be traced back to the Crisis Actors school where they openly admit what they are doing while denying it at the same time.

      2. Wow, class presentation there, dude. Do you kiss your mom with that mouth? I think you might need some help.

      1. No this govn’t is the fraud, the shooting was staged and not to see all the lies the MSM has told shows this is a set up. YOU ONLY LIE TO COVER UP….. Im not saying the shooting did not happened, it’s that it was a false flag, if you don’t what that is do some reserch, start with the northwoods doc..

    2. How many times has Mr. Cooper been caught with his false reports? How many other reporters have been caught with fake scenes and reports? Anyone who believes everything they hear or see on MSM are fools. Many times in NYC I have been at a scene of police activity and watched in real life, only to go home and watch MSM blow the situation way out of proportion. The questions Mr. Tracy is asking are not out of line. Many questions need to be answered so many false statements have been reported during the week following this tragedy.

      1. Anderson Crooker does false reports and sets the ‘stage’ gleefully under even the most benign pretense such as even having the cast from Storage Wars on his show and having a rigged storage locker and actors ‘chosen’ from the crowd to bid on it.

      2. Dave you speak the truth, CNN has been caught many times making fake news storys, ALL MSM is controled by the DOD and the pentagon. you can only the truth from the alternative media and thats why the fake news speaks out against it. Cooper will one day pay for his crimes….

    3. Great work professor! We are out here and we support you! And for all those cooks who can’t handle any other possibilities besides what is spoon-fed them by the talking heads on TV: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle

      1. Oh, and one more oddity to the story–Billy Graham’s Rapid Response Team were apparently the only ones to see the children and their families. He’s so good and tight with the White House, n’est-ce pas?

      2. Bravo, It is a simple fact that the guilty hit hardest! Trying to destroy Prof. Tracy is cleaarly an attempt to further suppress the truth. Being part of the Media Machine I guess Mr. Copper has to earn his pay! I (for one) agree with Prof. Tracy! Extremely tough times we live in, when the Media is used as a weapon, more deadly than the weapons presently being debated. I say again, Bravo prof. Tracy!

      3. Ooh, our brave professo’rs supporters quote Aristotle! And use grammer and punctuation! What high brow elitists!
        You may have some high falootin Greek, but we have Anderson Cooper and TWO toady authors on bad web cams!
        I suppose you greek lovers of “philosophy” would know what the term “ad hominum” means, but we don’t care! You’re a bunch of stupid stupid heads!
        Don’t give up James Tracey. Thank you for your courage.

      4. Nicely stated, Mishelle! And you have my support as well, Professor! I’m so encouraged to find that so many are smelling this one a mile away! What a relief! 🙂

        “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” — Sir Authur Conan Doyle

      5. You bloody fools….I live 5 miles from the school. It was as real as your sick, cowardly pathetic lives. Stop this nonsense and grow up.

      6. Ethan, Has Dr. Tracy claimed it didn’t happen? As I recall from reading his blog, he questions if it happened the way we have been told. Why is it such a heretical act to QUESTION official story lines especially when they don’t make any sense? What’s more, we are left to act as independent investigators to get facts or important updates that our journalists fail to report on. It’s not unreasonable to ask what weapons were used, where they were found, whose car the Honda really was registered to, what happened to other suspects seen handcuffed and walked out of the woods and request a screenshot of the supposed state of the art surveillance footage installed at Sandy Hook School of Adam Lanza dressed in his military gear with a gun or at least a photo of the door he supposedly shot in is it? It should not be our job to double check the facts and see if they line up with other facts presented, that’s the job of the journalists. When it’s a documented fact that the CIA was caught red handed submitting prepacked news to national and international news organizations as propaganda in the 1970s, is it so unreasonable to question what we see reported on tv when so little information is given to the public, especially when our second amendment may be at stake?

    4. Why are we all sitting around merely complaining or commenting when Obama is talking about an Executive Order which would obviate any need on his part to get Congress’ approval for various actions. They are using the Newtown massacre to push this through, and we should be not merely defending Professor Tracy’s brave questioning of the Fed Gov’t’s and MSM’s accounts of this event but also our rights as citizens. If there were certain elements of this shooting that were repressed or faked or manipulated we must ask why? but not be too distracted to also act. Call your congresspeople, demand more answers before rash and extreme measures are taken by the government!

      1. Better yet, call James Tracey’s employer so they don’t manage to destroy “Tenure.” One of the only things giving any cover to an intellectual with courage.

      2. Lovely Sue, I took time away from doing the most important work it is possible for any human being to be doing at this utterly unique moment in the history of the human species to come here and post support for Professor Tracy because I would consider myself criminally negligent if I did not. This man has stepped up to the plate to ask questions and point to myriad blatant self-contradictions in the agenda-driven tale being spun by the presstitutes in the propaganda ministry that serves to carry water for the wealthpower giants who we humans have so stupidly, so illogically erected. I’m not saying it will, that is unknowable, but Professor’s Tracy’s action CAN serve to help woefully underinformed and misinformed people unlearn what isn’t true (the hardest learning there is), and as others have noted he is now being targetted by those who would lose their megapower to tyrannize if truth and justice were allowed out of the dungeon they’ve been cast into. His job and his safety are on the line here – and widespread vocal public support is the only tool that can protect him, in my opinion – an opinion I reached by consulting relevant historical fact, followed by applying rigorous, sober, careful, unbiased thinking.

        You noticed my post addressed to his University. It took me no time at all to grok Anderson Cooper’s machinations and agenda, you see. AC is a sad little fraction of a man, his teevee performance was crafted to be a verbal ‘wanted, dead or alive’ poster aimed at one of the few Professors who has not been well-tamed to serve the status quo. (Note to Professor Marie, it is heartening to know you are out there, too, Dear One.) Long story short, Sue, I am here because I consider it vital that those of us who have made it our serious business to conduct a serious search for the truth of matters express our support in public, so those who would harm James Tracy may think twice what with all this light shined upon the situation. I know you grok this, Sue – I am only reassuring you that at least some of us do far, far more than “just” comment about this one outrage.

        That said, I hope you will consider this: Your government has been completely devoured by superwealth and cannot save you as things stand now. Only a grassroots growth in maturity, practicality, realism, awareness and response-ability in the people can save us now. Go ahead and write congress and make your position known – but do so having no illusions that you are making demands. One cannot make demands when one is coming from a position of no power: one can only make requests. You do not yet have the numbers required to make demands. I have some hope left that as the myriad gigacritical globalocal crises closing in on the slumbering human species intensify, people will be increasingly driven to realism, but I confess that hope shrinks daily as I observe both the actions and inaction of the billions of adult infants inhabiting this world today.

        Modern mankind is sound asleep, dreaming they are awake. Even the activist community is straining gnats whilst swallowing camels – this is why we are still headed in exactly the wrong direction in spite of all of the excruciating efforts of all activists combined. People are striving to deal with but a few of the millions of very negative consequences of the root cause of 99% of unnecessary human and planet suffering – because they simply have never traced the poisonous vine back to its root – so they go on seeking agreement on answers to all the wrong questions. I argue (and have all the rational proofs that show my argument is true) that we humans have neither time nor right to continue this ultimately fatal myopia, we cannot keep up our geno-sadistic march to extinction without arriving where we’re headed someday.The future is approaching at the rate of one second per second. As things stand now, this species has no future.

        So, IS there a way to reverse the colossal destruction of everyone’s everything? IS there a way to retrieve our chance to have a future? Yes. But there is only ONE way. The good news is that the way is far easier than anyone is currently thinking, and everyone already knows what the way is – they just don’t know they know it. The work I do is educating my species to realize that the problem is simply that we are not acting in accord with what everyone really already believes, we are acting in opposition to what we all really already believe.

        E=mc2 changed everything. Our choice is no longer between ever-exponentially-escalating miseries and justice – our choice is now between justice and auto-genocide.

        All the evil you CAN see in this world – is but the tip of the iceberg. There are people behind the scene with so much wealthpower you will never know their names – because that’s how they want it. They are the people who we have stupidly handed so much wealthpower that they can make human history be what they decide it will be, and the people will remain pawns and cannonfodder in the games they play because of their monomania for money, power, influence and control until we take away the opportunity for any human to have that much wealthpower. How BLOODY obvious is it that for as long we humans dangle the carrot of unlimited personal fortunes in front of every human it will ALWAYS be those who have the least scruples who go hardest after that carrot, eh? I have noticed the old canard “the Jews done it” popping up here recently: do not be fooled into swallowing this mislead. Wealthpower giants come in all nationalities, religions, ethnicities. It is very convenient for the non-Jewish wealthpower giants – like those in the Anglo-Saxon Pilgrims Society to name just one group – to hide behind the Jewish ones.

        If you want the roadmap that leads us out of the starkraving madness that is roiling, boiling, and spoiling your world, I can be reached at payjustice at fastmail dot fm. The only cost to you is the cost of your time to read with care, run things through your own grey matter and discover you already agree with the thinking, then pass it along to friends and family. By keeping it a word of mouth campaign, it cannot be co-opted, sabotaged, undermined.

        Bottom line, we humans are not going to make it unless we drive ourselves and each other to get really really real like we never got before. The enemy and the problem is not a who nor a group of who’s. The enemy and the problem is a WHAT. It is an IDEA – a diabolically stupid, 100% self-harming idea – the worst idea that ever entered a human head exists today in virtually every human head – that is driving all the madness going on. Culture is ideas. Culture changes when ideas change.

        For those who don’t love life, my words are not for you.

      1. We The American people are going to explain and define the 2nd amendment to you all so you can understand, OK. The assult weapon ( semi-automatic weapon ) will be illegal! Their will be a national data base for background checks of everyone! The NRA is so weak. 4.2million, thats far less than the total of homeless people you dismiss as irrelavant . You dont think the new american movement has begun. Go ahead and deny it, We’llbe collecting you assult weapons, WE PROMISE!

        1. In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
          In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
          Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 6 million Jews and millions of others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
          China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated
          Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
          Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
          —- ————- ————-
          Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Approximate number of people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century due to “gun
          Control“: 56 million.

    5. So it naturally follows that Anderson Cooper, because he showed your face, wishes your family harm? Talk about jumping to conclusions! You, Dr. Jim Tracy. are a narcissistic jackass.

    6. We must appreciate the message the regime is sending to would be public intellectuals nation wide: those who raise questions are the most evil of morally depraved monsters. We should also recognize the coincidence of this tragedy, and the consequent possibility of the disarming of the (largely) rural poor at a time of concomitant movement of power up from the people toward the new billionaire financial aristocracy worldwide. If indeed this is theater, then its role in the global action against the people of the West is clear: a concerted effort to deprive rural people of their estimable concrete power of arms, who might join even in struggles to liberate cities captured by the rapidly-accelerating machinery of scarcity and austerity–launched through the mechanisms of social-sovereign debt–struggles possibly against the rise of new kings and brutal plutocrats, especially as our nation itself is on the verge of total collapse at the mercy of the global financiers. Once our government like the Athenian assembly itself votes itself out of existence, then what protection will the people have?

    7. Let’s see, we’ve got the Obama “birters”, we’ve got those who don’t believe we landed on the moon, we’ve got the Kennedy guys,we’ve got the 9/11 crazies, and now the same nutballs are at it again with Newtown. The problem is that now the troglodytes are actually hurting those poor parets who lost their most precious children. Is there no bottom to the slimepit from which you all crawl out of? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, you hide behind the cloak of how the media manipulates EVERYTHING! Well, the tooth fairy and Peter Pan are offended. You guys keep on doing what you’re best at: living on the planet Zeno. Earth to nutbals, earth to assholes. Don’t you all have mothers or were you born from eggs some snake left in the canyon? You’re all like the guy who puts his pants on backward but has no friends to tell them, so they walk around wondering why people e lauging and wonder why. You are pathetic excuses for human beings, and walking advertsements for abortion.

    8. But who will investigate AC and his private life?

      I had a high school teacher of the same ilk, a homosexual and an atheist who we later found out had wild debauches virtually every weekend in Hell’s Kitchen. And all those things are irrelevant as long as people do their jobs? We have people with such character who are standing in judgment of academics and other normal family people? Are there no good muckraking journalists with decent family morals?

    9. I was on Coopers show,Right after my former room mate Scott Roeder Shot Dr.Tiller I told CNN that it was indeed a Conspiracy to Kill Abortion Doctors. I laid out the Structure of Planning and who may be Next target.
      Cooper and Msnbc CNN totally ignored the Truth and Blamed Operation Rescue for the Mentality of the Killer. ABSOLUTE BS its not what I told them they made the story Fit the only way they wanted
      Google my Name for the MSNBC show called The Assasination of Dr.Tiller

  2. Im not certain he or CNN is trying or wanting Mr. Tracy killed but, I do see that they are both scared by someone with creditials asking questions. I have questions about the shooting as well. Like where was the traffic control and why were there so many vehicles blocking the way in and out of the school ? When in any other emergency cars and pedestrians are kept far back away of the scene… Be carful Mr. Tracy I would

    1. ” I do see that they are both scared by someone with creditials asking questions”

      Your hero, Mr. Tracy, questioned whether one of the fathers of one of the dead children was really that child’s father. What a beacon of dignity and honor Mr. Tracy isn’t.

      BTW, you spelled “credentials” wrong.

      1. The lie tastes sweet in the beginning, but bitter at the end.
        The truth tastes bitter in the beginning, but sweet in the end. Buddha

        When lies can no longer be hid, those who lie begin to attack those who expose those lies. Newtown Connecticut was 9/11 Obama-style. Why does a nation that seeks to take away the right of its citizens to protect themselves continue to mass murder children all around the world? Whether with drones or bullets doesn’t matter. Murder is murder and Barack Obama and George W. Bush are kings of the art of murder from far away, while sitting in their cave called the White House. More children have died at the hands of our Nobel Peace prize winning president than were killed in Sandy Hook elementary school. Of that fact, you cannot dispute. Where’s the outrage?

      2. Thank you for the correction . No one is my “hero” and correcting my spelling does not offend , I know Im lacking in those things but, I learned long ago about questioning media. They often dont get it right like, how long did it take for them to report accurate news on Viet Nam? I was a kid then and was born watching war and the media spun and spun and still I did’nt believe what they were peddleing… dear blarnestoner I wish you well .

      3. Hey “blarneystoner”, the guy who responded to you quoted BUDDHA!
        Doesn’t that make him a muslim? I’m sure it does for you at least!
        Hey, you ought to quote someone too! Then we could counteract these muslim loving buddhists! How about Anderson Cooper!
        I’m sure you have watched, sickened, as I have, when Robbie Parker tells the tragic story of his “daughter.” I’m sure you have looked carefully at his smiling face and his method acting deep breaths as you made your conclusions as to his veracity. Oh and don’t forget the imperturbable Gene Rosen! The Grandpa in the Fluffy Purple Jacket? His story is really somethin’ huh? (If I spelled “imperturbable” wrong, I hope you will correct me).
        Thank GOD there are people like you checking on the spelling of these posts. That is really important.

    2. Scared? Cooper scared of Tracy? Cooper isn’t scared of wars, bombs and crossfire nor of POTUS but he is scared of a morally bancrupt professor? Right. If anything Cooper has contempt and ridicule left for people like him. There is already quite a list of people who held public offices/taught at schools or universities who posted appalling, hate-mongering bs and ended up on AC360 who eventually lost their job/office or resigned volunatrily.

      Does he think things will get better for him by suggesting THIS about Cooper? Maybe he could have gotten away by just keeping quiet for a couple of weeks but now he has given Cooper a wonderful stepping stone for a follow up story.

      No, the only person who is scared is Mr. Tracy, both of the reaction the public has to his disgusting speculations and of AC because he knows his job is in danger. People like him are never sorry for the people they hurt, just sorry for themselves because they got caught. Not very clever to now attack AC.

      1. “AC 360” should be called “AC 180”, “keeping them dishonest”; because he avoids the tough questions journalists of the past have asked, people like Murrow, Mike Wallace, Garrick Utley, etc.. The SH reporting has been shoddy from the get go. Mr. Anderson is a hack, either burned out now or never particularly competent with fire in the belly drive to be totally objective and cutting edge.

        Professor Tracy has entertained questionable conspiracy theories, the larger questions brought up on this site should be answered on cable TV not ridiculed.

      2. You need to realize who the enemy is here, Tess – have you read Prof. Tracy’s post/timeline? Nowhere does it say things the way Cooper presented them. In fact, Tracy is calling out the media for NOT getting to the truth here.

        James Tracy, thank you for your courage

      3. Oh Matt, yes, obviously war correspondents never report from wars and always stand in front of green screens. Hey, maybe even bombs and wars don’t actually happen and it is all CGI, yes?
        Well, what do you know, I am impressed at the budged Channel 1 had back then to fake all those reports from war zones with Cooper 20 years ago. The cities, landscape, people, fights and dead bodies looked so real. This must have equalled he costs of a Hollywood movie.

        I am also impressed an CNN’s skill to fake a whole series of reports from Gaza with Cooper, both at night and in daylight over the course of several days with a whole series of rockets hitting the buildings in the background, some visible explosions, some out if sight, with the camera moving, panning in and out. Right.

        You remind of of a creationist who has to adapt the “evidence” (read: pulling pure, unfounded speculation out of their butt) to their belief system, lie for Jesus and think that evolution is a worldwide conspiracy.

      4. Tess,

        You use the term, “disgusting speculations.”

        But what have you but speculation?

        What do you really KNOW?

        Having a strong opinion is not a mistake. It is in having nothing else that is the mistake.

        Take one for instance:

        How do you or anyone else KNOW that children were murdered at Sandy Hook. Did you see their bodies?

        NO you did not see the children’s bodies – not even the parents were allowed to view the bodies of their “dead children.”

        Do you realize this is unprecedented in forensics? It is in fact very likely an illegal measure to refuse a parent the right to confirm the identity of their child by actual viewing. This situation of insisting on IDing the bodies by photo’s only flies in the face of every protocol of forensics I have ever heard of.

        Did you see the interview with the pathologist Carver? Or have you read a transcript of that interview? Can you actually believe he did not know all of the things he claimed not to know if he was actually heading the autopsies of the deceased?

        How is it that this story has changed and morphed so dramatically from the first reports to the final “official narrative”? Perhaps you can ‘speculate’ on that , and please attempt to not fall into “disgusting speculation” as you do so.

        However, it seems unavoidable to appear “disgusting” if you aren’t willing to take everything you are told by authority for granted.

        “Conspiracy Theorist” is a slur made against critical thinking. It is based on the fallacy of the ‘Appeal to Authority’. So far, all of your commentary is simply that and nothing else.


      5. So Tess, You believe Gloria Vanderbilt’s boy goes into combat for a story? Only Anderson, Piers, Wolfe and people that read teleprompters have the right to “free” speech. How violent these “anti-violence” folk sound when we don’t parrot their narrative. It seems to me the First Amendment applies to everyone, even professors. I highly doubt Professor Tracy is “scared” of Anderson…should he be? I personally want to thank Professor Tracy for exercising his constitutional rights even when what is said is not popular. That took more guts than I’ve ever seen your boy Anderson display. Your rant shows lack of critical thought. Who “attacked” AC? Other way around, learn to read or listen….

      6. Tess, you go get em girl!
        You march right to that set if internet tubes and watch all of Fluffy-Purple -Jacket Lovable-Grandpa Gene Rosen’s astounding interviews!
        Then you march right back to this forum and explain to these conspiracy realists how a transvestite bus driver dropped 6 kids off at this SAG actors house to play with stuffed animals right after a mass shooting! And left them there!!!
        You get on this forum, Tess, and you explain that Granpa Gene just couldn’t remember if the driver was a man or a woman. And you tell us all how he managed to get away with not calling the police! And how he saw the “casualty list” that night… two days before it was presented.
        You tell them ALL how his audition video was leaked to the you tubes so everyone could see why he and all the other “parents” could sob and sob and bluster and boob and never shed a single tear. One teenage actress, oops, I meant grieving relative, did manage, she had better training.
        Don’t give up Tess! Keep Trolling for facts and get back to us.

      7. Angel,

        ….and, really, the rest of you as well: you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have never read a more candid display of inbred retardation, than exists on this blog. To think, a seemingly intelligent professor would stoop to such low hanging fruit as conspiracy creation, in order to further his murky agenda? That makes me question HIS intentions? Has he ever been approached or been offered monies by a private enterprise (say, the NRA, for example?) to stir the water and gin up fear, in the wake of a tragedy that could hurt a billionaires bottom line? And, how about the rampant racism, poor grammar and punctuation that permeates these ridiculous posts? Stupid thoughts, from stupid people, for stupid people, presented in a stupid manner, stupidly.
        You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
        Please clean the bottoms of your gene pools and collectively commit group suicide.
        God help you.

    3. Dig a little deeper on the “vehicles blocking the way in and out of the school.” Video shows all of the traffic really was at the firehouse down the road and not at the school at all. Little strange don’t ya think. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “staging” area. By the way, if anybody is able and so inclined: research on the before and after of the “victims” and their families might prove very interesting. Also would be nice to talk to some of the other folks in that town and who work at that school who didn’t get camera time.

  3. It’s creepy how he used a chiasm:


    His name is James Tracy
    This is a picture of him
    This is what he looks like
    James Tracy is his name.

    That kind construction surely was intentional.

  4. This is the modern media’s version of burning the heretic in the public square: those who own the truth must vilify those who dare to question it.

    I wish you well James. Know that you have many in your corner in the days to come.

    1. I agree Lohmann, and did the announcer speak in a questioning tone? broadcasting Mr Tracy who he is and what he looks like..( it seems to me very childish way of putting up an argument).. I hope it give’s the people who watch CNN some thought about what is going on.. be open minded.. and don’t jump on the bandwagon don’t believe everything in the mainstream news.. Who are they protecting, and why not have a debate about this.. Have a little insight, and think outside the box. Some of our so called allies turn out not to be.. and are only looking after no.1. On the box these announcers try to be our friends… Well they are not…. Its a discrace that some one can’t question official lines without a backlash of criticism – I think this anderson cooper, whoever he is , just wants to keep his job.. !

    2. Well said Lohmann, the media has been paid by the government in the past to keep the public in the dark.
      We have questions that need answered but the media refuses to ask them.
      Why did Gene not call the police as soon as he found the kids in his yard?

    3. James Tracy should be exposed for his conspiracy theory that belittles the lost souls of Sandy Hook. Tracy suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and hides behind his blog that to this point was only seen by like minded freaks! Hoorah for AC360 for exposing this disgusting excuse for an educator. I hope his students boycott his classes causing FAU to have to suspend his classes.

      1. Donna, if you’re going to use big words like “narcissistic personality disorder” you should probably know what they mean first.

        Open minds that refuse to succumb to professional perception managers, and refuse be cowed by ad hominem attacks, are the ones that truly seek to respect the “lost souls of Sandy Hook.” The official narrative is most likely a cover story that protects the criminals who committed this heinous deed. Why do we make such an assumption? Because there are too many blatant holes in the official story to make it credible, and we want to discover the truth.

        I’m sorry your need to believe the official story blinds you to support the very people who may be the perpetrators behind this heinous act. I understand your anger at Prof Tracy, but it’s misdirected. If you attend to his message with reason instead of passion you might be compelled to admit there’s merit to the questions surrounding the coverage of this event.

    4. If you are insane enough to question the veracity of this enormous tragedy, then at least have the courage to have your face, name, and ideas publicized without complaining like a bitch. Plus, this half-wit teaches at a terrible, just awful school. So spare us all the credentials crap. But…but…yes, you’re right: the government is out to get all of you, your guns, your freedoms, your beer, your marriages, your minds…you pathetic, pathetic paranoid hillbilly morons. Yep, they’re coming for you because your sad small lives are just that important. Then again, I guess it’s easier to be in denial and blame the wicked media and government than to accept that one sick person could actually massacre a bunch of innocent kids. Because then you’d actually have to deal with the fact that bad shit happens, sometimes without explanation, and nothing you pray to is capable of stopping it. You people are embarrassing to humanity in general.

      1. Ryan, well said! Scary to think these weirdos can own guns. They do more for gun control arguments than anyone else. However I think Hill Billy’s have way more brains than this lot!

      2. > then at least have the courage to have your face, name, and ideas publicized

        You DHS guys are so funny! (and obvious!)

  5. credentialed individuals such as “tenured professors.” You sir may be this but your utter lack of Humanity goes to your tenured professor status is Bogus. Hopefully there is a moral standards of behavior clause in your contract because attacking the victims is about the lowest one can go

    1. Your outrage is so hollow as to turn my stomach. Do you offer the same outrage for the 200 children Obama has killed in drone strikes. You are a troll.

    2. Your outrage is as hollow as your intent. Does this outrage carry over the POTUS who has killed over 200 children with drone strikes since he took office. You are a troll.

    3. Yeah! Attacking victims is horrible, Paul. You are teaching us the right way to go about things. Attack the people who ask questions instead! Thank GOD you are here to teach us who to attack! Grrrrr.

      1. Angel, Puddy;

        Please slam your genitals in a car door, so as not to produce any more wastes of space like yourselves. The fact that you are breathing my same air, makes me wish I had gills or a spacesuit. You “people” are disgusting.

    4. “…attacking the victims…” What the hell are you talking about?!

      I get it though. You’re a shill. I wonder, why are the shills so poor at their jobs? The assignment to discredit memoryholeblog must be of higher importance, certainly after the attention it has garnered.

      Is it simply the absence of true interest in these events or maybe low moral stemming from working in the deception and violence industry?

      Still, I don’t get how these so-called professionals continue to only use a hand-full of tricks and are tripped up as soon as any one of them is identified.

      Maybe we could start a voluntary trend where a short list of common tactics is simply not allowed (I emphasize voluntary, and remember that this mans personal blog may be run how he sees fit), such as Ad Hominid, False Attributions, Strawman Arguments, Appeals to Emotion, etc.

      I guess the upside of all this is, that they don’t yet seem to have found a way to teach the impersonators how to tie-down their arguments or how to handle expert rhetoric. Their guidelines appear so primitive as to instruct all attacks begin with an appeal to emotion and contain an ad hominid. Only a few are experienced enough to cloak their insults as comedy or rhetorical questions…(i.e. – “What a beacon of dignity and honor Mr. Tracy isn’t.”).

      It’s easy to avoid use of these tricks. Can anything I’ve stated herein be considered a deceptive tactic? Disallowing these tactics, enforced by the commentators themselves might be the quickest way to save the Blogosphere.

      1. Interesting. At least you, nearly, spelled everything correctly? So, what concrete information have YOU personally uncovered? Or, are you gleaning all your opinions from poorly produced YouTube videos, second hand theories and unreliable garbage, produced by other brainless followers? You’re a human bot-fly that feeds on fear and skepticism.

      1. Sir, I honestly think it’s unacceptable netiquette to clearly present completely opposing views and even overt insults and then pose as someone trying to “help.” It’s insulting, confusing and mean-spirited.

        I predict that you will counter my statement by first claiming your opinion of how James has posed questions and expressed concerns of possible manipulation of the public’s sympathies as mean-spirited. Then, you will likely use that as an excuse for your mean-spirited behavior.

        To that I argue, false claims of outrage over intentionally negative interpretations is unacceptable. Therefore, to then spin that into justification for your “actual” poor behavior (2 wrongs make a right?) is doubly unjust.

        1. You’ve previously expressed that you don’t care to work to know the truth for the conspiracies to which you subscribe, so I will just mention farts, because farts are all that matter.

  6. Dear Florida Atlantic University – I want you to know how happy and grateful I am that my taxpayer money is going to an educational institution that employs James Tracy, a professor unafraid to think fearlessly and ask the hard, pertinent questions. Thank you, and keep up the good work, FAU!

    1. Yes, FAU, thank you for employing a man who has the balls to question the paternity of a dead child’s father while offering no proof! What a hero!!!1!!1

      How does one critique the media with a straight face while at the same time publicly questioning whether a dead child’s father was in fact her father … but without making any effort to reach out to said father?

      1. Yeah! He must be the dead child’s father because it was on TV!
        Blarney stoner (what a flipping appropriate name!) and I, we know that everything that is on TV has to be true!
        In fact, we should re name TV, the BLARNEY STONE!
        And blarney STONER will teach us all how to kiss said blarney stone.
        Won’t you blarney stoner?

    2. I support this comment wholeheartedly and think Professor Tracy is approaching the downright heroic realm in being willing to publicly question the Main Stream Media. It is quite rare for any highly credentialed person to do this and I want to thank not only Professor Tracy but also FAU for giving him a platform to do it in. Where can supporters like us express our feelings to FAU – is there a direct channel through which to contact them?

  7. Cognitive disassociation being applied wherein Andrson cooper teaches the sheep to be offended and take action to protect the status quo. Oh but it’s not working! The continual lies are creating passive disassociation and an anger backlash towards the established media. Alternative media has exposed the satanic and devious methods used to create Patsys. It’s all so surreal now and the harder they try to convince the public the more questions it raises. Where is the school video? Who were the guys arrested? Why did Mr. Carver seemed concerned about ramifications of participating in the shooting? Why wouldn’t the neighbor Who hosted the victims of a group of kids of claim to be witness to the murder of thier teacher- why not dial 911? If a school bus driver was there wouldn’t she drive to the fire station or police station or call 911. So many questions due to changing story lines. Did the principle get murdered after Adam Lanza was already dead? Why would the local newspaper interview the principle then change its story? Helicopter footage and eyewitness accounts show multiple shooters yet no mention in the patsy version. Long rifle found In who’s car? Lets make sure we understand that a 115 pound soaking wet pip Squeek executed 27 people with a rifle and 3 additional guns in a school with no witnesses and all over the school loud speaker and intercom system? How did adam go back to the car put the fifle back in the trunk and go back in the school and kill himself? Btw how did CNN tweet the sandy hook school shooting at 930 if the first 911 call did not arrive until close to 940 am. Why are there no photographs of the entry way or blood or bodies or any evidence? Wtf really happened ? Why was Emile Parker in a picture with Barack Obama after the shooting if she is dead? It’s clearly not the younger sister and not the baby? Why was Robbie Parker so happy and upbeat and unable to cry on cue? Seems strange how everyone acted so fake. No tears but plenty of stories that seem to fit the narrative but then are so filled with holes and just bad acting one has to ask how long have they been doing these fake news stories and are they Killing the kids or kidnapping them or just making up the names. Why was mrs. Lanza not listed on the school roster? Seems she was murdered or was that staged? Whoever is producing the events needs to go back to theatrical training and learn some basic techniques cause this has amateur hour written all over it. Mr. Anderson cooper if your reading this you need to make a decision weather or not your going to die a little everyday being a yellow journalist or be a man like JFK and Jim Tracy and stand up against the establishment and live in truth and honor. We must fight this propaganda our freedom and lives depends on it!

    1. How do you know someone is crazy? They write walls-of-text like this.

      Truth seeker: Please stay in your basement. Your neighbors would appreciate it.

      1. Could you stop posting for a while? Your posts are boring and tedious and slowing everything down. Thanks a bunch!

        1. I’m sorry. Is the parent of a dead child being interviewed somewhere and you and James Tracy need to get on with suggesting that said person isn’t really the dead child’s parent?

          Because jOuRnALisM!!!!

      2. Yeah! Blarney STONER is right!
        Anyone who puts up a whole bunch of “facts” and “questions” cleverly disguised as a “wall of text” must live in their basement!!!
        Without Blarney STONER how would any of us be able to distinguish flight from fancy?
        Thank you Blarney STONER.
        Good thing you spend so much time on this site, helping us too sift through the amazing piles of bullshit. Glad you are here.

    2. Folks can’t seem to get off their arses to demand a stop to anything.
      Anderson Cooper says what his cards tell him to say, consequences be dambed.
      This was a message from his master/owner the one who cannot be named.
      OK, I’ll do it, AIPAC, the zionist octopus and their suckers (paid hacks).
      Anyone that speaks to James Tracey in a foul and evil manner will have their name recorded in the ‘big book’ for retribution. Anyone that sculks about his daily doings will not remain anonymous as they will be duly noted.
      Shine a light into every corner so we all can know them by their deeds.
      Let them defend themselves.
      Call Anderson Cooper out and have him defend his action.
      Be direct.

      1. Aww, poor Mr. Tracy. How dare Anderson Cooper call him out because he claims the shooting was a hoax and that the children are not really dead or the parents are all actors, cultivating his egocentrial little fantasies on the graves of dead children! What a compassionate, moral and upstanding citizen Mr. Tracy is. All of his speculations are based on hard facts and proof. Bad Andy, bad boy!

      2. Tess,

        You are simply a liar. You claim that Professor Tracy ; “claims the shooting was a hoax and that the children are not really dead or the parents are all actors..”

        Actually this is a ‘strawman argument’, as Tracy did not assert that it is a fact that the children are not really dead. He is questioning the nature of the whole event in that there have been no proofs offered for any of the claims made on Maimstream Media.

        You are conflating the ‘certainty’ of others who are making the claims that the whole thing is a hoax, and theater, and that there are no dead children. It is in such hyperbole as you use to tar the professor for the actions of others.

        As the event has been presented on television, it is a purposeful Strategy of Tension, blatantly presenting a narrative that does not add up. Those who point out this obvious fact are then attacked, as yourself and Cooper do, as “loonies” and “tin-hatted conspiracy nuts”.

        Meanwhile the web is flooded with double agents making the most outrageous claims, that are then picked up by shills such as yourself to lay at the feet of legitimate researchers such as James Tracy.

        This is all part of the techniques of a COINTEL type psychological operation.

        The fact is what really happened at Sandy Hook is simply indecipherable at this time due to the totally and blatantly false narrative presented on the mainstream media.

        You avoid mention of the real incongruities, and focus on the most outrageous claims to defame Tracy, who has merely laid out the facts that nothing adds up in the official narrative.

        Do you work for CNN Tess?


      3. Aw Jeez.
        Notice how Tess’s reply is nice and short? And how Hybrid Rogue 1, goes on and on with all sorts of “arguments” and “reasons?”
        People don’t want big long essays on the “truth!”
        Get with the program, Hybrid Rogue!
        Tess is using straw man because she is heading to OZ in search of a brain! (oh,,, and a heart…. and courage).
        “Tess would not be just a nothin’, her posts all full of stuffin’, her heart all full of pain. Tess would laugh and be merry, and she’d not be near as scary, if she only had a brain”

      4. The shill Blarney Stone brought up the Holocaust. Even when it has nothing to do them, they can’t help themselves. It’s like muscle memory left over from their 9/11 shill work. I wonder if Dr. Tracy has been called an anti-semite yet?

      5. Massagrabber,
        Oh, it’s all come down to “The Jews Did It!”. You, sir, are a pathetic, racist tard-nugget. The sooner you lock yourself in an airtight “Doomsday” bunker, the better. Also, please choke on ALL of the dicks.

  8. Always question the government…such questioning is the bedrock of freedom.

    I recall a pertinent quote made by the character “V” in the movie “V for Vendetta”, ” People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” And, oh yeah, Thomas Jefferson made a similar quip about liberty existing when government’s fear their people. I, for one, do not want tyranny…

    Bravo to you, sir. Keep up the questioning…you have many supporters.

    1. Yes, bravo to James Tracy for having the balls to publicly suggest that the father of a recently murdered child wasn’t really the father of that child!!! Only a true hero would say that Emilie Parker’s father wasn’t really her father… and he is a super hero for making this claim without trying to reach out to Emilie Parker’s father to verify!!

      Now I am aware that many here are missing a few screws, so I must point out that the above comments are sarcasm. James Tracy is in fact a complete fraud. Anyone who shames the media for their failures, while at the same time is claiming that a dead girl’s father is an actor — without attempting to verify that claim — is an evil idiot.

      1. Very, very tedious, Baloneystoner. If someone is paying you, they really aren’t getting their money’s worth, no matter how miniscule the fee…

        1. I know, right!! Instead people should stand by James Tracy, a FAU professor who suggested that the father of a recently murdered child wasn’t really her father… because that is what heroes do!

      2. Apparently the family was parachuted in for the drill. The daughter who died was with Obama for the gleeful picture taking. Did you notice the remorse on the pres.
        I am not going to fiddle while Rome burns.
        who said oh yah, Groucho Marks,
        Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

        1. Did you know that James Tracy publicly suggested that the father of Emilie Parker wasn’t really her father?

          True story.

          Did the Holocaust happen?

        2. > I am not going to fiddle while Rome burns.

          You are just a big bad tough guy, aren’t cha? 😉

          But seriously, you and I both know that all you are going to do is jerk off to internet porn.

      3. Gay, are you implying that Baloney Stoner is a paid shill! How DARE you. That is so, …. so……. so GAY!
        Of course we will contact “Robbie Parker” to “verify” that he is the father of this dead girl.
        All we have to do, is go to the facebook page that he set up for donations! He’s such a good dad, he put it up right away. In fact, on the same day his “daughter” was murdered!
        He’s a go getter…. we could all learn from his example
        But not his acting.

        1. Great rebuttal. Very funny. A troll usually has little or no interest in contributing to the development of the site in question and is interested in :
          Deliberately angering people.
          Breaking the normal flow of debate/discussion.
          Disrupting the smooth operation of the site.
          Deliberately being annoying for the sake of being obnoxious. For instance, using abusive names to refer to all the members on the site.
          Making itself the main topic of interest or discussion.
          we must starve a troll!
          It is probable that, for the troll, the last point is the most important. To this end it will post deliberately inflammatory messages which generate inflammatory responses; complain about being the victim of the inflammatory responses; endeavor to obtain allies against the discrimination it feels; turn on those same allies, etc. etc. The whole objective of the exercise is to disrupt or make someone do something you wanted them to do for laughs.
          If a poster begins to post comments along the lines of, “Can’t you see how stupid you all are?” or “I keep laughing at all of you,” there is high probability that the poster is a troll.

          Because the troll feeds on having its name mentioned or by generating debate or ill feeling, many internet users either ignore the troll completely or respond with the phrase, “Don’t Feed the Troll”.
          (Alternatively, on RationalWiki, users can enter {{DFTT}} bringing up this image: – which means the same thing.)
          Some users engage in “Troll Baiting.” In this unkind sport the objective is to turn the tables on the troll so that it becomes enraged. While mildly amusing in the short term it is rarely successful in driving the troll away.
          Most importantly, trolls take away from productive work. The only ethical way to avoid this is to stop feeding the troll and go about your usual day.
          Usually it is very difficult to tell the difference between a troll and somebody who is simply an asshole or an idiot. It is important to note that a troll doesn’t always resort to insults. Some of them pretend to hold ideals that are unpopular on a particular website or forum. For example, if one signs up for a forum that is predominately pro-choice and pretends to be anti-abortion and makes posts in favour of that position that alone could get the same result as just insulting everybody. The best way to spot a troll is to take into consideration how long its posts are. If its posts are short then more than likely you are dealing with a troll. A good troll also doesn’t show any signs of anger in their posts so it would be best to keep an eye out for that too. On social networking sites it is much easier to spot trolls. The first way is to look at their profile: if the user has no picture of him/herself then it is most likely a troll. It’s also useful to take a look at how old the user’s account is. The newer the account is, the more likely it is that they are a troll. Also if this user has contacted you directly on your own page as opposed to a group you are a member of then take that as a tell-tale sign.
          Alternative ways to deal if you feel exceptionally compelled to respond to a troll, don’t post long comments. Try to make any responses as short and concise as possible; it’s often best to use exceptionally bland statements such as “Thank you for your comments, which we shall give due consideration.” Your main objective is to disarm the troll’s chances of getting an emotional response from other users, which in turn will hopefully demotivate it until it gives up its attempts. This method is not fool-proof: it can at times achieve the exact opposite results depending on the troll and how you go about doing this.
          It is, of course an improper argumentum ad hominem (personal attack), when you accuse a user of being a troll just because you don’t like what they are saying or the way they are saying it. Don’t accuse someone of being a troll just to dismiss their argument. Just because you disagree doesn’t necessarily mean the user is trying to be disruptive, so it is necessary to measure the suspected troll against the description given above. Wish we could stop the trolls but they are paid to ruin the blog by detracting our group collaboration to get to the bottom of the sandy hook psyop.

      4. I don’t understand your argument or what your message is. Are you saying that James is, in your opinion an evil idiot? If so, nobody here is denying you that opinion. I’ve certainly concluded that about a few people myself. But, you continue to post this general idea, re-worded and with what appears to be other sarcastic comments and exaggerated claims.

        You’ve got the redundancy part down, but are short on diversity given the length of your prodigious comments. You’ll correct my misunderstanding, as I’m just sure I’ve missed the more important meaning within your comments.

  9. Anderson Cooper is a hack. Remember his rebel freedom fighter, Danny, in Syria getting caught faking scenes?

    CNN played a huge role in promoting the Libya and Syria war based on one-sided, sometimes faked reports from “rebels”. Now that Libya is roaming with terrorist gangs and Syria is destroyed by war, with even the US state department admitting there are rebel groups who are responsible for over 600 terrorist attacks in the past year, Anderson Cooper must be really proud.

    Warmonger Anderson Cooper who distorts events all of the time has a problem with somebody questioning events?

    Does it surprise anybody that Anderson worked as an intern at the CIA for a few summers? Makes me wonder how many of these “journalists” could possibly be CIA hacks.

    Also remember that a journalist named Amber Lyon who used to work for CNN, and reported on Bahrain, learned that CNN would not broadcast the show internationally. She saw how CNN was paid money from the government of Bahrain to promote them (except not in commercial form but as a news story with no disclosure).

    Thinking people have moved on from corporate media which in the 1980’s had 50 competitors but now is owned by 6 companies. These 6 companies are funded in such a way that truth and questions are not usually tolerated.

    Anderson Cooper, before insulting the Professor, how about you actually try to be credible for once, To many, what you say is basically a sick joke.

    1. I do not know how it is in the States, but I know that in certain European countries, journalists are paid by the secret services. It has been revealed in the European mainstream media, as well as in the book “Gladio” by Richard Cottrell, a UK journalist.

      This state of affairs explains why the information is skewed when it serves the governments’ purposes. The mainstream media does not work for us, the people. It is an instrument of disinformation to advance the interests and schemes of the so-called elite.

      As for Anderson Cooper, his stunt at the CIA is sufficient to deny him any credibility in my opinion.

    2. So you fall for a little paragraph from a gossip website that was linked as a source on Wikipedia as your proof that he was an intern at the CIA? The gossip site simply claimed that a CNN official confirmed that about Cooper and of course they didn’t mention any names, no proof, no evidence whatsoever. As if CNN would have out information on their emplyee’s CVs to gossip websites.
      Well, you falling for those kind of “serious” sources really speaks in favour of your credibility. Not.

      1. “Cooper and of course they didn’t mention any names, no proof, no evidence whatsoever.”~Tess

        Oh, so NOW you want “proof”…Lol

        You don’t demand any real proof from the authorities or the MSM as far as what actually happened at Sandy Hook, but if your hero shill Anderson Cooper is shown to have questionable connections to Spookville, you suddenly scream for “proof”.

        What utter hypocrisy.

        Going along to get along is fine until you get where they are taking you.


      2. YES! TESS! Go for the JUGULAR!
        All the other “assertions” by these “fact mongers” are piddly compared to the wild and crazy conspiracy theory that Anderson Cooper worked for the CIA!
        Good one to latch on to! Thank god you have time in your busy life to spend trolling for deniable assertions like that one. Too bad no one is mentioning LIBOR any more. You could have sunk your troll teeth in to that one.
        Don’t leave us… we need you.

    3. Off Topic to blarneystoner
      Did the Holocaust happen?
      Middle English, burnt offering, from Old French holocauste, from Latin holocaustum, from Greek holokauston, from neuter of holokaustos, burnt whole : holo-, holo- + kaustos, burnt (from kaiein, to burn)
      Stalin targeted 10 million Ukranians 1932-3
      Mao in the Cultural Revolution 65 million
      Pol Pot 25% of his countries population
      Indigenous population decimated from 8.5 million to 265 thousand.

      It’s really about perspective. Talking to you about this gives me the willies as I am no ambulance chasing lawyer. The links label wouldn’t be my choice as a reference. Still we humans are not very nice to each other. To be sure there are those that make shyte happen. We are a well spring of tears.
      Who has the ‘ruthless gene’?
      What are we going to do about it?

      1. Wow. Genetic science has discovered a gene for ruthlessness? Gosh, I missed that report. Got a link to back up that assertion?

    4. I think this is what’s going on:

      “The vested interests – if we explain the situation by their influence – can only get the public to act as they wish by manipulating public opinion, by playing either upon the public’s indifference, confusions, prejudices, pugnacities or fears. And the only way in which the power of the interests can be undermined and their maneuvers defeated is by bringing home to the public the danger of its indifference, the absurdity of its prejudices, or the hollowness of its fears; by showing that it is indifferent to danger where real danger exists; frightened by dangers which are nonexistent.” -Sir Norman Angell 1872 – 1967

      “Man defends himself as much as he can against truth, as a child does against a medicine, as the man of the platonic cave does against the light. He does not willingly follow his path, he has to be dragged along backward. This natural liking for the false has several causes; the inheritance of prejudices, which produces an unconscious habit, a slavery; the predominance of the imagination over the reason, which affects the understanding; the predominance of the passions over the conscience, which depraves the heart; the predominance of the will over the intelligence, which vitiates the character. A lively, disinterested, persistent liking for truth is extraordinarily rare. Action and faith enslave thought, both of them in order not to be troubled or inconvenienced by reflection, criticism and doubt.”

      “Emancipation from error is the condition of real knowledge.”
      -Henri Amiel 1821 – 1881

  10. I find it astounding that somone who throws outrageous consiracy theories into the public domain is so affronted when the media he criticizes bites back. You have made claims that journalists such as Anderson Cooper conspired with the govt or others to fabricate the death of 20 children and a number of adults. When the media you defame gets upset and counters yoiur defamatory allegations you ask apparantly in a rhetorical piece whether the CNN wishes harm to you and your family. You absolutely have the right to speak freely no matter the lack in substance of your comments. However words such as these cause harm. Apparantly you believe you can throw them in a cavalier manner without consideration of the harm or emotions they evoke. Does Anderson Cooper not have the right to defend his work? After all he was one of those journalists who covered the massacre. I presume free speech and criticism are a one way street for you. I wonder what the penalty for one of your students who challenged your views?

      1. Fan , I have a Vanderbuilt link, what does that have to do with anything? Lots of people have a Vanerbuilt link, Im not or rich and I dont even know my own cousin , this cousin is Anderson Cooper.

    1. Just do your damn job as a journalist, if that’s really what you are, instead of being offended by one man’s opinion. Anderson Cooper is WEAK, and is completely representative of the state of mainstream journalism in the United States. His show is obviously for entertainment purposes, so why the outrage towards someone who is actually SERIOUS. I mean, what kind of journalist jumps right into a story shouting from the rooftops that it’s not true, that it’s a “conspiracy theory”? Apparently, most of them now, which is a big point of Professor Tracy’s.

      1. His questioned whether Emilie Parker’s father was really her father.

        James Tracy is a ghoulish asshole seeking attention, nothing more.

        1. I know… how about I start pointing out that your hero, James Tracy, publicly suggested that the father of a murdered child wasn’t really her father. Would that make you happy? Because I do aim to please!

      1. How much are they paying you? Or are you just a zionist? I saw you spewing your fake holocaust nonsense. The only holocaust to happen was the burnt offering of children your filthy parasitic tribe did to ba’al, and the murder of 30 million Russians by the Jewish Bolsheviks. Go crawl back in your gutter Rabbi foreskin chewer.

    2. Ask yourself (and I DO mean that I suggest this in all honesty), why would a guy who is getting on in his years and enjoys many friends in high places and open doors of opportunity, who has amassed a fortune well over $400 million in asset-type and liquid wealth continue to put in exhausting hours but produce what he must know is a very boring and lack-luster product for CNN, that continues a drop in ratings trend?

      ANSWER: Bad man did bad things. Must work hard or they will tell.

    3. Sure, and look at Anderson Cooper’s interview with the purported parents of Grace McDonnell, who laugh uproariously before the interview begins. The mother smiles broadly throughout, like she’s on some kind of drug. Just like all the other interviews with the “parents,” not a tear is shed. No real symptoms of grief are displayed.

      YOU tell me, who the HELL laughs deliriously when talking to the Press just five days after their daughter is brutally murdered?

      The victim, Grace, shows the hand symbol of Baphomet in one of her still shots, like other little girls in these staged photos. And, check out the OWL that Cooper displays at the end of the video . . . the owl is a well-known symbol of the occult, of Satanism and deception. And that picture shows a creative technical ability far in advance of a six year old.

      MAYBE this is why COOPER is so enraged at Prof. Tracy — because eventually COOPER will have to account for his duplicity in this obvious hoax. Cooper is part and parcel of this deception and will have to be arrested for this complicity in this massive hoax and psyop.

      Prof. Tracy, I want to thank you for your courage and commitment to the truth.

  11. Your story is up on THE NEWS UNIT dot COM as I was watching a CNN video and this Anderson Cooper viciously attack your Constitutional rights. The high court of public opinion which is being promulgated by the mainstream media needs to be beat down severely. I will do my part on THE NEWS UNIT dot COM as we the people rise up against this tyranny and oppression seeking to destroy The United States Of America.


    1. You don’t seem to understand the 1st Amendment. It protects the right of Mr Tracy to say whatever he wants to say as well as Mr Cooper’s right to critcise the living daylight out of him. It goes both ways. Bummer, eh?

      1. blarneystoner obviously does not support the 1st Amendment or the 2nd Amendment. Guess what? People like that shall reap the whirlwind. LOL

      2. Pat, if you support the 1st Amendment you support Anderson Cooper’s right to criticise Tracy. Like someone mentioned before, your ilk seems to think freedom of speech is a oneway street.

      3. Nice double speak Tess. You came on this blog attacking Professor Tracy for exercising his First Amendment Right of Free Speech. When you realized the hypocracy of your arguement you turn and now act as though the Professor has even typed one thing about AC. Other way…Read again what the Professor ACTUALLY wrote; then read what anderson cooper said. The bummer is your lack of comprehension skills….

  12. Professor Tracy,

    Questioning the government and the ‘party line’ or ‘official version’ is of course good policy. But at the same time, the line of questioning in which you’re engaging regarding Sandy Hook seems unproductive.

    What’s the most likely explanation for the discrepancies of detail you identify in media coverage during the time immediately following the massacre? A vast conspiracy, orchestrated by shadowy government officials and support by the entire national media apparatus, everyone from the community reporters at the Newtown Bee (who were probably on their way from covering a bake sale) to the avowed enemy of freedom and truth, Anderson Cooper? Or that in those chaotic minutes and hours, information was coming from various sources and directions, much of it inaccurate and conflicting?

    Take the example you cite about the SHES principal being sourced by the Bee, when it was reported that she was one of the first people killed. What is your theory to explain that apparent discrepancy?


    William Kurtz

      1. A cached website is your proof of a dozens-murdered-by-the-Govt. conspiracy?

        Holy shit we are sunk as a species.

      2. I offered a cached web site as proof of nothing. I offered it as the basis for a question, which in the context, was entirely relevant.

        There is a notable lack of logic in your comment as with the statements of others here who cannot tolerate questioning of the media verdict that Adam Lanza single-handedly committed mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary.

        A verdict that is asserted by the mass media to be unquestionable, needs to be questioned.

      3. In my opinion it is this Blathering Stoner that is more of a verifiable proof that we are sunk as a species.

        If he isn’t a stooge for the system, then he is a repetitive chattering dunderhead.


    1. Actually, the Newtown Bee reporter is a volunteer firefighter who was stationed at and present at the fire-station at the end of the school driveway when the news of the shooting came over the radio. She actually suited up as a responder before reverting to her reporter duties. I don’t know anything about this bake-sale you refer to. Where did you learn of that?

      Kidding! I know there was no bake sale. Yuk yuk!

      You were just unaware the reporter who took those first shots of the mass evacuation was actually on-scene when the operation at the school began.

      I disagree that what James has done was unproductive. No offense intended, but just how productive was asking all those questions of James? Very! You were subsequently blessed by my attention, albeit for only a brief moment. See it as a sign that some people, like myself have hope for humanity and believe that you too can return to the causes that benefit humanity.

  13. Dr. Tracy, do you have a lawyer? It seems to me that a civil suit might be appropriate here, to seek to recover the costs you might have to incur now to protect yourself/your family?
    I realize that “sue him!” is one of those throwaway statements, easier said than done… but this potentially dangerous “outing” of honest Americans by these pseudo-journalists (like those lawful gun-owners, whose names were published by their local media not long ago) has GOT to stop!
    You have obviously touched a real nerve… otherwise why would they do this to you? God bless you and keep you safe!

    1. Or they could be sued for ambushing him at his place of work and then stalking him on his property….Restraining order? The minimum would be going down to the local police desk sergeant and fill out a complaint for harassment. You can be sure that is what CNN would do if people were harassing them like this….The conspiracy theories here are hogwash and need to be logically refuted but vendettas and strident attacks by the media are also despicable.

      1. I will say that it was a new low for CNN to actually harass or stalk Mr. Tracy at his home. Isn’t that for Maury Povitch or Dr. Phil? Legal action should be considered.

    2. James Tracy is no hero. He can’t even face Anderson Cooper for goodness-sake!

      But you know what he can do? He can publicly question whether Emilie Parker’s father was really her father. What a hero you have there, Marie! What a good upstanding hero James Tracy is to suggest that Emilie Parker’s was an actor!

      You must be so proud.

        1. As is the notion that someone publicly suggesting that the father of a murdered child isn’t really her father!

    3. He is a professor at a public university. He made public statements about the tragedy and his theories. That means he opened the door for the public to address his statements, including high profile media and journalists. If he has any good arguments, a shred of proof, anything, he should have no problem whatsoever to talk to Mr. Cooper and walk out there smelling like roses. Alas, we all know all he has to offer are vague speculations and a serious lack of compassion, moral integrity and humanity.
      Lawyer? Good luck trying that against CNN. Tracy should rather be worried about what will happen next now that he accused Cooper of wanting to harm him or his family members.

      1. If you study the little girl on Obamas lap, you can clearly see its not Emily Parker. Sorry folks your wrong. Also Mormons have a different way than a lot of us in dealing with death. Granted, in the chaos, and confusion that followed the shooting, a lot of folks made statements, and jumped to conclusions. This is bound to happen with any incident like this. Just like initially Adam was identified as his brother Ryan. Give it a rest. Mistakes happen. No government conspiracy. Makes for good conversation, and even at times, laughable.

    1. My favorite James Tracy question was the one where he questioned whether the father of a murdered child was really her father.

      1. Are you a Scientologist, blarneystoner? You seem to have taken a page from their playbook. If you would like to mix it up a bit with your repetitive questions, you could start asking Prof. Tracy about his “crimes.”

  14. James please Don’t Let these Hatchet-men deter your inquest. Hell I’m a local and I’d love to sit in on one of your classes. These media whores will twist your words to fit the establishments agenda stay strong and stay safe. If you find yourself in Jeopardy reach out. You have Friends and supporters in the area you haven’t even met.

    1. “These media whores will twist your words”

      Oh, you mean the words where he, without lifting a finger to try to verify beforehand (as any competent journalist would do), publicly suggested that Emilie Parker’s father was not her father?

      You’ve got some real hero there!!1!1!

      1. @blarneystoner – Okay, Baloneystoner, you must have met your keepers word count by now…truly uninspired harping on the same nonsensical point over…and over…and over…

        1. James Tracy suggesting that the father of a recently murdered child isn’t the child’s father isn’t an admirable trait.

          You might find that admirable, but I do not and I will continue to say so.

    1. Your forgot to congratulate him on his suggesting that Emilie Parker’s father wasn’t really her father! That is something only true heroes do!!!

    1. Ryan,

      Go ask Mommy to help you spell schizophrenic and then tell her you’re being naughty again. No more internet for you Ry. Now go back to watching Spongebob. Grown-ups want to talk.

  15. I’m not well versed on this issue, but along with Mr. Tracy, hundreds of thousands USAns, are asking these questions too.
    That is the price liars pay after they’ve been caught numerous times lying to we the people.
    Since the very first days of the ‘incident’ I’ve read rumors that it was a hologram tied to missing children.

    Like I said, I’m not really up to new developments, but either they’re getting clumsier with their false flag ops or the people have become sophisticated enough to question everything.

    Who is trying to sell what to who? Is it a ploy to emasculate the Constitution, because obviously it won’t take away gun usage, it will just prevent the little people of having some modicum of security.

    The only thing we know for sure is that the ‘authorities’ are lying to us. It’s up to us to figure out how to restore some balance, some return to ethics.

      1. @blarneystoner – Droning on and on and on…belittling others…adding nothing to the discussion…how boring, Baloneystoner.

        1. I know, right!!1!!1!11!

          My favorite bit that adds “nothing to the discussion” is the one where James Tracy suggested that Emilie Parker’s father wasn’t really her father!

          James Tracy is such a hero for doing what no one had the balls to do!!!

      2. blarneystoner appears to be making it more difficult to use the reply button to directly respond to certain posters, and that is definitely what an internet troll is – someone who comes to the debate not to foment discussion but to prevent it. Please consider deleting his incessant yabbering the same thing over and over as it disables others from truly ‘conversing’ and is clearly designed to do just that.

  16. I read this and I weep (and snicker). Mr. Tracy you are doing a fine job of gathering all the crackpots on the web. I hope your classroom presentations are a little bit more scientifically researched.

    1. Some of us crackpots graduated with the highest honors from some of the oldest universities in the US. Funny that an entire department of professors from some of the most elite universities found my argumentation worthy of a 4.0 in History.

      1. No proof of your claim – therefore, didn’t happen.

        And if this alleged department of professors found you worthy, and you buy into THIS pile of nonsensical bullcrap, they should be re-thinking their grading scale.

      2. In response to the below, then I guess Columbia, Harvard, Berkeley, U of Chicago and many other schools need to revoke their former students’ PhD’s…

      3. Sue, your observation at 5:04 – about blarney rubble’s obvious intent to steal the right to speak from others – was spot on. Personally, I think professor Tracy should not make blarney’s tyranical posts disappear, just gather them up and put them on display at the bottom of the page, so as to thwart his efforts to steal everyone else’s right to speak.

    2. Deborah, a lot of us are snickering at the paranoid conspiracy theorists. If it weren’t such a horrible atrocity, this whole blog would be laughable. I hate to think the people on this blog are the ones that want to have guns. That is a scary thought.

    1. Journalist did ask questions but they did’nt ask enough questions . Like who were the men detained and one put in front seat of squad car according to one witness and antother in the woods . I whatched that report and my first instinct was to question why the news camera did’nt pan to the squad car… also there was much bad reporting , for instance they said it was ” Ryan Lanza” who was the shooter , then they changed it to Adam Lanza .

    2. I just read an interview with Rory Kennedy and her brother Robert, Jr. both apparently, or at least Robert, claim that their father did NOT believe the Warren Commission Report on his brother’s death. So now please put all of them in the crackpot conspiracy theorist category…

    3. So what the conspiracy folks want us to believe, is this whole event was planned and pulled off by actors, then someone forgot to hide little Emily from the photo op with Obama. So are the folks that staged this tragedy smart enough to plan this whole event, yet so stupid to let pics and videos leak out like all the ones Mr. Tracy has used? Think about it folks. Your own conspiracy theory doesn’t add up. You folks are the only conspiracy.

      1. It’s odd to me that people like you are always accusing others of being conspiracy theorists when your own thinking reflects a belief that somehow there is this united front of a monolithic ‘theory.’ There is none that I know of. Concretely, you assert that believing or interpreting that the Emilie photo somehow reveals a conspiracy is some prerequisite to belonging to a club of ‘conspiracy folks.’ I have not even scrutinized the photo because I don’t think it adds much. It’s irrelevant to my questioning, other than that it does indicate a willingness, seemingly somewhat premature at best, on the part of this family to allow the federal government to use their tragedy for political aims.

        There are so many angles and levels upon which to question the media’s and federal and local governments’ handling of this event – and to form theories thereof, that it just seems paranoid and grasping of you to try to assert that there is one united ‘theory’ that all skeptics somehow adhere to, or set of questions.

  17. Wait… I think I figured it all out….

    Maybe this guy James put his absurd conspiracy out there so that he would get national attention. And a date with Anderson Cooper.

    Could it be that James is secretly a homosexual?

    I mean, I’m just being a mindful American, asking pertinent questions and trying to dig deeper than others. It’s a valid question, if you ask me.

    1. Please trot on back to Facebook, where twelve-year-old egos like yours parade all day and night long to their tiny little heart’s content. You know that’s where your silly little self and your silly little comments belong. I’m sure you have a new self-portrait of your “hot bod” in the bathroom mirror taken with your “smart” phone that’s ready for postin’.

    2. Good point, Trent. The sad thing is that your theory (I’m aware you were being sarcastic. Just wanted to make that sure because you never know with that many looneys around here ) makes much for sense than Mr. Tracy’s. Someone should have told Mr. Tracy that AC already has a longterm boyfriend. XD

      Yes, conspiracy nuts take note, it is that easy to make up theories that are 100% based on absurd speculation and an halfway imaginative mind.

      1. Who was talking about outraging? What I mean to say is that anyone can pull out any kind of absurd speculation based on fantasy, random association and absolutely no shred of evidence out of their butt.


        Tracy was clearly doing this to get Anderson Cooper’s attention. Anderson is gay. Thus Tracy must have done this to get a date with Mr. Cooper. So Tracy must be gay himself. Get it? All the things he did are a big conspiracy to get a date with Anderson Cooper. He probably planned this since years and only applied for the job at the uinversity and started the blog to get to that point.

        Hurr hurr.

  18. I agree with Frank Wolf. I truly think it is tragic what happened in Newtown. However, I truly believe and stand behind the comments that Proffessor Tracy has posted. The only time he mentioned that it may not have happened was when he went on to say, in the same sentence, that it didn’t happen the way the media has shown it. There are many questions that need to be answered as well as many conflicting reports. Journalism does not seem to be what it use to be, that is investigative journalism. It seems that nowadays, journalists are only worried about who gets the story out there first rather than gathering all the facts before reporting it. Stay strong James Tracy and keep the FACTS coming!

    1. for the record Rob I´m with the Prof on this.Whatever happened (and I don´t pretend to know)was not they way we are told.There is a ton of evidence out there,,even Wayne Carvers cryptic statement speaks volumes,,“[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” – Connecticut Medical Examiner D. Wayne Carver II, MD, …

      1. There is no evidence out there and I am not even going to point out the irony in you saying that a cryptic statement speaks volumes. XD

  19. Anderson Cooper is clearly not trying to push society to harm James Tracy or anyone affiliated with this blog. The reason for calling him out by name and showing his picture is to get a reaction out of viewers and rightfully so. The point is that he wants people to know who James is that way people can do something about it. Not harm him, but send an email, make a phone call, or make demands about this professor. How is one to do that if you don’t know such events are taking place? Are there fair critiques to be made about the news media? Of course, but this is a pretty cut and dry event and hiding behind a wall to make statements is cowardice and not very scholarly.

    1. I’m sure, now that he’s been identified as working for FAU, which his blog is unaffiliated with, it’s probably prudent that he doesn’t appear. Anything he does publicly will now be tied to his job. He’s a citizen as well as a professor and blogging is allowed. But cooper was totally slowing down on the photo and letting it linger, encouraging altercation in the streets

    2. Have you read the actual statement the Prof.Tracy gave to CNN for the broadcast? Perhaps you should start there – and then go on to read the actual timeline – and note that AC was reading the information off of the page (NOT a statement by Tracy) while alluding this was some comment he wrote himself.
      We all hurt for those in Newtown – but most of all we hurt because their lives have been torn up by this engineered lie.

  20. Great job professor!
    Who knows what happened?
    The inconclusiveness of the matter is distressing to say the least.
    If this event was not staged, media and authorities sure has outperformed themselves to lure people into distrusting the official narration – if there even is something like an official explanation of what happened.
    The USA is in deep, deep trouble.
    Good luck, CIA News Network obviously want you to be afraid, and maybe you have reason to, the masterminds at DOD disarming the public sure would like you to be attacked by a raving lunatic with a gun, and they can make that happen. So be careful, and thank you again for not backing down.

  21. Hey James, before you wrote this:

    “With the exception of an unusual and apparently contrived appearance by Emilie Parker’s alleged father, victims’ family members have been almost wholly absent from public scrutiny.”

    Did you attempt to contact Emilie Parker’s father to verify if the man being interviewed on television was or wasn’t the father of Emiilie Parker?

    1. @blarneystoner,

      How would James verify the veracity of Mr. Parker’s statements? If, as is a clear possibility no matter how uncomfortable the thought the Parker family is contrived, why would anyone trust their statement?

      Secondly, you seem almost maniacally angered by the mere question of faking children’s deaths or posing as a child’s father.

      Are you not aware then of the CIA’s own admissions in this area? They have even admitted to murdering children in vast numbers and systematically assigning people to pose as the parents of children that had become wards of the CIA. Most of which were either killed or died from drug abuse or served other purposes.

      So, which is worse in your opinion?

      1. Pretending to be the father of a child who was previously murdered
      2. Pretending to be the father of a child that never existed
      3. Pretending to be the father of a child who was a victim of state abuse
      4. Pretending to be the father of a child that was then murdered
      5. Asking questions

      It’s 5, right? I knew it! Come on man. I’m asking you, please stay involved but work with us here. James isn’t even here man. It’s just a group of people. Why are you doing this? Convey your outrage in a way that convinces me it’s justified and I will have your back, my word.

      1. > How would James verify the veracity of Mr. Parker’s statements?

        It is called Journalism, you twat. Are you truly suggesting that — JOURNALISM — not be done?!? That TRUTH not be uncovered??

        Isn’t that what you idiots are banging on about??

        Yes, I’m pretty sure your argument has been … “The lamestreammedia is lying to us and they R in cahoots with the GUBBERMINT to TAKE my GUnS!! and they probably KILLed dem kids in NEW Town”… yeah, that looks right.

        Yet here we learn that you don’t want to bothered with any actual work to ferret out the truth.

        How embarrassing for you.

  22. We are 100% behind you Prof. Tracy. You are on the side of the righteous, the side of truth. You will be remembered for making a stand against the horrendously corrupt Government and Media (who are virtually one…). We invite you all to check out our Youtube page in which we completely debunk the entire Sandy Hook affair.
    Stand strong patriots! This may be one of our last chances to expose these monsters… before they pull off another 9/11 and declare Martial Law…

        1. Did you see where James Tracy suggested that the father of a recently murdered child wasn’t really that child’s parent?

  23. Prof. James Tracy has brought to light critical questions (and suggestions) all Americans should be asking of corporate media and government officials. It’s frustrating, although not surprising, that most “journalists” are not willing to dig deep into the events that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Instead, most “journalist” allow themselves to be bullied by the corporate media hand; do indeed follow scripts; and depend solely on memes that come through the AP pipeline, or other similar sources. Further, Anderson Cooper, whom is just another corporate media lemming and “host” of a generic syndicated trash TV show, clearly doesn’t want his “journalistic integrity” critiqued. In fact, Cooper appeared quite squeamish and red-faced in addressing Prof. James Tracy. It’s refreshing to see the professor has struck a nerve within the canon of modern corporate news media. Most are afraid to think critically or make statements such as his. His endeavors are supported.

    1. “Prof. James Tracy has brought to light critical questions (and suggestions) all Americans should be asking”

      My favorite James Tracy suggestion is the one where he suggested that Emilie Parker’s father wasn’t really her father.

      Now that is some important stuff right there. Whenever someone’s child has been murdered, we should all question if that person is really the parent of the child … and we should question it without attempting to contact the parent (because, ya know… journalism).

      1. Tracy is not suggesting that we should always question whether a murdered child’s parent is actually the parent of that murdered child; of course we shouldn’t. He’s suggesting that IN THIS CASE we should question it. And Tracy isn’t part of the media, he’s a media critic. So why would he try to contact the parent? The fact is, Tracy is not CONCLUDING anything, he’s attempting to show that, in his opinion, more questions need to be asked. If you don’t want to ask those types of questions or respond substantively to questions asked about the case, that’s great. Move on.

    2. The media defines our reality, shapes and manipulates opinions: just the titles with your name in them are slurs at your character – but I’m a little confused about a figurehead of a media outlet having an issue with someone not accepting what the media as presenting *reality*. Is what the media is silent about, unreal? Is only the pushed opinion, real? What happened to freedom of speech? Mr. Cooper does not even pretend to support that tenet, instead, he seems to claim that those that work at public universities are not entitled to freedom of speech. He mentions taxpayers, I suppose he is either asking these taxpayers to complain or he does not think these taxpayers support freedom of speech.

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