Hard Questions Posed on Boston Bombing

At an April 15th press conference on the Boston Marathon bombing reporters from corporate media outlets arrived to play their typical roles as “stenographers to power,” throwing routine softball questions to federal, state and local authorities, including Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Unexpectedly, however, Dan Bidondi, a reporter working for alternative news outlet Infowars.com, was the sole member of the press to fire off two poignant questions–questions, mind you, that every other media outlet should have been posing, especially in light of recent history and immediate evidence suggesting how the deadly bombing was part of an elaborate emergency drill.

“Was there any prior knowledge though? Because according to Boston Globe dot com [law enforcement authorities] said they were doing drills this morning for the same exact thing to happen? Now was youz guyz given any prior warning ahead of time of this taking place?”

After Bidondi persisted with the following questions, officials appeared perturbed and apprehensive, apparently cutting the press conference short to avoid further queries on the nature of the event and its broader implications for civil liberties.

“Well, sir, why were loudspeakers telling people in the audience to be calm moments before the bomb[s] went off? Is this another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and put more Homeland Security sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?”

Such efforts were almost immediately countered as “conspiracy theories” by the likes of Snopes and Salon–two outlets that have been at the forefront of defending the untenable official account of the Sandy Hook shooting. Yet in light of momentous historical events over the past twenty years, including Oklahoma City, 9/11 and London 7/7, where subsequent in-depth research has suggested probable government foreknowledge or complicity, in addition to the fact a majority of “domestic terrorist” events are orchestrated by the FBI, the questions Bidondi posed are among the first that journalists should be asking after such an incident.

Regardless of one’s political stance, a free society requires the press to hold those in power accounta ble. Indeed, if the United States had a genuinely free and independent media such questions would not only be asked, but followed by rigorous interrogation of the event to determine whether public officials are being truthful and calling them out before the public when they are not.

A multitude of evidence has already emerged in just the past few days suggesting government involvement in the Boston bombing. Note, however, that none of this information has been ferreted out or acknowledged by major news outlets, all of which appear poised to dutifully play up the emotional elements of the tragic event and its violent fallout, contributing to the mass psychological effect that will provide additional rationale for a heightened police state.

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  1. The GIGANTIC RED FLAG is the University of Mobile Track Coach, who is a real person, it can be verified that he exists and that he ran the Boston Marathon, so he should be considered a credible witness.

    His corroborating evidence that there were bomb sniffing dogs at the Start and Finish Lines as well as the fact that there were several Alerts over the loud speaker telling folks not to worry about the drill taking place, is very damning!!!

  2. We need more investigative reporters like Dan Bidondi. Waco 2013 Fertilizer Plant explodes, 15 deaths on the same day that Senate blocks bill for increased gun control. Waco 1993, guns – Oklahoma City 1995 – fertilizer bomb – West 2013: guns, fertilizer – Is yesterday’s explosion in Waco (West), in retaliation for breaking the Sandy Hook Promise? What exactly is the Sandy Hook Promise?

    1. Don’t know about the waco one, but they make more mistakes in covering things up when they link a “black op” with a “major media event.” Their biggest “productions”, biggest and most elaborate/narrated deceptions of the general public, at the same time open the door to see what truly happened to a larger number of people.

  3. The true history of the so-called ‘elite’ (see: self-declared slave owners of humanity) is nothing but them conspiring against all of the rest of us. Disraeli (an insider himself) called them, “the vast cousinage” – we now just call them “the 1%.” The ‘powers that be’ if you will, had their media invent the term ‘conspiracy theorists.’ Historical fact. Why? Because of the ridiculous ‘conclusions’ of the Warren commission & the FICTIONAL JFK story surrounding his assassination, entitled, “The Magic Bullet of One Lone Nut Job”. Anyone who disagreed with this now obvious science fiction/fantasy ‘story’ (CONSPIRACY) was to be labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

    The true history of the World is nothing more than the stories of the elite CONS & PIRATES (hence CONS-PIRACY) and their efforts to cull the numbers of their subjects through bogus wars, drug smuggling, ‘terror’ & CAPITAL punishment and retain power over the populace through fear and intimidation. That’s no ‘theory’ – that’s the truth.

    The true history of the World and all of it’s perpetrated ‘false flag’ – staged & hoaxed ‘events’ is HOW the planners, doing the bidding for their elite masters, have ALWAYS accomplished their ends. And with them, at any cost, the ends always justifies the means. This unmentioned & overlooked ‘history’ of the elite’s manipulation of mankind involves coups, assassinations, numerous bombing plots – and yes even, (especially) ‘terrorist’ attacks. They have killed millions over the centuries to retain their power & control over the rest of humanity. BTW – ‘They’ refer to ‘us’ – the 99% – in their own documents – as “useless eaters” & “expendable containers.” (Look it up)

    If anyone wants to call the people brave enough to ask questions that fearful cowards or the ‘paid puppets’ in the CORPORATE MEDIA are afraid to, “conspiracy theorists” – at this point in the history of the World, knowing that when it comes to the Globalist cabal almost always behind it all, that there are no coincidences, only correlations, and if you who cry ‘conspiracy theorists’ the loudest don’t ‘see’ the obvious truth (or are too fearful to confront the lies) – then YOU are the ‘theorists.’

    There are way too many ‘continuity flaws’ in this, the latest ‘production’ of the ruling class cabal – the “Globalists” – behind it all, in ‘their’ war against ‘us’ in attempting to achieve their New World Order. Which as FDR (one of them too) said himself, “Isn’t ‘new’ and is not based on ‘order.” They need social chaos and fear (aka ‘terror’) in order to bring about their so-called ‘new order.’

    Think: Totalitarian Terror & Tyranny. Don’t think: NOT ‘here.’ That’s what they want – no, NEED – you to think. Think for yourself. Don’t let fear (or ‘their’ media) dictate what you ‘think’ you’re supposed to think.

    WAKE UP AMERICA – we, the last armed People on Earth, are the World’s last bastion of hope for confronting these overly-inbred, mentally-defective psychopaths – who pose as our ‘advocates’ and are actually our only ‘adversaries’ IN this World, when all of the evidence is examined & all is said & done. It really is the 99% versus the (less than) 1%. Do the math my fellow ‘People’ & we the People, win in the end. Bless us all.

  4. Maybe if the media won’t ask the hard questions, the American people have to begin to. Why was there bomb-sniffing dogs there, were they expecting or fearing a bombing? Why didn’t the dogs sniff the bombs that were there? The loudspeakers announced that this was a drill; was it the same kind of drill that occurred near Sandy Hook and during 9/11?

    Why won’t the media ask these questions? Is it becaue the plutocracy who has ruled the USA historically owns botht the media and the government? Does the American government lie to the American and the media print and air these lies as if they are true? Then why doesn’t the media and communication disciplines in the universities critique the media? is it because the pluts own the univeristies as well? Why aren’t tthere hundrds of professior Tracys, thousands? is it because the entire truth industry of the Educated classes is cowardly, intelllectually corrupt, or clueless?

    Do the American people have to elect honest representataives to supervise the media in their own interests, rather than the interests of plutocractic power? Are the media part of the power structure of capitalist power systems and need democratic supervision?

    So many questions, so few answers.

    1. This comes to mind…

      “The question is, how do you stop the power elite from doing as much damage to you as possible? That comes through movements. It’s not our job to take power. You could argue that the most powerful political figure in April of 1968 was Martin Luther King. And we know Johnson was terrified of him. We have to accept that all of the true correctives to American democracy came through these movements that never achieved formal political power and yet frightened the political establishment enough to respond.
      The last liberal President we had was Richard Nixon. He signed the Mine Health and Safety Act, and he agreed to create OSHA and the EPA, not because he was a liberal but because we still had the remnants of movements that scared him.
      So it’s time to turn your back on the Democrats and begin to regain a new kind of democratic militancy. If we don’t do that, if we remain fearful, then we will be further stripped of power as we barrel towards this neofeudalistic state where there is a world of masters and serfs, a kind of permanent underclass. That’s what’s happening; that’s what’s being created. Rapacious corporate business interests have shattered all kinds of regulations and controls. They have carried out a coup d’etat in slow motion. And it’s over; they’ve won.”

      Excerpt from an interview with activist/journalist Chris Hedges. Chris writes a Monday article for Truthdig.com


    2. “Why didn’t the dogs sniff the bombs that were there?”

      Because they were inside pressure cookers. A dog can’t smell gunpowder inside a cartridge for the same reason.

      1. Thanks for that, Regina! A lot has come out in the last two days; if I were to make this comment today, I guess I’d say “IF there were pressure-cooker bombs, dogs would not be able to detect the inner contents.” It’s looking more and more like a complete hoax, though, at this point.

  5. The many so-called ‘alternative’ press and news sites (Salon and Snopes mentioned here, but you could include 50 or 100 or maybe a 1000-2000 more) are as bad as the regular press. You do have to go the much maligned ‘conspiracy sites’ (Alex Jones et al) to get something resembling independent and investigative reporting and journalism. My thanks to Dan Bidondi.

    Over on Op-ed News, my former ‘alternative news site’ of choice, the head honcho and site magistrate there, Rob Kall, has an editorial posted calling Bidondi a ‘tragedy parasite’ and vulture and attacking his actions…

    …this is extremely sad and dangerously and susceptibly closed minded.

    And yet, you thumb through those very common and very active sites and very popular sites and it is typical thinking and reaction there.

    We’re sanded, hooked, beaned, bombed and screwed.

    Ned Lud

  6. How can people blindly accept the drivel coming out the main stream news about this and Sandy Hook, etc? A five minute search on the computer turns up better explanations and the photos of uniformed mercenaries on Alex Jones – and these men have not been tracked down for questioning, means there’s no investigation.

    1. The wheelchairs might be legit in this case. They’d have them available at the end of a race for all the people who pass out, or are weak, at the finishing line.

      1. “Why didn’t you follow procedure and wait for the ambulance and paramedics before moving the victim who had his legs blown off? He could have easily died from spinal cord damage, internal injuries and loss of blood.”

        “Because a wheelchair was available.”

      2. No EMT or anyone who knows anything about emergency medicine would EVER transport a double amputee trauma victim in a wheelchair. The guy will be bleeding out from some major blood vessels, shock is the immediate danger. He’d be laid flat, his legs elevated, and compression applied either by pressure or by tourniquet. And if that was a real photo of a real victim, his un compressed wounds would be bleeding ferociously. There would be a heavy blood trail behind him, blood on his clothes and blood on those helping him, and he would likely be semi-conscious or passed out.

        Seriously – there is no photo published anywhere, even from Sandy Hook, that makes a clearer statement of fakery. That picture IS NOT real. Any EMT or paramedic or physician will tell you.

  7. Can someone comment on the photos of the deformed alleged pressure cooker that has been trotted out and shown in multiple views.
    Is this indeed what the remnants would look like given an internal detonation or is this the result of a scaled down explosion so as to communicate a message.

  8. Why can’t the info wars people just ask the hard question? Why do they always have to add the part that sounds 100% insane to 90% of people… They might actually get somewhere if they didn’t accuse the people answering the questions of a global conspiracy to enslave humanity while asking a question that could actually be considered hard hitting journalism…

    unless they aren’t interested in actually accomplishing anything…

    1. I totally agree! I feel that in a lot of these situations the alternative media goes from pointing out inconsistencies and trying to be independent journalists to crazy illuminati, new world order, tin foil hat people very quickly. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and am glad I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    2. I wonder the same thing. Did he have to add the bit about HS guys putting their hands down people’s trousers? – You just have to pinch the bridge of your nose and sigh, don’t you.

      1. Dan Biondi was going in the direction of logical progression. The terrorist threat begets the DHS and airplane travel is forever debased; patdowns become cavity searches; Don’t ever overlook the creativity of tryanny. The minions will seize upon every opportunity to serve their masters.

  9. It is important to understand WHY people don’t like to ask the hard questions about the homicidal conspiracies and false flags. My daughter, who is going to school at the U of California, just called and explained it to me. The students there feel any contrary theory about the homicides detract from the emotional empathy that they feel for the victims, and that what you should be doing is feeling the pain of the victims instead of going off on some wild intellectual theory of your own.

    Tv and the media take advantage of this tendency. I was in NY a couple of years ago at the time of an anniversary of 9/11, when a demonstration,was being held. We stayed at a midtown hotel and I was going to go down to the demo. As I walked passed the tv in the lobby, the extremely attractive talking head castigated the demonstrators for defiling the Holy Ground of 9/11 with their Conspiracy Theories,, which desecrated the memory of the victims.

    It’s very effective emotionally. I remember feeling “those bastards!” as I walked passed the tv, of which of course I intended to be one. We are all affected by this kind of emotional manipulation to a greater or lesser degree, at least temporarily. And it is important that we do not rile up these feelings, and get around them as best we can.

    One way may be by putting these conspiracies into a background historical perspective, in the same way that we discuss the wars that have killed millions of people. By talking more abstractly about ALL the relevant homicides, it diverts the horrors of a particular one.

    But there may be other techniques as well for making the personal political, which other commenters may be able to come up with. The ultimate purpose is the converse, to make the political personal, to politicize a de-politicalized population to understand how they are being attacked an manipulated by aspects of American power. And this is a very difficult, but essential, historical task at the present time in the USA.

  10. as soon as I heard about this, I automatically put the government at the top of the suspect list.

  11. The Boston bombings were another faked event, a preplanned exercise using actors as victims. The blood and shredded clothes are all faked as well as the bone sticking out from the double amputees fake leg.

    A vast improvement on sandy hook but still easy to pick if you search through all the images.

    It’s all smoke(bomb) and mirrors.

    1. Why isn’t the mainstream media speaking with Ali Stevenson, the university coach who heard the loudspeaker say, “This is a drill. Do not be alarmed?”

      How could the mainstream media be this unified in their complicity?

      Who is the mainstream media?

      The New York Times – owner, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. (Chinese)
      The LA Times – Sam Zell runs the Tribune Company, owner. (Chinese)
      CNN – Philippe Dauman, CEO of Viacom (Chinese)
      CBS – Sumner Redstone, Leslie Moonves (Chinese)
      ABC – Robert Igor (Chinese)
      NBC – (was Jeff Zucker) (Chinese)

      Why are these powerful Chinese businessmen trying to deceive us?

    2. Andrew, I believe pain, suffering, death and injury were real in Boston, My belief is that the fakery and distortion is very real and rampant. It is aimed at shaping our perceptions of who did it and where we place out trust. This morning. April 20 at 6:30 AM, there is celebration here in Boston for law enforcement. With the surviving suspect arrested and now in the hospital, the city feels “safe” and regards the perpetrators as two brothers from Chechnya. The city is also left with the impression that a complete lockdown is now normal in order to find a lone gunman in an isolated neighborhood. The shape shifting of our perceptions will continue unless people ask tough questions everywhere and engage in meaningful thought provoking conversation. Yes, there was a magic show and the audience believes the magician made the tigers disappear!
      Also, note how the evil “assault weapon” theme was woven into the history of this story with the alleged cop killing at the hands of the two brothers during the events of the past 24+ hours.

  12. Wednesday’s evening news was filled with photos of ‘the mailbox bag’ and suddenly we have two so-called suspects with knapsacks. But look at the mailbox photos again. In sequence you can see a guy in a tan jacket wearing a trooper hat and sunglasses and a woman beside him in black with a white shirt. Photo 1 he’s holding a white plastic bag, she sideways with a tan leather purse, and no bag in front of the railing. Photo 2 they are both at the railing with their bags. Photo 3 they are BOTH walking away and you can see both bags in front of the railing by the mailbox. I saw these pics on both CNN and on Hannity. So why do we have photos of two people who apparently left those bags by the mailbox but we’re calling two other guys ‘suspects’?

  13. I agree. He sounded like an amateurish plant from god-like productions. When I first heard him say, ” was youz guyz…” I thought it was a joke. He continually stepped on and interrupted other journalists questions as well. Seems rather obvious that he was there to make a spectacle of himself. And people wonder why they didn’t feel inclined to elaborate on their answers…

    1. he seems like “controlled opposition.”

      we are asked to believe that infowars.com just happened to have this guy in Boston for this press conference

      however, it was great “info-(wars)-tainment”

      “is youse guys gonna stick ur hands down our pantses some more?”

      1. I believe Bidondi is their east coast correspondent. Who knows how he got in, and while he clearly has his own inimitable style, in the end does it really matter whether he’s as polite as Cokie Roberts? Or should he as an agent of the broader public put forth pressing questions such as these? Aren’t these questions worthy of being aired? Imagine if journalistic outlets were concerned with seriously interrogating official pronouncements and misdeeds than conforming to the dreadful standards of their milquetoast reportorial peers.

      2. I agree with James. Isn’t it interesting that not a single other “reporter” has had the effrontery to ask questions like this at any press conference? The entire pack of lap dogs just want to be liked by the people they should be grilling and drilling and making squirm.

    1. If this is all it takes to make you optimistic that “America is finally waking up,” I’d like to know where I can go to purchase some of it.

      Maybe it’s because you read the comments in this blog, and mistake this vanishingly small minority of awake people here for the broader cultural mindset. But outside of this bubble, essentially everyone in America completely, totally believes the official lies about Boston, Sandy Hook, and all the rest.

      In the movie They Live, the guy who stumbles on the truth tries to get his pal to put on the sunglasses, so that he could wake up too. What ensues is perhaps the longest, most painful street fight in the movies. I used to wonder why. Now I know: that’s what it takes for almost every human being to be persuaded to leave the Matrix. They resist with all their might.

      America is not waking up. America is transforming into a full-fledged police state, and the people will not fight back, just as they meekly submit to TSA humiliation because they are so stupid they were easily convinced that flying on private companies’ aircraft is a “privilege” the federal government doles out–and only to its most compliant, child-like subjects.

      Near the end of the Chris Hedges interview linked a few comments ago, he says that he knows we, the awake, are not going to win. He calls the American people “illusioned,” I think a word he made up, but he’s right. He says we should not hold to false optimism, because that only keeps us happy in the short term. He prescribes a permanent stance of defiance, as the only way to maintain our dignity, and to stop being children and take on the status of genuine adults. I agree. We should not expect to win, but we should be defiant at every turn.

      1. I agree with Patrick. The vast majority of people are not awake and no matter how many oddities and inconsistencies are thrown in their collective faces, they will dismiss them one by one and paint anyone who does not buy the official story, with the “crazy conspiracy nut job” brush.

        If people can’t even question the images of Jeff Bauman, the man who supposedly had both of his femoral arteries completely severed and his legs blown off in the blast, then I don’t think they will ever wake up. The images show Bauman writhing around on the ground in the wake of the blast with very little blood present while first responders attend to less wounded victims. Then we see him carried off in a wheelchair (a wheelchair??? Why exactly couldn’t ambulances make it to the scene?), fully conscious, by a “cowboy” who is supposedly squeezing one of his arteries shut with his hand while an EMT pats his leg near his loosely placed tourniquet. There is no blood trail whatsoever. This defies all logic. If this was a real injury there would be lots and lots of bood and at best, the victim would not be concsious by the time he was placed in the wheelchair. One would hope that Dr’s and nurses and EMT’s across the world would be able to see how highly improbable this scenario is. So far, nothing but crickets.

        It was very sad to see the people of Boston celebrating in the streets after a day of essentially being placed under martial law. Sadly, I see the people welcoming the coming police state with open arms and glee.

        1. Exactly
          Totally staged
          One website identifies the supposed victim as a known veteran who is a double amputee already

          St first I thought this was a real event, but now it seems to be another fake

          3 dead and 180 wounded?

          There were not 180 people there to be wounded, the race was pretty much over

          Also, look at the weird pattern of broken glass; one window broken, the other intact, and the glass blown out, not in… Was the bomb inside the store?

      2. Perhaps you are correct, just found it hopefull that a national network would finallly call out the fact that the FBI was distributing false information, and they reported the mother of the bombers said the FBI was in control of her son for several years. The MSM was also called out for declaring right wing extremists had to be the culprits from the gitgo and that scenario changed. The total lock down, police state instituted in Boston to find a 19 year old kid, is very frightening!

  14. It is 2:28PM in Boston on 4-19-13, the second patsy is being tracked down in a media sensation. You can bet he is enraged that he has been double crossed and his alleged brother killed. I would bet he goes down in a firefight as his testimony will need silencing ASAP by the directors of this show.

  15. It is 7:51 PM in Boston on 4-19-13 and the news reports the second patsy ((Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) is surrounded. Let’s hope he has placed a carefully worded statement with a friend that can shed light on how he got coopted into this. If he comes out alive I bet he will be drugged like the Aurora patsy. We need another Marathon! An effort with the message that we are not buying the current story.

  16. There was a 60 year old (estimate) man taken into custody last night – much discussion about how he had a kill-switch, and was arching his back, prompting officers’ concern that he was trying to detonate it. This was from the police scanner – anyone hear anything about this arrest today?

    1. EDIT 147 11:26: Because it keeps getting asked. The suspect that is being searched by the EOD robots, that is handcuffed, that has the dead man switch, is a 60-70 yr old gray haired man. He was specifically identified as having salt and pepper hair, even the age 90 was thrown out. This is NOT White Hat aka Suspect #2

      EDIT 146 11:24: Investigating possible sighting of suspect #2 at different location. (Most likely a false sighting, nothing else was said about this)

      EDIT 145 11:23: Unknown car has stopped within a security perimeter.

      EDIT 144 11:22: They said they need to bring in a second EOD robot and a second Bearcat (armored vehicle)

      EDIT 143 11:19: EOD robot is still clearing the suspect. He will be interviewed after he is cleared.

      EDIT 142 11:18: Officials are supposed to give any update some time soon.

      EDIT 141 11:15: They are telling all non-SWAT to leave the area.

      EDIT 140 11:14: Subject definitely has some kind of device or switch in his hand.

      EDIT 139 11:11: EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) robot is attempting to remove the jacket from the man right now.

      EDIT 138 11:07: Been silent, EOD is on scene.

      EDIT 137 11:03: To further clarify, guy with the white hat has nothing to do with this (as far as we know). He is still on the loose. This suspect is an old man (60-70) with grey hair and appears to be holding a dead man switch.

  17. consider this:
    you can’t practice double-think or newspeak until you know both sides of the story – the truth and the official line

    if the truth didn’t come out, how could one know what one shouldn’t say in public?

  18. I’d like to see some pictures of the massive traffic jams leading into Boston when the city was “locked down”

    I wonder when they shut down the interstates

    It’s looking like this whole thing was a huge, planned multi-agency drill

    (do these pics look real? http://imgur.com/a/IuEDd#9CIYn59 )

    you had a week-long drill with several scenarios: mass-casualty, suspect identification, tracking, “lockdown” and house to house search

    perhaps the drillers learned some of the lessons of Sandy Hook and stopped having the drill participants wear name tags and such, didn’t give all the heart-wrenching video interviews (or did they?)

    and they leaked a pic of the dead body of suspect 1

    it’s tragic that the two bombers took the time to ambush the MIT campus police officer in his car at night

    I wonder why they went out of their way to do that

    a wild and crazy night, for sure

    1. These pictures of fake blood explain why the FBI confiscated the clothes and shoes of the good samaritan Carlos Arredondo. As reported by CBS Boston, the FBI showed up at Arredondo’s house the day after the marathon and took away the shoes and clothes he wore when he assisted a bleeding marathon victim. Was it the “blood” of the victim that was likely on Arredondo’s clothes that the FBI was so concerned about? Should we say deja vu?

  19. The Boston bombing suspects are brothers and said to be Muslim. One brother was pronounced dead last night at Beth Israel Hospital. The younger brother Dzhokhar was apprehended tonight and in the first link below you can hear the police arranging over the scanner to bring him to Mt. Auburn Hospital, which is the nearest hospital to Watertown. All the reporters set up outside Mt. Auburn, we see the ambulance pull in slowly, no sirens. Later we’re told instead Dzhokhar was brought to the Beth Israel Hospital which is a couple of miles further away. There are at least five other major hospitals just as close or closer to Watertown. Why is Beth Israel so eager to help?

    Why would the brother’s, if they are mad Jihadists, carjack a man only to let him go, unmolested half an hour later. Unless they were not mad Jihadists but terrified young men who knew they were being set up and were desperate to get away.

    In the first link below there is a screen shot containing a picture of the dead brother. Above the photo is written:

    “Grisly Post-Mortem Photo of Boston Marathon Bomber
    Re post and I don’t care
    I hope that all muslems are sickened by the fact that this jihadist pile of scat died in a most ironic place “Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center”, what a great place for a muslem to die in. Ha! Ha!
    Jihad caught up with Islamic jihadist dirt bag.”

    The second link a video of the statement given by the doctors who pronounced the first brother dead is suspicious, words, and body language and almost everything else about it…

    In the third linked video, it appears to me that the naked suspect, cuffed and seated in the cruiser is in fact the brother who wound up dead at Beth Israel.

    Post-mortem photo and police scanner audio arranging to bring 2nd Dzhokhar to Mt. Auburn Hospital.

    Beth Israel Doctors pronounce older brother dead – (body language) why are the doctors talking about hearing gun shots and rushing to hospital? Why is the hospital’s CEO there at 4 AM?

    Naked suspect – isn’t this the first, older brother who appears dead at Beth Israel – not shot or run over at all.

    Agents from the Israeli Police were in Boston to help with the investigation: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e73_1366225843

    1. Yes, not understanding how the video of the naked man, who is walking and has no obvious blood or damage to his back, being put into the police car, could be the same person they indicate had “uncountable” bullet wounds to the torso, in addition to damage from explosives, and died soon after arriving at the hospital. Am I missing something? Also, sadly surprised at all those cheering his capture, presuming guilt, and trusting so completely in what “officials” tell us.

  20. There’s that al-Qaida/right-wing patriot type meme so it’s interesting that the pressure cooker bomb is connected to American al-Qaida Anwar al-Awlaki “the CIA lackey”.

    “Prosecutors also said the men gained inspiration from the 2010 first issue of “Inspire,” an online English-language magazine from Yemen’s al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and linked to the U.S.-born militant cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. The militant leader was killed in 2011 in a drone strike.

    The same online magazine gave instructions on how to build a “pressure cooker” bomb — the same type of explosive device that was used in Monday’s attack at the Boston Marathon when three people were killed and more than 100 were wounded.”


  21. Watch how the sports industry uses the Boston event for propaganda which is a great mind control tool. Think back to 1936. New York playing sweet Caroline is a perfect example.

    1. In a 2007 interview, Neil Diamond revealed the inspiration for “Sweet Caroline” was President John F. Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, who was eleven years old at the time. The song was seldom heard at sporting events prior to 1998. Caroline’s father’s presidential memorial library suffered an extensive but still unexplained fire at the same time as the Boston Marathon Bombings on Monday this week. John F. Kennedy was assassinated under mysterious circumstances in 1963. One theory of several is the Israeli Assassination Conspiracy Theory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy_assassination_conspiracy_theories#Israeli_conspiracy

      1. Guest who was at Fenway for todays game. You guessed it Neil Diamond and sang Sweet Caroline. Predictable.

    2. I agree with you Paul. I have emailed my favorite Boston talk radio sports station complaining that their minute to minute coverage of the event is beyond their skill set and that they have taken up the propaganda cause.
      I have tuned out of Boston sports because of their coopted mission.

  22. There are so many implausablities, impossiblities, and silences in the authorized goverernment-media story that it is difficult to know where to begin. Jon Rappaport asks that if the pressure cooker sprayed shrapnal over the marathoners, why are there no holes in it.

    In the gov-media account, there was a shootout between the police and the brothers resuliting in the older brother’s killing. Then the younger brother got away. What is meant by that, “got away.” How could he get away from the militarized police in an ordinary car? The police have military guns, communication devices, heliocopters, etc all of which would be used in a “shoutout.” (Did the brothers shoot back?)

    The story is that the older brother got out of the car. Why would he get out of the car except to surrender. So, according to the story, the car was stopped. So the younger brother, a 19 year old boy, who was wounded, was able to start the car and elude the entire militarized
    police? Was there police scanner chatter describing this “shootout ?”

    Most people will not question the wild implausibilities of the story, which will be memory-holed by the media. But commenters might wish to.

    1. Since the elites get their funding from all these events with phony donation sites. We the people can play this game. 100% easy money the Boston teams will get well into the playoffs.

      1. According to Bob Orr in the video linked above, the FBI had Dzhokhar’s cell phone “user information and subscriber information” and they had it prior to releasing his picture to the public. So If they didn’t need to spook them and set in motion the night of death and terror – why did they?

    2. The Chief of Police in an interview with Wolf Blitzer told that the younger brother got out of the Mercedes and ran away on foot. The official story is that he was injured during the shooting as well, so the kid is running in Watertown bleeding and the police is not sending dogs to find him?? Instead they searched from house to house with the dogs and the whole city was on lockdown!! Really

  23. James Corbett (corbettreport.com) gives a no-nonsense, sans hype evaluation of many ‘therorist” issues. Gotta love this guy! Comes highly recommended. He is skeptical of these official terrorist attacks reports.

    He cuts to the chase and uses all information without any accompanying flights of ego. I like that. Just the facts, m’ame. (Essential for any credible

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