Sandy Hook School Shooting Investigation Completed; Report to be Released

From J. Paul Vance, Connecticut State Police

The Connecticut State Police report on the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School will be released on Friday, December 27, 2013, at 3:00 p.m.

The report will be available only at this website:

The report runs several thousand pages and has been redacted according to law.

The report does contain some text, photos and 911 calls received by the State Police on the day of the shootings.

The release of this document is indicative that this State Police criminal investigation is concluded.


LT. J. Paul Vance

See also Associated Press, Police File on Newtown Shooting to be Released

795 thoughts on “Sandy Hook School Shooting Investigation Completed; Report to be Released”

  1. Literally 1000s of digital photos to go thru, but three things are completely clear from their own pictures:

    1) Porta potties clearly visible in the parking lot
    2) Plywood, as seen in the overhead video from 12-14-12, is clearly stacked to the right of the Sandy Hook Elementary School sign, behind the black Honda.
    3) There are lot’s of CT license plates being photographed, one with the resources will surely check them all out.

    The interior of the school looks completely staged, even for a crime scene. There is nothing from the interior pictures, (I looked thru a plethora of them) that say the words “Sandy Hook.”

    1. Another interesting event to note is the presence of several moving vans, which appear almost empty from the pics. I would say that items, such as desks, chalkboards, school stuff en masse, etc. are being moved INTO the school instead of FROM the school building.

    2. Well for starters:

      1. I only saw an NRA certificate for Nancy not Adam. NRA Instructor Chris Hansen. (I was told by a local the instructor saw Adam at the range many times but I don’t believe it and asked for a second confirmation) The range was an indoor range so it was likely 22 caliber only and it burned down and no longer exists.

      2. Lanza was 6 ft 112 pounds and he wore 32R BDUs and carried a loaded Sig in his left pocket ??? I don’t think so.

      3. Suicide shot – through right rear of head through upper front of head and through the hat. Picture of hat was included

        1. The point is even if there is no blood it is an impossible shot. And yes the fact that there is no blood or pieces of skull for that matter is a very astute observation on your part. A 10mm Glock is going to kick,

      1. Sally Cox said Lanza was wearing boots so she is caught in another lie. Also there is no blood anywhere on his clothes. His underwear is cleaner than mine. That 10mm would have blown his head clean off that thing is a canon.

        I suppose if the PTB can get away with building 7 they can pretty much get away with this and anything else.

        Those pants would have been falling off that kid. Also I have never seen BDUs like that. Normally Propper (the name in BDUs) has range sizes like medium/regular which would be a 31-35 inch waist 29.5 to 31.5 inseam. Lanza’s is 32r???. Lanza would have needed a small/extra small size. He was 6ft 112 pounds his waist could not be more than 29 inches and likely smaller.

        1. Carl, the pants observation is great as it leads on to believe that someone gave him those pants who didn’t realize how skinny he was. But I believe in subsequent clothing pics, I saw a belt and suspenders. I do think that the pants being so “off” is still suspicious.

        2. Excellent point Beth. Someone asserted that his underwear was medium which further supports your point that they planted those articles of clothing without knowing what his size was. Six feet tall and 112 pounds means that he could only wear the smallest sizes available. Even if Lanza wore pants at least 3 sizes too big with suspenders he would at least have fitting underwear. No way could his waist exceed 29 inches- medium size underwear would have fallen to his ankles.

          No substantive quantities of blood anywhere. The 10 mm is Glock’s most powerful gun. The top half of Lanza’s head including blood brains and skull should be in his hat. It’s quite conceivable, if not very likely, that his entire wardrobe was simply planted-presented.

          When and where would he have ever bought a combat accessory vest ?
          Even if Nancy Lanza had a hobby of shooting AR-15s would she have a dozen 30 round magazines?

          The whole story is just insanely absurd.

        3. It looks like in the pics that he was wearing an Under Armour type compression underwear – and in that brand, I have to size up (at least once) all of my sons. So, a medium at 112 pounds is actually about right.

        4. Maybe Lanza was brought there…broken door jams at home (front door and adam’s bedroom door) may indicate forced entry…also looks as though car broke through auto garage door…no blood on hat and shot (execution style) from behind could mean he was killed at the home and brought to school

      2. Carl, Adam’s NRA Certificate was on a list of items found in what appeared to be a range bag, also containing ear protection, ammo, targets and other shooting equipment.

      3. Good observations Carl,

        Someone did the math on all the ammunition and figured Adam to be toting 700 rounds in his pockets. Good thing for those suspenders!

        The kid certainly was a freak of nature at 112 lbs., six feet tall, and only wore a size 8.5 shoe. At 6′ tall, he should have been wearing between 10.5 to 12 shoe size. Nancy spent the day before shopping at an outlet mall. I doubt those cheap worn out Nunn Bush shoes were hers, but the size would make more sense for her. Besides, shooter had on boots per school nurse.

        After seeing the improbable angle of the suicide shot, I started to wonder if the soft voice on the police scanner which directed an officer to: “End the life of Adam,” maybe wasn’t a prank after all, but part of the drill scenario.

        Is Chris Hansen gone now that the range has burned down? One year later, and so many key players are gone – retired, fired, quit, et c.

        Chief Medical Examiner Wayne Carver resigns
        School Superintendent Janet Robinson’s contract is not renewed
        Newtown Police Chief Dennis Anderson (resigns, signs Non-disclosure and gets $175.000.)
        First Responder Thomas Bean – on leave
        The Posners moved to Seattle, taking Noah with them. (Veronique says that she was almost 40 and already had three children when she decided to undergo expensive and difficult fertility treatments to have the twins in 2006.)

        Who else is out of there?

        1. Wayne Carver resigned? (I only heard that he had threatened to, if the legislation sealing death certificates for juveniles was not passed, a couple years ago.)

          I have an interesting tidbit to relate, again not connected to the videos. I just found an article published in the Bridgeport Telegram on Jan. 12, 1972, at p. 7, “‘Occult Explosion’ Seen by Sandy Hook Publisher.” The “Sandy Hook Publisher” is named Robert C. H. Parker, 30 years old. He publishes “The Occult Trade Journal.”

          Robbie Parker’s father?

        2. That’s strange. Of course there are a lot of “Parkers”. They were supposedly from Utah or New Mexico. What is the article about? The East Coast branch of the “Church of Satan” is located there. That’s somewhat consistent with the date.

        3. You’re welcome.

          Curiously, I was doing a big search this morning, in “” That is where I found that: I paid for a one-week trial subscription. I then responded to an email from fvpatterson–at least, that’s how he identified himself. (I had put my personal email address on this blog yesterday.) After I sent that, I took a shower. When I came back to my computer, I tried to search again, on several items, and now NOTHING comes up, no hits on ANYTHING.

          FV Patterson, did you indeed send me that email? Just want to know if maybe it was some impostor, instead!

        4. I’m wondering if Robbie Parker by chance took his wife’s name. He seems to be a bit of a mystery. Just watched a video of them on YouTube being interviewed 100 days after the event. When it is slowed down – reactions of husband and wife…well, they continue to be bazaar.
          Will keep looking around as I do not party it up on New Years 🙂

        5. hey dinophile do you have a link to that article? I’ve done a lot of searching on the Parkers – never came across that, all roads led to Utah.


          The black narrator of this excellent 2 hour video compilation of evidence for hoax has me in stitches, even though mostly he’s just indignant bordering on maybe somewhat outraged.

          He includes the CNN interview of the ‘classmate’ who lies transparently about her alleged memory of Adam in elementary school – why is it some of the most involved BS artists in this play are of a certain ethnicity? This is my question, not the black narrators.

          Why was there no digital footprint of Adam’s when he lived through his computer? Etc. etc. The first 10 – 20 minutes of this video focus on the nonexistence of Nancy and Adam, which Is why I post it here, as I am with the posters who don’t think they were ‘real.’ It may need to be restarted at the beginning.

        7. ETA: the discussion of Adam’s shadowy nonexistence begins at around the first 10 minute mark. Did the rumor/report that Adam had tried to buy guns sustain itself, or did it also become part of the editing wastebasket? Because the narrator brings up the point that there would have been surveillance footage of that that never surfaced.

    3. Several things evident in the pictures:
      1. Apparently in CT, not only do you call crime scene clean-up before you take your pictures, you wait until they are on scene so you can photograph them, too;
      2. I’m not sure how Adam Lanza got inside the school, but I know how he didn’t;
      3. In CT, crime scenes aren’t approached for photography as they are in the rest of the country, although, I was partially trained by Henry Lee, of the CT State Crime Lab, and he taught the same thing most others do;
      4. Apparently, the suspect shot the floor a lot of times and the ceiling several times;
      5. The crime scene photographs seem to be in no particular order, since there are daytime shots interspersed with night-time shots;
      6. Adam Lanza was very light since he left no footprints outside;
      7. Adam Lanza (or some ammo fairy) left a lot of extraneous and unfired rounds lying about;
      8. I hope the State didn’t go broke taking 18 autopsy photos of Lanza. I normally take that many of the body before the pathologist even begins the autopsy;
      9. The home search photos are no better than the school photos;
      10. This space does not list have near enough room to list everything else.
      Just my thoughts as a veteran police investigator

    4. I do see one interior photo that appears to be the nurses office in which the letters ‘SHS’ are on a hat worn by a smily face charactar. I know the official reports call it SHES, but this might be close enough. Still looking for other demarkations.

  2. I just read the letter of Commissioner Bradford, and know that to go further is pointless. The names and identifying information of all the victims and all the witnesses have been withheld!

    Some police report. What a joke.

    1. Dinophile, are you serious? This does not ring of proper protocol.
      Is this an attempt to narrow the cost of the cover-up and reduce the likelihood of prosecution for falsifying evidence. Sounds like the contracts with the actors did not cover post event labor.

      1. Yes, right, fvpatterson–it is not a real police report when witnesses and victims are not identified. It means no one can cross-examine the people who were supposedly at the scene, check out their stories, and find inconsistencies.

        If the officials won’t even tell you what their story IS, or who their sources are, then how can anyone say it isn’t true?

        The same holds true for the “redactions.” The videos I’ve seen so far are nothing but red herrings. Why so much time spent photographing that one classroom window on the exterior? Or in the gym? These are places where nothing happened. I haven’t yet seen the places where something supposedly DID happen. (Apparently, those are the redacted portions!) Like, in their video of the exterior of the school, why didn’t they point the camera AT THE FRONT DOOR? And why did they shoot this video AT NIGHT?

        Yes, this is a cover-up–of a fiction.

        1. Dino, that’s a good question. Just like the shotgun found in the trunk. Why would you have all day at the supposed crime scene with the “mad shooter’s” car right in front and wait until after dark to look in the trunk?

          Wouldn’t you think you’d have someone “clear” the car just in case? Well, you would, if it where real.

        2. The footage of the trunk opening must be fake or belong to something else. I have seen a vid of the same scene, without the cropping, and several people standing by have full chem/bio hazard gear on. White suits, masks… Why? Because its something else entirely.

        3. Yes. Here’s another tidbit. It has nothing to do with the video.

          If you’ve ever looked at the USGS 7-1/2″ quads of Newtown, CT, you will know that, on the 1963 printing, there is a very thick black “L” in the location of Sandy Hook Elementary. However, it is not labeled, whereas the junior high, high school, and Hawley School in Newtown ARE labeled, and are thinner black lines. This black L is missing from the 1953 map, consistent with the “school’s” having been constructed in 1955.

          I just thought to ask for the surveyors’ notes, and the USGS has provided them to me today. Unfortunately, I can’t interpret them–emailed the USGS guy, but have not yet heard back (and maybe I never will). The curious thing is that it says two benchmarks were destroyed in 1955. (Also, three other benchmarks in the area were “reset” in 1942, 1963, and 1966.)

          The ones destroyed in 1955 say: “23 W 1922 431” and “28 W 1922 128”. I think the “1922” refers to the original survey of this area by R.M. Wilson.

          I just realized that the interstate is missing from the map in 1955 but is there in all its glory in 1963, and there is one exit right at Sandy Hook. Maybe the highway is the reason the benchmarks were destroyed, but I am now wondering whether the “school” was actually built to store equipment in connection with the highway construction. I’m also remembering that Fenn Dickinson was killed in connection with construction of a road.

          I don’t know if anything more can be gained from the survey notes, but if anyone has the background to interpret them, please let me know at: and I’ll email them to you. I can also give anyone who wants the directions for accessing the USGS topo maps.

  3. On some other board they said the photos from inside the school show no signs of it being in session that day (or ever, my addition.)

    1. It appears from careful study, the majority of the pictures (the ones that are shown) were taken between March and early April of 2013. This is evidenced by lighting conditions, vegetation state, rain in the parking lot, the way the CSI team is dressed, etc. It looks like the electricity was turned on for a few of the pictures.

      1. John, yes, that’s important. I noticed in looking at the original photos at the outset that some appeared to be shot during different times of year. The foliage, etc., wasn’t right, also the sun angles.

  4. Now that the state has released all the documents people have requested, you sickos who have been dwelling on this event for over a year need to get back to some type of human lifestyle. Instead it looks like you have become addicted to sick conspiracy theories!!!

    1. “All documents” with the exception of those of particular significance to such an investigation, many of which are heavily redacted, and otherwise exempting visual images of the actual crime scene and victims, in addition to the identities of witnesses.

      From the NYT 12/27/13: “Yet painfully detailed descriptions accompanied the often-redacted pages, relaying eyewitness accounts from students and school staff members, and snapshots of emergency workers dashing to locked doors, at times straining to convince terrified teachers on the other side that they were officers.”

      It is notable how the document dump takes place late on a Friday afternoon over the holiday season, an especially opportune time for the item to quickly escape the news cycle and potential public scrutiny.

      1. James said – It is notable how the document dump takes place on Friday afternoon over the holiday season.

        Oh you wacky conspiracy theorists…I’m sure it was just coincidence…cough cough….

    2. Wait, your moniker is “Remember Sandy Hook”–and your calling people sickos for “dwelling on this event”. wow

      1. 🙂 Thanks Susan, I was thinking the same thing. It is also curious to me why the sheeple get so upset when the rest of us question what we are told to believe…unless they’re paid to do it…

    3. Ladies and gentlemen, the next post you will see from “Remember Sandy Hook” will be about his step cousin twice removed, whose sister’s next door neighbor knows someone that witnessed with their very own eyes two children fleeing SHE that morning without their coats on. So don’t try to tell him this was really a hoax!

      Hey “Remember”, do you live in Sandy Hook? If so, maybe you can answer a simple question that I asked yesterday: Is Newtown and/or Sandy Hook Connecticut a REAL place? Do REAL flesh and blood people live there?

  5. That’s a little late, is it not? Did they tidy up the place first, too? (I can’t download for some reason.)

      1. Just watched the first video.Five minutes of showing the front window shot out,50 minutes of the words—CONTENT REDACTED.What a insult to ANYONE’S intelligence.

    1. Video on Daily Mail – article and photos of school and of lovely gun-ridden Lanza home complete with fuzzy slippers on top of a sterile cabinet, with yet another rifle. Target practice sheets courtesy of the Newtown Police Dept. Generally, people don’t keep these as souvenirs unless the shooting is complete bullseyes with the center shot out.

      and video within shows grout in the school is very old, the ceiling tiles looked scrubbed but also like tired.

      1. Marzi, that is truly pathetic. There is a very cheap gun safe. In it is an antique Enfield. The other revolver is also prehistoric. “Exhibit 616” is a Marksman BB gun. I have on just like it. Wouldn’t blow a hole through tissue paper.

        The “Zombie Room” appears completely bare except for the carefully placed “finds”. The .22 bolt action rifle on the floor is a cheapy too. It is not a semi-automatic.

        The “bullet holes” in the tile are very odd. A .223 would shatter the tile. They could be made by anything, probably a ball-peen hammer. I see no evidence of any holes in the walls or furniture opposite the window at the school. I don’t know what they were trying to show with the overturned copier or printer.

        The shot of the room with the carpeting and all the clipboards pilled in the doorway is odd too. The targets appear to have .22 holes in them but, of course, I can’t tell. A .223 is the same basic diameter. I don’t know what the point is.

        As to the photo of the boy. I have a similar one from the late 1940’s of me at about 1 or 2 years of age holding and pointing a Luger. It was shot by the cop who lived next door and owned it.

        1. Lophatt My guess is that Nancy Lanza may likely have been target shooting with small caliber 22 ammo as a small hobby and I highly doubt that she ever had an AR-15 and she sure as hell did not have a Saiga 12 gage shotgun. Even if she did would she have a dozen 30 round mags ? and multiple 10 and 20 round barrel mags for the shotgun ???? No way.

          I ascertained that Nancy Lanza did go apparently to an indoor range in Monroe CT. The instructor on her certificate is Chris Hansen. (don’t bother googling him you will get a million hits of To Catch a Predator) They would have only allowed small caliber shooting. The range has since burned down quite awhile ago. I was also told that she and Adam were in there “many times” but I still cannot believe Adam could tolerate the noise at a range so I am going to try to confirm that.

        2. Carl, based on what you have said here, I would say that this range was used as “Nancy’s range” because it burned down and because of the name, Chris Hansen. There is no way to investigate if this claim is true when the range is gone and the “instructor is impossible to find. I don’t think that “Nancy” was a real person.

        3. I just looked at Nancy’s NRA certificate and it was dated February 2010. I believe the range burned down in November 2010. The instructor is a real guy. For what it’s worth.

        4. Speaking of the NRA, Does anyone have a clue why the NRA has not spoken out about the SH charade. Maybe, I answered my own question- the NRA is continuing to reap benefits via new memberships and possibly have a truce with the puppeteers.

        5. Carl, I’m not saying that the range burned down prior to “Nancy” getting a certificate. I am saying that I think that tptb chose a range that has since burned down because now no one can go there and investigate to find out if Nancy really did visit and receive a certificate. It was chosen for the story because it’s now gone and that is very convenient. Just like I believe that the gun store where “Nancy” purchased weapons was chosen because the owner was already in major trouble with the law which would make it that much more difficult for said owner to speak out against the “official story”. I don’t know whether or not “Chris Hansen” is real but I might look into it later.

        6. @fvpatterson, good point. It also made me think, who says NRA isn’t owned by the puppeteers. They can own and control whatever they want. Do the puppeteers own gun manufacturing companies? Gun purchases, at least from what I see, have risen since the event.

        7. Zem I agree with your thinking. The fact that Nancy “bought” her AR-15 from a store 70 miles away that was convicted for not filing paperwork is quite convenient is it not ? I would lay pretty heavy odds that she never owned or fired an AR-15 in her life.

          Likewise the shooting range would be quite a convenient dead end as well. For better or worse I can comment with good certainty that she did go to the range in Monroe and supposedly Adam did as well. There is no NRA cert for Adam in the picture evidence which contradicts the search warrant inventory. I personally still cannot believe that Adam could shoot a gun since he could not stand loud noises which I know for a fact. Also being at a range is nerve wracking even for experienced shooters. Anything is possible but I am going to keep digging.

          I will be quite shocked if I discover Adam shot any guns, even small caliber, it will undermine a great part of my original assessment of his capability. However ,regardless, I cannot believe he ever harmed anyone and there is NO evidence to prove that he did.

        8. In connection to firearm noise and other noises that bothered Adam, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the anticipated noise of a firearm shot (with ear protection) didn’t bother but noise he could not control bothered him intensely. I get annoyed with certain noises – just overly sound sensitive at times (primarily when a chronic health condition flares – just dumb things get on my nerves). ANYWAY… I’ve found that ongoing noise that I can’t control / can’t easily get away from tends to annoy me but I can go to the range and shoot all day long. I can control and anticipate my own shots and for other shooters? Well, if it bothers too much, I know I can leave. Just a thought. A person like Adam might’ve hate the sound of someone banging their head against the wall but if he did it for an hour straight – not so much.

        9. Carl, what makes you so certain that Nancy and Adam really went to that range in Monroe? What evidence exists that shows this to be true?

        10. Zem I have a direct contact who, for obvious reasons, I will not identify. Nancy was definitely in there. I was told Adam was as well but I just cannot bring myself to believe that so I want to confirm that information and follow up.

          I know the guys that did the lawn at his house could not use the weedwhacker by his room because the noise freaked him out so I just don’t see that he could function at a range.

        11. That’s not very convincing, Carl to say that you know someone who knows something about someone. It’s not evidence. It’s rumor.

        12. Zem for what it’s worth that’s what I am willing to provide. Could I get a sworn affidavit from the witnesses I spoke to? Yes but why would I ? Would you like me to continue to share what I discover or not?

          When the news was reporting that Lanza tried to buy a gun at Dick’s sporting goods I did some digging and spoke to everyone in the sporting goods department and ascertained that Lanza was never there. (nobody saw him there) This was in January of this year. Not until the “official report” came out was that lie refuted officially.

          So I really don’t know what else you can reasonable expect. Sorry.

        13. Thanks for sharing about the bogus gun purchase attempt – I failed to hear that it had been inaccurate! Wow, just wow. Scary stuff.

        14. Please feel free to continue sharing, Carl. I’m just noting that without any way to verify the things that you share, it’s not believable. Just like without evidence, the official story is not believable.

        15. Beth D. I fully agree and also suffer from heightened noise sensitivity. But that which I can control affects me differently than that which I cannot. Sometimes even the same type/source of noise in one place, like work, doesn’t bug me that much but when it’s in my private space, like my home or bedroom, it can completely paralyze me.

        16. Hi Sue! It’s always nice to hear from folks who share our issues/maladies 🙂 I’m so sorry..I totally understand – and thank you for your input!

          I’ve had fibromyalgia since my early teens (I’m now muuuch older) and many of us have a low tolerance for some noises. Like you, work noise – no problem. Kids playing Xbox – no problem…even while I’m working on a computer in the same room…but my husband playing the TV too loudly (esp. commercials) bugs me 99.99% of the time. Some sounds & even certain tones in some peoples’ voices can be unpleasant or just super annoying. I hear you about noise while relaxing, etc. – I get especially aggravated with repetitive noise (like the booming bass from a neighboring apt when I lived in one decades ago – would drive me mad). While I can’t relate to the severe issues that Adam Lanza reportedly suffered through, I can relate to some of the noise issues – sounds like you can, too!. Only difference, we can try to bear it if we have to (or politely ask the noisemaker to stop) vs. going off the deep end.

          Now, I’m not entirely convinced that the young Lanza lad existed. So much about this story doesn’t mesh up at all (and the released pictures and such only raised my suspicions). Maybe he does and he’s in an institution somewhere. The school? I still can’t fathom well-to-do residents of the area sending their little ones to that “pit” of a school and the Lanza house…well, a very strange place indeed. Anyway, sorry to ramble on. Thank you also for sharing your thoughts on noise sensitivities! Happy New Year!

        17. Carl, you clearly believe that ‘Nancy’ and ‘Adam’ were real people. Do you have a theory of what actually happened, or a number of theories based on evidence you feel you know to be true?

        18. Carl, yes, could be. I have to admit that I’m of the opinion that both Nancy and “Adam” are largely fictitious. But, I have an open mind.

          I understand that in Connecticut it is difficult to own an “assault rifle”. Where I live they are as common as…..well, they’re common. I have several guns and I shoot occasionally. There are several ranges near me or I can just go to the woods.

          I know more people who have guns than those who do not. I don’t get all shaky over them. The only reason around here for an NRA cert. is that most ranges won’t let you on them without one. When I got mine I could have listed my name as Genghis Khan and they would have issued it so long as I paid the fee.

          One of the women who work for me is a national champion shooter. I only mention this because I have a hard time imagining what sort of people get all twisted around the axle over someone who target shoots, even if it happens to be a woman. I would much prefer the women I love in life to be able to defend themselves.

          I made it a point to teach all my kids, the girls as well as the boys, how to safely handle and shoot firearms. There’s nothing virtuous in being defenseless. Now I made an exception for my autistic daughter. It is too dangerous (for her and others), and she wouldn’t enjoy it.

          I have to wonder why someone who supposedly grew up on a farm and liked to shoot would move to a “tony” neighborhood surrounded by gun haters. I suppose we’re expected to “connect the dots” between shooting at a range and “mad serial killer”. If both of them were “real” and the story were “true” she would have locked everything up and forced poor “Adam” to scrounge through the garage looking for a hammer I suppose.

        19. Carl, thanks for the link to the range fire. You mean to tell me that with all the brouhaha over fire houses there that they don’t have working hydrants on Main Street? Strange spending priorities for a place with an oversized firehouse.

        20. Sue what criteria would you espouse to ascertain whether or not someone is real? Witness statements ? pictures? court documents? probate records? Socials Security records? Selective Service data base ?

          Zem I am curious as to what your criteria is for “believable” evidence?

          I appreciate the incredulity of those of us seeking truth but we are operating on anonymous blogs so ultimately we can only process our own information to our own satisfaction. It’s like trying to judge a TV picture quality by watching it on your own TV. I can tell you that the Samsung is better than the Sony and that I have looked them both over and you can watch them from your own TV or on Skype but ultimately you need to do your own test in front of the TV. All I can do for you is tell you what I found and you are welcome to consider that in your examination.

          Regarding Lanza’s noise tolerance. Anything is possible but I know it is nerve wracking at a range and I am experienced with all types of firearms and high powered rifles. So I find it highly unlikely , but not impossible, Lanza could tolerate gunfire.

          What is real ?

        21. If people you trust are telling you things that you can verify then that is great research for yourself. When you share the information that you gleaned from anonymous sources on a blog where you are an anonymous person then I have absolutely no reason to believe you because none of the information is verifiable due to it all being anonymous. If it can’t be verified then why would I believe it. Because someone on the internet told me it was true? No, sorry. That is not enough.

        22. With proper ear protection all of my sons – some of which are very noise sensitive, can tolerate their training without issue. One son has an ear so sensitive it test as above-normal (so even fire drills can “hurt”). He loves to go to the range. So, please be open minded.

        23. Carl, Asperger’s and Autism are not the same thing. Even if they were, not all people with autism have issues with noise. Some do, some don’t.

          The “story” about the weed whacker is just that. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be hard for me to believe an autistic person who would freak out over a weed eater being perfectly fine with gunfire.

          I don’t think any of this tale is true. Saying that someone is autistic or has Asperger’s doesn’t provide enough information to know how they would act.

  6. Watched Indoor Scene Videos 4 of 5 and 5 of 5. If this was SHS, it was freshly painted in white and still a very dismal place to be. Of course the redacted was greater than not and there is filming of dark areas that may as well of been redacted. Lots of coverage of toilets, of course zooming in on the full trash bins to show they are indeed in use. There were many storage units that were fire hazards. Perhaps they do not have fire inspectors in CT, in my several decades of employment, our in house fire marshals would not of allowed these fire loads, let alone closets that had no path in or out. Not surprisingly, the video is very blurry, but in the start of 4 of 5, there are very ominous posters in the gym with horns and such, did a screen capture, but do not know how to share here. Sometimes it seems like the hoaxers are monitoring this site, there was a small Christmas tree and a reindeer on the main office window but otherwise no sign of the holiday. Recalled there was no cafeteria at SHS, but there is video of disgusting, supposedly pizza in the making, looks more like cardboard, some painted in red……

    1. Kathy, I watched indoor scene no. 5 in it’s entirety. The boiler room is a complete joke, with garden hoses all over the place, numerous cardboard boxes piled near a functioning boiler on 12-16-12 in a winter climate, and a very ominous sign in the extremely large boiler room, more fitting for the boiler room of a 90 story mega-building. The sign at near 8 mins in says “SCHOOL CLOSED TODAY, do not leave children.” These videos are a complete FARCE and prove that SHES was a fabrication.

      1. Forgot to mention the garden hoses clearly obstructing paths in their crumpled messes and one coming down the stairs to perhaps relieve a flood to the drain? Next view is redacted, curious the cellar has redacted views but with all the rusted shambles of equipment, perhaps it should of all been all redacted. Would be very concerned if my child was in this school system, on their apparent disregard of all safety standards. Believe the Fire Marshall should be called to inspect all the schools post-haste!

        1. Yes and the exterior door and fire extinguisher were blocked by a giant floor polisher along with the hoses and a bunch of other junk. I would think that the fire Marshall would have a thing or two to say about that if this was a functioning school. Also, the sign on the door tells contractors to not enter through the kitchen. Contractors? Was the school under construction at the time of the “shooting”?

  7. I watched the beginning of the video of the Lanza home. It was pitch dark yet they still went ahead and filmed the exterior of the home, the yard, etc. It was hard to see any details. I guess they just could not wait for daylight to do it?

  8. I watched some of the first video of the school. Most of it was redacted but they did show one room that should have been a classroom but it was mostly empty, just a few desk and chairs and a little puppet show set (perhaps another slap in our face showing us that this was a set and the players were puppets?) I could see it had a bathroom attached as well as a closet. It appeared to be a classroom but it definitely was not for an active class as it was mostly empty.

    1. Just take a look at the boiler room of “The School” in inside video no. 5, a 10 min video. This is a massive, massive, massive boiler system…most likely for a humongous skyscraper housing 10,000 plus!!!

  9. Interior video 3 of 5 might be called the 57 minutes of the redacted photo, with video of a few photographs of nothingness, like a door. There is compelling video of the toilets again, and at 3.51, 48.31 and 49.47 evidence of water damage, including a full 5 gallon bucket.

  10. Why the redactions in the vid of the exterior? Before the redaction he’s filming a bit of wall and path. After the redaction he’s filming a bit of wall and path. what can possibly have happened in the intervening minute that needed to be cut out?

  11. Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut teaches children deceit
    Boston Watertown Massachusetts teaches children deceit?

    1. Boston Watertown teaches “sit stay command” to the public in six towns; it teaches institutions like Boston University (whose Chinese grad student allegedly dies), its students (who hear the minister at Marsh Chapel talking about terror attacks during their services), its emergency room docs at top hospitals, its new senator, Elizabeth Warren, the administration at MIT, the police at MIT, etc. — to read the fictional material they have been given and to act like insiders in authority who know the facts, when they do not. People who say they witnessed the bombing from across the street or people like me who lived in a shut-down town with all businesses and schools closed for the day of the “pursuit” of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — really know nothing about a “terror attack”, only what authorities told us to do in order to make it seem real.

      I believe these authorities are afraid for their lives if they do not comply.

      1. Sit and stay- excellent analogy Musings. Did you notice the talking heads on the political shows thereafter stating how happy people were to give up their Constitutional rights for safety? Oh it’s definitely on. So sad that so few see what’s going on.

  12. Using “Sec_4_Primary_Scene” link available courtesy of Sandy Hook Official Report Link. I “walked” around the house and determined that the fenestration on the second story of the south east corner of the house most closely matches the interior in this video. Facing the front door this will be to your right and in the back. This is very easy to determine as much of the architecture automatically obviates, or excludes itself i.e. no windows on a wall or too many. Using a program called KLONK I was able to measure the exterior and the interior of the house and the numbers don’t match up. I determined the window size as a standard double hung window and got the measurements from Anderson Windows. You set your scale to inches and measure the width of a standard window and this becomes your “go by” or paradigm for any other measurements you make. You have to determine one line before the options are no longer “greyed out.” The distance for the two windows on the one wall are roughly correct but the corner windows are way to close together. Busted! 
    Show less

    1. Errata:

      Video was not mentioned in my post above it should have read:

      Using “Sec_4_Primary_Scene” link available courtesy of Sandy Hook Official Report Link. I “walked” around the house and determined that the fenestration on the second story of the south east corner of the house most closely matches the interior in this video (this video being: “Sandy Hook Adam Lanza’s Bedroom” by KateSlate11) which shows Adam Lanza’s bedroom. Facing the front door this will be to your right and in the back. This is very easy to determine as much of the architecture automatically obviates, or excludes itself i.e. no windows on a wall or too many. Using a program called KLONK I was able to measure the exterior and the interior of the house and the numbers don’t match up. I determined the window size as a standard double hung window and got the measurements from Anderson Windows. You set your scale to inches and measure the width of a standard window and this becomes your “go by” or paradigm for any other measurements you make. You have to determine one line before the options are no longer “greyed out.” The distance for the two windows on the one wall are roughly correct but the corner windows are way to close together. Busted! 

      1. Very impressive comparison work revealing a mismatch between the exterior and the interior of the home based on window and wall dimensions. This has confirmed my more intuitive instincts that the inside of this home is too small. The ceilings in such an executive home should be 8.5 to 9 ft, at the lowest, but the photos all look to have 8ft walls and no extra height or large rooms.

        I contend that no self-respecting woman would have those tacky narrow twin mirrors in the living room, and the house should be large enough to stand an ironing board in the laundry room. Connecticut is in a part of the country where wealthy people worship old furniture – antiques, not the stuff you buy in a cardboard box at Wal-Mart and assemble – but the “Lanza’s” house is full of that stuff.

        The décor is not what you would expect to find in a home occupied by an educated professional woman – one with a quarter million annual income. Everything looks like it came out of the 1984 JC Penney catalogue!

        My little house, which lists in the two figure range (lol,) is much nicer! It’s a relief to see how you established empirical data to confirm this fakery. Great Job Peter O’Rourke.

        1. Well said you two – I agree. In fact, my 14 year old son was looking over my shoulder at the house video and said the exact same thing about the room sizes. An absolute zero match for a house with that square footage. Even the foyer and steps going up made no sense for a home that size – even if it were constructed a few decades ago.

          Also of note, my son and I noted that the home had a good-sized pantry and it was nearly empty! Is this why Adam only weighed 112 pounds? I don’t know – but I was surprised the photog didn’t open the fridge for us to view as the dingbat lifted up the toilet seats. The lower level toilet look like it was a house that had been winterized (no water) but perhaps was plugged. The upstairs toilet shown (just one, not in master) looked like it had more water. BUT – Based upon the pantry, I’m guessing the fridge was about empty, too, eh?

        2. I agree that the home was very impersonal and poorly decorated. These psyop directors need to get some decent stylists on the payroll if they want people to accept their swill in the future.

          The lady from Tulsa who called Vance and asked who cleaned up the blood in the school apparently asked a bunch of media outlets why weren’t any of the grieving parents holding tissues during any of the interviews. Later, she noticed a box of kleenex prominently displayed in one of the stories. Too little, too late.

  13. Did anybody find the Ryan Lanza ID that caused the police to identify Adam as Ryan all day long?

    Also the 911 call that sounded like “there’s a rumor it’s fake” appears to be a call from Sibley or another parent outside the building and the dispatcher asks “is there a room where it’s safe”.

    Apparently Natalie Hammond said that she did not know who the shooter was also.

    1. If you look through the hundreds of pictures, and get to the one’s pertaining to Nancy’s “to do list”, you will notice that on 12-19-12 she scheduled herself “to clean Ryan’s room.”

      1. Since it is likely that Nancy, Adam, even Ryan are fake, the date would have a significance for a mother getting ready for Christmas. It is not to say that Nancy exists, but if she did, then she would be readying her son’s room for a holiday visit (mothers typically look on their children’s former rooms as the ones they’ll be put in during holidays). I think this little touch indicates the fiction writer of the family scenario may be a woman, perhaps one with grown children who return home for holidays.

      2. P.S. With a large house like that and the money Nancy allegedly had coming in as alimony, the idea that maids did not show up regularly in their maid van is just impossible. Without a team going over a place like that regularly, it will soon look terrible, absent Nancy’s really putting her shoulder to it and cleaning it just as regularly. Therefore someone (plural probably) has to have been visiting that house on a regular basis and going inside to clean. If there is no record of that, then the story is less plausible. But in 2 dimensions, nobody notices the plot holes.

        1. Exactly…besides, we all know that Nancy spent all her free time at the local (but nonexistent) shooting range! She would have had no time for tidying up the house. 🙂

        2. Yes Mary, except when she was jetting off to other countries or running up to the, very swank, resort to visit with her CFR pals.

  14. The very first thing I noticed is the first three reports I looked at, signed and approved in June of 2013, had a “report date” of 01/03/2012. No one caught that? On three forms…good work. Makes me want to trust their credibility.

    1. That IS interesting. Back in the day (it seems like YEARS!), when I was still trying to sort all this out, I wondered how it was that they could all be reporting that “Adam” shot his mom while the “report” was still pending.

      I don’t live in Connecticut but, I assume it follows somewhat normal protocols. Just like M.D.’s pronounce people dead, judges pronounce guilt.

      Beyond that, I don’t remember seeing any explanation for why this “report” was necessary. With such a “slam dunk” case, what could possibly take so long? They kept describing this as “complex”. How so?

      If you do a comparison to some of the other events in the past, where murders occurred, and look at how “the press” handled those, these recent ones are a total anomaly. Sophia’s “two dimensional” description is apt. No digging, no controversy, just “approved” interviews.

      When I consider how easily this has happened it is alarming. Of course they said the same thing about Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR. “How could otherwise intelligent people fall for this?”. Well, it looks like we have our answer.

      1. Thinking along the “dimension” line, and having just learned about the new “boy” group, 1 dimension, it made me look up one-dimension and wonder if that’s an even better description of the story line and characters in the hoax plots. They made a new word for it, too, uni-dimensional. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to hyphenate it or not.

      2. I worry more about the stuff that is unreal than what is real anymore. If an event like this happened where I live, and it was easily determined to be fake, I would move immediately. On the other hand, if an event like this is clearly real and even 60 percent verifiable, I would stay put and be somewhat relieved. In real school shootings, which are rare in themselves and 99.99 percent of the time happen at a high school, and 1 percent of the time happen at middle school, there are at most 5 casualties, with 1-3 dead and no more than 5 minor injuries. These are all done 100 percent by people who are somewhat in shape, i.e. athletes, kids who actually can drive a car, kids who can actually climb stairs and walk at least a mile.

        In this scenario, they literally showed a picture that resembles “Charlie Brown”, closer to truth than made up, who proceeds to shoot up an elementary school Rambo style. How anyone over the age of four could believe this story is downright frightening.

        1. Do you think there’s a chance that those who blindly accept this as a truth and won’t even listen to anyone who says it’s a fake are already in some way mind controlled? I haven’t spent time looking into “education”, at least with respect to programming, but I have heard that methods are/have been engaged in public schools that supposedly change the normal function and way of perceiving things. And as it has been mentioned here before, the good old TEE VEE might be doing more programming than one could ever imagine.

          On the side, I am curious as to the tv watching habits of everyone here.
          I stopped watching tv years ago.

        2. I watch about 7 hours of tv daily, although I am doing other stuff in my home office when it is on, such as browsing the internet, or jogging on my treadmill. I do watch MSM, mostly for entertainment as I know over 50 percent of the material is made up, I watch movies, mostly independent films on netflix, and I do watch pro sports such as baseball and football, while exercising/working out. I am a part-time accountant and work from home.

        3. I don’t watch TV almost at all. The news is all fake, and the rest is just crap. I used to be into movies but most of what Hollywood spits out expresses hatred of whites, and by that I mean the anglo celt people. I pointed this out to a friend who isn’t from that ethnic group and he sees it in the casting all the time now.

          One problem with not watching is that it becomes harder to understand the huge numbers of people who still do.

        4. Amen to you Sue! I identify with your frame of mind. Imagine the impact if we all handed in our cable TV boxes! What is so hard about that!

        5. Violeta, my opinion is that fear is at the root of it. We talked about “Operation Gladio”. The primary purpose of that is to instill as generalized fear. It’s an undifferentiated anxiety.

          Most people have fears at one level or another. Most would rather their fears just “go away” than that they face them. This is a necessity for those who wish to control. A fearful person doesn’t think clearly.

          If they are frightened enough, they see those who try to get their attention as threats. Internally they’re thinking, “if the bosses find out I’ll be in trouble”. Even if they suspect something’s wrong, they don’t want anybody to talk about it.

          Those who use these events understand this very well. They want submission and they know how to get it.

        6. Violeta, just one more thing. We know that we’ve been lied to. This sort of stands things on their head. Now we can’t believe ANYTHING they say unless there’s proof. That is just common sense. It isn’t “our fault”, like we have some sort of obligation to believe.

          This is backward of what we’ve all been programmed to do. When they talk about these “characters”, like Nancy or “Adam” or any of the others, it is no longer enough to just say they exist. Documents can be forged. I need to hear from people who actually knew them that are believable.

          All of these events are somewhat different. They don’t have to be “all or nothing” affairs. Some of them have actual facts interspersed with lies and are spun in support of an agenda. In this one, the whole thing appears to be fake. I don’t think its the only one like that. But, we should be aware that all hoaxes aren’t created equal and having factual information in them doesn’t make them any less of a hoax.

          So, one could range from having some event actually happen and hyping it to death, to having nothing happen and totally inventing a story. Some could be something in between.

          To me the first tip off is when the MSM instantly start describing things and embellishing them beyond what they could possibly know. They arrive “fully formed”. This had all of that and MORE. But, at the heart of it we are asked to just “believe” that all the characters are who they say they are and things happened just as described.

        7. That’s an interesting perspective John. When you think about it, even if it were “real”, what would be the odds on it happening again. Like you say, how many times has it happened in the past?

          While these things get a lot of air time, and may be on the increase due to psychotropic drugs and the copy cat syndrome, they still are pretty rare. There are certainly more innocent victims of cop shootings than this.

          This is the way it always plays out. Something happens, then there is a demand that somebody “do something”. That’s all they need.

        8. You should be scared Jon if you’re a white male as these hoaxes are designed to dispossess you of your most basic rights and to demonized you. White to me means European not Jewish. Black gun violence kills thousands and thousands more people but the govern media wants to vilify and disarm Europeanen and people.

      3. I agree Lophatt, why did this report it take so long, they said it was a lone gunman at the outset, they had it all sussed.. it is alarming, how so many people just said.. ”yes”.. this is how it must have happened.. Even though things didn’t fit..absurd parents…inadequate professional statements, all these follow up reports are just fillers of Hot air..It strikes me it’s so amazing that people take it all in as the truth.. I think the state police are playing the game of the longer you leave things.. the more you forget.. It doesn’t always work!

        1. Poppy, well, yes, there is no logic in it. Of course it sends a message. “We’ll do what we will”. I remember a time when people would get outraged if government tried to treat them like subjects. Now they readily accept anything “their” government does.

          When a public official says “we’ve decided not to allow you to see public records”, where’s the outrage? Who are “they”? Who do those records belong to?

          Just as an example, cops have always hated their relationship with journalists. They knew, however, that they had to answer their questions because they were PUBLIC SERVANTS. Whatever happened, it wasn’t THEIR information. In order to withhold information they had to claim that it endangered a pending case.

          Each one of these operations has had a slightly different focus. It is true that they fade from view pretty quickly. I think that they want to keep this one alive for a while at least until the drill is over. It isn’t over yet. Jerking the public around is part of this drill.

          In a way they are reinforcing their control over the masses while rubbing our collective noses in it.

  15. This one of the school exterior. We see at least two black sweatshirts near the “Lanza” car. Is Adam supposed to have been wearing both of them?

    The gun in the trunk of the car. What is it? And doesn’t that trunk look spotlessly clean? Vacuumed, pristine. Like a brand new car or a very carefully manicured one.

    And what is the liquid that seems to be running off several of the cars?

    1. The “crime analysis photos” of the car look like they were taken at a local tire shop, instead of a police garage, lol!

    2. The camera spends all this time panning outside a classroom, at night, going up and down one window, when there is nothing remarkable to be seen, either inside or out–mostly just glare off the glass.

      This really IS a joke.

      1. Agree, Dinophile…it is as if some people with no clue were asked to film this crap…film + still photos.

    3. Hilary, Just looked again at the video, one thing that stands out to me apart from the filthy tiles. in the school, was the notice saying ” MEN” for the toilets.. The teaches surly have their own toilets ..are these supposed to be for 6 yr old boys? the long corridor in the so called school, seems to me far too long to fit into the size of the School itself.. I could be worng. any one else notice this?

      1. I noticed the “MEN” sign also, good find. In the shortest 10 min. film is the most damning evidence that the school was recently painted, post haste. You will find numerous 5 gallon red and green industrial paint buckets dispersed throughout the room adjacent to the kitchen. In the freshly painted kitchen you will find a large, unopened bag of bagels. Finally, at the end of the 10 min video in the boiler room, you will find at least 20-40 of those red/green 5 gallon paint buckets stacked at the top of the stairs.

      2. Good point. I’ve never seen in labeled as anything other then “boys’ and “girls” at any of the elementary and middle schools I’ve been in in recent years.

        1. Great spot!! Leads one to think that this reaaaaaallllly old school building wasn’t actually in use. Who in their right minds would keep up signs that make it okay for men (staff or visitors) to use the same restrooms as little ones?

      3. I did not notice the “MEN” sign, and now the vid is loading so slowly I can’t watch it. Maybe we should screen cap the relevant parts? The seemingly full-size basketball court, the inappropriate bathrooms etc.

        1. Yes Hilary, a simple review of the top undisputable inconsistencies in the “official report” would be helpful in transmitting salient information to friends, family, neighbors and countrymen.

  16. The building interior just does not look like an elementary school. It looks like a community hall or an office complex of some kind.

    1. That is spot on, Hilary. The outside photos, videos are of an abandoned school. The interior photos resemble Chalk Hill Elementary School, also per the records defunct as a school, which according to wikipedia, is used as the community hall prior to 12-14-12. That would explain the basketball court with the new net, the clean playground equipment, etc. Photos and videos were taken at two locations.

      1. Yes John, they could have shot that anywhere. Why would they not have the lights on or do it during the day? If you were doing an “investigation” there would be a complete photo record. Any board of inquest or a jury would see all of it.

        Same goes for Nancy’s house. Why not turn the lights on? There would be shots of her, her position, etc. Why would the gun be lying in the middle of the floor? Some reports said she received four rounds from “a semi-automatic” to the face. That rifle isn’t a semi-automatic and how would they know?

        There is a picture of a live .22 Long Rifle cartridge. What’s the significance of that? Why not show a spent one (or four)?

        The decor and the cheap safe and hand-me-down guns would indicate that Nancy was either so “tight” she squeaked or not as prosperous as advertised. The plastic bags on the windows was a “stroke of genius”. We can visualize “Mad Adam”, hunkered down over his computer (not having an internet connection), thinking dark, unfathomable thoughts.

        1. There were no lights on at the Lanza house, because the electricity was shut off over four years ago in this abandoned house. A public utility record for 36 Yoganda street would reveal that detail. The producers of this play were too cheap to pay for the electricity to be reinstated in this prop.

        2. Wow, I had not seen that. The electricity had been shut off for four years at 36 Yogananda?

          That means the perpetrators did not have a plant in the utilities office or were unable to alter the records online. Obviously this house was not lived in.

          What about water supply to the house?

        3. The lights were on in the house in the video report. It was pitch black outside but the lights were on inside of the house, at least in the rooms that I watched.

        4. John how did you find out that the electricity was shut off over four years ago..? Ive had a quick looked but can’t find anything.. This could be a huge finding if true..

        5. Assuming no electrical power for four years, the domestic water and any hydronic heat pipes would have been drained to prevent freezing/bursting. Of course the water main (in the house or at the street) would have been turned off.

        6. Poppylavender, I saw the lights off in the pictures and videos. The only lights on in the house are the ones provided by the cameramen. There is light during the filming and photographs, but no lights are on that are either overhead or decorative lamps plugged in. That indicates no electricity, except what is brought in to the house by the film crew/photographers. Anyone who can do a records search can validate when the lights were turned off for 36 Yolanda Drive. The police reports indicate no internet service hooked up…. I am sure that a record search for water, internet, cable tv, electricity, natural gas would be quite revealing….

        7. There are no flat screen tvs in the Lanza house, save for the lone computer monitor shown in the basement. Sort of like Osama Bin Laden watching himself on an old bubble screen tv that looks like it was retrieved from the dumpster of a Motel 6. The furniture looks pretty crappy, even if it were in a shack, let alone in a McMansion such as “The Lanza Home.” Lol!

        8. Wow, that’s the first I’ve heard of that. No wonder there was so much activity at the neighbors. Wouldn’t want to get anybody injured bumping around in the dark.

        9. John you could be right, I hope someone can search utilities see what it throws up..if police reports indicate no internet service hooked up theres a starter.. why would it not still be on if someone had been living there..The decoration of the house looked to me dated.. for some one living quite well off.. everything looked oldfashioned.

    1. What gets me is the picture of the devil at 1:46 plain as day. This is an elementary school basketball court, used by grades 4-8.

      1. I agree – the devil in the gym is super creepy and those basketball nets are set way to high for an elementary school. The classrooms, office, cafeteria and storage rooms are all such a disorganized mess. How could anyone work or feel comfortable in this awful place? The person taking the video is spending too much time on bathroom shots…why? Trying to show they’re in use? That someone filled up the basket w/ hand wipes (paper towels)? Just a weird use of video time in so many spots. Some angles seem to feel as though the videographer doesn’t want us to read anything (info on boxes, papers posted on the walls / bulletin boards). Just weird shots…

    2. Is this really supposed to be the interior of SHES? Talk about old and outdated…it looks like a school from the 1970s. If this was a functioning school, it would have been remodeled and updated occasionally, and it sure wouldn’t look like this dump! It looks like a school that is stuck in some kind of time warp.

      Why in the world would there be a picture of a devil in the gym? Can anyone explain that at all?

      I couldn’t watch for very long…the video guy kept filming in circles and I got dizzy. 🙂

      1. The interior sure does not fit the exterior. The exterior is in horrible condition, and the interior is much, much cleaner than the exterior. With that being said, the boiler room, although the pipes are covered in asbestos, it is in good condition, besides being cluttered beyond any OSHA standards. The inside is not the same place as the outside.

      2. I always thought the condition of the asphalt in the SHES parking lot was telling for sure. A fancy neighborhood destination school would have an intact blacktop—people mention the color of the handicap parking space being wrong. The whole lot is a disaster.

    3. Just watched the video of the school… first impression, would you like your child to attend this school..?.. Did they have regular cleaners?.. tiles throught the corridors were dirty, especially near the floor.. I know for Health and safety reasons this would not be acceptable. The toilets not suitable for 6 yr olds.. painted half way up the wall to camiflage the walls.. looked as if it had been done recently.. where were the xmas decorations?.. surely somewhere in the classrooms some mention it was xmas… and I am yet to see a chair suitable for a 6 yr old.. Ive worked in many kitchens and know that ‘Cherio’s ‘ would not be kept on an open shelved unit along with other packets of food alongside garbage bins.. totally against hygiene rules.. A freezer door left open?.. even in emergency’s it would be closed.. I would like to know who the cook was..This school looked like it was 1970’s style with all the tiles and polystyrene roof tiles.. I would not like to think this is a typical looking primary school in US.. please tell me I am right..The only thing that looked as if it had been used were the offices.. probably they were. but for something other than a School.

      1. It is not typical for a school within a district where the majority of families are wealthy. The parents would have never tolerated the school being in that kind of condition.

      2. Yeah, the official tale is that this was a highly sought after school. Parents came from as far as Manhattan and commuted to work just so their little darlings could attend this.

        1. It’s further evidence that a large part of this experiment was to see how openly they could laugh at us at this point in our social conditioning.

        2. Patrick, My observations are that the puppeteers are indeed laughing at how low the bar can be to satisfy the psyops and more importantly the lack of public challenge to the obvious deceit. Our comments are likely being monitored to see if we detect the details of their cynical content. Also, consider that the proper investigative Connecticut State Police resources may not have been available or may have refused participation in this “Investigation Report” . This would explain the amateurish content. When the “drill” escalated into mass deception, some law enforcement professionals may have decided (we can only hope) not to be coopted and corrupted. If such professionals exist please add to this discussion.

        3. Patrick, that’s right. Does it make sense to move from Manhattan to this burg because the school is so “highly regarded”? Are there no “highly regarded” schools in New York?

          Look at the place. These actors are so rich they don’t get crabs, they get lobsters. The tale doesn’t match the facts on the ground.

        4. FV, that’s an interesting thought. That could account for the problems with the stupid radio transcripts. I ascribed that to volunteers playing roles in a drill. That’s also what I thought about the EMT’s who would just sit and wait.

          During the Aurora drill the radio transmissions were “professional” and there were real cops playing. There were problems, (caused by the change of frequency and out-of-area cops not knowing they were trying to respond to a drill), but, overall, they were believable.

          Virtually every protocol was violated on this. Who would bring a mobile morgue to a crime scene? My guess is because FEMA has one.

        5. Lophatt, where can I find more on the drill aspect of Aurora?
          And another thing – at Columbine they also left the victims in the school building for far longer than accetable, just like SH, or am I misinformed?

        6. Theresa, I’ll look through my files. The “Columbine” one was a little different. They were in there a long time because the cops didn’t rush the building.

          The Aurora one is much simpler than the SHE production. The Columbine one has a lot of background stuff in it. There was much more going on there than we’ll ever know. It follows the pattern, however, but the media circus was somewhat differently oriented.

        7. I second violeta’s post. I still think, with only superficial knowledge of it, that Aurora was real at least in that someone did murder moviegoers. How many, who did it, etc. is unclear. But as of now I think it wasn’t purely a drill/hoax.

          Posters on here IMO underestimate the importance of the narrative which Alex Teves’ father seriously undermines. Alex’ girlfriend came across as very believable too, as I’ve said before, unlike all the idiots in this drama, even the ones who do a so so job.

        8. Oops I meant Theresa’s post, so many comments under one column I can’t keep full track…

          Columbine certainly also could have been prevented if one believes the official storyline, which should give pause to wonder how authentic the surrounding details and context were to begin with.

        9. Sue and Theresa, I agree that we should be careful with these things. I’ve gotten into arguments on this before. EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be false to have a hoax, and the people who perpetrate hoaxes don’t have any compunction about killing.

          Maybe what’s needed is a new terminology. In the Aurora one I’ve seen compelling evidence both ways. I certainly don’t believe that it happened as described and I do believe it was another drill. Whether anyone was killed or not is hard to determine (at least for me).

          There are a LOT of problems with that story as well.

          The Columbine one certainly had deaths. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an event done for a hidden purpose. The relationships between the investigators, other students and some other shadowy figures is indeed suspicious. It all points to some older people directing the players to do this. It is also pretty apparent that some authorities were aware of this.

        10. Aurora is very weird on many levels. The theater aspect, both inside and outside, is all screwy, but what really interests me is the apartment.

          I have not read anywhere a thoughtful explanation of why it was so creatively booby trapped. We are told that there were lots of highly sophisticated explosive traps, with tripwires criss crossing each other, and that it was very hard for the bomb squad to deal with. I remember seeing a photograph of a cherry picker outside the window, which was supposedly the only way the cops could enter without getting blown up–something like that.

          Now, I don’t believe Holmes did anything at all, but let’s take the official story at face value: how did the police know about all the booby traps? The suspect would have had to have told them, after he was taken into custody. Why would he do that? Isn’t that the point of setting up all those explosive traps to kill the cops if he was caught? If he goes to the trouble of turning his apartment into a rube goldberg device for making it absolutely certain that anyone entering will be turned into cherry pie–and has just gone all Rambo on a theater full of movie-goers–I find it unlikely that he’d feel suddenly feel bad about setting up the police for the same treatment, and apologize, warn them, and explaining the whole thing because he is concerned for their safety.

          Maybe it’s just me, but that is really weird.

        11. Supposedly, as the story goes, Holmes (Aurora) told the FBI how to diffuse the trap but they (the supposed professionals) got the info via questioning him without the presence of his attorney so that all has to get thrown out of court…how convenient! So…this extremely intricate military-style trap was set up by this nut job and anything connected to it has to be buried. Very convenient indeed. It sure diverted attention from the theater scene, though and for quite a while.

        12. How do we know there were booby(sp?) traps? Because they said so?

          I would love to find a place where the discussion of those 2 atrocities are on the same level as here.

        13. Patrick, I agree with you about the booby trap aspect of Aurora. He went through all that trouble only to confess to police the moment they caught him? It does not add up.

        14. I saved quite a few bookmarks on Aurora. I’ll look for them.

          Patrick, Beth is correct. The story is that Holmes told them about the booby trap. I too think it’s a diversion. There are pictures of them busting right through the front door with a pole. That’s a rather crude technique to use against a “high-tech” device.

          In addition, they said he had two roommates. I don’t know what happened to them. If I had to guess, based on what little I know, I’d say there was no bomb. There would certainly have to be more than one involved.

          Whoever this guy is, he looks like a patsy to me. How his eyes got from brown to hazel is another mystery. It’s pretty easy to dye your hair, not your eyes.

  17. Releasing this a whole year after the incident, er…non-incident, is a good way to keep people in the fearful state….lest they should forget.
    There’s people out there making money off the fear it engenders. There is at least one “security” agency that goes around to schools or anyone interested and makes their buildings “secure”. When they give their presentation they use videos of Sandy Hook and other school shootings to make sure that you really want their help.

    1. Noticed a couple of things in the cluttered yet newly furnished home of Nancy Lanza (which would be filthy unless gone over by maids once a weeks). The sitting room with white chairs and loveseat has a bag next to it from Bed Bath and Beyond. It probably has the leftover pillows and throws from what they put on the pristine white furniture.

      In the closet of the entry, with all the jackets and puffy vests, there are several pairs of high heels, such as what you would find in a bedroom. However if she is suffering from multiple sclerosis, she isn’t wearing something she can slip in. People with MS wear flats and other sturdy shoes.

      There’s a closet with one visible store bag. That store is the same one Mrs. Tsarnaev (mother of 2 terrorists, ha-ha) shoplifted from in Boston, and which recorded the movements of the wicked Chechens. Mrs. Tsarnaev gets deported, I believe, on the say so of Lord and Taylor security. So it’s kind of a cute shout-out to them that Nancy Lanza shops there too. What a small world!

      1. At 6:42 of the Lanza Home video, the camera clearly focuses on some junk mail addressed to:

        Nancy Lanza
        36 Yoganda Street
        Sandy Hook, CT 06482

        Is the proper address “Sandy Hook, CT” or should it say “Newtown, CT”?

        1. A very viable lead is the USPS package, addressed to Nancy, with a tracking bar. If anyone with a very large screen and good eyesight can get the numbers and actually do the tracking….it would be interesting to note the date of delivery. They certainly didn’t redact the names and phone numbers on the yellow post it note that appear on the at&t phone bill, lol!

        2. We (family who watched) found it interesting that there was such an intent in the video to “prove” Nancy was getting mail at that address. Why? The house was registered in the owner’s name as a homestead and she supposedly lived there – so why the concern to show so much mail? But then again, they felt a need to lift toilet seats…

        3. Popplavender, the scene video 36 Yogananda St. should be linked in the above article. It is the 35 min. video.

        4. Even if addressed wrong – would likely still be delivered without issue. Happens in this area all of the time – yet senders are supposed to use the town where our post office is located.

        5. Beth, one of the junk mailings was a valu-pack, full of coupons, etc. I have moved a three times over the past decade. Isn’t it customary to receive the valu-pack mailing for NEW residents? I remember receiving them within a month after moving to a new residence, and then the mailing stops.

        6. Could be in some areas. We would get them for years after we moved in. But, if the Valuepack was address of “off” (not using proper postal town name), that would be interesting…as they’d be once place that would likely get it right.

        7. I get the Valu Pak all the time, though I am a long-term resident. It’s not like Welcome Wagon, if they still have that.

        8. We are all looking for the “smoking gun” here, even though we all know that the whole event was completely staged. As long as we keep looking, we are bound to find something of extreme significance, TPTB are good at what they do, but they are far from perfect.

        9. John, I agree. They’ve spent a lot of time polishing the presentation of “evidence” so as to make sure very little can be seized upon to give them away. It’s a circumstantial case, isn’t it? There’s a totality of the evidence which convicts. That’s why it is so effective with a public who has already absorbed their “money shots” at various scenes, and must surrender their emotional attachment to them in order to take in a fuller picture. In a way, the perps have a good defense attorney working for them to keep the jury wondering and offering their own explanations to exonerate illegitimate power that has already taken society in a firm grip. And I don’t mean Obama, who is simply the successor to the prior administration which pulled off 9/11 and perhaps LBJ who pulled off a few other things… It’s a rich tradition of criminals.

      2. Why Inspector Poirot, that is most impressive! I guess you could say that “Nancy” received the “ultimate deportation”.

        Perhaps they ran out of daylight after working all day importing this stuff. These things have a tendency to bring out the detective in us.

        I know that when someone did a video of “Veronique’s” house (after she blew town), there was a dumpster in the driveway. I wanted to leap through the screen and start “dumpster diving”.

  18. Why does this require a report? If I’m not mistaken, they’ve started having anniversary revisits of this event?? It doesn’t need to be revisited once a year! Or have a Candle light processions or a memorials! It needs to be put to rest, and allow the Families who were involed space and time to grieve.!! Rehatching of this subject only continues to cause pain to those involved, Can anyone say with any certainty why this event occured! Since the only person who knew, also died. Then it’s all pretty much speculation and a hugh report to cover that seems meaningless! My condolences to those who loss someone in this tragedy. May you be able to find peace!!!

    1. I hope that this replays itself every single month, under the exact same scenarios as depicted in this govt fairy tale, until Mr. and Mrs. Sheep finally wake up!

    2. All crimes whether real or fake, require police reports. It is unfortunate they took over a year to provide a mostly redacted report with ridiculous videos of doorknobs and toilets, which confirms to those of us visiting and commenting on this site that this hoax was designed to raise money, take away our civil liberties, and stoke fear, compliance and divisiveness in our great nation. Professor Tracy allows the occasional non-believer of the massive corruption to comment, although I suspect many thousands do try. In case you missed it, the parents just held a press conference asking for privacy and announcing their new website that is soliciting donations to 33 different charities. If they really wanted privacy, they would not be jet setting across the country rehashing their sad stories in the guise of gun control. Wonder where they get all that money for travel and why are they still soliciting for donations?;_ylu=X3oDMTEzM2RqMDZzBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA1ZJUDM0M18x/SIG=12062811v/EXP=1388312735/**http%3a//

      1. Exactly. Do we have any exact figures for how many of the families have been interviewed or made any contact with the public? I think it’s only a few but can’t recall seeing precise numbers.

      2. And the reason they did the doorknobs and toilets is to frame the “redacted portions” which never existed in the first place, because nothing happened.

  19. This morning Google news lists an article from the Christian Science Monitor: Connecticut guns owners scramble to register their guns.

  20. What’s the report saying on how Adam supposedly breached the building security?

    I assume there’s no mention of the fit he had been rumored to have had days or weeks before the ‘shooting.’ I immediately knew there was something wrong when he was said to have not only gotten in once without permission, but twice.

    1. Yeah, the first time he was only successful in breaching the back door with the broken glass, where the sign is posted that says, “Contractor’s, please do not go thru the kitchen.”

      1. I’m not catching your meaning. I’d think the official version of Adam’s alleged entry would be important for them to nail down. To effect the anti-gun sentiment, they have to convince people there’s no other way to prevent such incidents. Since schools have had locked doors since I guess not long after Columbine, the obvious question was, how did Adam get in? Instead of violating the sacred Constitution, any pragmatist would simply look to how society could contain such outbursts. I’ve written before that if Adam had gone to the school days before in a rage, that would have been at the least trespassing and likely a terroristic threat. So why didn’t the cops get notified…and why didn’t they do a ‘welfare check’ on the Lanza house to seize any guns, etc., as happens in domestic violence cases.

        Simple easy measures could have been taken to prevent this. It also seemed odd to me that he was able to get in once let alone twice, like I just wrote.

        Maybe they’re counting on people to be so emotionally overwhelmed that they stop thinking pragmatically and rationally. Kids dying would accomplish that.

        So does the report even mention exactly how they claim Adam got in the building? I think last January they were saying he shot through the windows and unlocked the door.

        1. I am of the opinion that this was staged. lophatt misunderstood a comment I made on the thread or two before. I get that a massacre didn’t happen, and that Adam and Nancy were probably not real people. Above I just pose questions that would follow if one were to accept the official version of events. The gaping holes in the logic I expose were what led me to this site, as at first I just thought this was allowed to happen and massaged in some way after. The actions of Adam, Nancy, the school, etc. don’t add up before, just like the actions of ‘the families’ don’t add up after either.

        2. There were initial news reports that the shooter had an argument at the school the day before and that 3 of the 4 people in the argument were shot dead and that the survivor was home that day.

          Subsequently Lt Vance denied that Lanza / the shooter had an argument the day before.

          My concern is that they were parsing words. Perhaps the shooter was someone other than Lanza and perhaps that person had an argument.

        3. Sue, I understood what you meant. Didn’t mean to sound critical.

          I think you’re right in that they want people to be lead to make decisions that effectively make schools prisons. The idea is that there are hoard of crazy people out there just waiting to get to your little ones.

          I suppose above that is the meme that the State owns your kids. They “know better” how to care and feed them. When my kids were little they went to some schools that were older than this one but they were infinitely better kept. By the time my youngest was in high school it had turned into a prison. I really can’t recall anything transpiring in the interim that would have necessitated that.

        4. The pictures that were fabricated, and released one year later, indicate entry on 12-14-12 was thru the right of the front door. There was no video or photographic evidence of any broken glass from the helicopters on the morning of 12-14-12. The glass was broken much later, to fit with the narrative. I seriously doubt any of the films, pictures, etc. released in the report were taken anywhere near 12-14-12, even if they indicate December 12 dates. The filming was done much, much later, to fit the narrative, as people woke up by the millions. Remember, it was a rough winter last year in the northeast, and they had to wait for suitable weather to film and categorize this story.

        5. So the windows in the pictures were shot through? What’s to say it would be so easy to reach in and just unlock the doors even if that were true…does the report show where the lock on the door was, or address the mechanics of how he allegedly reached in and opened the lock? It’s odd that they didn’t think to shoot through the door that day, knowing people would be looking at that exact detail as it’s so important.

        6. I don’t recall seeing any broken glass at the front door in the initial pictures. Anybody could have just walked through the door with the sign for the contractors.

          In all the reading on this they said that they locked the doors after a certain time in the morning. I’m thinking that was about 9:00 A.M..

        7. They denied that Adam Lanza had an argument at the school the day before but did the “SHOOTER” have an argument the day before? The question to ask is who if anybody had an argument the day before? Was it Chris Manfredonia? Scott Vollmer? somebody else ? That is the question to ask.

        8. Was it Chris Rodia? Afterall, it was his car that was parked in the front of the school with doors open and two jackets thrown on the ground.

        9. I thought it was resolved that the car belonged to Nancy Lanza and thus dispelled the whole Chris Rodia theory ?

          Apparently there is a family connection between Rodia and Lanza and Rodia had ties to a major firearms dealer.

          Due to lack of any additional corroborating evidence Rodia dropped off my radar.

        10. Who is ‘they?’ Are you referencing the ‘official report?’ What makes you think there was any confrontation that took place at all at the school/building?

        11. I think it’s pretty clear at this stage no one had an argument or a fit. Because no real shooter was ever there.

        12. The possibility being, taken from home by force – as the broken door jams might seem to suggest – brought Lanza to school…thus maybe the nurse did see a shooter in boots.

        13. As I recall, the Chris Rodia thing was almost as entertaining as this. Seems he had a fetish for lawn blowers. Stole a bunch of them. Then he got busted for stealing copper with his mentally handicapped cousin.

          Another family member was making full autos out of AR’s and selling the the Bloods and Crips. Isn’t there anybody “normal” there?

          The last I heard they claimed it wasn’t Rodia’s car and was a snafu on the radio. Who knows? I kept waiting for somebody to run the plate.

          I suppose it doesn’t make much difference since everybody there apparently drives black or silver Honda Civics.

  21. I’m reviewing the final report. It takes hours to download each part, and so far, the majority of it is a blue screen that says “Content Redacted.” One hilarious part is the three hour shot of the woods from the parking lot area (looks to have been filmed from a police cruiser’s dashboard cam.) Nothing is happening, yet they redact portions of it.

    No trace of any victims, only lots of empty rooms previously occupied by thirsty folks who left identical bottles of water all over the school, as well as at the Lanza home.

    The front glass is shattered, but most of the glass debris is outside.

    I’m still reviewing, but it is a lesson in patience and feels like an obscene waste of time.

    1. I think it’s made to be SO long,take SO long to download that people (like us) will ultimately just give up and move on.Even if you do invest all your time in it,you see….nothing.

    2. Agree with Sandy on the ridiculous nature of most of the photos – just weird stuff. Plus, some of the stills are listed as taken by a person via their cellphone (states this in the file name). I’m sorry but how is a cellphone a secure way to take pictures of a supposed crime scene????

    3. Let’s just pretend for a few minutes that this was all real. The only reason for an investigation and, ultimately, a report, would be to get a judge to declare “Adam” as the killer.

      This is a lot like a coroner’s inquest. Pictures of doorknobs, toilets, windows, etc., have no evidentiary value. Outside the hype, what would take a year and a ton of useless information to convict someone in this?

      So, on one hand you have people saying “oh, don’t put those poor people through all this over and over again” while you have all this wild story telling accompanied by useless information. In essence, the one they would be trying to convince is the judge.

      So, what would that look like? Well, you would need to place “Adam” at the scene of the crime. You would have to show that he, and only he, is responsible for both his mother and the kids demise. That would take showing that the weapons belonged to him, that he took them there, that he shot them and, ultimately, committed murder.

      Does this resemble something like that? From the outset they have been declaring him responsible. Not “the alleged shooter”, “Adam”, by name. They declared him responsible for his mother’s death and even went so far as to tell exactly how he did it.

      Now, with all the huffing and puffing of officialdom over “releasing information”, etc., doesn’t that sound a little suspicious? In a real case they would be carefully releasing information and asking the media to refrain from declaring anyone guilty until the proper time.

      1. Your logic makes sense to me lophatt! Avoiding the “alleged” in history books further diminishes doubt and future inquiry. The case is now officially closed! We salute law enforcement! How frightening. No doubt a point that the Kennedy assassination team wishes could be different as the brass plaque in Daley Plaza clearly states- “alleged”. One of many details I pondered in person several weeks ago as I meandered and inspected the location of the Kennedy assassination.

        1. Good for you, going for a walk around Dealey Plaza. I think taking the measure of a place can always allow one to think more clearly. As smallstorm put it, the two-dimensional nature of what we are told prevents us from taking in the way it all operates in three dimensions (and more). Once someone moves into that realm, an official story can break into pieces, the way the pristine bullet would have if it had been for real.

        2. Musings, exactly so. FV has a good grasp on how our (and other’s) actions can haunt us.

          I remember driving from Lexington Park MD. to D.C. one morning and how long it took at 60+ MPH as I passed Dr. Mudd’s house. I couldn’t help but imagine myself with a broken leg on horseback. Reading about something IS “two dimensional”.

  22. I was thinking that there were so many reports of an altercation happening at SHook the day before the shooting. Police weren’t called then? I can only imagine that this was because it either a) ended very quickly and wasn’t much of a concern or more likely b) those involved in the altercation were known by staff.

    The principal’s secretary (Joanne Didonato) called in sick the day of the shooting – apparently a very rare occurrence. She was said to have had a bad cold and was quiet under the weather but still managed to get up and out and in front of cameras for an interview. OK, maybe adrenaline helped.

    I think the altercation the day prior is a moot event – but these days, who knows?

    There was known serious conflict going on (at least one) in the school system and Ms. Didonato was known to have gone after the superintendent via an “email to voters”, per newspaper report below. That being said, perhaps the “known persons” involved in the altercation (the day prior) were school personnel themselves – and thus police were not called. Perhaps Ms. Didonato took that “extremely rare” sick day (and perhaps picked up that “bug” due to stress) because of the nasty altercation the day prior …likely she was involved in…based upon her prior efforts in calling out the superintendent.

    I have to go back to the reports but I swore I’d read somewhere that one of the office personnel was a bit late that day – showing up just before the shooting. She was “let in” because the doors had just been locked. She supposedly let in someone behind her (per her statement). I’m sorry, I have to go back and get this staff person’s name. There is no mention of who that person was – but an office staff person is quite unlikely to hold the door open for the person behind them unless that person is known to them. Curiously, that person did not sign in at the front desk which is normal protocol. Perhaps it was just a staff person who was at work already and had just run out to their car to get something. But interesting the person let in was not named. If I were a cop, I’d want every single detail.

    PLEASE check out this link:

    1. That is interesting, Beth. We see this over and over again. Many of the key players in this whole thing are in trouble, one way or another. It makes it easier to understand how they could possibly have been more easily manipulated into participating.

      1. As a side note, it was interesting to read that the superintendent (Janet Robinson) testified that arming staff was not the way to protect students and called for gun bans…yet later requested that police be present all day long at school as the students did not feel safe (going out to recess, etc.). Hmmmm, can’t have it both ways, lady.

        1. Beth, she’s just another “Statist”. With these types the state is glorious and all powerful. She would have no problem living under THEIR guns.

      1. It still is beyond me how Lanza supposedly shot his way into the school yet the police video clearly shows us that 1) the glass is blown out, not in and 2) the furniture next to that blown out window is undisturbed.

    1. In this official CT State police video at 4:09.50, you can CLEARLY see the 50 plus five gallon paint buckets that were used to recently paint this school, walls and tiles. They are the red and green five gallon buckets shown at the top of the stairs, in the loft of the boiler room.

      1. The roof was whitewashed too and very poorly in spots. They probably could not safely stand in many spots and were hoping for snow to cover up the mess. How many white roofs have you seen in your life – this is the only one for me!

        1. Roofs in Southern climates are typically light colored to reflect the heat, and darker in Northern climates to attract the heat of the sun.

    2. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset with the report. The only things redacted were… well, everything that had any value at all in determining what supposedly happened at this alleged school that was in session.

  23. Near the entrance, where there are three objects like bullet casings, is a set of three panels of cement which does not match the cement of the rest of the front. It is not yet fully cured, I imagine. When would it have been replaced? Not too long before the date when the film was made perhaps. But if the cement right in front of the school had been badly cracked in that place (next to a really scruffy little border evergreen that seems to have been neglected too), perhaps due to ice build-up over years in the adjacent dirt, then they would have had to replace it shortly before the filming in order to make a convincing appearance for a school entrance that looks pretty shabby anyway. Badly broken concrete would have given the game away. What do you make of it?

    1. I see a very freshly painted school inside, like within 72 hours of this filming. Yes, it was cleaned up quite a bit for the millions of eyes that would be on it.

      1. John, what do you make of the story that “they” (whoever they were) all got together and moved all the stuff from there to Chalk Hill? If they did that, why are we seeing ANYTHING there?

        As you say, it was obviously recently painted. They would do that just to shoot crime scene photos (I mean “normally”). Then they single out that room with the ceramic tiles and put evidence markers up where they allege are “bullet holes”. There is a very recent chip in the concrete with an evidence marker there as well.

        Beth is right about the window as well, not to mention that if he supposedly shot from the outside there would be bullet holes or marks in the opposite wall and the surrounding furniture.

        In one of Brandon Hunt’s videos there was a construction sign around the back with a sign for the contractors to clean their boots or something. Given that, how would entry have been “controlled”.

        In my neck of the woods it is not uncommon for old disused school buildings to be utilized for other purposes. Sometimes the Public Works Department or some other agency sets up shop in them. Sometimes they even lease parts of them out for private enterprises.

        1. At 4:03.08, you can see exactly what this school looked like before the fresh coat of paint was applied….perhaps last painted in 1979…

      2. Ha! So the “demolition contractors” who signed confidentiality agreements first came in and prettied up the site for the photography crew, and then demolished it. (Also, that way they get paid twice.)

        1. Dino, yeah, that’s what I mean. What would the purpose be? They clearly said that they didn’t want the kids to have to go back there after the shooting. The story was that they all got together, painted Chalk Hill School and moved “all their belongings” over there.

          So, why would there be anything there? Why would they paint? They were going to demolish the building. They said they were going to “grind up the remains”.

          Now, maybe I’m missing something (I don’t get out much!), but has anybody ever heard anything like that before? Does any of that make any sense?

        2. To answer, lophatt, I don’t think it was a functioning school, but I do think there was some type of building there that needed to be demolished long ago. That may not have been the locale where the photos were shot, of course (so the contractors may have “prettied up” some OTHER site before moving back to demolish this one).

          But the point would be, as to this chapter of the story: money, money, money, for everyone, all free! No strings attached! You just have to keep quiet about what you know and the role you played.

          Don’t you agree?

          Very interesting about Chalk Middle School being a nonfunctional school, too.

          That leaves St. Rose of Lima.

        3. Dino, yes. I at least don’t think it was a fully-functioning school. What I’m trying to say is that “the story” doesn’t make sense. I realize that it’s just a story.

          The “story” was that there were over 400 kids attending school there and, after the “shooting” volunteers got together, moved everything to Chalk Hill (after painting, etc.).

          So, now we’re looking at SHE. Why would they repaint it? Why is there anything there (after supposedly moving it all to Chalk Hill)? Are they saying that they took the pictures BEFORE the move? If so, when did they paint?

          Like the rest of it, the “official” version doesn’t wash. So, maybe some of it was shot at Chalk Hill (I don’t know). But they are presenting it as if it were SHE.

          Money would certainly have to be involved. I mean who ever heard of swearing contractors to secrecy to demolish a building? That whole episode is worth a look in itself. The place is full of asbestos. They would have had to tarp the whole thing (at least to be legal). Oh, I forgot, only us mortals are subject to law.

        4. I am reading a quote from Principal Dawn Hochsprung where she sent a letter home to parents (“Safety first at Sandy Hook….”) where she says, :
          “Please understand that with nearly 700 students and over 1,000 parents representing 500 SHS families, most parents will be asked to show identification,” Hochsprung wrote, according to the newspaper.

          To which, I add, how on earth did they evacuate almost 700 kids that quickly?

        5. Another good point cynic! , Assuming a class size of 20 elementary students with 700 students we calculate 35 class rooms. According to recent recommendations from Montgomery County MD for an elementary school of 730 the school footprint is 59,215 square feet. How do those numbers compare to observations of the SHE structure?

        6. With this case, timing is everything. The paint was literally still wet when the filming and “crime scene photos” were taken. The timeframe for this event, of painting and filming by “the officials”, most likely took place between 11-27-12 (Eric Holder’s Meeting in Hartford) and all the way up until April 2013.

        7. If someone is nearby to Newtown it would be interesting to peek in the windows of Chaulk Hill or similar facilities to spot the fresh paint seen in the alleged SHE video. Maybe matches of exterior building features that do not seem to sync with SHE will be apparent.
          It would make sense to move the activities away from the SHE during these seeming synthesized activities.

        8. FV, actually with the “No Child Left Behind” legislation, many classrooms are limited to no more than 25 per class, and many have below 20. Staffing also requires a special ed teacher, in addition to the regular teacher, in all non-honors classes. I know this information because I was a substitute teacher from 2005-2010.

        9. Thanks everybody, all good observations. I too heard the conflicting numbers over the year. It was as high as 700+ and as low as 400+, that’s why I used that figure. I can’t imagine even getting that many out under the circumstances without a photographic record.

          We have teacher testimony of a kindergarten teacher saying she had 19 in her room and the cops lead them out and their parents picked them up. We have reports of them all going to the firehouse. We have video of a bunch of “extras” milling about in and out of doors with only one or two kids.

          Do you think that parents in this circumstance would want to hang around a crime scene all day? Can you imagine telling a group of parents that their kid was dead in a pile in a school room and having them just stay behind the tape and deal with it?

          Now, think back to the “renovation” of Chalk Hill School within a week of this event. It was coming up on Christmas. They didn’t want to send kids back there. Then they decided to move the school, lock, stock and barrel to Chalk Hill.

          So, was the crime scene work complete? Were they in there tromping around? Who supervised this? Remember, there were cops posted 24/7 at the entrance to the road. Did they “teleport” this stuff?

          How does a town of this size, with a lot of middle-aged residents of above average resources, acquire 400 or 700+ elementary aged students? Where did they come from? Where I grew up that became a problem for school districts over the years. As the neighborhoods grew older, so did the kids. They had lots of surplus elementary schools being used for other purposes.

          Meanwhile, back at the “crime scene”, we have fresh paint, some office equipment, a few school items here and there. Adult sized bathrooms and some sort of construction that was ongoing at the time of the event.

          I don’t know about Connecticut, but most states receive funding depending on enrollment and meticulous records are kept of both enrollment and attendance. These stats are public records. They may not provide the names and addresses, but the numbers are not subject to Privacy Act provisions.

          So why is it so difficult to nail this down? By their own statements they have either over 370 or 670 kids unaccounted for. Are they at Chalk Hill, or aren’t they?

        10. I lophatt – I’d posted a thread with a link to the number of students reported to the district as of 11/2012…I don’t see it as I scroll up – maybe it is still being moderated because I put a link to the report in the message. If my middle-aged brain recalls correctly but I think that report says there were 458 (?) total students. So, the principal goofed or a typo was not caught.

        11. Lophatt, accounting for the children (458-20) = 438, they were most likely attending Chalk Hill School, which is the real Sandy Hook Elementary School at the time of this Drill. I doubt that any desks, books, etc. was moved from the decrepit building as shown in the drill. However, the video evidence clearly shows moving vans, perhaps transporting props into the freshly painted building, before the photography crew and film-makers went to work. I was the one who proposed many threads ago that they performed the ole switcheroo trick to make this stunt appear real.

        12. OK John, NOW I get what you’re saying. I don’t know why that possibility didn’t dawn on me before. You’re saying that nobody went to SHE and that any students would actually have gone to Chalk Hill.

          There’s a lot of sense in that. For some reason that never occurred to me. In a weird way that makes even more people complicit.

        13. That’s for sure– or at least interviews of families who had children in that section of the elementary school…supposedly.

      3. Yes John I once painted over white tiles with a colour and it looked exactly like this, it might have been cleaned up but they couldn’t remove the bacteria in the grout between the tiles.. and also along the bottom of the walls in the corridoor – that was totally ingrained, an old unused place, toilets to big for juniors and ‘Men’ sign outside.. This school could not be used for young children for health and safety reasons.. The floor plan should fit this video.. something tells me it doesn’t..

  24. Something is bothering me in the video -ok, a lot of things…but one at a time 🙂 If you look at what appears to be the media room / library at 1:30 and 31 seconds, it is a nice library for how crappy the rest of the school is. My first thought was, “Those poor kids must’ve loved to go there because their rooms from what is seen on the video are awful and many are big trash heaps.”

    Now outside the window of this nice library- for a brief moment, I see a few reddish colored buildings – like auxiliary buildings. But it is not matching the floor plan of the school (see link) which shows a an interior media/library room that is supposed to look out on a courtyard and two small “book rooms”. The video doesn’t seen to match the investigators’ floor plan.

    1. Good catch. The layout also does not match the Google maps depiction of the school, which has some rose-colored “annex” building or wing attached to it. (I am remembering this from Sandy Hook Truth postings.)

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