Retired Cop and Educator Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook Investigation

By Wolfgang W. Halbig*

The correspondence below was sent by Wolfgang Halbig to Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance and Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe on January 22, 2014. A retired Florida State Trooper, US Customs Inspector, school administrator, security consultant and entrepreneur, Mr. Halbig has independently researched the Sandy Hook Massacre for over one year.

Understanding what procedures are common during such an event, he attempted to consult state and federal law enforcement authorities in charge of the investigation only to be rebuffed. His numerous public records requests with Connecticut officials to obtain materials related to the inquiry have similarly been met with silence. Just prior to the Christmas 2013 holiday Halbig explains how he was threatened by Connecticut State Police via the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Deputies with arrest on felony charges of harassment if he continued to investigate the event.

An audio file is embedded of Halbig’s January 24, 2014 appearance on Prof. Jim Fetzer’s The Real Deal internet radio program.

From: Wolfgang Halbig
To: Vance and Kehoe
January 22, 2014
Subject: Why would one of you send Homicide Detectives to my home and Threaten me with Felony Arrest by CT State Police?

[Lieutenant J. Paul] Vance and [Newtown Police Chief Michael] Kehoe;

I do not know which one you of you had the idea that by having the Lake County, Florida Sheriffs Homicide Detectives show up at my house and threatened me with Felony arrest by the CT State Police if I did not stop asking questions about Sandy Hook Shooting.

You want me to stop asking questions in light of the fact that you both have yet to respond to any of my Connecticut Freedom of Information Act requests for the past 9 months, you both should be arrested for failing to comply with Connecticut State Laws.

I have served honorably in the Military during Vietnam, I served as a Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida. I worked as United States Customs Inspector at both International Airports and Seaports.

I graduated at the top of my class at the Florida Highway Patrol Academy and that is why my class elected me as their class president to speak at our graduation.

Listen to or download Prof. Jim Fetzer’s January 24, 2014 interview with Wolfgang Halbig.


What you two are doing is just unbelievable and I cannot believe that the law enforcement community across the United States is accepting the Danbury State Attorney report without the FBI Classified Investigative information included.What in the world needs to be Classified by the FBI?

  • You stated that there was just one suspect and he shot himself in the classroom.  Is that correct?
  • He shot 20 children and six school staff members.  Is that correct?
  • He fired 153 rounds using both handguns and a .223 Bushmaster rifle as you stated.  Is that correct?
  • He shot his way through the front glass door.  Is that correct?
  • He parked his black Honda civic in the front parent drop off area with all four car doors wide open as Barbara Sibley a parent witness observed.  Is that correct?
  • He left a 12 gauge Ithaca shotgun in the front seat of the black Honda Civic.  Is that correct?
  • He took approximately 11 minutes inside the school to kill 20 children and 6 school staff members.  Is that correct?


  • Why NO Life Star Trauma Helicopter on Dec 14, 2012 since you use them in every active shooter drill when the news media covers your stories.  WHY?
  • Why did you not allow the Paramedics and EMT’S inside the school after 11 minutes?
  • Who was the person who declared all 20 children and six school staff members legally dead?  Who?
  • Why did it take over an hour to transport someone to the hospital?
  • Why do you have a 50 to 60 year old women being transported by ambulance as Natalie Hammond when Natalie Hammond is only 40 years old?  Why pretend?
  • Why have 26 small Christmas trees behind the Sandy Hook Volunteer fire house on Dec 14, 2012 and then decorate them on Dec 15, 2012 after the shooting?  Why?
  • Why have a Lieutenant of the Newtown Police Department with 24 years not leave his off duty job where he is controlling traffic at a construction work site until two hours after the shooting started?  This is the best one of all. Why?
  • Why have a Licensed Registered Nurse who works at Sandy Hook Elementary School that Nancy Lan[z]a the mother of Adam Lan[z]a is a great and wonderful Kindergarten teacher at her school?  Why does she lie on National News?
  • Why have a Police Chief State in the Newspaper article that his Lt. is not a first responder?  Does anyone belief that for one-second especially when you have two Ct State troopers escorting a prisoner to the Danbury courthouse when hearing the active shooter call and respond to Sandy Hook.  Why them and not the Lieutenant?

We have all these great police investigators and NO one questions the actions of December 14, 2012.You both then did a great job and deserve an Oscar at the Oscars in Hollywood. Do not send anymore detectives to my home.Please answer my questions if you can.


Wolfgang W Halbig

*Formerly the Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, Wolfgang Halbig has recently formed a new safety and security company, Children’s Safety Institute. Prior to founding NISWS, Mr. Halbig worked in public education as a teacher, dean, and assistant principal, principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security of the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.

Mr. Halbig also has law enforcement experience as a former Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida, and as a United States Customs Inspector. Given his unique background in both law enforcement and education, Mr. Halbig was invited by the United States Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents and school principals.

He traveled the country by providing presentations and keynotes to a variety of audiences, including the National Education Law Conference, the National School Board Association, the Oklahoma School Board Association, the Illinois School Board Association, the New York State School Board Association and the Florida School Board Association.

A nationally recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, Halbig has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide. He has also been featured on Dateline (NBC) and Good Morning America (ABC). He earned his B.S. from Abilene Christian University, Abilene Texas, and his M.S. from Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

383 thoughts on “Retired Cop and Educator Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook Investigation”

  1. If all this was accomplished by noon on 12/15/12, that is quite remarkable. How did this anonymous donor of 26 Christmas trees know the exact tally from the day before? After all, we are told that bodies were left at the school till the wee hours of the night and some were even shipped off to Danbury Hospital. Even our super duper medical examiner Dr. Carver did not have an exact tally during his performance. But the Christmas tree donor in North Carolina was privy to the actual number of “fatalities”?

    Perhaps the Christmas tree part of the play, as insignificant as it seemed at the time, leaves clues that are actually traceable.

    1. Anneberg1225,

      You are right. The world was still in a state of confusion over the unfolding scenario when this Christmas tree memorial was rushed to completion. I was still waiting to hear about the dead body in New Jersey and reports of a missing girlfriend!

      The trees were donated and in place prior to Carver’s weird press conference.

      The Man in North Carolina had it figured out by the first day. No tree for Nancy.

    2. Absolutely Anne. This thing is full of logistical miracles. Caskets arriving, Christmas trees, stuffed animals, charity sites, all right on schedule. My life should be so organized.

      Don’t forget about the charity sites that had all the numbers instantly too. Of course we sort of lost track of the “wounded” (at least according to the report). I guess they don’t count.

      While all this was going on and the town was under siege by the “news”, they managed to arrange all these memorials and photo ops and draft legislation and repaint a school and move all the stuff from a crime scene over there without a hiccup.

      Nothing strange here, move along.

      1. I’m going to say again that I don’t think the casket issue is an issue at all, unless someone has proof that caskets were ordered prior to the event.

        The nature of the casket business is that deliveries are made on a moment’s notice. Unless there were a large number of high end caskets ordered, a 24 hour turnaround is normal.

        On the rest of your points, I concur.

  2. Let’s turn the pressure up on these fraudsters. They all should go to prison for a very long time. We must get to the bottom of this…the truth is far more important than hiding evidence to protect the “feelings” of some people who may or may not be victims.

    1. The Sandy Hook Commission, appointed by Malloy, is surely aware that a recent poll showed that less than 50% of the people surveyed believe that the massacre happened as reported. Their job is to create policy to prevent any more school shootings from recurring. However, they can’t get anything passed or changed if this was actually a drill.

      Therefore, they do need to get to the truth here. They won’t get anywhere with officials. We need to demand that both parents are called into a review by the entire commission, and require them to produce birth certificates, shot records, death certificates, burial records and tax returns for the past two years.

      Questions need to be asked of parents, such as:

      Was there an active life insurance policy in place for the child?

      When was the policy taken out?

      Have you, or any member of your family, received any money relating to the massacre, or any unearned income at all since the massacre? How much?

      Was there a funeral? How much were the expenses? Who paid for them?

      Where is your child interred? Where is your child reinterred? (According to an interview with Veronique,the Pozners planned to move to Seattle after exhuming Noah, and have him re-buried there. I don’t know if they have done so.)

      Have you signed any non-disclosure agreements? Who required this? Why?

      Are you employed?

      Were you working on 12/14? What type of work do you do, and how do you usually dress for work?? How were you informed of the shooting?

      Did you request permission to see your child?

      Did anyone deny you permission to see your child? Who?

      What is the reason that you have not filed a civil lawsuit?

      Did your child attend school at any other location prior to the shooting? Where? What was their teacher’s name?

      When did you locate to this county? Why did you choose to relocate here?

      Have you made any misrepresentations regarding the true composition of your family to the media?

      They need the un-redacted report so they can question the un-named witnesses as well as.Sally Cox, Rick Thorn, et c.

      Ask Rick:

      Are there any windows in the gym? No? Then how
      could anyone see two shadows running past it?

      Time for a petition??????

      1. Answers Sandy.

        We all have lists of questions that deserve answers.

        At the very top of my list, is how can the public expect this 16 member commission to come up with anything like reasonable answers and recommendations for us, if they do not even have access to the redacted pages of the “final” report?

        They are being railroaded.

        Did you know that a majority of the 9-11 Commission members, including the chairman, have publically recommended another review, because so much of the limited information that they were allowed access too is now known to be erroneous.

        They were railroaded.

      2. Big Thanks for that Sandy, these are reasonable requests as part of the Bona fides process you need to demand from your state legislature prior appearance of the Barden Hockley Road Show or equivalent!

      3. That was concise, extremely relevant and nicely packaged Sandy. Grazie. Seems to me your list comprises the basis of an affidavit that we the people demand our elected officials obtain and make public as the Hockley Barden et al. road show ramps up their lobbying. It is cut and paste folks!
        If the road show continues unchallenged then we can all appreciate the consequences.

      4. Sandy, that’s a pretty tall order. “Prevent school shootings from happening”. Let’s think about that. Has there ever been a school shooting there before? What is the likelihood of another one? How does one prevent risk?

        I actually have every bit as difficult a time with reactions like this as I do with the story. Creating a crisis in order to drive legislation. We’ve reached a point where they will actually shoot people to give them an excuse to disarm everyone so their sorry selves are safe.

        If people actually believe this nonsense they should be outraged over how they are using it. They must be right about that “zombie apocalypse thing.

    1. Something occurred to me while reading this article…what better way to ensure the cooperation of Connecticut officials than to blackmail their chief donors (pharmaceutical companies)?

      It goes something like this:

      Don’t play ball and the medical records of “Adam Lanza” will be released in a manner which is extremely costly to the pharmaceutical establishment.

      Play ball, and you will sell lots more drugs because the government will institute ever more draconian pre-crime measures in an effort to stop the next Adam Lanza before he gets started. Paxil in the school water fountains, maybe?

      A bit of the carrot and the stick.

      1. The chief donors are taking way too many pills if they believe Sandy Hook Elementary School was an operating school and any part of the story is real.

    2. This is why I don’t read Alex Jones. So, based on (something) we now have “Adam’s” existence “confirmed”, his mental state and the “fact” that he did it? Now we’re going to “expand” on that and turn it into a full-blown story just like the MSM did with this exercise.

      In my booK none of their tale has been proven. So, any way you slice this little ditty it’s bunk. If you believe the hype then Adam was off his meds. If you believe the story if we’d hooked Adam up, IV drip none of this would have ever happened, (Ka-Ching).

      On the other hand, the SSRI’s are known to cause psychotic behavior. So, he could have done this but we could have the solace of knowing he was medicated while he did it. The whole thing is one giant “info-mercial”.

      Alex Jones is to the “alternative” press what Anderson Cooper is to the MSM. Hype on top of hype, always steering the conversation away from any real chance of progress. He likes the chaos but gets pretty panicky when people start zeroing in on the culprits.

  3. Another hole is the Dicks sporting goods video, where Adam no motive Lanza is “shown” with two other males.
    1. They dont show his face, and they sell better cams than they use.
    2. I thought Adam was a loner.
    3. Why arent there Lots of Holiday decorations at Dicks? All retail places are generally decked out.

    1. I saw the Kate Slate video from Dicks with the three males. None of the males appeared to be 6′ and 112 lbs. They keep grasping at straws to prove the recent existence of one Adam Lanza.

  4. Picture this… Adam Lanza stampeded into that school, all decked out in his guns and highwaters, showing his skinny legs from the knees down with low-cut black socks and black shoes.

    Picture it! That’s what their evidence shows us.


    I think there was also an attempt at a Steve Urkel association because they also showed us that Adam wore suspenders. More on Adam’s clothing:

    1. According to their autopsy report, Adam Lanza was 6′ tall, 112 lbs. He would have needed a belt just for the underwear, and would have been more appropriately dressed in a hospital gown with an attached IV.

    2. I think it was mentioned before, but all this crappy info is just to keep us busy on the unimportant stuff about the case.

      1. How would you deem it “crappy info” to observe that the T-shirt Adam wore close to his body had not a drop of blood on it? They had to remove it over his blown out brains, and there’s no blood. It is a size S/P which would not even come to his belly button. These are far from unimportant details.

        1. Yes, Adam was skeletal, if he was in fact real. They would have cut his t-shirt off if he had shot himself in the head. There would be blood and the shirt would be cut. These small details just add to the body of evidence that this shooting was a hoax. I agree that they are not unimportant.

        2. I guess you could say they are important if you are trying to prove to someone that it didn’t happen. I guess I meant that we already know it didn’t happen, so looking at underwear just seems like a way to keep people from looking at the big picture.

        3. The proof is in the details such as these. You cannot remove a shirt over a head destroyed by gunfire without getting blood on it. Why do suppose real life trials take so long? This is not a TV show that can be wrapped up in one hour. Real trials take a long time because they present the details of the case. Exhibit A, Exhibit B, etc. There is no concluding the big picture without analyzing the details. Some people have the patience for it and some do not.

        4. Zem and all, my perspective is that it is more accurate to state that Adam Lanza was not at SHE as represented by MSM vs. stating that Adam Lanza was/is not flesh and blood. His flesh and blood are traceable and Dr. Tracy has the same backup that the media and I have seen at Kingston, NH public library. It may seem a minor point but when newcomers comb through these conversations they immediately detect that the above issue is cloudy and those clouds likely cast confusion on the bigger picture they are trying to understand. The Lanza characters are used to utmost advantage in this theatre and that is the critical point I believe we all agree on.

        5. fvpatterson, If I see a copy of the records, I may change my mind, but as of right now, I believe that either Adam did not exist or he and Ryan are actually the same person. Like I said, my mind is open so if someone who has this proof would like to share it, that would be most helpful.

        6. If you are hung up on that point Zem, then have your local library call Patty at the library reference desk (Kingston, NH) with a request for the data. Relief your suspicions and move on.

        7. zemblanity1.

          I have seen interviews with real people that knew Adam.

          Look for the interview of a guy that cut his hair. That one should give you a feeling for the frail human they chose as their fall guy.

          Adam has a reviewable school history for sure. Just accept the reality of the Lanza family, or do the work necessary to prove to the rest of us, that all the evidence of his/their existence was fabricated.

        8. The news footage that you have provided, appears to be from the day of the event and marks the second time Nancy has been “mistaken” for a teacher, is there someone else in that community that can explain this mistake in identity?

        9. Why does the police report now say that Adam was fatally wounded by police (not himself)? They can’t keep their production straight. Or here’s a theory by ThePaulstal Service:

        10. The linked video shows up on my computer. Can you see it? If not, search for ThePaulstalservice Annie Haddad.

        11. Like I said Zem, call your library for all the data. All the Lanza’s are listed in bound reference. Move on.

        12. fv, you say that you have proof that both Adam and Ryan exist, so why not take a photo of your proof and post it? Posting photos is very easy and should not be a problem. Instead you tell me to “look it up” and to “move on”. I did look it up and I posted what I found. I don’t see why the document would be different in person but maybe it is and my mind is open. So far, no one has posted this evidence that you say that you have so you would really be doing a lot of people a favor, who are wondering about the existence of the Lanza boys, by just posting it and putting an end to the speculation that you’d like for people like me, to move on from.

        13. Everything points to Adam Lanza being dead prior to the event at the school zemblanity1.

          A suicide wound to the back of the head would be exceedingly rare, and all fatal head wounds by nature, would be expected to expel large amounts of blood onto the clothing of the victim.

          In all likelihood, he died the day before, just as his death certificate says(Who signed that document? Are they still safe?), and his body was dressed and planted at the scene like a stage prop mannequin.

          Shooting a day old corpse on location, would account for the lack of blood.

          I am told that the “final” report has made the mistake of failing to redact the statement of a witness (who?) that claimed that Adam was shot by the first arriving police officers. I have also been told that the gun Adam used to allegedly shoot himself, was found in its holster. How could this be true if I have seen a photo of a hand gun on the floor of the school?
          Is this the same gun, or just one of many?

          There have been conflicting reports, but how many hand guns does the
          “final” report say that Adam Lanza brought into the school?

          Has anyone calculated the weight of all the guns, ammunition and clothing that this six foot tall 112 pound, near catatonic kid was packing that morning? We could be approaching a hard to comprehend number that is approaching half his own body weight.


        14. Terry, I read the interview with Adam’s barber, early on when it was first posted online. It didn’t say much. I find the push to “just accept it as fact” and “move on”, without any real evidence to be concerning. We do not need to agree but we both should be free to discuss without being told what to think. Especially when no evidence has been presented.

        15. I don’t know if “Adam” or “Nancy” were real. I suspect that they were. In terms of the story it really doesn’t matter. It would be nice to know about this aspect if possible.

          If Adam has birth records that are legitimate, what does it prove? Only that he lived. It doesn’t mean that anything they’ve said about him is true. He could be alive today, or, more likely, dead.

          Remember the death notice date of 13 December 2012? Everybody says that’s a “mistake”. Is it? Remember that policy guidance I posted about declarations of death? The mortuary director gets to do that. Even in a case of “suicide” it takes a while to release the remains and get them to the mortuary.

          If he was “present”, he could have been there vertically or otherwise. Things like the cop report of a shooting are interesting (not that I trust the report). It is just unusual for somebody to want to report something like that if they didn’t do it.

          This brings us to the kids. I don’t think anybody was shot. If they were, I see no signs of it and there are no lawsuits. Even if they were, it wouldn’t mean that “Adam” did it. Every bit of that is based on what they said.

          Nancy could have been approached to sort of enter the “witness protection program”. Peter certainly had a motive for wanting his payments to stop (if we believe any of that). We simply don’t know.

          Another scenario is that they simply could have taken both of them out. How would we know different? It is probably always wise to assume in the absence of evidence to the contrary that perpetrators will do the simplest thing. This isn’t absolute, of course, but it is more likely.

          So we know the story, we see no blood. We have no lawsuits. The handling of the “bodies” was ridiculous. We have wall to wall over-hyped propaganda ever since.

          So, like everybody else, I’d like proof positive of something. The absence of some evidence makes it clear that this did not occur as described. The treatment of “Adam” and “Nancy” is highly suspicious. That doesn’t mean that they did not exist. Babs Olsen existed and I guarantee you she is not now a permanent part of the Pentagon.

      2. I agree Violetta. The running men, the purple van, the nuns, the missing girlfriend, the roped off building in Hoboken – those red herrings were thrown into the script to keep the focus off a cooked up event.

        Over the past few months, we have learned a lot.

        Peter is AWOL, and has been since the first day. His appearances are misrepresented by the press – because he is never actually present, but instead has a PR ‘spokesman.’ (Cockfield of course)

        Adam or Ryan? Proof is needed, and anyone who has it needs to post it. One probably existed in 2012, but both? Doubtful. Did he die in 2009, but was kept ‘alive’ as a tax dodge?(My theory) Was he created for the event from photos of Ryan? He is not listed on his mother’s obituary – and his name appears as tthe last item in his grandfather’s obituary ( which shows an update post SH.) His DOD was inconsistent with the story – ooopps! The severely limited photo evidence suggests that he was created from photos of Ryan, and made to appear wildly insane.

        The Lanza home was staged – and some recent evidence suggests that it was owned by Pat Llodra.

        Numerology/Illuminati/Mossad/and even gun control…I think those may well all be smokescreens.

        Cockfield leads to Peter/GE and we need to reconsider how the breaking Libor scandal played a significant role.

        1. Sandy, I agree that all of the things that you mentioned in your first paragraph are red herrings. They are meant to send people on a wild goose chase and steer people in all kinds of directions, and in my opinion, away from the truth. The lack of blood on the clothing is not the same thing. It’s definitely not something worth spending a lot of time focusing on, rather it’s just more evidence to add to the theory that this was a hoax. All of those little pieces put together are what tells us what did or did not really happen that day. I don’t think there is anything wrong with making note of it while continuing to move forward.

          Regarding Adam Lanza’s existence. FV claims to have documentation that Adam and Ryan both exist and that they are not the same person but for some reason, won’t share it here. I have my doubts.

        2. Is there good evidence that Peter exists? If the only one we ever hear from is Cockfield, then what do we have to show there is a Peter Lanza?

          I realize everyone is saying he is employed at GE Capital, but…we are undoubtedly talking about GE Capital’s own “records” here, aren’t we?

    3. It would be awesome to have a person of similar stature to actually model these clothes and then all the armor reported he carried. Case closed, it is impossible. Maybe a mannequin could be created. Actually have a step grandson who at thirteen is probably pretty close. but he is too embarrassed to show his skinny legs, even if it is 100 degrees out!

      1. Great thought Kathy, I would pre-buy a box ticket to an off-Broadway show featuring the absurdity of this farcical tangled hodgepodge of vignettes. Put your hands on the radio and believe! Humor maybe the only way to thaw the brain freeze experienced by many.

      2. My son is 6 feet tall and very thin. I can tell just by looking at those pants and that Small/Petite sized black T-shirt… the shirt would come to his belly button if that, and the pants would be just below the knees. I ought to know. I bought and washed all his clothes for 19 years!

        1. Can you talk him into modeling for us? Never mind, that shirt would probably get torn to pieces before he got it over his shoulders!

  5. Here we have Lara Spencer, the HGTV “Flea Market Flip” star doing a most important interview at Sandy Hook. She interviews the lying pastor who says – with a grin –

    “A little girl came out covuuud in blood from head to toe. She said to her mer mother “I’m okay but all my friends are dead.”

    Really? Really now?

    We never heard anything more about this, likely because they realized how absurd this little interview was.

    Do we think Lara spencer knew she was involved in a hoax? Or did she think she was conducting a real interview? It’s hard to tell. She also seems strangely unmoved. She is a mother with young children, but talks to him like she’s on her decorating show. Just another day. Is she that dumb or just highly paid off?

    Lara Spencer conducting important eye witness interview:

    Lara Spencer on her HGTV show:

  6. There have been many analyses of photographs regarding children and adults that were said to have be killed and questions about their actual existence or existence at the time of their apparent deaths. The actual proofs of death of those children and others have been redacted contrary to State and Federal laws. Officially the names and sex of the “victims” cannot be revealed due to privacy. However, enough names of the victims are known. The one path to uncovering this staged deception may be to examine birth records for ages and existence of these children and compare them to the official story. (Unless those records have been purges by the Sandy Hook directors).

    1. AndyB,

      We know that these people make mistakes that can be researched and documented. Erroneous(?) birth dates would be great to know about, one way or the other, especially in light of the oddest of Super Bowl appearances by the “Doppelganger Singers” from Newtown.

      I have just been made aware of an apparent news report about one of the victims with a last name of Greene(?), that moved to Newtown 6 months before the event, from Manitoba Canada.

      I will post it for if/when I find it.

      It would be interesting to see if this “new” family managed to acquire one of the many “gifted(?)” homes in the area.

      Has anyone documented how many of the other victims are known to be new to the area yet? That could be very telling information as well.

      1. Off the top of my head from previous research…
        These people were all newcomers to Newtown within two years: Dawn Hochsprung, Robbie and Allissa Parker (8 months before), Nick and Laura Phelps, Ian and Nicole Hockley, Rachel D’Avino (only employed there one week), Marquez-Greenes, Veronique Pozner, David and Francine Wheeler, etc.

        Mark and Jackie Barden (moved there in 2007).

        Just do a search with any of the above names followed by “moved to Newtown” and you will see the proof. There might be some more that I’ve forgotten.

  7. The first time I heard about Sandy Hook my thoughts were that if it had happened in the USSR, it would have been likely a false flag or complete hoax. Government produced domestic terrorism blamed on political opponents is a favorite modus operandi of a totalitarian communist regime. Unfortunately, the Sandy Hook hoax and all other US government hoaxes (one every 2-3 weeks, Maryland mall being the latest) define what America is today – a false flag dictatorship of communist lunatics and criminals determined to bring this country to its knees What a rude awakening for someone who escaped communism in Europe! What shocks me too is the enormous pool of civilians (crisis actors, reporters, etc.) who are immoral enough to partake in these repulsive orgies of deceit directed against their fellow Americans.

    1. My concerns mirror yours Onslow.

      This however, is no band of communists staging these events, “fascist”
      would be a far more accurate guess.

      FYI the most accurate translation of “fascist” is “corporatist” they are perfectly interchangeable.

      I wise man once told me that it was only the Nazis that were defeated in WW2, but the Fascists never were.

      I have been speculating that we have been battling a secret service controlled fascist plot for Global domination ever since.

      1. We can call it communism, fascism, corporatism, socialism, etc. The reality is that whatever these “isms” promote is orchestrated by someone we never see and hear from. They use their puppet front men/women as a shield and we know who they are. All “isms” have the same goal.

      2. You can’t have communism without fascism because communism must be forced upon society. I believe the current regime has been assigned a mission to destroy the US and as shown by history communism will surely do the job.

        1. Anne, the new term is “Communitarianism”. It’s fascism with a smiley face. This version allows the “Party” to profit without shame.

        2. Anne, trust me, I haven’t even read the Wikipedia definition! I DO know what it means. I do not like it.

          It is a larger version of what we’ve seen with the death cult as Sandy Hook. It is what that is based upon. People keep referring to A-21. That’s only a small part of “Communitarianism”. Just a facet.

          It ultimately is the belief that some superior group can and should legislate and impose their standards upon the whole of humanity. They know that they’ll be “better for it”, because THEY like it.

          Sound familiar? This is the utopian (or dystopian) dream of people who feel superior enough to impose their will on others. It is the opposite of freedom. They wish to legislate conformity.

          As long as people think that they must turn to “superiors” to have them fix their problems we will have “ism’s”. I’m not looking for someone else’ tune to march to, I’ll make my own.

          She does have it largely “right”, however.

    2. Thanks to Wolfgang for his due dilligence on this matter. I just so – happen to know the Entertainment Media Companies that were hired 1 year prior to this planned event. I know the University that aided and abed critical data (computer apps) that control social media input and shape public *opinion.

      Sad but true, I can head count no less than 100 people who were directly involved. That was my end of this investigation and Tuesday night we expose what we found, again as a small team that’s local to the NE area.

      Thanks again Wolfgang. Your talent for asking the hard questions is dully noted.

      US Citizens, be patient, their are good men and women on the inside fighting this constantly.


        1. Your very welcome.
          We booked Wolfgang for our Tuesday night Radio show. Ten native at the moment, may end up Wed instead.

          I will send you our Radio show time and zone to listen in, then hear the rest of what we documented from 1 week after the staged event.

          Very compelling, yet sickening all at the same time. We will make our pdf. Docs available at that time, but we have decided as a group to turn over everything we discovered to Wolf.

          Hopefully he can use it to get some legal action moving for crimes against We the People. Because ultimately, we were the intended victims.


  8. All, I’ve attached an old link that I think is instructive. With the ever-changing story and all of the twists and turns over the last year it is helpful to go back in time and remember.

    The attached has several links that I encourage you to click. They are interesting. Some of the information has been overcome by events, but it is good to remember how much this story has changed over time.

    In addition, there is an excellent piece in there about the connections to Dunblane and Hungerford, both psyops for gun confiscation. Those who know me know that I do not believe that is the primary reason for this operation. It is a goal, however, to be sure.

  9. Just look at the so called Adam Lanza hat with the hole in it. Where is the mass of blood,brains,skull fragments ? It’s staged/planted. Period.

  10. Can we talk Mike?

    You have provided information that claimed Christmas Tree sales at the Fire Station have a history. It does, we have confirmed this, and I appreciate knowing the facts.

    We also know that there were exactly 26 trees behind the station on 14-12-12, and no sign of a tree sale sign anywhere. This information viewed in isolation as valuable, but not as yet, conclusive of anything.

    There is far better evidence than Christmas Trees to indicate foreknowledge and grand conspiracy as a very real possibility.

    Sandy Hook is a far more tragic, far more complicated, and therefore, far more difficult event to research, when it is compared to the Boston Bombing event.

    I have spent many hours with both cases, and I can assure you that the evidence to support a staged event using “Crisis Actors”, common theatrical props, and video camera trickery, is overwhelmingly compelling in the Boston Bombing case.

    My experience with showing hardened (hopefully healthy) skeptics like yourself how blatant the trickery actually was in Boston, has been rewarding.

    They wake up!

    If your mind is open enough to look, you will know what we are talking about here. Unfortunately, your comments expose you at this time, with speaking about the Boston Bombing without really knowing what you/we are talking about.

    Visit some of the high hit Boston Bombing Hoax sights yourself, or if you wish, contact me directly through Facebook and I will be happy to discuss the subject with you in depth.

    If you are capable of debunking what I see as evidence of a staged event, I will adjust my opinions of what happened that day accordingly.


    1. Terry –
      You may be confused about which post was discussing the Boston Marathon hoax – it was not here. Let’s review what proof was presented by posters regarding the Christmas trees.

      1) video proof of the 26 trees behind the firehouse that day
      2) said trees were mounted on stands and had teddy bears
      3) they were brought out the next day before the number of dead was announced
      4) The Sandy Hook fire department’s website listed tree sales in Nov 2009 and Nov 2013
      5) Other community websites listed where Christmas trees could be purchased in Newtown, never mentioning the SH firehouse before 2013.

      1. The Sandy Hook Fire Department’s own site shows the following:
        Page 19 – one photo of 2009 Christmas trees. No mention of arrival
        Page 14 – one photo of 2010 Christmas trees, arrival 11/27
        Page 7 – two photos of 2011 Christmas trees, arrival 11/25
        Page 1 – one photo of 2013 Christmas trees. No mention of arrival
        Very few photos from 2012 and no Christmas tree photos from that year.

        1. Thanks. I was looking at the news tab based on Maestro’s results of the web crawler. It only made the news in 2009 and 2013.

        2. Anne, have you seen the yt videos of inside the sandy hook firehouse during the 12-14-12 event? When compared with the official website photos of the sandy hook fire department and ALL of their associated equipment, there is no sign of a huge hook and ladder truck, pumper truck, fire truck, etc. on that day in question. There would be no need for those items during a triage event and they should have been kept put in the firehouse. All I saw from the yt videos of that day are people milling about the firehouse, minus all vehicles, and with lots of stacked water bottles.

        3. Thanks Anne for the link. While scrolling through the call history of the Sand Hook Fire Department listed on their website, I was surprised to see only one call for all of December 2012, for a house fire late in the month. No call on 12/14/12. They respond to car crashes and other emergencies routinely, yet never dispatched a truck to the school just up the street. Does that seem odd to anyone else? I am sure they hear the police scanners right? They would know there were casualties immediately, yet didn’t send a truck?

        4. Thanks Mary, To my point, no real effort to align their website messaging to the theatrical story line. No funding for the SH Fire Dept. webmaster?

        5. Your data summary is appreciated Anneberg! One would think that pictures of the famous Dec 2012 sale at “Dickinson Station” would have been showcased. So do you conclude that there was no 2012 Christmas tree sale and no one bothered to post fabricated photos? If so, what does this say about the level of cooperation for SHE theatre by this Fire Dept.

        6. The SHFD site has only a handful of photos from 2012 which is strange compared to the abundance of photos from previous years. I can only conclude that 2012 was not a big year for photos (!) or they have been scrubbed. In my humble opinion the SHFD got top billing on the marquee. So gracious of them to lend their location for the filming. And who can forget this off location photo:

        7. So, we can only conclude, the fire house was devoid of the normal fire trucks, the normal Christmas tree sale was canceled this year, to make room for this grand event. Another anomaly with the 26 Christmas trees behind the fire house is that they are not wired up as the usual trees for sale. They are all blossomed out in their tree stands, ready to come front and center in all their beauty, with their boughs so greatly leaping,

        8. Let us not forget the donated fire trucks after the event. They were also participants in another drill a year earlier. We have one paid firehouse with four stalls for a town roughly half that size. Maybe the same size if you consider the areas outside the city limit that they service.

          During the event I got so tired of seeing pieces on the firehouse that I can’t drive by one anymore without grimacing. Again, the whole Potemkin Village approach portrays a community centered on a firehouse. You would think that nothing else existed other than the school, the firehouse and Yogananda Street.

          If you think about it this represents a little clique of volunteer firemen and FEMA drill participants. It is probably as much social as anything else. They had the bottled water and the other goodies all lined up for the drill.

          Now, having said that, we should not forget that they could have shot any part of this at any time. Some of it is obviously injected. When you see eaves with Christmas lights in one shot and the same eave in another without them, something’s wrong.

          So they were selected to be “action central” for the production. The school was actually secondary. We’ve all agonized over the shots of the firehouse with the emergency vehicles hemmed in and the wandering “extras”, etc.. All of the outdoor shots centered on the firehouse and the immediate area.

          The interviews could have been done anywhere. We’ve all seen Anderson Cooper’s disappearing nose, etc., and there are other indications of green-screening as well. The only thing contiguous in it is the narrative.

          Real life is not like this. In a real event it takes time to figure out what happened. They don’t release names, motives, etc., until they have real suspects and know that they won’t jeopardize their case. After all, what’s the hurry? Strip all the emotion out of it and what do they say that they have? A murder. The dead don’t get any deader over time.

          There is no reason to bring in a mobile morgue. There is no reason to leave them on a floor and spirit them away in the middle of the night. Like some of us have said, if there were dead there would be lawsuits. There would be blood. There would be parents demanding an answer as to why their child was not taken to hospital.

          My guess is that they know this even in Connecticut.

        9. All, 4 handy references to Newtown listings for “Emergency Mgmt”

          Emergency Operations Center, Fire Chief / Emergency Mgmt. Dir. William Halstead completed this pet project- EOC- May 2011, 3100 sq ft. square bldg. off Simpson St. within Newtown Municipal Center, 3 Primrose, site of the former Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital. (Bing viewable)

          Emergency Management- 31 Pecks Lane – linked to $120 Billion (2011 data) (Board- UN/Energy/WWF/Security/Banks)- also site of Town of Newtown offices, and eight other private businesses including All-State Transportation (school busses in the parking lot). (Bing viewable).

          Newtown Emergency Communication Center, 3 Main St. – Newtown Police station. (Bing viewable)

          Newtown Town Offices- 45 Main Street- there are ten town related offices including Newtown Hook and Ladder #1 (five major vehicles listed), Fire Chief Halstead and Emergency Management. (Bing viewable- View from SE is distorted)

          Notes- the conglomerate Statoil – a newly identified player in this discussion?

        10. Statoil has offices in Stamford, which brings up another coincidence.

          White pages has a Peter Lanza that knows a Nancy Lanza listed for Stamford.

        11. Great digs Violeta, give us a stand-alone summary at a suitable time. You can see how the back scratching works. “Give us carte blanche on interstate pipeline permits (which gets vetted locally and on up…but theoretically and ultimately a Fed decision) and we will help you with your projects”
          The tar sands from Alberta are currently and vigorously planning for pipelines as railcar transport has higher risk. The pipelines need to reach deep water ports.

        12. Wow, very good work, Violeta!

          As for the Keystone Pipeline, the EIS was just completed (by the Dept. of State, since it is an international pipeline). The NYT said it will be very hard for Obama to turn the project down. No significant impacts.

        13. Thank you, dino, but I wouldn’t have found that without FV. He made the most astounding find with the Statoil info.

          Do you believe that McCubbin was on the school board? Crazy!

          I’m sure Obama will want to turn down the Keystone Pipeline, but they will twist his arm and he will just have to.

          Does anyone know if Statoil is connected (other than by marriage) to GE?

        14. If you Google Statoil and GE together you’ll see how they have been business partners for a long time. In 2011 Statoil hired a former MI6 chief who speaks fluent Russian. Ok. Smart move since tempers are flaring in the Barents Sea between Norway and Russia in regards to the riches there. We are not talking fish. The two countries even drew an imaginary line on the ocean floor – this side is mine and that side is yours and don’t you dare cross it. Quite funny actually. Statoil is Norway and Norway is Statoil.

          And speaking of marriage, Nelson Rockefeller had a daughter-in-law from Norway. Quite a story since Newtown was involved there too. Quite innocently back then, I might add.

        15. As an afterthought, when the ruckus between Russia and Norway was ongoing regarding the Barents Sea, the massacre on Utøya happened on July 22, 2011.

      2. Exactly 26 trees, without a tree sale sign anywhere in sight, will always be a red flag “coincidence” Kathy.

        I have seen images of the trees being hand decorated with Teddy Bears.

        Are you telling me that there are images of the trees behind the Fire Station preloaded with Bears as well? That would be flagged as very important, naturally.

        The proof of a history of tree sales in past years from that location however, is the pivotal point of possibility that allows the 26 trees to become a genuine “coincidence”.

        There are other far stronger flags of foreknowledge for us to flesh out.

        I would think that the United Way’s Sandy Hook Fund web page posting that predates the event itself, would make for a great research target.

        By nature, the United Way must be transparent and accountable to the public about everything. If we ask reasonable questions we can expect reasonable answers, in a reasonable amount of time.

        Someone must have created the page, and someone else must have authorized or directed them to create that page. Someone else again, no doubt received and or created all the background details for the sight.

        Answers to those questions must have answers that we can expect to get just by asking (the right people, the right way).

        These people will have to have their own explanation for us, as to how the posting could possibly appear to precede the event of 14-12-12.

  11. there were calls about the shooting at newtown before it even happened over the regular scanner in another town, also the known drug informant whose car was inside the yellow tape and was excused didnt he also have a rifle in his car rather than it being in lanza vehicle?

  12. We have definitely lost control of all the branches of government.

    I am disgusted with what you report about Holder’s response to the Judiciary Committee–and then that committee’s deference to his arrogant and unconstitutional stance. An imperial presidency, for sure.

  13. File “0030290”- Has anyone heard or read anything about Brookfield (right down the road from Newtown) resident Steve Kohlhase and his research into the pipeline?
    (Keep in mind…. the article is penned by our good friend, John Voket, at the Newtown Bee.)

    1. So, electro magnetic waves were responsible for Adam Lanza’s behavior? To quote the Newtown Bee, “…and drove a few miles to his former elementary school to perpetrate one of the worst mass shootings in American History…”

      They cannot keep their fake story straight! According to the media, alternative media, and the official report, Adam Lanza or Nancy Lanza had no connection whatsoever to SHES.

      1. This according to Mr. Voket of Newtown Bee:
        “….including the residence where Adam Lanza was beginning to exhibit increasingly concerning behavioral changes. Cryptically, just 48 hours before the then highly reclusive 20-year-old murdered his mother….”

        If the alleged Adam Lanza was highly reclusive, who then was concerned about his behavioral changes and who told Mr. Voket?

        1. Ha! That’s a “fine piece of journalism” alright. The world’s most observed recluse. Maybe they got this information from Ms. Israel.

    2. Quite remarkable that the Bee was able to dissect the 7000 page report in less than 48 hours to determine the cause was Gas Pipeline Syndrome. And some very articulate commenters are right up to bat instantly with their opinions of it is all hogwash or perhaps with the additional information that his parents denied him medical care all compounded to be the root cause. But the commission complained there was no medical history and the Lanza spokesman is still working on that. Perhaps they were feeling the heat from the medical community that autism is not a violent condition.

      1. Kathy, they got it the usual way. They just made it up. Maybe “Errol” dictated it to them. “An unnamed source said today…….”.

  14. I, Field McConnell, U S Marine 0116513, have numerous times advised Governor Malloy to respond to this google pairing: Malloy + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + abel danger ] While his own Police Commissioner unexpectedly and suddenly retired on 26 Dec 13 and DHS Janet Napolitano exited in August, 2013, Gov Malloy, Vance Sr, Vance Jr, Kehoe and H Wayne Carver think they can survive this ‘exposed’ false flag. They cannot. Google these two names: governor malloy + FIELD MCCONNELL

    1. I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re all about, yet, your information certainly does look interesting.

      1. I left a few search terms out, one key being DHS, department of home security. DHS did Aurora-Cudahy-Sandy Hook-Boston Marathon and they planned to do the Peach Tree Road Race in Atlanta on 4 July.
        We believe we stopped them and caused Janet Napolitano to leave DHS. Regarding Boston google this combo:

        dhs + margie sullivan + redtree productions + vogt + dunning + field mcconnell

        I am a private citizen in Wisconsin working with a global network of persons exposing evil. Field McConnell,

        1. Wow! I can’t say much more right now than wow! I read a little bit under a link and saw, “Don’t fear, God wins!” Wow! Good for you and all those working with you!

  15. All the kids “killed” at Sandy Hook are still alive…You all got punked…

    Original NFL Video Featuring The “Dead Sandy Hook Singers”

    Here are the high definition photos from the NFL video:

    Original Sandy Hook Choir that was scheduled to sing but were switched out for the “dead” kids. Sandy Hook Choir & Jennifer Hudson To Sing At The Super Bowl

    Side by side screenshots from vid

  16. These left/right battles have been part of the American political process for a very long time. The ethic of this country, embedded in the minds of our founders and therefore in our founding documents, the Protestant Ethic, will prevail through thick and thin. Read: God and Education in America: How the Protestant Ethic Reasserts Itself. Go to: The Marxists, Communists Progressives, and Intellectuals can never win because they seek the “truth.” The lies and hidden pathways of the Ethic motivate, have always motivated, us to be the greatest nation in the world. And now, with the repeal of Smith-Mundt, aka, HR 5736 We can’t believe much of what they show us. Pull the curtain aside. Read.

  17. If they bring charges, we should help Wolf to hire Irving Pinsky. Pinsky filed a lawsuit on behalf of a surviving child early on, and faced a wave of public outrage. Vance Jr denied Pinsky’s right to file suit against the state of CT. However – things have changed. Public outrage is now on the other side, and the suit may need to go higher than state level if the feds harass and arrest Wolf.

    It was Pinsky who made note of the fact that the entry-way glass was “supposed to be bullet proof.” Because he was both local, and an attorney, he may have been able to review the school security system.

    I’ll donate!

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