MH370 and MH17: A Criminological Inquiry

MH17By Prof. Jason Kissner

Four months after the vanishing of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was brought down by a surface-to-air missile.

Western Mainstream Media (MSM) hastened–on the basis of very thin evidence joined with the refusal to even mention other evidence–to attribute blame to the “appropriate” party, which in the case of flight 17 happens to be Vladimir Putin.

[Image Credit: UK Guardian]

Careful observers of the mainstream media processes are well aware that this sort of thing is what we are to expect, and undoubtedly helps explain the very low level of trust people place in MSM institutions.

 Here, of course with the leave of figures such as Anderson Cooper and Barack Obama, we are going to do some of our own thinking about, and analysis of, certain key pieces of evidence.  In so doing, we should not be surprised if we arrive at conclusions different from that which our Ruling Class masters would have us believe.

 First, let’s present the currently prevailing theory as to what happened.  K.T. McFarland, national security analyst at Fox, presents “three possible scenarios” pertaining to the attribution of responsibility.

Of the three “possible” scenarios McFarland presents (and one wonders exactly what scenarios are supposed to be impossible), McFarland (and many others) appears to favor the prospect that pro-Russian rebel separatists are responsible.  The theory is that motive and opportunity coincide in that group better than they do with respect to other potential malfeasants.

 Maybe the separatists are responsible.  But the case is hardly closed, and plenty of evidence that people such as McFarland choose to ignore should be considered as objectively as possible.

First, similar to Malaysia Airlines flight 370, there is evidence that contact with Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was lost in advance of the wayward event. Next, and once more like flight 370, we have evidence that the pilot of Flight 17 actually diverted–purportedly on the basis of a vague sense of being “uncomfortable”–the craft into the dangerous warzone region where it was shot down.

Next, reflect that, on the same day, 55 planes flew over Donetsk just as flight 17 did and that these flight patterns have been in place for some time.

The Normal MH17 Flight Path vs. the Warzone flight path over Donesk Oblast on July 17th


And here is evidence reported by Zero Hedge that may be very important:

 “While there are various questions that have already emerged from what was supposed to be Ukraine’s “slam dunk” proof confirming Russian rebel involvement in today’s MH-17 tragedy, perhaps one just as gaping question emerges when one looks at what is clearly an outlier flight path in today’s final, and tragic, departure of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

 Perhaps the best visualization of what the issue is, comes from Vagelis Karmiros who has collated all the recent MH-17 flight paths as tracked by Flightaware and shows that while all ten most recent paths pass safely well south of the Donetsk region, and cross the zone above the Sea of Azov, it was only today’s tragic flight that passed straight overhead Donetsk.”

 The Karmiros evidence could of course be wrong, but can we prove that it is wrong now, and can we be 100% confident that what the MSM tells us is true?

 And, if it’s wrong, why hasn’t the Karmiros evidence been refuted?  The answer to that is that it’s probably because it hasn’t received any discussion.  Why not?

 Next, here are a few other curious tidbits.  The flight 17 crash shares an anniversary with the demise of TWA 800, which AT’s own Jack Cashill has compellingly argued was, in fact, brought down by a missile on July 17, 1996 and subsequently covered up by the US government.  And, the maiden flight of flight 17 occurred in 1997 on the date of, you guessed it, July 17.

[Moreover Russia’s last ruling monarch of the Romanov family Tsar Nicholas II, together with his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei were executed on 17 July 1918. Subliminal message to Putin? No doubt it’s another “coincidence”]

 So “17s” are everywhere.  To be sure, though, each of the items in the last paragraph is easily ranged under the heading “coincidence.”

But before we do that, there is one more piece of evidence to consider.  Upon having done so, we will synthesize all of the evidence by thinking in terms of probabilities.

 There is evidence at YouTube that seems to indicate that CNN recently used footage of a helicopter downing in Syria and represented it as depicting the downing of a helicopter, by pro-Russian forces, in the Ukraine (go to 2:39 for a photo comparison).

Now to the probabilistic summary.

Reasoning with probabilities is notoriously tricky, so we have to proceed carefully.  Fortunately, a simple coin flip analogy can be employed.  If you flip a fair 50/50 coin twice, four possible sequences can occur, and each has an equal likelihood of occurring {HH, HT, TH, TT}.  The equal likelihood of the possible sequences flows from the standard supposition that the coin flips are independent of one another, which is simply to say that an H on flip 1 says nothing about whether flip 2 will produce an H or a T.

The analogy with MH 17 is as follows.  If five months ago (before the vanishing of MH 370) you had contemplated the likelihood that the next two major airline disasters to receive massive global coverage would each involve Malaysia Airlines, you would have been justified in concluding that the likelihood was very low indeed.  By analogy, it would be like specifying only an {H, H} sequence as the outcome ahead of time (a {T, T} sequence would represent the same airline as having been involved, but not Malaysia Airlines).

 Now what the Western mainstream media are implicitly arguing is that MH 370 and MH 17 have no real link and are only connected with massive airline disasters in recent months by chance; they’re saying that it could just as well have been any two flights so linked (by analogy, {H, H} or {H, T} or {T, H} or {T, T}).  If this argument is valid, nothing at all should be made at all of the fact that Malaysia Airlines was involved in both instances, since all possible sequences are accounted for and no sequence is much more likely than any other.

And yet, the evidence presented in this article suggests that MH 370 and MH 17 are linked in ways that might not be due to chance.  Both MH 370 and MH 17 appear to have lost communicative contact, and both appear to have veered off course on very unusual routes.  How many aircraft of other airlines have done so in recent months, never mind how many of the 55 aircraft over Donetsk did so on July 17?  How many aircraft other than MH 17 had their inaugural voyage on the date of July 17?

These considerations suggest that, in fact, in the cases of MH 370 and MH 17 we might not be dealing with a “fair coin.”

In turn, the following very reasonable question presents itself: was Malaysia Airlines in particular targeted on July 17, and, if so, what ragtag rebel would have even been in a position to do that (especially given the route alteration, if true), and, if so, how did they accomplish it?

 One suspects that the MSM will completely ignore these considerations and will likely coalesce, for several reasons, around an account that blames the episode on an accidental discharge that Putin can nonetheless be blamed for given the hostilities in the region.

However that may be, one thing is almost certainly true: the likelihood that Western MSM would in any way, shape, or form discuss evidence implicating U.S. aligned interests in the demise of MH 17 is virtually nil, no matter how compelling such evidence might be.

Dr. Jason Kissner is Associate Professor of Criminology at California State University. Dr. Kissner’s research on gangs and self-control has appeared in academic journals.  His current empirical research interests include active shootings.   You can reach him at This article initially appeared at Global Research.

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  1. How about not getting too far ahead of ourselves? We first need to ask; is this a real plane crash site? There is a video (one of many) that shows a guy getting passports out of the trunk of his car to spread out on the ground. There is also a report that at least one soldier has said that the corpses were not “fresh.” What is really going on here?

    1. I’m seriously wondering if this entire event is staged, much the same way Sandy Hoax and Boston Smoke Bomb were — but this time with a bigger budget and an international cast and crew. has a number of articles out that lead me in that direction — especially the ones regarding the interviews with relatives, who have that similar lack of believability and similar crisis-actor qualities seen in so many of these other hoaxes. I think the first question people should be asking is “Is it even possible that this could have been staged?” Because when it comes right down to it, all of the “evidence” including flight manifests, passports, radar imagery, bodies on the ground, wreckage photos, etc. — ALL of it can be tampered with if enough money is provided. Think of the stakes of this particular false flag. This is way bigger than Sandy Hoax, and we saw what they got away with there. Just saying…

      1. Interesting point, though one that threatens to go off the deep end……

        Hard to say anything honest about the activities of our contemporary elites without; threatening to go off the deep end….

        I suppose we could ask, ‘Would it be easier or cheaper to fake it all or to slaughter 300 people?’
        Or we could ask, ‘What advantage would be gained by fakery over mass slaughter?’

        I’m voting ‘they’ really did slaughter those people over the Ukraine. Cheap, easy and with current Western populations; virtually without consequence.

        With Sandy Hook, the risks of really killing the Teachers/children out weighed the benefits.

      2. I’ve maintained that one advantage to be gained from fakery is the ability to control the reactions of the bereaved, whose paeans for sympathy and ‘action’ are used to manipulate the reluctant masses. On the flip side, ‘real’ survivors could go AWOL and contradict the script. Scrutinizing the survivors and their reactions sheds a lot of light on the veracity of the plot. Here’s one victim’s father’s letter to Putin which seems canned to me:

        I’m not taking any position at this point. I don’t know enough about the science of it all, and I’m not sure we’ll ever know which reports are ‘real’ or ‘fake.’ The timing is incredibly ‘coincidental,’ though. Hard to schedule a crisis better to obscure the bombing of babies in Gaza and the masses who protested Israel in France, England and other parts of Europe. Heck, the American government may even have thought it kismet that the nation-wide protest of illegal immigration coincided with this ‘attack.’

      3. The problem John Richardson is the site looks wrong, and the flashes we get of so-called bodies are far too pink to have survived the fire. It just looks stagey. As we know, wars kill people. But even the most powerful understand that civil murder can have long term repercussions, and dog a person for the rest of his life. They would prefer something that could never carry those possible even if remote penalties, such as what the Nuremberg criminals received for basically murdering their own citizens. No, in a world of Wag the Dog move-making going ‘way back, far better to stick to that tried-and-true method with its impunity a guarantee forever.

      4. musings have you ever read the transcripts of the Nuremberg trials? Talk about screaming ‘fake!’ The defense attorneys couldn’t have made it more obvious that they were purely show trials.

    2. Some of the passports have expired. One so-called passport (in plastic cover) reads on the back “gemeente Naarden” (i.e. municipality Naarden), a town southeast of Amsterdam. Neither the old Dutch passport, nor the later version (European Union) has anything printed on the back. In other words, it is NOT a passport. Besides, even if the plane was shot down, or had a bomb on board, none of the passports would look so nice. As far as the blood-drained corpses, they are silicone dummies with pop-eyes (Hollywood effects). In addition, the wreckage has also been neatly cut, etc. In other words, it has been staged. As we have seen with a lot of hoaxes in the US, they are poorly planned and executed.

      1. That is true. They appear to have been “punched” or a “tab” cut from them. This indicates that they are either expired or cancelled. Oddly, the names on the passports match the names on the passenger manifest. Think about that one for a while.

      2. Just a couple of abnormalities in a sea of abnormalities. The hole in the roof where a cadaver supposedly fell through is square. A perfect square cut out by a saw in a derelict building.

        The stack of passports is another hoot. Dutch passports are maroon in color and we should have seen more of those if the prop masters did a better job. One shows a young girl with the name Sophie van der Meer. There is a person with that name on the passenger list, but she is listed as Mrs.

        The passport with “gemeente NAARDEN” is odd too. Lower case “gemeente” and upper case “NAARDEN”. The municipality’s website shows Gemeente Naarden.

        One can apply for a passport in that municipality, but it certainly would have to be an official Dutch passport, not the strange one featured in the stack.

    3. Yeah. I’m seriously wondering if this entire event is staged, much the same way Sandy Hoax and Boston Smoke Bomb were — but this time with a bigger budget and an international cast and crew. NoDisinfo dot com has a number of articles out that lead me in that direction — especially the ones regarding the interviews with relatives, who have that similar lack of believability and similar crisis-actor qualities seen in so many of these other hoaxes. I think the first question people should be asking is “Is it even possible that this could have been staged?” Because when it comes right down to it, all of the “evidence” including flight manifests, passports, radar imagery, bodies on the ground, wreckage photos, etc. — ALL of it can be tampered with if enough money is provided. Think of the stakes of this particular false flag. This is way bigger than Sandy Hoax, and we saw what they got away with there. Just saying…

      1. Mangrove, yes. There is simply no way to “know”. We have pictures and we have narrative.

        One thing that leads me to believe that it actually happened is the Russian involvement. They are not a party to the NATO operation to encircle them. They do monitor their airspace.

        They say that it disappeared from their radar and show the data. I would have a hard time believing that they are in collusion on this. If no flight occurred I would suspect their approach would be different.

      2. So maybe it was a real plane, but flown by wire. Especially interesting is handy missing plane of exactly the same make and livery. It does not have to have contained passengers, nor to have fallen all that far. And it can have been tailed by Ukrainians who shot it down or helped it to go down, over the right spot. It functioned as bait for the masked people who can be a mix of rebels and decoys. The crash sites can also be multiple, including remote “crash” sites, in addition to the main one, and thus fully stageable as the BMB probably was at some other locations, and all brought together just exactly the way dramas are filmed all over the world, with scenes shot all over the place.

      3. The first, missing, plane, 370, had a fuel-load range that could take it to Diego Garcia. Some observers talked about this, but few theories had much to say about that fact’s potential explanatory value at the time.

        Well, if Washington took over the plane remotely, and flew it to Diego Garcia, no one could possibly know. It’s as secret as Area 51. They would have done it as the first part of a many-stage plot.

        Now, the last thing Putin wants is war, but Washington wants war–World War III, in fact–in the worst way. Putin has nothing to gain by bringing down an airliner in Eastern Ukraine, and if his Ukrainian friends somehow could have done this he would be very unhappy with them. That would be like spitting in Don Corleone’s face. But as Paul Craig Roberts has long argued, this whole Ukraine business has been created by the West, calculated to taunt Putin into war, which he has demonstrated superhuman restraint in resisting.

        So this theory can explain a lot, I think. The original Malaysian plane “crisis” was part of a long plot; they knew they’d need a plane to hit, to goad Russia into WWIII, so they stole it, hid it in the most secret American base in that part of the world, and then positioned it to shoot it down.

      4. Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

        @John Richardson, I too had thought about the question of “Which would be easier, to stage the event or to actually shoot down the plane”? Two points. One is that by staging it, they can control the situation much better to achieve the various results. And two, they wouldn’t have to worry about something going wrong and the missile missing its target, etc. So while I know they have no qualms about killing innocent people to achieve their goals, I also know that they want the operation to be a total success and that objective trumps everything. Plus, the horrific scene of the bodies is truly gruesome, and has shock value on the general public. Anyone suggesting they aren’t real bodies is easily cast into the conspiracy realm, but most likely just ignored.

        @lophatt, I know what you’re saying about how it would seem impossible that Russia would be in on the hoax. But, stranger things have happened. Prescott Bush funding the Nazis comes to mind. War is a racket. I can’t discount that possibility that even the political theater could be staged.

        @musings, I think your ideas are very interesting — an empty plane, actually shot down (though I don’t put it past the authorities to fabricate radar screens, etc.) and then the staging at more than one location for photographic control of the scenes.

        @patrick, that’s a very plausible theory that you presented — the idea of the “missing” MH370 being part of a larger plan of which MH17 was the conclusion.

        Of course, above all, the question of Who Benefits? is always a good one. And, from what I can see, Russia does NOT benefit, and the same ones pointing the finger at Russia are the same ones who potentially benefit and also happen to be the same ones we all know have lied over and over and over again.

      5. One of my theories matches Patrick’s. Diego Garcia is a perfect destination. In that scenario the Russians (as Musings said) wouldn’t know if it was a substitute. If cadavers were aboard it would certainly make first class more pleasant if the were ALL cadavers and it was flown remotely.

        The phony passports and the manifest is especially interesting. Someone had to match those. The passports are obviously not “real”. Of course, there may have been an actual flight with that passenger list and different passports. You have to ask yourself, why would they make a show of the passports? “See, passports”!

        Any of us who flies would know that passengers would need them. Why the need to show them?

    4. Dr. Tracy, is my comment stuck in limbo for some reason? Other postings are showing up but mine is still “awaiting moderation” after several hours. I posted a duplicate — same problem. In the past, my postings went through without moderation….

  2. I will not comment on professor Kissner’s criminological observations due to my well known tact, my not possessing any. However I have to note that it is not established that the MH 17 was shot down by a surface to air missile. A Ukraine warplane was following MH17 and it is conceivable that it shot down the plane with its own missiles. There may well be photos released in the future that determines the matter one way or another.

  3. It would be valuable to examine the stock price of Malaysian Airlines in connection with these two disasters–and not only the price (which, in fact, dropped 13% right after the announcement of MH017), but the “put” options placed before the disasters occurred (betting that the stock will go down), as well as the “buy” orders for the stock after its price dropped. The interests which would appear to profit from targeting Malaysian Airlines, not to mention engineering these disasters to put it out of business, would be investment bankers and their ilk.

    Those who read this blog will remember the put options placed against American and United Airlines stock before 9/11. There were similar indications of foreknowledge, based on buy-sell patterns of insurance stocks, in connection with Hurricane Katrina (which was an engineered failure of the levees). About two weeks before the Gulf oil disaster, Merrill Lynch sold 40% of its BP stock, making $250 million when the stock was at a “high,” if my memory serves me correctly.

    1. A vey appropriate blog. If we knew who may have placed put options, it may indicate who had fore-knowledge of the conspiracy.

  4. So much obfuscation, so little time…Of course the noise machine commonly known as the mass media is quite capable of misleading the public regarding the MH17 catastrophe. After all, they had the nerve of televising live the twin towers’ terrorist controlled demolition and explaining it away as the obvious result of aerial attacks by Osama bin Laden’s fanatics.

    The reverse truth is that anybody who wishes to understand MH17 ought to summarily discard as untrustworthy any source of information that has not affirmed the twin towers’ controlled demolition. This makes the investigation much simpler.

    The hard part, assuming the MH17 catastrophe is a staged event, will be to teach it. After all, even the resemblance of Building 7’s destruction to a controlled demolition has not galvanized the public into mistrusting most information providers.


  5. “A true coincidence reveals the lie. In the first instance, a Malaysian Airlines 777 is accidentally shot down by American war game forces in the Pacific, this cannot be admitted to and all that follows is a lie. In the second instance, CIA-backed clandestine forces intentionally down a passenger jet over eastern Ukraine, having primed Western populations to blame Russia over other actors or countries–the intent, to turn the public against Russia and generate all manner of pretexts for open Western-backed isolation/aggression against Russia. However, a great and most unforeseen coincidence occurs, the second ‘incident’ unintentionally mirrors the first in such emblematic similarities (i.e. same airline company and airplane type) as to become a flag connecting the two (through the near impossibility of chance and the near certainty of lies) and suggesting a web of misdirection, deception, and strategically murderous raisons d’État in a manner that can only be described as an accusatory actus Dei against the American dark state.”

    The above scenario, however absurd, was posted on a few hours after the incident and essentially mirrors remarks made by family members of passengers assumed to have been on disappeared flight MH370: ‘KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Relatives of missing MH370 passengers said the downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet in Ukraine was no mere coincidence, adding on Friday that it lends weight to their harsh criticism of the carrier.

    “Another (Malaysia Airlines) flight has gone down. Another 777… Far too much coincidence for the two situations to not be linked in some way,” Bajc said in an email to AFP.

    “How do we know a similar thing didn’t happen to MH370?” she said.’

    Yet, perhaps this too is simply another meaningless coincidence.

    1. Another coincidence that I find strange, the invasion of Gaza and the downing of the plane occurred nearly simultaneously. The invasion started 15 minutes after the plane went down.

      1. And, as I seem to recall, the news about both Gaza and Ukraine (which seemed more critical of the two) were virtually suspended when CNN turned its programming over to the story of MH370.

        If journalism were really practiced in this country, someone would try to suss out what that obsession was about – someone not on the margins the way we are, as gadflies and “conspiracy theorists.” But we are not living in healthy times, we are not living in a nation with sufficiency of checks and balances for dealing with these topics (if we ever were – but I suspect there was greatness once).

        So many of us guessed the “hunt the Boeing” game was a prelude to something else. There were those who imagined it would appear armed with nukes over an American city. Well, low level bioterror might suffice, over somewhere else which is said to be rebel-controlled, but doesn’t look like it. Another hoax, one with its very own rabbit holes leading so many possible places, but only one real one.

  6. How will we ever know the truth when all the factual evidence has been altered and combined with blatant disinfo? Every site I visited the last three days has opposing verdicts with cherry-picked “facts”.

    This (choose an adjective: tragic, scripted, false flag, double false flag, accidental, heinous) event divides humanity yet again. When all is said and done, with fingers pointing in all directions, the root cause bottom-line reason this event occurred is because there is a small group of humans who believe they can rule the world. They exist in all countries and continue to game the system they have created.

    And if you continue to heedlessly enjoy your world cup FIFA and Superbowls, your access to high speed uninterrupted internet, and the ability to take your family out to dinner at Olive Garden without fear, then realize that you are complicit in the matrix programming. To provide you the lifestyle you enjoy, some people simply have to die.

    Realize also that the supra-elite have multiple contingency plans. It matters little if the US collapses. In any of their planned scenarios, the creation of the NWO continues unabated.

    1. Old Man, alas you have painted an accurate picture. All we can do is “intelligent speculation”. It is all we have.

      There are a number of threads surrounding this crash. I try to note them all but reserve judgment until there is some other confirmation. This one does seem to have several issues reported by multiple sources.

      As above, the passports are extremely suspicious. The pilot deviating from his course is also difficult to explain. The Russian briefing by their military was interesting. They hinted at, and I know that they have a satellite system that identifies any missile launches, even small ones.

      There are multiple reports that some of the dead aren’t “fresh”. In other words, that there were cadavers on board (presumably in the baggage hold). There is quite a fuss about the “rebels” recovering the bodies and transporting them for examination. The Dutch are praising their efforts, the others are chastising them. It certainly looks as if they don’t want someone out of the loop to do the autopsies.

      I have speculated about the fighter plane shooting down the airliner. It is clear from the Russian data that there was indeed a Ukrainian fighter intercepting the airliner. The “rebels” don’t have any aircraft.

      It was also clear from the Russian photos (if the dates can be believed and I don’t see why not), that the Ukrainians moved batteries of “Buk” SAM’s into “rebel-held” territory on the day of the shoot down and removed them the day after.

      On another level it seems strange than Malaysia Airlines would have two planes involved in intrigues back to back. There is ample evidence for the ability to hijack planes remotely. In sorting this out it is imperative that the black boxes and other transmitted data is handled by someone not affiliated with the Western establishment.

      No matter what one thinks of this the use of it as a propaganda tool for war with Russia is disgusting. The NYT’s is outdoing itself (no small feat), in laying on the Russia hate with a trowel. A cursory analysis of any of this would show that they have nothing to gain by this.

      I am actually very curious about the bodies. How did they get those expired passports and the people’s names to match the passenger manifest? At least one of them has boarding pass stubs from a recent flight. They didn’t use that passport. They got the stubs from somewhere.

  7. Dinophile, I was startled by your comment on the “engineered failure of the levees’ in New Orleans. When we were in New Orleans, a guy took us around the previously flooded area in a cab, and shocked me when he said that the water didn’t overflow the levees. A levee was destroyed by a boat or barge hitting it. But it never occurred to me that this was intentional.

    Now that I think of it, there were gainers as well as losers in the disaster of Katrina. Are there any articles or books arguing the case for intention?

    1. I understood only that the levees failed. Katrina had, in fact, passed over the city–it was well out of there, and only a Category 3 hurricane at that point–so the flooding was not caused directly by the storm.

      I have never heard about a barge or boat hitting the levees. What I meant by “engineered failure” is more of “LIHOP” (Let It Happen On Purpose), because $450 million or so had been budgeted for refurbishing of the levees a year or two earlier, and George W. Bush had diverted those funds elsewhere, so the repairs were not made.

      I did a cursory review (i.e., googling!) of this general subject a few years ago and learned there is a strong correlation between the “puts” placed against stocks of companies which insure against flooding or storm damage in particular areas, and hurricane forecasts.

      1. “George W. Bush had diverted those funds elsewhere, so the repairs were not made.”

        This is false. Levee maintenance was under the the complete control of local agencies whose corruption made Chicago look like a vow of chastity and poverty. They were money laundries. A quick search turns up this, , which can easily lead to the whole sickening story. These sickening slugs that got on those committees did not give a fig for the possibility that their diverting those monies elsewhere would cause the destruction of the city.

        Still, I AM persuaded that the breaches (I think there were three) were caused by bombs, courtesy of fedgov. If you watched the Spike Lee miniseries, you were sickened when residence of the city walked across a bridge out of town and were forced back, to languish and suffer in a martial law nightmare. The federal robocops went door to door confiscating all firearms, and never returned them–even antique heirlooms. Boston can’t hold a candle to that atrocity.

        So, the fedguv most likely did it, directly, but the maintenance neglect was NOT Washington’s doing, and not the cause. It was local scumbags who diverted those funds, tempting fate, as corrupt, hack, politicos are want to do.

      2. I’m glad you’re back with us, dino, and hate to be contentious in the hour of your return, but that article makes no mention of the fact that the people responsible for maintaining the levees had spent decades acting as if it was the same thing as skimming the take from parking meters. They were a governmental branch of the mafia, in effect. So the article has no value. Everyone knew that, and this article is pristinely silent on the subject. Blame Bush.

        No one has ever accused me of being a fan of any member of the Bush dynasty, going back to Prescott, and while I don’t know the background of the reduction in federal welfare for that wretched rat’s nest, but I hope it was to try to force those despicable bureaucrats to stop stealing the money, by cutting off the supply of heroin, the cold turkey being the cure. That’s what I would have done, were I president. The only problem would have been, had the fedguv not blown up the levees, the refusal of the MSM to point out the perfidy of those scumbags, if the levees were to have broken because of their decades-long scam. Even a good president can’t force an evil MSM to tell the truth.

        That is to say, the article is a Bush hate-fest. Typical leftism. As bad as the same dreck from the right.

    2. Forgot to answer your question about any articles or books arguing the case for intention. Yes, I know of one: “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein. She does not say the disaster was engineered, but quotes developers crowing about the “opportunity” it presented. (This is what Condoleezza Rice said the day after 9/11, too.) Klein says the reconstruction money was used to “convert New Orleans schools into ‘charter schools,’ publicly funded institutions run by private entities according to their own rules”–and give people vouchers, in order to destroy the public school system. The 4,700 members of the teachers union were fired and a few younger teachers were rehired by the charters, at reduced salaries.

  8. Could not believe, and basically tried very hard not to look at live video of naked bodies in the first reports that were ‘edited’ to make them not as offensive.

    Since when are bodies ever allowable to be viewed in tragedies? Never!

    As another poster pointed out in a previous thread, it is very reminiscent of the Boston bombing dude whose pants were shredded to nothingness, yet he had no injuries.

    In the charred wreckage, bodies land with no clothes and no blood. Some reports say already decomposing bodies were on that plain. A few days later the bodies are actually removed from the sweltering heat, hmmm….

    1. I can think of no other incidence of the MSM ever showing bodies from a plane crash. You could find them but it would require going to deep dark recesses of the internet days or weeks later.
      CNN and Fox had these pics up the very same day and this was done simply to provoke an emotional response.

      1. Yes, imagine if it had simply been an accident – which CNN could not tell when it flashed those bodies. That’s a “tell”.

        CNN is not very subtle. When Malaysian Airlines MH370 was allegedly lost, it erred (for the purposes of trying to make the story look real) by having Richard Quest suddenly realize he’d flown with its co-pilot and suddenly bring out the video he’d shot of that experience (which was probably on the same simulator they were using during the show to demonstrate aspects of the search story, with another reporter). When you look at the number of planes in the air at any given moment, this coincidence seemed to me proof of foreknowledge of things, and thus a hoax.

        Currently, showing the passports indicates too the aspects of a hoax, but like Mohammed Atta’s they survived fire (as did the bottles of liquor the rebels allegedly found on board and were able to drink). The public only wants the action to move forward. They do not kick the tires or check the oil before going on the trip.

        Once the trip is underway and we are at war with Iran (wait for it!), then all the deaths of those who signed up because they believe the story will indeed be real, as will the tearful ceremonies honoring them or the neglect in veteran’s hospitals leading to scandals. The rolling disaster from the giant hoax machine will continue until the machine itself can be broken.

  9. The 2 videos I saw of the ground explosion did not show descending plane parts or a smoke trail. 1 video was being filmed before the fireball of the horizon…

    1. The explosion video did not show a plane. It could have been any of hundreds of explosions in the area as they’ve been shelling there for weeks.

      I posted another video of what appears to be an airliner falling with the right engine on fire. It is on another topic here, and the lead in is some rant from a guy in his car. If you have patience the clip eventually comes up.

      Of course, I have no way of knowing where it came from or if its related. It is interesting, though. How the person filming that would know where to look is puzzling as well.

      1. lophatt, I’d like someone who knows to comment on that footage. I am suspicious. Does jet fuel look like that when it explodes? It looks fake to me, too bright, too orange. Wouldn’t we be seeing black smoke, mostly? I have learned to believe nothing as these events are presented in on accelerated schedule, filled with features that are increasingly preposterous. I am no longer speculating: it is clear that they really are testing us all to see how obviously impossible an event has to be before the public notices.

  10. The U.S. is an empire and a military plutocracy, certainly no real democracy exists there, nor can it be allowed to. The imperial-piratical system in place in the U.S. post-Cold War cannot, nor does it seek, to outperform in kind the stabilist mercantile forms at which Germany and Japan excel (neither, of course, does it have the demographic reserves of a vigorously industrialized China or India), rather, it pursues through the force of unequaled military might (legacy of its unscathed position after WWII) to create and determine the very terms of order and even of existence on this Earth, but—and this key—not through the imposition/maintenance of a stable and expansive Pax Americana, but rather through the supposedly controlled disruptive yet creative potential of perpetual war throughout the unconcluded project of history.

  11. I think we got two fires burning here…

    I saw a crack in the great “Iron Dome” of the Israeli propaganda machine… I guess it’s encouraging to see that Americans are still somewhat shocked at innocent children being blown to bits on national TV. Even if it’s for five minutes or so… It was enough to get them to pull relatively honest reporters out of Gaza… Then put them back in a couple of days later… I’m sure those reporters won’t step out of line again though… It’s hard to work with a sniper scope zeroed in on the back of your head…

    Israel is committing Genocide, a War Crime, against the Palestinians. It’s undeniable to anyone who cares to see… There is a small hole in the American psyche right now… That could be the reason for the MH17 tragedy… Fill it with the best you got. If there’s a connection flush it out…

    It’s our chance to shape reality for a change. And Lord knows we don’t get that many chances these days… Will it make a difference, yes I think so. How much, that I don’t know but it’s worth a shot. We’ve got to try and break their strangle hold or it’s lights out.. And we won’t need to worry about the Palestinians because we will in the exact same spot.

    Prisoners in the world’s largest open air prison… And you know we’re almost there now…

    I’m writing this as Netanyahu is asking Brian Williams, “How would Americans feel if their cities were being bombed”.

    Netanyahu is playing for keeps…

    I grew up in the hood. If someone said something like that to me or anyone I cared about I’d take it as a threat. Because that is exactly what it is meant to be! And don’t apologize. There’s nothing to apologize for. Not in this case anyway… We’ll have plenty of time for that in the Afterlife…

    You’ve shredded so many False Flag Operations now, you know what it feels like, you know how it thinks, you understand it…

    Take care my talented friends,


    1. Both Hamas and Israel have military contract suppliers who make a fortune. Neither side cares who gets killed.

  12. Professor Tracy, Would it be possible to get a thread going on the very bizarre Cassady Stay Houston Shooting non-event?

    Cassady was supposedly shot in her finger, which took off a chunk of her finger, and yet, days after she is interviewed, and all her fingers are completely fine- She supposedly had a skull fracture and doesn’t even have a bandage on her head?

    This entire thing is definitely right up this blog’s alley, and it is one of the most transparent false-flags in recent history.

    Furthermore the term “The Light and the Darkness” is used in every single recent false flag, and was again used by the involvees in this Houston event:

    That’s too coincidental.

    I hate to be off-topic on this thread, perhaps you could allow me to post threads as a guest poster?

    1. Great video.

      In order to fully take in and deeply appreciate the absolute madness of our situation. The Passion Play I call it. I find it helps to look at it from a religious, spiritual or metaphysical angle even if you don’t actually believe in those things. It’s a spiritual battle.

      War on Earth as it is in Heaven… The forces of light and dark, good and evil, yin and yang, positive/negative. A battle to shape reality. Because we aren’t the only ones experiencing it. Apparently there are some out of towners involved. Or so I’ve heard..

      Those words have power. Power over people.


    2. “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,” said Harry Potter … I just came across a happiness magazine, no kidding — website

      Example of what’s in it: The top 10 Happy Companies to work for… among these TopTenners were Pfizer (#1), KBR, Qualcomm, General Electric, based on “employee surveys.” The whole magazine is about working on your happiness; we must all subscribe! For as the world crashes around us and personal and collective disasters abound, we must all learn to accept and embrace these, celebrate our survivorship, and of course quickly post on Facebook to collect donations.

    3. Here, here. The Cassidy Stay psy-op reveals some of the most transparent crisis acting tells EVER. She makes Robbie Parker look believable in comparison. OK, I shouldn’t go quite that far, but she really does take the cake. Even non-conspiracy-minded people are scratching their heads (judging by comments I’ve seen on mainstream websites). FreeRadioRevolution, RedPillRevolution, and TeamWakeEmUp have also contributed outstanding videos exposing this mother of all frauds.

      Paulstal, love your work!

      1. All of the YouTubers you mention, mangrove, plus a few others, have received threats for posting material relating to the Cassidy Stay story. The threats are more than the usual trolls.

      2. Recynd77, yes and they’ve got videos up documenting the threats, which was smart to do. A few people have made comments on their videos that these are just intimidation tactics, because if they had been real, they wouldn’t have been made by anonymous posters on the internet, they would have been for real: in-the-flesh lawsuits and arrest warrants. One thing’s for sure, the slimebag culprits are getting desperate because, like you said, the threats are more than what we usually see.

    4. Paulstalservice, while the “Stay Strong” story may seem be off topic per se, I agree that this is the perfect forum to further explore the anomalies and actual absurdities of this story. Your observations in this video are noteworthy and I applaud your effort. We should no longer depend on You Tube as the primary site for this type of posting. The “Memory Hole Blog” and “Max Resistance” are now excellent publication pages for “independent researchers”. I’d be delighted to have more such sites recommended to me. Dr. Tracy is so unique as he has risked everything to become a voice in the truth movement. His credibility as an educator has not been easy for “them” to destroy and we should all promote this blog to anyone who has an open mind. I also think your videos on “Gifford, “Rodger”, “Nancy Lanza/Haddad” and many others are excellent and need to be seen by more folks.

      1. I don’t know where to post this. It’s odd because I was wondering in the last couple days where our daily dose was:

        So this one is alleged to have been committed by a ‘psychiatric patient’ at some ‘wellness center’ in a Philadelphia hospital.

        One has to wonder how the copy cat effect might influence people…perhaps this could be real.

        Or perhaps those who claim there is no racial context being portrayed in the hoaxes might realize TPTB really do read memoryhole…Darby is ‘inner city’ and therefore the likelihood is the perp is black or ‘of color,’ whether he’s ‘real’ or not.

  13. On RT, formerly Russia Today, a Russian media cite that is much more honest than the American media, it asks six questions ignored by the American media about the downed plane. Ron Paul was the first commenter on the thread, stating that this time he did not think that the US government would get away with killing 300 innocent people.

    Ron Paul is a libertarian, which I think is a crazy theory, and a racist who is against the Equal Rights Amendment. However, he is also an honest and courageous man who tells the truth about crucial events even when he has to stick his neck out to do it. I admire him for it even though he is ideologically a reactionary; it was him that commented on the RT blog, not Kucinich.

    That’s the way people are. Gramsci in his prison notebooks characterizes people as being made up of different strains of belief, some very modern, some inherited from millennia past. What is exhibited at any time depends on the political events and political leaders who elicit it. Ron Paul is a political leader who will get down in the dirt to prevent what he thinks, realistically, may lead to a nuclear war.
    I do not see this occurring as much on the left, where it should come from And I say this as a leftist, coming from the marxist tradition.

    Dino, in the 1927 flood in New Orleans, the city fathers did dynamite the levees, flooding the Black neighborhoods to save the rich White ones. The Black residents of the 9th ward in Katrina in 2005 state that they heard explosions.

    1. Interesting, about the 1927 event; and I was unaware residents heard bomb blasts in 2005.

      As to Malaysian Airlines, it appears it had an unusual insurance policy, which omitted a standard limitation on search-and-rescue costs. (There are other things in this article I don’t fully understand, though!):

  14. Just need to scour the market trade history for the Cabal selling these airliners short

    Also need to think about their financial position with regard to Russian oil. Highly likely that they sold their position in anticipation of sanctions. If they are smart, they have a shell company buying options at ridiculously low prices which who’ll be sold when sanctions are lifted

    It’s a ingenious money making merry go round

  15. More than 40% of Israel’s electric power comes from natural gas. Here is a comment copied from one of those ‘taboo’ sites I’m not supposed to admit to reading, which offers more evidence that the outbreak of fighting in the middle east was a pretext to get US forces into the region to stave off Russia’s drive to control the Mediterranean:

    “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Jan. 23 with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting came as a prerequisite to officially sign an investment agreement aiming to develop the Gaza offshore gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. It is only logical to assume that this step will raise the ire of Israel. The latter does not appreciate the role Russia plays in the region, especially since Israel has never come to an agreement with Russia.

    Read more:

    Remember, again, that Russia has an alliance with the very anti-Israel Golden Dawn party, which despite constant repression by the Samaras ‘junta’ as GD calls it is still ranked third place in Greece.

    There is also speculation that Malaysia is being targeted as some revenge for it’s condemnation of Israel for war crimes. This video is a bit windy at six minutes but adds onto that possibility that Malaysia’s flouting the IMF’s domination might factor in the motivation to involve Malaysian airlines in the whole drama:

    1. Interesting photo comparisons. Sure looks like it was mh370 to me, but since everything seems manipulated, was this photo placed on purpose? Call me suspicious of everything, although I do think it’s more likely, since the real culprits are so damned sloppy nowadays, that it really WAS mh370.

      Yeah, wreckage by or next to roads…. how convenient for placing, and for photo shoots. Who cares about the viewers who question these things? The media will set them straight.

      1. And indeed, if the Huffington Post story that the fuselage was cut with a saw (after the “crash”) can be proved, then one explanation is that this facilitated delivery of the pieces of the plane, some of which did not fit onto the particular flatbeds delivering the debris to the scene. It sounds so characteristic of the techniques in that part of the world, doesn’t it? – the delivery truck as a Procrustean bed, where that which does not fit must be sawn off. So practical, like cutting the Gordian knot. So imprecise yet workable – until someone is rude enough or un-vetted enough to pose embarrassing questions about when they brought in the saws for doing that.

  16. So, to sum up my view, MH17 was actually MH370. It wasn’t shot down with a missile (despite “evidence” and claims of such). The crash site was faked and debris and corpses were arranged accordingly for the most photographic shock value. The corpses could have been bodies from anywhere, brought onto the set — or, silicone corpses and plastic dummies, which seems more likely.

    Who benefits? On the surface, the west. Looking at the bigger picture though, it’s the NWO that benefits, which means that Putin could very well be in on the whole hoax. That would be the last thing most people would suspect, since he’s being put on the defensive by western accusations. But when was the last time you watched a professional wrestling match and believed it was for real? Putin has likely already made a deal with the devil (NWO), and is simply playing his role. And people love to pick a side. It’s not that simple, folks.

    1. Good thinking, mangrove. It does cross the mind that Putin must be in on it, because given the likelihood of hoax, then those who would be first on the scene would be Putin’s boys. Some kind of deal may already have gone forward. After all, Ukraine is just a conduit for the resources from Russia, and Europe desperately needs them. He has bargaining power and so does the West. Pro-wrestling indeed. And keeping the peasants rooting for the blues or the greens the way the Roman empire played it.

    2. The “official” consensus seems to be accidental missile attack, but I certainly won’t rule out your conclusion Mangrove. There are clearly lots of other facts that are missing. What a surprise.

      In this case, the truth would be a redacted double false flag. This explanation encompasses a majority of the evidence presented.

      What next?

  17. If mh17 is really mh370, that is about as ridiculous lame modus as the whitehouse press secretary basing our gov-ments claim that the Russian rebels shot it down from their YouTube video (intelligence (today))

    1. Did u guys see that ridiculous exchange between deputy state dept spokesperson Marie Harf and journalist Matt lee… today?

  18. The notion that MH17 was actually MH 370 is absurd. The idea that the shootdown was fake, attested to by the governments of the world, is ridiculous. That it was an accident is unlikely. Such evidence as there is so far indicates that it was a false flag conducted by the US led Kiev regime to increase the West’s hostility to Russia.

    It did not get Europe to agree to the US sanctions, so the US has backed off, fortunately, stating Russia was not involved. The American media frenzy so far has been based on fraud or on nothing at all. Ron Paul is the only major American political figure with the balls to indicate that it was probably an American false flag. James has not printed my previous comment saying so.

    1. Very stern remarks, Mark. As though the means is impossible to use the “missing” plane, when in fact foreknowledge of the disappearance of the plane was evident in the association of Richard Quest with an otherwise nondescript co-pilot only two weeks before. Plenty of places to stow it while you pretend to look for it, while actually doing something else probably related to security in war preparations. Shoot-down from land or air, unmanned fly-by-wire — these are simply details. The propaganda never needs facts, and benefits greatly from forgetting what came before and wondering about it. Yes, they’re a bunch of thugs. But prudent thugs avoid killing civilians (unless they are Israel, but that kind of butchery is getting no applause during the summer sequel, Cast Lead II).

  19. Since the US intelligence came from a rebel YouTube video,,, can we include in our list of possibilities an ‘electric spark’ igniting fuel tank? Isn’t that what happens when planes crash over the US?

  20. Obama appears to be backing off his anti-Russian Cold War stance. If true, this is a wonderful development of an extremely dangerous situation, and the most obvious reason is that he couldn’t get western Europe to go along.

    But it is also the case that Russia may well have civilian and military pictures of mh17 being hit by a missile; they probably do, as the US may well have also. If mh17 was missiled by the Ukraine warplane tailing it, it would implicate not only Kiev, but the US which is orchestrating Kiev’s policy.

    The best use of such pictures is not to reveal them, but to blackmail Obama to stop the war on the threat of implicating Obama in the murder of 300 non-combatants, including a 150 Europeans. Since diplomacy is largely a form of blackmail, extortion and homicide between powers, a deal could be struck that ends the Ukranian war, resuming its role a bridge between the east and the west.

    This is speculative but conceivable, if one is willing to acknowledge that things might turn out well for a change.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble of hope, Mark. Even though we have been granted a brief “timeout” from this accidental MH17 event, everything else continues unabated and you are advised to expect more to come.

      This is a defining moment for humanity. Do you want a higher dimensional existence for you and your children or do you want to be fully assimilated?

      The matrix programming is now poorly scripted and executed. The quality is so poor that it forces many to awaken and join those who have been resisting. The universe seeks balance.

      Kudos to those, like the owner of this blog, who continue to reach out to the masses. Many other key contributors have been noted in the comments above. Together, these people outline a choice.

      Taking the red pill means you have to go as deep as the rabbit hole goes. The cabal is going all out to continue their establishment of a NWO. At this point, they have no other choice.

      What we choose will determine our fate.

      1. Agreed. It is indeed time to all of us to choose. And choosing “hope” is not on the menu, unless you’re a stalwart denialist. After Sandy Hook, I had friends who sided with Senator Feinstein. They thought (and probably still think) that it was the right thing to do, the hopeful thing to do. They also voted for Obama. Twice. Hope ™ and Change ™. Choices matter. They’ve chosen their fate, and I will have no part of it.

  21. I’m wondering about the common thread of the Malaysian flights. I know that Malaysia has had credit problems and paying for their Boeing airplanes. Can you imagine that perhaps the Malaysian Government is in on this thing, a “favor” to the US, in lieu of paying their bills. I can see that happening. Regarding the plane crash in the Ukraine, the amount of debris looks pretty convincing to me, but maybe not the causualties? Again, the war mongers want to make war, a fight as long as it’s not on their land. Putin would be fine with this, so would the US.

  22. Maybe so, Bewise. The Malaysian premier is suspiciously close to US imperialism despite his people’s distance, and he has steered Malaysia into negotiating the US economic policy rather than China’s despite its unpopularity. There’s no question, it is quite odd that their planes are dropping like flies.

  23. Patrick, that’s essentially what I’m saying. I posted another video where the plane’s right engine is on fire. It is part of a guy’s rant and you have to sit through some of that to get to it, but it is interesting.

    I too don’t believe the other explosion is the plane at all. The video I’m talking about shows what appears to be an airliner with the right engine on fire. Air to air missiles are usually heat seeking as opposed to SAM’s which are generally not.

    Take a look. It purports to be taken on the same day. I can’t be sure, of course, but how many airliners with engines afire do we normally see?

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