William Shanley Freed From Prison, Files New Court Docs

ShanleyPauper Claimant Says He’s Victim of “Trumped Up Charges”

The Plaintiff has been the focus of dirty tricks, surveillance, and misdirection of the criminal justice system, and of the Superior Court in New London.-William Shanley

In December 2014 MHB carried news of two lawsuits filed by documentary filmmaker and author William Shanley against major Western news media figures and organizations for their alleged involvement in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. One of the suits demanded $1 trillion in damages from news media and associated parties for their involvement in the Sandy Hook event. Shortly thereafter, on December 30, Plaintiff Shanley appeared to go missing.

Subsequent information ferreted out by MHB readers indicated that Shanley was arrested and jailed for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and one additional charge. On February 11 he was released from confinement and is presently filing new motions in an effort to move his cases forward.

In documents filed in US District Court last week (here, here, and here) Mr. Shanley details his experiences at the hands of Connecticut law enforcement during his arrest and internment at the state’s high security Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center. His account is included verbatim below.

Traumatized by evidence of government corruption and cognizant of the foul play surrounding events, and to authenticate the evidence in hand, in June 2013, the Plaintiff requested a series of cognitive tests be conducted with him by Dr. Gretchen Hermes, a professor of psychiatry at Yale Medical School using Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon Bombing pictures and videos (Exhibits Q & R to come).

The Plaintiff has been the focus of dirty tricks, surveillance, and misdirection of the criminal justice system, and of the Superior Court in New London.

• Tobias Smith, 28, the Plaintiff’s former roommate by one week, began acting strangely and jumped from the Gold Star Bridge into the Thames River in New London on August 28, 2014 and drowned; this, three weeks after Gretchen Hermes, MD, etc., warned him he might be in danger if he continued his Sandy Hook research.

• Just days after filing the recently denied Motion to the Court on 12-17, 2014, responding to an argument the Plaintiff had with an AMTRAK clerk who caused him to miss his train to Boston for holiday celebrations on December 30th, Plaintiff was assaulted and arrested by four New London police (who failed to identify themselves) who charged him with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and another trumped up charge. (See Exhibit S)

• The assault, which brought Mr. Shanley to the brink of being hog-tied in a scene suggestive of Kristallnacht, was characterized by one police officer attempting to break the Plaintiff’s eyeglasses into his right eye by forcing the corner of the lens holder into his eye (without success!) while another peace officer straddled Mr. Shanley twisting his right thumb, even though he was already cuffed, which had forced him to the ground to save it from being twisted off. Mr. Shanley has cuts on both hips and legs from being the unnecessarily rough treatment by these psychopathic goons. Mr. Shanley was arrested and taken to the New London Police Station where he was charged and wounds photographed. Later, he was hospitalized.

• Following hospitalization, Mr. Shanley was taken the New London Superior Court which sentenced him to prison where he was held for 43 days until February 11, 2015, causing him to be evicted from his apartment for what would turn out to be an illegal eviction by the landlord’s building manager for being 2 weeks late with rent.

• In a scene reminiscent of Jason Bourne’s training as a MKULTRA assassin, at Corrigan Prison, he was beaten by four prison guards in the property room, drugged with Haldol (“a drug that basically incapacitates you,” according to CT prison system nurse Alex Marshall) by Connecticut State Prison’s Dr. Cutter for 9 days (Plaintiff has no memory of these days), under 15 minute observation in the mental unit with no Rights, simply because he informed the incredulous doctor that the US Secret Service and New London police came to visit him with on December 9, 2014, this after he requested that the Service deliver his November 22, 2014 letter to President Obama. (See Exhibit S)

• During the 9 days, Mr. Shanley was not permitted a phone call to an attorney, a period of time long enough that anything could have been done to him by prison officials from inserting a rfid chip, to brainwashing, to torture.

• The Superior Court Judge basically “disappeared” him for 43 days, causing his associates great fear of his permanent demise. (See Exhibits T & U).

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  1. I am unable to read the court documents in this format, and I would like to, if possible. I have been wondering and worried about what happened to Mr. Shanley, and do want more information. Can they be put if a PDF format? Thank you.

    1. They are either a total joke or Shanley is insane. His en pauperis filing (what’s up with the title calling him a pauper – just setting the SNL tone for the insiders?) appears to have the same 2nd grade education as Halbig’s failed filings – spelling and grammar included!

      I don’t recommend reading it though, unless you are ok with becoming a little dumber. The case is listed in the article – you will need to login to see it. They say it costs ten cents a page to view but I have never been billed.


      1. Remember what I said about the use of humor? I think they’re having a little fun. All this needs are juggling dwarves and little ponies with pointy hats.

        If they bill you, get hold of some Monopoly money, write “Earth Share” across the top. That should clear it up.

        1. lophatt, to my amusement you often refer to “Up with People”. Avoid the Palm Springs area between 3/16 and 3/23. 110 Uppers will descend on the Coachella Valley to teach about diversity and perform musical programs. They expect to be at it for 800 hours.

        2. Hm, 800 hours in one week with 110 participants from out of town + all the locals they can gather. Guess those are man-hours.

  2. Oh, dear. I don’t doubt some terrible things happened to him. I do doubt his grip on reality, however.

    If anyone were to have evidence that would shed light on the SHook event – they should never, ever go it alone.

  3. Haldol for nine days? Seems like he should have been transferred to a psychiatric facility if he needed that kind of sedation, for that amount of time. Actually its an anti-psychotic drug, more like elephant tranquilizer. If he was deluded to that degree, I wonder how could he keep it together long enough to actually file the lawsuits. I also wonder if he has been ordered to seek any further treatment. Too bad we can’t see the video of his arrest, if any exists. Also, his decision to travel on AMTRAK; what sane person would do that?

    1. It just seems so fictional, so extreme, so contrived. And, it appears like it is going to be kept hidden. We are being fought by state and federal agencies, what could be more clear? This stuff is too hot to handle and if/when “they” start to get nervous, they are going to try and embellish the story line by whatever means they feel they can further throw us off.

    2. Do you think Shanley needed the Haldol, or was it that the cops, prison guards (meaning agents of the state), and the state needed for Shanley to be given the Haldol to make him look unbalanced and to keep him under wraps for a while in order to make people think twice about supporting him? What does the mode of transport have to do with his sanity? If I were him, I’d be afraid to fly too. Ever hear of Lockerbie, or JFK Jr., or Paul Wellstone, or the wife of one of the 9-11 victims dying in a air crash Buffalo a few years ago just after meeting with Obama and telling him she was pursuing justice? (She hadn’t taken the ‘insurance’ money, meaning the hush money, from the feds.)

  4. in a scene suggestive of Kristallnacht

    When someone uses tired Nazi imagery to bolster their case, I immediately see bullsh*t.

  5. This thing with the roommate’s suicide could use a little more examination. More details like did he have a history of failed suicide attempts and depression. Where’s the connection between the lawsuits and jumping off a bridge? There’s a vague association

    1. Also, during his jail time his youtube account was showing activity, which some thought could be the roommate using it on a tv…so that theory is out. But who would bother to like a video, as if it were Shanley, if not trying to create disnfo?

  6. Dr. Gretchen Hermes -interesting name. The first advice I’d give Mr. Shanley is to stay away from psychiatrists/psychologists. How the h*ll would she know that Shanley was ‘in danger’ if he pursued his SH lawsuit?

  7. good lord. the new form of police state that the US has morphed into under Bush-Obama may in crucial ways be worse than traditional fascism.

  8. Wolfgang has filed his own Sandy Hook Lawsuit and has sent out 10 subpoena’s that have been successfully delivered.

    He claims the Judge is convinced he has a viable case.

        1. Let me try this again:
          Some guy has filed his own andy crook Lawsuit and has sent out 10 subpoena’s that have been successfully delivered.

          He claims the Judge is convinced he has a viable case.

      1. He said because she “let” him send out the subpoena’s for depositions or something like that.

        I guess he feels the Judge could have just shut him down but didn’t so he assumes this. This is what I got out of his interview with AJ.

        But he’s got a long way to go and good luck at getting anyone to deposition.

        He didn’t mention who he subpoenaed for depositions and I didn’t see the lawsuit posted on his web site either.

  9. call me a naysayer, but if shanley wrote this yarn, I wouldnt be surprised to find that tobias doesnt exist and shanley is a witting agent of controlled opposition.

    given the silliness of his “bourne identity” I would gather HE doesnt even take this nonsense seriously.

    Discredit SHE doubters? this script wasnt written with any other cryptic motives. I say hang him.

    1. The use of “Haldol” is making better sense by the minute. I sense that Mr. Shanley has a rich fantasy life. This, no doubt, may be why they encourage (pay?) him.

      The continuing belief that the use of lawsuits, even realistic ones, could be effective here is desperation on the cusp of madness. Madness seems a theme here.

      Being a mere mortal, perhaps someone could explain how the sole author of these tomes manages to slip in and out of coherence, and writing styles with such faculty. One minute he’s doing his best “Melvin Belli imitation, filled with streaming enthusiasm, the next its “Pea-Patch Calhoun”, struggling with simple declarative sentences. Why is that?

      If I were a betting man, and I’m not, I’d wager he has “help”.

      1. This Guy has turned into a Cartoon Character to me. You DON”T “talk” like that in documents you submit to a court if you want to be taken seriously.

      2. How can we be sure of what Shanley’s record allegedly says? If our hypotheses are correct, the Nutmeg state is knee deep in complicity here and if so, they would be forced to try to stay ahead of the baying wolves at their feet. Memory Hole bloggers are keeping up the pursuit in search of the truth and this has to be causing some anxiety on the part of those that know who they are…..

  10. MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! Newtown Public Safety and Security Hearing on Tuesday, 3-3-15…. Maureen Crowley drops a bombshell!

      1. Not sure who she is talking to.. A public Safety and Security hearing?.who would attend that…?.at the end of her speech, when the chair asked ”any questions ?” why didn’t anyone say anything.? surly one of them ( who ever was listening) would have some sort of remark or comment after all that information… Or are they complicit to what is going on.. and have to stay quiet for their own good. Where does she go from here?

    1. Thanks for posting! Looks like that link is not working – here is one that is for now! What a brave woman Maureen Crowley is, she managed to squeeze a lot of the discrepancies in with the limited time allotted.

      1. floodgates at Sandy Hook may be starting to crack. A few Troopers or others that honor their oath coming out of the shadows might bust it wide open ?

        1. Someone criticized Maureen Crowley for wasting time explaining where she had lived. Can’t recall where I read that. Ms. Crowley, in my opinion, was establishing her deep roots in Connecticut as opposed to the many fly by nighters of Sandy Hook. She is one courageous lady.

  11. Obama has Saudi Arabia and Israel teaming together against the Iran Nuke Deal.

    when open articles like this:

    “Saudi Columnist Declares Obama ‘One of the Worst American Presidents’ Over Iran Deal”

    are openly published by an ally and, not to mention the multitude of scandals and lawlessness by Obama and clan, I can only think that by July the Illuminati card “backlash” is about to be played….

  12. I support Halbig b/c Sandy Hook was clearly a HOAX. But this Shanley character acts like a lunatic in interviews — he just screams and finger-points. That behavior is typical of CIA Disinfo agents. They try to muddy the waters and make “Truthers” sound like kooks. Instead of “jail,” Shanley was probably taken down to Langley for a refresher course on Agitprop and Acting. He’ll be back with another kooky half-baked scheme.

    1. Absolutely agree. Shanley is found to be contrived, mechanical, and ultimately predictable. I’ve long felt the incarceration was also fabricated to help keep the wolves from getting too close to the truth of Sandy Hook. Is there any way to substantiate whether or not he was actually in prison and financially embarrassed such that he could not afford a lawyer and was given one? I also suspect that defense of this information is done well into the future. It’s also interesting to note that the state of Connecticut is so mum on this situation. I think they hear the rumble of thunder but are pretending it isn’t there.

    2. What interviews are you viewing? I strongly disagree with you that Mr. Shanley “acts like a lunatic” or “screams and finger-points”- if you are referring to the one interview conducted with him by the “ProfessorDoom” individual, and since (allegedly) taken down from his YouTube account, then you’ve failed to take into account any of his more important and widely-viewed interviews, including extended interviews with John B. Wells and Pete Santilli and others, so your selection of interview(s) with regards to Mr. Shanley is a narrow one, and what has obviously happened to him as a result of filing these lawsuits last year was NOT reported BY HIM and the details he has released of his account have so-far ALL checked out. The notion that Mr. Shanley is somehow a disinfo agent therefore is ridiculous and provably false in light of those facts.

      It would be in Mr. Shanley’s best interest to be very public with his ongoing maneuvers, not secretive, and to proceed with his additional future lawsuits with the help of capable, neutral, significant legal experts.

      If redoubling his legal efforts amounts to some sort of a “kooky half-baked scheme” in your limited estimation (or to anyone else reading this who harbors rather unfounded beliefs about Mr. Shanley), rest easy knowing that such stunted research and limited understanding of who this man is, and what he is doing is obvious, even to utter strangers, and that the voluminous negative opinions of him are impertinent.

      Now, if anyone wants a good primer on dis-info, or wants to start deprogramming, simply ask yourself why you think so poorly of William Shanley, and follow the rhetoric of those seeking to marginalize him on irrelevant grounds. (So far, that has ONLY amounted to his personal (rather “plebian”) beliefs about economics, and his dislike for so-called “bankers”- all of which is not very unconventional or outrageous in the Day and Age that this Society that has named Michael Moore a Top Documentary Film Maker) Because none of those expressed beliefs change the facts about the Sandy Hook Elementary School “Shooting”- and that is the prize; getting discovery (in the legal sense), and seeing where the facts lead.

      I personally believe that it is still worthwhile for the citizens of CT to press for Grand Jury proceedings, since murders were allegedly committed and because there is ample evidence that the present “Media narrative” and “wiki’ entry” is factually errant and practically impossible to have occurred as described. Crimes were committed in and around SHES indeed, the question is… which ones, exactly, and by whom?

      Enjoy and Beware

  13. I am finding a number of contradictions in the statements of the various parents at Sandy Hook.

    In different interviews, sometime in the same interview, parents tell completely different stories. Additionally their interviews are rather anomalous as well. For example, the Phelps are being interviewed at Treadwell Park or a green screen of Treadwell Park on Saturday ? Why ? They are both actors. Laura Phelps stated that her first reaction after receiving the news was to not go to the school and “let the police do their work”? That is insane and what parent would react that way?

    Credits where due to the video producers.

    Anyway here are the parents who have conflicting stories:

    1. Nicole Hockley- (a) she received a call at her Karate class (b) she received 2 calls. The first warned her about police activity at the center of town and the second call she received 5 minutes away from her class.

    2. Sue Shortt – in a single interview stated that (a) she found her son at the Fire House (b) her husband found their son and took him home.

    3. Joe Wasik stated (a) that he arrived at the school and was directed to the Fire House where he found his daughter. (b) Video footage from a helicopter clearly shows Joe Standing around for quite some time in the back of the Fire House and even walking a circle through it.

    4.Nelba Marquez-Greene on the view (a) she received a voice message (b) she received a text message.


    1. Phelps Video at 9:35 and 13:35:


    2. Marquez-Greene The View:

    At 4:0 voice call https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLQV_qPCriE … At 2:0 a text call https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ85xU_TYPM

    3.Joe Wasik :

    Helicopter video – at 10:26
    Interview video

    4. Sue Short :


    5: Nicole Hockley :


    1. Mergigm Bajraliu has conflicting stories as well. Excerpted from a web page :



      He posted his USA jacket picture on his Face Book page at the parking lot at 9:50 am – when this was reported on GLP he deleted all of the pictures and comments – if it was all legit why would he delete them ? How did he get that pic taken by someone else uploaded at 9:50 am ? His pals Danny Bittman and Noah’s older brother Vabner are his buddies and they all commented but he deleted everything.

      He claims to have found his sister , in the BC talks video , within 20 minutes and then says 45 minutes after that a picture was taken of the two of them. MAJOR LIE – PROBLEM- that picture was taken at Treadwell park and he is wearing a hoodie – so within an hour after arriving at the school he has a different shirt on , his jacket is gone, and he is getting pictures taken at Treadwell park ???WTF ARE YOU FFFFING KIDDING ME?

      He does live by Treadwell park in a million dollar house too- this kid is the weak Link

  14. Self proclaimed Sandy Hook expert Deanna Spingola has the answers in her new book.


    Screening Sandy Hook – Causes and Consequences
    • By: Deanna Spingola

    “Despite the claims that drugs were not a factor in the Sandy Hook mass murders, certain circumstances provide a different picture. Adam Lanza, always a unique individual, changed from being a “geeky, weird kid” to being a mass murderer, not of people his own age, but of beautiful, vulnerable children feeling secure in their classrooms in a sleepy bedroom community in Connecticut.”

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