Video: Wolfgang Halbig’s 4/24/15 Hearing Before the Connecticut FOI Commission

Updated 11:10PM EST, 4/25/15

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Destruction of Evidence: Sandy Hook Elementary School being torn down in 2013.Mert Melfa Media

On April 22, 2015 Wolfgang Halbig traveled to Connecticut to meet with his attorney Kay Wilson and confront Newtown and Connecticut officials withholding information pertinent to Halbig’s numerous public records requests. As MHB readers are aware, this hearing, which was to have taken place on March 31, was abruptly postponed. Word has it that Governor Malloy also confronted Halbig during his visit and adamantly denied any foreknowledge of the Sandy Hook massacre event.

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  1. Keep losing all audio. This is 4-hour video.

    Great tutorial on how the Just-Us system works.


  2. James – Thanks for posting this, but it’s a 4-hour and 20-minute video! It would be nice if someone has the time to watch it and then pass along the key spots of interest to Sandy Hook research people.

    Thanks Michael

  3. I was really looking forward to this James. The quality is so poor, it’s pretty hard to sit through. A transcript would help. Wondering what happened to the quality?

    1. WH should prepare, with the help of his attorney, a summary of the proceeding and the outcome.

      I only listened to a few minutes but I heard a bit of the discussion of WH’s request for “signed work orders.” Seems unsigned work orders were given to WH one day before this hearing, though he has been formally requesting these documents since February of 2013. A male voice in the room said that this [incomplete] set of the requested [but unsigned] work orders show a “completion date” stamped on them, indicating the date the work was completed, “speak for themself.”

      The hocus pocus ensues and piles on early in the meeting. I assume it only goes down from there.

  4. Maybe if there was a transcript of the most salient moments, it would help. I have no idea what really happened at this meeting

  5. I suppose it goes without saying, we need to hear Wolf’s take on this FOIA hearing ASAP. I hope you can get him on right away. We are dying to hear what really happened

  6. State and Feds have unlimited money to spend on “defense” of this FOIA request. I can see this action taking years and settlement will not be guaranteed. Lots of very fat cats are defending this SH event, right to the very top. That’s what Wolf is up against.
    And, imagine. This is a FOIA request, it has to do with freedoms and openness…..The judicial system is on trial and we know how those things go, don’t we?

  7. lol, a four hour video of a stone wall, how entertaining! But seriously… at least there is audio of people talking.

    I immediately noticed (within the first few minutes) the distinctive “pop” sound of a (or other) chat session in progress during this hearing. Who was chatting with whom, and is there a transcription of this conversation as well? Depending on who is chatting, this conversation might be very interesting.

    Also, was there a court reporter/transcriptionist working during this hearing? Such a record would be much clearer than the audio of this recording, and much more complete. If WH could provide this, we could analyze the details of this hearing much more accurately. (if that is what we should be doing).

    I’ve downloaded this video to play with VLC in an attempt to hear the audio more clearly.

    1. I was in the chat session. Most of us were unable to hear and trying to rely on the very few who could hear, or to connect to FPRN radio, which was supposed to have a live feed, but was not connecting. It was frustrating. We all noted the tension in the room, and were impressed with Wilson’s demeanor – not intimidated! Of course, the chat was trolled by a shill who constantly made reference to Habig’s size, and tried to derail the chat with accusation that Wolf was a con and just in it for the money.

  8. The vipers have returned to their den while trusting their comfort zone is still intact. No one is going to jail. All we can hope for is more people taking notice of the deceit that surrounds them. Thank you Wolfgang Halbig.

    Maureen Crowley was present at the FOIA hearing. She writes on her twitter account:

    “was at FOIA meeting with Wolfgang Halbig. Monte Frank’s hand was shaking like mad. dopey sh “we choose love” bracelet. gag.”

    “even the FOIA principle attorney at yesterday’s meeting in Hartford, shook her head in disgust at the deceit and buffoonery of NEWTOWN”

    1. Anne,
      You quoted Maureen Crowley saying “was at FOIA meeting with Wolfgang Halbig. Monte Frank’s hand was shaking like mad. dopey sh “we choose love” bracelet. gag.”

      Is there anyway to tell me what the Video time was when Franks hands was a shaking?

      4 hours is long to try and find this.

      Also, If there were 654 students there that day there should have been at least 25 Teachers alone not counting Administrators/Maintenance/Others present. Assuming each class was at maximum capacity at 25-30 Students per classroom.

      Where were all of them? Did they all run through the woods to escape?

      I never saw them at the Firehouse nor do I recall seeing any of them interviewed by the MSM that day.

      Why hasn’t Rick Thorne ever been interviewed or any mention of him declining to be interviewed?

      CBS,ABC,NBC and CNN would pay him BIG bucks for his testimony. But they don’t seem to care about the Best eyewitness. Hmmmm

      Either his check from Obama and Holder was sufficient or he got scared that day and told his handlers “this is where I jump off”, “Too many people are asking questions and I’m a real person not a professionally trained actor like Robby Parker and the Parents you hired”

      Who Knows.

      But I would love to know the time in the video where Monte Franks hand is shaking.


      1. I watched the 2 hours + video. Monte Frank and his hands were not in view all the time, but Maureen Crowley was sitting right there and whatever took place she saw with her own eyes. I saw Frank sporting the green SH bracelet. Recommend taking 2 hours off and watch how Wolfgang and his attorney kept their cool. Even the state’s attorney, all decked out in red, became frustrated in the end with Frank and company – and rightfully so.

        During the FOIA hearing Wolfgang Halbig’s attorney referred to a letter by Mrs. Hochsprung sent out to parents in the fall of 2012 about implementing a new security system at SHES. Wolfgang’s attorney, Ms. Wilson, asked the man representing Newtown schools’ maintenance dept. if such a system had been installed. The man did not know. Upon further questioning he said the last time a security system was installed at SHES was in 2007.

        Mrs. Hochsprung’s letter was printed in the Hartford Courant, see below. The FOIA Commission leader asked to see the letter. Ms. Wilson could not produce it since the only reference to such a letter came from the Courant and another “news” outlet. That is when the commission leader said that everything in the media is hearsay and not proof of anything.
        So there is no tangible proof of this letter – or anything else the media reports on according to the commission leader – including the Sandy Hook incident on 12/14/12 we have to assume.

        Principal Outlined New Security Procedures At Sandy Hook Elementary School
        December 14, 2012
        The “frequently asked questions” section of the Sandy Hook Elementary School website features a question: “Please explain the security system at SHA. Click here to view the security letter sent to Sandy Hook families this year.” The letter said:
        Dear Members of our Sandy Hook Family,
        Our district will be implementing a security system in all elementary schools as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure student safety. As usual, exterior doors will be locked during the day. Every visitor will be required to ring the doorbell at the front entrance and the office staff will use a visual monitoring system to allow entry. Visitors will still be required to report directly to the office and sign in. If our office staff does not recognize you, you will be required to show identification with a picture id. Please understand that with nearly 700 students and over 1,000 parents representing 500 SHS families, most parents will be asked to show identification.

        Doors will be locked at approximately 9:30 a.m. Any student arriving after that time must be walked into the building and signed in at the office. Before that time our regular drop-off procedures will be in place. I encourage all parents to have their children come to school and return home on the bus and to remain in school for the entire school day. The beginning and ending of our school day are also important instructional times and therefore we want all our students to reap the benefits of full participation in our program.
        We need your help and cooperation for our system to work effectively. Our office staff is handling multiple tasks. Though they will work diligently to help you into the building as quickly as possible, there may be a short delay until someone can view you on the handset and allow you to come in electronically. There are times during the day when office personnel are on the telephone, addressing student concerns, or in the copy room; there are other times when only one person is in the front office. Please help our staff by identifying yourself and provide your child’s name.
        Keep in mind we will be following our district guidelines which may need revision once we test the system.
        Please know your involvement continues to be critical to our school’s effectiveness and your child’s success. We continue to encourage and value your presence in our classrooms and are counting on your cooperation with the implementation of this safety initiative.
        Mrs. Hochsprung

        1. Anne, that’s a good analysis. Halbig’s attorney did a good job. She has the patience of Job. I wish he would have stopped talking to her on mic. It was distracting.

          What Halbig, and others, seem to lose sight of is that it was merely a FOIA hearing. The question is, did they get what they asked for and, if not, why?

          Once this is complete they will issue a report. He may get more documents, he may not. Beyond that, nothing will happen other than it may be necessary to challenge the report.

          His lawyer clearly gets it. It may be dramatic when they are caught lying, but I don’t think that will influence their report. Any other action he may take based on documents is up to him but, they are unlikely to supply any useful ammunition.

          I mentioned before how important it is to word requests correctly. His current lawyer would do a good job. I’m not so sure about the previous one. As creepy as Frank is, he was correct that it isn’t their job to interpret what he wants.

          Lying or not, how are you going to argue with “we don’t always cut work orders”? He says he doesn’t, you say he does? In a different proceeding they could possibly get a subpoena. Then they could march in there and seize the records.

          On that subject, some of her witnesses are in contempt. Now she will have to determine how to enforce her subpoenas. Their lying in this proceeding will not help them. It may be useful in a later action if they can get it in.

          I’m impressed with his lawyer. She presented her case admirably, avoided emotion and was unflappable. It was an amazing performance to watch the head of maintenance have to look at Frank to answer her questions.

          Some of the rulings (as well as the process) were bizarre. In some ways Frank was not as clever as he no doubt thinks he is. He could have simply stated that they have everything and that’s that.

          Psychologically, if they are saying that it happened just as described, they would add much more credence to their tale to take the position that its an open book. “We have nothing to hide”. By fighting to not provide documents they are looking more and more culpable.

          I don’t know what his ultimate plan is for this. He is not going to get any admissions. He will not get a ruling on the truthfulness of anything in a board hearing. It’s fun to watch them squirm, I’ll give you that. Keyhoe’s head looked like a human thermometer. I thought his head was going to explode.

          I suppose, ultimately, that the message is “we don’t believe you”, and they got that loud and clear.

        2. According to the New Head of ALL the Lawyers in Connecticut, Monty Frankfurters, Dawn Hochsprung’s letter is just “hearsay” and means Nothing.


        3. The Courant has been busted – time to follow up with legal action.

          The article in the Courant was released the day of the incident, but listed no byline. Expert witness testimony in the FOIA court has just determined the letter is completely false. (Certain facts within the letter were obviously wrong – the student enrollment was off by approximately 250. Also, the thing is signed by “Mrs. Hochsprung.”

          2007 for the actual system makes sense, because the school building was in a state of heavy decay in 2012, It appears to have been used for storage, and parts of it leased out to Education Connection.

          Another point made by the witness from the school maintenance department, was that the reports of PCB levels, asbestos levels, and lead paint were not part of the annual inspection, but instead, only performed for construction and demolition studies.

          Sandy Hook was already being torn down. They had CBYD – Call before you dig warnings painted on the concrete. Construction dumpsters in the lot. They replaced broken windows and doors with plate glass instead of safety glass. And they filled the boilers with water from a hose, which can be seen in the police video which was supposedly taken the following day.

        4. We look at the performance of our schools coast to coast and we realize our system produces students who rank around #40 in the world. We find valedictorians in high schools going to esteemed schools and needing remedial math and English. And then we watch a film, a marvelous film, of the FOIA proceeding of the past week and we see exactly how and why our schools are failing. They are a means to help destroy this nation, plain and simple. There are no good intentions. It’s a business, a nasty game. We pay, who plays?

        5. Sandy, not to defend Frank, but the hearing was a part of the FOIA process. He is saying that he has no documents relevant to the security system installation. That may or may not be true. The newspaper article “implies” that there would be documents. He is saying that there are no documents.

          It has been established that the media can lie to us. It isn’t illegal. Under the circumstances we would be wise not to believe the media. If he continues to pursue this any lying done on Newtown’s part is likely to be revealed in a later process.

          In this FOIA process they get to present their case, Newtown gets to respond, and, apparently they get to request a change to their response. We’ve all studied the characters and plot associated with this drill.

          At this point all we know is that there was an article in the newspaper. She (or someone else), could have placed that. It doesn’t, in itself, mean anything was actually done at the school (if the school was open).

          If either of these two things were fabrications, that would present a potential problem in that common sense would dictate that there would be records of such an installation. If this gets out of their control a judge could order a records search. For now all they have to do is stonewall and claim that no records exist.

          I’m reasonably certain that this is making them squirm. At present all it is doing is making them look suspicious and silly. Their report to Wolfgang will either contain additional documents or they will continue to claim that they either do not have them or claim an exemption.

          At that point it will be up to Wolfgang to decide how to pursue further options. Depositions would be useful but they are not an option in this type of proceeding. We should remember that it may be a true statement that certain records do not exist. If you create a hoax you don’t necessarily create a paper trail to go with it.

        6. Looking for the hearsay letter from Mrs. Hochsprung I encountered several “oops, page not found”. Here is one pdf file found at CDN may stand for Content Delivery Network.

          The letter has no letter head, no date and any school principle worth his or her salt would type full name with title and then sign it. The original letter would have been sent out to the parents of all 700? students of SHES. In defense of The Town of Newtown, their legal counsel Monte Frank should have no problem producing the original letter.

          The Hartford Courant has been a major player in this hoax all along.

        7. Monte Frank and his assistant spent a lot of time covering their faces with their hands. Wonder if they were ready to burst out laughing or were they trying to cover up their deception?

        8. An, that’s a good find. It isn’t signed, has no letterhead – as you pointed out- and anyone could have written it and typed the name “Hochsprung”. If it was in their possession I don’t see why they couldn’t produce it.

          Frank and crony look the way they do because they know they’ve got this “in the bag”. They are not getting a decision at the end of the hearing and it will take them a while to issue a report. The report will no doubt say what they want it to say.

          My understanding is that there will then be an opportunity to challenge the report. I don’t know who presides over that process. I would imagine that, after the challenge, all that would be left is a suit claiming that they failed to abide by the FOIA regulations.

          The town will, no doubt, cite the record of this proceeding as proof that they received a fair hearing. At that point they may get to discovery. Of course they will say that they have all the releasable documents. They should be able to depose witnesses, however.

          As Musings pointed out, I do not understand how the hearing chair did not have copies of the relevant documents in question. I think his attorney did a nice job of keeping her cool. She got it in the record and that’s about all she could hope to do.

          One of the problems with these types of proceedings is that they are not trials. Things are loose. It was hard for me to follow the presider’s decisions. In this case he will get to make recommendations for the report. Whatever it says they’ll sign off on it.

          I still think that Frank played is cards stupidly. Instead of acting contemptuous and looking for excuses why he didn’t produce the documents, he would have appeared more believable if he’d simply said that no releasable documents exist. In other words, “we gave you everything you asked for”.

          Another problem with this sort of approach is that, if they say it doesn’t exist, how are you going to “prove” that it does? It may even be true that they don’t exist because the school wasn’t open. They will say it was because they were lax with their records.

          Sometimes you can get a judge to issue a subpoena for the records. It won’t happen in this proceeding, if ever. Obviously, if there really aren’t any records it would do no good to find that. It might add more credence to the evidence, but there is always another explanation.

          We’ll see where this goes. I would like to see records of payments for utilities, meals, etc.. So far, they’ll just say “we’re bad housekeepers” and let it go at that.

  9. i loved watching monte frank and newtown police chief Kehoe squirming about when examined on the medium priority “unwanted persons” call for service log that was put out at after receiving the first 911 call of the incident reporting shots fired. Chief Kehoe denying, and quite assuredly lying, of communication with state trooper 1 helicopter and the newtown police department that day.

    Halbig did what he said he would do and got a couple to raise their right hand, and quite undeniably lied under oath. Can’t wait for more. There’s multiple witnesses still yet to be examined.

      1. Thank you Charles – much better quality! Dr. Tracy you should replace the version you posted with this one before it gets lost in the comments.

        The fact that they provided more than one hundred pages of work orders and one of the officer’s video cams footage the day before this second hearing implies the FOI court might have some pull. THE FOI lawyer and Judge appear to be real people who just might care!

        There were Issues with the work orders – they were computer generated with no responsible parties listed as doing or approving the actual work. The lawyer had previously asked for $22.50 to provide the copies, @ 50 cents per page that would of been 45 pages, there were over 100. There were no work orders found for the actual work needed as documented in the crime scene photos. The response was not all work generates an order, mold & mildew are just routine maintenance – yah right.

        The witnesses were squirming and looking to the town’s lawyer to call for objections as they did not want to answer

        1. i have read a comment from the uploader, as quoted
          “I have received communication of concerns about Wolfgang and his attorney whispering that shouldn’t have been included in the video…. It appears to some a breach of attorney/client privilege. I don’t know if this is true as I am not an attorney; however, to make folks happy, I pulled the video and a new video is in production without the Wolfgang whispering.”

    1. Here was an opportunity for Newtown to squash the naysayers. Instead, Monte Frank clearly showed that he is doing all he can to hide the truth.

      Citing irrelevance in most of his objections, Mr. Frank makes the viewer truly wonder “what is relevant”?

      What are you trying to hide?

      Thanks for the post moose.

  10. I listened to the entire hearing on Radio and it was pretty clear minus the occasional audio drop outs at critical times of testimony.

    This is inaudible and the video is poor.

    I heard Infowars had a camera crew there.

  11. It’s pretty common these days to use voice recognition software to prepare the transcript. Let’s hope that the sound quality of the mics reading the testimony is better than that of the video.

    I find a lot of errors with voice recognition-generated transcripts. I can’t tell if there is a recorder there. They usually ask for corrections if they think it isn’t accurately transcribing the testimony.

    We would get much more from a reading of the transcript than the video, although, it is good to use both.

  12. I was dumbstruck while reading the Sleuth Journal and it said that Major William Podgorski, allegedly a sudden death victim, was really a DHS operative and NOT a Conn. State Trooper! He did not die suddenly, he was whisked away to another assignment before the hot and heavy questions started bombarding him. If he was DHS, this means federal complicity, something we’ve long suspected.
    Absolutely boggling!

  13. I listened live on Friday, and revisited the FOIA hearing via the clear version now posted to Youtube. Some of my observations:

    Halbig and Wilson worked as a team – she took the appropriate lead, and kept him in check, and he offered regular guidance that she used at the appropriate times.

    Llodra never showed! Neither did head Janitor Anzelotti(sp?) Several witnesses who were subpoenaed and summoned did not appear. Attorney Wilson is now seeking to remedy this and make compulsory their testimony at the follow-up hearing yet to be scheduled.

    Monte Frank was clearly tense and duplicitous – forcing Wolf to respond to overly-narrow questions regarding irrelevant documents that Frank had previously sent to Wolf, along with a bill for 19 bucks. Frank attempted to imply that Wolf could have paid an additional 22 dollars and received all the other FOIA requested documents. Wolf finally managed to get it into his response that he was not about to continue paying for garbage. Although his initial objections were auto-sustained, as the hearing progressed, they were at times over-ruled. The photographs of the condition of the school were used to question whether their were any documents and work-orders on file. They were very powerful, and I believe made a big impression on Ms. Brown of the FOIA court.

    Frank objected to logical questions by Wilson at every turn, and was caught in several untrue assertions.

    Just one day prior to the hearing, Halbig was given school work orders to review. Halbig and Wilson noted that they weren’t signed at all.

    Also, on the previous day, Halbig went to the police station to view the dashcam videos. Attorney Wilson asked Police Chief Kehoe if they customarily list time/date/officer ID on the video. Kehoe responded “Yes.” She questioned him as to why there was no such info on the video viewed by Halbig. Kehoe struggled and made up an excuse about Wolf seeing copies, and that the info was not on the copies. Wilson asked him how this could simply fall off the copies! He then denied that the videos lacked the date/time/trooper stamps.

    Kehoe stated that there was no communication between he Trooper One Helicopter overhead, and the Newtown police, despite the helicopter log stating that it was deployed to assist the police in a manhunt.

    Kehoe seemed unfamiliar with the format and verbiage of his own police report, and could not explain why a school shooting was listed as “unwanted person” and set at a “medium priority.”

    The Buildings Superintendent testified that he was unaware of any requirement that schools have to have an annual inspection. He went on to say that they do annual inspections every August. He was caught in multiple moments of silence, confusion, and constantly looked to Monte Frank for answers.

    Wolf had them scared to death.

    1. One can only hope this FOIA commission is not hopelessly corrupt. The Commissioner played an interesting part as an authority who clearly favored Frank regarding objections. Remember state’s attorney Sedensky who redacted nearly 7000 pages of testimony and other information and then produced a 50 page bolus of useless verbiage? This state has a LOT to hide and I found it most interesting that Gov. Malloy, one of our more hated governors over the last 150 years, stating that he didn’t know about anything prior to the event. He was told “something could happen regarding school safety” in the future, but he didn’t know a thing!! By none other than the esteemed Eric Holder, no less…..
      Frank showed that when the papers mouth the typical MSM line, it’s absolutely the truth. When the papers print things against the state line, well, that’s a different story. Kay Wilson has a tremendous opportunity to open this can of worms up to the light of day, but remember she was fearful just prior to the FOIA session and was going to drop out for fear of her life and her family’s.
      MHB has really done some terrific work and broadcasted some tremendous interviews. It’s been a great rock for us all and informative and enjoyable, to say the least. Onward, James.

      1. That said, I hope we don’t all get knocked down in the street and asked, “what’s the frequency, Kenneth”?

  14. It’s all about stalling tactics on their part now.. and there has go to be a way to push this along …. there is a way, there is always away. I’ve sent wofgang money but I can’t do it now??……
    How could it be that we can prove they tampered with the video evidence, it’s obvious,but how could we PROVE it????
    There needs to be some patriotic attorney’s for san hook truth… out there. God I love the truth… the empirical evidence, the real deal….

  15. Alright… thank you, charles for posting the clear video/audio.

    My Revelation is that each and every “media” statement is considered “hearsay” by the opposing attorniey. I wonder why that is? Back in the day,the media’s statements were considered “gospel” Now, you have to assume everything they say is a lie!

    1. Right On THX.

      Monty Frank tells the world ALL MSM is Bullsh$t and cannot be used in a court of Law.


      I bet his Luciferian Handlers are Not Happy….Anderson Cooper aka Mr. Vanderbilt to the rescue.

  16. I’d like to point out that the counsel to the commission, atty, Tracy/Tracey brown pointed out, during review of the photograph of the front entrance overhang, that there was mold on the wood before atty. Wilson even mentioned it.

    now THAT was hilarious

    1. Yes, I was impressed by her behavior – she did a good job. I was surprised that the witnesses were not better prepared, since Mr. Halbig’s argument was clearly spelled out in the videos available on YouTube months ago.

      1. her facial expressions and body language were quite telling: she wasnt buying it either.

        she even had to cover her mouth when the custodial witness said he said that it was only water damage and that he did not put in a work order for it to be fixed.

        unfortunately, i have my doubts she will be at the next hearing.

  17. How much respect can you have for a process that allows personnel that receive a subpoena to just blow off the hearing ? Monte Frank just goes for a bike ride that was planned in advance for months and notifies the court a week in advance that he had urgent business ? Other town witnesses just do not show up after being served ? If they can snub the law without repercussions do you really expect a fair and just outcome on any ruling ?

    I give Wolf tremendous credit for his efforts, he is the only one of prominence sticking his neck out there and bringing attention to this matter. Although I have my disagreements with some of his investigative priorities and assessments he definitely deserves his due. And I don’t want to hear any complaints that his motivation is profit because no amount of money is worth the flak he is receiving for doing this. And in fact there does not appear to be very much money going his way anyway.

    At the very least he will embarrass the town leaders for allowing children in such a filthy school.

    I think they should make large cardboard blow up pictures of the police laughing it up in the parking lot, Shannon Hicks serving refreshments at the back of the fire house and picking up a pizza delivery. Ask Monte Frank if this looks like the scene of a massacre of children.

    1. Let me also interject that the fact that Wolf was provided documents just one day prior to the hearing, after months and months of waiting, is a clear demonstration of BAD FAITH, on the part of Newtown and their representatives.

      1. The BAD Faith is also demonstrated by the non appearances of witnesses as well as Monte Frank’s bike ride postponement at the last minute.

        1. We need to spread this photograph of Monte Frank far and wide.  He has shamed himself unmercifully and we should do likewise to him. Wolfgang Halbig speaks in detail about some of the work/repairs that needed to be done on the Sandy Hook Elementary School building in this video.

          SANDY HOOK UPDATE Exclusive Interview with Wolfgang Halbig SANDY HOOK UPDATE Exclusive Interview with Wolfgang Halbig Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel 776 4,512 Published on Apr 14, 2015This is the Wolfgang presentation excerpt from the recent Episode of Wake Up To The Truth, below is the Full Interview

          |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | SANDY HOOK UPDATE Exclusive Interview with Wolf… | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

          Wake Up To The Truth # 34 Sandy Hook Update, Exclusive with Wolfgang Halbig

          Here is the Article with the pictures posted from this video… – Category – People & Blogs – License – Standard YouTube License All Comments (175)  ______________________ I post this YouTube video to explain to some extent what makes the presentation of some of the “work orders” to WH and his attorney on the day before the hearing highly irregular in every possible way. The “work orders” provided by the Ct. FOIA Commission are not true and correct copies of properly and fully executived work order documents.  The signature and clearly typed name and department of the person requesting work to be done must be on the document for it to be a true “work order.”  I also think that the simple stamping of a date on this form is sufficient “speaks for itself” evidence that the work had been done and when it had been done.  I believe that the name and probably signature of the person who is verifying, and is duly authorized to do so,  that the work had been done must be on a properly executed and completed “work order.”  I would also opine that there would need to be on a properly executed and completed “work order” form a brief summary of exactly what work was performed and the status or condition of the work site or target of repair upon work completion.  All of these characteristics of a true and correct copy of a properly and full executed work order and absent, so there were no “work orders” at all, notwithstanding the improper and untimely method of conveyance of the non-work orders to Wolfgand Halbig. I can tell you from various kinds of personal experience that FOIA document requests must be tediously, skillfully, and strategically worded by a specialized attorney in order to pass or get through the experienced and vigorous screening of these requests by “open records” agency attorneys whose stock and trade is routinely denying these requests.  Those written and verbal (telephoned) requests for documents personally by Wolfgang Halbig are easily disqualified and ignored by these crafty attorneys.  But some of WH’s requests were properly prepared by WH’s attorneys and those are not so easily discounted. What most likely happened is that the “gang” at the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission viewed some of the videos such as the one I posted a link to above and decided which items indicated by WH in the video to be sorely in need of repair deserved or warranted a “back engineered”, trumped up, fake-worded, fake and non-work request form.  They also decided which items in the video an easy excuse could be given for there being no “work request.” 

          And the beat goes on…  “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        2. Several misspellings in my last comment but did want to correct one error. Change “I also think that the simple stamping of a date on thisform is sufficient “speaks for itself” To “I also think that the simple stamping of a date on thisform is INSUFFICIENT “speaks for itself”  “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

    2. I just viewed the hearing from a different camera perspective, and was shocked to see some of the subpoenaed witnesses, who were not called, were sitting in the hearing room. They must have been the ones “excused” from testifying by Monte Frank.

      Really? How is it legal for opposing council to excuse the witnesses called for by the plaintiff, especially when they are present and able to be examined?

    1. AbleChild has been trying to do that since 2012.
      The response to AbleChild speaks volumes.
      But their issue is that if anything at all is responsible (they don’t want to risk funding cuts so they are sticking to the official story. Through many in the organization do not buy it) it is the over medicating (big pharma) of children and not guns.

      1. Why are children being medicated at all?! Any decent audiologist in a Big Pharma-controlled area will tell you that the kids are the ones most impacted by these drugs as their brains are still forming. Many are coming down with lifelong side effects, like auditory processing disorders which can be debilitating.

        These psy ops involve ‘mental illnesses’ that are never named or defined. I will have to watch more of AbleChild’s video, but I’m not at all surprised to hear the outcome. There never was an Adam Lanza so there isn’t any ‘disease’ to examine.

        Another thing to consider in this takeover by the state of forced medicating is that the insurance companies started refusing to pay for all these psych medications a few years ago, so the profit margin for Big Pharma has dropped considerably. Now the state is going to force the taxpayers to foot the bill for their own chemical lobotomization. There was just so long that a for-profit business like insurance could carry the chronic mass-pathologization of the healthy.

        I’d really like to know how the mechanics of that shift in posture went down. Did the insurance companies just call out these ‘diagnoses’ of everyone, especially children, as without medical proof? I’d assume the pharmaceutical companies and ‘doctors,’ et al, want to keep a lid on the process. Their racket simply cannot weather any questioning of its ‘science.’

    2. “in spring of 2013, Ablechild sued the state to obtain Adam Lanza’s medical/mental health and toxicology records. The state denied Ablechild’s request based on an arbitrary ruling that the non-profit was not a stakeholder.”

      Here is the video of that hearing

  18. I just realized that the clearer video/audio is half as long as the original four hour video. Did I miss half of the proceedings?

    1. The original video had an additional two hours, approximately, of discussion between onlookers to the hearing about what they had just witnessed. You did not miss any of the actual proceedings if you watched just the newer version that was posted on memoryholeblog.

      And many thanks, again, to Dr. Tracy for giving everyone an opportunity to review these proceedings and comment on them.

  19. The FOIA hearing video by Mert Melfa that was made private was due to his thoughts that the whispering between Wolfgang and his atty. was audible and may be ‘privileged’. He is editing those parts and will re post. BTW there is also a video by Melfa of a press conference with Wolfgang in the hallway after the hearing. You tube>Wolfgang Halbig press conference…

  20. Attorney Kay Wilson stated her intent to seek remedy and make compulsory the appearances of those witnesses, such as Pat Llodra, who ignored a judges served subpoena.

    Apparently, there are consequences. The term “subpoena” means: “under penalty.” Here is a legal answer for ignoring a subpoena:

    Facts about Show Cause

    A lawyer may request a show cause hearing if a party ignores a deposition subpoena. The court then commands the non-compliant party to appear before a judge to show good cause for his failure to appear. Good cause is a difficult standard to prove. Excuses such as work, minor illness, forgetfulness, travel, or ignorance of the law do not qualify as good cause. An unexpected emergency, such as a serious auto accident on the way to the deposition, would be an example of good cause. A party who fails to show good cause can be ordered to pay the costs and attorneys fees incurred by the hearing. The party may also be re-ordered to appear for the deposition. The judge also has the power to hold the non-compliant party in contempt of court and order incarceration and fines.

    Read more :

    1. How is he able to afford an attorney’s services? I would think a lawyer who chose to represent Halbig would face possible repercussions from the system. But maybe I’m too paranoid.

      1. Oh, yes, you hit the nail on the head. Any attorney representing a potential “enemy of the state” could be in dire straits following participation in such a case, more so if he/she manages to make too many points. Kay Wilson took the case after initially dropping out. Should she make the state look too bad, watch for Wilson to possibly cut bait. This is a common story in politics. Make a certain individual or agency look bad and you could be facing a rehash of the Vince Foster case, with you playing the part of Vince Foster. Recall the vast number of people who had knowledge of the Bill Clinton participation in events emanating from Mena, Arkansas airport. Remember? Around 75 people bit the dust when they were identified as troublesome to the Clintons and other compadre’s. It could get very dangerous for Halbig and his attorney.

      2. Those are very good observations. You are not paranoid at all feeling that Wolf’s attorney could face various repercussions from her participation. These actions most likely would not emanate from Connecticut, but the federal level. Eric Holder made an incredibly bizarre statement how he righted all the wrongs in the judicial system during his term there and clearly this applies to his actions connected with SH. How we go from point A to point B with this conglomeration of information is beyond me. I believe Connecticut is one of the very, very few places nationwide that will determine if democracy or a semblance of same will ever exist in this nation again. We’ve been amply recognized as being incredibly corrupt here in my home state and Malloy is but a part of the spider web woven to obstruct matters. We are the modern day Minute Men, we are either going to fight off this tyrannical government or we are going to face dire consequences. The country is going down the vortex rapidly, if TPP passes another nail will be added to our coffin. To think citizens buy into this incredibly corrupt Democratic ruse is way, way beyond the pale. Then again, the Republicans are worthy of no commendations from their pathetic defense of this nation. The 2 party system is rotten to the core, our votes mean nothing.

        We are going to fight them on the beaches, in the ocean and up in the sky. Who would have thought we’d be the last line of defense? How far are we from our death throes? We are the laughingstock of the entire world. Try that on for size…..

    1. Maybe (after 2.5 years of stalling) the Regime decided to forge 26 Death Certificates after all. Otherwise, skeptics won’t stop hounding them. They forged Hussein’s birth certificate, so why not a handful of Death Certificates for fictional people?

      1. Is it not crystal clear that the perps are reacting to all the investigations being done? Like, how many chances do the perps get to explain nearly 7000 pages of redacted/removed information from the state files? Should the FOIA request fail by Halbig, where do we go next? When do the rats start jumping off the ship? When does Malloy “fess up? They are in up to their necks. I find it amazing that the town of Newtown is still mum on the question “what happened in Sandy Hook”? This has got to be an incredible bombshell when it does finally explode.

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