Sandy Hook: Disturbing Anomalies in Noah Pozner Coroner’s Report

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By James F. Tracy

H/t Prof. Jim Fetzer

A closer look at Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II’s autopsy report for one Noah Samuel Pozner suggests at least three unusual discrepancies. This is especially the case when compared to the coroner’s remarks at a press conference in the immediate wake of the 2012 Newtown school massacre. Pozner was one of the 26 murder victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event.

First, according to the document Carver pronounced Noah Pozner dead at 11:00AM–about one hour and 20 minutes after Adam Lanza shot Pozner and committed suicide inside Sandy Hook school on December 14, 2012. This is according to Carver’s January 29, 2013 signed coroner’s report of the Pozner boy’s body (below).

Noah page 1 Noah page 2

Noah page 3

Carver’s testimony that Pozner survived for eighty minutes after being repeatedly shot by Lanza stands in stark contrast with his remarks at a December 15, 2012 press conference. When asked if the children suffered before dying, Carver responded, “If so, not for very long.” Yet by Carver’s own admission Pozner suffered for quite some time. Who attended to Pozner in his distress? Who pronounced Pozner and his classmates dead? According to the document it was Carver. Yet he was not yet on the scene at 11:00AM, and many first responders were likewise denied access to the crime scene.

Second, in comparison to the document, Carter’s off-the-cuff public statements to journalists concerning where the autopsies of the victims’ bodies took place simply don’t add up. The official version of what took place–that is, the story promoted in the New York Times and Wikipedia–explains that “fourteen of the children were dead at the scene; one injured child was taken to a hospital for treatment, but was later declared dead.”

The coroner’s report states that Pozner’s autopsy took place at approximately 8:27AM on December 15 “at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.” Yet in Carver’s bizarre performance at the December 15 press conference in Newtown the medical examiner explains in no uncertain terms that an elaborate facility was brought in and assembled where the autopsies presumably took place. At the conclusion of the fifteen-minute meeting with reporters a visibly apprehensive Carver repeatedly contradicts himself. Connecticut’s top coroner first suggests that the postmortem examinations transpired at an elaborate mobile facility furnished by federal authorities. Here are Carver’s exact words:

It wasn’t a tent. It was this magnificent–thing. And, uh, ah-ah-ah-and it’s sectional, and it sticks together with velcro, and they stake it to the ground, and electricity and lights and heat appear [sic].

Why else, other than to aid in the complex and likely chaotic postmortem of an unusually violent bloodletting was this sophisticated facility brought in and erected? This is undeniably what reporters and the public are led to conclude from the remarks of a public official with considerable stature.

Having established this part of the account, a confused Carver then backtracks, stating that the bodies were transported in unmarked vehicles 42 miles away to his office in Farmington where the autopsies were to be conducted. The latter scenario would fit with his written report, yet stand in stark contrast with what he has led his audience to presume.

Third, following the most tragic school shooting in US history, Connecticut’s chief medical examiner is concerned about allaying the concerns of undertakers who have nothing to do with the major criminal investigation Carver figures centrally in. “Our goal–our goal was to get the kids out and available to the funeral directors first,” the chief coroner remarks to reporters at 11:45 in the clip below. “Uh, just for, well … y’know obvious reasons.”

Nevertheless on page one of Carver’s January 29, 2013 report–less than 24 hours after the event has concluded–the Pozners’ funeral director is dictating certain postmorten procedure on behalf of the grieving family. (“Internal examination is not performed in keeping with the wishes of the family as expressed to the undersigned through a representative of the funeral home.”)

Along these lines, in the news conference below Carver elsewhere states that his office routinely calls the mortuaries. Almost in the same breath he removes mortuaries from the equation entirely, stating that the funeral homes call his busy office directly. “The mortuaries have all been called. Uh, uh, and, uh … [T]he usual drill is the funeral homes call us, and as soon as the paperwork’s done we call them back.” If this hold true, Carver’s January 29, 2013 report would have kept the undertakers waiting for over six weeks.

Yet Carver tells reporters below that such paperwork was completed at 1:30PM on December 15. Perhaps given the circumstances Carver is making reference to preliminary processing. Still, as with so many other elements related to the Sandy Hook massacre, the Pozner document’s inconsistencies raises more questions than they put to rest. This specific portion of the exchange (beginning at 13:31) is transcribed below.

Unidentified Reporter #1 (off camera): Could you just–real quick, you said, did they set up a tent in the parking lot?

Carver: It wasn’t a tent. It was this magnificent–thing. And, uh, ah-ah-ah-and it’s sectional, and it sticks together with velcro, and they stake it to the ground, and electricity and lights and heat appear [sic]. And it’s from the Department of Emergency Management, and I think it came from the army, but I’m not sure. I think it’s these things that they use [sic], uh, in-in-in, uh, to set up field hospitals very quickly–mobile hospitals.

Unidentified Reporter #2 (off camera): And have all the children’s bodies been returned to the parents and mortuaries, or–

Carver: I don’t know. The mortuaries have all been called. Uh, uh, and, uh …

Unidentified Reporter #2 (off camera): But they’re ready to be released–these bodies?

Carver: The paperwork has been done. As of one thirty the paperwork is done. And if the–the usual drill is the funeral homes call us, and as soon as the paperwork’s done we call them back. That process was completed for the children at one thirty today.

Unidentified Reporter #3 (off camera): You [transported] the bodies where?

Carver: To Farmington–our office in Farmington.

Unidentified Reporter #3 (off camera): Your office in Farmington. And how did you transport them?

Carver: We have our transport vehicles.

Unidentified Reporter #3 (off camera): Would you say how many vehicles?

Carver: We have three vehicles, and uh, and uh, a lot of guys that drive ’em.

Unidentified Reporter #3 (off camera): Are they vans or–

Carver: Uh, they’re-they’re–actually … one of the highlights of my administration is that we make them as nondescript and unmarked as possible [laughs nervously] to foil you guys. No, we–they started out at six. [Here again Carver appears confused or is responding to an inaudible question. “They started out at six” either refers to the number of drivers or the time of morning on December 15 the bodies were transported to Farmington.]

Add these glaring contradictions between Carver’s own official documents and his strange performance to the already very lengthy list of unusual circumstances and unanswered questions surrounding the Sandy Hook school massacre–an event that continues to strongly resemble a massive contrived event or coverup.

Absent major media complicity and millions in payouts from the Obama administration to Newtown and Connecticut state officials such an incident cannot long sustain itself in the public mind. In the context of increasingly militarized police, astroturf cries for gun control, and mandatory mental health protocols purportedly to save citizens from themselves, Sandy Hook is but one substantial rationale for broader social engineering already well underway in the US and other developed countries throughout the world.

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  1. Oh what a tangled web we weave. How did they get so many lying SOB”s in one place?

  2. From Day One,I’ve believed that the so called “Dr. Wayne Carver” was stoned off his ass on some killer weed…course how would I know,since I smoked with Bubba Clinton an’ all….

  3. Guess there is no photographic record of this
    “wasn’t a tent / magnificent–thing – large military-style tent .“

        1. That’s what you do for event parking where someone directs you in, so everyone fits. It is not how people park normally. There was probably a parking attendant or two waving people in.

        2. In other words, everyone parked pretty much at the same time, so this was neither teachers arriving at school on a work day nor parents frantically searching for their kids, but people who showed up to participate in an event.

        3. Or, another interpretation – simply cars delivered to a lot, as from a dealership (the way they would do it there) to make it appear a full lot. There really is evidence in the arrangement itself.

      1. Thanks for posting Abs. That’s the first time I have seen this image of any large tent like structure. Even more curious, that white vehicle looks like a food truck. Had anyone else seen this before here?

      2. The condition of the building roof in the RECONSTRUCT photo (in link) gives me the impression of a building not in use. But I confess I don’t know much about what building roofs should look like. Also the parking lot has a lot of wide, very visible cracks in its surface. Yes, it’s winter, but the grounds overall give an impression of a facility not in use.

        1. The large tent had to have been set up probably within a 24 hour time frame between the time Trooper I took its photos to the time of day it was of Carver’s 15-minute infamous media 12-15-15 interview when he referred to the structure as having already been in place.  That looks like a several hour job to set up that large tent to say nothing of moving in the ostensible sophisticated medical equipment.  That is another little thing we probably easily could be proven unsubstantiated or outright proven false. I do not assume the tent was the place where autopsies were performed but I do assume from Carver’s rhetoric that it was a place where medical investigations on the bodies was to have taken place.  Carver did not specifically say for what purpose the tent was intended or actually used but the fact that he is an M.D. and coroner and he indicated the tent for the activities of those under his supervision, one can assume we are meant to understand the tent was for medical activities of some kind, and we should therefore assume that the bodies were moved to that tent some time AFTER the tent was completely set up so that would probably mean in the middle of the night at the earliest. Why take care to move the bodies under cover of dark to the tent if in a few hours to daylight you are going to move the bodies again, this time in unmarked cars, to Carver’s Farmington office? No sale.  “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 


        1. Dr Carver states that the autopsies were performed in his office in Farmington. Why then, did they even need the “magnificent Thing”? Since the children and adults had already been pronounced dead at the scene, there would have been no need for a medical tent. In a real shooting all of the victims, but especially the children, would have been brought to the hospital ASAP as per CT state law. However, this would have presented serious logistical difficulties if, as we suspect in this case, there were no real bodies. Hence the need for the “Thing”. Without it, they would not have been able to let anyone into the school until all of the “bodies” had been removed to Farmington. There would have been a long awkward period where absolutely no one but the core group was allowed in. By hiding the nonexistent bodies they give themselves some degree of control and plausible deniability.

          Incidentally, the same scenario took place at the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia. The police department in Tasmania where the shooting occurred purchased a “large mobile morgue” just prior to the event. It provided a quick and easy way to hide the (nonexistent?) bodies. This would have been a necessary precaution to control the crime scene. Soon after the massacre, the large mobile morgue was sold, having served its purpose.

        2. “There would have been a long awkward period where absolutely no one but the core group was allowed in. By hiding the nonexistent bodies they give themselves some degree of control and plausible deniability.” Nice reasoning.  Thank you. There was a “reason” for the big tent, even if the reason was to sustain a giant falsehood.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

      3. I find this picture really intriguing. The parking job is amazing. If sure does not look like anyone in the front row backed into their spot. It looks like they all drove straight into the spots and had someone directing people exactly how to park with precision. It looks nothing like the way people would randomly park if they were in a hurry arriving at the scene of mayhem and mass murder. It looks like all the cars arrived at exactly the same time in a pretty little row and had a flagger park them all. That’s usually the only way cars get parked so uniformly. Notice there is not a single police squad car in the frame. Not one medical vehicle. No one in the back row backed into their spot. If I was randomly arriving in a crowded lot, I would back into the spot if given a choice. It always makes leaving easier, especially if someone partially parks you in.

        1. Is it possible (if not likely) that the photo of all the cars lined up so neatly was taken the day after the incident, when all the parents had cleared out and the professionals had come in?

          I’m not saying that’s what I think, but couldn’t that be claimed? Plausible deniability stuff?

      1. The first photo you posted in reply to me shows a date of 12-18-12, a Reuters photo, according to “inspection” data about the photo.

        The second photo from Trooper ! shows no large rectangular tent at all, but this photo is allegedly taken the day of the event, 12-14-12.

        I have read several places that the bodies were claimed to have been left in the school building at the site of the shooting and parents were not allowed in to identify their children.

        Now we are told that the children’s bodies were transported either from the school building, or presumably from the special tent, to unmarked vehicles that transported the bodies to Dr. Carver’s office where the autopsies were said to have been performed.

        Does not compute.

        You can take one tiny aspect of the Sandy Hook event and examine and analyze it very carefully and you always come out with the same kind of outcome as examining any other small aspect of the event, that is, something that does not make sense, something that begs many new questions.

    1. Watched the video again. It just brings home how staged it looked.. I am glad the good people are not giving up on this story, I am waiting for the day when all this explodes in their faces and the wrong doers who have gained from this are made to pay.

      1. Yeah, just like all the people involved with the Kennedy assassination had it explode in their faces too….

        1. If the internet and the likes of MHB had been alive during the 1963 JFK assassination would we be in the upside down state of today?

  4. Connecticut isnt known for killer weed, just crack and Heroin. All the loser scums in my old area would go to Hartford to load up and kill our local villages with that junk.

  5. The part that refers to the time of death as 11 am, doesn’t mean that the kid suffered for almost 3 hours before he died. It means that that’s when he was observed without any signs of life by a medical professional. I work as a hospice nurse and when I do a death, visit the time of death is officially recorded as whenever I actually see the patient with no signs of life, even though the family may have seen his last breath sometime before I arrived. As for hurrying Noah to the undertaker, that may be because for the family’s Jewish faith. In my experience, Jewish families want their loved one buried ASAP.

    1. As I understand it, it would have been illegal in CT to not treat, and continue to treat him, until he was declared dead. IOW life providing measures would have been carried out on him then for 3 hours.

    1. There is plenty to mock when it comes to the ‘medical’ industry.
      If you haven’t yet seen it, check out “Second Opinion” about Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.

    1. Last spring, right around the time of the Elliot Rodger psy op, the media began flooding the news with reports of ‘crazed white gunmen’ shooting their families. The campaign seems to ebb and flow, seemingly according to what’s happening in Congress regarding Murphy’s bill. After Elliot, there were numerous articles floated about how ‘bipolar’ and schizophrenia were genetically linked and can morph into each other. They even tried to spin the issue that both schizophrenia and *manic depression*(there is no genetic disease bipolar) are too complex genetically to locate with any specificity – and that environment plays an equal role in the diseases’ cause.

      The narrative’s been furthered since then, and with Andreas Lubitz new milestones have been reached. First is that now depression can become ‘bipolar’ as is being implied through the reporting, and, that a sufferer can go undetected even by almost all of his friends. Lubitz had a Facebook page devoted to him by friends who maintain he was framed.

      Lubitz’s alleged depression is being construed as a disease that somehow mutated into ‘bipolar:’

      Every depressed person I’ve ever known had childhood experiences and environments which were troubled or traumatic in some way. Since manic depression is a genetic disease its incidence doesn’t correlate with environmental hazards.

      Carver’s performance pales in comparison to that of the army of ‘doctors’ ‘practicing’ psychiatry. The entire medical field needs to be forced to answer to the science-less fraud of psychiatric diagnoses. As long as medical doctors enable the perpetuation of this gigantic hoax, they should all be seen as hucksters.

      1. Do not see much connection to this article’s topic but what you touch upon is very related in general of the Sandy Hook event. Of course, Carver is not mentally ill. He is simply evil.

        Sandy Hook is being used to put forth laws tor forced psychiatric examination and treatment upon individuals by the law, including young school-age children. This opens the way for more psychiatric drugs on very young people just as mandated vaccine drugs do.

        “Since manic depression is a genetic disease its incidence doesn’t correlate with environmental hazards.”

        I am paranoid about the whole concept of “genetic mental illness.” It may exist but we have no way of finding truth on this subject.

        BigPharma and BigBrother have many motivations to push the idea
        that someone’s behavior and mental disorder diagnosis is genetic. The two main reasons for promoting this vague idea is the 1) to make psychiatry and related disciplines’ theories and practices consistent with the agenda of BigPharma, and 2) to steer intellectual inquiry away from environmental factors such as bad air, bad water and bad food causing a person’s mental problems. (Orthomollecular treatments, that is, treatment with nutriceuticals, not prescription-only chemicals, have been very successful in every way in curing schizophrenics.)

        Now with electronic stalking and targeted individuals, psychiatrists can just say the person’s mentally ill, psychotic- appearing behavior is caused by genetically inherited tendency toward psychoses, The fact is the hallucination and delusion and psychotic behavior are induced by something in their environment, that is, the implementers and perpetrators and targeters of electronic invisible frequencies that affect brain function.

        The diagnosis scam suppress true scientific study of how the brain works and it does allow the psychiatrists to keep doling out lethal and controlling chemicals at fantastically huge monetary profits. It does, however, nothing to contribute to helping people with mental disorders.

        1. I have a fair amount of experience studying manic depressives and to a lesser extent schizophrenics. I’m 100% sure manic depression is a genetic disease and almost as sure schizophrenia is too. Both are easy to distinguish from emotional or psychological problems – if you want to. So I’d disagree that we have no way of finding the truth on the subject. For awhile in the very late 90’s and early 2000’s there was talk about them finding the gene for ‘bipolar.’ But then we heard nothing, because there is no such ‘disease’ and the psych system didn’t want people to realize this. It still amazes me that american society didn’t take note when the psych system changed the name of manic depression to ‘bipolar’ around 1990. They did so to change and expand the definition of the real disease.

          I really don’t think it would be that difficult to locate the genes, or to set up a system that allowed for taped screenings on location or in facilities where there was no forced drugging allowed. Since there is absolutely nothing medical or scientific about diagnosing or screenings, no medical personnel are necessary to decipher when someone is psychotic (I use the old clinical definition, not the 90’s expanded one) and when they’re not. It’s actually quite simple.

          Big Pharma and Medicine don’t want the genes found, or the true hallmark of ‘mental illness’ resurrected – psychosis. Both manic depression and schizophrenia involve psychosis. Very very few other conditions do. Big Pharma is funding Murphy’s campaign, and Sandy Hook families are testifying to lobby for it.

          All psychiatrists are sociopaths. Carver at least exhibits signs of discomfort with his deception. That’s because his specialty isn’t founded on one gigantic lie. How tragic that the rest of his profession fails so utterly to blow the whistle on the fraud of psychiatry. But americans could expose it just as easily and can’t be bothered to either, so I guess we’re all guilty.

        2. Psychiatrists plead to continue funding of genetic approaches to disease
          August 30, 2011 Health, News 5 Comments
          Jonathan Latham


          I think it will be a very long time before “scientists” locate the gene for specific mental disorders, but maybe they will. Some mental disorders are caused by certain physical diseases.

          However the latest thought in the world of alternative medicine is that no disease is really genetically based and that all disease may be deficiencies in certain nutrients. Of course the tendency to develop certain nutritional deficiencies could be hereditary but that would seem even harder for which to identify a gene.

          (When I think of the leading or most famous psychiatrists and psychologists. such as Freud and Jung and Wundt, the common characteristics I find in many of them is not sociopathy.)

          I think sound mental health is closely related to faith in God.

        3. Sue and/Dach (and whoever else might be interested): are you familiar with Dr. Gabor Maté? He was just featured on Stefan Molyneaux’s show talking about the nature of addiction (his ideas could very well relate to other mental disorders). He’s an interesting guy.

  6. This press conference is so bungled it is beyond pathetic, how can this man be a real doctor? When a person says ” uh” it is a sign that they are making up a story as they speak so I decided to count how many times this bumbling buffoon says “uh” and unless I missed a few it was 155 times. He also takes these huge sighs as though he just wishes this were over with. He refers the most important questions to others such as ” the scene guys” ” Vance and Company” and others. He is out and out lying during this press conference and anyone who listens to it can tell. Listen without watching just to enable yourself to concentrate just on his words and it is obvious he is telling a whopper of a tale and is uncomfortable in doing do. Several times he struggles and looks for someone on the police force to give him the answer to a question and when they don’t help him he switches the subject. This is totally an unreal event, one which is more than obvious to anyone who breathes.

  7. Thanks JT for again piling on the data that the official Sandy Hook account is indeed a story book filled with obvious and densely packed collections of lies and confabulations.

    1. And I add… the evidence is clear that the purpose of the SH story book is clearly deception with mass media complicity. No one can debate this point.

  8. My brother owns a production company and one time I went with him on a shoot and they had this big magnificent thing called a craft food service tent whereby the actor’s Union requires actors and production crew to be fed catered meals. I bet the people who filmed and staged and the crisis actors who performed during this staged made for TV movie ate inside that tent. What else could it have been used for if it was not needed for the dead and that is why Carver did not recognize what exactly it was only calling it a magnificent thing. It was used by the production crew. We need to get the contract as to who they rented it from and when it was set up. The images of it not being seen during the day could have been green screened or edited out of the shots as this was staged and edited. This could be why everyone was directed to the firehouse so those not in the know would not be allowed to see a massive amount of catered food inside that tent, others had to order pizza and subways but the production crew and actors are the only ones allowed to eat from Craft Services as they provide only food and beverage to the union people.

    1. For sure the tent was catering for the production team – and anyone else complicit. “A magnificent thing” – probably better than average catering than we typically see with movie productions, which have pretty awful food.

  9. I think Carver was Dumbfounded and taken off guard when “they” told him to pretend this is all real.

    He knew it was a drill but never dreamed “they” would now direct him to pretend it was real in front of the cameras on the spot.

    That is why he was so ill prepared and nervous and then made the statement “I hope this doesn’t come crashing back down on our heads.” (if they people realize what we just did.)

    Just as George H.W. Bush said in passing ” if the people knew what we have done they have our heads” Not exact quote but close enough.

    Just a thought

    1. Ric, yes, initially that’s rather what I thought. I originally thought that he probably thought he would be reading his part for the drill. Because he knew he was play acting, he got nervous.

      On the other hand, he has baggage or at least “strings”. They wouldn’t have enlisted him if they thought he couldn’t be controlled. There was a longer version of the condensed news conference. I saw it once or twice. It was shot from a different angle and he joked with the “news people”. He was really yukking it up.

      Now, even in Connecticut they don’t normally do stand in at times like that. That part was planned in the drill. I’m pretty sure that when he did his routine he thought he was participating in the script. Later, after he realized what was going on, he was probably made an offer he couldn’t refuse.

      Remember, he got into a row with the State and threatened to quit. Eventually he retired. They may have made his retirement a condition of his cooperation. Who knows?

  10. In the examination report, he lists “gunshot wound to chest” and “Gunshot wound to hand”. He goes on to describe a lip “mostly destroyed” and a “two-inch hole” in the jaw. Earlier he claimed that all of his teeth were present and accounted for.

    It was my understanding that the “magnificent thing” was a military autopsy unit. That would fit as this was a drill.

    He claimed that they spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night. It only adds questions as to how little Noah suffered for that length of time unaided. There were medical personnel allegedly visiting early.

    I suppose the long and short of it is that I believe this about as much as I believe in flying elephants or “duly elected” government officials.

    The thing is a lie just like all the other lies since and before. Just more preparation of the gullible for the inevitable. This has gotten far more attention that the BMB, which is ironic, since it very well may be even more unbelievable than this one.

    I suppose the latest in predictive programming is the Pamela Geller production. Of course that was a low budget affair. No schmaltzy tugging at the heartstrings there, wot?

    We live in disgusting times.

    1. “Carver’s testimony that Pozner survived for eighty minutes after being repeatedly shot”

      This is certainly puzzling since Carver did not give testimony to this at any time or in any way.

      “Yet by Carver’s own admission Pozner suffered for quite some time.”

      Carver never said, indicated or implied this in any way, neither verbally or in any form of writing.

      All this is a good example of how someone, in this case, James Tracy, can take one tiny bit of information and add in his own words and meaning to it in an effort to completely warp and create a statement that in no way reflects the original information given. It has happened an enormous amount of times regarding commentators remarks on anything related to Sandy Hook. The time of 11:00 on the death certificate is the time of the official pronouncing of death at the school by the three paramedics that performed the proper protocol and that time would have been on the tag that was attached to the body. And no, that is not the time the boy died but time of the official pronouncing of death. The police and EMTs were the first to check the victims for life signs and found only two still alive. The first thing the paramedics did when they were taken into the school soon after was to check all the bodies for life signs, and they did this several times including with EKG machines on all victims including those with obvious non survivable head wounds. After all initial assessments on the 24 victims were performed the procedure for official pronouncement of death was carried out and the time written on the tag. Obviously the time of official pronouncement of death was much later than time of actual death.

      1. The time of 11:00 on the death certificate is the time of the official pronouncing of death at the school by the three paramedics that performed the proper protocol and that time would have been on the tag that was attached to the body.

        The first thing the paramedics did when they were taken into the school soon after was to check all the bodies for life signs, and they did this several times including with EKG machines on all victims including those with obvious non survivable head wounds.

        Perhaps we have a visitor from the “HONR Network.” It appears that this party has inside info. The above document constitutes Carver’s testimony. He was shot at 9:35AM and pronounced dead almost ninety minutes later. Three paramedics? Please direct us to the dramatic interviews with these emergency responders and their hospital cohorts by the likes of Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos. There were plenty of first responders eager to provide their services within minutes of the event and expedite the entire process, yet as this party is surely aware they were turned away.

        1. Very strange message out of nowhere on a very old blog.

          This person may just be “adding” this to the official record for some reason down the road.

          Never the less, still very strange.

        2. Connecting Redding/SH dots.

          “The NAACP is planning a press conference in front of the Redding Police Department on Aug. 5, 2015.”

          Redding, a close neighbor of Newtown, has not been mentioned much regarding the SH event. Yet Redding Police were among first responders and then some. Previously I posted about the strange death of a Redding lawyer who was found in his rolled over car with a gunshot wound to his head less than two miles from his home in very affluent Redding. His family is not satisfied with the Redding police investigation and NAACP will intervene on the family’s behalf. The lawyer, who was a strong believer in the second amendment, had previous disagreements with the Redding PD regarding guns.


          When Redding police Chief Douglas Fuchs heard the 911 call Friday morning on Newtown’s police radio about gunshots at Sandy Hook Elementary School, he immediately went to the school. “Our radios are cross-programmed,” he said.

          Chief Fuchs assisted in making the identification process of the victims as easy as possible for the criminal investigation. “And I won’t go into further detail on that,” he said.

          Chief Fuchs said that one of the greatest accomplishments to come from this was the pairing of a police officer with every single family who lost someone. “Twenty-six officers were assigned to families. They were assigned that morning and are staying with them until they are no longer needed,” he said.

          When President Barack Obama announced he was coming to Newtown on Sunday, more manpower was needed to cover the presidential detail with the Secret Service. “Newtown’s chief would be that point person for the Secret Service, but he asked me to do it,” said Chief Fuchs.

        3. “Chief Fuchs said that one of the greatest accomplishments to come from this was the pairing of a police officer with every single family who lost someone. “Twenty-six officers were assigned to families. They were assigned that morning and are staying with them until they are no longer needed,” And isn’t it odd that we have never been able to find any follow-up information regarding these “parents”, who they are and IF THEY ARE. The Newtown/Connecticut corruption is a metastatic malignant cancer.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

      2. The official time of death is hardly “one tiny bit of information”. What is your basis for claiming that Pozner was declared dead at 11:00AM by “the three paramedics”? What “three paramedics”? Is there a declaration of death signed by these “three paramedics”? Why not one paramedic? Is declaring death a group decision, do they vote on it? Is an EMT legally permitted to declare death under CT law? Have you seen a photo or copy of this “tag that was attached to the body”? Who were these earlier paramedics taken into the school to check for life signs? How many paramedics do you think would have been rushed (not allowed, but rushed) into this school with their equipment in an attempt to save the life of a child, 2, 3, or as many as possible? Are you just making this stuff up?

  11. When/why/how did this become available? Did posner put this out himself? What a freak, just adding fuel to the fire.

  12. ‘bizarre performance’ is kind Dr. Tracy. I never expected Quincy M.E. but this sociopath was more presenting himself than an event staged for media.
    These Connecticut cultists come right out of Holyrood. Edinburgh. A Shakespearean troop of likely satanic circles.

    We may never know the truth of 911, but you and Mr. Halbig along with other could bring down the house of cards here. The ramifications of RICO alone could put massive players behind bars and as high as Eric Holder, whose timely visit prior to the event is well documented now. Treason may be a stretch, but RICO racketeering has teeth. The IRS ought to be targeting United Way and every other parent and .org who collected $one instead of targeting those who look to expose this government-foundation-corporate ponzi and their agenda for 21.

    Keep up the heat. We love you at COTO.

    1. I AGREE BUT SINCE THE signing of a bill by obama around the time of the NDAA it is now legal to lie to the public and use the media to achieve this…Propoganda is legal in the USA…and can be used by the govt when needed likely in the name of national security or some other silliness.

        1. On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 (thomas.loc. gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.4310:) of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed.

  13. The role of the medical examiner in these events is well worth looking into. One has to wonder whether Carver has played a similar role for the government in other psyops and questionable deaths. Having the coroner in one’s pocket is evidently very convenient.

    In a similar vein, I noticed, while looking into the Dunblane incident a few weeks back, that the pathologist who examined the deceased in that parallel shooting, one Anthony Busuttil, was the same man who performed autopsies on the victims of the Lockerbie bombing. Was the Lockerbie bombing staged, and if so what does that tell us about Dunblane?

    It was the memory of that plane crash, the downing of Pan Am 103 by Libya, that lurked in the background during America’s recent illegal attack on that country. Was Gadaffi’s demonization accomplished through the use of a staged plane crash? And further, was the take down of Libya, with its huge supply of easily accessed oil a necessary first step in the creation of “ISIS”? Is that oil being used to bankroll ISIS? Is the clandestine flood of this oil onto the oil market the reason that the price of oil has mysteriously plummeted concurrently with the rise of ISIS? Is this the culminating drama on a stage set long ago starting with the dissimulations of one Scottish coroner? A little off topic perhaps, but food for thought.

    Here’s a link to an English forum looking at the Dunblane Lockerbie Pathologist connections:
    more on Lockerbie:
    Heres someone’s personal account of flying on PAN AM 103 two weeks prior to its demise:

    1. Interesting insights Christo
      The popular media touted piece of incriminating circuit board bomb trigger evidence that was allegedly found in the wreckage seemed bogus to me at the time.
      What a gift of a false flag if Lockerbie was the result of equipment failure! If that is true, the incident must have sent the “powers” scrambling for a target.

    2. Great insights, Christo. Yes indeed. Coroners or “medical examiners” are very beneficial to the stealing classes. Just like judges. Clinton had one when he was governor of Arkansas who declared a decapitated body a suicide.

      Like any trade, licit or otherwise, the insiders know who to call. After all, that’s why they’re there. What’s the point in abuse of authority if you can’t take it out for a spin once in a while?

      The recent interest in these manipulations is largely brought about by the internet. They may be more sophisticated now, but they are not “new”. They’ve just gone more “high-tech” with them.

      I haven’t made a serious effort to count them all. I’m certain they number in the hundreds. Whenever they have oppressive legislation in the works, or they are planning to do more evil, they trot out an example that is designed to garner support.

      One thing is certain. Reality does not live on TEE VEE. Everything that emanates from it is a contrivance. It wouldn’t be on there if they didn’t desire you to think about something their way. It isn’t there to enlighten. It is there to control.

      Lockerbie and Dunblane are excellent examples of how this isn’t a uniquely American phenomena. How could it be? The rulers have no countries.

  14. The trooper on the right appears to be stifling laughter and cannot stand still, he shuffles off at the end and a black female trooper takes his place. Would swear that is atty Franco that pops in and out over carvers left shoulder……..

  15. Wondering if anyone has heard from Wolf lately? I tried to donate to the legal fund several times and had no luck with his online donation. Left a phone message with no call back. Has anyone else experienced trouble donating?

    1. Donations at are stictly PayPal at this time. If you were ever a full member of PayPal but formally disenrolled yourself, you may not ever donate as a guest ever again. You would have to formally fully enroll in PayPal again in order to donate.

      That is perhaps why you cannot even donate as a guest.

  16. I just watched the Pamela Geller interview from Garland, TX. She is still unrepentant when interviews after the attack There are many Islamic lawyers in this country working for C.A.I.R. alone. This seems like a perfect opportunity to make this shill pay through the teeth. An unarmed security guard was shot, and others guests traumatized. How can Ms. Geller and the other organizers of this event have prepared for a terrorist respose that could have been a bomb, heat seeking missile, chemical attack, etc.? The liability here is clear. These people should be sued for negligence. There is no way to provide guests adequate protection when the foreseeable outcome of an event is a terrorist provoked response.

    1. Ah, I get it. We allow Moslems to live among us, and since their ideology is incompatible with Western values–you are saying that it is a certainty that creating drawings of the dead tyrant will result in murder–we must relinquish those values.


      Well, I for one do not agree. When a moron submerged a plastic crucifix in a jar of his own urine a couple decades ago and snapped a picture of it, not only was he confident no Christian would murder him for it, the federal government gave him $20,000.

      When Nazis marched through Skokie Illinois (a largely Jewish suburb), they did so knowing full well the neighbors were not going to kill them for it.

      What Pam did is courageous beyond measure. She sees the stealth encroachment of Sharia law in America, and is challenging us all to put a stop to it. If Moslems want to reside here, it has to be made crystal clear to them that we do not care about their stupid “prophet,” or their sensibilities concerning drawing pictures of him. If they expect us to conform to their weird ideology, they have chosen the wrong country to reside in.

      There are lots of religious beliefs in the world that we do not tolerate, such as slavery, canibalism and bigamy. When people who deeply believe in these things come to the West, they are not allowed to insist that we conform to their peculiarities; they must set them aside, or stay away.

      Pam Gellar is putting her money where her mouth is, declaring that this intimidation Moslems routinely engage in needs to be put to an end, and she’s doing it loudly enough that the media is forced to report on it. The same media that for some reason constantly falls over itself to assure us that Islam is “a religion of peace” are also telling us that Pam should certainly have known that if you don’t live in accordance with Sharia you can expect to be murdered by those “peaceful” Moslems.

      I say, nuts to that. Every day should be “draw Mohammed day” in America, and every news outlet should published every cartoon. If this enrages Moslems, it is a great way of demonstrating that they chose the wrong country to call home.

        1. Patrick:

          Do you support the the right to free speech of those whose professional, political and Hollywood careers have been sidetracked by homophobic or perceived Anti-Semitic remarks? Do you support the free speech of Mel Gibson? How about his father’s comments on the Holocaust that probably resulted in his sons KGB-style subversion?
          I’m sure you support ALL free speech equally; no sacred cows in your intellectual worldview. lol.

        2. I am a free speech absolutist. Free speech is for the words you despise–or it is not free at all. Once a person–say, a Supreme Court jurist–decides there is a limit to what one can say, it really makes no difference what that limit is. It is a matter of, as the Frank Sinatra song goes, All–or Nothing At All.

          Mel can say whatever he wants. He’s rich as anyone, of course, so he can absorb punishment lesser mortals cannot, if they want a career in such a place as Hollywood. If you read my recent article here, you know how corrupt and evil I believe that place to be, and I hold out little hope that it can be purified. So it’s a case of buyer beware, if you want a career there.

          Some argue that Hollywood is a branch of governmental Intelligence, which it probably is, but it is nominally a part of the free marketplace, so the people who control it have the right to punish people who speak words it does not like. If you want a career there, and say things that will deny you that dream, it is a choice you have to make.

          Mel’s dad doesn’t want a Hollywood career. He can hold any view he wants, and no one there can hurt him. And I’m glad he lives in a place where he can say anything he wants.

          As an aside, I have absolutely no problem with Moslems saying anything their demented “prophet” inspires them to say, just as the guy on the street corner can say that he’s a hard boiled egg every morning to all the passers by. It is a very good idea to demonstrate to them, however, early and often, that we too have the same right, and we have a fantastic history of insulting every sacred cow that pops into sight–and the more insulting, the better. It’s when they invoke the assassin’s veto that they cease to be allowed to participate in the free market of ideas. Killing people who insult you is not allowed.

        3. Patrick,

          What is your take on the Five Books of Moses of the Hebrew Bible? Does it correspond with the Christian Bible?

          Also, the idea of “Didyyat”? Is it a moral absolute? I was always under the impression that it was


        4. Spotlight:

          I believe the entire canon, post-Reformation, is a coherent whole, inspired from outside space-time, and thus entirely trustworthy in terms of faith and practice. So, yes, the pentateuch is absolutely congruent with all the rest of scripture. Here’s a fun fact to help demonstrate that this is true:

          Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the (post-Luther) Bible; Psalm 119 is the longest; Psalm 118 is the middle chapter in the Bible, and verse 8 of Psalm 118 is the middle verse of the Bible. Verse 8 reads (New American Standard): “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man,” which is essentially the theme of the Bible.

          Now, consider this: It was Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, who divided the Bible into chapters and verses. He did this in A.D. 1227, three centuries before the Reformation. This means that his system included the books Luther would later remove (Catholic Bibles still include them). That my “fun fact” only became true centuries later is exactly like Old Testament prophesies that Scholars had to wait centuries to see fulfilled–yet another proof that the Bible is not the product of men’s minds, but that God ordained it. What this tells us is that although men were tasked to give birth to the Bible, and participate in its growth and evolution (for lack of a better term), we could not have ruined it if we tried.

          I searched for the term “Didyyat” and got not a single hit. I have never heard of it. You’ll need to explain.

        5. There are some aspects that I think are being overlooked in the discussion between Patrick and others regarding the actions of Pam Gellar. As a result, I think many points are being clouded.

          If Patrick’s main argument is that Islam is a religion that is murderous, misleads and directs people to violent, fanatical and immoral behavior then I can understand his focus and drive to get that point across. If we accept this as true in the context of the events that occurred in Garland Texas as reported, I can see how Gellar would be seen as a victim, however controversial. If, however the event was largely staged or the attackers were manipulated by the authorities how would that change one’s view of Gellar? If Gellar wasn’t involved in the deception, it wouldn’t change her role as victim. Even if Gellar was aware that the culprits were to be presented as Islamic extremists, she could still be somewhat justified in her role. If the threat of Islamist ideology was sufficient, it could possibly warrant such tactics to influence the public mindset.

          The possibility that I think has been overlooked is that Pam Gellar’s intentions aren’t to rid the world of the Islamist ideology she’s argued against so vocally. It may be that Gellar is merely using that argument to foment fear. What seem to be coordinated, staged acts in the name of Islam help to solidify the notion that there is, in fact something to fear. That fear may be needed as the backdrop for further acts to encroach on freedoms. The ultimate goal she may have is power.

          My concern is that, to whatever extent this alternate theory is correct it would seem to have little to do with the true nature of Islam, be it good or bad. If this theory is spot on, there’s little hope for average America to determine for themselves whether terrorism exists without the hidden hand that wields it.

          Patrick also asked for any examples of Jews resorting to terrorism. I don’t really understand the question, given that he and most people here must be aware of many examples. It may be that I’m assuming he meant any group of Jews, when he was referring to Israel specifically. But, even Israel has committed acts that could easily be deemed to be terrorism. Their Gaza incursions have included acts that I think constitute terrorism.

          If we just look at how Jews have treated people who’ve taken up being highly critical of Israel or other Jews at large, it’s clear that they can lash out. Rabbis even in the present have openly promoted acts of terror against others. I wonder if I’m preaching to the choir or shouting from left field on this one?

        6. I appreciate your reasoning, Derrick. Allow me to add a few thoughts.

          First, there is no question about Islam being at its core a violent ideology. The fact that the Levant and Magreb, formerly Christian lands, were forcibly stolen and colonized in the most unspeakably violent way says it all. My capsule history of what the Moslems did to the Egyptians is just the start.

          This is not just a historical one-off. Jihad is at the core of Islam. Moslems believe they WILL rule the entire world–because the Moon-god, Allah, told that to Mohammed.

          I mentioned Salman Rushdie, Theo Van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Geert Wilders because they are victims of the Jihad today, and cannot be considered examples of false flag episodes or staged events. Islam is at its center intolerant, and that lack of toleration is enforced today by unapologetic murder, just as it was when Mohammed was alive.

          I could have mentioned a much longer list of the persecuted and murdered, but the sample I referenced is sufficient to prove the point. What is more important is the cravenness of Western governments in their acquiescence to the stealthy imposition of Sharia in what once was Christendom. Oriana Fallaci had to die in exile because the despicable thing that Italy has allowed itself to become criminalized her for telling the truth about what Islam is doing to here beloved homeland.

          If Pam is a tool of our New World Order masters, I’d be surprised, but we shall have to rush to find someone to replace her, and do exactly what she is doing, if there is any hope to stop the Jihad–we are almost out of time.

          Now, to address the real point you are making. The reason the New World Order engineers have revived Islam from its centuries-long slumber, and actively encourage hopeless ne’er-do-well losers to live as if Mohammed is still around and Persia is ripe for conquest is because Islam is the perfect “antithesis” to the Western “thesis.” The Intelligence dudes don’t have to lie to the Jihad boys about what Islam really is–they just have to make them angry at the leaders of the Moslem world for having gone soft, and betrayed the Central teaching of the ideology: violent jihad.

          So sure, for every legitimate victims, the Theo Van Goghs and Rushdies, there are a lots more Intelligence-inspired artificial events cooked up by Intelligence.

          But is that any reason to not fight back? The New World Order is using a legitimate tool, a genuine enemy. That’s what makes it perfect.

          9/11 is the perfect example. There were no Arabs involved, no Bin Laden. But the whole Moslem world was overjoyed when they were told that they had been given the infamous “credit” for the event. There was dancing in the so-called “Arab street.” And since only morons and fools believe that Islam is a “religion of peace,” it was perfectly plausible that 9/11 was part of the Jihad against the Great Satan. It didn’t matter that it had nothing to do with Islam–Islam certainly WOULD do such a thing if its practitioners were not so incompetent.

          Finally, my reference to Jewish terrorism was in response to musings’ mentioning the tactics used in the War for Independence. I stand by the remark. As an ethnicity, they tend to keep a low profile, whatever bad things they might do.

          But When it comes to Hamas, I could not disagree with you more strongly. After raining thousands of missiles randomly upon civilians in Israeli cities, for months on end, and building dozens of tunnels for a terrorist-army invasion if Israel, something had to be done to put a stop to it. As David Goldman, “Spengler” put it the other day:

          “Hamas fired over 4,000 rockets at Israel during 2014, prompting Israeli counterstrikes during the summer; I was in Israel when the rocket fire began, and spent a fair amount of my day scurrying into bomb shelters. Hamas has admitted that it fired rockets from civilian areas. This to my knowledge is the only instance in world history in which a combatant has tried to maximize civilian deaths on its own side, in order to win international sympathy. To a great extent it succeeded; Hamas appropriate vast amounts of construction materials and other aid sent to Gaza in order to build border tunnels with the objective of striking at Israeli civilians. Hamas has never wavered from its declared intention to eliminate the State of Israel, or its efforts to inflict the maximum possible injury to the Israeli population. Former US President Jimmy Carter may believe that Hamas is “committed to the peace process,” but that conclusion demands utter disregard for the facts and a delusional degree of wishful thinking.”

          I have nothing to add to that because it is self-evidently true, and says it all. So I will conclude by simply repeating: “This to my knowledge is the only instance in world history in which a combatant has tried to maximize civilian deaths on its own side, in order to win international sympathy. To a great extent it succeeded…”.

      1. I respect your opinion on the matter. My own opinion is that Gellar is not a free speech advocate, but rather, a paid Zionist shill and opportunist seeking to provoke a minority of rabble rousers in the Muslim community with the aim of painting the entire community as terrorists. I think the Southern Poverty Law Center, who have been tracking Geller for years, are spot on in identifying her as a Muslim hate advocate. And, by the way, where were all the illuminated Western liberals when a historic theater was burned down for showing The Last Temptation of Christ?

        1. It does not matter in the slightest if she’s paid, by whom, or for what reason. What matters is that a diabolical ideology is being protected by the establishment political Mind, and she’s exposing that fact. Thank God someone is. Would that those financiers lavished millions upon people just like her in every burgh in the land.

          Name one other group that can, as you say, be “provoked” to murder people who draw cartoons. (Hint: you can’t.) Do we want such an ideology to flourish in our midst? I say, banish them all, if that ideology sprouts a handsome “minority” that springs to murder when those who do not hold to it mock it. Then, allow them back in one by one after swearing a heartfelt loyalty oath, on pain of execution of they relapse.

          If any group, here, now, can’t endure mockery, let’s do our best to flesh them out and banish them. The more mockery the better.

          Oh, and tell me more about that theater burning incident. Perhaps the first such incident in the history of the West, I’m guessing.

      2. Do you really assume in all instances that these fools who the FBI sets up in their sting operations and charges with terrorism, or those who participate in such operations as the first bombing of the World Trade Center are simply and spontaneously acting on their love of Sharia law? Or are they useful idiots and dupes in order to promote some agenda? There have been false flags aplenty.

        As you know, both Jews (King David Hotel among others) and Christians (the many sympathizers of National Socialism in the Balkans and the Baltic states, as well as Ukraine) have engaged in terror for the promotion of their own religions’ supremacy over the objects of their terror. But even so, we can also assume that some of their alleged activities have been false flags.

        If you think Pam Geller is supportive of whatever background you come from, think again. This is like that Vonnegut novel where some black separatists joined up with the KKK – so now you are seeing racist Europeans and racist dual citizen Israelis joining their hands (as in Ukraine) to uphold their odious beliefs about humanity.

        1. Mohammed was a mass murdering, slave trading, rapist–with a proclivity for pre-pubescent girls. Moslems consider him the perfect man. They tried to conquer the whole world, and their “holy” book assures them that they will some day. The word “Islam” means “submission.” It is a toxic ideology of murder and enslavement. How this can be compared to Judaism and Christianity is impossible to justify.

          Name one time in history–outside the War for Independence–that Jews resorted to terrorism.

          Name one Biblical justification for Christians employing terrorist tactics.

          I can read you the whole Koran, and the Hadith (if you have the stomach), and you will find it the most blood-soaked mass of evil you have ever encountered. Allah positively LOVES slaughter and torture, and commands his slaves to engage in it.

          There is no moral equivalence here.

          Pam is exposing the cravenness of the establishment. We are submitting to Sharia, quietly, accepting an unspeakable evil that wishes to destroy our way of life, because it seems impolite to confront it. She says, nuts to that. Me, too. She’s the only one standing with Europe’s remaining courageous artists, many murdered, and many more who have been forced into hiding.

          Salman Rushdie, that deplorable leftist jerk, who has felt the terror first hand for decades, can’t believe the cravenness of his “progressive” pals. If that doesn’t explain the whole story I don’t know what can. The day he can walk the streets without body guards is the day I’ll talk about FBI entrapment of zealous Mohammedan morons.

        2. The top three religions can equally brag about their history of death, violence and mayhem… how is our world a better place because of this triumvirate?

        3. Please. The death toll of the Christian Crusades is anywhere from 1M to 3M. Terrible, yes. Compare that with Mao’s China death rates of 49M to 78M. It seems GOVERNMENT is the grand killer, not religion (at least not Christians).

        4. And Stalin was responsible for, oh, I don’t know exactly, but somewhere in the vicinity of 35M to 43M during the years between 1927-1953.

          Religion gets a terrible, but undeserved, rap.

        5. I am irreligious, but I have to chime in here that christianity is the only religion that erects a universal value system that applies to all, as opposed to the relativist ethno-supremacism of the desert monotheisms in which ‘god’ acts as a justification for certain human groups’ domination of other groups.

          It’s still filled with problems, particularly catholicism with its sick misogyny. But it at least posits that human beings are all theoretically ‘equal’ or valuable in some fundamental way. If christian societies and values aren’t superior, then why is the entire planet stampeding to get into christian-founded countries?

          All that said, christianity’s striving for objectivity might lend itself too easily to the pimping out of science for ethno and classist supremacism, at least when one considers the era in which races were categorized so rigidly. To suspend their christian universal values, the southern people may have had to be convinced another people were not deserving of equally humane treatment that their creed theoretically calls for. Who created the schema of race? I have my suspicions but the truth may never be ascertainable, or simple either.

        6. I know it never pays to get over familiar with you, but I would bet dollars to donuts you were brought up on catechism and not the Holy Bible that all the good little Protestant kids get drummed into their heads. Because if you want terror, I would refer you to the so-called (we wish) “old” Testament in which babies have their brains dashed out etc. Yeah, don’t call that stuff terror if you want, but it is every bit as bloody, red in tooth and claw, as anything the Koran can dish out. In fact the Koran is kind of tepid by comparison. It has only one writer, not generations of them. Let’s face it – all the Abrahamic religions have a tendency to kill or convert without much regard for human rights. Although there is no authority for it in the New Testament (except maybe revenge for the Crucifixion, again and again, and again ad nauseum – something St. Peter was punished for when he cut off the ear of the soldier) — Christians figured out a way to play it both ways – the medieval massacres of Moslems and Jews under the rubric of crusading and the revival of the Old Testament by Protestants which resulted in witch burning and ethnic cleansing in the new “Zion” of America.

          If you think you can bamboozle everyone into nostalgia for the good old days of the auto da fe, think again. That isn’t moral clarity, it is moral insanity.

        7. Recynd says “Please. The death toll of the Christian Crusades is anywhere from 1M to 3M.”

          In contemplating the Crusades, we must first ask why they were fought. The answer is that Mohammedan savages stole vast swaths of Christian lands, murdering in numbers too huge to imagine, forcibly converting millions of people to their horrible religion and offering the remainder dhimmitude as the price of survival. European Christendom was inspired to come to their rescue, and drive the Moslem hoards back to the Arabian desert where they came from.

          I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Crusades, notwithstanding all the human failings of the men who carried them out, because for those 200 years the momentum of the expansion of Islam was forcibly stalled. If the Crusaders had not fought back, Islam would have overrun Europe–a fate too terrible to contemplate.

          Millions die when wars are fought. War is a feature of this fallen world, sad to say. War can bring out the best in men, and the worst. Even wars fought for the best of reasons (as the Crusades certainly were) can become bacchanalias of evil.

          But observe what happened to Egypt, a Christian land, when the Moslems invaded it: anyone heard speaking the Egyptian language had his or her tongue cut out (the only way it survived was monks in the remotest monasteries escaped the nightmare). A mere 10% of Egypt today is Christian (a sect called the Copts); for most of the centuries since the catastrophe, they were forced to live as dhimmis, a sort of subhuman status where you are allowed to live only by a very tenuous social agreement. Here’s a not-so-fun fact: 10% just happens to be the number of Egyptian women today who did not have their clitorises sliced off in childhood (UN reporting, widely regarded as reliable).

          Islam is a women’s rights issue, as well as a dhimmitude/Sharia issue.

          Why, then are Western feminists not on Pam Gellar’s bandwagon? A very telling question.

        8. I second Patrick’s post – religion is used to hypnotize the subjugated so that those in power can rape, plunder, and enslave more people.

        9. “I second Patrick’s post – religion is used to hypnotize the subjugated so that those in power can rape, plunder, and enslave more people.” Marzi, perhaps you meant to say that you second Musings post. “those in power” have a religion too.  They worship the father of lies, Satan. It is no accident that “those in power” choose, and pour huge money support to, a personage such as “Pam Geller” with a Judaic name, and who is meant to appear to represent “religion of Judaism”. Jesus judges each “Christian” on thoughts, words and deeds. Would I be demonstrating love of and worship of the One True God if I were to arrange a meeting of people to ridicule and make fun by having photos and word displays and drawing of cartoons of the Babylonian Talmud, the historic rabbis of Orthodox religion of Judaism and their conduct as well as to ridicule and make fun of “Reformed” religion of Judaism and their fanatical support of the genocide, blowing to smithereens of innocent men, women and children, and confinement in open-air cesspools for the Palestinian people in the “West Bank” and the “Gaza Strip”? I know the answer to that question.  And I will be damned to say that would be  Christ honoring conduct and that that is my “right” under “Western values.”   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        10. Patrick seems to overlook the true history of the Crusades, which were completely irrational, much like today’s attacks on Russia and angling for war over Ukraine.

          On the way to one of the earliest Crusades, the nobles of France and central Europe were hosted by Byzantium, presided over by members of the Eastern Christian religion. They looked around and liked what they saw, plus it was still about another half a trip to Jerusalem. So, instead of joining forces, they undermined and weakened this kingdom (which would fall a couple of centuries later to the Ottomans). They paused in their crusade to loot and burn the place, with lots of swag taken home right away.

          This is what creatures who live by the sword seem to do – no matter their religion. They aren’t thinking strategically, they are impulsive liars who act in the range of the moment, whatever they want to do. To empower them is to fall into their criminal conspiracies. And as dachsilady mentioned, it is to embrace the fallen world which always wants to lead us astray.

        11. “Patrick seems to overlook the true history of the Crusades, which were completely irrational”

          Not really, musings. After all, I said this: “War can bring out the best in men, and the worst. Even wars fought for the best of reasons (as the Crusades certainly were) can become bacchanalias of evil.”

          The point is, Islam would have conquered Europe if the Crusades had not been fought. The Franks were dastardly fellows, sure. They slaughtered entire villages of Jews they encountered on their way to the Holy Land. And as you say, musings, they hated the Byzantines almost as much as they hated the Moslems they were tasked to remove from the lands they had stolen from the Christians of the Magreb and the Levant.

          But if you think the impulse to drive back that menace was “irrational,” you have an odd definition of “reason.” All you need do is examine what the Moslems did to the natives in those parts of Europe they conquered. As I say, thank God the Crusaders put a stop to it. If they had not, Europe would become just another Moslem hell-hole like all the others.

        12. While we await my amplified defense of the Crusades’ emergence out of moderation, I’d like once again to revisit the simple truth of what happened to Theo Van Gogh. And, happily–if you can call not yet being murdered after years of living under that threat “happy”– Salman Rushdie. Oh, all right. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders also have not yet fallen to the Jihadis’ sword. The soldiers of Allah admittedly are not all that adept at ticking off the death list of infidels who mock his ideology. Somehow, these courageous individuals yet live.

          Let us recall that all this talk stems from my umbrage at the false accusation that Pam Gellar is doing wrong by joining Van Gogh, Ali, Wilders, et al in defiance of the Jihadis’ assassin-veto of free speech. As you will read when the comment appears, this war was forced upon us ever since Mohammed’s hoards spilled out of the sands of desolate Arabia, intent on conquering the world.

          Speaking of Ali, that courageous woman (who incidentally requires body guards to remain alive), she, like all the Moslem women in Egypt I mentioned in an earlier comment, had her genitalia removed when she was yet a girl. Yet, Western so-called “feminists” could not care any less. In their inexplicable, knee-jerk, enthusiastic defense of the Jihad, they despise her for telling the simple truth about Islam.

          Go figure that one out.

      3. Nobody says we have to relinquish any beliefs. It is unlikely Geller will pay any price for her poor judgment and hate. She staged a situation to make a point. I am sure that like the Westboro Baptist Church we have not heard the last of her. Let her face the consequences of her actions without praising or awarding her. Life’s too short to honor gross bullies and fanatics. She is, by the way, also a fanatic.

        1. If she’s a fanatic, we need a lot more like her. Like I always say, where’s Charles Martel when you really need him? Thank God, he drove the Moslems out of France. Too bad the Iberian peninsula had no one to keep the drive moving; the natives had to suffer the nightmare rule for 800 years.

          If it’s hate she represents, I’m all for it. Cortez’ brand of hate for the religion of Montezuma. I’m glad cannibalism was ended in the Americas, and I’m glad the Spaniards had the requisite dosage of hate for evil to inspire them to cleanse this hemisphere of that religion.

          Anyone who thinks it is a good thing to pander to the fanatical sensibilities of an ideology that inspires a righteousness that manifests itself in murder has to stand back and think about that. If we have such a monstrous ideology in our midst, we should endeavor to expunge it as fast as possible, not modify our own behavior to elevate it above our own.

          People have a right in this country to worship the devil openly, but when those people are caught committing human sacrifices, they are not tolerated–and no one says we should not hurt their feelings. When cartoonists in Europe were driven into hiding, most of the despicable lefty “artists” in America had nothing to say. Theo Van Gogh was murdered by Moslem savages for making a movie about the dirty business that is Islam. His attacker plunged a knife through his dead breast, using that blade to affix a note warning the West of what happens when Sharia is not embraced by people who are not Moslems.

          I really and truly HATE that. If that’s Pam Gellar’s “hate,” we should all enthusiastically join her. If that’s “fanaticism,” I’d call it clarity of moral purpose.

          What used to be the West has foolishly encouraged Moslems to colonize us; instead of converting them away from the nightmarish civilization they have fled, we are acting as if it trumps our own. It’s as if Mexico was encouraging its remaining Aztecs to revive Montezuma’s religion of human sacrifices and cannibalism. We are insane.

      4. You’re correct insofar as those who are our ‘elder brothers in faith’ may not actually raise their own hands against Christians. However, all indications are that we live under talmudic, rabbinical law and will soon be under Noachide law. Search the maurice pinay blogspot using the words noachide laws

      5. What are your thoughts on Noachide Laws?
        If you haven’t heard of them, it isn’t surprising. Discussion of them is rather limited.
        mauricepinay dot blogspot dot com/ # uds-search-results

        1. Of course, on their surface, the Noachide Laws are the pinnacle of moral clarity. A problem, however, develops when we go to the web site you reference.

          It is well outside the scope and purpose of this blog, and it’s a topic I therefore rarely broach here. I know quite a bit about these matters.

          I will say this. One must know about Shabtai Tzvi. One needs to know about the Transfer Agreement. About the Ringworm Children. The Mishnah and the Talmud, as opposed to the Torah.

          About Satan’s mastery of human religious proclivities. And man’s desire to build a tower to Heaven, to make a name for himself, to be as God.

          But, as I say, this is not the place for that.

        2. “What Pam did is courageous beyond measure. She sees the stealth encroachment of Sharia law in America, and is challenging us all to put a stop to it. ”

          IF it is well within the scope and purpose of this blog to speak about Pam Geller and Sharia law and if it is fine to put out straw man arguments on behalf of “Western values,” then it is certainly within the scope of this blog to look in to Noahide law. But then again, this blog is not allowed to explore such matters to their logical ends.

          The same entity that allows hoards of foreigners of starkly different cultures to invade our country is the same entity that allows Pam Geller types to create problems to which we are supposed to react in order to bring about the entity’s solution.

        3. Well, dachsie, I didn’t bring it up. I just came to the defense of a falsely accused woman who is doing yeoman’s service to our country. When invited into a deep, multifaceted theological conversation, I simply remarked that this is not my web site, and have no interest in hijacking it. If the saint, or you, wants to converse with me about those matters, all that is required is to click on my name–it will take you to my sadly neglected web site/blog.

          As you can tell, the phenomenon of Islamic imperialism is a deeply troubling problem in my view, and when a courageous woman like Pam Gellar picks up the sword no one else (outside of Mark Steyn, perhaps) is willing to do, it irks me to hear her denounced. As Isaid in another reply, she stands in the shoes of Charles Martel. She should be given a medal.

        4. What has been your experience with your fellow human beings at your local mosque or any other worship center?
          The followers of Mohammed that I know are open minded trusted peaceful colleagues with national security clearances with like minded children and spouses.
          Also, I think you would agree the credibility of mainstream media stories is zilch these days and the repetitive messages that are spewed from the tube are poisonous propaganda.

        5. fv, your question is a non sequitur. It means nothing that mohammedans are frequently nice people. They probably don’t even know that Mohammed was a mass murdering, slave trading, rapist–with a proclivity for pre-pubescent girls. If they DO know that, and continue to be Moslems, I’d advise you not to trust them, though–they are only pretending to be bad Moslems.

          The point is that the excellent conversation Pam Gellar has launched sets up the perfect exploration of what exactly Islam is. When you publicly announce that you are drawing a cartoon of the psychotic who formulated that ideology, it’s a safe bet that people who believe in that ideology will act just like him: they will be prone to become psycho-killers, because that’s what the ideology tells them to do, if they really study it.

          This is a very good thing to be aware of.

          The important point is not that most mohammedans don’t take their ideology seriously. It is that a core group DO take it seriously. They will kill you for drawing a cartoon. Or making a movie about the true nature of Islam. Or naming a classroom teddy bear “Mohammed.” Think about that.

          As I say, this is the important thing. To know that the ideology, when taken seriously, inspires irrational murder, over incredibly trivial things. We need to know this. Pay no attention to the bad Moslems, people who do not know the Koran and the Hadith, who do not wish to murder Moslems who convert to another religion, who do not wish to engage in “honor killings.” Bad Moslems are almost always good people, in my experience. It’s the good Moslems we need to be focused on. Pam’s contest demonstrated exactly that.

      6. SCREEEECH….Tap tap tap….uh, is this mic on?

        If Patrick hasn’t already made it clear, let me help (and don’t hold against Patrick what I am about to proclaim)….Islam is a religion of the devil (most likely initiated, fed and fostered by Catholicism).

        Mohamed was infested with demons. He was a tool to establish a demonic religion.

        Yeah….I DID say that….Mo was infested with demons. My proof is the perpetuation, prevalence, and ubiquitous presence of Islam.

        Yea I know….the truth pisses people off like nothing else.

        Any such accusations against Paul the apostle? Peter? Steven? Apollos? James? John? Timothy? Titus? Luke? Matthew? Mark?

        You don’t have to believe me, but genuine Christians SHOULD understand what I am saying (unless their cowardly minds have been adulterated by Satan).


        Moderate Islam is a creation of western apologetics. If the west doesn’t accept the fantasy of moderate Islam, then the game is over. For the propagandists it is a matter of propagating survival. If there is only “extreme” Islam, then we would all be forced to resist, at any and all cost, any geological advancement of its beliefs and tenets. It would surely mean war on a worldwide scale.

        We are in the age of compromise in the pursuit of unity, I get that loud and clear. They call it ecumenicalism. All “religions” being equal, should have the same voice and clout.

        Perhaps to better grasp this concerted effort, just Google and watch the 12-16-12 Newtown High School production, merely two days after Sandy Hooks alleged events, starring Barrack Obama with various and sundry religious affiliates.

        Now, what is your argument against my argument?

        I… on the side of truth.

    2. Southern Poverty Law Center, which has gone on record as denouncing Geller’s activities, has a history of suing organizations which target individuals. If it can be shown that any of her activities deliberately targeted any individuals and harmed them as a result, then those people could approach the organization and seek relief. Otherwise, I don’t know how someone could pay in this incident. Even the families of the men who were shot would have to do a probably long process to prove that they were set up and perhaps had weapons planted on them to make it seem they were coming to shoot up the event. But that would have a lot of obstacles to it. If proved, however, that they only arrived to protest or were tricked into going there, it would be quite interesting. Then she’d be potentially a RICO defendant. However for all crimes, you need a willing prosecutor.

    3. This was another false flag attack meant to distract the folks from what is really going on. What makes me conclude that?

      Can’t say for sure how long, but probably at least an hour, maybe several, both Fox & CNN had ‘live’ tv coverage of a robot at the scene there where two bodies and their car being inspected ever so slowly by the robot. The Swat team was there and killed the gun men. Somehow the swat team all but disappeared from the story and are replaced with a hero off duty cop. Garland Police: SWAT Team Officers Helped Kill 2 Gunmen Outside Cartoon Event

      1. You’re probably right about its being a false flag. Wrapped up in a neat bow pretty fast. There have been countless – like the beheading of a soldier in England that a lot of the locals disbelieved as well. All the Anglo-Saxon countries seem to have these weird incidents, including Canada, and then France got into the act (and it seems a bunch of cartoonists really died – but “Que sais-je?” I never followed them or heard of them until the incident. Since Geller and her deep pockets are behind it, like she was all over the subways with her provocative ads, this could be true. She isn’t sticking up for my values or American free speech – she is sticking up for one side in the ethnic cleansing of Israel, and she hopes of the US. She does not want us to speak freely. She’d sue anti-Semites or have them rubbed out unless she could use them some way. Her set of associations with mobsters is enough – a little tinhorn Sheldon Adelson.

      2. Skirt, of course you are absolutely correct. She’s just another shill working for her bosses. “Je Suis……(insert name here)TM”. Distraction du jour.

        As for the SPLC, that is a disgusting Jeddel outfit that’s primary means of stifling free speech is to sue it into oblivion. Of course “our” politician’s bosses love it.

        It still amazes me that people continue to watch the propaganda on TEE VEE and get wrapped up in it. It’s not even subtle. Who needs something that lies constantly telling them what they should be interested in and what they should ignore?

        Think of all the other important things going on in the world that they AREN’T talking about while the eaters follow this like a sporting event. Anybody ever wonder whey they’ve become mere spectators? Presumably they’re OK with that. I’m not.

  17. Assuming Sandy Hook is indeed a morbid theater play, this episode indirectly shows a major feature of a pathocracy: the chronic incompetence of people with power. In this case, Carver is a pathetic liar. Even GH Bush may have done a better job. This is an inevitable correlation of reserving all positions of authority to individuals who are pathologically egoistic.

    If the USA pursues its apparent flirt with pathocracy, we shall witness more Carver-like idiots at work in the future. Stay tuned!


    1. DN, Curious why you use the word “Assuming”?
      Are you aware of facts that support the government controlled story?

  18. From a MHB reader via email:

    The examination is not an autopsy. In the case of any bullet wounds, the examiner usually traces the course of the bullet through the body to describe how death occurred. Carver doesn’t do that. A full autopsy wasn’t performed because it couldn’t substantiate the death claimed. The x-ray is noticeably absent.

    1. Mrs. POSner also ran rampant in the media saying poor noah was shot 11 times at point-blank range. All of the alleged victims families that were prevalent in the media are proven liars and decivers. All these lies ontop of their alleged children’s dead bodies(in the name of gun control, no less), yet they call us the sickos and wackos.

      The 11

      1. By this report poor Noah suffered a non-fatal wound to the thumb, a non-fatal wound to the lower anterior face, and a wound to the mid/upper thorax which traversed both lungs and may or may not have struck vital organs such as the heart or great vessels. If any such damage was visible on x-ray he doesn’t mention it.No dissection was done.This latter referenced bullet mysteriously stopped immediately upon exiting the left chest wall and arm and lay in the shirt, sort of like the bullet on the stretcher at Parkland. Three wounds. I notice that at the bottom of page 2 under “Anatomic Diagnosis” he neglects to mention the facial wound. He says the bullet “re-enters” the arm as if it had gone through the arm previously and came back whereas he perhaps should have said the wound tract exited the chest and entered the left arm medially, not re-entered. He says the facial wound destroyed the lower lip and left a 2″ exit wound through the right mandibular ramus. And yet he says all of the “native teeth” were present. I thought all autopsies and medical terminology regarding anatomy were referenced in anatomical position, that is as if you are looking at the patient from the front with the arms and hands turned with the palms facing forward, but with this guy it’s hard to figure. In Pg 2 Par 1 “arm” is spelled “ram” one time.

        1. Close enough for government work.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        2. Carver mentions something about the energy dispersal of this particular kind of ammo being released in flesh (sorry about the impossible grammar there). However, that sort of makes those bullets that were lodged in the sub’s car (or did they go straight through?) all the more improbable…especially if the shots first travelled through a wall (or two)… What kind of ammo will go through lathe and plaster/drywall, then pierce metal, but would be stopped by skin (or in this case, cloth)? Is there such a round?

  19. I watched this several times- Bizarre to say the least- I then watched it just keeping an eye on the trooper to the far right the entire time- He nods- smiles and almost laughs several times- 8:19- I wrote down at least 5-6 times- Not normal behavior- it’s like he is nodding to say hey to his buddies the entire time- very telling..

  20. @fvpatterson: that’s why they weren’t and we are. Do you think the internet was given to us for our benefit? Do you think it was given to us at a particular time or was it all just accidental?

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