Free Form Friday VI

Doomsday economic predictions, the Umpqua College shooting event, Russian ascendance in the Middle East, Facebook censorship, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the end of tenure …

discuss“Free Form Fridays” have become something of an institution at MHB. Previous open threads over the summer and early fall have been platforms for vibrant discussions eliciting hundreds of comments on each. These have given readers opportunities to present and discuss topics as they see fit.

Thus here is another chance to chime in with other readers on whatever pressing issue may be on your mind . Thank you for your continued interest and participation.-JFT

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  1. Emily Sakamoto is a 21 year old student at Emory University who faces felony charges for making a terrorist threat to shoot up her school on Yik Yak.

    The following anonymous comment was posted on regarding her story:

    Anonymous says:
    October 12, 2015 at 5:52 pm

    “She is a troubled girl. I lived in close proximity for a year with her and repeatedly reported her for questionable and possibly abusive behaviors. I wish the school had taken action before this happened too.”

    At what point does community monitoring “report[ing] her for questionable and possibly abusive behaviors” become offensive and provoke the very violence it seeks to prevent???

    1. Good question, PeaceFrog. God save us from people like “Anonymous.”

      You have to wonder if provoking the very violence it (purportedly) seeks to prevent, is part of the plan. Opportunity in crisis, and all that.

  2. Have you been to your regional planning council lately?

    These are excerpts from a 2012 lecture by the father of New Urbanism. The full lecture, filmed by Martin County is also on line. Check the comment from Rosa Koire……..

    Did you know that America has been broken up into 11 regions? See In Florida this region is called Seven50 – 7 counties for 50 years. Three counties in S. Florida opted out but behind closed doors the unelected bureaucrats continue to redesign and densify our cities along transit hubs. Palm Beach County is busy building the new transit village. Massive high density housing construction is taking place from Miami north according to the S.Florida Business Journal.

    These councils are busy planning where and how we will live without your vote.

    1. The first steps were taken by Eisenhower (WWII mass murderer) when the federal interstate highway system was begun. It wasn’t started for the convenience of motorists…..

      1. Stlonginus, I heard it was for rapid transport of military if the need arose. Came in handy for distribution of goods also. And it opened up vast areas for development. Personally, I used it for a coast to coast trip back in the early 70’s with wife #1, PuffingStough all the way. Toot toot ! We took the scenic route.

  3. So, the Dutch authorities make their Report on the downing of MH17, having politely refused all offers from Russia of its technical and satellite data which you would think would greatly assist them……and conclude that a Russian made missile shot down the jet……all western media report and repeat ”Russian made” missile..
    If the missile had happened to have been made in America or Britain, do you think the media would have reported this as ” An American / British made missile” or as simply ” a missile”?
    Does the media ever say ” American made weapons” are being used by the Saudis to massacre civilians in Yemen?

    The evidence that the ”missile” firstly was actually a missile and secondly was fired from a rebel held area is still highly dubious IMO….. I can’t see how the rebels or the Russians had anything to gain, whereas the West maximised anti-Russian propaganda to their considerable advantage, at least among the unawakened masses

    I’m starting to just slightly begin to believe that the Americans/ Nato/ The West are making such bizarrely outrageous claims about their foreign exploits, especially the Syria situation, that they are really risking waking up the ordinary people from their apathy …… but maybe not, foolish moment of optimism on my part…probably….

    1. Cui Bono?

      An enormous amount of pressure was placed on the Russian economy due to the sanctions over MH17. They paid a big price for helping the ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine.

      The Dutch are also blaming Kiev for opening its air space to commercial flights during the conflict when it was foreseeable this incident could happen. Poroshenko wanted this incident, he needed it at the time.

  4. Monopolar world vs. multipolar world

    What Irene Caesar is talking about a lot is that the NWO and those who push it, mainly the decendants of Khazar slave and drug traders, want a monopolar world. She says that scientifically there is no such thing in the quantum universe as a monopol. Each any everyone of us is completely unique. The universe according to this understanding is and must be multipolar. So we need to understand that we have been enslaved on this planet and that we need to wake up and stand up for our own uniqueness, for the uniqueness of the land we live on and for the unique heritage of our people.

    To avoid WW3 it is high time to wake up to who we truly are and start to live from that potential. We don’t need any rulers. We don’t need world government, enslavement and suppression of mankind. We have to claim our spiritual heritage as children of the universe and start living from that!

    1. I think we are about to “claim our spiritual heritage as children of the universe and start living from that”, and that we will need to sacrifice many material comforts, and “reboot” in order to reconsider what “we” (they) have done, and to never allow it to happen again. That, in my opinion, is the next World War, and it has nothing to do with Russia, Iran, Syria, Korea, but has only to do with ourselves.

  5. Does anyone have any exceptional videos on NASA Fakery/Mars Fakery?

    The Paustal Service on Youtube has a great video on The Mars Mission – features clips from Tim and Eric.

    The guy who leads the conference is a total BS Artist.

  6. Cut and paste 1140 Umpqua College Rd, Roseburg, OR 97470 on this site, and it shows no incidents:

    Furthermore, cut and paste 16430 Booker T. Washington Highway, Moneta, VA, 24121 and you will see no incidents, similar to how the FBI statistics had no murders in Newtown, CT in 2012.

        1. I thought you’d never ask !

          You know my darkest secrets…Ha

          I have been lacking. We may need Folk to come start one of his arguments.

          I’ll start it:

          You are all of bunch of brain washed racists and are part of American Power and can’t see your all brainwashed ..bla bla

          How’s that for a start Me Dub?

          I suggest a pint or two for yourselves bloke…

        2. Toni,
          you must be a racist and part of American Power…..

          Sorry, I was just channeling Folktruther….haha

          Jane, you ignorant…if your old enough to remember that one…HaHa

        3. I’m done. Everything in Mod.

          We can’t talk in real time, can’t have fun joking.

          Of course I will be good and self censor but someone thinks otherwise.

          Forget it


      1. Ric, I’ve finally “arrived”. My comments no longer go to moderation. They just ………disappear! I’ll accept your congratulations.

        1. Toni’s become comfortably Numb.

          I’m working on it as we speak…Hee Hee

          And yes, I may slur my typing…….

  7. I will be a guest on Patrick Henningsen’s Real Wire this coming Sunday, October 18 at 1PM EST

    On next week’s Real Politic Sofia Smallstorm joins the program to discuss the corporatization of America, in addition to the relationship between the growth in federal grants and the many “live shooter” and emergency drills, sometimes presented via news media as spontaneous events.

    1. Copied from


      SUNDAY – 5pm-8pm GMT | 12pm-3pm EST | 9am-12pm PST

      This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE from Der Homeland, as host Patrick Henningsen returns this week to cover more audacious national and world news.

      In the first hour, we’ll discuss this week’s leading stories, including this week’s installment of 21WIRE’s “The Daily Shooter” featuring a cinema rampage by a mentally ill actor in Lafayette, Louisiana, as well as a review of the Chattanooga Shooting, as well as the rise of Donald Trump and the GOP’s Sweet 16 field of political cannon fodder.

      To help breakdown Chattanooga and other “mass shootings”, we’re joined by special guest Professor James Tracy from Memory Hole Blog for an in depth discussion of America’s new mass shooting media culture.

      In the third hour we’ll look at some other disturbing trends on TV like the latest craze, BattleCam, and the coming war waged by the UK , US and Israel – against the government and the people of Syria.

      Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…”

    2. Ok, the broadcast of this interview went awry, and 21stcenturywire took it down.

      I was able to download it and clean it up though. Actually, I have a friend with sound editing software and he cleaned it up, and he said it was probably recorded too “hot” and that caused all the clipping.

      Problem is, I can’t seem to get it uploaded anyplace, so I can’t share it with you guys.

      I’ll keep trying. I haven’t even listened to it yet.

    3. Today’s edition of Real Wire was postponed due to especially unusual technical difficulties with the broadcast, according to the show’s producer. I hope to be a guest on the October 25 edition of the program.

      1. Certainly puts a bit of a spin on things, eh?

        I’ve been saturated…completely desensitized. I don’t even care, other than I don’t want more gun laws passed, even if (hell, especially if) any of these events are true.

        They won.

  8. Came across this ( this morning. It’s a review of Michael Walsh’s new book about Critical Theory. Here’s and excerpt:

    The culture needed to go, not just the rule of law.

    Critical Theory taught that the act of criticism itself — burning each pillar of Western society, be it bulletproofed reason, simple economic law, and even (and especially) the notions of family, marriage, and the risk calculations of casual sex — made for a moral code of life. Burying the wisdom of the past — and nevermind bothering to replace it with new decisions, just simply destroy — was the future.

    Writes Walsh:

    At once overly intellectualized and emotionally juvenile, Critical Theory — like Pandora’s Box — released a horde of demons into the American psyche. When everything could be questioned, nothing could be real, and the muscular, confident empiricism that had just won the war gave way, in less than a generation, to a fashionable central-European nihilism that was celebrated on college campuses across the United States.

    Seizing the high ground of academe and the arts, the new Nihilists set about dissolving the bedrock of the country, from patriotism to marriage to the family to military service; they have sown … “destruction, division, hatred, and calumny” — and all disguised as a search for truth that will lead to human happiness here on earth.

    End of passage.

    I argue that Western Civilization came to an end with the 9/11 event, and that the 20th century was a transition period; we are now in a new civilization, of which we are starting to get a feel for what constitutes its outlines. The complete failure of Europe’s peoples to defend themselves against the current invasion of millions of hostile, military-aged, young men from Africa and the Arab world is an indicator of what has happened to what used to be the West.

    After Roman Civilization gave way to Western (Christian) Civilization, the peoples of Europe developed a coherent, new, way of life. They were confident, and vigorously defended themselves when attacked. Alas, Spain and the Balkan peninsula fell to Mohammed’s savage invaders, and those people languished under dhimmitude for centuries before throwing off that yoke–but they DID rise up, and cast out the aliens that enslaved them.

    Why is Europe now surrendering, and INVITING an invasion by the alien civilization it used to instinctively, manfully, beat back when it tried to Islamize Europe? Because the West is no more. Europeans don’t think they have anything to defend.

    Why has filled the hole where confidence in Western values used to be? Critical Theory, for a start. A blueprint for civilizational suicide.

    1. I cannot see that Nihilism is the causative vector in the rush to tyranny.Not by a long shot. If we go back to Dr Kevin McDonald’s “Culture of Critique”, we find that the infusion of other nationalities into the US was a jew planned and carried out attack that was meant to dilute the White European influence here. Gaze upon the presence and function of the Fed i.e. jew bankers in toto. Look at the big banking houses, look at Hollywood, the media congolomerates, who is behind them? Who only sells to other jews?
      Conspiracy begets reality, if you look into US neocons what do you see? The central core of jews is there for what reasons? Money and power, is that a possibility? Let’s face it, the US has a jew problem. And a massive one, at that.

      1. Moreover, who espouses integration of races while eschewing intermarriage of jews with gentiles? The almost fanatic rush to get these “refugees and other flotsam” into the US is a planned attack. Weakening the US makes it easier for the elites to take over and submit us to serfdom and penury. This is no accidental action, this has been planned for a long, long time. The Destroyer in Chief says we are doing this because we are a humane nation of caring people.Nothing is farther from the truth. Obama, aka the Tool of the Jews, has not told the truth once since he took office. To those that believe this plant, this highly trained societal psychopathic IED, thanks a bunch, you took the cell phone and sold out for a few yuans and a trinket that is likely bugged right back to NSA.

        Americans have been mind deadened, they’ve taken the bait along with their commie inspired “educations” and this is the kind of decisions they have made for the last century. Propaganda is our new religion and we can’t be sated with lies, either. Putin is right, we are idiots here, we follow our “leaders” because we have accepted this wunderfull and democratic 2 party system that is the source of our misery and demise. Comfortably numb will get you every time.

        1. No doubt Gil
          When you introduce other cultures in mass quantity into any country it is a source of destabilization. It is especially potent when they are young Wahabbis, trained by British agents for decades, young, disenfranchised and brain washed, don’t speak the language etc. It is all part of the plan.

          As I have said before, both world wars were about keeping German technology from any type alliance with Russian resources, and their penchant for defending themselves and their martial valor.

          It is still going on today. A large part of the Donmeh are the eternal victims trained for chaos. They are being funneled into Europe. There will be no German technology if there are no Germans, no close relations with Russia, no invincible alliance, no road blocks to the NWO. No Germans, no problem. It is pretty much genocide.

        2. The controllers espouse this. You can only be khazar if you have a khazar mother. On the other hand Asia is for Asians, Africa is for Africans but Europe and the north American continent is for everybody. The native American indians are appalled at the lunatics who have taken over, as they appear to have no reasoning and are unleashing the entire world upon them. Yeah those who have little land space left watch helplessly as more immigrants flood in to finish them off.

          The native American has always been feared by the man behind the curtain due to their spiritual awareness. It must be eradicated at all costs and replaced by bible thumping.

      2. Let’s face it, the US has a jew problem.

        This is the type of comment that necessitates much further consideration–perhaps from a devil’s advocate position–and is in fact something I brought up on my discussion with John Friend a few weeks ago. Are we talking about Judaism as a culture and religion, or Zionist/Jewish nationalism, evident for example in Israeli foreign (and domestic) policy? Is there a meeting place for such a cabal to secretly meet and scheme over the destruction of White European civilization? Or is this a straw man For example, if there is such a “Jew problem,” why do so many Jews in the diaspora (as many as 50% or more today) freely choose to marry and start families with non-Jews?

        1. It stems mainly from this. Modern day khazars are trying to repair the Y chromosome by out-breeding. In India arranged marriages are to prevent birth defects. It is called the Gotra system.


          DNA geneticists used a scientific fact, that most of the male Y-chromosome is passed intact from father to son. Females do not carry the Y-chromosome. This truth known 7000 years ago to our Vedic seers, has been used to trace the paternal lineage. The geneticists used polymorph markers so that Y-chromosome can be distinguished by haplotypes.

          According to modern medical science, an inbred man or women may suffer from as many as 6000 ailments, arising out of genetic disorder linked to consanguineous marriages, starting from physical deformity, micro cephalous, lower IQ, mental retardation to kidney and liver malfunctioning and so on. But the most common diseases are Sickle-cell disease (SCD), or sickle-cell anaemia (SCA) or drepanocytosis sickle beta-plus-thalassaemia

          Like I said before, the great seer Rishis of India had created the Gotra system to ensure that inbreeding (which destroys the physical and mental faculties of their descendants) does not occur.

          These descendants had to learn Vedas by heart and pass it on for future generations . It was only in 5000 BC that the Vedas changed from oral tradition to written.

        2. “Are we talking about Judaism as a culture and religion, or Zionist/Jewish nationalism”

          Right on James !

          This IS the difference none seem to get.

          Long story has to how, why, and who.

          Hint: The Two sticks, The Fake Fig, The Wheat and Chaff.

          I know so many REAL good friends that practice Judaism and have NO problem with Christianity.

          We are all together.

          This outside force which runs the banks and media and everything that is wrong are not my friends

          I can’t go any further.

        3. I’m in Mod again,

          But what James just said about the whole Je thing and Zio thing was so right on I could not have stated it better.

          Hopefully My comment will be freed and I can go the Promised land

        4. Just a side note Dub,

          Don’t fight with Pat,

          I consider him a friend and VERY well versed.

          We can have different opinions but 99% of all will wind up in the same place getting re-taught what we forgot here.

          Some go straight to the source, but most don’t.

          And it has nothing to do with what religion you are.

          Complicated, yes. But Simple also…..

        5. I meant you just can’t help it.

          Are you one of those guys in Junior High that would steal the lunches from the less aggressive persons?..HAHA

          I was a super passive Hippie in school and my testosterone friends loved it, Anytime anyone gave me sh$t my friends were right there beating their butts.

          It was a game for them….

          I was the “Passive Musician” all you need is love type.

        6. I wrote a comment about the spectrum of jewish reactions to surviving WWII a couple months ago and it wasn’t approved, even though it was civil and pretty evenhanded. I could add to this debate but wonder if my comment will make it past moderation.

        7. Sue, I’d like to read your comment. Can you find it and post it again? Maybe now that it’s apropos to the subject it’ll get posted. I, too, have something I’m writing for this discussion. It’s on my experience working in Jewish non-profit, so I’d love to read yours first.

          Sue, I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you for defending me here at MHB. I know you did so specifically a couple of times in my previous go-round with dublinsmick. But you’ve done so before as well. You’ve been very kind to me since I started posting here, following up my comments with,”Well, what’d everybody think about Toni’s point about (whatever)”

          It always meant a lot to me, and thanks.

        8. You answered your own question, James. There are jews and there are jews. As much as anything, people are afraid of laying the cards on the table and calling a spade a spade. We can have a jew problem without having 100% of jews involved in said problems. Intermarriage is fought tooth and nail by hard core Zionists, but the concentration of massive financial and political power will keep this core on its stated mission, conquest and domination of the world. Despite seeking money rabidly, these aggressive jews can never be sated by money. It’s a vicious manifestation, what do the great jewish authors say about it?

    2. I once had an exchange of views with you, Patrick, on your belief that ”Western Civilisation” is based on Christianity compared to my belief that the Christian cult hijacked the Hellenic basis of western civility, culture and enlightened reason…your defence of your position was so extreme, so unfounded in fact, that I gave up bothering to reply, especially after a ridiculous lecture you tried to give me in European history…

      Despite my resolve to ignore your ignorant,bigoted views in future, I find myself unable to resist responding to your latest ridiculous anti-European diatribe

      First, just a quick correction to your revisionist racist view of Islamic era Spain…. the muslims ruled Spain for 600 years.During that time the Christians and Jews could practice their religions freely and their way of life was undisturbed unless it threatened the state. When the northern Christians took over Islamic Spain, they immediately banned the practice of the muslim and jewish religions…all muslims and jews had to convert to Christianity, or be executed or leave the country. This was 1492.Hundreds of thousands of people left the only country and home they knew rather than convert
      .That same year, Columbus and his fanatical Christian backers, sailed the Atlantic and began the era of genocide of millions of native South, Central and North American native peoples in the name of Christianity and your so called western european civilisation….millions of people, whose only crime was being unaware of the Christian European death cult lost their lives. This is the Western Christian Civilisation that you bemoan the loss of?

      Now to today… as a European, I can hardly believe your question as to why we Europeans are supposedly surrendering to immigrants and inviting invasion…….have you forgotten that these people are human beings fleeing the death and destruction caused by your American wars and blood lust for global dominance (spinelessly supported or tacitly accepted by most western European governments as I freely admit) ?
      The vast majority of these ” invaders” are ordinary, non violent human beings forced from their homes, communities and regular lives by the aggression of your so called Christian western civilisation.

      Anyone with a soul, with a heart, with a sense of human decency, would want to help these refugees in their hour of need….especially as they are in this position through our governments’ actions…….. it sickens me that a so called Christian such as yourself could so completely reject your founder’s teaching to respect all peoples , to love your neighbour, to be of unselfish service to your fellow men and so on….

      Its views like yours that typify the loss of western values…not Critical Theory nor the response by Europeans to the refugees….

      1. My reply to Steven’s reply grew write long, so as a courtesy to the reader I present it in two parts. Part I:

        “I once had an exchange of views with you, Patrick, on your belief that ”Western Civilisation” is based on Christianity…”

        The exchange can be found here: . You argued that certain events in European history disprove that the foundation Western Civilization rested on is Christianity. Here is a passage from my last reply to you, summarizing your argument, which I had earlier characterized as self-evidently stupid (you misunderstood that to mean I was calling YOU stupid, when it was just the foolish, wrong, idea in your head I was talking about):

        “They say the best rule, if you find you have dug yourself into a hole, is to stop digging. You really should stop; you’re not helping yourself, Steven. The Inquisition, the witch trials and the genocide of the Cathars are all events within Western history. So what? How does Christian leaders doing these things in any way remove the fact that Christianity is the thing that transformed Roman civilization into something new and completely different? I can’t see any actual reasoning in your argument.”

        My final paragraph in that reply sums up what I was saying:

        “But that’s the point. You think the examples you regard as depredations of true Christianity (at least that’s what I think you are saying) prove the West was not at its center Christian, when it is precisely the opposite–those examples, in other words, make MY case. They did those things because they had no choice: heresy had to be eliminated because to be true to their civilization the leaders at the time, were they not to do it, would essentially be committing treason. As I say, from the point of view of this new civilization, that makes no sense–but it made all the sense in the world, to them. Remember, the Reformation had not yet happened; the West had only one Church, and it was regarded as indistinguishable from Western civilization itself.”

        You never replied to that. You did not prove your point. I did. I stand by my understanding of history.

        Now, back to you:
        “…compared to my belief that the Christian cult hijacked the Hellenic basis of western civility, culture and enlightened reason…”

        I’m glad you say this here, in THIS context, because it is so perfectly apt. No one could express such a foolish misunderstanding prior to the 20th century. It would be impossible even to THINK it prior to the 19th century, it being so self-evidently nonsense (even the plotters of the Enlightenment overthrow off the West wouldn’t dream of talking that way). But that is what the Frankfurt School was all about, and the Frankfurt School won. Well done! A perfect exemplification.

        “…your defence of your position was so extreme, so unfounded in fact, that I gave up bothering to reply, especially after a ridiculous lecture you tried to give me in European history…”

        I leave that for those who review the original exchange to determine.

        “Despite my resolve to ignore your ignorant,bigoted views in future, I find myself unable to resist responding to your latest ridiculous anti-European diatribe”

        Not “anti-European,” Steven. In DEFENSE of Europe, and in tear-stained mourning of her intense desire to commit suicide. And if love for the historic self-defense against alien invasion Europe always used to practice is “racist,” that’s a definition of the term I can’t recognize. If you don’t think a France made up of all French people, a Wales made up only of Welshmen, a Sweden of just Swedes, etc, was a GOOD thing, that in fact the intentional, planned, destruction of these homogenous cultures is the good thing, I must say that it is YOU who win the racism title. Do you hate the idea of the world as it was, in Europe, before the socialists and social engineers ruined it? If so, do you think that Nigeria should be flooded with Chinamen and Norwegians, and be permanently transformed demographically and culturally? Maybe, the social engineers should be filling Saudi Arabia up with Mexicans (God knows, we don’t need any more, and they to sure seem to wish to flee Mexico. I’d like to see that, actually. Teach the Arabs to drink Tequila, just like the Moslems are teaching Britons to shut up about child brides and clitoridectomies. Multiculturalism should work both ways, no?

        What follows, in your reply, is a completely false (although they DO teach this drivel in school these days, sad to say), in fact wildly phantasmagorical, re-imagination of the nightmare of dhimmitude in Moslem-ruled Spain. It’s Stockholm Syndrome on the biggest scale imaginable: the savage, degrading enemy who held us captive, remembered fondly as a kind, benevolent, equal. It turns my stomach that these kind lies are taught, in perfect contrast to the facts of history, in this current time of constant Moslem aggression. And it saddens me terribly that it has become a sort of received wisdom, and that you actually believe it. Islam, it should always one borne in mind, is toxic; the peoples it conquers are ruined by it. Unbelievably, against all odds (after all, the natives in Levant and the Magreb the Arabs conquered never managed to do it), the Christians of Iberia somehow threw off their oppressors’ yoke, eventually. Every other place Christians were forced into dhimmitude, (except the Balkans), they remain groaning under it to this day. It’s simply horrible to be an infidel in a Moslem country.

        Oh, but I particularly like this fantastic piece of imagined history, so I will in fact quote it: “Columbus and his fanatical Christian backers, sailed the Atlantic and began the era of genocide of millions of native South, Central and North American native peoples in the name of Christianity and your so called western european civilization…”

        Here’s a tip, Steven: google “Montezuma.” The people the Spaniards encountered were canibals, and the tribes, a hundred thousand of whose people the Aztecs sacrificed (and ate) each year to the Sun god, and they didn’t like it; they welcomed the Spaniards as liberators. They really don’t teach history any more in England, I guess.

        “…millions of people, whose only crime was being unaware of the Christian European death cult lost their lives. This is the Western Christian Civilisation that you bemoan the loss of?”

        “Christian European death cult” Gotta love it. Hilarious!

        Liberation, Steven. You wish the sacrifices had continued? The people the Aztecs captured were dragged up a lofty ceremonial pyramid, thrust upon an altar, and priests (like Montezuma himself) plunged an obsidian knife into the sternum, reached in and pulled out the still beating heart of the victim: it was held up to the Sun, to ensure the Sun would rise the next day. They did this all day long, like an assembly line. You wish that that had never been forcibly stopped by the liberators Christ dispatched across the ocean, to rescue the innocent, Steven?

        1. I’m sorry, Patrick, but I’m laughing so much at your attempt to rewrite history and cast me , a man in my 60’s with a lifetime of historical and other research as uninformed, that I can’t put together a point by point lengthy rebuttal..
          .to slightly copy one of your cynical remarks…they clearly don’t teach real history anymore in your country….countering you point by point is pointless, your too far gone…..

          wow, the bitch Thatcher and Enoch Powell? Seriously? If I believed in your Christian hell I would rejoice in the certainty that those 2 psychos are burning merrily away for the rest of eternity..

          In an earlier post, Dublinsmick linked to an essay by a native community of original americans, dated 1977….try reading that, see if you can maybe perceive an iota of their wisdom…..

          I’m glad your enjoying yourself, truly I am, using your outdated, racist, bigoted imperialist crap, to try to persuade yourself and others that the old hierarchies were somehow superior and still can be going forward…

          You said you thought I was a Brit, not a European… yes, Im a Brit and Britain is part of Europe in every sense so Im European, I’m also a gnostic, a pagan, an admirer of Krishna and the Buddah, a human being, an Earthling, a child of the Universe, a soul having an experience in this 3D reality and one with what Mick might call the Cosmic generator….so what? Im not a label, Im a free man…
          It all comes down to how you see the future… you see value and feel nostalgia for the ”glories” of the westernised supremacy of the past few centuries… I see a gloomy,dark period where a minority of humans unjustly dominated everyone else….. you see countries, some successful, some not, some winners, some not…. I see a species who somewhat bizarrely chose to divide their only home, this planet, into 200 plus bits and then build differences and walls against each other….

          One thing Im not is a hater…so, like Montezuma( and the Christian fanatical clergy who condemned to death hundreds of thousands of innocent women and burnt them on bonfires, Aztec -like ,conveniently omitted from your account of past atrocities ) I will raise a figurative human heart to the sun god and pray to our mother, the earth goddess who nurtures us all, to forgive your foolishness…

          Please don’t reply, just decide Im a wacko and forget me, I cant spare the time to continue this

        2. Anybody that has to write a book-length reply to justify their musings is guilty of dithering. Get to the point dude.

          If the Moors in Spain were so terrible, why did the Jewish race flourish when the Muslims were in charge and only when the Christians took back control did the Inquisition take place?

          The Inquisition is still with us, only now the auto-da-fe is accomplished using Christian Zionist war mongers bombing Muslims and burning them alive with the latest smart bombs.

        3. That is not far off and a subject I have looked into. There are some quotes here directly attributed to that fine upstanding Christian man Columbus. One of his first questions was “where is the gold!”

          If You Are Celebrating Columbus Day, You Missed The Boat

          For starters, did you know, the real reason Columbus was ‘sailing the ocean blue’ was because he raped the 13 year old daughter of a Spanish Duchess? They couldn’t kill him without angering the Italian court, so Queen Isabella just sent him on a mission they didn’t think he would return from. It is also ON PUBLIC RECORD that he rewarded his soldiers by giving them Native Americans to rape. At times, they would make an example of a Native by cutting his hands off and tying them around his neck, then telling him to go and ‘share the message’ with the rest of his tribe. Other times they would go and massacre an entire village, unconcerned with the age of their victims. (It’s no wonder the ‘elite’ gave him a holiday..)

          When Columbus first came ashore and was greeted by the Arawak native Americans with smiles, gifts and food, he wrote in his log:

          “They brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things … they willingly traded everything they owned … They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane … They would make fine servants … With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

          From the very outset Columbus was writing about conquering and enslaving the natives. Meanwhile the Arawaks, brought gifts, prepared food, and traded everything they owned.

          Columbus wrote that the natives,

          “are so naïve and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would believe it. When you ask for something they have, they never say no. To the contrary, they offer to share with anyone.”

          He also wrote,

          “I believe that they would easily be made Christians, because it seemed to me that they had no religion.”

      2. Part II (Part I went to moderation, so my reply to Steven, if you only see this, might seem a little weird):

        “Now to today… as a European,”

        Funny. I thought you were an Englishman.

        “I can hardly believe your question as to why we Europeans are supposedly surrendering to immigrants and inviting invasion…….have you forgotten that these people are human beings…”

        No. Any more than the Russians forgot that the invading Germans were human beings, or Charles Martel did not remember that the Mohammedans trying to steal his country from the French were human. Invaders must be driven back, or killed. (Today, I’d suggest putting them on airplanes, actually, and flown back to all the different places they came from.)

        “…fleeing the death and destruction caused by your American wars and blood lust for global dominance (spinelessly supported or tacitly accepted by most western European governments as I freely admit) ?”

        Uh, no again. These pussies abandoned their women, children and old people. They are cowardly, military aged young men (80% of them are)—either that, or they are soldiers of the jihad, which I believe is closer to the fact. But if they are not jihadis intent upon Allah’s conquest to the entire world, they are cowards, who should have stayed and fought to defend their families from the jihadis back there, instead of fleeing to the cushy welfare states of Western Europe, abandoning their families to the tender mercies of the maniacs destroying their homelands.

        As for the strapping young men YOU face, the black Africans attempting to invade England on foot through the Channel Tunnel, well, you can’t blame that on “our” wars. We did not invade Sudan or Eritrea. These dudes are opportunists. They should stay home, and fix their own countries. first, of course, they will need to convert to Christianity, and abandon the cult of Allah, which caused all their troubles to begin with.

        “The vast majority of these ” invaders” are ordinary, non violent human beings forced from their homes, communities and regular lives by the aggression of your so called Christian western civilization.”

        This is so ridiculous, it’s not worth elaborating on. Suffice to say, they are hostile, military aged, predatory males (look up the rape statistics they have introduced to an innocent Europe, if you have a strong stomach), with a few woman and children added so that the photographers at the Daily Mail can tug at your post-Western heartstrings. Invite the enemy into your house at your own risk, Steven, but don’t complain to me later when, having ignored Nigel Farage (not to mention Enoch Powell), you wake up one day (soon) to find there’s no England any more, and sharia rules your life.

        “Anyone with a soul, with a heart, with a sense of human decency, would want to help these refugees in their hour of need….”

        I agree. Here’s how we do it: send them back, with a rifle and a Glock, and plenty of ammo (hold the ammo until they are safely away from the plane, and take off is assured). Tell them to kill every ISIS scumbag they encounter. Once they have ended the jihad, send an army of missionaries, each carrying dozens of native-language translations of the Bible, and convert them to Christianity, freeing them from the nightmare of the prison that is Islam, solving the problem for good.

        “…especially as they are in this position through our governments’ actions…”

        Is that a reason to commit cultural suicide—because you morons elected fools who do Washington’s evil bidding? Look in the mirror. You didn’t elect Enoch Powell, before this horror show began—and you treated Lady Thatcher like dirt, after she rescued your once grand country from ruin. It’s YOUR fault, not mine. Work with UKIP—maybe it’s not too late to turn back the tide, and clean up Westminster, although I think Thatcher was your last lucky break, and you blew it, truth be told.

        “….. it sickens me that a so called Christian such as yourself could so completely reject your founder’s teaching to respect all peoples , to love your neighbour, to be of unselfish service to your fellow men and so on….”

        One loves one’s enemy, sure. But Christianity is not a suicide pact. Handing over the keys of the house to the burglar is NOT what Jesus had in mind. These people have their own countries. Why do you want to give them YOURS? Certainly, no one should do such a foolish thing in the name of Christ. Maybe that’s how gnostics think (I notice that you agree with Mick’s pagan idolatry), but it sure ain’t Biblical reasoning. Suicide is a SIN, and we are commanded to spread the Good News (the Gospel), not submit to a satanic political system (Islam). Treating economic and political invaders as “refugees” is stupidity on the largest scale possible. Although I think the game has already been lost—which is the point of the original comment—there’s no justification for thinking surrendering to this current batch of Saracens is a GOOD thing. The West might be lost, but you don’t have to rub your own face in it. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, Steven. Fight back, like a good Englishman. Mrs. Miniver, and all that. Never surrender, Churchill used to say.

        “Its views like yours that typify the loss of western values…not Critical Theory nor the response by Europeans to the refugees….”

        That, too, I leave to the reader to decide.

        1. Patrick pretends this “western civilization” has been in control of it’s own destiny. I have news, it has not since Thor was persecuted by the romans.

          Yes it would be nice if most cultures stayed in their own country, at least there would be fewer problems. However let us not forget who trained the Wahabbis who are the main problem in the mideast.

          Countries like Syria, Lebanon and Iran were pretty much all inclusive with Christians living there for aeons until the west found oil in the area.

          Britain and the U.K. planted the Wahabbis in Saudi and other places to create order out of chaos.

          You know, Folker’s boys and Patrick lurves Folker and Folker lurves him.

        2. Ha ha Patrick
          You are a very pompous pumped up, ill informed man. I don’t mean that in a bad way.

          You call this pagans?

          Isaac Newton stole the Newton-Gauss interpolation formula (to the second order) from the work of  Govindaswami  930 AD, of the Kerala school of Mathematics  . Govindaswami  gave the fractional parts of the Aryabhata’s tabular sines.

          The Gauss–Newton algorithm is a method used to solve non-linear least squares problems.  Newton stole the Newton Gauss Backward Interpolation formula from the works of Vateswaracharya 880 AD,  .

          Madhavan of theKerala School of Mathematics  discovered Newton Power series and the Gregory Leibnitz series for the Inverse Tangent three centuries before.  Leinnitz stole from Madhavan’s  power series for pi ..

          Nilakanta of the kerala School of Mathematics discovered Newton’s Infinite Geometric Progression convergent series.

        3. Oh, look, dublinsmick has stolen some text and posted here as if he wrote it. He thinks he’s arguing, bless his heart.

          It’s only because he can’t put it into his own words.

        4. Yep, Mick, dhimmitude is a one fine way of living. Yassa, massah, you RIGHT, ’cause you a Musselman, missa Mahmoud! Jes’ don’ beat me to def fo’ looking’ you in the eye, an’ not jumping’ down inna da gutter when I didn’ notice you waz walkin’ towahd me on the sidewalk! I won’ do it again!

          A millenium or so of that, and people get REAL used to it.

          Europe seems like it’s just aching to find out what dhimmitude is like, as if it’s just Karl Lagerfeld’s most recent bit of offhand silliness that will be forgotten tomorrow. What a sad state of affairs–because it is permanent slavery they are signing up for. And Steven, a subject of the Crown, poor thing, can’t seem to detect the danger. Of all nations, British subjects should en mas be carrying Nigel Farage on their shoulders, reciting, along with Mrs. Thatcher:

          During the Falklands War, the Prime Minister quoted Shakespeare, from the closing words of King John:

          And we shall shock them: naught shall make us rue,
          If England to itself do rest but true.

        5. You Guys..I swear.

          Both of you in the corner for a little “Time out” period.

          Don’t make me brake my foot on your a$$.

          Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about……

        6. ha ha, you’re right, Ric, I shall go stand in the corner…there’s nothing to get hung about..

          Strawberry Fields Forever.. lol

          After all, why should I care if Patrickchatstyrannically…its all part of the universal plan, man, as we used to say, back in the day,

          Hare Krishna

        7. Mick, Dude, I’m aware of all the evil pederasty that suffuses merry ole’ England. And Maggie’s part in it.

          That’s not the point. But obviously you know that.

          Enoch Powell tried rescue Britain from the nightmare that currently befalls her. Britain did not listen to him. By the late 70s, the country was a ruin.

          Maggie came along, and by force of sheer will, lifted up the place, and made it once again worthy of a place on the world stage. Powell is quoted as saying that she really didn’t understand what he was advocating, which is probably true, but she certainly did rescue the country from the socialism Hell the Labor party had dragged it into.

          The problem is, Labor hated England (still does), and wanted to end it. Powell, who considered leadership over India his ideal position, but never got it, said that he loves India, bur he also loves England; he wanted India to stay Indian, but he could not see why Labor wanted England to become Indian.

          If only the rest of Britain had the decency to tell Labor to piss off.

          Maggie couldn’t, in the end, rescue the country, really. The invasion of aliens was never to be stopped (and she didn’t even try, chasing the few fish she could actually fry, I suppose).

          Yes, all the high-level people are sex perverts, Mick. It’s where they draw their power, from what I hear.

          But someone has to be in charge of these countries, and Maggie definitely rescued Britain from the death spiral it was in. Could Nigel Farage do as much as Maggie did, were he to become PM? I think that too many Britons are like Steven, who no longer even holds to the eternal truth that England is not in “Europe,” for even a Nigel Farage Prime Ministership to be able to rescue the country. I, as I said earlier, weep bitter tears when I consider the sad suicide of the auld sod.

          Nigel, randomly chosen, typically great. Poor souls like Steven ,who don’t love their heritage, sadly, can’t cheer this obvious truth:


        8. I don’t know if its just me because I don’t have a degree in English.

          I do have a Degree in Common Sense and Street Smarts that can’t be bought for any amount at any Ivy League Institution.

          But Longs Rants are hard to follow. You Guys in your “little” war should make it short and Concise.

          These 4 page PDF rants lose the “Jest” of what your trying to say in my opinion. Too many different subjects and POV’s to address without another 4 page rant….

          Get Me or am I just stupid because I didn’t spend $400K at Yale?

        9. Hey Ric

          If you’re ( partly) referring to my over long replies… I apologise, you’re right, they lose more, I concede the field to Patrickchatsludicrously….

          I am an over educated ”Yale” type, though my top British university education back in the 60’s was free, cos we are just a bunch of socialists over here… lol

          As my old guru, His Divine Grace AC Bakhtivedanta Swami Prabuphada used to say… why don’t we all just be….. everything you see…its just an illusion

          All Glories to Sri Krishna

          Have a laid back day


        10. Wow Steven,

          I don’t why or how your totally just sold on Hinduism but all are the same path to God.

          Let me tell you a story that has been a big part of my life.
          Bear with me.

          My house burned down in 2005 and I put a trailer in my backyard to protect my house and belongings from crooks. So, I sat there all alone in a scary situation.

          I’m a hard core Christian spiritual person and have studied all my life. Not as a Super preacher what a be..Touch the TV Screen..I’ve got water from the Sea of Galilee idiots but a true person.

          I was sitting there one night by my fire pit and all off a sudden the fire jumped out of the pit. No Wind. And started circling my legs… I was shocked.

          I looked up and Krishna manifested himself to me. I was thrown back but not too scared.

          I calmly went into my Temp. trailer and pondered. Why?

          The message God sent me was We are all one.

          The next day I sat there in the morning. A friend came to visit and witnessed this.

          A squirrel jumped on that same fire pit and started screaming at me. He then jumped off the fire pit and started running around my legs like the fire did. My Friend was dumbfounded and floored.

          This is God……………….

        11. Hey Ric.

          Sorry for the delay..I’m in England so 6 or 9 hours ahead of you…I’m sleeping while you guys are posting through the evening…I’m now around 40 posts behind!

          Its interesting you saw Lord Krishna ( rather than a Christian figure, you being a Christian) but I would agree that any authentically out-of-this-world experience like you had does lead to an understanding that we are all one…..and that there is a lot going on here, beyond the capacity of our five senses to perceive….
          I’ve had many such experiences myself….one thing I’ve been shown is that its always right to refuse to hate and I practice that, even though the dumbness of some others makes it difficult at times… the unbridled,irrational hatred of all jews by dublinsmick, though I enjoyed Toni’s intelligent challenges to him that I’ve just read through…

          I strongly recommend to you ( and everyone) a blog called Phantoms and Monsters…get the free daily newsletter….its a simple format…ordinary people post their extraordinary experiences….it puts all that we discuss on here into a different perspective….

          BTW, was he blue? Can you add any more detail?


        12. Ric
          Hinduism simply means the search for truth. That is all end of story. Who can be against that? It doesn’t mean hey I found it, it is right here in this book at walmart and if you defer, you will taste the fire.

          The search for truth is ongoing, it is personal with every sentient being, it goes on forever.

        13. Right on Dub.

          Maybe thats why God did what he did to me?

          It doesn’t change my faith, It just confers I’m on the right path and that’s what we are ALL to do do. Am I right?

          How can anybody be right if everybody is wrong?


        14. Ric

          That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me.

          In the search for truth everybody is an arsehole, except those who can sift truth from falsehood.

          Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without the divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood.”

        15. Dublinsmick,
          Do you ever post anything here that you’ve written yourself?

          Let me quote both dublinsmick and the, what is it?, oh yeah, “The Mysteries and Their Emissaries”

          “Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without that divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood.”

          The next line from this compendium of divine knowledge is:

          “The lot of the Initiate-Teacher is therefore almost invariably an unhappy one.”

          Dublinsmick thinks of himself as an Initiate teacher.

          On top of that, he claims his knowledge descends through Albert Pike!

          Dublinsmick, I don’t really care what it is you believe. But you have to stop acting like posting links and copied text is actually communicating.

          If you can’t come up with a response that articulates spontaneously what it is you think, then you haven’t really absorbed the knowledge you think you’re imparting.

          I being kind here.

        16. Dub,
          You are a unique character. A breath of fresh air in this confined world of thoughts.

          I laugh, and it feels good. We all need laughter and fun in this sh&t hole.

        17. Ric,
          Remember lophatt said his posts were disappearing? I think mine might be starting to do that. One looks like it’s there (not in moderation), but it’s not in the “Recent Comments” and nobody’s responded to it. It was a comment to dublinsmick; did you see it?

          Can you see this comment and would you reply if so? Thanks.

        18. Oh, nevermind. I think I see it in the recent comments now.

          Maybe his disappearing posts are keeping lophatt away. I was about ready to freak out myself.

        19. Toni moves in and challenges Dub.

          This thread is so long who knows where this land.

          Don’t mess with Toni. She’s very smart and has my Full respect. I really mean that Toni.

        20. I did Toni. Do you think there is something wrong? This thread is way too long, Do think something more sinister?

          There’s no way James is protecting Dub..haha


        21. Yes, I do think it’s James. He’s messing with our minds! lol

          No, I think it’s probably a software glitch.

          Still, it wouldn’t be imprudent to checkout who wordpress is hooked up with.

        22. Mick says,
          “Do you deny me the entrance to heaven”

          Go where you want. Just try to think for yourself along the way.

        23. And Toni since you broach the subject I have never found you very interesting either, somewhat shallow, vacuous and vague, more ego than substance, and all to often willing to dismiss theories and opinions you do not even understand.

          I often offer my own opinions here as well as provide links when when it is not advisable to leave long running comments. It all falls under learn from each other, which you seem to have a problem with.

          Your arrogance is only exceeded by your overwhelming ego.


          “Do you ever post anything here that you’ve written yourself?”

        24. Oh, dublinsmick, you’re back with your ridicule. That’s enlightening. This is your default when you’re challenged.

          Yes, you’ve told me before how you’re so over my head. I’m just shivering down here in the shadow of your towering intellect. Or is that your ego, or some other self-stimulated part of your anatomy?

          What is it with the guys around here? You show ‘em a little of their own bravado and they break just like little girls.

        25. I just got up here in England, many hours ahead of you all and read through the 40 odd posts I missed….

          I had to respond to this one….lol…great post Toni, I’ve been wondering for a while how to respond to dublinsmick’s more outrageous ( and mostly copied) comments, and whether it was worth the effort… but you just nailed it…..

          love and peace S

        26. Thank you, Steven. Mick’s been begging for it.

          So cool to have someone across the water chiming in. Don’t let the derision aimed at you keep you away.

        27. “I’m sorry, Ric, but if I don’t stand up for myself, who will?”

          Toni some people actually appreciate detailed analysis with links and facts to back up a point being made, others are more comfortable with one liners.

          Patrick seems to prefer links, as was the case with a discussion of the guillotine.

          In the unlikely event I respond to you in the future, I will try and make very brief and superficial.

        28. Mick says, “some people actually appreciate detailed analysis with links and facts to back up a point being made, others are more comfortable with one liners.”

          Yes, we all do. Please provide some.

          You post other people’s analysis. Not your own.

        29. “I concede the field to Patrickchatsludicrously….”

          I am giving Steven a 10 on that one.

          “Do you ever post anything here that you’ve written yourself?”

          Toni there are many judicious researchers out there, some just save me the trouble. In your own words could you please explain history to us?

      3. I know this is probably already going to be answered by someone else, but I can’t wait for mod to loose the dogs of war. My question being: Was the Moorish invasion of the Iberian peninsula a completely peaceful affair? No conquest, no bloodshed, no spoil taken? Were the Jews and Christians not living there in peace before the hordes invaded. The invaders brought no women with them, therefore I’m sure the ladies of Spain just threw themselves at them, or were the invaders celibate? Did not the invaders keep the Christians and Jews for the tax base, and expel and/or kill the rest who did not convert? I cannot deny the Moors brought some good science and technology with them, but they weren’t better than any other conqueror.

        World history is all conquest and death. It’s a pity we never got past it; or at least the psychos we call leaders never got past it. Steven, you live in a politically correct prison that was forced on you, and I would bet you are forcing it on others.

        1. Rich;
          of course the Moors were invaders and did what all conquerors do…I was just saying that when things settled down, they tolerated the Christians and jews…..not just in Spain, but in all the middle eastern countries too….. there happens to be a major exhibition at a London museum right now evidencing and displaying how muslims, jews and christians lived and worked alongside each other for over a thousand years in Egypt throughout the muslim period…..

          A politically correct prison really? Im the least politically correct person I know…I’m just an old 60’s countercultural radical anarchist or, possibly, a daydreamin’ old hippy, take your pick…

        2. Who owns that museum Steven? That is almost like saying “I saw it on TV, so it must be true”. Museums have been known to host fakes throughout recent history. Piltdown Man, Archeopteryx, to name a few. Heck, they even just started changing how dinosaurs actually stood. Turns out they actually walked like the lizards of today, as opposed to the upright orientation of Godzilla in those cheesy old movies. Regardless, I wish your country luck as it faces a new invasion. I was stationed there for two years back in the early 90’s, and truly love the place, and people.

        3. Rich…

          Thanks for your comment….the museum I referred to is The British Museum, widely regarded as one of the greatest…if not the greatest…museum on Earth…

          The Exhibition is called Egypt.. Faith After The Pharaohs…

          It has collected objects, documents and artefacts from all over the world…. starting from the death of Cleopatra in 30BC, continuing through the pagan Roman colonisation, then the Christian Roman era, then the Islamic period through to modern times….

          It seeks to demonstrate that ordinary people, of all faiths and none, lived, worked, raised families, side by side with neighbours who held different traditions, faiths, cultural backgrounds etc to themselves….

          Yes, you can say who owns the Museum, or, probably more pointedly, who dreamt up this theme for the Exhibition…. but there are more than 200 artefacts and thousands of documents, all seeking to demonstrate the proposition that whoever our rulers are, at whatever time and in whatever circumstances…we, the ordinary people, live alongside and try to co exist with our neighbours, friends and strangers

          At a time when we are so strongly affected by divisions between traditional communities and ”newcomers”, it tries to remind us that blind fear of co existence shouldn’t drive us …. instead its timely to remember that in multi ethnic places like Egypt we lived collectively over millennia , not always in perfect harmony, obviously, but mostly the ordinary people just got on with the ordinary business of living…

          I read about it in The Times, a British newspaper and I’m sure you can find the article online…its fascinating IMO….

        4. But Steven, don’t you think there’s a difference between organic migration/integration (even if said migration leads to a unique, third culture), and forced, weaponized migration? That’s what I think is happening to Western countries.

          Are you familiar with Agenda 21? Humans are merely “human resources”, to be redistributed just like any other resource. This forced blending of cultures keeps everyone traumatized and off-balance.

          I think Patrick hits the nail on the head when he points out that no one is immigrating to, say, Saudi Arabia or Mexico…just Western/(historically) Christian countries.

          We common folk will ultimately manage to get along, maybe even peaceably, but that doesn’t mean it’s “progress”. We’re being devolved, my friend.

        5. Hello Recynd…

          Thanks for your comment…but you misunderstood me…I was responding to an historical point…the occupation of southern Spain by the Moors and how it affected the indigenous population…..The British Museum exhibit on how ordinary people from different religions and cultural traditions co existed throughout the past Millenia, in Egypt, was a useful example of how ( I believe) ordinary people will get along no matter who the ruling class or majority culture of the day happen to be…

          I wasn’t referencing where we are today, with the current influx of refugees….although if you want my view on that? I’m a Brit and we have a long tradition of taking in the victims of violence and dispossession..we have been doing that for centuries…
          protestants from catholic Europe, Jews from Eastern Europe, Indians and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis from our former colonies, Jamaicans and other Caribbean peoples, all sorts of Africans and so on…
          call me a hopeless idealist, but I believe all these people have enriched my country, not diminished it…. your country, of course, has a similar tradition, your all relatively recent immigrants ( recent compared to Brit/European societies) and the most recent wave, I believe, are Asians, so not white Europeans but totally different ethnicities…..

          weaponised you say? If so, if its all a grand plot by the Elite to destabilise, unnerve, stress out the established social groups, to ”traumatize” us and keep us ”off balance”, then I believe it will backfire on them……most of these new immigrants will value their new found liberties and join with us in opposing the tyrannising efforts of the globalist elite..and will be beside us when it comes down to the final battles between freedom and tyranny…..I guess we shall see…..

          oh, and the refugees don’t go to Saudi Arabia and the other gulf states because those countries have refused immigrants….they are scared they would disrupt their fragile grip on their populace enforced by cruelty and fear…I hope you would agree that we in the West shouldn’t share the mediaeval values and fears of the Saudis…we are better than that..

        6. When Mohammed’s hoards invaded Egypt, which was a Christian land, they cut out the tongues of everyone they heard speaking the native language–everyone had to start learning Arabic (the only way the language survived was monks in remote monasteries went undetected). I hope the “major exhibition at a London museum ” does not fail to include that spicy slice of “how muslims, jews and christians lived and worked alongside each other.”

          Dhimmitude is a living hell. It’s often described as “second class citizenship” for infidels, but dhimmies are really treated more like sub-humans, whom any Moslem can kill at any time, with impunity.

          When Mohammedans conquer a country, “people of the book,” that is Christians and Jews, are offered three choices: convert to Islam, and be a fully equal member of the Ummah; accept dimmitude and pay the jizya (a burdensome tax for being allowed to stay alive); or be killed. No other religions are offered the dhimmitude option.

          Only 10% of Egyptians today are Christians (the Copts), and they suffer the most unspeakable persecution.

          Here’s a fun fact: 90% of Egyptian women have their genitals sliced off in childhood! Guess which 10% don’t!

          Islam is a mental illness, and this Western obsession with candy-coating it is disgusting. These people need to be rescued from that ideological prison, not coddled and assured that it’s something noble.

        7. Hi Steven, thanks for your reply.

          I did want you to know I received your reply and appreciated it. The topic of immigration is too vast to hash out in these unreliable WordPress comment boxes. Let’s just say that while you are a “hopeless idealist” (your words), I am a pessimist and a realist. However, I do hope you’re right and I’m wrong, but I doubt it…I can see how populations are being manipulated by TPTB. While the very poorest among us may benefit to a small degree in the long run, the great majority of us will not. The very richest of us will always be rich (not in the end, of course, but up until the very end); they are the ones pulling the strings.

          The rest of us do our best to live with it.

        8. Hi Recynd,

          Thanks for taking the time to reply….. I’m in Britain so didn’t see your post till this morning, my time…

          I do agree with most of what you say…. I would only add that the manipulation of populations by the TPTB is not their prime objective…as we know, that objective is a global domination, a one world order, where the much reduced 99% serve as work and debt slaves to the one percent with little or no personal freedoms or liberty of thought or action…

          So, because the destabilising effect of refugee movements is only a secondary effect that they hope will work in their favour, I think I can hope, with at least a touch of realism on top of my admitted idealism, that it may backfire on them….

          here’s just one example… when our( British) government stated that we would take in 20,000 refugees over 5 years ( a pathetically tiny number)….tens of thousands of ordinary British people went on social media declaring that they wished to offer a room in their own homes to the refugees…it was a knee jerk compassionate reaction to the cruelty of the State….. the government had to invent a new ” health and safety” rule out of nowhere saying that refugees were only allowed to stay in self contained accommodation… to avoid submitting to the will of the people…the government looked stupid and it was a tiny but significant act of rebellion against TPTB… showed them to be the sociopathic evildoers that they are… and woke up a lot of people from their usual apathy….

          who knows eh? From tiny seeds, a tree of protest and civil disobedience may grow…..

          I was a big supporter and contributor to the counterculture protest movements in the 60’s and I still hope, all these decades later, that somehow we can push back the tyranny that threatens us all and reclaim our planet and our species from the psychos….oh dear, sounding like a hopeless idealist

      4. So the answer is to turn the other cheek and let gangstas destroy this nation, Europe, etc? Tell us, please, about Obama’s heartwarming love and affection he shows toward this unidentifiable people who are flooding the White European areas of habitation. You don’t even know who these people are, remember the Cuban gangstas Jimmy Carter let in the US during his soiree as president? Young men between 19-25 from Muslim countries don’t strike me as the way to improve this country one iota. To hear you lecture Patrick on his selfishness is really, really rich. Tell us, friend, where do you get off?

        1. “So the answer is to turn the other cheek and let gangstas destroy this nation, Europe, etc?”

          Yep Gil, that’s the plan and via PC correctness it’s working perfectly for these devils.

          The EU or at least Germany is done.

          O’ Taliban has a Huge influx planned here in the name of sweetness….

          The media will support it and the masses will accept it.

    3. I would say the end was near when Constantine killed off the Vedic priests in the vatican and then went on to wipe out the nature religions of the Germanics and the Celts by the sword.

      It took another downward turn when Bertha Bigfoot and Charlemagne killed off the last of the Merovingians and began covering up their genetic history.

      Thus began the end of Gnosticism, recognition of the eternal vibration of the cosmic generator, and the triumph of cracking bread and drinking grape juice in the pulpits while listening to charlatans who planned a worldwide slave colony, crusades, colonization, top down representation on a global scale all managed by the eternal victims.

      1. dublinsmick:
        My previous comment, at this moment still in moderation, is a longer and less precise version of your comment, so of course I agree with your analysis completely, except, perhaps, to say that some of us still strive to resonate with the gnostic vibration and see ourselves as an inherent part of nature rather than an egocentric exception to it as per the warped ideology of the so called” western Christian civilisation”…..

        1. No not at all it is based on ancient manuscripts, many have been distorted. Much of it is taken from Vedic civilization.

          In fact it is attributed to Jesus as mentioning his father in heaven etc. What other source could it be other than the eternal sound that holds all matter together? For anyone who has looked into it, Dr. Paul LaViolette proves this scientifically. It is the sound of light and we live in an electrical universe. When you split the atom you get light. It is what native Amercan shamans call the great white spirit, they could see it.

          The OM was lifted by Constantine and became amen and shalom. Sarawasti became Sarah and so on.

          Jesus was in communion with the cosmic generator, as a few others were such as Cayce. Others have been, Sidhartha, Krishna, Rasputin, Tecumseh. etc.

          To believe that trillions of people were not “saved” whatever that means before Jesus and trillions afterward, simply because they did not know the doctrine of the church is highly irrational.

          The capt explains it pretty well here.

        2. To believe that trillions of people were not “saved” whatever that means before Jesus and trillions afterward, simply because they did not know the doctrine of the church is highly irrational. – Mick

          Exactly, being saved has nothing to do with church “doctrine” and everything to do with scripture. I was showed some scripture by a friend who got me interested in this topic. The Bible is full of scripture that says God will save everyone, from the beginning to the end. My search led me to the site below. My thanks to the person who got me looking for this. You have to first ask yourself- why would God create a world of eternal losers? Next you have to ask – does God get what he wants. I should hope so.

        3. Rich,
          Your on the right path. I’m not going to get into this but Gods Plan is sooo much bigger than most think and it includes all of his children regardless of race or creed or even if you believe in a God.

          When this world age transforms in the spiritual all will remember the past. And all have a fair shot.

          I’ll end it there

      2. I really like ‘the eternal vibrations of the cosmic generator.’ I used to know an artist who yelled at me “Listen to the Higher Vibrations” before he was hospitalized. But I never did. Maybe I should have.

        Is it your view that Charlemagne was a Jew on the basis that the Christian religious is in some way basically Jewish?

        1. Haha,
          We’re all Bozo’s on this Bus, and if you know what I’m saying and who I am quoting you must be old..

          Fireside Theater ’70’s circa

      3. Mick,
        Do you dismiss the Bible in its entirety because of the grape juice drinking, bread cracking hijackers in fish hats? Have you seen the vibrating cosmic generator, or do you just know it’s there, you know, take it on faith? There is no need.
        I can tell you this; the vibrating cosmic generator is lime green, has two wheels, and lives in my garage, and it says KAWASAKI on it. Sometimes its vibrations are so great, I think my butt has left this world, and entered the fifth density. HA!

        1. Mick, just one more quick one. When someone raises their kundalini(I remember him from the first Mad Max movie-just jokin. remember? kundalini wants his hand back!), how do you know? Is it because they told you? Or can you actually see it? I don’t think this is too much to ask?

    4. Patrick, Patrick
      Nuclear power plants, peeing in your own drinking water, emptying sludge in it, spraying chemtrails, pimping vaccines, GMO etc all under the foreign influence of Gates, Soros and Monsanto is civilizational suicide, all under the Abrahamic influence of …. you guessed it.

    5. Hey, Patrick,
      I’d forgotten about Walsh’s new book “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West,” (so much to read!) so thanks for mentioning it. In researching it a little, I learned he uses Milton’s “Paradise Lost” as one of the prisms through which he builds his thesis in the book.

      Have you ever read it, “Paradise Lost,” I mean? I think it might be right up your alley.

      Milton, as you may already know, was a major defender of free speech and the inviolability of conscience. He’d be a hero to everyone here at MHB if they knew him. Well, maybe not folktruther, but I bet even dublinsmick would agree, if Capt. Ajit said it first. (heh)

      Anyway, I know you’re a reader, and it’s a rollicking good tale of the battle of good and evil, with a compelling secondary-line love story!

      I think you would dig it.

      1. Patrick,
        What I forgot to underscore about Paradise Lost is that I think you’d be able to understand it better than most people, and get more out of it, given your areas of interest. It might be useful to you.

        1. I’m very grateful for that advice, Toni. Everyone references it, of course, so I have always felt a fool for not having made it a priority. Years pass, and the shelves of unread/must be read books groan under their weight.

          But encouragement can push an old book to the front of the pile.


        2. You’re welcome, Patrick. Yes, the backlog of books continues to grow! What will we do?

          I think the last day of youth must be the day you realize that you will never be able to read everything you want to.

      2. I thought of you, Toni, when I posted the review, as it’s one of your topics. You even mentioned once that you were considering submitting an article about Critical Theory for James to publish at MHB. Perhaps you can use this book as a launching point and then summarize your own research.

        It’s a very valuable thing to understand, because, as I said in my initial remarks, it explains a lot of otherwise inexplicable behavior in what used to be the West. Paradise Lost, indeed. Such a book could not be written today, much less be regarded as a core document of our civilization and remain front and center of the thought-life of our people, for centuries.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if some readers suspect that Steven, my correspondent here, is paid by me to illustrate my thesis, as he does it so effortlessly. The leaders of all Western countries are systematically destroying the places they are supposed to maintain, and for the most part the people who put those destroyers in office don’t care, or, like Steven, heartily approve of their treachery. Note the intensity of his reaction, when presented with what would have been simple common sense a century ago (and going back centuries before), as an explanation of what’s going on. One gets the feeling that he needed to keep a rag handy to keep the build-up of spittle from obscuring his computer screen.

        Why the anger? Because what used to be eternal verities are, in this new civilization, despicable prejudices. If these people are not careful, incidentally, everyone will soon laugh as merrily as we do when they use the word “racism” to describe anything that does not conform to the new civilizational Mind. Pointing out the grandness of what we have lost produces an immediate, incoherent, lashing out, and the stuttering can only be stifled by repeating the soothing mantra: “you are a vile, despicable, racist.” That calms them right down.

        It validates my argument so perfectly because those who have embraced the Mind of this new civilization–or at least revel in the ending of Western Civilization–feel an urgency to see the last cultural vestiges of the West expunged. That the thing that fills the vacuum is often simply horrible does not bother them at all, because to their thinking ANYTHING must be better than a culture that would produce and cherish “Paradise Lost.” Child brides? That’s just their culture. A vast network of “groomers” of young infidel girls for sexual slavery, protected by the police? Moslem boys will be boys. Clitoridectomies? If you object, you’re obviously a “racist.”

        David Goldman, even more so than Mark Steyn, is a demographics obsessive; his premise is that when civilizations die, they lose their belief in the future–which manifests in the refusal to produce a new generation. His recent article on the subject is titled “Why not leave Germany to the migrants?” ( He sums it up in his concluding paragraph:

        “To declare that semi-literate Arab refugees do not meet the cultural qualifications for integration into German society implies that there is a cultural standard to begin with. That is a concept that most Germans (evidently including Chancellor Angela Merkel) cannot bear to pronounce. One suspects that Germans have so few children because they do not like themselves, their history or their culture to begin with. In that case, why should they require anyone else to adhere to a cultural standard they eschew themselves? And if they dislike their culture so much as to head towards extinction, does it matter to them that another culture–brutal as it might be–will replace theirs?”

        1. Alright Patrick that’s enough of your poisonous diatribe against me, don’t you think?
          Your last post was addressed and directed at Toni, yet you kept referring to me as some kind of example of whatever you think typifies an unacceptable opposing opinion to your world view….

          Throughout that post you implied that I held views and beliefs that I have never, in fact, expressed and then proceeded to sneer at them… my view that’s a cheap, phony way to debate….you can’t justify your own position without inventing your opponent’s position and decrying it…I’m sorry but that’s pathetic…

          You then answered Rich’s question about the Muslim occupation in Spain, by talking about the muslim occupation of Egypt which was of course effected by different people in a different century…. but hey who cares about facts, right?

          Then you ignored Greg Bacon’s comment about how the jews and Christians flourished in southern Spain under the Muslims and how the jews and allegedly heretical Christians were subject to persecution and sickening torture by the catholic hierarchy during the epoch of the Inquisition…..

          Then you finished by singing the praises of Paradise Lost, a book you claim is at ” the front and centre of the thought life of our people”’ apparently forgetting that you admitted in a previous post you had never read it….. that tells me a lot about how you approach your discourse…..

          Just to be clear…my original and ongoing issue with you solely concerned your view that Christianity has been a force for good and has played a central role in shaping what you see as the splendour of ” western civilisation”…. I see its influence as pernicious and one of the instruments of oppression against the vast majority of ordinary people by a tiny ruling elite of psychopathic wannabe controllers…. that’s it, all the other views you impute to me, about muslims, about Islam, about current affairs and public policy in western countries and on and on are purely your paranoia, in your head ….

          When I pointed out to you that the invasion of the Americas by the western European Christians resulted in the deaths and genocide of millions of people( including 10 million natives of your country according to a recent revised estimate I read ), you justified those atrocities by saying Montezuma was a cannibal and his tribe murdered their local opponents……. apparently, in your mind, that excused the invaders committing genocide and stealing the wealth of their victims and, of course, bringing two thousand years of their culture to an end…..urged on, every step of the way, by the Christian clergy…..

          I have no interest in debating with you further….we live on different planets….but, once again, stop referring to me in your replies to others…that’s inappropriate, to put it as politely as I can…and I don’t want to have to read every post you make to see if your taking my name in vain….fight your own corner, leave me out of it…

        2. Sometimes the “racist” epithet is used to stop discourse.

          Sometimes it covers up a lot of nuance, and becomes where “beauty goes unrecognized.”

          And sometimes, as you describe it, yelling “racist” is like sticking your fingers in your ears when you don’t hear something. It becomes self-censorship.

        3. Patrick,
          I also wanted to comment on your observation that Paradise Lost is indeed lost “as a core document of our civilization,” one that “remain(ed) front and center of the thought-life of our people, for centuries.”

          My point, obvious to most here, is that the subversion of Western Civilization (I can only speak to the US) was accomplished through dumbed-down compulsory education at the hands of the state.

          100 years later and there are few people who could even read Paradise Lost, let alone excavate its layers of meaning or understand Milton’s context.

          For those few who haven’t read it already, Gatto’s “An Underground History of American Education” lays out the long chronicle of forced schooling in this country.

        4. Dude. Calm down. Read the Bible. Take in a Shakespeare play. Listen to an Elgar performance, or watch My Fair Lady on the telly. Dial up on YouTube an Enoch Powell speech (I recommend the one called “Rivers of Blood”). Do SOMETHING, dammit. You need to lower your blood pressure, and I’d advise the restorative of good old traditional Englishness. Cup of tea and cakes, by the fireside. There’s a good chap.

  9. Here is some good news for a change.

    Edgar Cayce is one of the world’s most revered psychics, the ‘Sleeping Prophet,’ as they called him, and many consider him to be the father of holistic medicine. Entering into trance-like states of consciousness at will, he could divine information from some extra-ordinary plane of existence on behalf of his patients or in response to specific queries from an audience. He was remarkably insightful and accurate, which is why his name is so familiar to so many.

    Much of what he brought back from the ‘Source’ of his inspired information pertained to specific medical issues, but in the staggering volumes of his readings and written works there is an abundance of insight and prophecy related to larger global political and social events.

    In a series of what he called ‘World Affairs Readings,’ Cayce made many remarkable statements about the future of world finance, world leadership, collective spirituality, and interestingly the role that somehow Russia was to play as a force of right in the coming global turmoil that we see unfolding before our eyes today.

  10. 60% don’t believe or trust maintream media – yes! Awakening.

    “Gallup released the results of their latest poll on the trustworthiness of the mainstream media last month, revealing that just four in ten of those surveyed — a random cross-section of adults from all 50 states and the District of Columbia — trust the media. Only 33 percent say they have a “fair amount” of trust in the media, and a mere 7 percent reported having a “great deal” of trust.”

    More at:

      1. 60% of people here don’t trust you and 33% don’t believe your real name is Mick..

        I’m kidding Dub….Haha.

        Just having Fun

        Let’s Burn this Bit$h down

        It’s been a rough week here…

  11. Lophatt,

    Did your Mommy (Wife) say you can’t play today and is forcing you to watch the Hallmark Channel as mine is unsuccessfully trying to do?

    Maybe the HGTV channel….We are sending a car..just jump in and tell her you are part of an elite CIA squad…..they love that sh&t

    1. No, up until today my comments simply…….disappeared! There they were, I hit the button……poof!, gone.

      So I’ve read the Punch and Judy show. I tend to stay out of those. I am not trying to get anyone to agree or cry “uncle”.

      I don’t like personalized attacks. I also don’t like it when people try to be “judge”. Nobody here is obligated to “convince” anyone.

      Believe it or not, a lot of what I read here I don’t agree with. Sometimes I do. Most often they get the information right but come to the wrong conclusion.

      When its civil, its fun. When its not, its not. If its a competition I’ll sit it out. Who needs it?

      1. Right On !

        In 2014 the same thing was happening to me.

        For 3-months, every time I commented it would just disappear before my eyes in real time. I figured I was not wanted here.

        I personally emailed Mr. Tracy and asked “what have I done”.

        He emailed me back and said he didn’t know.

        I’ve been here since.

        I have no clue except maybe the Lizard people who hide in the infrared light (4th dimension) may have something to do with it…

        Of course I jest…I feel I must clarify.

        1. That was meant for lophatt, because I’m not afraid to address him directly instead of in a side-post like he’s done.

        2. As Reagan said,
          There you go again.


          Toni, you attacking Lohatt?

          I think Lopatt is pretty intellectual. ??

          I’m lost. Whats Up?

        3. You are a very aggressive person. Now it appears you think that you are the judge of who is an “intellectual”? I have actually been kind to you, no reason not to be.

          Every once in a while you swoop in like a bat from Hell calling people names and hurling insults. I’m not trying to gain your favor. Everyone here is not your pet monkey.

          I don’t even know what you’re talking about in this instance. If I wanted to address the great you, I’d do so. You should take up wrestling or buy an island to rule.

        4. Hi Lophatt
          I have experienced quite a few problems with google blogs. There are some I posted on for years and now days comments simply disappear. Some I have the email adress of the person hosting the blog and they tell me they have no idea where the comments go. So it is not always the blog administrator behind this. It is a clever way of making people lose interest. They assume it is the administrator and many times it is not.

  12. This is destroying us..

    Dub..Mick. STOP.

    I like you and we have fun talking. but attacking my friends of 3 years is unacceptable.

    We have been thru Sandy Hook to Now,

    I think you have something to offer but not this. I have my beliefs and everyone has theirs. No One Owns GOD or what is Right.

    Be a part of this community and let us grow together.

    No one has ALL the Answers only God himself…

    We are ALL on the road to find out and NO one is better ….I will leave it there.

    This is for All and Not Directed at Dub.

    Tempt Our Lord at your own Discretion..
    Have fun with that.
    I don’t care what you believe or religion you belong to or Not!
    I will not Dare…………….

        1. There was no debate. But I’m not surprised you didn’t know that.

          My point is that you can’t copy and paste somebody else’s stuff into a comment and expect it to stand in as your own argument.

          That, and you’re fast and loose with attributions to the stuff you cut and paste. Almost like you’re hoping someone will think it’s you.

        1. Yeah, I’m shilling for Rome when I’m trying to get Patrick to read Paradise Lost.

          As you’ve copied from someone else into your blog, and I quote them/you:
          “The BELL is not of symbol of liberty – but it is in truth a symbol of enslavement! When a young boy child is naked on his hands and knees and about to get anally accosted by a Priest or Practitioner of Dark Magic – the view of his genitals from behind make the exact shape of a Bell!”

          You can believe that, if you want. That’s fine. But when I question it, you clam up. You don’t defend it. I did you the courtesy of reading that extended speculation that you referred me to, and even watched the movie, and I posted a response. You didn’t bother to answer. Yet you bring it up now. That was in July, and you only brought it up now.

          And then, only to direct me to the same link you sent me to last July!

          This is not persuasion. You have made no argument. You have provided a link. I’m supposed to read it and guess what you think about it. When I ask you, you deride me. But you got nothing. You been shilling this stuff for years, looks like, and you still can’t articulate it.

          Come on, Mick, give us a quick gloss of The Brotherhood of the Bell.

          You can’t.

        2. This is for Dub Toni so don’t think I’m directing this at you…

          Haha Dub, Just kidding. I just couldn’t help it and you said my last insult was the nicest thing I ever said to you..Haha

        3. Dub,
          Just a side note.

          Did you know the Liberals are suing the guy who owns that picture you posted of the Monkey or whatever it is , saying the Ape pushed the camera button so the Ape owns the “Copyrights” to that Picture..

          Whats worse: Liberals or Islam..I’m at a loss. Then end result is the same.

  13. “Dub,
    You are a unique character. A breath of fresh air in this confined world of thoughts.

    I laugh, and it feels good. We all need laughter and fun in this sh&t hole.”

    Wise words Ric

    Things are so skewed you have to laugh. Stick with me Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oregon Hero in the News Again

    I am recovering well and thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. [HE FORGOT AND MONEY SENT TO HIM – AT LEAST ONE MILLION BY NOW. He’s also thankful the other Chris did not shoot him in the face and ruin his appearance with a permanent fake scar he would have to stencil on every morning.]

    -Chris Mintz

    Someone in comments is following the real story –
    “That man was never shot by anyone. He is even video’d standing at the school highway entrance AFTER the shooter was supposedly dead.(there was no real shooter).”

    (They also show the same photo of him on a gurney with no IV and no IV in the hospital.)

  15. Here’s something:

    Have you ever seen anything more pathetic and sad?

    As I say, the 20th century was the transition out of Western Civilization. Playboy was created right in the middle, and led us directly out of the eternal verities (if you want to really feel nostalgic for what we have lost, put Goodby Mister Chips–the original one–at the top of your Netflix queue), to the horrible world we live in today.

    What a pathetic loser the “Playboy philosophy” made its originator into. It’s a “philosophy” so devoid of value as to be a joke worthy of Saturday Night Live, in its current worthlessness.

    This is a picture of the post-western West. A decrepit ghost.

    In the mid-20th century, things looked swell. It was the peak of Hollywood’s greatness, Broadway’s prime, the great songwriting teams were at there very best. The cars were fantastic. Air travel was starting, and was a sheer pleasure. Everything seemed so swell. We could have it all–even a complete abandonment of Biblical morality, and all the “pleasures” that would bring.

    I wonder if Hefner can grasp what a waste his life has been. Poor fellow.

    1. Good observation. Remember the the board of contributors and editors was filled with Kinsey group members.

    2. Also disgusting is Hefner’s extension of his “sophisticated” anything-goes attitude to cover for creeps like Bill Cosby. Wouldn’t want to embarrass a guest, especially a celebrity, by calling attention to his crimes,

      How many decades of criminal behavior have gone down at that compound?

      Reminds me of hotelier and Epstein wingman Donald Trump.

  16. The reason that John Friend should not only be fired from his job, but tried and imprisoned, is because he supports a movement of racist terrorism. The nazi White movement that Friend belongs to generates Lone Wolf attacks, more or less random murder justified by traditional anti-Semitism and racism. In addition,Washington now supports a Nazi-oligarch regime in Ukraine which is indulging in the usual terrorist murders of the Nazis, to intimidate the population and produce racist hysteria against the Russian speaking population, both in Ukraine and in Russia.

    The US-American media maintains that the Nazis in Ukraine is Russian propaganda, which it is, with the implication that they don’t exist, which is false. This media denial is standard Nazi propaganda, that the holocaust didn’t occur, the gas ovens didn’t exist, no doubt preliminary to the denial of world war 2. This has also been the case of the Lone Wolf attacks, the denial that the Dylann Roof murders, of the theater murders, etc, did not really occur.

    But denial of individual historical events is quite different from a systematic operative support of racist terrorism. Friend supports racist terrorism because he supports Hitler and Goebbels, and American Nazi and Klan leader David Duke. Now he endorse professor James Tracy right next to David Duke, no doubt due to Tracy’s support of him.

    Dr. Tracy has now distinguished the political or power basis of a movement, including Israeli imperialism, from a heritage race, finally. And Ric has too, in my opinion more honestly and effectively. But in the meantime the MHB has degenerated into a racist and anti-Semitic blog, led by poisonous Patrick and deranged Dublin. For which Dr. Tracy is responsible. So it is his (difficult) task to change the direction away from the intellectual sewer it is approaching, and counter the braindead bigots who have seized control of it.

    Because Christo is right, and Musings saw it before I did. By blaming 9/11-anthrax on “the Jews,” (and, no question, the Israeli Lobby was definitely involved) it tends to de-legitimate any critical truth of the Official and media narrative. It relegates critical truth about 9/11 to the intellectual sewers, and this critical truth is necessary to evolve out of our current ideological pathology.

    1. Folktruther please advise on which Real Politik guest or MHB commenter I should censor first (as if you haven’t already done so).

      Thank you in advance for your editorial insights.

      1. These same overly broad, ambiguous attacks were made against NowPublic a couple of years ago. The result was that the Examiner chose to shut the site down and redirect it to In my opinion, a lot of insightful bloggers and readers lost out, including myself. The type of censorship espoused by Folktruther is an invitation to throw the baby out with the bathwater. What happened to counter-speech, and sunlight being the best disinfectant?

      2. This is the first time I’ve been back to this blog in awhile. It is a great one but I do not envy the task of keeping all these commenters in line as it seems like an ongoing drama that I used to contribute to haha. Thank you James.

      3. I would suggest that you don’t promote racist and anti-Semitic fascists on your blog. But John Friend promotes you as well, Dr Tracy; ;you are on his like list right up there with Dr. David Duke.

        1. Wow, Toni , saying you want to get folktruther fired? That’s a bit vindictive, sinister and somewhat police state type dictatorial isn’t it?

          I’m a newcomer to MHB so I don’t know the details of previous infighting, but I had the impression from previous comments that you disliked his condemnations of the neo Nazi hate speech on here….. from the likes of dublinsmick, gil favor and others and his call for Dr Tracy to curb it…on the grounds that we all have the right to free speech?
          Doesn’t your comment imply that you don’t accept his right to free speech and, if so, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?

          I’ve admired your quick wit and obvious intelligence and deep education up to now, especially in your excellent responses to dublinsmick, but your reaction to folktruther’s understandable distaste for the nasty and unjustifiable blatant anti jewish and anti muslim sentiments( and downright lies aired about them) on here, has got me wondering whether your in the same camp as the deniers and haters……I sure hope I’m wrong

          A simple solution, of course, would be for Dr Tracy to put a couple of sentences , above ” Comments”, like many other blogs do, reminding commenters to avoid personal abuse, insults and hate speech and then use mods to screen out the racists and neo Nazis….by failing to do that he is leaving himself defenceless to Folktruthers assertion that he is actually in the same camp as David Duke and his ilk….

          I began reading and then contributing to MHB because of its formidably sharp and intelligent position on false flags, especially Sandy Hook, but if , as I now suspect, it has a wider agenda as a forum for irrational haters, racists and even holocaust deniers, then I will have no choice but to look elsewhere for intelligent debate on the ”alternative” issues I so enjoy discussing…

          I’m sure I shan’t be missed here, but I shall be sad to go

          love and peace


        2. Steven,
          Thank you for asking me about it. Yes, I was joking. Civil liberties mean everything to me. I should have better signaled that it was a joke.

          folktruther’s been adamant that it was right that a guy here should have lost his job because of a blog he writes.

          Not only that, he wants the guy indicted and sent to prison.

          So, it was a drive-by post aimed sarcastically at folktruther and his authoritarian streak. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

          And thank you for your nice words, too, Steven.

        3. Good one, Toni. The dude, typical of the Cultural Marxists, believes in Freedom Of Speech For Me, But Not For Thee.

          Here’s great article that points out the hypocrisy:

          “The cultural Marxist mantra, on the other hand, is that capitalist America is such a hopelessly racist and sexist society, that only the “legacy of slavery” and the white male “war on women” are permissible on college campuses as the one and only causes of male/female or black/white wage differences. Anyone who shows up on a college campus who says otherwise is not to be debated with logic and facts, as Marcuse said, but libeled, smeared, and called a racist and a sexist.”

          And, I might add, forced out, tenure or no (actually, DiLorenzo does mention that earlier in the piece).

          The point is, these wackos are very sanctimonious, and scrupulous, when enforcing their rules on those who do not agree with them, but when the same standards are applied to them, they consider themselves immune. So much so that I doubt that Mark even gets your joke.

        4. Lose your employment, get indicted, go to prison.

          It’s the logical sequence of events to impose on someone who disagrees with you.

          folktruther: “I won’t tolerate those thoughts in your head!”

          He really doesn’t get it. lol

          I’m preparing a comment now about folktruther’s concern about anti-semitism at MHB. I guess some things I thought were obvious are not so, i.e. the distinction between, as folktruther puts it, “the political or power basis of a movement, including Israeli imperialism, from a heritage race…”

          Thanks for the link to the new article. DiLorenzo calls out the censoring tactics used on campuses these days. Can’t point that out too often. Maybe even students will overhear it someday.

        5. Its funny that article mentions ‘the legacy of slavery”(the Dilorenzo article Patrick linked to). Youngsters at university have no idea what slavery is. They have already spent most of their life in school being told that if they do not attend college or university, they will end up a total loser. My high school boasted a ridiculously high percentage rate of college enrollee’s, and stigmatized those who wanted simply to join the working world, or the military.

          Today they graduate with a huge student loan debt, and fancy themselves “free”. The only thing they are free from is independent thought. I remember graduating and people asking; what are you going to do with all those brains now? All I could think was; what brains? I didn’t know anything, and had in fact lost some of the valuable mathematics I actually did learn in school.

          I wonder what the price will be for those graduating with degrees in the social sciences, and humanities today? That is, to get their loans forgiven, aside from the fact that they have no skills, or job. At least medical students can sign an agreement of indentured servitude with a hospital to pay off their debt. My advice to anyone in college who finds themselves holding a sign, or protesting a guest speaker… run from that place, then go buy whatever book the speaker wrote, and read it.

        6. I was going to bring that up, after her piece was posted, in the form of a joke, but thought, naaaahhh. And now here you go, dredging it up.

        7. No, I can’t see comments in moderation. I didn’t get the tool you have.

          I wonder how many people have it, though, and who they are.

        8. You know, it kind of pisses me off that you would assume that I got the goddamned tool from Tracy and wouldn’t say anything about it?!?!?

          That I’d keep it a secret like you, and everybody else that has it, does?

          I didn’t beg Tracy to publish my comment as a post. He just did it. I didn’t get any special privileges.

          Sometimes I think, f**k this place.

        9. You were just DYING to ask me that question, weren’t you, Patrick? Others were dying, too, apparently.

          The tool never even occurred to me.

          You and I are different sorts of people.

        10. Patrick,
          Two things:
          I don’t like being lied to and I won’t be called a liar.

          I’ve been nothing but honest here, unlike you.

        11. I just can’t believe all the infighting here. It has even got nasty at times.

          I tried a few days ago to stop it when all was breaking lose. It seemed everybody was at each others throats and even Larry made a comment. Steven made a comment. Derek made a comment.


          I know I’m the dummy here but I have heart and the sh$t needs to end.

          No one should ever attack someone over their comment. If you disagree just state why in a reasonable manner.

          .The Fool on the Hill…

        12. Ric,
          if you ever understood what the fight was about maybe you’d stop calling for people to just get along.

        13. WRONG.

          Anyone has a choice how to react to a situation.

          I haven’t seen anything here worth getting crazy about and it’s all on display in written text.

          I’m not singling you out Toni. I’ve watched the fires get gas thrown on them instead of water from many here.

          There’s nothing anyone can say to me that would make me lose my cool.

          Remember when Folk dissected me viciously and Peacefrog made a statement? It’s worth reading. Thx Peace


        14. Great Example:

          You said:

          “if you ever understood what the fight was ”

          So then I say to you “What are you calling me Stupid you little so and so”

          I could construe you called me stupid and act on it..But I don’t.

          . I know what the fights are about…………

          That’s my Point.

        15. Ric,
          Sorry to be harsh on you. Maybe I can explain it better.

          When I was trying to get dublinsmick to give up plagiarism, you thought it was about religion.

          I don’t think you’re reading for content because you’re reacting to tone, is all I’m saying.

        16. I Know Toni, We don’t have a fight and have never and never will.

          Pls listen what I’m trying say. I know what has happened and I can’t mention it. The “So you can see comments” from Pat PO’d you. I know. and Dub…He loves any good argument but has no resentment

          I like both of them just don’t feel you have to respond or react. People are people and I like both of them.

          Thats all I’m saying.

          Don’t lose yourself. I like your input here and ALL who participate.

          I’d like to see Anne and Musing and Skirt and Roach and all of them from the last 3 years come back.

        17. Steven
          If I may be so presumptuous, Toni was joking. The bottom line is however Folker is not joking, he would love to see everyone under a bolshevik heel and destroyed who does not agree with him.

          Steven you need to toughen up. Bow your neck and gird your loins son.

        18. hey Mick,

          Thanks for your observation…Toni replied to me herself so I understand she was joking

          You think I should toughen up? I tell you what, I will toughen up when you cease being a robotic link provider and plagiarist….

          For example, I mention my admiration and respect for the wisdom of Krishna and you fire back a link with some ridiculous theory about ISKON being a freemasonic, and even jewish, conspiracy…. I never mentioned supporting ISKON and I simply love Krishna, so whatever ISKON thinks or believes is irrelevant to me…..and should have been obvious to you….

          you could try adding your own thoughts to your links, but of course you would need to gird your loins and toughen up to do that….

    2. folktruther,
      Where do you get off telling other people what they can think? Can you please address this?

      You’re allowed to recount your outrage about anti-semitism over and over. Even though no Jews are in danger, you air your hysteria. We let you. You repeat the canard that the gas ovens DID exist and affirm all the rest of the lies that obscure our view of the 20th century. You even believe, unaccountably, that false-flag shootings are real if their trappings are racist enough for you.

      Still we don’t call for your silence, let alone your imprisonment.

      You believe what you want. Why can’t other people?

      I’ve told you before, you are the scariest person here. You’re kind of blood-thirsty.
      folktruther at school

    3. Folker looks to me like your boys are involved in the racist terrorism as the Ukraine banderistas are all eternal victims, Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk, Kolomoisky, Poroshenko, Dymitro Yarosh, Vitali Klitschko, Swoboda et al.

      Why do you support them?

    1. Oh, Ric, your problem is you just don’t like fighting! lol

      Just kidding. That’s not a bad thing, of course.

      But some fights you have to have. It’s the principle of the thing.

  17. There are some articles out on Trump and Jeb and 9/11. Trump says multiple times that “the towers fell” on George’s watch. I find it somewhat telling that he uses that phrase rather than saying “we were attacked” on George’s watch. It’s as though he’s giving Jeb a little wink by using that phrase.

    I couldn’t help but peruse the comments. I was hoping that there would be a lot more 9/11 inside job type comments than there were.

    1. Interesting observation about Trump’s language, clresu. Good catch.

      You have to figure Donald Trump knew everything about developing every property in NYC in 2001, including asbestos entanglements and such things.

      And he’s given voice to “conspiracy theories” before.

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