San Bernardino Shooting Live Feeds, Open Forum

Updated 2:35PM EST Dec. 3

Analysis from 21st Century Wire‘s Patrick Henningsen

Live Feed via Washington Post

Live Feed via RT

General Information:

Allegedly 3 dead and 20 wounded. [Updated: 14 dead, 17 wounded]

Shooting took place at around 2:00PM EST at Inland Regional Conference Center, 1300 Waterman Ave, San Bernardino

Facility allegedly serves people with developmental disabilities (but appears to be office building with various separate businesses)

Roughly 500 people employed in building

1 to 3 “active shooters” at large, possibly in black SUV

Shooting may have interrupted Christmas Party

Various Observations From Cable News Channels:

(Note that this has been a widely-covered event, with the story being carried by Bloomberg Television and FOX Business, even when at best scant information was initially available. Timing is ideal for full above-the-fold coverage across most 12/3/15 daily front pages.-JFT)

SWAT Team already geared up and in area [before shooting.”-FOX Business, 4:35PM EST

“Local San Bernardino hospitals: 4 adults in care, 3 expected.”-FOX Business, 4: 25PM EST (2.5 hours after shooting)

Doug Sander of San Bernardino Sun Times on MSNBC at around 4:20PM: “When I arrived on the scene I heard no gunshots at all.” Claims not to have talked to any witnesses, many of whom are being processed by law enforcement.

Kristin Myricks, IRC employee not at work on 12/2, tells CNN at 3:50PM EST that mass shooting drills regularly taking place on the IRC campus since 2014.

Anonymous woman tells MSNBC at 3:35PM via phone, “It happened in conference room” and people fled conference room and building.


FOX News states around 3:40P EST “suspect with tactical gear, armed.”

Unidentified man interviewed on local affiliate KNBC states that sister is in IRC building hiding in closet with two other people.-MSNBC, 3:30PM

IRC employee Brandon Hunt tells CNN at 4:07PM that the facility has about 500 employees at work on 12/2, “give or take 30 to 40.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper states at around 4:25PM EST that a “package deemed suspicious” has been found at the scene. (Subsequent reports indicate package was blown up by “robot.”)

Police claim 14 people dead.-FOX Business, 5:05PM

“This is the new normal, whether domestic or international.” KT McFarland, Reagan administration staffer, FOX Business, 5:13PM EST





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    1. Hey…….., ya’ think? I know my methane meter is nearly pegged. That’s gotta cause heat.

      They are practicing to get those eaters locked down, sheltered in place, sit Ubu, roll over, ruff.

      Officer Friendly will lead you out with your hands in the air. No talking. You must OBEY.

      Looks like the “one in custody” is now a dead one. How, what a shame. I’m going to look for the confetti raining down in the videos like in Paris. Those French always had an artistic flair.

      East Germany had nothing on us.

  1. drills being run, no bodies shown, 1-3 vague # shooters, calm witnesses. Obama, “We have to stop the guns right now!” moment after.

    1. And of course, since the suspects have fled – about three of them – you can now run around outside the building and feel safe because there are also several cops milling around in riot gear with some big weapons (not that they are trying to keep any sort of track of the potential victims, who go through the usual aimless wandering like they do at all these events).

      By their own admission, their own scenario, it should be lock-down city in San Berdoo, but it ain’t. Maybe later after someone is carjacked and there are pictures from some convenience store that is not a 7-11 after all, and maybe a random campus cop is killed. Oh, wait, that was several days after Boston. Would they re-run it in So. Cal.?

        1. That one made it. Wonder what caused the others to vanish?

          I mentioned the Olice Pay ief Chay discussing early Ederal Fay involvement and how they liked having them around just in case.

        2. They probably have it on their master check list by now. “Go to MHB and screw with the commenters”. They know we mock them. They don’t like to be mocked.

  2. Note that there was a police training exercise taking place in the area today. Am listening to police scanner; calls from public are coming in regarding various people with dark skin; police broadcast an Arab-sounding name over the scanner as a person reported by a stander-by as acting “suspicious” as he left the building 20-30 minutes before shooting began..

    1. Please link the drill info.

      I’ve been digging around trying to find drill info.

      I was searching for FEMA or DHS.

      Let’s see here, muslim name to carry out Zionist agenda: check!

      Drill going on at same time? Check.

  3. Good-freaking-Lord. Really? And people BUY this!

    How am I going to bear the onslaught of hand-wringing and hysteria I know is coming? How will I keep from screaming when we pray for the “victims” at church?

    Sweet Moses, stick a fork in me. I’m done.

    1. #obamafatigue
      and the list goes on and on…

    2. Well, SOME people buy this. Not me. My default switch is stuck on B.S.. I remember when the most you had to worry about was getting mobbed by Hari Krishnas.

      They have done so many of these that they slide into them like a skinny girl takes to her panties. Let’s see how long it takes for them to get the graphics and the tee shirts printed.

    3. Just think about it. They get points for running these and can win valuable prizes. They BO gets to do his hand wringing hypocrite routine. “They are shooting people. Not like I do when I drone them to death every day”.

      They’re chasing the fed money. They’re using the money to buy disarmament. Then they tax us to get more money. Pretty sweet.

      1. We’re all gonna need a lot of protection once we surrender our guns, and they are there to provide it – BBC had a dishy picture of a blonde pony-tailed Katniss Everdeen with the weapon slung across her back. Yes, jobs for the ones who want to guard our overlords, summary execution for those who mouth off to authority.

        1. It’s ironic, isn’t it. The teachers in Israel go to school with AK-47’s slung like that every day. Then they demand that we disarm everybody. They do this at their training for our cops.

          Then they won’t take any “refugees”. But they insist that we do. A lesser person would suspect a setup.

  4. San Bernardino is one of the the most corrupt counties in California, and is close to bankruptcy. The disability service site where the event took place is funded by the feds and the state. You can be sure that there is a lot of gun grab $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ behind this three penny opera!!!!!!

  5. Reuters posted updated info, which was almost immediately retracted. They quoted Lavinia Johnson, Inland Regional Center’s executive director, who stated that the shooting took place in a conference room which was rented for the day, presumably for a holiday party. The day’s tenant was the Department of Health.

    As Janet Napolitao stated before the Congressional Investigation of Fast and Furious, “We have hundreds of operations.”

    The following interview sums up everything in ten minutes.

    1. When will chaos come to America? How can Obama be stopped? Is the Chief Justice blackmailed? Bribed? Are blatant increases in college tuition being used to fund terrorism emanating from the US hegemon?

  6. After confirming that “upwards of 14 people” had been killed in today’s shooting event, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said in the 2:00 o’clock press conference said that it wasn’t “terrorist-related in the traditional sense,” adding that “Obviously, at minimum, we have a domestic terrorist type situation that occurred here.”

    Pressed for details by reporters, he LAUGHED and hedged, “The only thing I’m comfortable saying at this point is that the information we have is that they came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission.”

    1. “they came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission.”

      The only problem they had is they forgot to take of their ATF uniforms “before” the “Mission”.

      I would laugh too as Chief Jarrod did……

      Good News: Obama said if we all sign up for Global warming taxes and surrender to the UN all the wars and shootings will stop.

      1. Isn’t it sinister how those sneaky shooters dress up in tactical military gear just like the various responding officers? Bastards!

        1. Toni…Just heard an ‘ analyst’ on British news channel saying exactly that.. lol.. with a straight face of course.. how awful that ” murderers” copy swat team uniforms…( shakes head in despair)

          Another commentator… a newspaper editor, said he was ” fascinated” that your media could film victims on stretchers and police operations… we aren’t allowed to do that here, he said… well, that’s news to me and a telling insight into cabal control…

        2. Steven, that’s hilarious that you just heard that on tv. “Swat uniforms – not fair!”

          The editor who marveled that we film victims here doesn’t realize those scenes were just part of this particular scenario. Lots of times there’s no triage at all and I think they went out of their way to set one up this time. The coverage was unusual, for a false event.

          You have to wonder if the “triage” was enacted this time, and “victims” shown, in response to the critiques of Sandy Hook that have been lately prominent, and prominently suppressed.

        3. Toni… yep, exactly right…

          Also, I don’t think I have ever seen live helicopter coverage of an ongoing criminal or ‘terrorist’ event here either…. we only see that on imported American tv” reality” shows…

          Just saw somewhere that there is an unconfirmed police scanner report that perps were ” middle eastern” looking…..sounds like they haven’t perfected their scenario yet… its already nearly one in the morning here, so I’m gone now… I can already predict the next few hours of lamestream media anyway!

          As Recynd said … stick a fork in me, I’m done….lol

        4. This seems to be one of those multiple scenarios stories with no coherent narrative yet. I have just copied a piece from the screen on the Los Angeles Times (the largest paper of record near San Bernardino). There police are quoted as saying one of the gunman got into a dispute at an employee party at the facility (which serves mentally handicapped), left the party and returned with two other gunmen. And they got dressed up in police gear (kit)?

          I suspect they are throwing things to the wall, and wondering what will stick. Then of course, they will have their story.

        5. Yeah, there ought to be a law! You can’t tell the dark swarthy Arab types from the clean cut Xe types. They should make them wear armbands or something.

          On this one the helicopter photographers are “embedded” with the cops. They have to “clear” any footage. They said they were worried they’d be giving away positions and such. You know, military stuff.

          Maybe they decided to do this today to save BO’s face after his gaffe in Paris. He almost gave the game away with that one.

          So, to sum up, we have crazed killers loose on the streets, they are importing Muslims via UPS flights, and they want to take our guns away. Hey, makes sense to me.

  7. stopping witnesses from talking to media , stopping media helicopters from close ups – known triage protocol not used – yellow,green,red,black

    1. these events seem to only happen in states that don’t have a big concealed carry population. Guess the actors don’t want to get shot for real. In my state a crowd that large would have had 20 or more people packing heat.

  8. Here in the UK, all eyes on Parliament where our ” lawmakers” were debating bombing Syria.. ( It just passed, majority 174, ), thousands of protesters outside opposing the ‘new’ war…and latest opinion polls showing majority against airstrikes, but of course lawmakers ignore the people..
    Meanwhile, just time to mention 14 dead in San Bernardino, many injured, 3 gunmen on the loose and show us footage of ” wounded” (?) people being stretchered away.. I saw no signs of injuries or blood on any of them…

      1. Musings… absolutely you do.. lol… plus I enjoyed your comment about how you should have stayed one of our colonies, oh yeah, if only we Brits had all our old colonies back we could wrap up this New World Odor thing in five minutes, its taking way too long for our current ‘ leaders’ to complete their enslavement plan with you pesky former colonists and your guns and all slowing them down …

        1. Yes Steven, I’ve been following that. Your Cameron is such a lovable chap. Don’t stop reminding him of the pig episode.

    1. Steven,
      I thought that would never pass. It must be fraud.

      “And all the armies of the world were gathered to a place called……Syria? haha.

      1. Ric Unfortunately its true…our ” leader” Cameron, even somehow got away with saying that there are 70,000 ” moderate” rebels waiting to support us on the ground…although he was met with such incredulity that he had to at least backtrack on that a bit…. our politicians are slightly less sheep like than yours( only a little, mind ) ,

        Of course Megiddo, the biblical Armageddon, is in Israel but only a few miles from the Syrian border… maybe time to start serious prepping…

    2. I have been following that story ,Steven and have relatives who live in Manchester.
      Just another distraction to get the Brits, on the band wagon,without their approval. Oh wait !! And the perps.. have an Arabic sounding name.. even better.

      1. Ted…Yeah, exactly…

        Within a couple of hours of the UK vote in favour of military action and airstrikes on Syria, our aircraft began bombing…not ISIS directly of course, no, an oilfield… undefended infrastructure, degrading Syria’s stability and revenues for the future if it ever regains ” normality”..lots of business for western restructuring corporations then, yippee

        Oh, and I saw on Brit news channel.. 3 Arabic sounding names as the San Bernardino perps… doubling down, tripling…endlessly, remorselessly pushing us…

      1. Great catch on the Calgary Herald date; I posted a question about it in the comment section. I also screen-capped the date, for when it miraculously changes.

  9. Oh, god, it’s turned into police pursuit with helicopter coverage, a Southland classic. They are in a stand-off.

    These are images we see every week in Southern California, I don’t know about everywhere else.

    How ridiculous is it that I feel violated that they’ve appropriated this familiar scenario for their stupid event?

    1. Yes, just got a call from my sister – coming in from work and being confronted with this (East Coast) 6 o’clock news adrenalin shot.
      Of course, she is sure I am under-reacting weirdly. I should be projecting all the motives of the gunman/men perhaps?

      No, been there, done that. The Tsarnaev brothers cured me. Big wake up call.

      Now she tells me I should be really, really worried for my niece, who goes to college in the place where the stand-off is happening (not her daughter, but another sister’s). The over-protective and retarding instincts of THAT sister will be activated so she’ll insist the kid drop out immediately and take up life as a drone of some sort – maybe join the military (yes, I know that is contradictory – I mean it’s more dangerous).

      So from my point of view, my biggest challenge is to keep my family from freaking out.

      1. Good luck with your family. It’s easy to forget how traumatizing it must be for people who take these events for real.

        You made a good point about no lockdown in San Bernardino, which there should be, by their own “protocols.”

      2. Amen ! Musing , I always have to tell my 77 year old mother ,who lives overseas that it’s all smoke & mirrors and I’m better off riding my bicycle down Pennsylvania Ave in DC ,blind folded than getting caught in another MCD. What’s more hilarious is I’m a veteran, and it’s become entertaining to see what new weekly drama ,they have for us.

        1. Even though the burden of proof should be on those announcing these stories, and our critique should blow holes in it, the fact is that most people trust authority and cannot distinguish whether it is reliable or not, even though past performance should raise serious doubts. I don’t expect to change any minds, but it is often difficult for me to listen to my family backing it up.

          I have a pretty large family, my siblings and I are only a few years apart in age, and we live on both coasts and see each other a lot. So one of my brothers, who actually was in town when the Tsarnaev brother was hiding out, ignored the “voluntary” ban on driving around and tried to take his son to a campus (which proved to be on lockdown for the day of quasi- martial law). He is not the sort of person who will voluntarily deny himself something – particularly after flying his kid all the way to Boston for what proved to be a fool’s errand. But afterwards, he told me how impressed he was by the Boston faithful (as it were) who stayed inside and “sheltered in place” during the crisis. If I become the one who always says “bollocks” to that kind of thing, I will take on the mantle of the family crazy, and there always is a goat of the moment in my family it is how we roll. I therefore just shine it on. That’s my little act, but I do not try to ratchet up the fear factor at least.

        2. The biggest problem I run into with whoever, is the issue of the media’s total complicity with the government. The mental blocks people erect vary, but more middle class sober people have rigorous skepticism towards the government even if only on a gut level. Try telling those people there’s a plot within the media, however, and they look at you funny…

    2. This stand-off doesn’t look right to me. The cops not arrayed in a fan as usual. They’re so close. Are they out of the line of fire? What about explosives? Usually there’s a dog they send in.

      I think they are just exercising their military equipment, like they’ve signed up to do. They have to keep themselves in the federal grant pool.

  10. The police chief discussed Fed involvement. Paraphrasing – he said that this might or might not involve Federal issues, so it was good to have them on hand from the beginning to know exactly what’s going on.

    Getting out in front of the issue of Feds always being Johnny on the spot.

  11. One takeaway I got from the “news” was that they said that helicopter footage would all be routed through the authorities prior to any airing and that they would stay out of the area unless they had permission. They, of course, said that they immediately complied.

    Of course they couldn’t have any stray footage out there for doubters to capture now, could they? There were what appeared to be soldiers right in the middle of it as well. Who are they and what were they doing there? Oh, I suspect a drill.

    I can’t wait to see how they spin this one. They already said that they fired 1,000 rounds. That’s a lot of ammo. So far the usual confusion over numbers, etc.. One thing’s for certain. They’ll be howling for disarmament.

  12. I refrain from watching TV when these events occur. I relented and watched less than a minute of network news just now and it told me all I -or anyone- needed to know as to who the “perps” are: gunmen dressed in camo fatigues and heavily armed. I turned off the TV and said outloud – “hey when they tell us who did it, we need to believe them.” Who dresses in camo and is heavily armed – SWAT? Um. yeah, SWAT, i.e., the ersatz gov’t forces.

    I’m sorry if anyone actually died (I won’t be tuning in to see), but for the few minutes I saw of the last event in Colorado it occurred to me that that was a real event since a.) we saw injured on stretchers being rushed to ambulances (unlike Sandy Hook) and b.) they took the perp alive.

    Let me know if the same occurs here with the latest “event.”

    It just seems to me that TPTB are stepping up their controls at break-neck speed.

    1. And the strange part is, the police were also reporting that an altercation broke out during a party, between employees, one left in a huff — and supposedly came back with two others all dressed in “dark tactical” clothing (well, they have many stories about the attire). Now they are saying the two dead are a woman and a man. This whole story is being written on the fly, just like Boston when the Tsarnaev’s were on the run (which kept crashing into contradictions and location changes, until the story finally reached plausibility).

  13. FORGET San Bernadino…what about last week…LOUISIANA!!!!.There Was Just A Giant Mass Shooting NOBODY’S Talking About…

    Even though this shooting involved young children being shot, the media has been silent and the reason for their silence is quite obvious.

    The shooting occurred in Louisiana last week, when gunmen opened fire at a park with some 300 people in it resulting in 17 people being injured-including a 10-year-old child.

    Mayor Mitch Landrieu called the shooting “domestic terrorism,” adding that one victim may never walk again, the New Orleans Advocate reports.

    Police Chief Michael Harrison said the shooting appears to be gang-related.
    The San Bernardino shooting is fake — everything is perfectly scripted with no victim pain, no bloody bandages, no immediate triage. Just everyone posing in comfort positions for the TV cameras and ‘victims’ bandaged, but in no pain, and being taken away after being helped (for the TV cameras) and rolled away on gurneys (for the TV cameras). I even saw a small girl with an arm sling just walking around.

    There is nothing real about this active shooter scene, even the purpose of it makes no sense. This is a gun control show.

    1. Exactly! We don’t hear about the Louisiana shooting because it was legitimate and didn’t fit the agenda. Did you see the graphic they put out which showed each wounded victim and where on their bodies they were shot? So many people shot, so few killed. Just the opposite of SH. It’s all about San Bernadino now because this one’s the show they’re putting on for us.

    2. Yeah Grace, I read about that too. What’s up. Could this be a REAL one? Maybe they’re scrambling to write a script so they can get credit for a DHS exercise for it.

    1. Maybe the people who actually worked inside the building, the “witnesses” as they’re calling them, were quickly shuttled onto buses and removed from the site so that they wouldn’t realize that the people lying around pretending to be hurt outside didn’t actually work there. Just a thought.

  14. Tracy just posted this 21stCenturyWire article on scoopfeed about San
    Bernardino, with an interview with Patrick Henningsen, whose analysis is incisive even though the event had just begun.

    One thing that caught my eye is this comment that was left there:

    “Not like she needs the traffic, but Pamela Gellar website already throwing out the possible name of “Farooq Saeed” off of police scanners and retweets.”

    It’s interesting in that a commenter here, Allyson, said this about 2:00:

    Allyson says:
    December 2, 2015 at 5:12 PM
    “Note that there was a police training exercise taking place in the area today. Am listening to police scanner; calls from public are coming in regarding various people with dark skin; police broadcast an Arab-sounding name over the scanner as a person reported by a stander-by as acting “suspicious” as he left the building 20-30 minutes before shooting began..”

    1. Nice little mind games.. Sue, they’re ramping it up, children ,mentally disabled ,black church patrons, movie attendees … Who’s next ? Retirement homes, playgrounds and the list goes on.

  15. Cooper Anderson interviewed a “witness” about 25 minutes ago who sounded as if she (actually it sounded like a male but he introduced her as “Marie”) had tried to memorize a quick script. Had to break off and come back to correct her answer on some of her answers.

  16. ISIS/ISIL does San Bernardino.

    I had the opportunity today to watch live TV, or what appeared to be live, from ABC 7 in Los Angeles. Their helicopter showed an awful lot of the same scenes with people just milling around. No one was panicking. I also listened to KFI radio with one of their reporters on the scene. He said the reason the feds showed up so rapidly was because of an exercise they were doing nearby. Do we need to know any more?

    Residents were told to lock their doors and stay inside. Schools far away were in lock down. Driving home tonight, KFI radio reported that one of the dead shooters had a middle eastern name and that this was probably a terror attack. I also noticed that Sandy Hook was mentioned several times both on TV and radio here today. This San Bernardino production also featured some mighty fancy military style gear.

    From Boston to San Bernardino with stops in between, we now have a full fledged police state in these former united states.

    1. There are actually people who follow these “events” almost as fervently as they follow the soaps.

      People take the bait and they believe the fear motif put before them. Fear is the one constant that leads to susceptibility to these outright lies and perpetrations of the most boorish kind.

      One of these days Obama will get on national TV and describe the horrors of mass murders……before they happen. It won’t make any difference to American airheads. They want to believe the lies, it’s too much work to seek the truth.

  17. Thank you Dr. Tracy for bringing some erudition to these events. “Above-the-fold” was an eye-catching bit of diction. Indeed, the media response gives us just about all the answers to the question, “What message are we to have received?”

    My initial impression upon hearing of this shooting was that the Operation Gladio which is active in the United States had taken another deadly step forward today (assuming, as it is not always prudent to do, that people actually died).

    In general, there seems to be a ratcheting-up of this “strategy of tension” (again referring to Operation Gladio) within recent months.

    If I had to bet, I’d say the main goal of the psy-op in effect is gun control. Looking at a “red state/blue state” map on Wikipedia (gauged by presidential candidate victories over past four elections) we can notice a few things. The most obvious fraud (Sandy Hook) was in blue state Connecticut. [And we know the governor of that state received a special “heads up” from the Dept. of “Justice” prior to the shooting. I believe he met specifically with Holder regarding gun control prior to Sandy Hook.]

    In any case, we see the recent community college shooting in rural Oregon (blue state) and then today’s shooting in California (blue state).

    Even the shooting in Colorado Springs (a real one-two punch by Ameri-Gladio) was in a “purple state”. This would be, to borrow Jade Helm’s terminology, an undecided territory. Jade Helm had southwest states which were “leaning” towards “friend” or (alternately) “foe”.

    We should also include the Boston Marathon “bombing” in blue state Massachusetts. Though it didn’t feature guns prominently as the Orwellian MacGuffin, it did involve martial law, curfew, and house-by-house search. Whether that false flag was a part of the Ameri-Gladio for gun control is debatable.

    It seems these false flag mass casualty events are harder to pull off in the more-heavily-armed red states (which, yes, gives some credence to the Donald and the Alex Jones regarding gun-free zones as invited soft targets).

    The most suspicious thing about this recent series of shootings (other than their location in liberal-friendly states) is their timing.

    In particular, when figuring in the suspicious Paris attacks (old-school Gladio), the Colorado and California attacks seem to be an almost algorithmically-derived set of locations. For a “strategy of tension” to work in the U.S., everyone from every state (and every walk of life) would have to feel terrified. Or, everyone from liberal states which support increased gun control would have to be sufficiently outraged to affect a policy change.

    Obama seems to have gotten slightly more savvy following his rush to pontificate (post-Umpqua). Yet there he is. Every time. Churning out the rhetoric.

    One commentator (former law enforcement from San Bernardino) made a Freudian slip of sorts when asked for his thoughts as part of Fox News’s coverage. First description of the events: “interesting”. Second description (as almost an afterthought): “tragic”. Yes, something interesting (or odd) is afoot.

    My guess is that many of these events (including Paris…hell, even the Aurora movie shooting) are being done by U.S. government employees who bring the patsies to the scene and leave them for dead as the “neutralized” shooters. [Paris was likely a much more cooperative affair…perhaps some British agents, some French agents, etc.: NATO–the originators of Gladio.]

    Continuing, these American domestic events would then normally involve highly-trained special operatives who would do the actual shooting. The patsies, lured to the scene in a variety of ways (including possibly with hands tied and in the custody of the real shooter), would then be found dead by unaware local law enforcement (having actually been killed by the active shooter…likely at the scene [to at least ease a suspicious coroner’s mind somewhat].

    The obvious suspect for running Ameri-Gladio would be the CIA, but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of the FBI (remember 1993 WTC…an FBI LIHOP), ATF, DHS, or even FEMA.

    It’s bad news. Somebody needs to step up and blow the whistle. The ends DO NOT justify the means.


    1. I think the goal sought is still disarming the public and even repealing the 2nd amendment. We are being mocked in the British/ Commonwealth presses.

      But you have to get people to act against their own best interests, and by using a gunman with a Middle East name, one whose motives may have been traceable to his religion (let’s say, for the sake of argument, he objected to alcoholic beverages at the Christmas party), then you can argue that it is unsafe in the present moment to have guns which can be used by such people. Since they cannot reasonably be sorted out, better to take away as many guns as possible.

      We know how Prohibition failed – it made people more drunk than ever.

      1. The profile of these purported recent shooters (stark-raving-mad bloodthirsty Muslim “terrrists” [to borrow the W.-era fake-Texas-drawl] is, in my opinion, a curveball to distract the typical, bigoted Fix News viewer from realizing that this event was part-and-parcel with the ongoing Ameri-Gladio which really kicked into high gear with the Sandy Hook pageant. In other words, bigotry blinds the right wing viewer from realizing that this “Muslim terror event” was actually a continuation of the false flags which have as their overriding goal gun control (and, if possible, gun confiscation). I support the Second Amendment and don’t think the populace should be manipulated into accepting a false reality by way of these cynical sacrifices of American citizens to the bullets of black ops professionals. It should, however, be noted that Sandy Hook appears to have been an event at which no one died. I am not certain if that, but the official story is laughable (just as with 9/11). I can’t tell you exactly who are pulling off these wicked acts of trickery, but it’s almost always now NOT the ones taking the rap.


    1. OMG – so obviously a dummy. Which they had to take out of their supply wagon.

      Why does the public not see it? Because before the shot, they have been primed into a state of “suspension of disbelief” such as one experiences watching a play or tv drama, by a few earlier scenes, such as the woman police officer intoning her lines. It obviously does not take long to fall into the state of credulity. We could study tv dramas or even commercials to get the beats on the timing of how long it takes. If somehow this scene should be unconvincing, then it could be removed once the effect has taken by means of the echo chamber of other commentary.

      I have to say that my favorite hoax was the balloon boy, with all sorts of people weighing in along the way to make it seem real. Very much like the Martian invasion by Orson Welles. It just keeps working.

  18. Who taking bets on anther shooting before the weekend, I’m betting the east coast or the Midwest . Some where out there, there is a hedge fund analyst making some money..

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