The De-Authorization of James F. Tracy 132

Submitted by Toni King

It took two weeks for the Sun-Sentinel newspaper to announce that James Tracy had stirred up a controversy. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting incident, the academic had published a series of articles describing the neglect of major media to address discrepancies in their own reporting, as well as the appearance of their collusion with law enforcement and federal agencies in carefully managing a narrative that focused away from journalistic investigation. Tracy’s writings gathered conspiracy-400x264attention from independent researchers, but were little noticed elsewhere until, singularly, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper was roused to mount an exception to the Professor’s critique.

The problem for the Broward/Palm Beach counties publication was that Tracy, a PhD whose areas of expertise include media and communication studies, was the kind of authority the newspaper was accustomed to running to when it wanted to shore up its own credibility. What to do? Deciding to ignore Tracy’s observations helped the newspaper slip past the need to justify its own position, and move on to the only option left to it: discredit the man himself.

They began to cultivate a “Nutty Professor” trope. Because Tracy published his observations in a blog, he was portrayed as dwelling outside professional boundaries in the mad fringes of the internet, where, it was imagined, he compounded fantastical conspiracy theories from the innocent mistakes made inadvertently by the media in the early hours of the event.

In a string of articles, the Sun-Sentinel continued its defamation and was joined by larger establishment media in chorusing outrage that someone with professional credentials  had the temerity to ask questions. The rhetoric turned uglier as Tracy was labeled twisted, his ideas bizarre, and the drumbeat to remove him from his position increased. In the comments sections of online print and news sites, the outrage and derision slid into physical threat.

Still no one would grapple with the issues that Tracy brought forward. Instead, mass media led the country in a pageant of grief, and the ensuing emotional wave helped drown out any critical response.

The victims became the story instead of the crime. Abandoning real investigation, much time and production were spent dramatizing each family’s unique grief, with on-air journalists evincing tearful awe at every inspiring story. A narrative developed that the ordeal was so heinous and the grief so unique that, in order to spare the families of the victims more intolerable suffering, one must ignore the crime altogether.

This idea was borrowed from the same politically correct culture that blankets the new “safe space” that used to be known as a college campus. It insists that the personal story, as dictated by the victim, is inviolate, and will accept only mute empathy in tribute. Implacably authoritarian, politically correct culture bends even universities to its will.

At Sandy Hook, if inquiry was hurtful, vengeance was enervating. Investigation of the crime may be abandoned, but the post-shooting career of many a Sandy Hook family took off with exuberance, as they joined in the grand campaign for gun control that happened to parallel a primary political goal of the Obama Administration and Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

In October of 2015, the edited volume, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, was offered for sale on Authored by independent research experts and six PhDs, and anchored by a chapter and a timeline written by James Tracy, it is a devastating critique of the official story handed down by the network of government and corporate media. The book is a clear demonstration that there are no lines of reasoning that lead to the conclusion that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was an authentic mass casualty event. After a month of successful sales, Amazon reversed direction and suppressed the book, illuminating the real threat to authority this research project represents.

In December, four days before the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook event, the ever-accommodating Sun-Sentinel newspaper published an op-ed from Lenny and Veronique Pozner, who say their son was killed in the incident. In another dismal attempt at neutralization, the Pozners accused Tracy of harassing them and called for him to lose his job. Though their story, as they tell it, seems easy to validate, they have yet to seek relief from Tracy’s assertions in a legal venue. Instead they make emotional appeals to the public based on the pain they suffer when asked about the specifics of their son’s death. They want control of the narrative and Tracy’s engagement in critical dialogue threatens that.

The Pozners’ late appearance here illustrates that, in the matter of Sandy Hook, PC culture has extended into political discourse as a cover for deception. The Sandy Hook Mass Casualty Event was an intentional perversion of the truth, and as the legal definition of fraud describes, was meant to induce the citizenry into surrendering a legal right. The authority of the perpetrators in power evaporates in the presence of this despicable lie.

While the government palpates the body politic for signs of resistance, and mass media is busy scrawling politically correct ideas across the face of questionable national events that seem to demand some urgent action, emotion is pouring out of the populace, short-circuiting critical thought and inciting a righteous desire for state intervention. Finally, the government has what it wants: a mass of citizens are clamoring for the agenda it was pushing all along.

This is a blasphemous inversion of participatory democracy. American civil society has been co-opted by illegitimate power and must be abandoned. It will have to be constructed anew in a public space that remains outside the control of the government and its institutions, where it can be called upon to justify its democratic legitimacy to its participants.

The public sphere gives rise to civil society through the free exchange of information and ideas, and by challenging the boundaries of acceptable speech and behavior. Thus public opinion can be turned into political action. At Tracy’s Memory Hole blog, readers trade views and knowledge, and following the scholar’s example, a critical dialogue is applied.

James Tracy’s job as an academician may be over, but his authority has never faltered in the public sphere where the true sources of political and moral authority are found. In the new public space, he is a locus of authority, and diverse citizens gather around and practice the art of intellectual self-defense and the hopes of free speech.




  1. Semi-automatic weapons can easily discharge 160 rounds from multiple reloads within 5 minutes while the shooter is mobile..


    • easily?. Shoot through front windows, walk through, kill administrators then corner others in a conference room. start down the hall and kill kids in 2 classrooms shooting 100 rounds in 5 minutes.

      John J. Rambo, on his best day, could nay have pulled that off.

      Oh, and by the way shooting each person with such accuracy that there were not even wounded.


    • Dr. Jones was fake fired from BYU and commented on air plainly that he was given a very generous retirement package.


        • dachsie is correct–you should check it out. He was also involved in the scandal surrounding Fleischmann and Pons’ supposed discovery of “cold fusion,” although it’s been some time since I looked into it, and am rusty on the connection. One thing for sure, the guy is no hero. He was a part of the coverup of 911.


  2. The attack on James is part of a campaign defending the Integrity of the Sandy Hook drill. It includes the media attacks on James, including the current one by the NYTimes article, by his university, the censoring by Amazon of the Sandy Hill book, and the weeping of Obama for the children a few days ago.

    Sandy Hook has now become essential for the US power system to defend, because the notion that it would simply manufacture a drill and the entire media support it, who greatly discredit the state power system. It would mean that the American people are indeed ruled by false flag deception conducted by not only the government, but the media and other major corporations.

    Sandy Hook has therefore begun rivaling 9/11-anthrax as a media falsehood, that must be defended at all costs. That the NY Times has a front page article today on the attempted firing indicates its importance.

    A previous comment with this message was sent down the memory hole.

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    • I agree with your analysis here. It is a necessary continuing of deception, like many things in history which we thought were consigned to past centuries of widespread superstition. From the dogma that you must believe the lie, flows much.

      And the crazy part is – much power is just a empty.

      But in this case, we have as it were the ability to see the body of the beast in cross-section, and can see its layers, like one of those frogs in a biology book with layer upon layer of transparent pages. The book in which the beast is dissected must be banned, as power sees it today. It is hedged round with sentiment, protected by fear that one will go mad if one gazes upon it, and the teaching of such anatomy is forbidden to the masses. In the upper reaches of power, they will share it with initiates. But he would would bring knowledge to man — Prometheus as it were — shall be treated like that frog, and publicly eviscerated.


      • true, but don’t you think, Musings, that they are digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole, and there is really no way out historically but the removal of the power system.


      • I have long intended to write a book I will call “Mythos,” musings, which will explore the point you make (if i ever find the time).

        These two promotions folkie correctly identifies as essential to the integrity of the system are intended as anchoring myths of the New World Order. Myth is very powerful; it defines the collective Mind of a civilization, and these two show us something of what this new civilization is going to look like.

        In ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc, the mythological systems were self-reinforcing, because all agreed that that’s simply how reality works. Zeus, or Ra, was foundational to how the universe functions–EVERYBODY knows THAT. Only a ninny doesn’t feel that in his bones–or an enemy of civilization. Were anyone to stand up in the agora in Athens and announce to all assembled there that the whole pantheon is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, that it’s irrational, that the whole society is thinking wrong, he’d find himself forced to drink hemlock within a few months’ time.

        This, incidentally, was the problem Rome had when it absorbed Judea; their new subjects refused to blend their God in with the myriad of Romand deities, and the tension built until the Temple was destroyed in AD70, and later, Jerusalem completely destroyed and its people denied the right to live in the vicinity afterward. This only amplified when Christianity spread like leaven throughout the empire; the Romans called Christians “atheists,” because they refused to honor the emperor as a god, and indeed denied the legitimacy of any idols at all, turning their backs on the fundamental structure that held Roman society together.

        This is what the Bible is referring to in Acts, when the Christians are said to have “turned the world upside down.” Christianity certainly did do that, because within a few centuries Rome would be no more, replaced by a new civilization that eventually would be named “The West.”

        Well, the West is no more, and its replacement is rapidly taking shape. Clearly, at this early stage, its mythos is being created by the secret government’s complete control over the public Mind through all organs of the media (with the exception of the internet).

        One foundational myth is 9/11, which established the legitimacy of the endless war to completely destabilize the Moslem world.

        Sandy Hook is another one, establishing the principle that white males are unstable and prone to unfathomable behavior we must all be very, very afraid of. And thus, the normalcy of firearm ownership is illegitimate, and must thus be stopped.

        Just as in the ancient civilizations, the emotional element of reflexive self-reinforcing belief, throughout society, is key. It’s all done through hypnotism and emotion. To gainsay the myth is to be a heretic. So the media matrix kicks into gear, and the emotional “outrage” campaign is launched. It’s with-burning time.


    • Paul, over time, decency had always referred to manners, but today decency refers mainly to having a strong sense of right and wrong, and a high standard of honesty. Although James strongly exemplifies excellent manners, his sense of right and wrong, and standard of honesty comes across as quite profound which is easy to detect if you listen to his numerous interviews.

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    • Your inept comparison of Dr. Tracy with Joe McCarthy would be more appropriately applied to the relentless promoters of Sandy Hook, who, like the drunken Senator, have been in our faces with their phony accusations against anyone who would challenge them from day one. The game seems to be to flood and keep flooding the airways with their pornographic stories of death and dismemberment, by both Moslems and gun-toting preppers. Not since Tailgunner Joe mesmerized the public has such a period of lying obscured the real issues of our times and pushed into dark corners the good people of constructive, kindly and honest intentions. The nightmare which may have begun on 9-11-2001 has yet to run its course. Let the sun shine. Let it stop being always winter with no Christmas.


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  4. I don’t know if he’s right or not, but he should not have lost his job for questioning the official story and writing about his theory. If he’s wrong, the proof will eventually surface and he will be proven wrong. A false conspiracy theory should not be threatening to anyone. Ultimately, the college can choose not to employ him if they want to, but he can continue to research and write and now that he has lost his job, he will have a much wider audience become aware of his ideas and start to ask the same questions. When we are not allowed to question something, that is usually a sign of something fishy going on.

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    • I take exception to just one thing you say: “Ultimately, the college can choose not to employ him if they want to…” It’s not so easy (or SHOULDN’T be) with tenure.

      Love it or hate it, tenure was created to protect professors when the winds of change were against them. Tenure is supposed to protect academic freedom in instances just as this one. In today’s “publish or perish” climate, tenure offers protection for unpopular opinions and helps to ensure that students get more than one perspective.

      Suitability of professors is supposed to be determined within the three-to-five-year candidacy period, after which the professor’s job would ostensibly be protected.

      Academics has been corrupt for a long time…this is just one example of the appalling erosion.


      • It is my understanding that academic tenure involves a process whereby a professor is evaluated by peers at other universities as well as the one where he is teaching. The university itself has over the years renewed his contract and the tenure decision is never done lightly because it confers an immunity to the usual political firings of the non-tenured, which should encourage robust public debate of the issues of the day without fear of reprisals.

        After the tenure process, should it fail, academics leave and seek employment elsewhere. But if it succeeds the academic should be able to rely upon the ability to stir up controversy in order to bring into the discussion any critical issues. His or her critiques should be respected as his or her right to pursue without fear of losing his or her job.

        But trustees are powerful and they hold the purse strings. Many decades ago, twice Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, a tenured professor at Caltech, faced the ire of the trustees there. They were for the most part oil men during California’s then booming oil industry. Pauling was antiwar, for instance, and regarded as leftist. He campaigned against nuclear testing and debated Edward Teller, the father of the H-bomb.

        They tried to attack his tenure, to cut him loose of the institute, as a dangerous communist influence. He was also an advocate of what they regarded as fringe theories, such as the notion that ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, was deficient in the American diet of the 50’s and 60’s and should be taken in much greater dosages to prevent cancer and heart disease. All these things riled the fat cats.In the end, he chose to resign from Caltech and to go elsewhere. He lived to the ripe old age of 93, spending his last days in Big Sur, California, one of the most beautiful locations in the state if not the world.

        So Dr. Tracy is in good company, I think. May he live long and retain his influence, and eventually prevail in bringing to light the shoddy nature of today’s toady press.


    • no K.B. the college CANNOT choose to fire anyone just because they want to. It’s a public university, for one reason, and people pay taxes to so their children can be trained, and possibly enlightened, by the best people available. All talented people have their little ways, and they must be free to pursue the truth despite and even because of them.

      James is being fired for daring to tell the truth. The Academy, God knows, is not a repository of intellectual courage, so any publically extolled repression makes it even more cowardly. A university does not have the right to prevent a professional from telling the controversial professional truth.

      And I say this as a committed unprofessional.


      • I do understand tenure. When I said hey ultimately the college can choose not to employ him, I’m simply pointing out that even tenure has its limits. It may have been unjust but it happened. I’m just saying that losing this position as a professor is not going to silence him and in fact it is helping to circulate his writing to a much wider audience. I only found this blog yesterday because of a story on Fox News about James Tracy losing his job. The story referred to him as “wacky professor” and out of curiosity, I googled him and found this blog. I spent most of the day reading about the sandy hook incident and I am not very skeptical of the official story. Many others will dig into the inconsistencies and no doubt begin asking the same questions. This will not go away until the truth comes out. I hate to say it, but Mr. Tracy losing his job may have been a necessary evil in order for his research to get out into the mainstream.


    • The history of the phrase “Conspiracy Theorist” came about in 1964 after so many people started questioning the Warren Commission Report of the assassination of JFK,
      it is a media tool to quell dissent and villify the protester-America was founded on so called “conspiracy”! for much of what we would call a Tyrannical abusive government


  5. John and Lenny and Veronique dwell in the same putrid pocket.

    Fraudulent Atlantic University –
    Where Tomorrow Begins

    And now, for a little sick new year’s humor…

    Dr. John Kelly’s guiding principles:

    To reaffirm and celebrate the progress and success FAU has realized both internally and externally at the local, national and international levels.

    To reinforce an atmosphere of transparency, inclusion and open communication.

    To reinforce a positive campus culture of respect, open dialogue and support of students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.

    To reinforce an atmosphere that celebrates the diversity that is FAU in the spirit of civility.

    To create immediate connections with student, faculty, staff, organizations, campus groups and boards.

    To emphasize a campus community that is supportive of faculty and staff in their work in serving student success.

    Good bye to American universities.

    Good bye to Veritas et Justita.

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  6. Thoughts and prayers are with James and his family at this time. I have read the whole book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, and I encourage everyone to download or get it some other way. When I tried to order it through amazon, it had already been yanked, despite great initial sales. I went to a local barnes and noble, same phenomenon, the book neither on the shelf nor in the computer inventory. Strange to say the least, yet lets be brave enough to call this what is truly is, demonic federal government suppression of the truth. Many years a Biblical theologian named Dr. Walter Wink wrote three books about naming, engaging, and confronting the often hidden yet real and sinister powers that try to control human beings and their thoughts/behavior/reactions. We are in difficult days, when sinister powers work night and day to try to suppress the truth and keep the peasants in line. It boggles the mind to think of how many individuals have sold their soul to satan to work as government shills, trolls, hacks, crisis actors, infiltrators, fakes, and just plain trouble-makers, motivated not at all by truth and justice, rather dark and evil desires for control, fame or whatever. Just for one example, look at the digital photo of the crisis actor in the Oregon shooting a few months back, supposedly shot seven or eight times, yet lying in a hospital bed with a grin on his face, and surrounded by friends making the satanic hand sign! Does this just not seem a bit over the top, yet certainly fitting of the notion that the sinister powers not only love duping the masses, they also love flaunting that very fact. Truth will prevail in the end, and justice will flow like mighty waterfalls.

    Rev Steve Josephson

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  7. I have been studying the history of newspapers and Journalism. Did you know that the first newspapers printed in the USA, had little to do with disseminating the truth? They were designed to promote the local jewish owned merchant businesses. Later, since newspapers became so widely read, they became tools of clever propaganda. One only look at the Hearst Corporation to learn how they used their newspapers to promote specific agendas. This is still true today for the newspapers that remain. In Florida, Morris Communications, which also publishes a number of dailies around the country
    was caught promoting an agenda
    It has been said that Freedom of the press isn’t free, but only available to those who can afford a printing press. The internet (as a communications tool/platform) certainly changes things.


    • Here are couple of timely quotes that come from next article I’m working on;

      “Journalism is one of the devices whereby industrial autocracy keeps its control over political democracy; it is the day-by-day, between-elections propaganda, whereby the minds of the people are kept in a state of acquiescence, so that when the crisis of an election comes, they go to the polls and cast their ballots for either one of the two candidates of their exploiters.”

      “The methods by which the “Empire of Business” maintains its control over journalism are four: First, ownership of the papers; second, ownership of the owners; third, advertising subsidies; and fourth, direct bribery. By these methods there exists in America a control of news and of current comment more absolute than any monopoly in any other industry.”

      Upton Sinclair. “The Brass Check” (1920)


  8. Great job, Toni. Very nicely done. As you say, no one is required to agree with James or anyone else. What these people are really about is silencing those who threaten their world view.

    They claim “hurt” as an excuse for retribution. “Feelings” are suddenly more important than facts. Some would rather bathe in the emotional afterglow of their fantasy than confront the logical conundrums.

    It seems that it is not enough to disagree, they must punish. They should be ashamed.

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    • lophatt, speaking of feelings, check out, The Yale Center for Emotional intelligence and their RULER program:

      Scarlett Lewis of Sandy Hook fame has recently pushed to passage senate bill s897, the Jesse Lewis Empowering Educators act, to support elementary and Jr. High students, “social and emotional well-being.” and to provide funding for implementing the Yale program nationwide.

      “Students learn to expand their emotional vocabulary, replacing basic feeling words with more sophisticated terms. They graduate from using words like ‘ok’ or ‘fine’ to using words like ‘alienated’ and ‘hopeless,’ or ‘tranquil’ and ‘serene.’”
      There is something more here, about elevating the importance of feelings, still trying to put my finger on it….


        • Emotions are by their very nature subjective. If we focus on emotions, we don’t focus on objective criteria like facts. At the Yale center for Emotional Intelligence, one photo on their site had a bulletin board display called ‘we love looking for evidence the ruler way.’ It looked like they were encouraging elementary students to look for “evidence”, analyzing text and faces looking for evidence of emotions. It gave me pause because the word evidence is usually used in a legal capacity. In the future will people be convicted of thought crimes based on the look on their faces? Nothing would surprise me any more. I wonder what an Emotional Revolution.” means exactly? Also check out this self proclaimed “creepy” program:Activist Post “The Creepy Study” – Surveillance Cameras Analyze Emotions! link:

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  9. I am so sorry to hear that Dr. Tracy lost his job. I must say in the beginning I was skeptical but I kept reading and using common sense as to everything was handled and it did not add up. Never in my life have I seen a murder scene where they took the bodies out in the middle of the night when it supposedly happened at 10:00 in the morning. And that is just one thing that was odd.

    I hope some will start a “Go Fund Me” account for James. I would look into it but I am 72 and my husband is 75 and in very poor health. I would love to kick it off with a $100.00 donation to help him hire the best attorney firm in the United States and blow this whole thing wide open. Jeanne

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      • @CE True, but a crowd sourced funding makes the support PUBLIC, which is important now. I also think it’s a great motivator for ppl to donate + it would make this specific cause (as opposed to the various issues on the site) the focus of attention.

        Tom & Jeane are right – we need a crowd sourcing funding for James!

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  10. “James Tracy’s job as an academician may be over…” This is unlikely. FAU will have a very tough tenure battle on their hands if they decide to pursue the dismissal of Prof Tracy. I hope FAU has some intelligent people in their administration. Otherwise, they are in for some really bad publicity…

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  11. These are perilous times to be attacking free speech. The investigative news business is a dying model. Most large newspapers like the New York Times have been losing money for years. Bill Moyers did a piece a few years back showing that experienced investigative news reporters were barley able to make a living doing their job. The government wants to remove credible voices of dissent from the blogoshere, or, have them marginalized. The MSM is controlled as are the so-called alternate news sites like HuffPost where “unpaid columnists” are a dime a dozen. Looked at from a longer term, birds eye view perspective, this is a very important First Amendment case whether or nor the lawyers are informed about the merits of the argument.


  12. Quick warning, regular commenters on MHB: trolls have been making their way onto here, probably being directed to do so. Logical fallacies of every type, including misdirection, disinfo, strawmans, red herrings will be used to… move people emotionally. Ad hominem attacks also, so be on the lookout.

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    • Yes, I can see they are here in one-shot attacks, but seeming large numbers. If they stuck around and gave good arguments rather than treating as an axiom the official story and then attempting to trash James, they might be entitled to respect for engaging in debate. It’s difficult to see what value they bring because of their closed minded positions. They echo the media and they echo each other. It’s kind of monotonous.

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  13. I thought that it’s not a done deal that James is fired. He has the FL teachers’ union to defend him for legal action. FAU claimed James failed to fill out some forms that I bet many other professors didn’t fill out about extra activities, a kind FAU in loco parentis toward professors that probably is also illegal. Also, if this mess hits a court of law, then Wheeler will have to imitate Obama’s crocodile tears for the press and deliver another nauseating performance. He may need to prove Noah is his which he can’t do. Go James.

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      • “Tracy was fired for failing to submit paperwork detailing his activities outside the university, according to his termination letter.”

        Failure to exhaust administrative remedies are commonly used to preclude a lawsuit. Also, the failure to answer such a request for information could be legally construed as insubordination. This is akin to when an employee refuses to sign a bad review, and is fired for insubordination regardless of the truthfulness of the review. Courts regularly find this consistent with due process. I hope that James got the advice of an attorney, and that that attorney has malpractice insurance.


        • Prof. Tracy posted his own statement about this earlier this morning but the post (and my comment) was removed. The post went a long way towards clarifying the issues involved.

          My husband has a PhD and is a tenured professor, though in CA, not FL. Things are changing everywhere and it’s UGLY. We will NOT be better for it. (I know you agree, Peace).

          Take a good, long look: this is what tyranny by bureaucracy looks like.

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          • A frequent commenter here, whom I communicate with via email, wrote and asked why the MHB email notification she received went to a dead link. I tried it, and sure enough, POOF! She wanted to know my theory, which I won’t publish here. It involved various possibilities, some of which portend badness, and some of which can be really optimistic. What if James showed them the leverage he has over them, and they capitulated?


          • I wanted my husband to read the article, but it disappeared before he had a chance. I thought maybe it was going to be revised (passive phrase, I know!) and be reposted; then I thought maybe an attorney advises against posting it. In whatever case, I figure James knows what he’s doing.


  14. For those who have not read the following memoryholeblog post, it explains how the cia has and is controlling the media, a direct perversion of their stated task and scope.

    From Wikipedia – “The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the U.S. Government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT). As one of the principal members of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and his Cabinet.

    Unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is a domestic security service, CIA has no law enforcement function and is mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with only limited domestic collection. Though it is not the only U.S. government agency specializing in HUMINT, CIA serves as the national manager for coordination and deconfliction of HUMINT activities across the entire intelligence community. Moreover, CIA is the only agency authorized by law to carry out and oversee covert action on behalf of the President, unless the President determines that another agency is better suited for carrying out such action.[6][7][8][9] It can, for example, exert foreign political influence through its tactical divisions, such as the Special Activities Division.[10]

    The tactics used in refuting Mr. Tracy’s expositions are classic Operation Mockingbird!

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    • Noah is undoubtedly a young man in his thirties today, judging by his stylish fake shearling jacket which was all the rage in the eighties and early nineties. He has a different name, but must get a kick out of all the fuss.


  15. Pardon this somewhat OT comment, but by accident this morning looking through the Cochise County phone book for 2013, I noticed a “defense contractors” heading and one of the eight is Isis. A further google shows them having been allocated a quarter of a TRILLION dollar budget for 2016. ???


  16. If you work with fire, accept the risk of burns.

    Under the hypothesis that Sandy Hook was mostly a piece of mediocre acting, it is not amazing that James would be retaliated against. His and others’ work exposes not only a fraud by mediocre actors and senior public servants, but also the atrociously immoral censorship thereof by a multitude of sources of information: in not only the mass media, but also foreign media, alternative media, gun rights advocacy organizations (from the NRA to the OathKeepers), churches, and other institutions hostile to disinformation and corruption. James and his colleagues have set themselves up against this gigantic, worldwide, heterogeneous conglomerate of bully pulpits and against whoever directs their concerted censorship. Bothering this kind of monster can understandably elicit an ostensibly vicious and disproportionate retaliation.

    Hence an easy to give and hard to apply warning to conspiracy scholars: try to organize and limit your work so that if the censors hit you through the mass media or organizations that serve them, they will inevitably expose your work as legitimate, even to readers, listeners, viewers, members or supporters who will try hard to stick to the prejudice that it necessarily results from your insanity. Sandy Hook, alas, clearly fails this criterion, as the review of the evidence of a conspiracy requires a careful study that would fit a high school class of applied philosophy.


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  17. This is an astoundingly excellent summary/analysis, Toni. I hope it is widely picked up, because you nailed it. Absolutely nailed it.

    I particularly like this part (it’s hard to select a favorite bit, but this one points out a really important idea):

    “This idea was borrowed from the same politically correct culture that blankets the new “safe space” that used to be known as a college campus. It insists that the personal story, as dictated by the victim, is inviolate, and will accept only mute empathy in tribute. Implacably authoritarian, politically correct culture bends even universities to its will.”

    Thanks for writing it. And thanks, James, for publishing it. It’s something all of us want the world to read.

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    • If its really so absurd, then just ignore it like a homeless person talking to himself on the street. Why attempt to fire, then threaten the man’s family? Seems to me your reasoning is full of it. Real victims don’t send death threats. You’re probably a troll anyway, so excuse me.


      • Because it’s hateful to the surviving family–and ignoring it didn’t make it go away. At some point the guy is making problems for his employer and they’re gonna have to do something. Plus: it’s in REALLY poor taste.


        • I believe it is in REALLY poor taste to LIE like a cheap rug and claim that your child was murdered and demand that everyone believe your rotten sordid lie, or else! You know for a fact that you are defending a monstrous lie and are just as guilty as the lying pretend parents. I, for one, am sick and tired of my tax dollars paying for this nonsense.


          • These people are really a bunch of commies; using the 1st amendment to…crush the 1st amendment, while employing emotional appeals, ad hominems, etc. How DARE you question “our” claims, and exercise judgment? You just believe what “daddy” government says about the incident…while WE dictate YOUR reality! Never let the facts get in the way of the agenda.


      • All emotional arguments, nothing logical – like a typical troll. Did you have a violin playing in the background when you wrote this nonsensical response, too? Was it the same violin as the fake Robbie Parker who turned on the fake tears, live on CNN…as we were watching?!! Tell your government employer WE AIN’T FALLING FOR THE BULL HERE!! Go somewhere else.


  18. Maybe Tracy should write his own book — one that asks the critical questions and investigates the evidence in a dispassionate, objective manner — in order to get his career going? I haven’t read the book you reference, but I suspect there are millions of individuals world-wide who question the government-media narrative but lack a dispassionate text to refer to. Instead, they have dozens, if not hundreds, of citizen-sleuth videos on YouTube which point out the problems with the G-M narrative, but lack some credibility and polish in presentation, or diverge into conspiracy theories about world domination. A book that debates the points — possibly co-authored by an apolist for the G-M narrative, would be a nice accomplishment.


    • The book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook can be downloaded for free, right here–just click on the picture of the book in the right-hand portion of this page, not far from the top.

      It is precisely the thing you are asking for.


    • You are quite incorrect when you say the “world essentially needs a book written dispassionately so people can omit the pedestrian stuff and get to the meat of the matter”. This is a paraphrase, of course.

      If there’s one obvious description of the mob mentality it’s the FACT that people much prefer to act emotionally rather than scholarly. Giving them an academic treatise laden with high falutin’ words is NOT the way to reach them. They have obviously been reached by MSM, newspapers and other purveyors of the secret society that actually runs this society.

      Reaching people is not an academic exercise. Ask any sentient teacher and/or professor, you’d be surprised to hear their replies. People characteristically act to preserve energy so they minimize the hard work that needs to be done by the gray matter. It’s ergonomically more economical to use a few skeletal muscles in splitting wood rather than making careful decisions based on legitimate study and analysis.

      The Hartford Courant has featured some incredibly cruel comments about some of their stories on Dr Tracy. These comments show us amply that these commenters are not thinkers, but emotional actors. They read an obnoxious article and once they see somebody laying the lumber on Tracy, they join in the rumble. It’s so easy to be a follower.

      Moreover, many so-called intelligentsia show themselves as shallow mountebanks when they assume they can fathom complex issues and come up with answers with little if any brain power being used productively. At this time, if you are reading this screed for content, you are listening to Connecticut’s #1 defender of Tracy’s rights. I’m struggling to find a way to penetrate the Neanderthalian crania possessed by people who are followers of tainted information, hunches, suffused with their own laziness at ferreting out the truth of the matter. What’s wrong with America? Simple. It’s filled with Americans who have taken the bait and taken the easy way out. I don’t know about the readership, I’m trying like hell to do everything I can to throw the responsibility on Americans who have failed to do due diligence in both honoring Tracy’s freedom of expression as well as using their native intelligence to study and analyze an event that shows true heroism by someone who has laid all his cards on the table. I know I don’t stand alone in this declaration, I feel there are people who share our feelings toward our country and our Constitution, now on its last legs.


      • I like your description of the fact that people are always trying to save themselves energy. It fits to a “T” many in academia who are content to pass along almost as water cooler gossips opinions whose factual basis they never deign to examine. At best, they will grasp at straws and allow some alleged expert to do the explaining for them, and if it is plausible enough (like the structural failures of three buildings on 9/11 by plane crash and mere fire; the recent story in Dubai will not be reviewed for some insight into how robust buildings are) – they will swallow with a minimum of chewing.

        As for the younger generation – people are saturated with fictions that seem real, they live in media noise like a JetBlue flight with all the tv’s on different channels.

        How you run a country like that is pretty easy, until some inherent problem sends it into the dustbin of history.

        Toni told it like it is in this country – but have you looked at France? The most odious publication is there the height of political correctness – as long as its targets are Muslims and Christians.

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    • Lori: You write “Harassing people who have lost their children may be covered by the first amendment, but the University rightly reserves the right to disassociate itself from such lunacy.”

      You seem able minded.

      What exactly does this “harassment” consist of? Tracy was merely trying to verify proof of ownership of an image to the “Pozner family” who used an alias along with a fake death certificate.

      Tracy is taking legal action against the university and rightly so.

      I would love this to make it to a court of law. The event is fraudulent.

      Oh, by the way, I love your “I have read articles.” So authoritative.

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      • For the state of Connecticut to rush legislation and completely turn the freedom of information act laws around because honest questions were asked is complete lunacy. Failure to try and save innocent lives by blocking EMT vehicles from the crime scene is utter disobedience and should be subject to a complete investigation. Removal of children in the middle night by flashlight after they have been in 2 rooms stacked like chairs all day is reprehensible. The lone wolf gunman is dead but crimes were still committed by the living.

        I pray not that thou should take them out of the world, but that thou should keep them from evil…they are not of the world as I am not of the world.
        John 17:15.16


    • Lori, what makes you say that there are “people who have lost their children” on 12/14/2012 in SHES? Can I ask you to reveal your reason or reasons why you take this assertion of yours to be fact? For me, I believed the same thing but I found no proof. So I abandoned my belief. Won’t you please convince me that I was wrong to do so?

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    • FAU is the entity engaged in dealing in lunacy.

      They have also opened themselves to being sued. You recall Steven Salaita…he won, but received a pittance. Tracy won’t be as kind.

      So…I perused your offered Salon piece. It’s nothing more than the bastard cousin to the Popular Mechanics 9/11 piece by Ben Chertoff, applied to SH.

      Pretty bloody sad.

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      • Where are the Jerry Spence’s, the Edwin Vieira’s, the Francis Boyle’s when it comes to defending our James Tracy? Where are the monied freedom fighters with their cash loads waiting to take the defense of James? I would hope that these people are in contact with Dr Tracy and expressing their support for a very heroic individual.

        James, you shall overcome. Ear to the ground, eye to the horizon. Onward.

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      • I notice that almost immediately in the Salon article which defines critics of the Sandy Hook story, people who say ‘it doesn’t add up’, as “conspiracy theorists” – there is a bright red note that says “It was the Jews” (which it says it does not apply to these skeptics).

        I see that as a kind of marker, a hedge as it were, to alert those whose prejudices lead them to believe that nowadays, everybody who would doubt these official terror and gun violence stories must, perforce, deny the Holocaust.

        Sandy Hook of course is a fabrication. While some stories about the Holocaust may have been themselves embellishments, the fact is not in dispute that there were death camps, either by typhus, starvation and/or other means.

        But the details and facts of the Holocaust are not at issue, and this is a distraction designed to polarize and smear those whose own parents might have fought in Europe for the end of fascism, and who never espoused such evils. I am one of those people, and I am the daughter-in-law of Holocaust survivors. Hitler would have arrested me and my children, if I had been so unfortunate as to live in Europe during his rampages. Don’t argue with me about this, because as I say, I refuse to put it in issue. This is a trap and a distraction. To those affected by the events, made refugees and mourners, it is a scare tactic to keep them docile and unquestioning.

        Is there in fact a religious cult around these pageants? I doubt it. But even if there was, no one is entitled to force their beliefs on anyone else. Intimidating others into thinking there is a third rail that is charged with all the dangers of advocacy of antisemitism, when you criticize these things, is like taking a hostage and standing behind it. The liars want to use the corpse of someone’s dead grandmother to hide behind so they can rob the public of truth, funds and true security. I don’t care what someone’s religion is who pulls this evil trick, because they really have no religion and they hate the truth.

        But there it is at Salon – the marker in red – “Don’t go there” and then the pretense afterwards of an even-handed dismissal of critique. What hypocrisy.


    • Th act of investigating and reporting about questionable acts while providing evidence is not the act of harassment-it is a public service which Dr. Tracy provided at great cost to himself-
      he is a hero and a true patriot

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    • I just read this Salon article, which is a debunk-the article is ridiculous, and attempts first of all to explain away the crisis actors as they are seen on video smiling, laughing and suddenly hyperventilate to prepare to put on his “Dead child’s Father” look on, which he does for the cameras, with no tears throughout the emotional laden (and frankly ridiculous monologue)-sorry-but this is pathetic attempt to explain away fraud of sandy Hook, and probably some of the debunkers showing up on memory Hole with this junk


      • Thank you for bringing up the Salon article. It allows to gauge the size of the alleged SH conspiracy, as Salon would have compelling reasons to blow it open instead of censoring it.

        The mediocrity of the Salon’s ostensible debunking is another clue that the Master SH conspirators understand very well how the human brain works. They are confident that most Salon readers will fortify their hostility against SH dissidence and that very few will understand the article’s shallowness and investigate SH on their own.

        This confirms that studying a conspiracy and publishing about it is not sufficient to cancel it. Only a small fraction of the population will be capable of understanding it. The rest will emotionally dismiss the very idea of macrosocial obfuscation. Unless, of course, the conspiracy in question would be much more vulnerable than SH…



        • Yes, Salon is there to save the professional intellectuals mental strain and extra work. It supplies the plausible debunking they must have to show they have considered both sides of an issue, even though they haven’t. It is Cliff’s Notes for the overworked. As Gil Favor put it above, people are looking to reduce their own effort. With some helpful guides, they can arrive at some socially acceptable consensus which will not get them in hot water themselves. They may smile and smile, bowing like good courtiers, and never break a sweat or understand that their system is corrupt to the core. Already, they have accepted torture and dungeons, drones and denial of due process, and they still live in the same houses and eat organic food, and think they are good citizens. They are the priesthood, serving the pirate band dressed in official gold braid which has usurped this country since, oh, 9-11-2001 at least.


          • Good points. I’ll add, paradoxically, that the ignorant and unthinking people you mention (Salon-reading “intellectuals” and others) constitute a critical buffer against a drastic repression on thought that would solve the James Tracy “problem” with his summary execution, followed by arbitrary severe retaliation against a few dozen people close to him. Independent thinkers and activists owe the empty-headed public some gratitude. As SH researchers court them with limited success to make them understand how the world works, Salon’s Masters are also courting them, also with limited success, to accept ever more hysterical disinformation as pure truth.



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