Free Form Friday XI

Unautopsied and embalmed Supreme Court justices, politicizing/internationalist popes, the Zika virus’ origins, NATO provocations in Europe, mandatory mental health screenings and state parenting, Anderson Cooper sued for defamation“hate group” proliferation in America, and much more.

freeform2One of the reasons many thoughtful readers come to MHB is to peruse the discussions that emerge from our posts. Free Form Fridays are forums specifically geared toward generating such exchange on the most pressing issues and events of the day. A hearty welcome to another Free Form Friday! Thank you for your continued readership and support-JFT

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    Probably on my end, but just wondering. I’m getting other email.

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        2. Yeah, I had one of my comments that “went missing”, suddenly appear for no apparent reason. I suppose even Comments need a vacation.

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          Yesterday, I lost one that way, a pithy response to Peter about Apollo, and immediately asked James to dig it out for me; this can often take a few days (Sofia told me he has more than one email account, and the one I write to him with is not his highest priority one for checking emails). Anyway, he posted that comment this time within a few hours, so I got lucky (Toni “liked” it, so I found out right away). Maybe that’s when he noticed yours in there, too, if it happened yesterday.

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  2. Thanks for another Free Form Friday. These discussions are MHB’s claim to fame.

    Wanted to throw out a few random thoughts on Scalia and related matters.

    I have been in the alternative way of looking at events for 18 years. My withdrawal from mainstream media is about 99 percent complete.

    Dr. Fetzer on his last show had a retired attorney as a guest and they were expressing their outrage at there not being an autopsy and serious investigation of Justice Scalia’s death. In a way, I do not quite “get” their outrage. Influential people or “persons of interest” in various false or suspicious events have been being disappeared, in various ways and in timely manner, for decades.

    Colonel Craig Roberts wrote several great books and one of them was “The Dead Witnesses” listing the suspicious deaths of over a hundred named individuals who knew too much regarding the JFK assassination. There are similar lists of similar suspicious deaths, called body count lists, for Clinton and the Bush boys, naming names and highlighting the timeliness of their demise.

    Another thing I don’t quite get is what business does a Supreme have going off hobnobbing with a bunch of Texas corporate millionaire crooks. Aren’t judges supposed to avoid even the appearance of unethical behavior?

    As for proper legal and judicial procedures and actions regarding Scalia’s death, many of us with alternative info journeys similar to mine have been aware for almost two decades what a complete “wipe-out” our entire Just-Us system is, federal, state and local.

    I was blessed to come across this recent video that in the latter half gives much information about how the Supreme Court works. It also has input from a Saint Pius V traditional Catholic priest, Father William Jenkins, that explains Christian truth in relation to what is going on in our USA world of today. Unfortunately, the video’s commentators refer to Scalia as though he were a true conservative and real Catholic, when the article by Michael Hoffman stated Scalia voted FOR same sex “marriage. Scalia was an empty shell, a false front.

    But still, I think there was much valuable insights in the video and I was inspired by Father Jenkins’ Christian witness.

    Judicial Activism
    Published on Oct 7, 2015

    James Birch, Thomas Condit and Father Jenkins discuss the courts and our legal system today from a traditional Catholic perspective. This show was recorded on 30 September 2015.

        News & Politics 

    Let’s end on a note of humor…

  3. The huge showdown between Apple and the FBI on the San Bernardino terrorist’s uncrackable phone is purely meant to bolster sales for the failing corporation.

    Who wouldn’t want an encrypted phone that the all powerful government can’t crack? The truth is there is nothing on that phone that is not also on the all seeing cloud!

    Sales are bleak and not looking any better, stock prices are sliding south.

    $68 billion in debt?

    1. There’s nothing on the phone because there is no phone. There’s no nothing…. a bogus car chase and a made for TV apartment raid. Add in some Bloody crash-test dummies and Voila!

      But yes I agree that the headline is also bogus.

      Most headlines are PR. Gotta keep this consumer-based society afloat somehow!

      1. I’m glad you pointed that out Kodiak.

        I was going to comment earlier and said why bother.

        This whole Fake fight over this nonexistent phone is all about encryption.

        The Govt. has been whining about encrypted data all last year and now they have found the “Perfect” reason/example of why No One should have a Private Anything.

        And, Most people and of course ALL MSM is Pushing this Lie..

        If People only knew the truth of the phony War on Cyber Security. It’s ALL Pure Bull and ALL Criminals know it.

      2. “There’s nothing on the phone because there is no phone. There’s no nothing…. a bogus car chase and a made for TV apartment raid. Add in some Bloody crash-test dummies and Voila! ”

        Well said, Kodiak !

        I listen to Greg Hunter on Fridays for his weekly wrap up (USA Watchdog) and he continually references the real event of San Bernadino with 14 people killed and 22 people shot.

        He is an example of how I go into not wanting to listen to him at all anymore because he is not making any legitimate attempt to correctly address the facts regarding this so-called “Muslim terrorist events.”

        When big truth like that is avoided and even rejected, one has to wonder what truths about his subjects, the economy and financial matters, he is avoiding or exaggerating or whatever.

      3. You got it, Kodiak. I posted a story two weeks ago about the strange murder of a teenage girl ,by a VTech student, that she met on KIK.

        San Berno.. was the west coast show, and the KIK murder was the east coast event !!

        1. So what’s your opinion on that one, Ted? It’s struck me as bizarre from the start. The victim’s family comes across as authentic, so I’m inclined to assume it happened. But the 13 year old girl was sort of homely and chubby… Why would a nice looking 18 year old boy take interest in her? If he was a true pedophile it doesn’t seem like she was a true child judging from comments attributed to her.

          And the guy’s accomplice, Natalie Keepers, garnered far more headlines than the actual murderer.

          It’s extremely strange.

        2. My apologies for the late reply, Sue.
          Bizarre it was, and that’s how they like it.
          The “they” is the CIA, Virginia Tech has always been a hotbed for the agency recruitment and experimentation on young,impressionable minds. This was ritualistic in nature, and here are my points on it.
          1. Young age of victim -13
          2. Male & female accomplices (constant mention of normalcy as high school students.)
          3. The young girl body disposed of out of state.
          4. Most young male “pedophiles” don’t have an female partner.
          5. The reasons Natalie Keepers ,got more attention was the esoteric emasculation of David, and the promotion of goddess worship.

          Do you remember the Amanda Knox saga? Natalie was also an intern at NASA and there is enough known history on its occult research.

          6.The police department are not forthcoming with David & Natalie relationship.

          Some of the items in the above link, I disagree with, but most of the points are factual based on my research.

      4. One of the actors on the ‘news’ show actually predicted the terrorists are all going to buy up all these new ‘secure’ phones!

        Donald Trump is calling them out with this latest sales gimmick calling for a boycott. The polls would be thrown into the lunatic conspiracy bin if they call out the hoaxes, but they can use them to their advantage.

        Even the Drudge cannot stand the overkill on this..

    2. Not to mention in this piece on the APPLE/FBI saga, APPLE admitted that essentially (paraphrasing) “c’mon Feds, we’ve already have an ‘understanding’, nudge nudge, wink wink between us behind-the-scenes arrangement”; don’t air this issue out in public, because then the public WILL KNOW!! That, & they’re taking a hit on the “error 53” technocratic shutdown code(a big controversy in UK).

  4. Looks like WordPress is back to assigning inane, silly and almost insulting cartoon “icons” next to our names. Can this once again be corrected, Dr. Tracy? It’s demeaning and someone had to have been on crack to have drawn them (haha).

    I am reposting here the link to a “tornado drill” coming up next week in Alachua County, Florida (upstate from FAU) since one can’t recall when this type of “drill” has ever occurred in the county despite the story alluding otherwise. Aside from the fact it makes me queasy to see ANY story with the word “drill” in it, I find it rather deplorable that there is a “hashtag” for it and officials are encouraging citizens to take “selfies” once they “find” a shelter! Hey, it’s a party, y’all!

    Gee, I wish we had basements to actually avoid any tornadoes but our water table is kind of high in Florida, so basements are rarely built with houses. So, exactly how are we to “practice” this drill? Duck and cover? Run to a closet? Jump in a ditch? Pray? Oh, and don’t forget to smile when you take that selfie because tornadoes are so much fun! Sorry, I just find the notion of this drill simultaneously spooky and hilarious.

  5. Predictive Programming: Did “Family Guy” predict Scalia’s death?

    Keep in mind the hunting connection to the place of his death.

        1. Ric, one of my all time favorites. I have the vinyl version in my collection. Used to drive around with it blasting from my 8-track.

        2. Lophatt,
          Those were the days….I forgive Ginger Baker….He was going a little Fast……(we are not talking musical timing)

          One of my all time Favorite Drummers on the Planet.

        3. Ric, speaking of “going fast”, Mike’s last album was called “It’s Not Killing Me”, and then it did.

        4. Speaking of “those days”, here’s a clip that takes me back. If you never saw the Blues Breakers you missed a lot:

      1. Recynd,
        Could you put some “Pants” on your Avatar?…HAHA

        Now, Now, you brought it up first, I’m not being Bad…

        1. Oh…what IS that little critter? Are we stuck with what we’re given? I think they’re “Gravitars”. I’m going to figure out how to use my own picture, like Pat and Lop do.

          Well, it could be worse…I could have YOUR funny little guy, Ric!

        2. Ha! I love the artist (Sas Christian) and I always use one of her girls as my avatar (at least until I’m hit with a cease-and-desist, I guess). They’re all beautiful, big-eyed, and slightly demented, sort of an alter ego, I guess. Better than the Gravitar bugs!

    1. Ella has such fantastic breath control, but it comes out silky and effortless. I have some of her famous ones, but had not listened to this. I always loved “Miss Otis Regrets”. Same theme, I guess, as “Frankie and Johnny” (which I don’t think was in her witty and sophisticated repertoire). He done her wrong, and she done him in.

  6. LAX has to be the worst excuse for a mass shooting event ever staged by the FBI. Not only did they rerun a very famous crisis actor, Nick Pugh from 9/11, but they created a story whereby a TSA officer was shot 18 times, by a government hating gunman, left for dead for 35 minutes, then raced down the outdoor corridor of the airport in a wheelchair. His uniform shirt was the style used for baggage handlers, not checkpoint officers, and the shirt was bullet-hole free. The small chubby Mexican dumped into the wheelchair magically transformed into a superman physique, and resembled a crash test dummy. The photo of him shows a huge puddle of red tempura paint on the carpet – his clothing doesn’t match witness statements, and the body is impossibly contorted looking again like a dummy. The shooter’s (Paul Ciancia,) tounge was split and he could not speak. Not a single one of the 3000 CCTV cameras in the airport caught him on video, and we have yet to see or hear from him. LA police announced that they had run an identical drill just a couple of weeks prior. The wife of the ‘victim’ sued the LA Police Dept for 23 million dollars, and bragged that her son will attend Harvard Medical School.

    Special Agent David Bowditch ran the LA fiasco, and it was to this same FBI office that they turned to when they (DOJ) wanted to create a scenario to give the NSA the unfettered access that they once enjoyed. So, we get another crazy event in San Bernardino that makes zero sense. Yes, another drill was running. The witnesses saw three tall men in tactical clothing and guns go into the party room. We had a government employee in a government building which was rented by the government for the day, ostensibly for an employee Christmas lunch. (Dec 2nd? – a little early for that.) The patsy couple left the scene of the crime in a rented black SUV, then returned three hours later to throw pipe bombs at the police! Their apartment was opened up for the press to rifle through on live TV.

    The entire purpose of San Bernardino was to force the big communications entities to turn over keys to the encrypted technologies which have recently been created to protect the privacy of all Americans.

    1. Sandy,

      CCTV Cameras Never work whenever a crime is Staged by the Govt,

      See, OKC, 911, SHE, Aurora Theater, San Bernadino, I pretty sure Every shooting, Where’s all the footage from BMB?

    2. Re San Berdoo – isn’t it funny that Donald Trump is calling for citizens to boycott Apple until they turn over their back door to the FBI so the shooters’ phones can be accessed. He sounds like he is more than willing to enable a few rights to be out the window. Now whether or not the government already has this access is another matter. But just by taking such a position he is presenting himself as a believer in the blood and guts reality of what to anyone who pays attention must have been a drill/hoax, and also as one who wants the government to take sterner measures of control. But some of us had him pegged this way a long time ago. I suppose that because the perps were identified as Muslims, it’s okay in his book to use the situation as a case in point of some sort as to why most of the third world cannot be trusted. So accessing everyone’s phone should be just peachy.

      1. Musings, people should understand that individuals DON’T pursue “higher office” in government, unless they BELIEVE IN GOVERNMENT POWER(not that I’m imputing that to you). No one should be surprised by Trump’s statement there: he, like ALL MAJOR REVOLUTIONS in history, bring us…to the same darn place we’ve been all along. The Earth revolves around The Sun, The Moon around The Earth. Where are they after a year/a month(in the Moon’s case): the same place they were before!! He’s there as part of a Hegelian Dialectic to lead disgruntled, dejected, disenchanted, angry “voters”… back into the POLITICAL PROCESS; the same process that got them disgruntled, angry in the 1st place!

      1. We are getting so cheap here in America for the almighty Buck.

        Did you hear?

        DHS and All the Alphabet agencies are going to “out source” all future Hoaxes and False Flags to same money…

        The new shootings will actually be on “Sets” in foreign countries then portrayed by MSM as American Cities…

        We need to sign a petition to keep All of FF’s and Hoaxes here in America….jez, these people are insane…

    3. To add insult to injury, where did TSA Behavior Detection Officer Gerardo Hernandez live with his family? In Porter Ranch.

      That was the morning my daughter witnessed (on her way to work) a whole squadron of police cars speeding south on Sepulveda Blvd. towards LAX – sirens blasting and lights flashing – about an hour before the lone gunman went berserk at the airport. Or, an hour before the starting pistol for the drill went off.

  7. New York schools are going to be starting a new program “cradle to career”, parents and the state TEAM will be in partnership for the child’s best interest.
    Next it will be like China we will have to register our pregnancies.
    More Chinese policy creeping into our lives.

    1. Awesome,

      Cradle to the Unemployment line then to the Welfare Office.

      At least they’re teaching how to get the most of their Govt. Benefits…

    2. Alan Watt of has covered that at length: in Scotland the equivalent is called GIRFEC(Getting It Right For Every Child). This is what SOCIAL(IST) WELFARE ultimately leads to. But, of course they repackaged it with “Progressivism”…a century-old canard being rehashed by that particular NYC Mayor: Bill DiBlasio. This is the same ideology that gave you “HeadStart”, ” Universal Pre-K”, etc. People interested should look into Woodrow Wilson’s WH “handler” Colonel Edward Mendel House’s statement on “Social Insurance” he made…in 1913. IMO that tells us all we need to know about what the NWO is shaping up to be…or being SHAPED by “change-agents”.

  8. Has anyone seen this, certain states pondering legislation that immunizes the cops from the Freedom of Information Act?

    Murphy’s bill calls for the police to be privy to what HIPAA previously protected, and soon their names and offices, etc., will be hidden from public view. The entire due process is under legislative assault. We’re on the verge of a true Stasi State.

    1. Yep! That’s my state Sue. There has been posturing about passing that bill for years.

      But in NOVA , there is too many ex alphabet agency’s employees and the police state knows better than to harass them,for fear of dirty secrets.

      But they do make a pretty penny on the immigrants population and their constant harassment.

    2. What I have noticed is standardization of police vehicles for different communities. It used to be you could clearly tell which town the police were policing, but the brand new vehicles all look the same, black and whites with the name of the city, town on it. Wondering how is it possible that all these agencies can afford to get new vehicles at the same time?

      1. bewise…This is the result of”Free” Federal infusion of money,leading to the ultimate militarization of our local police…we have noticed it too…everywhere.

  9. After reading the article on hate groups I am more convinced than ever the Southern Povery Law Center is a 5th column terrorist organization, plotting againt the people of the United States under the color of civil rights-these people should be tried and imprisoned asnd this evil group shut down

  10. I hope everyone (including the Zionist schills) take note of the latest scoop-
    “Israel calls on world nations to regulate social media anti-Semitism
    The foreign Ministry today called on governments around the world to regulate social media in order to combat anti-Semitism and violent incitement, reiterating the government’s support last year for Internet censorship during an anti-racism conference”
    Imagine that-Israel dictating to citizens of the world fall in line with The Jewish Crime Syndicate or expect to be harassed, jailed and fined
    Now how is that for hate???

    1. I’d say, it’s about damn time. Open, pervasive incitement to murder has been quietly endured for plenty long enough.

      The crybabies on the Moslem side, of course, were Johnny-on-the-spot when their hoards started raping and pillaging Europe, demanding that the same corporations stop any expression of resistance on the part of their victims. And the companies complied.

      Likewise, the Moslem countries have been pushing through a UN “law” that would make it a “human rights crime” for anyone in the world to tell the truth about Islam.

      I’ll bet you don’t feel any dudgeon about those “scoops” though, do you, sunaj. I wonder why that is almost a sure-thing bet? I know…it is about hate. You hate the one, and didn’t care one little bit how disgusting the behavior is on the part of the other.

      1. Seriously, Patrick?

        “Open, pervasive incitement to murder has been quietly endured for plenty long enough.”

        Now you sound like folktruther.

        1. I have noticed that Startpage results can’t be delivered as a link,Toni, so just do a search with this: “Open incitement to murder palestinian television”

          The whole culture is a cesspool of murderous hatred. When a mass murder happens, a bombing for instance, the culprit is lionized, a street named after him, people rejoice in the streets, handing out candy. Every damned time. This is not the imagined phantasmagoria of our folkie friend. It is verifiable history.

          Yassir “that’s my baby” Arafat, one of the most evil men ever to draw breath, was instrumental in creating this death culture. Now, it is in full bloom. Hamas, who do Arafat one better, launch their rockets from hospitals and schools, so that they can blame the retaliatory strikes that kill civilians on the people they are trying to terrorize and murder. They LOVE the death this way of their children, because propaganda is the most valuable weapon of war. No people in human history have ever become so debased as to think this way.

        2. So you want “governments around the world to regulate social media in order to combat anti-Semitism and violent incitement,” as the article says.

          We’ve been over this a thousand times. This is the antithesis of free speech. It negates 1st Amendment protections. Is this not our concern here at MHB?

          You’re calling for censorship that will target this very blog.

        3. Patrick, I wanted to add that your “it’s so horrendous that it’s ok in this case” argument is not valid. Recall that Sandy Hook was covered up with much the same argument.

          Free speech obtains or it doesn’t, appeals to horror notwithstanding.

        4. Of course I don’t want that. I’m an anarchist who’d be willing to settle for libertarianism. I don’t want any institutions to exist that are that powerful. And I’m a free speech absolutist.

          I was just attempting to point out this commenter’s rank hypocrisy.

          And also to point out what I did, that while the world is now supine in the face of Moslem intimidation, it is very close to flipping over into the prostrate position of those who submit to Allah. It has come to seem absolutely natural to accept the “specialness” of Islam’s demands, no matter how unreasonable, even as it has come to seem absolutely natural to accept as unworthy of investigation or objection the anti-Semitism that inspires the vicious, unhinged, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

          I’d like that to stop, so I said it’s about damn time they started fighting back, instead of just taking it. Bullies have to be punched in the nose; if they are going to stop their harassment, they have to be dealt with directly.

          In any effort to curtail free speech, certainly I want the complainer to lose. I just want these anti-Semites to stop effortlessly winning the conversation by intimidation.

        5. Patrick, you’re advocating “fighting back” with censorship, hardly the hallmark of a “free speech absolutist.”

        6. I hope my reply covered your second comment Toni. I certainly agree with you.

          I just get so tired of that general theme around here going without any push-back, except by me, seemingly. And it’s not the bridge I’d like to be standing on, defending. The situation is so complex, and very few people who have strong opinions about it have any real insight into those complexities; I’d rather talk about something else.

          Still, my patience occasionally runs out.

        7. Well, I won’t beat you up about it, but your position censorship is untenable.

          I’ll put it down to your passion for the subject.

        8. We’re ships passing in the internet night, seemingly; we were both writing at the same time.

          No. I do not want any side to win in this battle. I see it as a propaganda war. The Moslems are winning it. The side they are attacking has to fight the war on the ground the terrorists have chosen; this is never a good situation to be in. Still, they have no choice, and I’m delighted to see them, finally, joining the battle. The world needs to see how absurd the Moslem position is, and playing the same game is the only way to do it.

        9. You can let it go at that, which is fair, but allow me one final remark in defense of what I have tried to say. The Moslems, world wide, as a political ideological movement, are winning the censorship effort. Many of their demands, completely indefensible demands, have already been complied with. But they declare themselves immune to reciprocity. They can say anything they want, target one tiny class of people, and the world seems to have no trouble with that.

          What, I ask, is that targeted class supposed to do? They tried remaining silent about it. But that silence has only emboldened the bullies. So they finally concluded, two can play at that game: we demand that the same rules are applied on both sides.

          This does not mean that I advocate restrictions on speech. It means that the only way I can see reversing the restrictions the international Moslem political ideology has already won is to force their chief target to attain the same restrictions: to stop the incitement for murder they have to endure day in, day out. If the Moslems’ target achieved that, then the absurdity of restricting speech might be revealed, and the world would see who is the bully, and have to face its emasculation in the face of it.

          The abject prostration of the world in the face of a horrible ideology disgusts me. I want to see all bullies stopped. If the object of their bullying is forced to use the same techniques, because there is no other way, then I can accept that. War, as they say, is Hell, and propaganda war is perhaps worse. But the bad guys cannot be allowed to win.

          You bet I’m passionate about that.

        10. I’m not letting it go, Patrick. I was giving you a way off the bridge you said you wish you weren’t defending.

          But I guess you don’t want off, so let me annul my magnanimity.

          Your position regarding the necessity of restricting free speech is as untenable as ever, no matter how many times you reiterate it.

        11. Well, one time was when you said this:

          “It means that the only way I can see reversing the restrictions the international Moslem political ideology has already won is to force their chief target to attain the same restrictions…”

        12. That has nothing to do with my opinion of or advocacy regarding free speech. It is a recognition that when a vast, world-wide entity implements a strategic plan, successfully using specific tactics, it is only sensible for the targeted victim to utilize the same tactics in response. It’s brilliant.

          For the longest time, the Moslem juggernaut thought it could get away with restricting free speech for everyone else, but could itself relentlessly incite murder, with impunity. Its targeted victim stood like a deer in the headlights feeling unable to respond.

          It is absolutely fantastic to see this chess game being reversed. A feint no one could have anticipated. Truly delightful.

          Of course, if it ends up in an expansion of Islam’s already secured restrictions on free speech, it will be a disaster. The hope I hold is that this will force Islam into a disastrous defeat, where the wins it has already secured will be reversed. The companies will be forced to stop protecting Islam; if EVERYONE can’t claim such immunity, no one can.

          Call me an optimist.

          Somehow, what I thought I was clearly stating this day has not come across. I hope finally, I have managed it. I hate being poor at communication.

        13. You are communicating clearly. You’re advocating restrictions on free speech. Again.

          It doesn’t matter that you think it’s part of a war; how many times have we heard that line? Pretty soon they’re inventing the war to implement the restrictions they seek.

          You can’t just “hope” that this will all go away once you’ve “won.”

          Think about it. “The War on Terror” itself was imagined in order to suppress the open discourse of political events. Think what this discourse may have saved us, had it not been demonized and banished to the fringe.

          Maybe Tracy would still have his job.

        14. Nope. That dog won’t hunt.

          I am a free speech absolutist.

          And at the same time, tactics and strategy in war are practical realities that cannot be escaped. Things we do not advocate must be allowed in war–if we do not want to be forced to learn another language and submit to an alien god.

          I am NOT “advocating restrictions on free speech,” and nothing I have said can be construed to indicate the opposite. I don’t have any equivocation about the issue.

          The question is, how can we reverse the elimination of free speech that the Moslem juggernaut has effectively put in place? This story is a hopeful sign.

        15. You misunderstand the meaning of the word absolutist. It means you can’t add, “on the other hand.”

          Besides the schizophrenia in your argument, Patrick, you’ve conflated the fact that Israel wants the governments of the world to police social media for anti-semitism, with some war which you say “we” should be fighting.

          “We” would like to talk about that. You know, freely. But you say ideas must suppressed and speech must be vetted by the government during this war.

          See the problem?

          One wonders what you have learned here at Memory Hole, Patrick.

        16. And YOU misunderstand the meaning of the word “advocate.”

          You apparently completely misunderstand my position.

          I do not want Israel to succeed is getting the governments of the world to police social media for anti-semitism.

          I keep reiterating that point, but you don’t seem to be hearing me.

          What I am delighted with is their finally expressing the thought, publicly. By doing so, they are indirectly calling out the cravenness of those governments that are doing exactly that, actually doing it, on behalf of Islam.

          I am delighted, because the world is completely unconcerned with the truly evil rhetoric in Moslem media, directed at Jews exclusively, constantly; no one cares.

          And I am even more delighted because it might just end up shaming the despicable advocates of the BDS movement (alright, maybe that’s a dream too far).

          Again, I think it is completely unacceptable what governments are doing in terms of censorship on behalf of Islam, and it would be horrific if the UN were to make it a human rights “crime” to tell the truth about Islam.

          And It would be just as great an evil if Israel succeeded in getting Jew-hatred policed and criminalized. I keep saying this, but you can’t hear me when I say it for, some strange reason. There is no clearer way to describe the opposite of “advocate.” I don’t advocate censorship, and I am not making an exception HERE.

          What I advocate is Israel rubbing the hypocrites’ noses in their hypocrisy. As I say, it’s about damn time.

          As for this: “…some war which you say “we” should be fighting,” you misunderstand. This is a general idea, with the royal “we.” It is not referencing “some” war, but war in general, and the “we” is anyone who finds themselves fighting a war they did not chose, not one they “should” be fighting. As I say, if we, any “we,” are under attack, and don’t wish an enemy to take away our way of life, we have to defeat them. Israel is in that position. I’m glad they’re finally taking the battle to their attackers, using the same weapon that is being used against them.

          Israel finds itself, unwittingly, in a propaganda war. There are few tools at its disposal. They should use them. As should anyone who finds themselves in such a position.

          You conclude with this utterly false, complete misunderstanding of my position: “But you say ideas must suppressed and speech must be vetted by the government during this war.” I have never said that, here or anywhere else, because I find the idea utterly abhorrent.

          You say “See the problem?” Yes, I do. It’s your inability to comprehend my writing on this matter.

        17. Why would they ever get so upset about 9 tenths of their country stolen from them, their children used for target practice by the Israelis? Abducted and their organs stolen from them on the way to school? Their wells poisoned and their olive trees bulldozed? What is wrong with these people.

          The Islam we hear about is concoction of the jewish Al Saudi dynasty instituted by Rothschild, spurred on by Lawrence of Arabia the gay jewish rothschild plant who incidentally had a hermophridite muslim partner.

          This is why many muslims seem about half nuts, it is Wahabbism. They have been trained for centuries by the crown and this is their day in the sun. Time to unleash the hordes on Europe who are uneducated and all they know is a madrassa somewhere. Yes the zios plan to capitalize on it big time and push their war between Islam and Christianity. Only problem what we are seeing in the field is nothing like what Mohamed preached most likely.

          Many muslims in the United States will pretty much tell you the same things I am saying here. This doctored Islam managed to kill about 80 million Hindus and blow up statues 300 foot tall of Buddha that were thousands of years old.

          Erdogan is jewish, he is a part of the masonic cult that has owned Turkey ever since the Ottoman empire. They don’t have a whole lot to do with Mohamed.

          It is like Peter the Great once said, never trust Turk.

          I am not a big fan of any of the abrahamic religions, they are all just facades as far as I am concerned. Jesus or Mohamed would likely have nothing to do with any of the constructs in their name today in my opinion. It is all Constantine hocus pocus.



          Listen up—and listen good !

          The King of Calicut CHERAMAN PERUMAL went to Mecca to meet Mohammad at the Shiva temple of the Oasis ( Kabali khestram -KAABA ) and get converted ( sic ) and he gave permission to build the second mosque of this planet CHERAMAN PERUMAL MOSQUE at Kodungallur ( a Shiva temple ) in his kingdom

          Isaac Newton was NOT the father of Calculus, as the British love to boast . He stole everything from a mathematician of the Kerala school of Mathematics , Parameshwaran who wrote several books on Modern Calculus 200 years before Newton, including Drigganita.

          Isaac Newton was NOT the father of Calculus, as the British love to boast . He stole everything from a mathematician of the Kerala school of Mathematics , Parameshwaran who wrote several books on Modern Calculus 200 years before Newton, including Drigganita.

          In 300 BC Indian emperor Ashoka talked about Kerala in his writings.

          Jesus Christ was at Calicut for 3 years learning Astrology, meditation, healing, dowsing before he went to visit pyramids in Egypt with Mary Magdalene . He then suddenly burst upon the scene at Jerusalem, upsetting everybody .

          Pythogarus ( 570 BC – 495 BC ),  Socrates ( 469 BC- 399 BC ) and Plato (727 BC to 347 BC ) studied in Kerala, India.  

          The disciple of Plato Aristotle did NOT come to India , but he had very clearly written that Jews originated from Kerala in India.  Aristotle wrote that Jews came from KALANI in India.  He has written that Kalani was famous for their raised Kundalini sages ( maharishis ).  These are the same sages who built the Egyptian pyramids.

          Alexander the great went back from India via Socotra by ship, to get some life saving Aloe Vera which was a spice trade outpost of Calicut King,  like Mecca and Salalah .

          This is the reason why King David took a wife from Kerala named Bath Sheba. King Solomon took a wife from Kerala named whom all call Queen Sheba.  

          Jesus Christ took a wife from Kerala named Mary Magdalene.  All know that Jesus Christ suddenly sprung up at Jerusalem from nowhere.  He was in Kerala India, learning healing, meditation, science, philosophy etc.

          By 45 AD a ship wrecked Malayali gave to Eudoxus , a Greek ship captain the secrets of Arabian sea monsoon wind and current patterns to the Mediterranean world. Very soon Augustus Caesar had his soldiers in Kerala.

          St Thomas ( of doubting fame ) landed here in 52 AD to build a church for the Jews who were already here—Babylon exodus from Assyrian emperor Nebuchadnezzar . He had a look at the 5000 year old black idol at Guruvayoor. He was the only one of 12 disciples who went to foreign lands. He had imagination, that he why he wanted to see Jesus’s wound after resurrection and even touch it . Probably there were Criss Angel prototypes those days.

          By the way Queen Sheba, Bathsheba and Mary Magdalene –all dusky skinned long haired beauties, are from Kerala and they went to Jerusalem from Calicut.

        19. judaism was created by some disgraced ex-communicated kerala namboodiris who migrated to palestine 3200 years ago by sea. there they went and created a BIGGER racist society and the TALMUD.

          in fact david saw a namboodiri woman taking an open bath ( kerala style ) and fell in love with this married woman . she is solomon’s mother bath sheba.

          A lot of major Biblical charcters are lifted from Hindu scriptures . Adam is Adama and Eve is Hayyawati , characters from our Hindu Puranas.

          Adama was the son of Vishnu Kardama. Kardama was the father of Kapila of our Sankhya Philosophy.

          The bilblical serpent that tempted the couple to eat the apple of the garden of Eden (of the Papa Vriksha- tree of sin ) was Kali Purusha.

          If all these connections are accurate that would make Adam a younger brother of Kapila.
          This forest of Eden was on the eastern side of Pradan city 16 square yojanas in size. The Mlecchas are descendants of Adama.

          Noah is Nyuhah , a descendant of Adama

          Kali purusha who is the presiding demonic angel of this immoral age of darkness (kali yuga) is verily the Satan mentioned in Abrahamic religions , as per our Bhavishya Purana stolen by Rothschild.

          The Stone of Jacob appears in the Book of Genesis as the stone used as a pillow at Bet-El. As Jacob had a vision in his sleep, he then consecrated the stone to God.

          Th Templar Knights found a black Shiva Lingam ( meteorite stone ) which was called the Stone of Scone .

          In 1296 the original black Shiva lingam stone was captured by Edward I as spoils of war and taken to Westminster Abbey, where it was fitted into a wooden chair, known as King Edward’s Chair, on which almost all English sovereigns have been crowned.

          Over the years the original black stone has disappeared and a duplicate red sand stone put in its place.

          The stone of Scone is none other than the Shiva Lingam black meteorite stone used by Jacob as a pillow..

          Jacob performing a bath to the stone, decorating it, applying sandal paste to it, a Vedic ritual named Maha-Rudrabhishekam

          The Stone, was mentioned in Macbeth: “… [we shall travel to be] crowned at Scone ..”
          The duplicate Stone of Scone was last used in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The original is in the vaults of Rothschild.

          King Robert the Bruce, the hero of Scotland who led Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England. Was crowned while sitting on the original black shiva lingam or stone of scone.

          On Christmas Day 1950, a group of four Scottish students (Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson, and Alan Stuart) tried to steal this duplicate stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey for return to Scotland. In the process of removing it from the Abbey the duplicate red stone stone broke into two pieces.

          The original black meterorite Stone of Scone ( from a Kerala Shiva temple in India ) has become a HOLY GRAIL in its own right. Men and women have fought to possess it or to obscure it from those unworthy to lay claim to the Stone.

          Punch into Google search-

        20. Mick, your fevered imaginations of bizarre fake history are not even amusing. If you actually believe this, well, I don’t think you actually do. Why do you make up such worthless foolishness, and then waste our time posting it here? Are you mentally ill? Why do you want us to participate in your fevered, incoherent, fantasies?

      2. I recently read portions from books dealing with the anthropological and sociological impacts of the different histories of certain ethnicities. What really blew me away was how much of our culture is likely influenced by such factors as climate and geography. The influence results from how these factors lead to behaviors and ultimately underpin the culture of societies.

        The theories presented made sense to me. These studies weren’t focused on any particular ethnicity, but I found the distinct differences between the Jewish culture and that of, say Nordic people most interesting. The Jews are the descendants of people prone to collectivist behavior, treating outsiders as less trustworthy and therefore didn’t grant them the same standing as their own. Americans, with a large number of Nordic descendants or otherwise individualistic people view strangers as a mirror of themselves. The individual is given higher standing. This attitude is, no doubt less likely to lead to a racist culture. That puzzled me, given the lengthy history of claims of antisemitism.

        I’ve taken to referring to myself as anti-judaic, since I object to Judaism but don’t object to any ethnicity. I’m on the fence when it comes to the other major religions, short of Baha’i or Scientology. But I came to my views on Judaism after reading countless snippets of both the Torah and Talmud that screamed racist intolerance. More significantly, the quotes of prominent and everyday Rabbis largely promote intolerance to gentiles. The only thing standing between my present acceptance of self-declared Jews and a strong opposition to them is the belief that they don’t subscribe to the racial superiority tenants.

        Learning about how present day cultures were largely the product of past societies, I now wonder how much of the intolerance of Moslems spoken of by Patrick can be attributed to that. He seems to suggest it comes from views that are irrational, some of which can be attributed to religious scriptures. If so, are there other aspects of their society that reflect that intolerance? For instance, in largely Moslem countries do they have laws that limit or prohibit intermarriage with people of other ethnic or religious orientation? I’ve heard arguments that Israel in particular restricts intermarriage, and others that they have no such restrictions. I’ve seen enough that leads me to suspect Israel is very restrictive.

        Not being a Christian technically, I don’t have many views that would grant Israel a get out of jail free card in consideration of international affairs. I understand that some Christians view Israel through the lens of prophesy. Are we basically looking at 2 forms of ethnic or religious intolerance here, or is either the Jewish or Moslem form somehow based in a more rational perspective that I’m missing?

        1. This will be in two parts, both long. A third might be required.

          Part I:

          You make many valid observations.

          This is a complex topic, and a response here cannot do justice to all of it. It is true that geography, homogeneity, and isolation lead to specialized cultures, and some become more likely to accommodate outsiders than others.

          I have avoided this for years, for various reasons, but since you pose your remarks so nicely, I will tell you how I understand these matters. For references to validate individual assertions, just ask.

          The Jews are a unique people for many reasons, some which are reasons that changed over time, and some that have not. At the Tower of Babel, the Bible says, God was fed up with the rebelliousness of the human race, and assigned lesser gods from His Divine Council to rule over the nations created at that event. The Bible puts the number at 70 nations (multiple gods might administer each particular nation). These gods became corrupted by this power, and God eventually pronounced judgement on them for it, but that’s a topic for another day.

          God had a plan to rescue the whole human race, though from its tendency toward iniquity. It involved creating a new nation for Himself to rule over, starting with Abraham. He made a covenant with Abraham, and reinforced it personally with Issac and Jacob. Hundreds of years later, through Moses, at Mt. Sinai, He made an additional covenant, this time with the entire nation of Israelites. He would protect them and through them the entire world would be redeemed from its sin; in exchange, they had to worship Him alone, and obey the laws He gave them at that mountain. The laws were in three categories: ceremonial, dietary, and moral.

          They were to follow the law as an expression of devotion to Him. These laws separated them from all the other nations. That was the point. The Israelites were unique and distinct not only in that they were the only ones who worshipped Yahweh, and by the way the did it, but also, their diet was restricted in ways unique to them, and their body of practical law stood alone as well. All this was to reinforce their distinction from the rest of the nations. They would not be like any one else.

          Alas, they did not keep up their end of the bargain, and God punished them by having His servant, a pagan king, carry them into exile for 70 years (there are lots of 70s in the Bible). While there, the final edits to the collection of books we call the Bible were completed, rendering the Old Testament the perfect expression of God’s Word, designed to lay out how and why and when Yahweh would come to Earth as a Jewish man, a descendent of King David, and fulfill the original promise to Abraham, to redeem the world through him.

          Over the centuries prior to their exile they had been as rebellious and unfaithful as any of the nations that were ruled by other gods, and they developed very unbiblical notions that they came to hold to be as valuable—even more so—than the books of the Law and the Prophets. These traditions of men were ALSO codified in Babylon, in a book called the Talmud. (Also, the mystical practices of the Kabbala, but let’s not go there.)

          So when they were released from exile (only about 10% returned; Israel had gotten quite used to life in that luxurious country) they came back to Israel with both books. Essentially, two competing religions were put in practice in the re-created country. And that’s the situation Jesus found when He arrived, right on schedule, just as the Bible predicted. His hostile interactions with the Pharisees are a window into that: when He denounced their “traditions,” He was talking about the Talmud. Alternatively, there is His admiration for John the Baptist, who preached the Word of God, not the words of men, as the Pharisees did.

          Well, the Talmudic types, for obvious reasons, could not allow the God of the Bible to fulfill the Bible’s plan for the Jews to spread the Good News of salvation to the rest of the nations through this usurper. It would eliminate their power, their role in Israel, and they would have to repent of their wicked traditions—they would have to become like John the Baptist. So when it became clear that Jesus really WAS the promised Messiah, God made Flesh, the Jewish rescuer of humanity, there was only one thing for them to do: kill Him. He had to be stopped. Unfortunately, they had not been studying their Bible, apparently, devoting all their time to Talmudic study, so they didn’t notice that it says very clearly that that was what they were going to do. If they had not done killed Him, He could not have conquered death and released us from our sins. The worst bad guys imaginable were mere tools in the Master’s Hand, and they had no idea.

        2. Part II:

          There were two reactions to the Resurrection: repentance and adherence to the Bible, the people following this route developing what became Christianity; and hostility to this turn of events and a hardening of the Talmudic heart, which developed into Rabbinic Judaism.

          Still, the Jews who refused to recognize their Messiah did not abandon the Bible, they just wanted to carry on having it both ways, as if nothing had happened. So they could have read only the Bible, see the error of their ways, repent and come to the truth–at any time. And many of them did, and many still do every day.

          Now, the Pharisees were a lawyer class, codifying the practice of Biblical Law, and decreeing to the people exactly how to run the gauntlet of avoiding infractions of the nuances of the Law as spelled out in the Torah, the Old Testament, and they continued to do that without interruption—which meant that those who followed them retained their sharp Biblical distinction from the other nations.

          God, unsurprisingly, was displeased with their rebellion against Himself, and used His servant, the Roman Empire to destroy the Temple (in AD 70), so they could not carry on the ceremonial Law, which He had fulfilled in His Person as Jesus. And in AD 135, after the Bar Kokhba revolt, Rome again fulfilled Biblical prophesy by utterly and completely destroying the city of Jerusalem itself, rebuilding on its ruins a Roman city they named Aelia Capitolina (a name that would stick with the place until the Moslems stole it from the Christians half a millennium later). Oh, and they banished the Jews from the region—they could not return, under penalty of death.

          As the Jews were the largest minority group in the Roman Empire, and greatly admired by the Romans for their practice of charity, the displaced Jews had plenty of places to go, where they could carry on practicing their Rabbinic Judaism in synagogues throughout the empire. And the rift between Christianity and Judaism grew over the centuries. After Rome fell, and a new, Christian, Europe emerged, the Jewish distinctiveness became more and more reinforced as they congregated in exclusively Jewish enclaves, often being forced to do so by the Christian societies that were emerging around them. And being considered Christ-killers, they were subject to routine persecution through the centuries for their stubbornness in refusing to repent collectively.

          So from both within and without they were maintained, as God originally ordained, as a distinct, separate, people, wherever they found themselves as they migrated throughout the world. They all continued speaking the same language (the holy books, especially the Bible, were studied in Hebrew, which meant that no matter what country’s language they used where they lived and dealt with the public, children were taught Hebrew as well), restricting their diet the same way, etc.

          As Western Civilization transitioned into the new one we are now living in, secularism took a very strong toll on Jewish distinctiveness, especially in America. Most Jews in the modern world are fully assimilated, so much so that it’s hard to know who’s a Jew and who isn’t most of the time. And they are greatly beloved by our culture, for the most part, because they make swell friends and neighbors. Most Jews one meets in life, who have a “Jewishness” about them, one could imagine playing walk-on rolls on Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, for instance, or in a Mel Brooks or Woody Allen movie. They know very little Hebrew, nothing of the Talmud, and in my experience are for the most part Biblically illiterate. They don’t hate gentiles. They marry them.

          This process of losing their distinctiveness was a big part of the enthusiasm they had for Zionism for most to the 20th century. A huge percentage of middle class Jewish families sent their kids to Israel for a season to learn what it means to be Jewish, working on the Kibbutzim. Because they weren’t getting it back home. But this also created a growing rift between American Jews who just wanted to be Americans, and Israel, which just wants to be Jewish. It is just this tension that causes liberal Jews to vote for political candidates and donate to organizations that hate Israel (like universities. They also fund the Israeli Left, despises Israel and is constantly working to destroy it from within.

          But this vast majority of benign, assimilated Jews are not all of them.

          There is a very powerful minority who are Talmudists and Shabbateans, extremely evil people, who are actively working to reconstruct the world into something so dark and demonic as to be essentially unthinkable. It is far darker than most conspiracy watchers—or anyone else–can imagine. It’s a safe guess that many of them are in active communion with the rebel gods of the Divine Council, who are far above mere angels and demons in power and hostility to the human race.

          Of course, you don’t have to be Jewish to be in that club; true, unfathomable, evil has many pathways leading to it. But Satan’s hatred of the human race is only second to his hatred of Yahweh, so the Talmudic Jews are his key agents of his plans for the future: they killed God once, and they are willing to help Satan do it again.

          The Israel of our day, as we await Jesus’ return, is ruled by evil, rebellious, men, exactly as it was the first time He came. And just as they murdered their Messiah because of their dedication to the darkness their traditions cultivated, they are working overtime to prepare the way for Satan’s one world rulership today. Jesus predicted it, telling them about Antichrist: I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.( John 5:43)

          If it is indeed true what you say, “I came to my views on Judaism after reading countless snippets of…the Torah…that screamed racist intolerance,” someone has given you a fake Bible—throw it away and buy a real one, because there’s nothing like that in there.

          I’m glad to hear you say “The only thing standing between my present acceptance of self-declared Jews and a strong opposition to them is the belief that they don’t subscribe to the racial superiority tenants.” Most Jews I have known are embarrassed by those things.

          We should not hate the Jews–not just because they are mostly nice people who make us laugh and write wonderful songs–but because God has maintained them as a distinct nation under absolutely miraculous, impossible, odds. He did this for a reason. No other ethnic group has ever survived, much less prospered, after being scattered across the Earth, much less been regathered in their original home, speaking the same language as thousands of years before.

          Biblical prophesy never fails, and there are plenty of future prophesies where Jews play an important role at the end of the Age, which is, essentially, now. God drew them back to their ancestral homeland after 2,000 years, from North, South, East, and West, just as the prophets foretold. The country was reborn in a day, as Isaiah marveled when he was shown that astonishing event. Jesus can’t return until the Jews ASK Him to, so in their stubbornness they are essentially holding the world hostage. Jesus, in Zechariah, tells us that “they will look upon Me whom they pierced.” This will happen before the generation that started after Israel was reborn passes away, if Jesus is to be believed. So it’s very soon.

          Finally, I am not intolerant of Moslems, as you assert. I am intolerant of Islam, because it is evil, and makes those who submit to Allah prone to terrible personality pathologies. I love Moslems, and wish for them to stop submitting to that tyrannical, false, god.

          I could reply to the rest, but these two replies, both of which are certain to go to moderation in any event, are already too long.

        3. Another user posted an author who explains that Judaism is not an ethnic designation, but one of ideology; the vast majority of Jews are Ashkenazi, a tribe that adopted Judaism in the 6th century,
          the article is superb reading, as soon as I find it again I will post it

    2. This is strange…I received an e-mail notice of a new post on MHB with the same title as the article you linked from the jpost. When I clicked on the link in the e-mail, I got a “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for” error, and there is no new post with that title on MHB this morning. Something screwy is going on.

  11. Lew Rockwell this morning published a fantastic story about the courageous, nationalistic leader of Hungary ( Here is a section regarding the Moslem invasion of Europe:

    What you have, then, is a nationalist leader, and in Europe, we haven’t seen one in a long while who’s so unapologetic without sounding shrill. In his speeches and interviews, Orban explains himself quite clearly and candidly. To Die Weltwoche, a Swiss newspaper, Orban said in November of 2015, “There are terms and concepts which for a long time could not be uttered, but which are once again beginning to form part of public discourse. For example, ‘borders’—are they good or bad? We can once again say that they have their good sides. Or ‘nation’: this word can once again be used in a positive sense. “Christianity”: most European leaders – including myself – are advised not to use this word too frequently, because most Europeans no longer feel Christian. Now, however, this word is once again returning to political debates. Or ‘pride,’ as in ‘the pride of a nation’: once again it has become a legitimate expression. A positive consequence of the migration crisis is that once again we are attempting to talk openly about our continent’s identity—more freely than in the past two decades.”

    The refugee/illegal immigration crisis has also exposed the impotence of the European Union, “This negative impression over the EU’s helplessness already existed before the migration crisis. The citizens of Europe saw it during the financial crisis and the crisis over Greece. They criticized their politicians for not being able to find a way out of the financial crisis. The stagnation of our national economies is still evident […] European citizens are convinced that their leaders are not effective. The migration crisis has, however, created a new impression. This is not related to effectiveness, but to democracy.”

    With citizens having no inputs, and most European leaders unable to make decisions in their nation’s interests, one is left to wonder who are behind all this mayhem? Orban, “It is hard to shake off this thought. We were debating for months, but the outcome was always the same: ‘Let the people in.’ And on top of this, in the first few months, for some reason no one was able to say out loud that this is an issue of the utmost importance for Europe. For months it was first regarded as a humanitarian issue, and then as a technical problem as to where the refugees should be settled and how they should be distributed. No one raised the question of whether the essence of the matter is more about our existence, our cultural identity and our way of life. I do not know for certain what is actually happening, and I do not want to blame anyone; but the suspicion arises that none of this is happening by chance. I am not brave enough to publicly talk about this as a certainty; the suspicion inevitably emerges, however, that there is some kind of master plan behind this.”

    End of quote.

    “… the suspicion inevitably emerges, however, that there is some kind of master plan behind this.” Indeed.

    1. Patrick, thanks for the posting. New “migrants” are flooding into Europe and so far this year women and children outnumber men. The wringing hands and bleeding hearts are out in full force because these are, for heaven’s sake, women and children!

      Viktor Orbán: “I am not brave enough to publicly talk about this as a certainty; the suspicion inevitably emerges, however, that there is some kind of master plan behind this.”

      Mr. Orbán has never been invited to a Bilderberg meeting and is not firsthand privy to the master plans from that crowd. However, he has a suspicion and who in their right mind does not when watching Europe transform into something else than it once was?

      Bilderberg attendees are vetted for compliance before invitations go out. To Orbán’s credit he did not qualify. Several top political flunkies, bankers and royalty from my old country made the requirement for invitations.

      And then there is Willy Claes, Bilderberg member and former NATO Secretary-General, who in a rare moment of candor while being interviewed, stated that Bilderberg attendees back in their respective countries do implement plans from these meetings.

      Perhaps Viktor Orbán is the last of a vanishing breed to the loss of nations everywhere.

  12. This appeared on my blog for any interested in vaccines.

    Hi Dublinsmick,
    Agree totally re vaccines, I am very anti vaccine. My daughter was the only girl in her 80+ girls secondary school class to not get the HPV vaccine. SO SO glad she didn’t. A little girl in her class, had a very bad reaction to the HPV and is still suffering with no end in sight (headaches, tired all the time, aches and pains everywhere). Her parents are in agony. Another girl who lives down the street and is a year older than my daughter, has developed Crohn’s disease after the HPV. Their mothers are now telling everyone, don’t get the HPV vaccine.
    I have noticed that my daughter now seems to be very far ahead of her classmates academically even though she is not the greatest studier and was on a level par with them at the start of secondary school. She tells me other girls often say to her, how come you can remember things so easily after reading them just a couple of times? I think their memory and ability to recall have been impaired by this vaccine and these are girls who didn’t have any outwardly bad reactions to the vaccine.
    Even if I am forced to get a vaccine for myself or my daughter, I won’t take it or allow her to have it, I would rather go to jail.

    I don’t know if Ashkenazi is an option with vaccines here in Ireland. I suspect it wouldn’t be as there would be historically no jewish presence around here. As my surname is very irish, the HSE would smell a rat and probably give a “normal” ie tainted vaccine anyway.

    Also the HSE would probably demand proof of being Ashkenazi.
    I do remember when I refused my daughter’s HPV vaccine I got in the post the next day an eight page A4 questionnaire from the HSE to fill out regarding the vaccine refusal, wish I had kept it so I could scan it and put it online so people can see how people refusing vaccines are treated. It asked hundreds of the NOSIEST questions I have ever seen. I was so angry I threw it in the bin straightaway. Fair enough they wanted to know the reason for the vaccine refusal but the form did not ask just that. It asked everything about me from my educational background to my occupation to how much money I earn to my family background to my GRANDmothers maiden names! It would have been like writing a complete autobiography filling it out! Just because I refused a vaccine the HSE wanted to me to give them my entire life history! I felt really targeted and still worry what they might have done with the information had I filled out that form.

    Then when the second batch of HPV injections was done last year I got a bossy letter from the HSE the day before, telling me that the HPV vaccinators were coming to the school the NEXT DAY and to make sure my daughter would be wearing a loose sleeved top to facilitate the injection. I thought this letter was so frighteningly worded, and it was strange they sent it to me knowing I had refused the first round of injections, that I kept my daughter off school the next day for fear that even though she doesn’t want the vaccine and I have rejected it on her behalf they might forcibly inject her anyway.

    I think everyone whose daughters were due the HPV got that second letter, reason being girls have started to feel ill shortly after having the HPV and the HPV vaccinators want to be out of town before any adverse reactions occur so they won’t have to deal with them.

    1. Interesting! My daughter lives in Northern California. Her oldest daughter was vaccinated once against HPV at age 12. I had a talk with her and directed her to anti-vaccine support groups. Lots of people here opposed to mandatory vaccines. As the threat of forced vaccines nears, she’s preparing to homeschool, as are many from her church.

      1. Increased homeschooling is one of the positives to come out of the forced vaccines bill. I, myself, chose homeschooling for my son once I finally realized how similar public schooling was to prison. After a few months of “independent study” through the school district, I filed my own Private School Affidavit, and it was off to the races. Best decision I ever made! My son is happy, healthy, and ambitious. He’s 18 now; he “graduated” at 16 and has been working nearly full-time since then.

        I don’t know the ages of your grands, or how they feel about homeschooling, but FWIW, this fellow Californian totally supports homeschoolers of all types. ?

    1. Am I the only one who keeps getting “zinged” with some new bit of information that creates a feeling of culture shock-

      ” the real mother of Angela Merkel is either Eva Braun or her sister Heidi Braun and Angela Merkel was born in Argentina. There she was handed over to the vatican which place her with the Krasners who are very much jewish with her father posing as a Lutheran minister in east Germany. “

      1. Nobody wants to believe and the “mainstream alternative news” I call it will not touch this subject. But hey follow the links, it is all there and they speak for themselves. There were many books on this banned in the Soviet union and were not on the NY times best seller list for obvious reasons.

        The pic of Merk and papi say it all. Anybody can look at it and tell they are related. The goal is the same, destroy Germany and Russia. Take Russian resources. How do they do that? Sanctions on Russia from Germany and trouble in the Ukraine.

  13. When America was Free and we could LAUGH at our past and Selves.

    Great Times until 2009 when the division began………

  14. Has anyone watched the television show True Detective? I have just watched the second disc (episodes 4,5,6) for the second time. I can’t wait to see what happens next, although I have some guesses.

    It looks like corruption of the nature we examine so often here at MHB is what is being discovered, and the impossibility of revealing it through the system.

    Beautifully written, acted, filmed. This is indeed a golden age of television. These one season shows are like 10 hour long feature films, not at all like “made for TV” movies. Movie stars as the primary actors. Genuinely compelling, truth investigating, stories.

    1. Pat, I agree with you. I’ve seen both seasons of TD, and though I liked S1 better–but Colin Ferrell IS damned nice looking!–both were very well done. (Sadly, I don’t remember the details of either well enough to discuss at any length.)

    1. Waterbury newspaper “Republican American” has the same photo of grandson and grandma with a different background. It can be found in the link below, a collage of Republican American copyrighted images. The grandma is also featured in solo positions in additional photos here. A lot of 15 minutes of fame for random people. In the Republican American photo we see two additional persons behind the pair, a young boy and someone with an arm over his shoulder. The foursome clearly belong together.

      Picture yourselves living in New Britain, CT on 12/14/12. You hear about a shooting in SH some 40 miles away. You load yourself, grandma, a young boy and another person into a vehicle which has to be fairly large. Why large? Because on the way you stop to get 26 white balloons which will take up a fair amount of space in this vehicle.

      Now, ask yourselves, this random group from New Britain knows there are 26 victims even before Carver knows what the heck is going on. These are minor players, but as they say “the devil is in the details”. And who in their right mind brings grandma and young boy to an active mass shooting? It is bright daylight outside, so this group is not late arriving at the scene.

      The photo in the video shows the grandson and grandma in the exact same position, but not the same background as the newspaper photo and without the young boy with someone’s arm over his shoulder. The video photo is copyrighted by sports photographer Tim Clayton.

      From Republican American:

      NEWTOWN, CT, 14 DEC 12-121412AJ17- Zulma Sein, of New Britain, is comforted by her grandson Kevin March while praying for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. the family brought one balloon for all 26 victims. Alec Johnson/ Republican-American
      Copyright:Republican American

  15. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned but did you see that Andrew Solomon has a new book out called “A Mother,s Reckoning.” ,that he wrote with the Mom of Dylan Kiebold, of Columbine fame. This follows his book about Adam Lanza, written with Peter Lanza’s help. He also has written a book about his own battles with depression, and a book about how one shouldn’t classify people with autism as violent or dangerous. He comes from a Pharma family. Interesting literary cannon, interesting man.

  16. FYI

    Darrel Bradford Smith’s website, , researching criminal Zionism, no longer exists. This website which has been around for over ten years, was eliminated in the last 24 hours. I noticed that Smith has not posted many new items to his site over the last few months. Now the site is gone.

    Smith is the brother of Rick Adams who has the Uncensored show on Saturdays on

      1. Listening to Bradford’s last words is rather chilling,
        this brave man was never afraid to name names,
        and systematically routed out the Zionist element that pulls the strings at the top,
        he must be under some pressure to step down like this,
        I had hoped he was going to relocate,
        get his downloads while you can before they get scrubbed from the net (compliments of the Jewish Defense League, a subversive Zionist organization) and their many co-conspirators,
        working as a 5th column in our country

      2. Thank you, AnneB, for posting that video with Morris108 YouTube Channel.

        YT URL for that video is

        just for the record.

        It is ironic that DBS expatriated US about 20 years ago to get away from what is now a reality in France but is not quite the reality yet here in the USA, i.e., constitutional enactments of police state.

        He mentioned another scenario, similar to my mention, that THEY actually want everybody to buy lots of personal firearms so that when the reality of THEIR making the food supply shut down we will then start shooting each other for food and that accomplishes THEIR depopulation agenda.

        Again, the whole Second Amendment / gun control agenda is worked so that no matter how it plays out, THEY win. They can even have it work out so that it looks we the crazy public are the cause of all the bad things that happen.

        That idea of the food supply being shut down does strike me as being a very real and imminent. You can see like for example when there is a threat of a big hurricane coming to your area soon that all the grocery story shelves become bare, especially of bottled water but also of all food on shelves. People rush in at all hours of day and night to the store and just buy up anything they can get their hands on and there is an ugly greedy pushy atmosphere among the customers in that semi-panic mode. That way of people’s behavior and reaction is well known to the perps of all emergency type events, including weather modification techniques. When people get panicky and greedy and ugly with each other, THEIR little “false flag: sort of goes on auto pilot and we the people carry out their killing plan most efficiently for THEM.

        Personal sacrifice, penance, and prayer to God by each one of us is the only real action I can see that will give present and, most importantly, eternal help.


        Still getting jicky’d around by WordPress and cannot get notifications by email.

        1. Will try again to get the URL to post here. THEY do not want YT URLs so that is why I think they must be important.

        2. ……

          Erase leading and trailing elipses.

          Me catch on not so quick.

    1. By the way, I did not know that Rick Adams was a brother of Daryl Bradford Smith. I listen to Rick’s program every Saturday when I can.

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