A Sandy Hook Parent’s Rogue Fundraising Operation

HONR Network Not Registered As Charitable Org in Florida or Connecticut

Lyin’ Lenny Pozner and his erstwhile spouse Veronique are known the world over for the alleged loss of their son Noah in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre. They further complain of the honr-logo“harassment” they receive from individuals who’ve conducted their own investigation of the Sandy Hook event and simply declare that things don’t add up.

In its own words, “HONR Network’s” ostensible non-profit mission is to

bring awareness to Hoaxer activities & prosecute those who consciously, publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high profile tragedies.

In order to carry out its so-called “anti-hoaxer” activities Pozner uses his HONR Network as a front to solicit donations online.



However, in order for a non-profit organization to solicit funds from the public it must at the least register in the state where it is based.

As discussed elsewhere on MHB, Pozner’s HONR Network has a contact address at a Newtown Connecticut pack-and-post, as displayed on its website.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.10.41 PM

Yet no such business name is registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State.


In contrast to the information provided on HONR Network’s website, Lenny Pozner registered HONR Network as a fictitious name with the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations in 2014, and he did so using a “business address” to an apparently rented mailbox at a pack-and-post on Dixie Highway in Boca Raton.


In March 2016 Pozner abruptly filed for an address change with the State of Florida. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, HONR Network’s new address is to a UPS Store at yet another strip mall.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.12.29 PM

More concerningly, MHB’s research indicates HONR Network has not registered as a charitable organization with the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, the government agency granting non-profits permission to solicit contributions from the public.



Research further indicates that the HONR Network is not properly listed as a public charity in the State of Connecticut either, the state Pozner still alleges the entity to be physically situated in on his website. Indeed, alongside the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website, the Connecticut “Open Data” site has no information on Pozner’s HONR Network.


Unsurprisingly this in no way prevents Lenny Pozner from unabashedly rattling his virtual tin can–most recently with a “HONR Network Legal Fund” that similarly operates beyond the law.


Here’s how the Pozners described themselves and Lenny’s HONR Network to their (perhaps willfully) fact check-challenged “journalist” friends at South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and in turn the broader public on December 10, 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.01.37 PM

Yet like the Sandy Hook event as a whole Lenny Pozner and this media outlet are presenting scheister operations as not only legitimate, but worthy of heartfelt empathy to the extent of public support with monetary donations. Of course this is much like how the American public was swindled out of tens of millions in the wake of the “shooting” itself that has been soundly investigated.

We now know that Pozner’s HONR organization is an online stalking and harassment operation with probable intelligence connections (here and here). The wrongdoing here is not only that such an organization functions fraudulently and in abeyance of the law, but that it does so under the guise of victimhood and with the full cooperation and support of law enforcement and our so-called “free press.”

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  1. “Yet like the Sandy Hook event as a whole Lenny Pozner and this media outlet are presenting scheister operations as not only legitimate, but worthy of heartfelt empathy to the extent of public support with monetary donations. ”

    ALL, repeat ALL, of these sympathy pimps, organizations and individuals who are victims or family members of victims of any of these false events are not registered with the respective Secretary of State as a non-profit 501c3 – religious, charitable, educational entity.

    I studied these fund-raisers quite a bit with the Boston event. All just people asking for money and capitalizing on a false tragedy.

    Even with real tragedies, the wolves of this kind abound.

    And even legitimate charitable, registered, tax exempt organizations like the United Way – United Fund or the Knights of Columbus, you have very hidden money transactions, and as Dr. Fetzer and company found out in Newtown area United Way office, they were denied entry to “examine the books” which are by law supposed to be fully open to public inspection.

    All of this granting of non-profit by the federal government and by state agencies is very corrupt looking to me. Who gets non–profit status and who does not is not a procedure that is pretty to look at. Very corrupt to the core.

    When Dr. Tracy asks for donations for his legal defense fund, he in no way, shape or form claims that the donation is anything other than a free-will donation for which there is no tax deduction possibility at all. So that is what makes it just fine. It is up front and honest.

    1. While we’re on the subject, what are these “scammers” shown in “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook”? The ones who used the donations to buy personal fitness equipment.
      What makes them scammers, as opposed to “real” Victim’s Families.

      Does it mean they were actors in the government’s little movie about a shooting, who are “exposed” as a scammer for threatening to blow the whistle?

  2. Jillian Soto was in the New York Daily News today, 2 full pages. A picture was shown of her with her “hero” sister, apparently Soto is upset with Bernie Sanders for not wanting to hold gun makers liable for gun deaths.

    1. Some of these absurd perps are trying to sell the story that “whenever somebody dies, there’s a reason and that reason should be elucidated and somebody should be sued”. Suing gun manufacturers is fine as long as it includes those who make weapons of war as well as those who buy stocks in those companies. Let’s sue everybody while we are at it. This is another of those blatant stupidities that should alert Americans, but they are obviously deep in studying the latest Hollywood divorces and other ridiculous stories. The American media keeps these shallow people occupied while evil deeds are done in the background. It always seems to work.

    2. It is quite remarkable how all of these fake shootings and police brutality agitprop events seem to play to the advantage of the Clinton campaign. It is beginning to look like part of a plan. Her campaign is getting pretty desperate to win in NY. Funny how they haven’t used the anti-gun rhetoric in the next primary state, Wyoming.

  3. “…not only that such an organization functions fraudulently and in abeyance of the law, but that it does so under the guise of victimhood…”

    Inverting reality 180 degrees; flipping the script & projecting; these ploys are the textbook signature behavior of these satanists. Why? It’s explained perfectly in the 2nd quoted paragraph here:

    ^ This gambit it employed right from the outset in their choosing the names for their orgs, seeking to suggest a mission 180 degrees opposite from their orgs’ true agendas. Just ask the Defamation Experts at the “ADL.”

    Or ask Lyin’ Lenny about his spook agency front, the “disHONR Network”

    Barrett recently hosted this guest,
    “First half-hour: Richard Hugus writes: “There is an interesting kind of inversion in Zionist propaganda whereby the thing the Zionist accuses his enemy of doing, he is doing himself. Sometimes it is called projection, but in this case it is not a psychological flaw; it is done consciously for the purpose of deceit.” For details, listen to the interview, and check out Richard’s article: “Zionist Propaganda and Deception.”


    30 min interview inside: http://noliesradio.org/archives/111107

    1. Thank you for references on Richard Hugus. Just listened to 30 minutes interview by Kevin Barrett. Hugus seems like a very sensitive intelligent person who also believes in God.
      Will read that article tomorrow. Wish Dr. Tracy would interview this fellow but do not think that will happen.

      The one little hitch for me was Hugus’ casual reference to three thousand killed on 9-11, just the same phrase Dr. James Fetzer often throws out. I believe I have good reasons for doubting that large number but will not get in to that now. I think 9-11 was plotted serious evil regardless of the number of people who died, and I think the number of real people that we could prove, if we had the resources to do so, were actually killed would be closer to 300, not 3,000. But as I said when you see what the event led to, all the killing in the Middle East military actions by the U.S., 9-11 was a practicing of “the craft” and it is Satanic evil.

      The discussion of psychopaths was interesting and how the military has ways of making their soldiers real serious killing machines and making them more psychopathic if they are not enough so already.

      I kind of disagreed with the idea that people are basically good and are naive and just do not recognize the evil doings of a psychopath. It confuses people and people become sort of neutralized and unable to come to a conclusion and take action. If anyone has in their day-to-day life come in contact with a psychopath, or someone who strongly leans in that direction, they recognize that there is something in that person that you know you should stay away from them and not have any dealings with them. There is something not right about their conversation and their actions even in benign seeming family and friends interactions.

      Much more to discuss on this very interesting topic that relates to all of the false events covered on MHB.

      I have been on some kind of typing and commenting jag today and it seems to have something to do with my physical condition. Weird. Maybe tomorrow I will be calmer and quieter. I bet everyone hopes so.

      1. dachsielady-You brought up the “9-ll was plotted serious evil” and the “possibility” that 3000 people died that day! I’ve been “on the wire” over that, for the past 14 years. I am almost convinced it was a “hoax” and, yet, I keep asking myself “Where and how could those planes and all those bodies be concealed and for what purpose”?? Sometimes think I must just be getting dense in my advanced years! Is there something in the drinking water, in the air – -what is it that magnifies so much evil all around US??

        1. Madmemere, I have had a hard time reconciling the events of 911 too. I have known from the very moment that I sat at my desk on that day, and watched those towers collapse as they did, that something was terribly wrong with the stories we were being fed. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew without any doubt that they were all lying to us. I’ve learned a lot about 911 since then, and I highly doubt we will ever know the whole ugly story. But there was something I had to learn and believe in order to understand why these wicked rulers of this world are capable of such atrocious acts, and that is because they are Luciferians. Literally! Lucifer is their god and they serve him faithfully, and he rewards them with wealth and power that regular human beings cannot imagine. The “elite” do not have human compassion because they are not like humans; they are like their god and father, the Beast. It’s that simple…and dreadfully evil.

        2. I would like to clarify a point on Luciferianism,
          this does not mean that this is the objective truth of our reality, but it does mean these adherents believe it to be so and act out accordingly, it is the ideology that drives these people, who use this system to justify their evil desires, passions and greed upon others in a collective sense

        3. The plane footage hitting the tower is clearly faked.

          3,000 people did not die that day. Flight 93 landed in Cleveland. A missile hit the pentagon. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld will be prosecuted one day.

        4. I recall a newspaper photo, taken in New York on Sept 11, showing dozens of doctors and nurses standing outside of the entrance to the Emergency Room. They were gowned, gloved and ready to spring into action. The caption noted that they awaited a mass of victims from the collapse of the twin towers, but that no one showed up.

          I never doubted the official version of the story, not for years. However, that struck me as so odd.

        5. Would love to find that photo with caption but I am sure it has been vaporized just like the Towers.

      2. I’m sure somebody has checked the list of people that “died” during 911 at the collapse of the buildings with social security records that would confirm or deny the actual number of deaths. The figure 70000 is being used to describe the number of first responders and other people exposed to the dust and radioactivity from the buildings who are in danger of great illness and/or death. Is this a legitimate number or one of great exaggeration? Are these figures being jury rigged also by the PTB? Why has Guiliani not been called on the carpet?
        It goes on and on and on. Government has fought tooth and nail to obscure the facts behind this case and independent analysts have not been able to push these ideas into the consciousness of Americans in great enough numbers. After 15 years, we are still stuck in the mud.

  4. CIA isn’t required to register their front companies with the State.

    HONR = CIA’s National Clandestine Service (or might be DHS).

    HONR website got caught forwarding to NSA site — but HONR is probably CIA.

    It’s almost Christmas 2016 — time for Noah Pozner’s 3rd biannual “death.”

    1. Does that mean their front companies can collect money under conditions of total fraud?

      A company just forms and can start collecting money? People gave all that money without having doubts about the nature and function of the companies?

      Are people that totally gullible?

      1. “A company just forms and can start collecting money?”

        Dachsie: No, in the case at hand, a “company” was not formed. Yes, the non-formed entity with a referred-to name of HONR apparently is permitted to solicit monetary gifts by various means including the PayPal atrocity. Dr. Tracy is not allowed by PayPal to solicit contributions to his legal defense fund, and on what objective standard that disallowance was effected is certainly another mystery.

        “People gave all that money without having doubts about the nature and function of the companies?”

        Dachsie: Again, we know nothing about “all that money”, how much, where it landed, how it was appropriated etc. The donors, the people, are not in a mental dispostion to have doubts. They are in the deep emotional throws of all those little children being decimated in an elementary school. They donate, or throw large sums at, the entity to help alleviate their serious mental condition. They need to “do something good” to help ease their pain and even, in a deeper and more weird sense, give themself absolution. The people are not at all under the impression that they are giving money to a “company” so they naturally its nature and function is not a consideration. All the better the donor believes they are giving money to a personal family member of the brutally murdered child. They are giving personal money to a personal tragedy victim.

        “Are people that totally gullible?”

        Dachsie: Again, in this case of extreme mental duress on the part of the donors whose hearts were wounded in deepest sympathy it is not a matter of being “gullible.” (See above.)

        Shock and awe, Shock value. Our controllers have for a very long time known the power and effectiveness of putting people in extreme mental duress and know how multi-purpose this part of the manipulation is, e.g., trama-based mind control techniques within MK Ultra and other programs.

      2. I often wonder just how many of these fund raising organizations/charities are simply covers for yet another “money laundering” operation.

        1. MHB has already discussed how the Connecticut State Lottery had certain people connected to the SHES hoax winning mulitple times. So ill gotten gains can be funneled through the lottery system to pay off the actors and deceivers.

          Everything is connected and it is becoming increasingly difficult to see these operations as simply being somewhat local scams and scamsters involved. It is a national and global syndicate of evil.

  5. Reblogged this on happytailswag and commented:

    more sandy hook FRAUD while the stupid americans eat it up , i think they have have all become rain damaged from the chemical trails they are sucking in at horrifyiing rates

    1. Here in the Nutmeg state, the major collaborators are of the same ilk as those in other state and national fraud episodes. I’ve tried and tried to get the infamous Hartford Courant to publish the obvious taint of these numerous doubts that sentient people have, to no avail.
      Just like in the national press, the MSM, there are many layers of cover-up used all the time.
      As the lone wolf contributor to Courant that tried to push the envelope deeper and deeper toward uncovering some truths about the less than halfhearted “attempts” to present the facts, I realized that this state is in lockdown mode as far as producing facts for citizens to read for themselves.
      We know the major perps here in this state, bizarro articles in the Courant showing how the utterly ridiculous manner in which the press and state government machinery obscured the search for truth. People bought this obscurantism, these lies, these distortions. Talking heads on the 6pm news programs merely reported on what they were provided by the major news sources like Associated Press. In reality, many of these talking heads greatly embellished the phoniness of the stories. Were they part of the scams? Sometimes unwittingly, sometimes definitely. They, above all people, should be more keenly involved than appear as mere listeners of the ruses.
      In exactly the same manner, Hillary supporters are probably unaware of the virtual crime wave established by the candidate back in her Arkansas days. Americans are a very superficial, easily gulled bunch. And, the propaganda push is NOT so incredible that reasonable efforts on their parts would uncover these lies and distortions easily. Very easily. I attribute this to very poor schooling in the nation’s schools aka propaganda factories. Talking to young pre-adults and those in college is a shrill experience in discovering the inadequacy of their “educations”. So many of these kids are severely deficient in reasoning and that predisposes them and the adults they become to be easily fooled by obvious government efforts to deceive.

  6. This question makes me angry: HOW CAN THERE BE DOUBT ABOUT THE KILLING OF 20 CHILDREN? The District Atty. of that County, the FBI, the CT State Police, the Fed. Prosecutor of that region – all these public servants have failed their public trust. In America we cannot really blame these “victims”, when presented with the horns of morality or money – money always seems to win out. But, these public employees have taken an oath, are held to a much higher standard, and are paid enough so that we can count on a professional ethic. Those rats have failed their public trust – all doubt must be answered by our rule-of-law process. Pozner’s battle for public opinion and sympathy is not necessary. Perhaps the sophistication of the MK-Ultra programs has reached such profound heights, the entire culture is spell-bound.

    1. “Doubt” is no longer a protected act. To doubt is to reason. Soon, acts of reasoning like doubt will be considered acts of treason. For now, they’ve caught the thinkers on the horns of political correctness and homogenized the bathrooms in the process. A very low blow, you might say! We’ve been reduced to vetting the gender of toilets while they cart away our right to free expression on false flag operations. I would say that is a big score for MK-Ultra. Sorry to be so gloomy.

    2. “Perhaps the sophistication of the MK-Ultra programs has reached such profound heights, the entire culture is spell-bound.”

      I think all of us are spellbound to some degree. The regular MSM viewer deeply so. The average commentor here much less so. But we’ve all been exposed to constant programming our entire lives. Therefor we are under numerous spells. I’m also beginning to believe this spellbound nature is nothing new. It is how all control systems work; government, cults, religions, military, etc.

      I define an MK-Ultra victim as one who has been deeply programmed, usually through trauma, and others are able to trigger them into committing acts (murder) they otherwise would not normally do, and may not remember.

      1. To come to that realization after taking the long view of history(with a side of Human Nature 101) is to ultimately conclude that: YES…Wizards, Sorcerers, Spellbinders, Mindbenders, and Demons DO exist(not in the way it’s childishly depicted in pop culture). Clearly the ways of the world are directed by “the unseen hand”(obscured by our own incredulity), occult masters for hidden agendas, and that what we colloquially call the enlightenment was a cover story that helps to hide the darkness. But, perhaps I go too far! I don’t think we humans collectively will ever be ready for that revelation, & the dark forces keenly understand that. But more us are beginning to, & there’s hope.

  7. Excellent work, MHB! Well-researched and cogent! It is always a joy to read such articulate writing.

    I do, however, have one question. No doubt your research took time and energy, but it seems to expose Lenny Pozner as (among other things) an amateur.

    In other words, he doesn’t exactly sound like intel-agency material. While he may be operating this harassment campaign as part of a larger conspiracy (there is no doubt a conspiracy), is the consensus that he is a rogue agent of a rogue agency?

    Put differently, is he just a greedy asset going beyond the scope of his mission?

    As a related question, does MHB and/or Dr. Tracy have a strong feeling regarding where to point the finger of blame for the Sandy Hook ruse?

    CIA? That would seem the logical choice. But how much operational capability do FEMA and or DHS have? Was this a bureaucratic false flag (as opposed to one requiring vast covert activities).

    Or perhaps the FBI? It certainly seems possible that they could have been the lead agency at the behest of Eric Holder (himself willingly beholden to Obama).

    Who’s the architect?

    We know the motive: gun control.

    I’ve been scrutinizing Jeh Johnson and his executive guidance (“the Guidance”, as the SCOTUS puts it) at issue in United States v. Texas. In other words, an Obama policy (DAPA) came down the pipeline not as an executive order, but as “executive guidance”. This places the blame on Johnson (to Obama’s advantage) if DAPA is declared unconstitutional on April 18.

    Lastly, is it possible that an architect officially outside of government was responsible for the impetus of the Sandy Hook psychological terror event? Perhaps Bloomberg?

    At any rate, great work! And my thoughts and prayers are with all of the brave Sandy Hook researchers.

    Your efforts aren’t for naught. Amazon.com and PayPal will forever be sullied in my mind due to the accessory roles they have played in both stifling free expression and compounding the misfortune of Dr. Tracy.

    Most humbly,


    1. Such amateurishness is perhaps useful as it lends an air of authenticity to the Pozner/HONR shenanigans. Not every troll plays the most well-versed or sophisticated individual on the net, depending on their circumstances and environment, although they may have such talents, as the Pozner agent and associated forces have demonstrated by breaching the security of Independent Solidarity’s information cache.

      Who’s responsible? Recall Smallstorm’s observation that such drills are “capstone events,” meaning that agency participants operate on both delimiting contractual and “need to know” bases, with consequences for divulging information. Consider that since 12/14/12 a dozen officials and individuals with very specific information on the event and/or the capacity to reveal such info have died under unusual circumstances or gone missing. This observer’s impression is that organizers were/are governmental and extra governmental (organized crime).

      1. Immaculately astute answer! Thank you and please forgive my ignorance of the minutiae of Sandy Hook.

        I would like to point out a couple of bits of information which I came across quite by chance in the past week.

        First, there was an interesting personage by the name of Vladimir Pozner who has a Wikipedia page. Said page is a miracle of ineptness (which leads me to wonder whether Lenny might have authored it). Notably, there is a certain section which implies that Vladimir was able to get a U.S. visa because he became an intelligence asset of the State Dept.

        I happened upon Vladimir’s name in the Wikipedia article for Resnais’ film Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard). This rather problematic “documentary” (perhaps influenced by the polarizing faux-documentarian Robert Flaherty) is significant in that it was probably the film which caused Jean-Luc Godard (my hero) to start questioning the lack of wartime footage from inside “the camps”. If you read the Night and Fog (film) page on the English version of Wikipedia you will find the strange admission that the U.S., French, and British militaries refused to release any wartime footage they might have found. Only the Dutch released anything (and it was supposedly filmed by INMATES of a concentration camp [which makes very little sense]. My point is that having Vladimir Pozner’s name pop up amidst all of this (complete with hypertext link) was a bit of a shock. He was, strangely and conveniently, a friend of the composer hired by Resnais.

        Finally, is it possible that the HONR Network is an offshoot of the “former terrorist organization” Jewish Defense League? The tactics of the JDL sound suspiciously similar to those of HONR.

        This revelation came slowly to me as I was remembering the killing of JDL founder Rabbi Meir Kahane at the hands of a bloke whose last name sounds a lot like “nose-hair” (El Sayyid Nosair). I must admit it was a Mr. Bean episode which kicked off this last wave of dot connecting). –Paul

      2. P.S. The JDL “aligned” with the Italian-American Civil Rights League in 1971. The latter was formed by mob boss Joseph Colombo of the Colombo crime family in 1970. Which reminds me, Ellen Mariani’s RICO suit was the right way to go after the 9/11 perps. Sadly, justice was miscarried in that case. RICO suit might be a good tactic to go after Sandy Hook perps, but if none of these kids existed (and the families were paid off) there would be a problem finding someone with standing (and guts) to sue.

        I know Pieczenik asserted in the Real Politik interview that Adam Lanza did not exist. Is that the consensus? Are all of the ostensibly deceased presumed to be “carefully prepared aliases” (to quote Operation Northwoods)? What about the pictures of “Adam Lanza”? Are those, in stead, photos of the brother at a younger age?

        Thanks and sorry for the addendum,


    2. I’d say Sandy Hook goes up to Holder under the ruse of Project Longevity. Alphabet agencies put it together. The following video makes it clear that a Clandestine agency is tasked with covering up the lie.

      What the video gets wrong is that it is saying the Clandestine agency is responsible for Sandy Hoax; I argue the Clandestine agency is merely tasked with keeping the lie hidden.

      1. Just wanted to follow up… That’s a pretty stellar video! Also, I didn’t know about the Project Longevity. It seems it was a sub-project of Operation Ceasefire. Strange thing about that is that seemingly started in Boston.

        So to synthesize some information of which our MHB Administrator was kind enough to remind me: was the Boston Marathon faux bombing also a “capstone event” like Sandy Hook?

        Likewise, was there some sort of bizarre Harvard-Yale competition in the Boston Marathon “bombing” and Sandy Hook?

        In any case, thank you for the link. By the way, what do you think of the CIA advertising in The Wall Street Journal? Saw a recruitment notice in there about a month ago specifically for the DO (of which the SAD is part). I guess the story goes that current head Brennan saw an ad in a paper all those years ago and started his rise to the top in that way. I’m sure Henry Miller would find a Horatio Alger joke in there somewhere 🙂


    3. Exactly my thoughts! If he is not acting on his own, why would his “handlers” allow him to commit so many “screw-ups?” Why would they not make sure every I is dotted and T crossed? Strange.

      1. Remember, however, all of the errors made by websites which jumped the gun regarding Sandy Hook (including United Way). Reminds me of Mr. X in JFK. On his way back from the South Pole he read if Kennedy’s killer in a New Zealand newspaper. The propagandists were too anxious with their cover stories. So there is, then, ostensibly a fair amount of human error even in the tightest operation.


  8. Once again, the question becomes…is it really only The Posners’ orchestrating all of this? Making all of these decisions to suspend normal procedures granting “them” bypasses while using the same methods to persecute James Tracy? We don’t need to reveal the truth when the perpetrators reveal themselves(my supposition is that these forces do so to send the message that ordinary folks are powerless to stop them)…it should be obvious where this is coming from, who has the power, & the motive to carry this out, as throughout human history it’s always these malevolent forces that predictably carry these operations out. I’ve made my point previously as to where I perceive this is coming from; NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

  9. OK so I just went and checked out the Honr page. There is a Donate now button – What exactly is the money for???

    1. to attack people that are shedding light and truth on the Sandy Hook Hoax and the criminals behind it

  10. I’m curious as to how a supposed non-profit is just registered in FL with a fictitious name and not registered in CT at all. Must be using another name unless is totally out of compliance.

    The name is also not registered in the IRS.gov search list for nonprofit organizations. However, the IRS engine doesn’t work for fictitious names. Foundation Center search = 0 results.

    Curious…my OCD research nature compels me to spend some time on this…

    1. Beth, it is great that you are motivated to search this out.

      I stand by my previous comment.

      HONR is just unknown entity asking people for money for unknown purposes.

      It does not have to do any government reporting for federal or state tax matters. Strongly appears the entities behind the HONR network have gotten away with their anonymity with Google, YouTube, PayPal, Newtown Police Department, and probably many other entities.

      I have to keep using the words entity or entities because we have thus far been unable to get a positive identification / verification of any natural person.

      Now here is how I think it works, but other legal eagles here know much more, for legit companies to get tax exempt, nonprofit status, and of course this has zero to do with Lenny the Liar or most of the sympathy pimps around all these false “tragic” events. There is tragedy, all right, but it has more to do with the evil corruption perpetrated from the top down in our country and less to do with the deaths that happened which are mostly unverifiable.

      The way it usually works, I think, is that a legitimate organization seeking state 501c3 exempt status FIRST goes through establishing themself as a corporation with a state Secretary of State with a corporate charter and all that process. Then the corporation as it has defined itself as non-profit seeks out federal IRS non-profit status and this includes submitting proof of incorporation with a state’s Secretary of State’s office. (Certain states have many advantages for incorporating in than others – Maryland I think is the main advantageous state. Now also Nevada and maybe Utah in the West.)
      And then next and last step is for the non-profit corporation to file for non-profit 501c3 status with the state where this corporation will be taking in funds and operating as a business entity.) One would think legitimate non-profit companies, after going through all these checks and balances in this multi-step process, that there would not be much room for corruption and that fairness and legality and objectivity would rule, but we are learning quickly that the corruption is so pervasive and severe that there really is no such thing as fairness in government anymore.

      1. Dashsiilady, good research. From what I see, this person has simply established this “volunteer” fund (like a GoFundMe) for “legal fees” whilst claiming to fight the “conspiracy nuts”.

        Not a 501(c)(3) – not a charitable fund in any way, shape or form.

  11. Facebook censorship squads are actively censoring Memory Hole Blog’s Facebook page–taking posts down it doesn’t like, particularly those involving false flag terror. This has happened twice this week. When the links are reposted Fb doesn’t take them down, but in at least one instance suppressed the number of shares.




    1. Don’t want to ruin your Steak and Lobster Dinner, but could you start another Freaky Friday Free Form.?

      Remember, I played a big part of getting this going and my agent will be calling soon……Haha


      Dear Mr.Tracy et al, Does 1 through 100.
      Could you please start another session of Free Form Friday?

      Lawyers, help me here…..

    2. Mark refuses to wear a suit and tie so you won’t think he’s a snake, like a government person or lawyer. Here’s his closet filled with nothing t- shirts and hoodies in drab gray, hiding his wealth and his known cooperation with the administration.


  12. It feels like graduation day, with so many now aware.

    In a just country, the Professor would retire a wealthy man, able to follow his wildest dreams of perhaps a real news outlet to enlighten the masses on all the lyin’ spewing from their pie holes..

    Gibson Guitars and Catherine Engelbrecht should of been compensated for the raping they received, but instead settled paying illegal fines just to be free of further assaults.

    If you are not with them, you are against them. At least good old Bernie thinks the millions they have already siphoned off is enough already and plenty of commenters are allowed to call it the Sandy Hook Hoax.


  13. “Ellen Mariani’s RICO suit was the right way to go after the 9/11 perps. Sadly, justice was miscarried in that case.”

    Some random thoughts about Ellen Mariani who claims to have lost her husband who was a passenger on 9-11 Flight 175 that crashed into the World Trade Center Tower 2, South Tower, second hit.

    Will have to abandon using words claimed, ostensibly, was said to, yadda yadda because everything about Ellen’s story is fake if one comes from the perspective, as i do, that no planes crashed the World Trade Center or the Pentagon or Shankesville and ergo the four planes had no passenger who died. (Read Dean Hartwell’s books for nice exposition on “No Planes Theory.”) And to carry this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, dear Ellen Mariani is one of those 9-11 players that we have to see, long after the fact, as just another “crisis actor.”

    At the time she was one of only two victim family members who turned down and would not take the fund set up to pay off and keep quiet family members of victims. We all thought that was so courageous of this dear person.

    Then she went on to try to have several different lawsuits with the help of attorney, Phillip Berg. She had what I think must have been a very lucrative “legal defense fund” set up.

    All of that fizzled out and came to nothing and we really do not know what happened to the legal defense fund contributions.

    Preston James, Ph.D., writer for Veterans Today and was in the past a frequent guest on Dr. James Fetzer’s radio show and I think authored a coupe of articles for Dr. Fetzer’s blog. “Preston James” is a pseudonym. Anyway, James wrote several articles about the value of lauching a RICO lawsuit. I commented somewhere in detail about that somewhere. Anyway, James never mentioned Mariani but was just commenting that winning a RICO suit would be a very important victory if such a case could ever happen.

    As for “justice being miscarried in Mariani’s RICO case”, I would just say that all of that played out exactly as the script was written. Here we see the Cass Sunstein kind of deep manipulation of the 9-11 truth community.

    I have been away from 9-11 now because I am one of those poor humans who can only focus on one false event at a time and they keep hitting me with one new false event after another so my attention has been taken off of 9-11.

    However, seeing the big part crisis actors have played, pun not intended, in all these latter false events, I start looking back on 9-11 and see many more crisis actors involved in that than I had during my real-time study of that event.

    1. Thanks, Joseph, for exposure of latest Corrupticut Courts Legal Theater.

      If you read the article, you see Sunsteinian, deep-state manipulation and misdirection and misinformation / disinformation tap dancing.

      We are supposed to believe the Courant newspaper all of a sudden wants Sandy Hook “truth” and important records about one “Adam Lanza”, and entity that we have never established beyond a reasonable doubt is a natural person. One of the “important records” that were among those formally granted,but not delivered, at this point is a cartoon “book” that “Adam Lanza”purportedly wrote.

      We are dealing with the Fake Ct. State Police and their Fake official police report and the Fake “evidence” and “personal property” contents of the “Lanza’s fake Potemkin house full of fake tangible personal property arranged in fake theatre-setting-and props manner.

      Come on, folks!

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