Free Form Friday XV

Prosecutorial double standard for Billary, Trump’s anti-semitic sheriff’s star, Putin’s warning of WWIII, cop-killing snipers in open-carry Texas, questioning the Orlando mass casualty event, Brexit aftermath and falling fiat currencies.

chat-discussion2There are these issues/events and so much more to discuss in yet another Free Form Friday. Many thoughtful readers come to MHB just to read the comments and exchanges from our regulars as well as newcomers. 

Thank you for your continued interest and participation.

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    1. “The police lied….”? Say it isn’t true! What’s the world coming to? Cops have been lying about and framing suspects for years. They don’t train them, they recognize them.

  1. Found this WordPress post lfeom about a year ago while researching the Maidan event in Texas last night:

    Would like to reiterate the points I made on the last MHB post regarding the snipers’ massacre.

    City: Dallas
    M.O.: snipers at a protest
    Last similar action: Feb. 20, 2014

    The so-called Maidan snipers’ massacre which left 49 (just like Orlando) dead.

    Sputnik link lays out false flag aspects. The idea would be for a group to attack itself.

    Key difference: Maidan protestors were the ones who ended up dead.

    Exact same method would mean Dallas Police attacking themselves. Several variants possible. U.S. gov attacking Dallas police (à la JFK). Police chief mentioned “triangulation” last night in his interview. Sounds a lot like Jim Marrs’ Crossfire…

    As I mentioned, it’s possible Dallas attack was perpetrated by Russia, but I find that highly unlikely. Though the possibility persists.

    The clearest beneficiary would seem to be the liberal arm of the ongoing Neo-Gladio. We’ll see what kinda patsies they pin it on (it is Dallas, after all).

    There’s a couple of other ideas I posted on the last MHB post. If you’re interested in other possibilities or combinations.

    Could be another zero casualty (fake death) event. Mixture of Dallas Police and DART officers lends this possibility credence. Only a handful (the officers who ostensibly died) would have to be wise to blanks.

    Weirdest thing is the M.O. And the choice of cities. Rifles. Snipers. Protest. And the identical death toll (even though Orlando was fake) of 49 with the U.S.-backed coup in Ukraine.


    1. All good observations. I keep making the point that psychopaths and their assistants are not known for their creativity. This is at least somewhat responsible for the lousy plots of their productions.

      Given the shear volume of productions lately, its not too surprising to see them blowing the dust off their past creations and simply changing the names of the guilty. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the ubiquitous Noah show up in one coming soon to a TV set near you.

      1. It’s also a gauge. When deception rules, “The Deceiver” has the upper hand (at least for the time being). We are, indeed, smothered in deception. Those who enjoy lies and deception know their father.

        This aspect is timeless. We should ask ourselves, if we know that TV is all lies and deception, why do we continue to watch? What we see today is the logical conclusion to many years of incremental manipulation and maneuvering. It was not difficult to see while it was happening and it should not be surprising now.

  2. The PTB are throwing so much stuff at us so fast and so sloppily that one gets the feeling that they’re gearing up for something really, really big, and really, really soon. They’ve certainly set the date already: market crash, horrific false-flag, even a pretext to start WWIII.
    Putin’s recent warning is not trivial, or alarmist – the lies and false-flags and crimes and cover-ups of the self-proclaimed “elite” are coming undone, and the only hope they have of maintaining control is to stage something so horrific that it’ll give them a reset of sorts; a do-over.
    It’s hard for people who have conscience and empathy to fathom what psychopaths are capable of… and the psychopaths have their hands on the control levers.

    1. Well Chris, psychopaths are capable of things like The 911 production. How’s that for “pivotal events”?

      To read the coverage on the alleged cop shooting it is clear that cop’s lives are considered far more important than mere “citizens/consumers”. Depending on one’s information, civilians killed by cops so far this year range from 506 to over 2,500. In other words, if it were real, there just might be a lesson in this.

      I think they are indeed ratcheting it up. They want an event so shocking that most will simply beg them to “do something”, and suffer the consequences. The thing to remember is that they already have their plans. It is the reaction they are attempting to control. They are not asking for permission.

      In my view a person has essentially two options. One can express outrage and act accordingly, or one can ignore them. Creative irrelevance could prove powerful considering that is the last reaction they expect.

      When we appeal to the problem for a solution we succeed in empowering them further. This conflict between power and populace has to move to a new playing field. They already know how to control the game on this one.

  3. Chance George at Media Broadcasting Center pointed out the following to me:
    Dallas 33rd parallel
    Happened 777 weeks after 911
    happened on 7/7/ 16 1+6 =7 7/7/(7)
    11 officers shot (Kennedy 11/22 adds up to 33)
    Do they plan this sh!t or is it all a computer program?

    1. Amazing huh? I think they actually used to think it through, but now they probably have algorithms that give them the correlations they’re looking for. It’s all about birth and death days and commemorations of other diabolical incidents. Check out Most Dangerous by Sherwood Kent if you haven’t already. Full of crazy numerological connections for past events. No wonder why our friends think we’re crazy, who thinks this stuff up.

      1. All part of belonging to a “death cult”. They think of themselves as “the Kool Kidz”. Just because they have power doesn’t mean that they’re not childish.

    2. Sarah, they absolutely do plan these events out. They are Luciferians, and believe that, unless the event is carried out by sacred numerology, their plan might fail.

  4. As insufferable as it is, NPR is where to listen. I was waiting, waiting… And a Dallas official came on and said, “It was like Lee Harvey Oswald, finding his position and angle….” Right. They all sound alike but I think it was the F-ing mayor, supposedly.

    1. I meant that I was counting seconds pass, I knew they were going to work that in as soon as I heard “sniper”. Really pathetic a Dallas politician can say that and nothing happens.

  5. Gladio 2.0. Talk about “Fast and Furious”. They just keep churning them out. The production budget must be approaching the DoD madness.

    In all of this apparent chaos there are constants. They are all designed to serve as justification for their New World Odor plans. That is an important distinction to keep in mind.

    This is designed to keep us in the role of spectator. One might note (if they’ve been around long enough), the absence of any semblance of democracy. I actually remember when they made a show of asking what we thought.

    No. We have entered the era that those “experts” in “Communication”, Bernays and his ilk, saw as the purview of those with the training in manipulation. It is, after all, an exercise in manipulation.

    This tends to divide the recipients into two camps. One are conscious of the manipulation and resent it. The other fails to recognize it and becomes more fearful (and dependent). One of the most important questions we must ask ourselves is: “do I wish to be manipulated or do I wish to think for myself?”.

    While the stage productions continue apace, there is another movement afoot to further marginalize dissent. The message is clear. “We experts are making your decisions. You have an obligation to “pay, pray and obey”.

    From where I sit it appears that we are about to see the limits of hubris. How far can one push the envelope? A cursory study of the psychos in charge leaves little doubt that the sky is the limit in terms of Chutzpah.

    This leads back to my opening point. Do we really want to leave our futures in the hands of psychopaths? Who says that we have to? If we can’t control what they do, why pay any attention to it?

    I used to tell people that my idea was based on “the Italian method’. Italy had (I forget) how many governments in a short span of time. Wild extremes of competing power monkeys ranted and spewed continuously. What did the Italians do? They nodded assent, then went about their business as usual.

    As people of conscience we have a huge advantage. We are creative. There is no creativity in absolutists. Herding cats is a lot of work and extremely unproductive. In fact, it is made even harder when those who would herd do not know who or what they are attempting to work with. A person can expend a tremendous amount of energy making certain that their assigned task is unsuccessful.

    So, in response the the ongoing theatrical production, they can keep ’em coming for all I care. I will laugh at them and ridicule them in any way that I can find. If we don’t lose sight of what is happening underneath and act accordingly, there is little that they can do short of putting on a show. How we respond to their laws will take knowledge and creativity. Most importantly, remember that they are not “OUR” laws. I take no responsibility for their actions and neither should you.

    1. I shouldn’t post this considering what I just posted about giving up TV, but this episode of Star Trek (TOS) does illustrate laughing a fear-mongering power out of existence. Kirk (and even the Klingons) laugh the alien entity, which feeds on fear and hatred, off the Enterprise.

      TOS 3×07 ‘Day of The Dove’ Trailer – YouTube

      Day of the Dove (episode) – Memory Alpha – Wikia

      “Calling the alien a “dead duck”, Kirk urges the anomaly to leave the ship. At Spock’s suggestion that “good spirits” may help to combat the entity, Kirk laughs with McCoy and Kang, and the alien eventually departs the Enterprise into open space. ”

      The show has all the elements, a false flag attack and distress call, a powerful enemy who perpetuates war ad infinitum, mind control via false narratives, and of course, the lophatt method of defeating the enemy.

      1. All you ever needed to know about the new world order (and exoteric masonry) they let you know in Star Trek. That’s the only reason it was brought back from the tv graveyard. The tv execs claimed it was the protests and letter writing from the fans that brought it back, to the big screen, but that’s a lot of crapola. It was destined to be ‘the [tv] franchise’ for those who didn’t read sci-fi on a regular basis, or at all.

        1. Well, the theme is universal. Whether you are of a religious bent (as I am) or not, you have two choices. You serve “good” or “evil”. Sometimes that takes a certain amount of discernment. Other times its pretty obvious.

          I don’t have to think very hard to know where I place most of these players. In this day and age it is easy to forget that all of us have an obligation to choose. I’m not ashamed to say that sometimes I need help with that. When I do I get help.

          What we cannot afford to do is to broker our responsibilities as humans to these psychopaths. They are not authorized to make our decisions for us. Nothing is more important than how we conduct ourselves during our lives.

          There are universal truths and Startrek pointed those out repeatedly. It is both a commentary and a shame that “reality-based” TV doesn’t do likewise.

      2. And it had never occurred to me until I read it or heard it somewhere that the Klingons were the ‘traditionalists’ or those who cling-on to traditional ways and who wouldn’t give in to living under the United Federation of Planets (the feds) as one, big, multi-culti, mish-mash of robots.

      3. I tried using stills with closed caption in a vid because it is pertinent and youtube pulled it copyright.Thanks for the post

    2. Wonderful comment, lophatt. Laughing them off is hard for people with school age children in California. Soon they will use this theater to force a Zika vaccine on everyone… if they can get away with it. (It was their own vaccines that really cause the microencephaly).
      I still will try and follow your advice, because being furious and trying to “wake people up” is not working.
      Thanks for the thoughtful stuff.

      1. Thank you. Having grown up in California I never regret leaving. I will pray for you, seriously. For some reason TPTB decided to sacrifice California and they’ve done a bang up job. Two of my daughters still live there.

        While we’re all responsible to help if asked it’s really each person’s responsibility to “carry their own cross”. It is a shame that a lot (if not most) would rather accept a lie than look at the truth but I suppose it is reality.

        We have to take care of ourselves and those who are dependent on us. That’s why I left and its MUCH worse now. People “wake up” when they want to. Just like addicts. It doesn’t do any good to try to force them into treatment.

        Sometimes, if we’re patient, and set a good example, they come and begin to ask questions. If you take it slow, don’t try to dump every thing you know on them at one sitting, they will start to open up. They are afraid. I don’t always understand this, but I know it to be true.

  6. One thing that has become clear to me in synthesizing all the information that we discuss here,
    one very big elephant in the room is BUSINESS
    society can only be freed WHEN BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE REIGNED IN, and are made to serve society in a reasonable and ethical manner,
    Commerce is war, and until business, business law and corporations are reformed to serve society, become transparent, corporations limited to serve the public good
    nothing will change, Big Business IS the flip side of the military in a very fundamental way

    1. The British East India Company | History

      “All the company’s stock and property in India was handed over to the Indian government, but the name ‘The British East India Company Limited’ remained the property of the British Government until 14th September 2004 when the name was purchased by a consortium of one Indian and two British entrepreneurs, who are keen to reinvent the company’s trading history outside any form of political control and into the 21st Century.”

      The murderous British East India Company never ceased to exist, and is still up to its same wicked agenda. It spawned banks and other institutions which are causing all of the trouble today.

      1. Yes-I am researching EIC and its beginnings practices and precedents where the foundation of things like Free Trade (which is nothing more than the theft of world economies for the elite), and development of today’s corporate mentality

        1. To provide an honest response to your original statement, “free trade” means engineered to benefit the elite. If it becomes solely controlled by market forces they decide that they have to intervene to right that imbalance.

          “Free trade” is like “respect after sex”. It is in the eye of the beholder and generally constitutes an empty promise.


        Rothschild blocked the rivers and sunk the boats they used to carry food supplies. He also made them grow dope instead of rice.

    2. I think “greed” is more to the point. “Business”, as its practiced today, also sucks. The corporate model is the culprit. It is a legal fiction and only exists for the profit. It is purposefully designed to avoid responsibility. It should be outlawed.

      Providing a good or a service and making a reasonable profit is not offensive. When businesses were “family owned” many took pride in both their products and how they treated their employees. Those days are history as the power elite enjoy the corporate model.

      When corporations first began they were highly suspect, as they should be. They were also chartered by individual states and heavily regulated. After all, with no one “responsible”, somebody has to provide oversight. Now they are seriously under-regulated.

      In essence, their officers work for the same folks as the politicians. It is an oppressive and usurious enterprise. Clearly, those with the responsibility to oversee this allowed this condition to develop. The game now seems to be eliminating any alternative.

      1. Sunaj, is right. Be careful with the “greed” emphasis, for socio-biology BS was worked into colleges to convince everyone that “humans are inherently bad” … Now who would this benefit? Take a guess. It’s the “your fault” again usage. Works well on Americans. Mom and Pops were a brief stint in time; and it is bandied about that corporations were once highly regulated, but I don’t think an honest person can look at the rail-road barons’ leases to all the prime real-estate – which just so happened to be where they ran the railroad lines, “highly regulated”..

        1. Well, we can agree to disagree. I say, comparatively, they were heavily regulated (for a time). I also said they should be banned, period.

          I actually agree that greed is sold as acceptable. It isn’t. I said nothing about it being “our fault”. I’ve been one of the foremost opponents of that idea. You can’t be blamed for something you have no control of.

          Those officials (if you want to think railroads) took the money and turned their heads. Same idea as the current officials who sell their souls for filthy lucre.

  7. So much for identifying the standoff guy:

    “police sent an explosive device attached to a robot to where the suspect was holed up and detonated it, killing him.” (Washington Post)


      1. Obama has been trying to re-create the ’60’s with racial tensions, cops being “pigs” and such.

        I’ve always thought this about Obama from day one. He listened to all the stories from his buddies such a Bill Ayers and his Daddy Frank Marshall Davis.

        1. Obongo is an employee……period. He may be gay, Muslim and have a deep hatred for the country, but he’s just an employee.

          He was placed there to destroy what was left of the country. He’s done an excellent job.

          I too think his daddy was Frank Marshall Davis. The grand folks were spooks. So was Frank’s baby mama.

          That’s why its such a waste of time to discuss events here as though they were decided as advertised. They aren’t.

        2. “Obongo is an employee” Yes and WE pay his dumb A$$ $400k a year.

          Well, in all fairness we also pay DHS and the whole Lot to destroy us too…haha

          Maybe Congress can Pay us Patriots who are trying save the Republic…Just daydreaming again

        3. Ric, I agree. I’m not sure what that says about US. My vote is to fire the lot of them and find them an ice floe somewhere South of Patagonia. I wouldn’t trust one of them to run a snow cone stand.

        4. Yeah, well the “bomb” was extra special. I remember the mayor of Philly dropped a bomb on the Black Panthers in their apartment building. How “classy” is that. Some things are timeless, I reckon.

  8. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is coordinating with Democratic activists to so disrupt the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions that martial law will be declared.

    That’s the stunning discovery revealed in a series of direct messages between three activists.

    On Friday, June 10, 2016, someone hacked into the Twitter account of #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) leader and former Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson. McKesson later confirmed the hack to The Baltimore Sun.

    On June 11, 2016, a Twitterer who calls himself The Saint (@TheSaintNegro) tweeted a direct-message conversation on June 10 between KcKesson and another BLM leader Johnetta Elzie (Netta), in which the two discussed talking with Attorney General Loretta Lynch about plans to bring on martial law by causing chaos at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA, so as to keep Obama in office.

    1. This what I don’t get-
      if these people are verifying that they actually sent these twitters they are guilty of high crimes, I don’t see any such hub-bub going on about that,
      so I’m not convinced this is anything but an unverified story at this point


    “The following exposé reveals some of the grim details of a massive, multi-decade conspiracy that President Woodrow Wilson warned the American people about. The true back story of Emailgate, Servergate and Benghazigate can only be understood within the context of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family (BCCF). Furthermore the BCCF can only be correctly understood within the context of the NWO cabal’s World Shadow Government (WSG). What is particularly significant about Emailgate is how the many “Mafias” of the world are employed to do their dirty work.”

  10. Regarding the Orlando shooting there is curiously little photographic evidence to back up the official narrative. One youtube user “bztruetalk” who presents himself as a debunker, can offer a couple of videos in support of the official story. One shows the alleged entry wounds on the legs of one of the victims, Patience Carter. Also, he presents a video of an open casket funeral to one of the victims from Puerto Rico.

    1. As far as the bullet holes in Patience Carter are concerned, an other youtuber, we see, suggests that they can be artificial.

      Every bullet hole is on her legs and they are about an inch deep. Would they just stop there and protrude from the wound as a clubgoer, Louis Burbano, could tell that in one case he could see a bullet sticking out from a wound? How could he even see this when it was pitch dark inside during the event?

  11. Dead “suspect” was Micah X. Johnson. Blown up by a police robot bomb. Lucky for us, he was carrying his ID (?) and he had a resilient wallet (considering he was killed with a bomb). Remember that WTC passport the FBI found?


    1. Any relation to “Malcolm X”? You gotta love that line. “Police were forced to send in a robot fitted with a bomb to blow the suspect up”. What? Hey, it’s OK. They “conferred” before they executed him.

      How does the average “JQ Public” not find this odd? Since when did we skip the arrest and trial? They are quick to remind us that these are now considered “terrorist” events and, therefore, the purview of federal authorities. There goes at least 240 years of jurisdictional law.

      The one thing you can say with certainty about these times is that this is the most utterly lawless bunch we’ve ever dealt with.

      1. Reminds me of last year, when I was overrun with mice. They came in as a gang, had babies, and just went nuts eating my food and chewing up my place. Drove me nuts, too, and I went into full-on battle mode using every tool at my disposal, until one day, they were gone. What a nice, peaceful feeling after that.

        1. Rats is a good analogy. They say that when everything else is gone there’ll be rats and roaches. What are they but vertebrate parasites.

          I’ve said we need a “Goy rights” party. Maybe we need a pest control party too.

          Mice are not fun. I’ve been there.

      2. Yes, this unprecedented death by robot (at least it’s the first confirmed in a non-military setting) only adds to the stinking mystique of this case. And you are absolutely right: just like the American citizen executed in Yemen by Hellfire missile.

        We’ve been skipping the arrest and trial for awhile. Guantanamo and military commissions have nudged us in that direction. But the drone strikes worldwide are the most obvious skipping of arrest and trial. So know that insane hubris (the Bush doctrine…preemptive strikes…pre-crime) is coming back home. Because Americans didn’t care about all the Pakistanis and others being executed worldwide, we will now find ourselves subject to the same kind of justice.

        Astonishingly, the DPD apparently took the initiative to blow this suspect up. My guess is he was part of a larger team. He got burned. He was the fall guy. OR, the “death by robot” is just a fanciful ruse. No one was blown up.

        Yes, the FBI always wants to come in and “help”. Seems to me that the FBI is the best candidate for fulfilling Bradbury’s vision of flipped-justice. FBI seems to be doing the diametric opposite of investigation in many of these events. That’s the same flip as firemen who set fires (rather than putting them out) [Fahrenheit 451]. Also like Ministry of Truth (lies, 1984). Kinda like Department of Defense (offense would be more appropriate…or offensive, repugnant, etc.).

        Great comment! –Paul

      1. Haha 🙂 yeah, I’m guessing it said Bad MF on it…and there was just a little bit of goop next to it (the remains of Mr. Johnson) like the Spinal Tap drummer who spontaneously combusted. –Paul

    1. That’s a very good link. He’s right on several issues. As usual they don’t do “subtle”. They slather on the symbolic (I think because they’re afraid their audience is too dim to recognize it).

      “Snipers” in Dallas (oh my). Since when do “snipers” use semi-automatic rifles in bursts? I know. Never.

      I have said (and mean it), many times that the Obongo administration came right out over a year ago and stated that they were going to do this to “influence public opinion”. I thought it strange at the time.

      I think they believe that, like Hillary’s email limited hangout, when they’re busted they can simply say “we TOLD you we were going to do this. What’s the problem?”. Hillary’s (and Bill’s) problem is their fund that makes BCCI look like it was run by Jimmy Steward.

      Criminals (and I don’t mean the protestors) running amok in Dallas (or anywhere else), should not entice us into their manipulation. Since there’s no one to arrest the cops I suppose ignoring them will have to do. They are after “outrage”, don’t give it to them.

    1. And they are butt-ugly shirts at that! What…could the Dallas feller not find a goofy looking hat like Chris Hanson’s to complete his outfit?

    2. I don’t think these BLM’s fools were apart of this Gladio Operation.

      They were co-opted by the Alphabet agency that brought us the Pulse Club production. This certainly did Not help their cause.

  12. Remember Orlando? I wrote here that the lack of video evidence is proof that the alleged traumatic terror event did not occur.

    There is TONS of video evidence of the Dallas Shooting. And at least one of the shooters had military training, and learned it well. And one of the LEO deaths I believe is real, from the footage I saw. I also saw ample evidence of actual incoming rounds. This False-Flag traumatic event is real.

    But who is behind it?

    Guess what the BLM protestors were chanting right before the shooting starts?

    With their arms raised. “Don’t Shoot”

    One other point, if real rounds were fired and a lot of them, there will be visible evidence of this everywhere. One important intersection is Main St and Lamar. And since I live about 30 minutes from Downtown Dallas…

    1. Phony to me. I saw that too. It looks like the French footage. And if the narrative were not so silly, would not a gun like that blow someone away so obviously that it could not be denied? Even if “by coincidence” a person on a roof was on another roof adjacent to several snipers, at the same time – by chance!? With a camera? Blanks.

  13. I am amazed how many of the protesters already have professional and coordinating t-shirts. They are very organized aren’t they???

    1. If you openly claim you are Funding Terrorism (BLM) as Soro has isn’t that a Crime? Of course it is. These protesters are being Paid to Chant.

      Now, Get a group of your friends together and walk down the street chanting “we want Dead cops” and see how far you get before your arrested.for inciting a riot yet all these BLM’s fools walk free?

      It just proves this is all staged and condoned by Chairman O’.

      I think this is going to be quite a ride until the November elections.

  14. In an interview with ITV’s Robert Peston, the Wikileaks founder (Julian Assange) said, “We published an email where Hillary Clinton is instructing her staff to remove the classified header of a classified document and send it by non-classified fax.” That would be a felony for anyone else.|baghdad|basra|mosoul&mfrom=&mto=&title=&notitle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=&noto=&count=50&sort=0#searchresult

    These Hillary e-mails are amazing, and I need to start taking notes. Joe Wilson, the United States Ambassador to Gabon sent her a message in which he apologizes for sending it directly to her rather than going through Sidney Blumenthal: ” I am taking the liberty of sending this directly to you rather than through Sid because it is of immediate import and is outside Sid’s area of expertise.”

    Her friend, Sid sent her the full text of the Rolling Stone piece on General McChrystal by Michael Hastings, which had them very concerned. Hastings is of course dead as a result of a single-vehicle accident involving a tree. Blumenthal, who at minimum represents a conflict of interest due to his business dealings in the Middle East, suggests in other e-mails that she broadcast out using her influencers and media friendlies. (I thought they all were!)

    One journalist, who had written a piece on the State Department’s handling of Benghazi, sounded terrified. His article was critical of her Benghazi decision. He sent her a fawning e-mail, pledging undying support, with no daylight between their views. Perhaps he was afraid of trees.

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  16. How many times are they allowed to do this?

    They arrested three, now they’re down to one shooter, who just so happens to have been blown up by them. How convenient.

    So where did all of that “sniper” fire come from? Bursts from more than one rifle simultaneously. Guy must have had a spastic trigger finger.

    Well, at least there won’t be a trial or anything like that. You’ll just have to trust them for the details.

    1. I guess the new normal will be if you get pulled over for speeding, they will just send a Robot over and Blow you up.

      Smart. Save labor, Court costs and Paper from the Ticket.

      Wow, Govt. is smarter that I thought…NOT!

  17. I was thinking out loud about Hillary’s E-Mail Production.

    I’ve been on line since about 2004 and I most Certainly have received 30,000 E-Mails in that 20 years period.

    So we are to Believe she Deleted 30,000 Personal E-Mails from just 4-years employed at Sec. of State in which she said “They were all about Yoga and Weddings”.

    We Know you can only have that many emails if your conducting a Business out of the State Department for the Clinton Foundation.

    Have any of you received 30,000 Personal emails in the last 4 years? 10 yrs?

    I’ve never heard this argument yet on MSM nor will I.

    1. Correction: I’ve been on line since about 2004 and I most Certainly have NOT received 30,000 E-Mails in that 20 years period.

      1. Correction of Correction:

        I’ve been on line since about 1994 not 2004 and I most Certainly have NOT received 30,000 E-Mails in that 20 years period.

        Note to Self: Don’t blog after 10:00 pm PST.

    2. Likewise, how is it that a secretary of state only works with about 100 classified emails during her tenure?

    3. That is the key to the whole thing. It isn’t about “email”, it is about conducting a market for “state’s secrets” out of the State Department that was run through the Clinton Foundation.

      Slick Willie didn’t go give personal instructions to his lackey Lynch to contain the email flap. He got her to seal any email (or other records), related to his “foundation”.

      It is a limited hangout. Bait and switch. Everyone is looking “over there” while they pluck our wallets from behind. Trust me, if you think that Lucretia Clinton and a whole staff of both appointed and career “diplomats” didn’t know anything about classified material I have some waterfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell.

      It was a “business” alright. The Foundation was open for business and the products were whatever came through official channels.

      1. I’m not one to talk since I could stand to lose a few, but is it me or are overweight police more prevalent nowadays? Time to get them out of their cruisers and MRAPs and put them on walking beats once again. Too much hiding behind the badge as LEOs rather than peace officers.

    1. As I said previously, think “Gladio II”. “A strategy of tension”. It has nothing to do with “reality” or actual “facts on the ground”. This current government does not behave like a democratic government that waits for instructions of its citizens, it works for others and advances THEIR agenda.

      In this scenario, the United States is no different from any European country that suffered damage from Gladio I. It is just a “theater of operations” for the current D.C. gang’s bosses.

      The New World Odor is at a point in their plan where they are required to disarm the populace. There are many other less obvious aspects of “The Plan” that a cursory study reveals. We are being homogenized and conditioned.

      In fact, everything that they do (and don’t do) is instructive. “Your” government does not react to events in a manner consistent with “normal” human responses. No, they create scenarios and use their illogical reactions as modeling opportunities.

      In this “reality” having the cops send in a cop-made bomb to execute a “suspect” is normal. Look for it again, coming to a TV near you. Despite polls to the contrary, Obongo does as he chooses. He basically tells is detractors that “I don’t care what you think. I don’t work for you”. That is very true. We just get to pay him.

      I wouldn’t waste a lot of time trying to apply logic to an illogical strategy designed to create the conditions necessary for our would be masters to succeed.

      1. Amen Lophatt.
        And theyve use the "crazy veteran " story before and will use it again. Remember Christopher Dorner & torching the mountain cabin. And Im sure they will find his manifesto soon among the rubbles.

  18. Interesting perspective on the Minneapolis shooting: Looks like the stop may have been for burglary suspect rather than broken taillight. I still find so many problems with the live stream video. Has anyone had a chance to review it? The lady is completely composed and calm, more interested in videoing than tending to her dying boyfriend. There is no noise from the young child supposedly in the backseat, and she is allowed to continue streaming with her phone from the back of the squad car. Does this happen in real life?

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