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Will There Be a National Black Lives Matter ‘Day of Rage’ on Friday, July 15?

US Military Personnel Placed on Guard

By Debra Heine

Rumors have been swirling all week that a national “Day of Rage” has been planned for Friday to protest the recent police-involved shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

A group claiming to be part of the hacktivist group “Anonymous” posted a video on July 9 to promote the protests, featuring graphic footage from the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings. In their message to “citizens of the world,” an account calling itself the “TheAnonMessage” said, “We are calling on a collective day of rage. A day of action centered around civil disobedience and the right to protest.”

An Anonymous Twitter account, however, disputed that any such protests have been planned.

Snopes noticed that the call for nationwide protests tomorrow is identical to an “Anonymous” call for protests that circulated in 2014.

The rumors of a “Day of Rage” of August 2014 were circulated for quite a while in advance of that date, and the @OpFerguson Twitter account denied any involvement in planning or calling for such an action several days beforehand.

As we pointed out back then, one of the key aspects of Anonymous is its amorphous nature and overall lack of central organization; as such, anyone can initiate an Anonymous “operation,” and none is ever officially sanctioned by any particular portion of the collective.

The potential for widespread violent protests in 37 U.S. cities has put the military on guard.

According to Bill Gertz at the Washington Times, the U.S. Army North sent out a notice warning military personnel to avoid the 37 cities on the “Days of Rage” protest list.

The notice says that “being anywhere near these protests greatly increases the chance that you could become a victim of violence. When the mob mentality takes over, normally decent people can commit heinous acts.”
The “Alcon” notice — short for “all concerned” — urges commanders to pass on the warning to all Army troops who may be traveling to the cities.

“Use this as a list of places NOT to be on Friday the 15th,” the notice says. “While the media does specify nonviolence and denounces the actions taken against police officers that were not involved in these deaths, with the tagline ‘Day of Rage’ it is safe to expect emotions to be running very high on both sides of the line. No matter how great your empathy might be for those who have unjustly lost their lives, these protests are not safe places to be.”

And Fox 2 Now, St. Louis reported that Scott Air Force Base in Western Illinois posted a warning on Facebook Thursday morning.

Please be advised that the Air Force Office of Special Investigations has posted a safety warning not to be at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 15 due to potential protests and criminal activity. Please be safe and avoid this area during that time.

The message was updated later to include:

The potential protests are in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the victims of police brutality. It is a reaction to last week’s officer involved shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This is part of a release Anonymous posted to YouTube on Saturday:

“We are calling on a collective day of rage. A day of action centered around civil disobedience and the right to protest.

To police departments across the United States. We are not your enemy. However, it is in your hands if you want us to stay that way or not. We will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated.

To the St. Anthony and the Baton Rouge Police Departments, we’ve already launched attacks on your virtual infrastructure. We are prepared to release every single piece of evidence that will expose your corruption and blatant disregard for human life.

Once again we are calling upon the citizens of the United States, in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter movement as well as other civil rights activists, to participate in a day of action against the injustices of corrupt officers. On Friday, July 15th, we will all flood the streets at strategic locations in order to maximize our voice. The locations and times will be located in the description below. Tell your family, tell your friends. We will change the world together. Our freedom depends on it.”

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  1. This is so synthetic, so planned by the Obama Administration, Military, a complete outrage that our government is so utterly corrupt and carrying out terrorism upon the populace, these people must bve removed from power and the Constitution restored-

    1. Oh, come now. You are NOT saying Obama is totally insincere when he gets the news Obamacare exchanges are failing miserably, are you? I mean, those pensive and deep furrowed lines across his forehead should convince even you of his deep and introspective sincerity, no? Oh ye of miniscule faith, how could even you doubt this wisened scholar of the ages in his declarative statements espousing his innate greatness?

      Just kidding, pretty obvious you hit the nail right on the head. It behooves all Americans to realize there is NO proof Obama attended Occidental College, Columbia College and Haaaaaavaaaaad Law school. This speaks to the fact millions of Americans voted for a total impostor and it really did not impact their sensibilities to do so. I suspect those same Americans would vote for an android or robot. They didn’t vote for a person, they voted for a concept….and what a concept!
      Obama has shown his vile hatred toward Americans, freedom for all, prosperity, and justice. Hillary would love to one-up him with her agenda, no doubt.
      We’re going to stop this juggernaut, yes we are.

      1. “those pensive and deep furrowed lines across his forehead …”

        I would like to know about those deep scars on the back of his head that look like cracks! Can anyone ‘splain?

        1. I think he was playing “Broke Back Mountain” when he slipped and hit his head on a conch shell.

        2. The fact that the Zionist Controlled International Syndicate has installed Obama, a gay, crack smoking fraud/subversive plant (and a so-called Constitutional scholar!), married to a Tranny (according to Joan Rivers, and who else would know better?) is in itself a symbolic gesture,
          it is the symbolic gesture of the Evil Ones shatting all over the face of our nation

    2. Yeah, they go at these as though sheer volume will make up for quality. He’s not only the most lawless one they’ve installed, he’s so bad at it.

      There is literally no way to relate to him. Well, maybe if you were a gay mulatto or something who hated the U.S.. Short of that, I don’t know where there is a point of connection.

      He has this “leader” of Soros’ BLM in the White House for over three hours. By the FBI’s definition, this is a “terrorist” organization. It must be a “who” thing.

      I often wonder if they are aware of how little credibility they have. We’ll have to see where the booga-booga leads.

      1. I agree with Dennis Cumino, that they are pretty secure that we are so indoctrinated and like robots, now, that we’ll turn on each other. Every time you listen to interviews from intellectually minded people, they say their entire family thinks they are nuts and “crazed conspiracy buffs” and soon it’ll be the tired old “we hate Jews”.. It’s the new conspiracy nutter charge. Most people are oblivious and they seem to want to remain like that It’s very depressing. People that uninformed can be explained as violent [even dangerous].

  2. It’s a shame their day of rage will be usurped by the event in Nice and will not get the hoped for coverage by the MSM .

  3. Interesting how this “radical” rhetoric is almost indistinguishable from the W. Bush-era idiocy:

    “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.” (paraphrase? from memory)


    “You either join our protests, or you support police.”

    When Bush said it, it was a frightfully-dumb rip from the New Testament (with himself as banjo Jesus).

    But when this Anon. activist says it, it’s hip and chic like Che’s beret?

    I don’t think so. It’s all as dumb as Reagan’s “evil empire” quote.

    Regardless, this is the “summer of chaos” at work.

    Thanks to MHB for keeping us abreast.

    Stay safe,


  4. I would love to see the paper trail of FBI 302’s, revealing the behind the scenes manipulation by FBI agitprops, that led to this calculated subversion.

    1. Erodgan is in Denial. He says its a small group in the military. Yea, they are flying F-16’s and have Tanks at every bridge and Airport.

      I pray for the Turkish people the Coup wins or it will get Real Bad there.

      1. Ric, Erdogan is Donmeh. That’s like being a Marrano or a Converso. Its the Muslim version.

        He’s not going anywhere. Everyone will get the call from Tel Aviv soon and it’ll all be over. It’s the same in Saudi Arabia.

        They keep them there to hide the extent of their influence.

        1. Very Sad. I know “they” want this turd to do their bidding.

          Daylight hasn’t broken yet in Turkey. Maybe, Just Maybe……..the Sun will Shine.

        2. Way way Off Topic.
          I’ve always had a “throw away” Go Phone. Ya know the one DHS says only Bad people have. Haha

          Well, for Fathers Day my kids bought me an Apple spy phone. Ok.

          This Bitc$ “Siri” keeps harrassing me. I know you say “Hey” and it activates NSA.
          This thing just lights up whenever.
          So I ask this AI DARPA thing ” are you listening to me”?

          And it says ” that’s my job”.

          No Sh$t…..

        3. Yeah, I did a sort of search all over the internet. All the reports are contradictory. The ones that sound the most solid are the ones that say the creep has “regained power”.

          I hate to say “I told you so”, but I’m sure they’ve completed those calls by now. He’ll be styling in no time.

        4. Amusing SIRI story that recently happened to me. I was having a conversation with my husband in the living room, and while still talking I walked into my bedroom where my iPhone was charging. He said something, and I kind of yelled back to him in the other room “Are you serious?” SIRI says “I’m always serious, Haley.” She’s a real hoot, that SIRI.

    2. He was about to start WWIII with Russia and Turkey would have ceased to exist. He has been apologizing to Putin lately for shooting down the russian jet.

      Hotels are going babkrupt because they don’ let russian tourists go there any more since the shoot down Plus Russia is not happy with Erdogan pushing takfiris into Europe. He is a donmeh wahabvi zio, they run Turkey.

        1. Lophatt it is not an area I have delved into extensively. May I present you with some of my rants 🙂

          It Is Time To Revisit The Prophecies Of Monks Joseph And Elder Paisios Who Predict Turkey Will Cease To Exist When They War On Greece As Russia Will Step In With Nuclear Weapons

        2. Hey Mick
          You make a lot of references to various prophets and seers in history,
          Do you believe these are people that have insights because of Divine power,
          or are they great scholars, devotees that have pieced the puzzles together?
          Just curious

        3. These are the words of the Orthodox Metropolitan in the link, who those around him indicated had the second sight.

          “If the Metropolitans are silent, then who will speak?”

          The Zionists want to rule the earth. To achieve their ends they use black magic and satanism. They regard satan-worship as a means to gain the strength they need to carry out their plans. They want to rule the earth using satanic power.

        4. Mick, you’re close enough. The short version goes something like this: When the Spanish finally threw the Moors out of Spain in 1492, and Portugal a couple of years later, the Jews, who had owned and controlled all of the former Spanish property seized by the Moors and held for 800 years were sent packing.

          In truth, many stayed and claimed to “convert”. They came to be known as “Conversos” or “Marranos”, (think Nancy Pelosi). They were Christian (in name only with the Sanhedrin’s blessing), but continued to steal and otherwise disrupt their respective host countries.

          Eventually this led to the Inquisition, but that’s a more complicated story. So……, to tie this up, Turkey became another “front” country that is essentially run by Zionists posing as Muslims. The “Donmeh” movement that you mention is prevalent there and in Saudi Arabia. That is one reason why they are always siding with Israel and not their “brother” Muslims.

          The Greeks, on the other hand, are staunchly Christian and thus the automatic “enemies” of the Turks. In a way the Orthodox have inherited the Inquisition from the Catholics. I think its fair to say that most, if not all, current disputes and disruptions in the world can be traced in this manner. Some of these groups and “denominations” exist solely to do their master’s bidding.

          So the monks aren’t far off the mark. They’ve been around this a long time and know what they’re talking about.

        5. That’s very interesting. Is there an accurate book you can recommend that goes into more detail of the Marranos/ conversos during this time period after 1492?

        6. What people call “satanic power” is nothing more than deception. That’s all it is. Once you suspect it, once you accept it (as being deception), once you spot it, it has no more power.

          Even as a child, if a guy keeps pulling quarters out of your ears, eventually you figure out that it’s a trick, and maybe even see how he does it. You are no longer deceived. Same goes for Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny.

          We are all laughing at this amusing deception, riiight?

        7. “We are all laughing at this amusing deception, right?”

          Uh, no.

          The Divine Council is real. You can choose not to acknowledge it. No one is forcing you to accept reality, THX. But your refusal to acknowledge existential reality does not make that reality cease to exist.

          The unseen realm is the backdrop of all visible history; the unseen realm is as vast and rich in nuance and complexity as is the visual world we all experience–probably many magnitudes more so, in fact.

          Atheists are a new, fantastically weird philosophical innovation, a flash in the pan just now imagined in the mind of man. What’s alarmingly weird about atheists, though, is their pristine, childlike, lack of self-awareness about that unequivocal fact. It reminds me of Walter Sobchak’s pithy assessment:


          Atheists are like children who wander into the middle of a movie, but think they have a legitimate frame of reference to critique it.

          Everyone has always known that atheism is impossible to defend nonsense.

          That is, only in the last couple of centuries have there been any philosophical atheists. Yet, in their supreme arrogance, today’s proud proclaimers that the existence of the unseen realm is a delusion have no idea how foolish they sound. Theirs is a brand-new tradition (“they” being people like you, THX), with no intellectual pedigree. Yet they strut about proudly in the public square, spouting their supposedly “obvious” and brilliant insights–as if all the fatuous ideas they have “discovered” had not been addressed and dispensed with centuries ago, by genuine philosophers people like yourself could not hope to comprehend. It’s embarrassing, really. But the atheists, being entirely ignorant of the philosophical history, are entirely unaware of it. So they continue on, proud of their fabulous clothing, unaware thatchy are strutting about, naked.

          Try Thomas Aquinas, for instance, THX. He answered every fatuous assertion of the modern atheist, almost a millennium ago. For a more recent source, check out GK Chesterton, or CS Lewis. Of course, you must be prepared to find yourself to be altogether wrong, philosophically, when faced with genuine thinkers.

          Satanic power is self-evidently real, as all of human history attests. Humanity did not in a blink of the historic eye of late abruptly discover that what was always self-evident was always wrong, and we are now in possession of the metaphysical, ontological, and epistemological truth, for the first time ever. That notion is stupid. Look around: humanity has never been stupider than it is now, collectively. We can’t claim intellectual, much less philosophical, superiority. We can claim Idiocracy.

          Atheism is for that reason a real bore. It can’t be argued without displaying absolute ignorance of historical knowledge, which is why atheists always sound like idiots. Of course, if these “smarties” went to the trouble of reading Aquinas, i.e. knew what went on in the past, they would curse their own stupidity, and shut up. Richard Dawkins would stop making a fool of himself (his smugness is truly sad to observe).

          As mentioned in my most recent (increasingly rare) contribution to this blog (//, if you don’t know and understand the Bible, you can have no hope of understanding conspiracies–because all conspiracies emanate from “Satanic power,” as you call it. Really, it is the Divine Council/ Deuteronomy 32 description of the nature of reality you are referencing, but your shorthand is good enough. Disdain it if you will, that’s your prerogative, but denying it’s true does not make it so.

          Ignorance of the vital truth of what we are facing that is the most damaging possibility. Reading foolish remarks such as yours, here, draws me reluctantly out of HHB-commentor semi-retirement. Readers need to know why your position must be rejected.

          Again, to comprehend the nature of conspiracy, one has to understand the Bible, and the spirit realm its authors assumed to be the backdrop of all human experience.

        8. @patrickchatsamiably

          Haha, wow! Thirteen full paragraphs of ad hominem! Wonderful, I can feel the bucketfuls of Christian Love emanating from your transcendent soul in those 13 graphs. But oh, looky here what I’ve got, and not one ad hominem statement!


          By T. C. Fry

          Beliefs will make you a slave. Beliefs are inherently wrong and imprison us to the degree that we give them loyalty. That which is true and proper to our lives is known and does not have to be believed. If you believe, you believe without proof. Truth always serves us.

          Belief is a different animal altogether. Belief demands we serve it, not the other way around. This camouflages its basic character as an exploitative and enslaving device. The nature of every belief system is to demand acceptance and obedience. Not only does it tend to suppress and destroy differing belief systems, forcing, if it can, all to adopt its concepts, but it also seeks to suppress the truth as well.

          Most people are in love with their beliefs to the exclusion of the striking and self-evident truths in their lives. By their very nature, all belief systems are false and inhuman. Simply, the truth does not have to be believed. Truth is always evident and easy to know, especially that which is relevant to ourselves and our environment.

          All belief systems are concocted in the minds of men and women. While virtually everyone disbelieves every system but their own, in some areas, notably so-called medical science, the mass of people accept it as above question or reproach.

          We do not have to believe the truth. Truth is verifiable. It can be known. Beliefs are not verifiable but are absurdly easy to disprove. The truth always stays around regardless.

          All the belief in the world does not change one truth! For instance, it was only a few hundred years ago that everyone believed the earth to be flat. For uttering the heresy that the earth was round, the Catholic Church burned scientists of the time at the stake.

          But all the beliefs notwithstanding, the earth was not thereby flattened a bit. To insist that your beliefs are true is sheer arrogance and nonsense. Please do not confuse beliefs with theories. Theories are temporary while beliefs have a habit of being final.

          Beliefs are really illusions and delusions. It is said that the hardest person in the world to face is yourself. Likewise, most in our world are the victims of deep-seated beliefs and refuse to face the fact that they are enslaved and exploited by and through them.

          Mental laziness is exemplified in our refusal to face up to the fact that we are easily exploited by beliefs we accept uncritically, which have usually been implanted in us when we were young and impressionable. It is mental laziness when we refuse to take steps to discover the truth that would cast off the shackles of beliefs or slavery. Thus, by default, we continue our slavish, harmful and deleterious ways, affecting not only ourselves but those with whom we’re associated.

        9. “That which is true and proper to our lives is known and does not have to be believed”

          One of the best quotes I have ever read,
          whoever the author may be
          Thank you

        10. @Lophatt

          If you made it to the piece on Lawrence of Arabia the gay sex fiend by Ajit, that is an interesting piece. How it started.

          Lawrence was just 5 feet (Censored) in height ( 5 feet 4 inches ) — yet when Jew David Lean made his movie he chose a 6 foot 4 inch actor Peter O Toole to play his role.

          This says it all— the HYPE .

          His entire life story is a BIG FAKE.

          David Sassoon a Baghdadi Jew and Jewish banker of David Sassoon & Co., with branches in China, Japan and Hong Kong uses his monopoly of the opium trade in this area, on behalf of the Rothschild controlled British government, to traffic 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars for the Rothschilds’ and the British Royal family.

          David Sassoon ( 1792 – 1864) was the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 and 1829.

          Below : Kingpin David Sassoon .

          Siegfried Sassoon, (father of Alfred Ezra Sassoon (1861–1895), son of Sassoon David Sassoon, was a member of the wealthy Baghdadi Jewish Sassoon OPIUM merchant family.)

          Sir Philip Sassoon, 3rd Baronet Sassoon was a member of the prominent Jewish Sassoon family and Rothschild family. His father was Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, 2nd Baronet, MP, son of Albert Abdullah David Sassoon; his mother was Aline Caroline, daughter of Gustave Samuel de Rothschild. His sister was Sybil Sassoon, who married the Marquess of Cholmondeley . He was a cousin of the war poet Siegfried Sassoon.

          Barely five months before Siegfried Sassoon set foot in Gaza, the British had issued the Balfour Declaration, a document that would become the charter for the modern state of Israel. A scrap piece of paper Churchill used as this planet’s constitution.

          Rothschild made secret promises to the Muslim Arabs of an independent state (which the Arabs assumed would include Palestine) if in return they helped the British overthrow the Ottoman Turks; this the Arabs did by rallying behind that diminutive desert boulevardier who was Sassoon’s great friend, Lawrence of Arabia ( no sex involved ) .

        11. @ThX

          Saturn as described in the Vedic cosmology morphed into Satan.

          For example, it is critical to comprehend that wherever Satan appears, it is actually Saturn which is being referred to. Astrology was considered an indispensable science and art by the reclusive Essenes.

          Therefore, wherever the word Satan appears below, it is really referring to Saturn the heavenly body that telegraphs all of life’s adversities. In fact any astrologer in any tradition will confirm that when Saturn shows up in an individual’s life so does a LOT of difficult karma—not always, but almost always

        12. The brotherhood of the bell treatise certainly seems to parallel the Essene jesus when he describes a war against dark principalities and not flesh and blood.

          All truth was not deleted from the ancient manuscripts by Constantine’s men.

        13. Mick, I will not argue with you about faith and what it means. I too at one point in my life decided that I was far “too cool” for “conventional” religion, etc.. I explored many and made my own. Eventually I came to a place where I knew what my choice was.

          I will not say that “they are all alike”. They are not. I am completely satisfied with “my” choice, although I’m convinced it wasn’t entirely of ‘my’ doing. I did have to embrace it, however.

          I have since learned that I am not the smartest, most learned guy in the world. I have also learned that sometimes it isn’t even about “smart”. It is about faith. That said, I have not found untruth in my faith. Most of the time what appears to be error is misunderstanding.

          You are certainly free to “go it alone”. I tried that once and it didn’t work for me. Frankly I don’t think it can work for anyone, but that’s my opinion. Those who seek spiritual advancement need at least an advisor. It is too easy to become deluded by our own sense of self.

          The truth is that we are all here on this ball and surrounded by cosmic forces. We can try to understand those and work with them or ignore them and not understand the true nature of life. Either way, life will go on around us.

          In all of my days as a seeker, I never met an atheist. I met people who claimed to be. I don’t believe them. Truly, if that’s what they think they would not bring it up. They are surrounded by miracles and wonders. To think that those all occurred “accidentally” is pretty weak. To think that one is much smarter than one’s ancestors is not wise either.

        14. Dub,
          I agree The information is there for all who want to see if you have eyes to see and ears to hear you will find all the ancient secrets that lie waiting for you.
          Only the Hungary study and you alone decide based on your beliefs from what you have learned it’s your decision.
          It’s not absolute you made the decision yourself based on faith in your own decision

        15. Marranos. In the early days of New Amsterdam, weren’t there a small group of Marranos who lived there, but stayed mostly apart from the Dutch ? I seem to remember reading about their presence in the history of New Amsterdam.

        16. Slippery…., yes. Marranos spread all over Europe and eventually to the Americas. It gets more confusing in cities that had ghettos. They were supposed to be Christian, so they obviously couldn’t live in the ghetto. Real Christians would grow suspicious of their activities.

          Forms of this continue into this day and age.

        17. Also from Hallett’s book

          At the beginning of August a lot of the servant girls were given leave for the hot summer month and temporary replacements would come in. These temps were often chosen with the 31st of August in mind, when the agents of war would be conceived after a month of familiarity between master and servant.

          Hitler’s grandmother was a none too bright catholic girl who was invited to work at the Rothschild’s in Vienna in the summer of 1836.

          Her surname ‘Schicklgruber’ translates as ‘Reaper’ and refers to the grim reaper, or death,’ and with her given initials M.A.S., MAS, MAR’ becomes ‘mass death,’ She was perfect fodder for a staged Agent of War’ Rothschild terror rape.

          The Rothschilds told their servant they were going out and to retire early. Three of the Rothschilds returned quietly around 11:30 PM on 30 August 1836, put on their devil costumes, completed a midnight Golden Dawn coven ritual and began terrorizing Maria Anna Schickegruber in a pressure cooker scenario. Closing doors, rustling leaves, foot steps running away, all that scary movie stuff that has been ingrained in us for so long it has now become laughable with over exposure.

          This was designed to create sustained fear, to flood her bloodstream with adrenalin, and to alter her physiological and psychological condition to one of absolute teror.

          At 1:30 Am the three Rothschilds appeared in her room as three devils. Not only was she financially helpless, but also physically helpless. Her screams were not heard as all three Rothschilds were supposedly out. She was raped, seduced by all three, or about to join the Rothschild family, depending on her perception. Each Rothschild had a three in one chance of conceiving a child with her and they took pleasure scaring the living life out of Maria Anna Schicklegruber for a multitude of reasons.

          Totally financially strapped, in a very expensive city, Maria stayed on as a servant, but by late November her pregnancy had become apparent to the rest of the family and she was sent back to her home at House no. 13 in Stones-mission accomplished. The most likely perpetrator was Salomon Mayer Rothschild.

        18. Mick, re: Lawrence of Arabia. Yeah, I’m familiar with the story. There is a connection to Reed’s interpretations here as well. They were in Babylon since the first diaspora. Of course they have had other centers, leading to now.

          Just like the Rothschilds, its a family affair. Reed says a lot about Lord Balfor and his ilk. Originally, the British were going to give them Uganda. The Western contingent was ecstatic about it. That’s when the Khasars showed up.

          In many ways “Lawrence” was used. He was used by the Tribe and he was used by the Tribe’s bought and paid for politicians. The movie version shared little with the truth.

        19. Mick, re: Lawrence:

          I’ll try to make this short. My computer starts to get unstable when these strings get this long.

          Reed has quite a nice summary of the events in early Zionism leading up to and including the First Zionist Conference. The British knew full well what was going to happen if they let the Jews come into Palestine.

          Lawrence’s job was to convince the arabs that the British were looking after their interests. Lord Balfour was not the only bought-and-paid-for agent. A whole ream of paper with the royal seal went missing at one point and was used to write several letters requesting support for the project.

          Originally the British were going to give them Uganda. The Eastern Jews (Khasars), rejected that idea. The Western ones were OK with it. This is the period that ties to “200 Years”. This is when the power center shifted.

          The whole land grab, quasi-religious nature of the scam is deceitful. It has nothing to do with “religion” (as we know it), and everything to do with politics and crime. It is a study of what can be accomplished by people in the absence of morals.

        20. @ sunjaz

          “You make a lot of references to various prophets and seers in history,
          Do you believe these are people that have insights because of Divine power,”

          That is a difficult question as to how the pineal gland is activated. As a mahatma explained it to me many years ago. It is like a radio receiver, able to listen to various frequencies.

          The Rampa stories are a good start here.

          I could not help noticing a religious debate flaring up with ThX and Paddy.

          I have a simple answer. Take an apple an sit it on the counter, after awhile you will notice it decays. That is because the life force is leaving it, the life force which created it while on the tree. That life force is what is known as God. It springs from the earth and the heavens. It is both positive and negative energy, it creates lightning in the sky when it combines.

          As I always say, choose life, forget the dead books of dead men as spoken by the Essene Jesus. Choose life! 🙂

  5. A brilliant commenter said they can make the warning messages shorter – Stay away from areas with heavy concentrations of muslims or blacks rioting.

    “As a law-abiding citizen, you are expected to wait with fear and intimidation for the other shoe to drop, the one meant to convince you that thanks to President Barack Hussein Obama, Black Lives Matter and all other Marxist anarchists are a law unto themselves.”
    Judi McLeod

    1. For people who would create a bogus threat like ISIS, why is anyone surprised by this? I could see him pulling this to stay in the catbird seat, but I don’t think he’d take on Hillary. That’s dangerous.

      Maybe they’ve worked out a time share? More phony terror from the people who brought us ISIS and Orlando (and a long string of others).

      The thing with BO is that I can’t remember another president doing anything as outrageous as he routinely does. Nobody criticizes him. He is constantly inserting himself in local issues.

      I’m going to hope that people are wrong about his motives here. Maybe he just wants us all to know how much he hates us, I don’t know. One thing’s a cinch. If he declared that he was staying put they wouldn’t force him to leave.

    1. Damn coincidences again? “BLM” is listed as a successful “business”? Why, it’s enough to make you think the whole thing is contrived!

      It’s like they have a lotto down at the Obongo Admin. and the biggest lie wins. That’s no small feat when you hang with this crowd.

      I read where BO had DEE-RAY over to the house the other day for a three hour chat. Yep, DEE-RAY and HOO-SANE did some major jive I can tell you. BO’s come a long way from hustling gay beach bums in Waikiki to sponsoring street thugs on the Mainland.

      I have to hand it to them. If someone would have spelled this out to me when I was in my twenties I would have thought them insane. I really don’t know what they’re gonna follow this act with. . Will the Clintons finish us off? Will we survive that long?

      Obongo just seems like the perfect guy to take us out. Never has there been someone as openly contemptuous of all we hold dear.

    1. So he’s going to be “Erdo…GONE” soon? It’s about time. He’s a piece of work. I can’t wait to see what they dredge up to replace him.

      1. The Propaganda coming from the MSM is Obumer wants the Dictator to stay to supply ISILevant, (as he loves to state) with weapons.
        So everybody’s on the Train now to support Erdoğan.

        But just in case, there’s a new ad in Craigslist:

        Wanted: New Dictator for Turkey.
        Billion dollar Palace almost complete.

        Experience: Ripping the wings off flies and kicking innocent animals only apply.

        1. No question about that. That’s another wonder. It is SO apparent that “ISIS” is a wholly-owned subsidiary of USrael how is it possible that few see that? Erdogan is the supply point and a safe haven. That’s why he got pissed when the Russians wouldn’t go for a “safe zone” on his doorstep.

          To me the mystery is the reaction. The plots are so simple anybody could (and should) get it. The weird part is that, if you ran into these punks socially, you’d tell them to get lost lest you catch something. When they’re in politics, its expected.

        2. I would like some opinions on the nature (Zionist need not apply) of ISIS,
          obviously these are mercenary/terrorists that were conscripted, trained and funded by the Oligarchs/Zionist Control Syndicate that controls and runs the West, and is using them as political agents to accomplish violent takeover of lands/resources/governments etc.,
          my question is, are they directly under the control of Western intelligence Services or did they develop a life of their own and now they are out of control?
          Thank you for your response

        3. Rt says Turk military thought the coup was a drill!

          It is hard to imagine people going out into the street to support this madman. What has he ever done for them? Makes the Turks look not too bright. (They want ISIS bases in their country?)

          Looks like the Greek Metropolitan predictions are still on the table with Erdo back. He will definitely cause chaos.

        4. Sunaj, I would have to guess. It looks to me as though the leadership, in this case a crypto-Jew, works for/with TPTB as a sort of unofficial army of sorts. It is obviously well funded and trained.

          The members are probably brainwashed Muslims who like the idea of a caliphate. So they see themselves as later day Sulemans. It is a weird spin on Wahhabism.

          All of them believe that there is only one “God” (meaning the one described by Mohammed). Any other understanding is to be destroyed. Therein lies the problem. Some sects take this more seriously than others. They will all respond the same, however, if pushed.

          Just as an example, the Ottoman Empire had standing orders on how to treat Christians they encountered in war. If they were victorious they were to leave clergy alone and anyone found at prayer. They were not to desecrate religious sites or items.

          That’s quite a change from what we see today. The people who find themselves motivated to join groups like ISIS are the sort that follow blindly. They have little, if any, sense of the importance of the individual.

          But, in my opinion, they are useful pawns that are used by the U.S. and Israel (but I repeat myself), in order to do things they would normally be chastised for. The money just keeps flowing. You saw the reaction when Russia decided to take them out. I thought that was hilarious.

        5. So you’re rooting for the Arredondo Caliphate? He’ll need a turban (for official occasions). He’d probably feel at home as he could burn as many vehicles as he liked.

          “Dees is, how you say…., turnichek” Factoid: How do you say tourniquet in Spanish? Why……tourniquet of course.

          Reminds of of “W”. The French have no word for “Entrepreneur”.

      2. They have formed a “council of peace.”

        This criminal had protesters shot in Istanbul for protesting the bulldozing of some of the few trees left there.

        ISIS was stealing Iraqi and syrian oil and trucking it out through Erdogan and his son’s company where it was sold to the EU and Israel.

        Putin had promised him months ago that he would make syria his Stalingrad.

  6. Apparently they let the monkey get away.

    Senior US military source tells NBC News that Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.
    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 15, 2016

    Update 9 – Erdogan speaks from ‘secure’ site:

    First appearance of Turkish President #Erdogan after the coup on CNN Turk
    — Zaid Benjamin (@zaidbenjamin) July 15, 2016
    1. Well, with regard to this I can’t say. I will say that they use those with some regularity. Whenever you hear about an explosion that causes so much damage it would take thousands of pounds of high explosives and it was delivered in a small truck, you have an example.

      They make these in the 40 – 50 lbs. range. It certainly would not surprise me for a minute if somebody, especially in the military, didn’t have a few of those lying around. In Turkey? They don’t confine themselves to opium or oil smuggling.

      Still, VT has a habit of jumping to conclusions. Some of their stuff is very good, however. The Russians would know for certain. They track these things, just like we do.

      1. … and yet we were told over the years that the “critical mass” necessary to create a nucular blast was a minimum of 134.48 pounds of just the fuel for the explosion, never mind the trigger mechanism, which uses conventional chemical explosives, timing mechanisms, shielding, and a heavy, heavy steel shell to contain the initial chemical explosion to accomplish the “compression” of the radioactive fuel.

        We certainly imagine them to have “godlike” power, don’t we?

        Explanations why a-bombs and h-bombs do not work – 1. 9 July, 2016

        “61 kg is the critical mass – ridiculously or unscientifically defined as a small volume of about 3 liters of solid, heavy Uranium 235 metal rings – 52 kg if a sphere – that can be carried in a bag – see below. When the outer rings circle the inner rings and press against each other, their combined mass becomes critical and a single, free neutron can start splitting one atom, releasing energy and releasing more neutrons splitting more atoms at the speed of light causing an explosion of released energy. It is evidently a joke!. ”

        When a certain tribe of “scientists” took over during WWII, their imaginations took over Science, and now we only have Science Fiction where we once had Philosophy of Science. Take heart, though, because there is a revolution happening in Science as we speak, and Philosophy of Science is making a comeback.

        Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff is it? Admitted that a large percentage of what they publish is misinformation/disinformation. They are a limited hangout. If someone is a proven liar, an admitted liar, how do you accept any of his testimony as being true?

        President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho’s State of the Union.

    2. So, that’s what a nucular blast looks like nowadays? They sure have changed over the years! If I start laughing, I’ll split my sides.

  7. The Sandy Hookers have been overshadowed lately. About time. Did they think their fame would be everlasting? The headline tells me that this lawsuit was just another prop to convince the gullible masses that the “victims” are real and sincere. They are just players and so are the officials of Newtown.

    ~Newtown Rejects $11 Million Lawsuit Settlement Offer From Sandy Hook Victims’ Families~

    1. Anne, $11M huh? That’s the district’s insurance limit. I often wonder how many constitute “Lenny”? Lenny claims they should have had “The Fortress” in place to protect the little darlings.

      That argument should be easy. How many remember “security” at their elementary school? I’m waiting………., I thought so. With all of the “hookers” awash in Opium money I’m sorry to hear that Lenny has fallen on desperate straights.

      So this makes two suits that I know of. The other is with the gun manufacturer. If “Adam” had gotten stabby they might have had to go after the Ginsu factory.

  8. Haley, there are several. The best overview, one that puts things into relationship with each other, is “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed. This was written around 1955. It is available free online:

      1. Douglas Reed – The Controversy Of Zion : Douglas Reed : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

        “Commencing in 1951, Douglas Reed spent more than three years working in the New York Central Library, or tapping away at his typewriter in spartan lodgings in New York or Montreal. With workmanlike zeal, the book was rewritten, all 300,000 words of it and the epilogue added only in 1956.

        The story of the book itself — the unusual circumstances in which it was written, and how the manuscript, after having remained hidden for more than 20 years, came to light and was at last made for publication — is part of the history of our century, throwing some light on a struggle of which the multitudes know nothing: that conducted relentlessly and unceasing on the battleground for the human mind.

        Although there is correspondence to show that the title was one discussed with one publisher, the manuscript was never submitted but remained for 22 years stowed away in three zippered files on top of a wardrobe in Reed’s home in Durban, South Africa.

        The Controversy of Zion can be left to speak for itself; indeed, it is a work of revisionist history and religious exposition; the central message of which is revealed in almost every page, understanding and compassionate of people, but severely critical of the inordinate and dangerous ambitions of their leaders.

        Everything that has happened since Reed wrote those last sentences in 1956 has continued to endorse the correctness of his interpretation of more than 2000 years of troubled history. ”

        h/t Lophatt

        1. Another, although short, but important book is:

          The Nameless War : Archibald Ramsay : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

          “The Nameless War by Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay is a short book on revolutions in Europe caused by Jews and Jewish international bankers. It also explains the hidden events and causes of World War 2 and international hositility to Hitler. “A side of history not seen in history books”. Because of attempting to tell people the truth and stop World War 2 from happening, Ramsay (who was a member of the British Parliament) was arrested and imprisoned unjustly by an extension of Regulation 18B.”

          Here is the story that people have said would never be written in our time – the true history of events leading up to the Second World War, told by one who enjoyed the friendship and confidence of Mr. Neville Chamberlain during the critical months between Munich and September, 1939.

          There has long been an unofficial ban on books dealing with what Captain Ramsay calls The Nameless War, the conflict which has been waged from behind the political scene for centuries, which is still being waged and of which very few are aware. The publishers of The Nameless War believe this latest exposure will do more than any previous attempt to break the conspiracy of silence. The present work, with much additional evidence and a fuller historical background, is the outcome of the personal experiences of a public figure who in the course of duty has discovered at first-hand the existence of a centuries old conspiracy against Britain, Europe, and the whole of Christendom.

          The Nameless War reveals an unsuspected link between all the major
          revolutions in Europe – from King Charles I’s time to the abortive attempt
          against Spain in 1936. One source of inspiration, design and supply is shown to be common to all of them. These revolutions and the World War of 1939 are seen to be integral parts of one and the same master plan. After a brief review of the forces behind the declaration of war and the world wide arrests of many who endeavoured to oppose them, the author describes the anatomy of the Revolutionary International machine — the machine which today continues the plan for supranational world power, the age-old Messianic dream of International Jewry

        2. Just as a minor comment, Reed does the same. He doesn’t list the French Revolution, however. I find that strange.

      1. The more I read this the more it is screwing up my garage clean-up day, can’t put it down, Eustace would have read it backwards and forwards (one of his acquaintances told me Eustace had a photographic memory, and could literally recite a book he had read backwards)

        1. Please don’t. You can dig out the garage later. I must have read it a dozen times. If you consider its age it is very prophetic. He was there for a portion of the time of which he writes. He lost his reporter job with a London paper for reporting the truth.

          He wrote several other books as well. They are all available. This is his “masterpiece”, however. Don’t be afraid to read it again and again. There’s a lot going on. Once it “clicks” it may change how you see history.

    1. The Controversy of zion is certainly a good book. Another I recommend is Hitler was British Agent.

      Hallett combines interviews with former M16 agents or their sons, records from the era etc, quotes from various figures of the era etc. This book will blow your mind.

      The depravity of the British royals is mind boggling. Many were, bisexual, homosexual, tranvestite, married their cousins and nieces, knocked up the house keepers etc. In fact the queen mum was known as cookie because she was the daughter of a French cook.

      Wallis Simpson the wife of Edward was described by the queen mum as the lowest of the low. While in Peking, married to an american admiral at the time she worked in a brothel in the forbidden city with no pay, to learn the tricks of the trace, stating it was the best time of her life.

      The book does mention the Anglican church in Britain is basically the catholic church under cover as Rome holds control over the City of London. They don’t mention pope Pacelli giving Hitler 6000 gold bars to form the SS however.

      Hitler is described as perfect for Tavistock and this includes quotes from his sister in law Bridgette Hitler, as to how he was deconstructed mentally at the Tavistock Institute. They placed a radio receiver in his fillings. They loved him as he was a crophilliac and easily black mailed. That means he like women such as his niece Rabal defecating on his chest and head.

      Laurence Olivier is quoted as saying he was amazed watching Simpson and Marlene Dietrick, a German spy dancing breast to breast and each with their hand in the others pants. Simpson was also a German spy having a fling with Von Ribbentrop.

      1. I’ll read that. I think the deal with Reed and Nesta Webster is that they are talking about generational control and its sources. They are not focused on a single personality. They are explaining how and why things are the way that they are.

        They also provide insight into how badly we’ve changed in recent decades. We used to be able to discuss these things openly. The premise was; “I may not agree with what you say, but I’d defend to the death your right to say them”. Those days have been replaced by accusations of micro aggression and antisemitism.

        The scope and sweep of the information shows why it is necessary to understand this in order to understand any other historical event that has be inaccurately reported. Things don’t just happen, they are made to happen.

        1. I have more of this book blocked in comment. I will try to get some of it in.

          The queen mum on simpson.

          She was conceived out of wedlock to a family who begged for survival, developed flirting as a survival skill, was a drug dealer and gambler, trained as a sex-concubine in Peking’s Forbidden City at no charge, twice divorced, falsified her own divorce papers, had affairs in each marriage, one of them being a cuckolidng affair, was involved in a high powered group of society lesbians, had communist connections, spied for the russians, was a nazi sympathizer and was having an affair with Ribbentrop, the nazi foreign minister to London, and married an American car salesman, Guy Marcus Trundle while dating the kIng who she got to abdicate, married him in nazi Germany and then cheated on him with a homosexual.

        2. I’ll have to read that. Nothing much surprises me about the Royals. In some ways they’re like the Devil. Their biggest success is convincing people that their real pasts do not exist.

          Another slick trick is convincing them that they’re “merely figureheads”. That’s a hoot. All that really happened at “the birth of democracy” was that the monarchs learned to be puppeteers.

          If you think about it, they have to reach into the gene pool occasionally if they don’t want a litter that all look like Charles. When that happens the candidate has to be at least as slimy as they are. These “kindred spirits” can usually be traced back to some other, distant outpost of lizzardom.

        3. @ Lophatt

          Many of my comments are not showing concerning parts of this book. Someone anon stuck it on this site, you can read it there.

          I am two thirds through the book and plan more posts concerning bits and pieces which are in my opinion astounding. You will like it.

          I always enjoyed your comments and sense you are a straight up guy speaking from the heart and that is what counts. You will love this book.

        4. I’m not sure your link to Aangirfan is what you intended. His site never stays put. I suppose what I’ve been saying, especially regarding Reed, is that, once you understand who pulls the strings the rest is sort of window dressing.

          There’s a designated “sin eater” for every event, but the “sins” all originate in the same place. There are only those who know this and those who don’t.

          So whether studying the “royals” or our little “rent boy” in the U.S., they are just employees. They may have money and people may kowtow to them, but they are essentially chattel.

        5. That’s great, Mick. I once had a book (I can’t remember the title, but I think it was by Rudyard Kipling). It was hilarious. I have searched for another copy for years but, because I can’t remember the title, I can’t find it.

          Anyway, it is a story set in Scotland and it is essentially about the British peerage. It makes fun of how inbred and stupid they are. Of course this was done sort of “clandestinely” as, at the time, the author could have been in trouble.

          It was about two farmers. One a commoner, the other a noble. The noble is always trying to steal the commoner’s prize pig. One day the noble fell asleep in the pig stye and, when he awoke, he had swapped places with the pig.

          The household staff invited him in and didn’t seem to notice any difference. The nobel, as the pig, was sent to the county fair and auctioned.

          At one time being British and talking about the royals was akin to now and talking about the Tribe. Das est verboten.

        6. @ Lophatt

          Of course the Rothschilds they say are worth 500 trillion but they are just the bankers for the richest corporation on earth, the vatican.

          The Jesuit Vatican.


          All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta & Teutonic Knights all based in missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome.

          Pepe Orsini – Italy
          Henry Breakspear – Macau, China
          This is the true power finally.
          This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind.
          The Cecil family were controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini.
          Maria Camilla Pallavicini is far more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II.
          The Queen and Prince Philip are totally subordinate to the Papal Bloodline the Breakspear Family and their Jesuit UKHQ at 114 Mount Street.

          Please go and study who funded Elizabeth I that astronomical amount of money to fight the Spanish, yes Pallavicini. All through ancient times these familiews bailed out the vatican many times and they run it.

      2. O.K. I found the part I was looking for. The queen mum on Simpson.

        She was conceived out of wedlock to a family who begged for survival, developed flirting as a survival skill, was a drug dealer and gambler, trained as a sex-concubine in Peking’s Forbidden City at no charge, twice divorced, falsified her own divorce papers, had affairs in each marriage, one of them being a cuckolidng affair, was involved in a high powered group of society lesbians, had communist connections, spied for the russians, was a nazi sympathizer and was having an affair with Ribbentrop, the nazi foreign minister to London, and married an American car salesman, Guy Marcus Trundle while dating the kIng who she got to abdicate, married him in nazi Germany and then cheated on him with a homosexual.

        Edward like menage a trois with Simpson and others and was drunk most of the time. The spy providing the information state “thank God he had no children”!

        Edward is described as 5-5, on I.Q. point above retardation, a small weenie and only capable of consumation with Simpson.

        It is also described how Hitler arranging the death of a double in the bunker, in a communique with Churchill reminded him you have a duty to get me out of here, I am double agent you know. He and Borman were taken though Spain through various monasteries and ended up in South American.

        It is also mentioned a Dutch submarine launched torpedos at Pearl harbor but was sunk due to a cynide cannister aboard so they could not tell their story. Roosevelt was later killed so as to avoid memoirs.

        Hiter was told he was to be the savior of both Germany and Britain by forming an alliance. The plan however was to destroy both Germany and Russia.

        Edward and Simpson were later sen to Barbados so as to avoid the collapse of the monarchy.

    1. Haven’t checked out the latest (this morning?) Baton Rouge black on cop shootings, but I’m wondering if they’re real given how embittered BLM people were by Nice’s usurpation of their spotlight. Which, BTW, I doubt was spontaneous…

    2. Skirt, think of it as being trapped in a theater. They keep showing us all their new inventions and some seem eager for more. Some want to leave but they won’t let us.

      They wave the booga-booga here, they explain the booga-booga there, its all B.S.. The best favor we can do ourselves is to not participate.

      It’s a multi-ringed magic show. They aren’t very good at it either. It’s all an illusion. If I had kids involved in this crap I’d stage an intervention.

  9. I hate the last column prison. This is in reply to THX’s reply to me.

    “Thirteen full paragraphs of ad hominem!”

    You do not know the definition of the term:

    “Ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, is a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.” (source: Wiki definition)

    This, I did not do. I stuck exclusively to the fallacy of your assumption. I did not attack the man holding the wrong idea, although I did point out that the idea is indeed foolish.

    And the number of paragraphs, however short I chose to make them, is entirely impertinent to the point I was making. I judged what was required to make my point that the idea you propound is foolish, and since my position is that no one should agree with it, I crafted it in the most digestible way possible. I suppose I could have chosen not to have broken it up into so many bite-sized portions, and just glommed it all together into one indigestible paragraph that no one would read, but what a fool that would make me. Would you rather that I did that?

    As to the article you reproduce, I find the fatuousness of the first sentence really amusing: “Beliefs will make you a slave.” Obviously, that is a false statement, on its face. I believe that I need to change the oil in my car pretty soon; does that make me a slave?

    But more to the point, I argued philosophy to you, sir, not “belief.” I argued the nature of reality, not arbitrary imagination. Objective reality demands the acknowledgement of the unseen realm. The denial of same is a denial of objective reality.

    This article you present leads me to believe that you did not actually comprehend what I wrote, because t’s clear you did not pay attention to it. (Does THAT particular belief of mine make me a “slave”?)

    This T. C. Fry person is not a very thoughtful thinker, truth be told. He/she doesn’t know what “belief” is. Almost everything in the world that we think we “know” is in fact a form of “belief,” because we could not have experienced it directly. I believe, for instance, that World War II happened, and that George Patton existed and fought in it. Does that, too, make me a slave?

    On the other hand, I believe that there is an oak tree in my yard; I can verify it because it produces acorns–so is THAT belief more valid than my belief that Patton prosecuted a war in the 1940s, even though I was not yet born when he did it? Do the acorns trump the histories?

    Neither example makes of me a slave. What fatuous foolishness.

    We can in fact know things we have not directly experienced, and when a long (millennia-long) unbroken philosophical tradition attests to human knowledge of an unseen reality, it cannot legitimately be rejected suddenly and arbitrarily, by an arrogant and haughty new generation. That is, as I say, the atheist’s fallacy.

    Here’s another gem of idiocy in the article you reproduce: “Most people are in love with their beliefs to the exclusion of the striking and self-evident truths in their lives.” Can that be said of my belief that WWII happened, that Patton lived, or that I have an oak tree in my yard?

    The fool goes on to say “Simply, the truth does not have to be believed. Truth is always evident and easy to know….” Of course, this is self-evidently false. It is NOT self-evident that WWII happened. I can only believe it happened based on a calculated risk that the historical record is not a lie. But much of the history we are told is a lie. The farther back in time we go, the harder it is to know if we are being lied to. I believe, for instance, that Caesar conquered Gaul. That in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Did these things happen? Is anyone alive who remembers being there?

    Similarly, I believe that satellites exist. I used to believe that you could not see Chicago from the other side of Lake Michigan (48 miles away), which would be impossible if the Earth is a ball–but Rob Akiba proved you CAN ( Was I a slave before I saw that video, or does my new belief make me a slave? This gets confusing. Maybe, the video is fake, and my new belief that Chicago is not miles below he horizon from the Michigan shore is enslaving me all over again.

    This person you confidently quote goes on to say “Truth is verifiable. It can be known.” So, given Rob’s experimental proof, the verifiable truth is that the Earth is indeed flat. How ’bout them apples.

    1. There certainly is a difference between Belief and Faith in a Belief.
      Nothing can really be pinned down, there is always another way to look at something.

      1. If THX thinks that, he certainly would not have reproduced that asinine article.

        But I have to disagree with you Ric. There is only one way to answer the question, what is 2+ 2? Or, how many sides does a triangle have? There is only one way of looking at true things.

        It will be interesting to see if he watches the Rob Skiba experiment, and tell us if he now believes, based upon the experimental evidence, that the Earth is flat. And if he thinks that that belief, using the ability to assess the evidence he has been presented with, enslaves him.

        Incidentally, here’s a video analysis of Rob’s experiment:


        Hard to argue with science. In a way, EVERYTHING is a matter of belief. Who are we going to believe? There are no genuine nihilists. It’s impossible to believe nothing. Nihilism is simply a way to feel comfortable rejecting culturally inherited, well-vetted truth, just because it no longer “feels” appropriate in a society that now rejects eternal verities.

        1. Believe it or not I’m on your side when it comes to faith.
          2+2 is an absolute blind faith is blind faith.

        2. Speaking of days of rage, this is a very entertaining piece and a glimpse of present day college life at UC Berkeley.

          I thought it was very entertaining as well as the comments.

          UC Berkeley Paper Receives Avalanche of Negative Responses to ‘White Devil’ Columnist Maggie Lam

          Maggie indicates she uses sex as a weapon on the white devil who is caught up in “yellow fever”.

          Maggie is critical of her parents who do not support BLM. As one guy suggests due to their take out being held up by a guys in ski masks, possibly this has something to do with it.

        3. I know that nobody asked, but here’s what I think. I hear statements about “organized religion” all the time. The implication is that those who subscribe to them are mindless, etc..

          I am Roman Catholic, by choice. I was raised Protestant. At a point in my life I rejected Christianity in its entirety. I thought I understood what I was rejecting. I didn’t.

          Many people, myself included (at one time), think they are too smart for religion. Another version of this is “whatever someone believes is as good as another”. I’m afraid that simply isn’t so.

          Religions exist to reveal what they believe to be the truth. Authentic religion requires “metanoia” (change of heart). We must adapt ourselves, not the other way round.

          Everyone likes affirmation. When one is seeking a relationship with God humility is what is required. Giving oneself permission to do whatever one pleases may not be conducive to that relationship.

          We have the benefit of many thousands of souls who have devoted their lives to trying to understand God’s will and facilitating it. Much of this is hard won learning and should be heeded lest one unnecessarily repeat the same mistakes.

          I have learned that the choice of a religion is important. They exist to help the faithful in their journey. Not everyone responds to one method and, at least in the case of mine, has many different approaches to help with all aspects of faith. They also keep one honest.

          Many have said that we don’t all “arrive” until we ALL arrive. There is a community aspect of faith, especially for Christians. We are “The Body of Christ”. That means all of us. All those parts need to function together.

          So, I would warn some to be careful with their assumptions. People who belong to organized religions are not less intelligent than those who like to criticize. In fact, they just may know a thing or two that their critics haven’t learned.

        4. Re: Ms. Lam. I read this crap from time to time. Are parents really spending their money sending their little darlings to institutions to be groomed for the New World Odor? Apparently so.

          They are taught that they are “oppressed” by whitey whether whitey does anything to them or not. I read a similar one earlier that had some black chick screaming the whitey didn’t own anything because anything whitey owned was gotten on the backs of slaves.

          With a very little scholarship our “expert” could find that at no time in U.S. history did more than 2 percent of the population own slaves. I doubt if that would influence her, however.

          So, our “little Lam” is in good company, apparently. Anyone care to take a bet on how long it will take them to “unlearn” this nonsense?

        5. Well, Patrickchatsamiably, you bring in another distraction as a part of your argument: nihilism

          (redirected from Nihilists)
          Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
          (nī′ə-lĭz′əm, nē′-)
          1. Philosophy The doctrine that nothing actually exists or that existence or values are meaningless.
          2. Relentless negativity or cynicism suggesting an absence of values or beliefs: nihilism in postwar art.
          a. Political belief or action that advocates or commits violence or terrorism without discernible constructive goals.
          b. also Nihilism A diffuse, revolutionary movement of mid-19th-century Russia that scorned authority and tradition and believed in reason, materialism, and radical change in society and government through terrorism and assassination.
          4. Psychiatry A delusion, experienced in some mental disorders, that the world or one’s mind, body, or self does not exist.

          Really???? Patrick you more and more seem to be a communist! (Don’t get me started on what a communist really is). Obviously, (a Patrick favorite word). a disbelief in belief has absolutely nothing to do with nihilism.

          But that distraction aside,

          Let’s take apart this particular Flat Earth argument. It’s one of hundreds, all equally fallacious, and promoted ad nauseum by religionists across the internet.

          The argument conflates refraction of light with “mirage”, Refraction in the variable atmosphere along the surface of the earth is a well-known phenomenon, as are mirages. A mirage is a refraction of light which causes an inverted image of far-away objects. There are other known types of refraction in the atmosphere of the Earth which do not cause an inverted image of far away objects, and can make far-away objects seem closer, even to the point of “seeing beyond” the mathematically-calculated theoretical horizon of the Earth.

          This is a good time to say that mathematics is not science. Science is way easier to understand than the abstruse symbology of mathematics. Mathematics often reifies imaginary ideas as if they were fact. Mathematics is as understandable to most people as Hebrew, and there’s a reason for that.

        6. The resident Zionist schill is also a FET? That actually makes a lot of sense, since both groups are subversive ideologies that are part of the attack on civilizations, how appropriate

        7. I am not a Zionist, although I acknowledge that the Bible certainly predicts, in multiple of its books, that Israel will be regathered in the last generation, at the culmination of history. The recorded predictions are a matter of fact and history, and the fact that they came true is a matter of fact and history.

          But a Zionist is a person who is invested in that fulfillment of prophesy, who actively endeavors to aid in the process of recreating the nation, and the regathering of the diaspora. These people think that the regathering of Israel is by definition a good thing, and that the resurrected country must by definition be good, too. I am not one of these people.

          I am an objective observer of the fact of Zionism. It certainly interests me. I know what the Bible says about the conditions that will prevail when the enterprise is complete. The world is going to be an EXTREMELY unpleasant place when that happens. Unfortunately, that time is fast approaching; Jesus said “This generation will not pass away until all these things be fulfilled.” That generation began in 1948; unless they devise a way to unnaturally extend human lifetime, the hourglass is running out.

          So I am more or less an anthropologist on the subject of Zionism. I observe the phenomenon with interest. One thing it has done for Christians, which I am delighted by, is the huge explosion in archeological work it has triggered. There have been “digs” all over the place in the land, ever since the regathering began, and we have learned an amazing amount about the context of the Biblical text because of it. It’s invaluable to understanding the Bible. Another thing I appreciate is how “Western” Israel is for Christians who want to visit the places so many important events took place. It is a safe place to explore. As an example, I have walked through the length of Hezekiah’s tunnel; this would never have been possible before.

          But my appreciation of Israel’s making the Biblical locations accessible does not make me a Zionist. I have addressed this before, more than once; perhaps you missed those comments. Here’s a relatively recent one: //

          As for the Flat Earth, I am still very much in a state of agitation with it. I have given the topic perhaps a hundred hours of research, and become more unsettled all the time. For instance, the Rob Skiba experiment I linked to above: they filmed continuously as they drove a boat 48 miles across Lake Michigan, and Chicago’s skyline, from the street to the top of the buildings, was visible continuously the whole time. If the Earth is a ball, this is simply impossible. But there it is, on Youtube, for anyone to see. The explanation that photographs taken of Chicago from across the lake are documentation a mirage is completely disproven by that boat trip.

          Likewise, consider the strange experience of Felix Baumgartner, who ascended in a balloon to the edge of space and jumped (he wanted to see what would happen to a man without a plane around him when he starts to fall faster than the speed of sound). It took about four hours to rise past the atmosphere, but he landed very close to where he started. This is a real problem, if the Earth is ball that is spinning at a thousand miles per hour: he should have landed in the Pacific ocean.

          These are facts that demand to be taken seriously.

          But there are many difficult questions I haven’t learned the answers to.

          One thing I have learned in life is to be comfortable being uncomfortable in the process of learning a new thing. The harder it is, the more satisfying.

        8. I should add, if it wasn’t clear, that the reason I linked to Rob Skiba’s boat trip video is that the idea we live on a spinning ball is a belief that until a couple years ago no one questioned. It is a BELIEF. Much scientific evidence demonstrates that belief to be false. Yet, so strong is this belief that anyone who questions it is considered a heretic, mocked, ostracized, and his arguments dismissed without examination.

          The point is that, as I said yesterday, essentially everything we think we know is a matter of belief, because it is either unquestioned or unverifiable; I CAN verify that my tree is an oak because it produces acorns (it doesn’t LOOK like an oak, I should have mentioned), but I can’t verify that Caesar took Gaul, although I believe he did. And the more firmly we hold our beliefs the more we mistake them for objective facts. There is nothing that drives people to violence more surely than to challenge their most firmly held beliefs; just look at how people react to Flat Earth evidence. It is completely irrational, these reactions. If the evidence is solid, rational people would be expected to incorporate it into their thinking–but that’s not what we see. What we see is more like an enraged Jihadi screaming Allahu Akbar! and searching for a scimitar to kill you with after being informed that Allah is really just a demon.

          That is, people only THINK they are rational, much of the time, when in fact they are operating from assumptions and beliefs. That’s just the way it is. If it were not so, there would be no outrage and refusal to examine the evidence when the topic of the Flat Earth is brought up.

          Perhaps it’s is a matter of existential terror, that any threat to one’s foundational beliefs is instinctively unimaginable, unthinkable, so the challenger must be silenced.

        9. Well Patrick, I’m afraid that while I admit that there are anomalies, that doesn’t mean that I have two choices, round or flat (for example). Beyond that, people who don’t subscribe to the “flat Earth theory” are not stupid, as the video implies.

          This really isn’t so much a “science” problem as it is a “logic” problem. If I concede that the standard explanation is lacking, that doesn’t mean that the substitute explanation is “correct”. Just like so many things in life, we don’t always know the answer. Sometimes that’s just the way it is.

          As far as some sort of conspiracy, I have more problems trying to get my mind around that than I do the anomalies. Why, (pardon the pun), on Earth would somebody do that and then maintain it for centuries? What would the advantage be?

          If tomorrow they categorically “proved” the Earth to be flat would I care? Not really. I would have a HOST of questions. I have those now and, trust me, what I’ve read and watched about it has not answered them to my satisfaction.

          Just as a minor example, the reference to “losing” 100 to 200 feet from the bottom of a long range image is new to me. I suspect that it is inserted to eliminate the obvious question of “why can’t I see the other shore of the lake?”. If its flat, and there’s no limit to our vision, we should be able to see this “ice wall”.

          When one starts down this path a whole new cosmology is necessary. Suddenly, old explanations don’t work any longer and EVERYTHING is up for grabs. Of course these new “interpretations” are explained away as being necessary because of some “conspiracy” to keep the truth from us. I have yet to hear a viable explanation for why someone or some group would do this.

          I have even read theories of some sort of giant HVAC system below ground ran by (?) that generates the climate changes under a “dome” that essentially is a projector screen. Well, one can build an argument for that but I’m pretty sure I’m unlikely to buy into it.

          I think your statements about “belief’ are largely correct. To “believe” in flat earth theory, it is more an article of “faith”, not science. It is a statement that “I do not believe TPTB therefore, I reject everything they tell me”. Well, I don’t believe them much either. That doesn’t compel me to accept the flat earth theory either.

          I admit there are problems with the explanation we currently share. Designing a flat earth to answer those problematic questions may be convenient but it creates as many problems as it solves. I could go on virtually forever on this one.

          Your video has us “perfectly flat”. Others concede a “curve”. So it leads back to the same approach. Someone raises a question that must be answered to maintain the ‘belief”. The “answers” get modified to preserve the original thesis. Perhaps the “correct” thing is to design a thesis that actually includes the observed phenomena. That would be more “scientific” than simply calling anyone who isn’t buying it “stupid”.

          The truth is that people who advocate this are really saying “I want everyone to totally abandon everything they’ve ever been taught about the nature of the Universe. I know it’s all a lie. So, throw it all out and if you have any questions please ask and I’ll give you answers one question at a time”.

          By the way, all the airline pilots, (not to mention NASA), ships captains, communications experts, etc., are all in on the plot and/or blinded by “faith” in the original explanations. I’m capable of looking at anything. I admit that some things are more plausible than others. I would have to hear a lot more answers than I’ve heard to swallow the flat earth theory whole. I can study it as an esoteric exercise, but I would have a difficult time making physical decisions based upon it.

        10. – Atheism and Flat Earth Don’t Mix. I think it’s hard to wrap your mind around the “why” unless you believe that there is a long-standing spiritual battle going on. If FE is true, then I think hiding God would be the reason. The bible portrays a flat, enclosed cosmology, or at least something like that. You can’t find a spinning globe there. The globe is something that recent generations have had hard-wired into our brains since birth. I think taking a look at the history of the global belief is something worth doing. Terra Firma: the earth not a planet, by David Wardlaw Scott, is an interesting read. When I woke up to Sandy Hook, I developed a real distaste for the phrases “according to authorities” or “experts say”. It became clear to me that there isn’t much reason to believe so-called experts when we see deception and manipulation in virtually every aspect of our society. I feel similarly about NASA. When I hear things coming from them about new galaxies they’ve discovered “300 light years away”, or see images they’ve captured of a planet supposedly 560 million miles away, I just don’t believe it anymore. What, we can get a picture of Jupiter from 560 million miles away, but my radio cuts out when I go through a tunnel? They tell us on earth we’re spinning 1040 MPH, while orbiting around the sun at 18.5 miles/sec, which itself is moving through space at 45,000 mph, yet the constellations have remained the same for thousands of years. We don’t believe our own senses, which tell us we’re not moving, and that the sun is moving above us, but trust what scientists tell us instead. I don’t think everyone at NASA, or pilots, or ships captains would need to be in on it. I think it’s similar to the pyramid idea that we see when we look at events like Sandy Hook. Those at the top know, and those at the bottom just think they’re doing their job. I’m not trying to say I have all the answers as to how they would pull this off, but I believe it when the bible says Satan is the father of lies, and clearly he’s running the show down here. I am currently reading a book called “The Greatest Lie on Earth” by Edward Hendrie, and I think it’s a good one for anyone at all interested in investigating. Plenty of great websites out there as well, which have some compelling information: Truth is Stranger than Fiction, Rob Skiba Flat Earth, Jeranism, scrawny2brawny, flatwater.
          I don’t want to debate anyone on this subject, I’m just weighing in on a possible reason for the deception, and encouraging anyone who’s interested to dig a bit and give it some time.

        11. I have a different theory on flat earth. It is designed to eat up bandwidth and convince anyone coming to a site like this the first time that everyone there is mentally ill.

          By the age of 12, most kids have enough imagination to realize a bunch of planets which look like spinning pie plates revolving around the sun is not a valid theory, especially if mom has ever bought them a frisbee.

        12. As to they “why” question, if FE is true, I believe it would be about hiding God. – Atheism and Flat Earth Don’t Mix. It’s hard to question the globe because it is such an ingrained belief for recent generations. We probably hear the word global, or see images of a globe, many times a day. Anyone reading this blog is a skeptic, and when we hear the phrases “experts say” or “according to authorities”, we raise an eyebrow because we know there is deception and manipulation in virtually every aspect of society. Nasa comes out with announcements claiming they’ve discovered a new galaxy 300 million light years away, and I just don’t believe it. What, we can get a picture of Jupiter, 560 million miles from earth, but my reception cuts out when I drive through a tunnel? The Earth is spinning 1040 mph, while rotating around the sun, at 18.5 miles/second, which itself is hurtling through space at 45,000 mph while constellations have remained the same for thousands of years? We are told not to trust our own senses, which say we’re not moving, and that the sun moves overhead, but rather to trust what scientists tell us. I don’t think everyone who works at NASA, all pilots, and ship captains would have to be in on it. It would be similar to the pyramid scheme of hoaxes like SH, with only those at the very top understanding what’s going on. I’m not saying that I have it all worked out about how this could be pulled off. I’m just putting forth a possible reason for the deception. The bible says satan is the father of lies, and he’s running the show right now. I recommend the “The Greatest Lie on Earth” by Edward Hendrie, and “Terra Firm” by David Wardlaw Scott. Lots of compelling stuff on YT: Truth is Stranger than Fiction, Rob Skiba Flat Earth, Jeranism, Flat Water, Scrawny2Brawny. I don’t want to argue with anyone here about what is true, and I’m not trying to convince anyone about FE, because ultimately people have to arrive at what they believe for themselves, and there are plenty of other forums out there where people are debating this stuff. I don’t think this is a psyop, or a waste of time, and I don’t think people who are willing to investigate it are stupid.

        13. Yes Mick. I was going to elaborate but “CE” beat me to it. You see, the main answer for this dilemma is “religious”, in that “God” (or the popularly acceptable architect of your choice) only created the Earth and the rest is an illusion.

          In other words, there IS no Universe. There is just the Earth, the rest is a giant hologram. They don’t tell us because that would make us feel “special” instead of small and insignificant.

          Now, I won’t go into what is wrong with this idea. I don’t think I have to. Personally I think these types of pitches are designed to capture those who think of themselves as just “too kool for school”. We know what scum is in charge, but we don’t want to be stuck studying that. No. Let’s get “cutting edge” and REALLY hang it all out there.

          I could actually make a compelling argument that none of us exist. Hey, it may be true! Seen the right way it makes sense. “The World” is an agreement, after all. Yellow is yellow because we say so.

      2. Organized religion has hijacked the concept of “FAITH”
        as was said earlier by a fine mind posting on this blog:
        “That which is true and proper to our lives is known and does not have to be believed”
        we were spirit beings long before any creed or policy was inscribed on a tablet
        the meaning of “faith” has been so twisted, perverted and co-opted by the religionists it is best to use another word for this concept, which is the birthright of every human

        1. Right Sun, and your job, if you care or are hungry for truth is to un-twist all the lies and seek the truth.

          90% of people never have the hunger in their souls to seek what is real.

          It’s a life long journey that can’t be found in a fancy building or a ritual but in your own space and time.

          Knock and the Door Will open. Many Never knock and just repeat what they have been told to believe.

          Some sip the milk all their lives because they have been told it’s free ticket.

          Some Starve for truth and understanding and work towards answers . In the end it’s your choice what you believe

        2. When a baby is born in this world, he or she has faith in his/her mother, and rightfully so, because life is set up that way. That faith is the ultimate faith, and there really is no other valid faith. A baby somehow knows that mother will protect him at all costs against the dangers of the world, and mothers somehow know that they must protect their baby against all dangers posed by the world. This is a Natural system, understood by all beings in the world, especially mothers, and perhaps throughout the Universe. It was not invented by Man, nor written as a “Law”, it didn’t begin in a book, it just is.

        3. You are correct THX if the mother has the moral compass to take care of a child she will. Some don’t. It doesn’t necessarily come naturally. A newborn baby doesn’t have faith Nor knows what faith is. The innocent child is 100% dependent on the mother to feel true love towards the child and have the moral compass to protect the child.

          Some Don’t.
          There’s a very own book that says the laws of right and wrong are written in your heart when you’re born.

          That’s what it sounds like to me you’re basically saying is universal law.

          You’re actually quoting the Bible.

          Everyone knows when they’re doing wrong and when they are doing right that is a universal law put forth by who ?

          There are two options either there is a universal God or Aliens planted us here with all the plants and all the animals .

          If that is the case who is there God who created them?

          It’s a circular argument, The chicken or the egg.

          The monkey theory was made up to lessen you as a human and take away your potential .

          Why is it they say there’s no God yet worship Lucifer?

          There lies the mystery of the quotient .

    2. Days of Rage, you go Paddy. A prophetic post title.

      He don’t say nothin’, he must know somethin’
      Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ along

      But Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ a
      Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ along


    3. Patrick,

      This is a comment on your last two posts to THX. Don’t feel you need to reply. My remarks will not influence you, and I know what your answer will be anyway. You’ve reiterated yourself so many times on the issue that you now use your own previous posts as source material.

      You said:

      “The Divine Council is real… your refusal to acknowledge existential reality does not make that reality cease to exist.”


      “I argued philosophy to you, sir, not “belief.” I argued the nature of reality, not arbitrary imagination. Objective reality demands the acknowledgement of the unseen realm. The denial of same is a denial of objective reality.”

      I don’t care what it is you think, but it’s dishonest to change the meaning of words to make them fit your argument. You cannot appropriate philosophical terms like “existential” and “objective reality” which have their own established bodies of thought, to bolster your theory of a supernatural “unseen realm.”

      At least not while claiming to be arguing philosophy.

      1. Existential reality is exactly what I am promoting.
        1. Of, relating to, or dealing with existence.
        2. Based on experience; empirical.

        Existence does not need to be believed!

        Also, it is totally unnecessary to believe that the oak tree exists, because you see, taste, feel, smell and hear the wind rustling through the leaves of said tree. In addition, if you bring a friend along, he or she can verify that that oak tree is indeed there! No belief is necessary!

        1. Many, many people believe that these fictions the government is giving us are real! Not believing is the cure.

      2. Engaging in a debate (and that is what it always comes down to with agitaters) with a user who has demonstrated their lack of integrity time and time again (and this really is the most important thing-is the user honest? Attempting to figure out the puzzle? Or do they have an agenda?) who blatantly is espousing propaganda, using the technique of repetition (say anything often enough and people will come to believe it), divide and conquer (almost all of these discourses set the blog to flaming, and this is a very intelligent room of truthers) is an exercise in futility, and the introduction of such viruses as FTE only degrades the room and the mission-

      3. If I may I’d like to add a couple of (hopefully short) thoughts to that. I believe what I believe. I have my reasons, and I think they’re pretty good. If someone believes otherwise, that’s fine with me. They have their right to do that, just as I do.

        I do not think that people who disagree with me are stupid. It is important for me to have people understand that I am NOT a fundamentalist Christian. I do not believe in fundamentalist anything.

        The perversion of orthodox Christianity is responsible for many of these beliefs that make Christians appear foolish. Prophecy, for example, is not “fortune telling”. Scripture, is not the Motor Vehicle Code. The Bible is not a rule book that must be read and understood literally.

        Once upon a time I worked with people like this who were converting and I can tell you some stories. I admit that I have a shorter fuse for it than most. I absolutely have no patience with it.

        Just as you said about reinterpreting the meaning of words to bolster specious arguments, that is exactly what happens with fundamentalists. At the heart of it is the belief (desire?) that this is simple. Just do as you are told and you get an all expenses paid trip to Heaven.

        The faith has little to do with that. That is the McChristian version. It’s a convenience food, like a cheeseburger.

        My desire is that people come to believe what I believe, but I have no right to impose that. I have no intention of “arguing” someone into it either. My beliefs have brought me great joy, not that that is the primary purpose of faith.

        As you said, or at least as I understood it, you are correct to say that there is no point to arguing with a fundamentalist. It only makes them more hard headed and wastes a lot of energy. They think they have God in a box. It’s sad, really.

    4. Well, it’s news to me that calling someone a fool and foolish is not ad hominem, likewise a lost child, and childlike, but I’ll let that go for now, it doesn’t affect me at all. It’s easy to see that you have taken your time away from commenting to build an argument. and that you feel that you must preempt some perceived attack on your religion as a result of my thesis against the very act of belief. Although I did not specify any particular belief, or type of belief, in my arguments, you chose to believe that I was attacking your religion, and you chose to believe that I am an Atheist. Interesting, let’s see where this leads.

      You seem to think that a philosopher must have some sort of pedigree in order to be valid? What’s next in that line of thought, licensed philosophers? Is not any free man a philosopher? Are not the very “primitive” men of ancient tribes philosophers, and since they live in complete harmony with Nature, are they not successful philosophers? You limit yourself to “Western” philosophy, and Judeo-Christian philosophy, without a care for other modes of thought, and so you confirm my argument against the very act of belief, which limits a man to the point of slavery.

    1. Sarah, he must be learning from the French. What i do know is that he’s a piece of work. The whole family is up to their collective necks in illicit lucre.

      I could see that, yes indeed. Think about it. He gets to come back, claim the high road, have his enemies assassinated. What’s not to like from his perspective?

      He gets his “Day of the Long Knives” and his opposition gets squelched.

      1. Just as I said this dictator is going to come down like a Ton of bricks.

        I hope the people of turkey realize what they’ve done .

        He’s rounding up all of his enemies and solidifying his position as a dictator .

        This coup is the best thing that could’ve ever happened for him .

        Now the people all on their own have to rectify this if they have the guts .

        You all just gave your country way when it was in the palm of your hand .

        So Sad a Day.

        Five generals 39 Colonels 3000 judges all in prison that had nothing to do with this .

        The New World order loves you fools

    1. Solzhenitsyn’s book compliments Reed’s. It sets the stage and helps explain the problem in case the reader of Reed doesn’t already understand the dynamic.

      Napoleon faced the same problem. It is inevitable.

    1. To be honest, I’ve never understood people’s fascination with Hitler, or a host of other “luminaries”. All of them are employees. Now, when someone talks about the Rothschilds, they are at least getting close to the center.

      All the rest are simply put in place to do their master’s bidding. Who could be surprised? So Hitler’s sex life or whether he worked for the British or not don’t interest me much.

      I know that the whole superficial program is a sham. Once you break away from that there really is no point in studying the actors. It’s like these events. You know they’re fake. Why waste too much time on them?

      Now, sometimes they do something unusual and those can be interesting. They are interesting in the way that one looks at a bug under a magnifying glass. It makes no difference what one thinks about it.

      So those who get excited over the proclivities of mid-management employees are missing the point. All of these characters were just going through the motions.

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