Wolfgang Halbig Coerced Into Removing ‘Sandy Hook Justice Report’ Website, Ceasing Investigation

Updated 8/31/16 at 10:15AM ET

Unknown Parties Give Former Florida State Trooper Written Ultimatum

Wolfgang Halbig has taken his Sandy Hook Justice Report site offline, apparently at the behest of forces not yet named who have vigorously opposed the school safety expert’s continued investigation of the Sandy Hook school massacre event. As of 4:30PM ET Tuesday August 30 the site is no longer available on the web.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.45.17 PM

MHB has been unable to reach Halbig by phone for comment. The school safety consultant and former Florida State Trooper told us last week he was traveling to Newtown the week of August 22 to followup on pending Freedom of Information requests on documentation that would only further contradict how the Sandy Hook event transpired as reported by major media throughout the world. 

On Saturday August 27 Halbig wrote this email to one or more unknown parties:

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, Wolfgang Halbig <wolfgang.halbig@comcast.net> wrote:

I came home last night from Hartford, CT and I promised my family that I would remove my Sandy hook Justice Reports website.

It may take a week since I am not running it and I will have to pay the company to take it down or I will do whatever in exchange of you leaving my family alone.



In response a party calling themselves “Johnathan Reich” (apparently after the young man who was dragged through court for contacting Connecticut state coroner H. Wayne Carver II in early 2013) issued the following demands of Halbig, apparently under threat of harm or intensified harassment:

From: “Johnathan Reich” <therealjonreich@gmail.com>
To: “Wolfgang Halbig” <wolfgang.halbig@comcast.net>
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 1:20:06 PM
Subject: Re: Please do not contact my family members again or their school superintendent and school board members.


Here’s what needs to happen:

1.Take down Sandy Hook Justice Reports website.

2.Take down Montefrank.com-Remove any and all references/ photos that Avielle Richman is Lenie Urbina- that poor girl and her family are terrified of you.

3.Stop abusing and of Sandy Hooks Children or parents.

4.Stay out of Newtown. Never come here again. Ever.


You have until 3pm on Tuesday August 30th to remove posts on Avielle and the Urbina girl. That is tomorrow. 3pm.

You have until 12pm, Friday September 2nd to pull the sites down.

Your recent Facebook post is ridiculous. Unlike you, we believe children are sacred to us. We work to protect children. Nothing is more important than protecting children.

Your beautiful grandchildren have nothing to fear from us. You know this.

I personally hope that you decide to keep the sites up, and disregard our demands altogether. I really do.

You need to think very hard about how you are going to move forward. I suggest you meet with your family to discuss.

Enough is enough. Leave our families alone. Let us raise our children in peace.

Let us know your plans.

We look forward to your response.

Over the past two years Halbig has experienced significant harassment from parties involved in the Sandy Hook massacre event. This has included bizarre and sinister antics such as delivery of toy ducks with noxious substances sprayed on them.


Information will be added to this post as it becomes available. 

8/31 UPDATE: Wolfgang Halbig tells MHB this morning that he was compelled to take his website down and go off of Facebook because one or more parties unknown to him are contacting his wife and son’s places of employment in an effort to have these family members terminated from their positions because of Wolfgang’s activities concerning Sandy Hook. The party that is making the demands goes by the email therealjonreich@gmail.com, yet according to Halbig law enforcement authorities in his Florida jurisdiction refuse to research the email and pursue the party using it. Police in Georgia, however, where Halbig’s son resides and works, are investigating the email address.

While there is no confirmation of what specific individuals are behind the harassment, Lenny Pozner runs organizations and websites devoted to online stalking and harassment of those seeking to investigate the Sandy Hook massacre event. In June 2016 Pozner was featured in an Australian Broadcasting Corporation news production where he claimed the Florida Atlantic University termination of Professor James Tracy was one of his greatest achievements. “That was a very strong success,” Pozner remarked, “a very powerful statement that that sort of behaviour is not acceptable.” 

That thirty-minute production, “Honouring Noah,” debuted on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent. Here is a Tweet from the disinterestted journalist who produced the piece.

In late 2015 Pozner filed a lawsuit against Halbig and pushed for discovery of Halbig’s financial accounts and personal business relationships. The school safety consultant states that the legal action is unsound, and has retained an attorney to fight it and obtain discovery as well. 

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  1. This is a very sad day since Wolfgang tried so hard to get out the truth. His YouTube videos are still up though as I write this.

  2. It amazes me what lengths liberal’s will go to protect their false flag events. I wonder whatnHbig was told that wasn’t in writing.

    1. There are plenty of ‘liberal’ Americans that would take issue of you laying the blame of the NEW WORLD ORDER at their feet. Certainly Indentured Servitude is not part of the liberal mindset, nor is an environment of fear, which is propagated by right wing neo-cons for the most part. Of course, Donald Trump will change everything…..assuming he can get Hillary elected.

      1. You may be correct but it will Not Trump who puts Hillary in the White House.

        Here We Go:

        Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections.

        “Even before the FBI identified new cyber attacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security (began considering) Is declaring the election a “critical infrastructure,” giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and and the electric power grid.”

        That’s Jeh Johnson Obumers hand picked Thug…


        1. I told you itis going to Be a bumpy road The next two months.

          A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election.

          DHS is crowning Hillary.

          Tim Kaine is your next president.

          He killed Able.

        1. Awesome, I’m gonna vote for a bona fide mobster who works for the CIA and the Rothchilds/Rockefeller empires.


        2. She’s Hot Dubmmicksters.

          I’m gonna vote 2 times now.

          Face it if I, you, or a dog named Blue ran for President the same stories from
          The internet
          Would be playing.

        3. A few months ago, a few of MHB former commenters were tickled pink that old Donald boy was the new John Wayne riding in on his horse to save America… Hmm ! Where are they now ?

          Let’s see what the rabbit hole has for us today..



          And let’s not forget that old black, brown and white race thing and how mind raped Americans really are.


      1. That’s how pervasive the Neo-Cons anti-liberal psychological campaign on us is. They have us more divided as a country than ever before. To lessen the threat of an outright revolt, for one.

        They’ve gone as far as to declare corporations are PEOPLE. To further shelter white collar criminals. People like Trump vehemently promote corporations as people to claim they have constitutional rights (as individuals do).

  3. Each day the USS Titanic resembles the Soviet Union Police State more and more. Marx and Lenin would be proud of the harassment of Mr. Halbig.
    Killary will finish off this country within months if she rules.

  4. This is very strange and the source is questionable but well worth the read.


    ” Halbig will likely prevail at FOIC”

    ” Connecticut State Police will appeal, and we will need to see it resolved in the courts. The State Police position is consistently that the Dash Cams are seized property as part of an investigation and not subject to Freedom of Information Act release.”

    I have no clue what going on…

  5. Threats against Wolfgang’s grandkids are beyond what is acceptable . Wolfgang never threatened any kids and these threats from this Johnathan Reich site only proves how they are scared of being exposed for the frauds that they are.
    ” We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” now more than ever. A class action suit against these charities that bilked well meaning people out of hard earned money by pulling on the heart strings is what is needed. If thousands of people were included as Plaintiffs in the suit there is no way these criminals could threaten that amount of people.

  6. So. Mr Halbig has stepped back.
    After years of stonewalling the FOIA commission in the state of Connecticut. After years of searching for a true answer. After years of threats to him and his family. He seemed not to worry about the threats to him self. But finally, to his family. All this due to his concern about how to best respond to mass shootings in schools.
    He mentioned in the last FOIA meeting that he wished the people would ‘man up’. I believed that he said ‘TEAM UP!’.
    To team up for the search of the truth of what really happened at Sandy Hook ES in dec 2012 is not an easy issue. Who is to trust? Who’s to rely on?
    Great researchers has come, and unfortunately gone. The stamina needed fur such a quest is hard to bear for a single individual. Time and money are short for the majority of us. And the fear of repercussions.
    Some say that the answers will never be answered. Some say that the corruption is to great to battle.
    And some say, we can do it.
    And I do believe that we can take the heritage from Mr Halbig and bring it forward.
    If everyone in the Sandy Hook fb group would file a FOIA request, it would create a great buzz. 12000 people. Wouldn’t that be something.
    Has the work of Mr Halbig been in vain?
    Is it possible for us to carry his work forward?
    You all choose. Individually.
    I don’t have the answers of carrying this forward. Maybe you, yes you, have the compassion, time and expertise to do it.
    I do hope.
    Stay strong. Never forget. Chose love.
    Is this the end? Or is it a start of a new beginning?

      1. Can this ‘petition’ really be taken seriously? Or is it designed to make anyone who questions the Sandy Hook event look ridiculous? An excerpt:

        The National Security Agency (NSA) has been secretly fighting the alien cause and the humans that worked for or with the aliens since it was established in the mid 1950s. Google “NSA Department Z”

    1. Let’s digress one moment here and look from a tangent. It is not uncommon when a situation like a false flag arises and after much thrashing on the part of bloggers, lo and behold!, a person carrying blazing 6-guns comes onto the scene. This tall, dark stranger with the Stetson and deep voice, sort of like a Dirty Harry or Man with no Name, makes the scene and soon the movie unfolds and the Unknown Gunfighter shoots the gang that is terrorizing Dry Gulch and then he rides off into the sunset, none the worse for wear save a few less live cartridges on his bandoliers. This is a perfectly acceptable ending for your average cowboy movie that appeared from 1948 to 1975, plus or minus.
      Let’s roll ahead to the present. We have the bad news Gang that is terrorizing the scene and, lo and bejabbers!, a possibly rotund, light haired gent appears and proceeds to fight tooth and nail, or appears to, and he makes a tremendous effort trying to get to the bottom of the Gang’s activities that are anti-societal, say. Well, after a knock down, drag out brouhaha with apparent fisticuffs or hard words exchanged, said stranger retires to his home once again and ascribes his bad luck to the hard fight represented as impossible odds and he retires from the scene and folks far and wide commend him for a job well done….just sayin’, that’s all.
      Who would file a jynormous lawsuit then act like a fool and do all sorts of stupid things like excessive speeding on an old motorcycle and crash and burn?
      When some character involved in one of these happenstances is apprehended, indicted, charged and convicted and sent to the slammer, what proof do we have that he went to said yonder slammer anyway? Would participants in the various tomfooleries make it appear they were thrown into prison for, say, lying? Why do the courts assume the authorities are always right and bloggers are all insane? How do FOIA courts take on the appearance of kangaroo courts? How do they get away with it?You don’t suppose the various agencies acting in concert almost like pony express riders stationed from one place to another ready to spring into action are well practiced before said events happen?
      I think the sophistication of the implementation and coverup of the various events is getting deeper and deeper. Somebody makes a good deduction and next thing you see is a retort by one of the perps or sayanim.

      I cannot certify, nor can we certify, that people who just happen to make the scene after an event are legit. This is a give and take scenario and perps peripheral to these massive events like 911, say, are pulling out all the stops to remain hidden, malposed, or able to keep people guessing, people that often are not the brightest bulbs in the light fixture.
      I think we have to consider the validity of individuals that just happen to pop up along the highway asking to be believed, trying hard to be believed, and most of all, well schooled in slight of hand.

  7. Anyone who cares at all about this topic knows the ‘authorized’ story line (aka the authorized history) is pig manure and part of the cryptocracy’s freak, side show for the somnolent masses.

    It’s not worth it Mr. Halbig.

    From now on, the cryptocracy should just call every ‘lone gunman’ John Wilkes Boothe and paste his picture (with updated clothes of course) on all news articles. The great majority of the public won’t even notice.


    1. That is very good and blends well with what Mathis thinks.


      Remember, John Wilkes Booth was an actor and the Lincoln assassination took place in a theatre! It took place in a theatre and once again they are laughing at us.

      There is evidence that he was also known to be dying from 4 mainstream sources. He was suffering from Marfan disease and was too sick to run for another term.

      It is speculated they knew Andrew Johnson, a poorly spoken southerner from Tennessee could not be elected, but Lincoln could so they ran Lincoln and then Johnson was installed after the so called election.

      John Surratt also said to be a conspirator of Powell and confederate spy did not want to be part of any fake trials and conveniently left the country and became a papal zouave. (They guard the pope by the way).

      Henri Beaumont de Sainte-Marie, recognized Surratt and notified papal officials and Rufus King, U.S. minister in Rome. On November 7, 1866, John Surratt was arrested and sent to Velletri prison. He escaped and lived with the Garibaldians, who gave him safe passage.

      Mary Todd Lincoln did not show up at the funeral. She had to pack up at the White House and knew honest Abe was not coming out of hiding to help her. He was sick with Marfan anyway.

  8. Interesting, how the liberals placed demands on Wolfgang to prove the claims of 20 kids killed at Sandy Hook to be FALSE, while NO ONE has demanded that the fake parents and crisis actors prove that Sandy Hook was TRUE.

  9. As lophatt used to recommend – laugh at them and mock them. There is nothing they hate worse except for the truth.


  11. Halbig was getting too close for comfort. They can’t even answer simple questions, and then retaliate like bullies in a schoolyard. They may have that shiny theme building up on a hill reminding them of the stunt they pulled, but as bona fide psychopaths even that won’t give long term satisfaction. Psychopaths are always on the prowl.

  12. Halbig has moral courage – the most threatening character trait for those who use fear. Mr. Halbig’s effort has inspired millions – the American spirit lives. Sandy Hook, Boston, Charleston, Houston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, and dozens more – these events make good theater and the media seems to believe their own crap. We have a booth at the Oregon State Fair “WTC7 Awareness” – a flood tide of awareness is building – those who ridicule the Halbig’s of America are not so loud, and beginning to sniff around to find which way the mob is turning – this time. Hahahaha

  13. Reblogged this on COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS and commented:

    Well. I had a feeling this would end like the rest. It shows that they will never cave in to pressure and that eventually everyone who gets too far up the pyramid gets knocked off. I am glad that Halbig did not get ‘Wellstoned’ by the powers that be but had he not had the notoriety, it might have been different. I hope he will talk about this.

    1. Most people have never heard of Halbig. Therefore, he wasn’t a threat. He was merely a nuisance. And he was trying to get them to tell the truth within the ‘legal’ system. It’s called a ‘court’ for a reason.
      He was bound to fail. You can’t get them to tell the truth when working within their system. It doesn’t happen.
      The laws are meant to suppress truth and to keep us spinning within the orbit they’ve constructed for us.

      Beyond the 10 commandments, what laws do we really need?
      By the way; it’s thou shalt not murder (not, thou shalt not kill).

  14. These criminal harassment groups are in place throughout communities across the United States, and, can instantly begin harassment against anyone, at any time.. The term for the noxious ducks is called “sliming”.

    1. I guess we can coin it now. Wolfgangstalking. Targeted individual stories I have read are chilling. What I went through with Florida corrupt police was similarly unnerving. This occurred very close to FAU and I can only warn professor Tracy about Palm Beach County corruption. It forced me to leave post 911. Never think you may not be targeted for what you do and say.

        1. Boca Raton (Rat’s Mouth) is the white collar criminal paradise. Real Estate loopholes makes it perfect for the corporate pirates. I did time in Houston too. The Bush crime syndicate, drugs and savings and loans washed more money in the 70’s and 80’s than Brickell Avenue in Miami. I decided to pass on California, Ted, but can vouch for Colorado being as corrupt as Califormia because like Texas, the Californians are invading both.

  15. This is the 2nd time I have been cut off from receiving articles and no comments for a couple weeks. Someone is messing with me!

      1. I am responding from WP and am trying to figure out how to fix this AGAIN. Shows I’m following but still not receiving articles.

    1. My “Reader view” on my phone seems to have been hacked or messed with in some way. Actually, the first thing to go were the “Stats” from my blog. Then the “Reader” function succumbed to the same sort of overload…almost like a DDS attack.

  16. http://portal.ct.gov/Departments_and_Agencies/Office_of_the_Governor/Press_Room/Press_Releases/2016/05-2016/Gov__Malloy_Statement_on_Receiving_the_2016_John_F__Kennedy_Profile_in_Courage_Award/https://profileincourageaward.org/gov-dannel-malloy-2016/
    Quote from above link to John F. Kennedy profile in courage award site:
    “Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy was named the 2016 recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award™ for courageously defending the U.S. resettlement of Syrian refugees amid security concerns following the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris and personally welcoming a family of Syrian refugees to New Haven after they had been turned away by another state.
    The prestigious award for political courage will be presented by Jack Schlossberg, President Kennedy’s grandson, at a ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston on May 1, 2016.
    Dannel Malloy began his second term as governor of Connecticut in January of 2015. Later that fall, extremists carried out a series of coordinated, violent terrorist attacks in Paris, France. The attacks inflamed public fears of terrorism in the U.S. and sparked a wave of anti-refugee and anti-Muslim proposals by local, state and national politicians. More than half of the nation’s governors declared that in the current security climate, Syrian refugees would not be welcomed in their states.
    “As half of U.S. governors, leading presidential candidates and countless others across the country voice support for a ban on Syrian refugees from entering the United States, Governor Dannel Malloy took a stand against the hateful, xenophobic rhetoric,” said Schlossberg. “In doing so, he put principles above politics and upheld my grandfather’s vision of America that ‘has always served as a lantern in the dark for those who love freedom but are persecuted, in misery, or in need.’”
    Malloy could have chosen the politically expedient course and remained silent on the highly charged, controversial issue of refugee resettlement and national security. Instead, just three days after the Paris attacks and in a direct challenge to those calling for the U.S. to close the doors on Syrian refugees, Malloy announced that Connecticut would continue to accept refugees from Syria. Two days later, he personally welcomed a family of Syrian refugees to New Haven after the governor of Indiana turned them away.
    Malloy has remained unwavering in his commitment to those fleeing persecution in search of freedom, saying, “If refugees – many who are children fleeing a horrific, war-torn country – seek and are granted asylum after a rigorous security process, we should and will welcome them in Connecticut.””
    This is the same governor who directly lied on camera to Wolfgang Halbig when asked if he said “He had been spoken to…” on national television Dec. 14, 2012 and who had spoken to him, all recorded on national television that day, he replied, “no he did not say that.” Has America now reached its lowest point of depravity? Wolfgang Halbig, who should have been given this award for courage, has now been forced to remove his website from anonymous threats to him and his family!! What would John F. Kennedy do today if he were alive to observe this massive unspeakable stroke of public relations hypocrisy in his good name by a bunch of shameful cowards? This is not to mention the massive gross obstruction by all the authorities in Connecticut from the Governor on down to simple release of public information regarding the events on December 14, 2012 the massive Sandy Hook Hoax perpetuated on an unwitting America. In addition to documentation of parts of this massive hoax on America by various courageous individuals, especially the magnificent efforts of Wolfgang Halbig, the free book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by Professor James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., et al clearly demonstrates it for all to see. This book is the only book of about 20 on Amazon.Com to be banned by Jeff Bezos, an Electrical Engineer by training at Princeton University, from Amazon, while the other 19 or so which sustained the official lies, were kept available for sale to continue to fool a gullible and unwitting public. I think the Founders of this once great country would be crying today if they were here to observe this blasphemy on the country they produced over two centuries ago. Shame, shame, shame…. a thousand times on all those involved in this massive lie and scam on America. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  17. http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/malloy_waits_for_sandy_hook_report_but_remains_confident_rapid_response_sav/

    Gov. Dannel P. Malloy receives an award from Dr. Henry Lee and the University of New Haven President Steven Kaplan
    Quote from above article:
    22nd Annual Markle Symposium Focuses on Management and Investigation of Shooting Incidents
    Release Date:
    9/20/2013 9:00 AM
    Sept. 19, 2013
    Dr. Henry C. Lee
    “WEST HAVEN, CONN. The 22nd annual Arnold Markle Symposium, sponsored by the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven, will take place on Oct. 14 and 15 and will focus on the management and investigation of shooting incidents.
    The two-day symposium, named for the late state’s attorney of New Haven County, is open to the public. It takes place at University Theater in Dodds Hall on the main UNH campus, 300 Boston Post Road. The program will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.
    This year, the symposium is especially designed not only for law enforcement, safety personnel, prosecutors, defense attorneys and behavioral scientists but also workers in emergency services, education and forensic sciences, as well as students.
    “Unfortunately, this topic is very relevant today,” said Henry C. Lee, chaired professor and founder of the Lee Institute. “Although we have had far too many of them, we have learned a lot about how best to manage and investigate these incidents, and we are learning about ways to prevent them, too. This symposium will feature many outstanding speakers who have a lot of knowledge to share with participants,” Lee said.
    This year’s speakers will include noted international and national behavioral profilers, who have researched and published on the topic, and law enforcement experts in shooting incident response.
    The symposium is named for Markle because of his efforts to organize affordable training programs for police. Markle believed that better training of police would lead to more successful investigations and prosecutions.
    This year’s speakers include:
    • Lee, who will speak on “Shooting Investigation Evidence and Management.” Lee joined the forensic science program at UNH in 1974 and has assisted in the investigations of more than 8,000 criminal cases, including the O.J. Simpson case, the review of the John F. Kennedy assassination and the death of Jon Benet Ramsey. He has lectured throughout the world and has authored hundreds of articles in professional journals. He is the co-author of more than 25 textbooks on topics such as DNA analysis, fingerprints, trace evidence, forensic anthropology, crime scene investigation and crime scene reconstruction. He will address the management and investigation at the scene as well as evidence and shooting reconstruction.”
    It looks like the distinguished Henry Lee was hoaxed by Sandy Hook too. He appears to be more interested in public relations lies than seeking the truth about the Sandy Hook Hoax at age 78.

  18. http://ctviewpoints.org/2016/03/25/secrecy-awards-go-to-malloy-uconn-and-others/
    Quote from above article:
    “Here are the first Secrecy in Government Awards offered by the board of directors of the nonprofitConnecticut Council on Freedom of Information in recognition of National Sunshine Week.
    Secret jurisprudence for 18- to 20-year-olds
    Gov. Dannel Malloy’s heart may be in the right place, but his head isn’t. Proposing secret jurisprudence for 18- 20-year-olds is a bad idea.
    They can vote, they can go to war, they can get married and have children – but if they’re arrested and go to court, no one can know about it? And once they are adjudicated secretly, then they can have their record erased as if it never happened. Too many in Connecticut government — like the Soviets who airbrushed away photos of anyone they wanted forgotten — think you can erase history. You can’t. The U.S. and Connecticut constitutions guarantee a public trial. Democratic societies do not countenance secret arrests. The Connecticut General Assembly needs to quash this well-meaning but democratically unwise plan.
    UConn’s secret budget sessions
    UConn President Susan Herbst, Board of Trustees Chairman Lawrence D. McHugh and UConn Foundation President and CEO Joshua R. Newton receive the Secrecy in Government award for their continuous march toward closing the door on the public when they decide how to spend the public’s money.
    Newton tells the legislature that the Foundation needs secrecy even as the other premiere public university foundations in New England are open and subject to their states’ FOI laws. Herbst and McHugh defended secret sessions on the $1.3 billion UConn budget knowing much of the money comes from the public. UConn has even threatened to go to court to try to obtain more secrecy.
    We suggest they don’t spend taxpayer money fighting in court to keep their financial deliberations away from the public.
    Cable TV false ‘tax’ claim
    Paul Cianelli, president of the New England Cable and Telecommunications Association, receives the award for his newspeak — “Make no mistake about it — this is a tax,” in opposing CT-N’s plan to move to a cable channel and expand from two cameras at the Capitol to the ability to cover nearly all legislative, judicial and executive branch hearings. It will open government processes for all to see. A C-SPAN for Connecticut for about 40 cents a month for cable subscribers. Tax indeed.
    Norwalk Board of Education ‘that does not exist’
    The Norwalk Board of Education receives the Secrecy in Government Award for its astonishing written policythat, it “does not exist between meetings.” This allows board members to do board business between meetings and claim their actions are not subject to FOI laws. We hope board chair Michael Lyons follows through with his plan to erase that bylaw.”
    CCFOI has been serving the public since 1955. James H. Smith, president; Dick Ahles, vice president; Mary Connolly, secretary; George Lombardi, treasure

    1. I had conducted my own independent investigation into Sandy Hook using the actual reports, recordings, photos and observations made by members of the many law enforcement agencies and crime labs. In doing so, I took a different approach to assessing the veracity of what was presented to the public at various points in time following the events reported to have taken place in and around the building identified as Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012.

      I watched the entire “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook,” but it pales in comparison to Halbig’s video footage and narration that does more to rule out Sandy Hook Elementary as a functioning facility during the school year leading up to the alleged “massacre” in December 2014.

      I have a PhD in Instructional Systems with a dual major in evaluation research and instructional media plus 38 years of post-doctoral experience in conducting investigative research. The past eight years was spent in proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of Barack Obama’s birth documents are Photoshop fakes, as are the vast majority of so-called “historical photos” allegedly featuring himself and his family.

      When I first saw the photo of Adam Lanza put out by the media, I knew it had been manufactured from other photos. The Media has a bad habit of doctoring or substituting photos that better fit their false narratives – like the one about a “white Hispanic” named George Zimmerman shooting an “unarmed” 17-year old teenager whose likeness appeared in the photo of a 12-year old child.

      In the case of Lanza, the Media did someone a lot more egregious to the perception of the victim/perpetrator than swapping a contemporary photo with one at least five years younger:

      They had created a totally nonexistent person.

      AND, in conjunction with this nonexistent person, they fabricated nonexistent weapons, bullets, and reported events pertaining to what can only be described as a sinister Kabuki theater.

      The reason why the manufactured photo of Adam Lanza carries with it more weight to brand this entire episode as an elaborate hoax is because the true faces of all the serial killers and mass murderers of this century, such as John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, and even Al Capone are well-documented in multiple, independent sources.

      Never has their been an event of this magnitude so tightly kept under wraps to where journalists were threatened with jail time should they have the audacity to report on it honesty and to deviate from the “official report” issued by the State of Connecticut.

      Neber has the Constitutional right to a free press faced the kind of repression that you routinely find in dictatorships and Banana Republics.

      If the Mainstream Media had been fully complicit in this hoax, THEN we would have expected all of the initial reports to be consistent in content – NOT to vary so wildly as to even call into question the number and type of weapons used and the number of people said to have brought them into Sandy Hook.

      I listened to all of the tapes of 911 calls and interagency calls that took place at the time of the attack and for 12 hours afterwards. The level of panic and confusion shown among the clearly uncoordinated efforts of responding agencies serve to differentiate between those who did have inside information as to what was actually taking place and those who were brought into the mix with no more information than anyone else at the scene or listening in to the conversations.

      The faked photo of Adam Landa begs the question, “Why?” If this was a real massacre by a real person who was known to neighbors and to school personnel, then why was it necessary to create a fictitious person when allegedly he was a real person known to both school personnel and his neighbors?

      Did those who perpetrated this Photoshop fraud expect that none would even notice it? The photographic elements of this Photoshop that stick out like the proverbial thumb are ones that would never, under any circumstances occur without deliberate human manipulation. It’s not just one or two features of the photo that are fraudulent, but dozens.

      The 2 1/2 documentary (“We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook”) actually does more to obfuscate the primary issues than what Halbig’s videos show and what my independent research show.

      Consider, if you were a prosecuting attorney,,what forensic evidence would be essential to collect for you to charge a person with the murder of another?

      What evidence (assuming that it was collected and processed properly) is not only the most difficult to falsify but also has the lowest probability of being a false match?

      If you said, “DNA,” you’d be right. If you said “DNA & fingerprints” you’d be doubly right.

      The official narrative of the Sandy Hook massacre was that one person (Adam Landa) had on his possession, two handguns, one AR-15 rifle, and a dozen magazines each filled with ammunition used for reloading the three weapons.

      Initial media reports claimed that no AR-15 was found in the school but four handguns were.found “scattered around the building.” But, let’s just focus on the one weapon that all anti-gunners want to ban out of existence:

      The semi-automatic rifle commonly labeled (and mislabeled) as an AR-15, and further falsely described as an “assault weapon” or “assault rifle.” Semi-automatic rifles are NOT “assault rifles” because they are only able to fire one shot for every pull of the trigger. The Left-Wing politicians and their enabling Media lapdogs want to do away with everyone’s God-given right to self-defense and to using a firearm for that purpose outright lie about the AR-style sporting rifles by calling them Machine guns” or the deceptive moniker, “Military-style weapons.”

      What better way to demonize what is an inanimate object than by making it directly responsible for the deaths of innocent children (as if the weapon goes out on by itself and kills people).

      Yes, their arguments for banning semiautomatic rifles – AND especially rthose that hold 30 rounds of ammunition – are every bit as ludicrous and illogical as the gun being fully responsible for killing people. The reason why I bring this up in the context of the Sandy Hook investigation is the major outrage displayed among the anti-gunners by finding at the scene of said massacre several 30-round AR-15 magazines in various levels of replenishment.

      In particular were two 30-round AR magazines fastened together with duct tape in what the Connecticut CSIs described as a “tactical configuration.”

      In laymans’s terms, it means that the magazines are taped together so that their tops (where the fresh rounds exit the magazines) are at opposite ends. When one magazine becomes empty, it is then a simple matter of ejecting the magazine pair, turning them over and inserting the end of the full magazine back into the rifle’s magazine well.

      Inside Sandy Hook the Connecticut CSI’s reported finding a pair of “tactically-taped” magazines that they sent off for fingerprint and DNA analysis.

      On the inside of the tape and on the surface of the magazines, they found SEVERAL fingerprints and SEVERAL DNA profiles – NONE of which matched the prints or profile of Adam Lanza.

      So, here we have a concrete case of more than one individual involved ion the preparation of AR-15 ammunition and magazines in advance of an alleged massacre that was to have taken place AFTER these magazines were taped and allegedly brought to Sandy Hook by a single individual by the name of Adam Lanza WHO DIDN’T EVEN HAVE HIS FREAKING FINGERPRINTS ON THE STICKY PART OF THE TAPE USED TO BIND TOGETHER TWO OF THE PARTIALLY-FILLED MAGAZINES HE WAS ALLEGED TO HAVE USED AT SANDY HOOK!

      THAT ALONE destroys the entire “lone gunman” narrative!

      This was a concerted effort to demonize the AR-15 even before any evidence of its use had been proven.

      The CSI’s found empty shell casings both outside of Sandy Hook and on the inside of Sandy Hook BEFORE they ever found the weapon that allegedly there were ejected from.

      They described ALL of the shell casings found OUTSIDE of Sandy Hook as being .223 caliber. While that caliber is most frequently used by AR-style rifdles, it is far from being the only rifle that fires them,

      Nevertherless, the Media has been trained to associate the .223 casing with the AR-15 rifle to the extent that finding a .223 casing is “prima facie” evidence in their demented minds of being used in and ejected from oner of those dreaded “Military-style black rfiles” – the AR-15.

      If the AR-15 were a person, this would be like branding that person a murderer because of something that hundreds of thousands of other people use was found to near you (and not even necessarily in your possession).

      This was a case of guilt by association because the .223 round has been associated with the AR-15.

      However, as I’ve already said, an AR-15 is not the only rifle (or firearm) to use this round. Furthermore, most AR-15’s are also chambered to fire a nearly identical round known as the 5.56mm. The 5.56mm is a more powerful round than the .223 BUT any AR that can fire the 5.56mm can also fire the .223 (the reverse is not true however).

      Getting back to the first forensic reports to come from Sandy Hook made mention of agents finding “Dozens of empty .223 casings outside of Sandy Hook and in front of a broken glass window that appeared to have been shot out.”

      How did the CSI’s know these casings were .223 rounds? By virtue of the head stamp on them. The head stamp is found at the base of a cartridge and contains imprints indicating (a) the caliber of the round, (b) the manufacturer of the round and (c) the date of manufacturer (or any other distinguishing features).

      So, when the CSIs reported finding “Dozens of .223 casings” in front of Sandy Hook, they had read this designation off of the head stamps.

      NOW, the CSIs are inside Sandy Hook collecting empty casings and unfired rounds of ammunition used in AR’s (and presumably in the AR found inside Classroom #10).

      HOWEVER, lo and behold, the CSI’s do not find a single .223 casing but find 154 empty 5.56mm casings with the following markings on their head stamps:

      “S&B 09 5.56mm”

      “S&B” stands for Selliet & Bellot, the manufacturer of the round.
      “09” stands for “2009” the year the round was manufactured
      “5.56mm” the caliber and type of round it is.

      Amazingly, not a single empty cartridge found outrside Sandy Hook had the designation of the manufacturfer and the production date. They only had .223 stamped on them (something I have never seen).

      The conclusion of thjis story is the real kicker:

      The FBI & ATF raided Lanza’s home (owned by his deceased mother) and found boxes upon boxes of different brands of AR-15 ammunition. They failed to find even ONE live round, ONE empty casing, or ONE box (empty or otherwise) having been made by Selliet & Bellot.

      What I have just listed above is indisputable evidence of multiple people involved in the incident that we’ve been topld was a mass shooting carried out by a young, skinny kid suffering from Asperger’s who carried into an elementary school over 50 pounds of weapons and multiple magazines filled with ammunition.

      Oh, and don’t forget the police reports regarding a purple van carrying three men dressed as nuns that was fleeing the scene.

      I really do wish it was not a hoax – but tghe evidence speaks for itself.

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